At the 2019 Southwest Believers’ Convention, Jesse Duplantis explains the biblical principle of having “things”; to be a blessing to others. “And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work” (2 Corinthians 9:8).

praise the Lord thank you phrase the

look alright if you notice I’m

hesitating here because see this is the

sermon that I wanted to preach I hid

what this is so good

spit it in for you so you know used to

preach the thing for God’s sake the Lord

begins the chain mama I said don’t do

this I don’t have notes he said within

you don’t know how to preach so and I’ve

done this before but the Lord just told

me to do this so I won’t just kind of

preach out of my spirit you may heard me

say some of these things I have learned

that anything I asked for not some

things my theme this year is your

everything is is anything and that’s st.

John chapter 14 verses 12 13 and 14

he says whatsoever you shall ask in my

name that while I do why that the father

may be glorified in the son whatsoever

you shall ask in my name see the church

world has stopped us from asking God

because they thought we might get greedy

now this is not my sermon this is just a

this is a appetizer just a quick you

know a preamble so how many you want a

new house okay now some people gonna

think that’s great no okay put your hand

up how many want a new call watch this

put your hand up you know if you don’t

ask God for that you don’t glorify him

because see it so whatsoever at st. John

chapter 14 verses 13 whatsoever you

shall ask in my name now you got to

understand that power of attorney to use

that name that well I do why that the

father may be glorified in the son and

then he said if you should ask anything

now what does anything mean to you now

see the church world would say well that

spiritual now it isn’t one sense of

spirituous physical is financial we see

they so worried about you becoming

greedy they have they want to control to

make sure they don’t really care

sometimes if you come to church as long

as you send your tithe I’ve heard

preachers say that now my god we don’t

care if you’re going on vacation but

make sure your tides here that’s kind of

a slap in the face in it

this is not my sermon but I want you to

understand what I’m saying here so I’m

very comfortable in asking God for

anything or everything because see my

everything is is anything when you

understand that I’m his child my name is

Jesse Duplantis Christ you see I’m in

the family now go with me to second

Corinthians chapter 9 and we’re gonna

start reading verse 6 where they put it

we put it up on the on the screen and I

want the old King James for it Paul

writing to the church at Corinth he says

but this I say he was so sparingly shall

reap also sparingly and he was so

powerful it shall reap also bountifully

now what part of that you don’t

understand what part of that you didn’t

get don’t look at me look at the verse

there is no faith in that verse none all

that verse is is action and reaction

this is what the Lord to me speak about

now you may have heard me say some of

this but I’ll say some newer things Paul

said if you sow sparingly you reap

sparingly if you sow bountifully you

reap bountifully action and reaction

next verse he says every man or every

person according as he purposed in his

heart notice not in his head so you

don’t need a heart bypass you need a

head bypass every man according as he

purposed in his heart watch this so let

him give now I’m gonna ask a question

how many times you went to a meeting and

you gave an offer and I want an honest

answer by lifting of a head you went to

a meeting and you gave an offer and when

you got home you thought I shouldn’t

have done that

oh you hand up why did you do that why

did you come to a realization maybe you

shouldn’t have done that

because you see you didn’t purpose in

your heart that’s done before you get to

church that’s not done why you at church

so that an emotional financial pool will

never move you to do something god don’t

want you to do now what you listen to me

every man according as he purposeth in

his heart so purpose affords you

anchorage in the times of battle when

your personal purpose you have

foundation on your feet now let me read

the verse and i’m gonna talk about their

stay on verse 8 right there

verse seven excuse me every man

according as verse verse every man

according as he purposeth in his heart

so let him give watch this not

grudgingly now look at this next three

words or necessity oh now that’s just

jacked up the whole way of understanding

how to give because God said you

shouldn’t give to need no don’t look

don’t don’t look at me

look at that look at that every man

according as he purposed in his heart so

let him get in that Greg did another

Saturday why are you giving to a need

why why would you do such a foolish

thing when he told you not to do that

that’s a waste of such spiritual energy

y’all look at me like I didn’t lost my

mind why because the Bible said here

supply how many need how many need how

many need oh let me get black with Lord

Jesus so you’ve heard me say this

thousands of times I don’t tell God what

I need I tell him what I want so then

when you do that you’re not giving


no I’m necessity for God loveth not like

it but he loveth a cheerful Giver now

every man according as he purposed in

his heart when you’re a person of

purpose it produces prayer in your life

so prayer and purpose gets together and

produces a baby named perception so you

can read that verse to keep the verse of

that every man according as he purposeth

he start purpose prayer and perceived

now when purpose brand perception gets

together it produces another baby called

power so you could read that verse every

man according as he purposeth Eve than

powered now everybody likes that power

but the problem is power can be very

dangerous because you must be superior

to it instead of driven by it so that’s

why politicians mess up and preaches

messed up they are driven by power

instead of being superior to power

you’ve heard me say that me say it again

Jesus was a man of great power and what

and they’re all trying to kill him I

said this they’re there I got to repeat

it they tried to push him off a cliff

Jesus had enough of that he just turn

around and I’m a prayer face you want to

dance with me you want some of this then

he said I can call more twelve legions

of angels to handle this situation

now I said I gotta say it again one

angel in the Bible knocked down 185

thousand men

so twelve legions of angels would have

showed up at the beck and call of Jesus

which he had twenty billion four hundred

million men with a bit the dust and one

lick one lick the world has not known

that kind of population but because

Jesus was superior to that power instead

of driven by that power he went it

across so you didn’t have to go got it

so you could read that verse every man

according as he purposeth even power it

so let it give not grudgingly on this

yesterday but wait what about if my

church needs that I need to present

something my church right

well isn’t that in need yes in a sense

but you see you’re not giving to the

need you’re giving to the purpose of

what the need will do once it is met so

I don’t tell God what I need I tell him

what I want so when you get them say

we’re believing God whatever you

whatever you be for your ministry

instead of a need you say and you’re not

giving to the need because the need gets

old but the purpose never does you give

it to the per I’m not spending this

listen to me you’re given to the purpose

of what that’ll do once it is met so in

other words there if you’ve done this

before you get the church and your

pastor gets upset we need to build a new

building instead of give it to a need

you go oh yes now I know why that was so

strong on me because you’re not given to

the need you give it to the purpose of

what that will do once it’s done oh

you’re getting this I want you to notice

how many times God says all always in

all these purses go to the next verse

now and I love the next verse I call

this the black verse of the Bible but it

this is black and God is able hmm I said

the Lord oh oh I said the Lord is able

are you in here maybe by walking for a


look at the white people look at the

back people going down with your bad

still Devon go ahead why boy

I said that God is able to make how much

grace how about your grace how much

grace God is able to make all grace

abound toward who toward who that you

what that you work notice that how many

times it says all abound to you always

having what having all what you know

what why you mad at me because I have a

jet let me get to that camera why you

mad at me because I have a jet all I’m

doing is being biblical what’s your


I’m not being rude here all sufficiency

in all things if things are so bad why

is God giving you all sufficiency to get

it maybe you ladies want a real Lois

Bhutto purse or Chanel I Escada or GOG

or Christian Dior I’m talking to real

Louise but don’t eat up my winning

knockoff then when the cops come they

run around the corner I’m talking real

louis vu talk you want to see to new and

tooth to real when they sitting right

there on the floor nothing wrong with

that well my god ah ha they should have

that they could use a flower sack

that’s true but who wants a flower

second notice I said who wants it ain’t

say anything about the need of it see

God is able to make all grace abound

toward you that you always having all

sufficiency in all things now can you

understand why in 41 years of full-time

ministry I’ve never had a financial

deficit you think it was because of my

faith mm-hmm

it was because of that don’t look at me

look at the verse all sufficiency in all

things then the other part of that verse

kicks in may abound to every good work

if you have pastor let me help you

there’s a rumor going around the United

States and other countries say you

better watch that Kenneth Copeland and

that Jerry Savelle not just did a plan

us and I Keith Moore and that bill

Winston and that Kraft for $1 jr.

because bond they come to town they’ll

suck all the money out of church there’s

suck all the money out of that thing you

hurt your church now either you lion or

God’s lion I pick you why abound to

every good work pastors is you’ll work

good show it is so you don’t have to

worry about us well I lost a few you

right there see why cuz God is


not el cheapo

like as if you gonna exhaust God’s

blessing on your best day you cannot

impress him with your wealth

he’s got gold streets

you got asphalt

with holes in them this big sometimes

all-sufficient don’t say so why or now

I’m gonna make somebody real man so oh I

should have said he said that

so what why should I have to suffer well

you know the first shirt yeah I know the

first Jennifer Church with the

foundation tree the most powerful weight

of this building is on the foundation

but you’re not the foundation to church

you to roof I listen to me that doesn’t

mean we don’t go through things we

understand but we go through them we

don’t stop and canonize the place what

we’re going through

though I walk through the valley of the

shadow of death they said oh I’ll stop

build a house and canonize the place you

see see I’ve learned some things if you

listen to ministers and they’ll tell you

what not to do don’t do it if they tell

you listen there’s a big old sinkhole

when you walk out of this Convention

Center don’t drive you and you go drive

you’re calling that that’s foolishness

you see so they taught us what not to do

as well as taught us what to do and I’m

talking about this we would not have the

arab-israeli problem if Abraham wouldn’t

have done what he did but you know it

was tantalizing if you think about it

they’re all the Theia loans they know he

didn’t really want to do it yo mama

I mean think about it for a minute let’s

just get right down to the flesh Abraham

I can’t have a baby so I want you to go

into my into my service tent and I want

you to have intercourse with her to have

a baby

Abram says I’m gonna do this for you

Sarah any woman in the world would be

you think you done lost your ever-loving


he said what’s up he go and then when

they all start going south he didn’t

know what to do you see that was a

mistake there and God kept telling him

through Sarah we’ll all the nations of

the world be blessed yeah but I I’m

getting old Sarah’s getting Oh have you

seen her lately Lord both arms when she

prays you the bottom of them do this

don’t get mad at me my lord I saw

something just keep your arms down and

praise God like this that’s all I can

tell you I don’t know I don’t know why

women worry about their arms anyway let

me help you lady one time I hugged a

woman she said oh my god I hope you

didn’t feel my back fat I said what did

you say I hope you didn’t feel my back

fat ladies let me help you here there is

no man in the world sin did you see that

woman’s back back here looking at your

back fat he’s looking at other parts he

could care less about your backpack

and if he doesn’t look at your back it’s

a lot lower

I’m getting out of town this afternoon

complication live in Kerala you see what

I’m saying so god okay let me go on and

God is able to make all grace abound

toward you that you always having all

sufficiency at all things that may

abound to every good work it is written

he is dispersed abroad he has given to

the poor now watch this his righteous

that remained it forever we had a little

conversation in the back knee and creflo

I said creflo you’re trying to explain

that grace message I said let me give it

to you in one sentence he said would

that Jessie quit trying to become what

you already are that’s the grace message

he went my god that’s it see you don’t

earn this through the Mosaic law you

know what Bob I just quit trying to

become with you already or you all would

God says you are you see what I’m saying

yeah but I don’t feel it that got made

no difference you all what God says you

are sometimes you don’t feel saved but

you say sometimes you do unsaved things

but you’re still save yes God you repent

we said Lord forgive me I did mean to

blow it like yeah but you you know it

the old Pentecost the people said if you

just slipped up once and you died you

went to hell God’s mercy and grace is

far stronger than that


see they judging you see as it written

here is this person abroad so I have the

ability to dispersed abroad he had the

given to the poor so I should do that my

rights isn’t remaining forever so the

reason why and get angry and want to

kill somebody when they attacked me was

because my righteousness remaineth

forever I didn’t say I didn’t feel like

doing something like that but my

righteousness got ahead of my anger you

see he is dispersed abroad he has given

the tour the poor his rice has remained

it forever night next verse he was from

in their seed to the sower not to the

keeper I love to give wood anything in

my life I enjoy that more than anything

and I don’t have to know you to do it

now when you say things like that people

write me over just would you pay off my

house I know

but if God told me to that would I ain’t

going to hell over your house if he told

me to I mean trust God enough to talk to

me when you ain’t listen how do you know

why you listening

she won’t say now heed this minute her

seeds of the sword not the keeper he

says watch this both minister bred for

your food know something the time this

this is getting bigger and bigger by the

moment boast minister bread for your

food and multiply your seed soon

how can you see be sown how can it

multiply because you see I quit giving

seeds a long time ago and I’m in a new

stage of giving harvesters I like giving

harvesters and then I ask the Lord what

and your hippie said then what do you

get when you give a harvest well you

know women you saw a Harvard you get an


I’m not talking one tree I’m talking

about the whole shebang you see now he

was Missy to the so administers bread

for your food multiplies your seat sir

and here we go with the increase again

and increase the fruits of your

righteousness see god looked down and

saw two boys one named Jerry Savelle and

the other just in the plan is in a


Jarius at the bar and I’m at I’m on the

stage let me tell you if you think I’ve

got a sense of humor me and Kenneth

Copeland played the same nightclub in

Fort Worth now we didn’t know each other

welcome sang and played at the town pump

in Fort Worth anybody ever to go to the

town for money all that old and I played

the town pump oh yeah because that was

the number one club in Fort Worth many

many many years ago in fact one was

opened in Dallas in the night he said

they called the village pump to try to

get the same thing going on at the town

pump in Fort Worth in that amazing never

think we’d ever preached together much

less be preachers becae God knows the

beginning from the end and I’m pretty

sure most people know thought that God

could never use a Kenneth Copeland when

he was singing pledge of love

or Jesse Duplantis when I was playing

all this stuff and I mean I’m talking

with the makeup and they’re all a

craziness and Wow and then you know in

that hair just a slinging like and

people screaming and hollering yet God

saw something what did he see watch this

righteousness was I doing any right

doesn’t know they see God was calling

those things that be not as though they

were before I ever knew who he was he

was setting my future up even before I

even knew I had a future do you see that

let me said it again now he’s admitted

seed to the sower ministers bread for

your food multiplies your seed sown

increases the fruits of your

righteousness next verse being enriched

not just rich being enriched in how many

things everything now what does

everything mean to you everything being

enriched in everything to what there’s

that word all again all bountifully why

do people get mad at me cuz I’m blessed

in the city blessed in the feel blessed

going in blessed going out that doesn’t

mean I don’t need partners in my

ministry but I’m just blessed but I’m

gonna say something gonna be so radical

this is so rather it’s gonna blow your

socks off I’m believing God one day that

I’ll be the partner to you instead of

you the partner to me

let me tell you something if that guy

from Amazon can make that much money

just at the planet skin – I just got to

have an idea a concept and an

understanding how to do that Sam Walton

of Walmart what a great idea he had you

know what his idea was stand outside the

store and say thank you for shopping

Walmart give him a good product at a

good price and be nice about it that was

his idea and an idea is the most

phenomenal thing anybody can use in this

life it is the most richest thing it can

produce things beyond your wildest

dreams and I did being enriched in all

bountifulness which causeth through us

Thanksgiving to God so if you notice I

never make an excuse for the blessing of

God in my life so when I’m being you

know slammed by the media me and brother

Copeland together it’s kind of nice that

me together getting hit together it two

of us agree I mean they nail him then

they Naomi and and you know this and

that and all they show us I don’t know

where to get the pictures going out to

the airport to get on the plane and all

this comes what they don’t know let me

help you people you helping me one day I

may buy your station then you are gonna

work for me I hope I like you


that’s impossible

somebody got on that station see

somebody got on that business why does

it always have to be somebody else and

not you because most people tell you

including the church that you can’t do

that because you might get greedy that

ain’t greedy lazy to them it could be

growth with the last time a poor man

helped you the best thing to do

best thing for the poor is not to be

poor so you be a blessing to the poor

but you don’t look down on people your

money don’t make you who you are your

ideas us what will you accomplish what

will people remember by you if you

should die and go by the way of the

grave what legacy will you leave if you

believe what I just said you everyone in

this building will leave a legacy beyond

your wildest dreams I’m talking my

spiritual physical and financial you

should you do have the ability to make

enough money to handle all three

different generations you your children

and your children’s children do you know

how much money that is do you know who

that Isaac never spent a dime of his

money yes he all he was spending

Abraham’s that’s how much Abraham he was

how rich very rich now if he is that if

he is our father of faith why did God

make him rich watch this so you can have

an inheritance


so you could have an inheritance so why

say Isaac didn’t spend a dime of hidden

money he already had Abraham’s monka

Esau and Jacob didn’t spit in their

money they could when they finally got

the act together my god made the

anointing was on both of them even

though one didn’t regard God very much

yet he was God blessed him Wow Isaac’s

money I tell people when I give them you

don’t understand not only is this a seed

or harvest I’m giving but I’m putting in

that harvest my anointing is on that you

hang around with me you’re gonna get

debt-free you understand what I do what

I do will come upon you in every area

what you do it chemically miss it will

come upon you when you sow that seed

you’ll be walking in Australia you’ll be

walking in the Ukraine do you understand

no you don’t understand because you

think you just gave enough

you didn’t give an offering you gave a

seed and a seed is reproducing

constantly you can’t stop it there’s one

place in a man on this planet Earth and

it’s up around the Antarctica the head

and rain for three million years they

know that for a fact

so a man went down there and took a

little glass he put a seed but not there

was a seed o’rena ground he saw it been

that 3 million years so he covered it

with a glass put a candle inside of it

and watered it within three days a green

sprout grew up you can even turn bad

soil into good soil if you know what to

put in it you know there’s something

happening now because of the fertilizer

we use in the runoff it’s a cancer

causing gets all over in our rivers but

years ago they used to use cow manure I

know you might not want to mess with no

cow manure but for some crazy reason

another show made you a flower grow it

made the sweetest corn it was called


do you understand what I’m trying to say

that’s why your grandma and your grandpa

could eat eggs fried and bacon grease

because the pigs were organic the pigs

were eating organic everything was

argued they had their own they grew

their own vegetables and they grew their

own chickens I remember my grandfather

you know and I live I was raised up on

the street with him and he would when

we’d go to his house he had chickens in

his Oh

so we had Fried Chicken on Sunday we

didn’t go to the store and buy a chicken

somebody was gonna die that day you need

to go out there and catch a chicken and

the chicken knew it he was speaking in

tongues and even we’d eat him that’s why

they could live 70 89 and a hundred

years eat eggs fried in bacon grease

because even the grease was organic cuz

it was all homegrown think about that

Cathy’s mother grandmother lived to 104

ate anything she want

and now with the generation we know how

to exercise yeah we got so many knee

replacements hip replacements

you never saw all that stuff 4050 years

ago I believe in exercise don’t

misunderstand me

but I mean you’re not created a deer

you’re not created a thoroughbred you

see you should exercise but you wasn’t

created to do some of the stuff that you

put your body through then we had this

thing no pain no game or now that’s not

right because the guy that said that is

cut to knee replacements

think about that for a minute excess not

exercise is not a good thing for you to

lose weight you got to run almost a mile

and a half just to get a pan off that’s

3,500 calories but if you eat less you

knock that baby out real fast but you

should exercise I believe it I exercise

all the time

I mean I am very very disciplined with

my exercise oh yeah I do that because

I’m like I don’t care how I look on the


I care about what’s going on on the

inside because you see if someone else I

didn’t working that don’t affect nothing

but it’s nothing quits on the inside the

outside gonna know about it real quick

nice says all sufficiency in all things

may abound to every good work so I

decided that I would abound to every

good work now when I said that people

just saying people preacher said I know

Jesus said that but what no you don’t

know Jesus said that you don’t know

you’re trying to convince yourself that

what he said is true but when you know

in whom you have believed you’ve heard

me say before people trying to convince

them said I’m believing I believe we

don’t believe it I’m believing them

believe it I’m believing I’m blessed and

III think I’m I don’t know what I’m

doing I’m just trying to get this thing

to work and see and we get into all

these religious practice Jesus didn’t

come to create Christianity he didn’t

create Christianity he stayed Jewish all

the time he was here mankind created

Christianity Jesus would never do what

Christianity has done

Jesus would never molest a child in

church Jesus would never kill people

like the Crusades did a ball religion

will what is religion it’s a gardener

weeds it’s a theological wilderness see

I’ve had people terminal top or doctor

to premise what do you believe in I said

Jesus well we all believe in that I said

no you know you attest to it but you

don’t believe in it see we believe in

healing if he does it look up but we add

a little instead if he does it I don’t

know I don’t forget not long ago I read

an article about in a Christian magazine

when God does it heal I thought you got

to be kidding me

God heals all the time sometimes they’re

not always received you know Jesus has

already died for every person ever born

every person that be born

no one which he’ll shouldn’t have one

person in it at all

but you got to make a choice of which

what you’re gonna do with it do you

choose to be here or you hope to be

healed even God said in Deuteronomy said

choose a lot I put before you death and

life and he said just choose life sea I

choose to be blessed not so I can live

better because you know if you raised

eating fried chicken you you can get so

rich you can have a you can well I’ll

just give you an example I can eat

anywhere I want in the city in New


God has blessed me beyond my wildest

dream so all these fine restaurants know

me all the other ones do too why because

sometime you just want a cheeseburger I

saying you got to eat it every day in

fact I was in Honolulu Hawaii or art and

kunis up over the a word of Life Church

got it’s a great Church if you ever go

don’t cut God out of your vacation go to

church go that I enjoy you say you know

enjoy yourself if you want to but so

hakuna calls and art card he said hey

but Jesse we want to take his what’s the

name at rest at Mariposa Mara it’s that

the Niemen right she said you want to go

and I said Kathy tell her I don’t want

to go to mare pools and she said why I

said it’s too healthy

it’s just too healthy I mean I can eat

grass like a cow if I want to I still


I want something my wife I want

something some flavor now I’m not

talking about doing this all the time

you know I’m saying IIIi don’t eat I

mean I like fried chicken I don’t eat it

very much but when I do I enjoy I mean

when I eat a piece of it I don’t say God

don’t kill me don’t clear up my arteries

no you know and but I believe in eating

healthy and doing right but what is

healthy because everything you eaten

today how many time they said you get

you you went to a certain place where

there’s nothing but they serve organic

food and you found out that they were

getting it anywhere they could and

charge you higher for it I’ve had people

say you know a little bit about August

organized crime and sever taste about

organized right you want organized crime

Washington DC that’s organized crime

that’s organized crime but they just

have the power not to go to jail if

you’da done with Hillary Clinton done

you two went to jail

and I’m not against Hillary I’ve never

met her I think she’s a very smart woman

I do I think she said but she brilliant

lawyer I’m an but if you’d have done

that you don’t went to jail if you’re

done with Bill did you definitely would

have went to jail that doesn’t mean he’s

not smart that doesn’t mean he’s not a

good politician I’m not saying that I’m

just saying well you know that’s my

person in private I know not when you

president when you’re president you

present it 24 hours a day you want that

job that’s 24/7 and if you’re a preacher

that’s 24/7 that’s 24/7 you shouldn’t be

messing up with the piano player you

shouldn’t be messing up no no preacher

ought to be accused of adultery what are

you doing you are Minister the gospel

24/7 God’s given you all sufficiency in

all things you should bound to have a

good way well my wife any pretty as she

used to be wouldn’t either you and

nobody is pretties they used to be

Young’s wonderful but it don’t last long

my granddaughter grab this the other day

grandfather wasn’t it I said a safe

deposit box that I keep your future in


now she sees that I’m a blessed man

she knows that fast she came with her

she said grandfather how much money you

got and where is it I wanna see it she’s


I said why are you asking me that

Meredith she said everything you said

everything you had belongs to mama and

me I said that’s right everything me and

Mimi has belongs to your mother and you

you my only ask well where is it

I said it’s here but I can’t show you

that the day there will come a time I

will I said let me tell you something

little Meredith you’re 11 years old

you’ll never have to work a day in your


I said but you gonna work we’re gonna

teach you to me work do you understand

and just because I left you I’ve got you

an inheritance that doesn’t mean you

better than anybody you never look down

on someone nothing you don’t do that and

I said when you go to somebody’s home I

don’t care if it’s small big whatever

you if they love it you love it

there’s not long drop the rain you know

yeah you know as I said you’re gonna

work we a generation that works we

believe in that now there’s some people

they don’t they don’t want to work what

you’re gonna somebody’s got to do

something if they took all the money of

every rich person in America

we’d only touch maybe what 3% of we got

a 22 trillion dollar deficit and they

all said it’s unfair to pay our fair

share well everybody excuse me if you

pay people to be poor they gonna stay

poor that was Ronald Reagan’s statement

now I know Jerry Savelle likes around a

rigid and you know I’m kind of I think

it’s fine I like Ronald Reagan I

wouldn’t visit the war the White House

so I went to the White House a little

bookstore not bought me Oh Washington DC

White House photo of Ronald Reagan and I

wrote on it dear Jesse

haha here Jessie I can’t thank you

enough for praying for me and fit

helping me to win this election

without your preference and financial

support I would not have become

president I can’t thank you enough

sign Ronald Reagan I’ll put it in my

board room Cathy’s mother came over

and she watched you and she liked round

she said my god Jesse you know Ronald

Reagan I said look at the picture she

ready she goes wow I didn’t know you

knew he said that I said no I bought it

myself and wrote it myself I thought it

was funny she didn’t think it was funny

at all

hey it’s my story I’m gonna write it the

way I want to write it do you see what

I’m saying

so I had preachers tell me when I first

went into the ministry and when you go

out and eat then I just leave your

wallet and let somebody pay for it I

said that’s not gonna happen do you know

and I know a lot of waiters and

waitresses because Cathy don’t cook so

we eat out twice a day that’s just the

way it is and that she can cook good but

she’s delivered from the bomb that she’s

not going back to Egypt he ain’t going

back to that the whole time she cooks it

there’s a hurricane she cooks and you

know what they tell me that the worst

tippers are preachers all of them say it

I’m not known for that I give them the

go or you could are you serious I just

went to was a couple of days ago me and

Keith and Kathy went to everything

called reata’s that right it’s a nice

restaurant here downtown forward I

really like they got the biggest onion

rings my god you could throw them play

horseshoes with it I mean things are big

have you ever in a bid to be a big good

so I um I said Keith this is my meal

Keiko’s I like it keep left I left my

wallet that’s it

I said that’s convenient

we’re just laughing talking talk about

that kind of stuff and so anyway I paid

for the meal so when the guy came I said

you like your tip he goes oh you got to

be kidding me

are you serious I said you got to make a

living don’t you I don’t know the man I

don’t have to know the man to be

generous why well how can you be

generous all sufficiency in all things

he said are you serious I wanted to tell

him you want me to take it back I was at

a PF Changs one time not long not too

long ago maybe a year ago and I didn’t

know when I’m when I sat down I didn’t

know this waitress from Adam you know

she was a good waitress was also sitting

had six of us and the Lord said I want

you to bless her

I said I’m yours to command Lord I said

okay so we you know we ordered and

everything and it had a really nice time

I said give me the bill and they gave me

the bill and so and I paid for the bill

and when she came I said there’s no tip

on that now so go I said but I’d like to

bless you because I know if I put the

tip on a credit card or charge whatever

they you have to wait until it goes I

didn’t know that I thought they’d get it

immediately but they don’t work that way

it has to go through whatever you know

that kind of said we’ve even had people

call us and say are you sure you want to

give this amount of tip you know they do

that now well yeah you know I said but

if I give him cash they have it right


so I gave her a chunk of cash she went

are you serious

I said yes she starts crying she says

it’s just that I’m a medical student I

said you are she said yeah and I’m

working you know pay my way through

school and you just paid for offer all

my tuition and I said well let’s just do

better than that

she went are you serious you can see off

there but wait I said oh I wish I had

that table


so we took care of that not bragging

about that so why said my birthday was

July tonight and I don’t know how they

found out about it did you tell him I

don’t know how to do so when we came in

me and Kathy was eating they are they

come and they had me a birthday card and

every waiter and every waitress at PF

Changs signed it that’s pretty nice

we can’t thank you enough and man we go

in sir you have a 55-minute wait me and

Kathy walked through that door wandering

way to see if they go Reverend

watch this that’s biblical everyman gift

make a way itself and we just flow with

it not trying to show off and then

there’s been times I’ve seen some people

waiting us how long you’ve been waiting

yeah you can have my table oh you said

yes go ahead that’d be fine

fact one time we win Maui Hawaii and I

had a beautiful room and to make sweet

what it was actually and we had some

friends come with us and they had a

child so I looked at Kathy and I said if

you don’t mind they had a regular room

nothing any rooms nice you know at the

Grand Wailea in Maui Hawaii

I said Kathy if you don’t mind let’s

give them our suite and we’ll just take

their room and they said oh you can’t do

that I said I can do anything when I

want with my money

I said you enjoy this suite you will

enjoy it and that way you have enough

room for your child if she wants to run

around a little bit you know and things

of that nature instead of just being in

one room with two double beds which is

nothing wrong with that don’t

misunderstand me I said it’s just me and

Kathy that’s fine what we did well she

got pregnant on that trip


with a set of twins that was a good room

yeah it was the twins was it yes the


I just went to dinner with him Kathy the

twins are now 18 years old I just went

to look to it Amun said it was because

of me you was born

I just went to lunch with him I said

David I said would you like another room

Amun no no all sufficiency all

sufficiency so I don’t expect to be in a

financial deficit when I built just

sometimes ministers campus if you ever

seen it if you have been there if you

like plantation it’s all plantation it’s

all white cotton southern you don’t say

so white Carl I had three banks in and

Norlin says you cannot build this

debt-free you gonna need us I said no no

no no you don’t know the God that I know

I’m gonna build this thing debt-free and

under budget I even had the architect

saying you can’t do that

you got Italian marble in this place you

got very expensive you can enter in the

contract you said I’ve been doing this

40 years bridge si I don’t think I said

just give me the bill at the end of the

month see they thought I had all the

money I didn’t I had 1.2 million dollars

which I ain’t enough they really built

up their pay for one slab and I built it

on the budget actually six million

dollars under budget why cuz I watched

it see I’ve learned that other people

can spend your money quicker than you

can so the Lord I asked the Lord and he

asked me open it 3 o’clock in the

morning said I want you to go out to the

property I said I want to go out there

Lord I said make a grass that high I did

mesquite we got mosquitoes biggest

pelicans in Louisiana and I mean

mosquitoes boy

they see it they see a Cajun food at the

Bass Pro sauce yes

you know they just bite you suck honey

good will it make a long story short

what all sufficiency the Lord said how

would you like for me to pay for this it

was my choice he said I can pay this

every month but I’m Jewish I don’t like

to do that I don’t like to pay interest

I like to make interest he said all I

can knock this thing out

I said well since we talking I thought

that had God over about I said since we

talking why don’t we just knock this

puppy out and then he came back with

this then we will never discuss finances

on this whole project again now we built

for four solid years just Pillman

project after project I’m talking my

different buildings things that are net

and I want and I went look at that

building front I did not I wanted to

look at it and so Tami Mona he used to

be the financial director then she said

do you want to know what’s in there I

said no just when I changed I cut a

check out of it cut a check out but I

said don’t tell I don’t want I said me

in the Lord then had a conversation

about ok and I would come and I said no

I said Ray Ray was the contract a

wonderful man he I said uh give me a

bill at the end of the month and I’ll

pay you

he’s so ok he said my god man he said I

love this he said I don’t have to try to

get the bank and I said no no I’ll take

everything I said just let me know if

something real big is coming up so when

we poured the slab we did it in three

prior three phases we report the slab

for the church that’s the big because

the TV studio was also a part of it not

part of the church but a wing of the

church and that kind of slab yeah you

got to be able to get under it so we’d

have to pull or slab on the highest line

and then we would roll and eat there to

put all kinds of wires and you know the

hook up stuff like that you know that’s

expensive very expensive to do

especially in Louisiana because you have

to drive pilings you see it so it cost

more money for foundation Louisiana

doesn’t do in Texas you got drop pilings

man I’m a 45 foot pilings keep all the

dirt washed away went rate no difference

that piling is holding that slab see he

said okay you know so and I saw a bill

and I came before the Lord and said Lord

need to ask you something he said before

you ask me I want to tell you something

he said if anybody ask you I’ll tell you

that you building something tell them

you’re not that I am

and he looked at me and I heard him say

it he said remember that so every time

somebody comes in boy Reverend y’all

really building something nice I ain’t

building nothing

you’re not billing nothing no I said

this is God God’s building this that’s

all I said cause building this now I

always try to do is good business as I

can so I said give me at least three

bids on everything so we’ll know you

know what when we ran all the kind of

stuff well on the stucco for the

executive offices which is huge

it looks like oil John Hagee say it

looks like the pantheon there’s just

columns all around it just gorgeous

anybody ever been there it you know am i

telling the truth I mean it is it’s

beautiful if you like that kind of

flavor look so this man we had I said

give me give me three on the stucco

Porter I said get me three bids well

they found three bids in this guy that

was was he was very expensive I think

his was a hundred and but there was a

120 $8,000 bid for that particular piece

of stucco in a 130 mm and 140 41 to 43

thousand and so ray told me said I’m

gonna tell you something that guy 143

he’s good Jesse you can’t find a line I

mean you don’t even know way started

away stop that’s how perfect that is he

should but not a cop 120 it’s a good bit

see just because it’s the cheapest don’t

mean it’s the best and just because it’s

the highest don’t mean it’s the best so

you have to learn the color work that

thing out I said okay

he said you want to make a decision

which one you want I said we read you

the contract what do you think he said

well he said I’d love to have that guy

but he said I said the other people

aren’t gonna notice suggested he said

now I am as a contractor but I said okay

them and I had I had I wasn’t supposed

to go out that day to the worksite but I

just had fluid and I went out there and

guess what the man that gave the highest

bid dries up in his pickup truck walks

out he goes how you doing Reverend I

said fine he said I’m the man that he

gave me a bid on you on this thing here

I said oh yes sir I said my contractor

said you the best stucco man in the

state of Louisiana in Mississippi

he said you’re right oh he didn’t blink

son he said I’m the best you ever seen

you ever have I like a man with

confidence in his work but he’s got to

have manifestation I just talked

he said you know you keep me up at night

I said how do I do that he said my wife

likes you and I ain’t into this God

stuff but my love my wife and she likes

you and if she likes you you must be a

nice person but I’m not into the god

stuff I said well I understand that I

said tell you why thank you for watching

he’s taking you by earlier time you said

you come on 11:30 at night here yeah I

got I can’t he said man man like me

gotta get up early I said well you got

to talk to your wife about that I said

I’m not changing my time he said why I

said your wife’s watching Fannie ain’t

broke don’t fix it huh

and then he says this man are you really

building something nice here sir I ain’t

building nothing he said what I say

ain’t built in the gods building is he

said Who I said God’s building this sir

are you standing on holy ground I don’t

own this this is God’s business and I

saw when the Holy Ghost hit him he went

he said you know Reverend I want to do

this building he shouldn’t I gave you a

bid and he I think it was 142 143

thousand he said and I and I’m I’ve

already answered he said I ain’t never

done nothin for God in my life I’ll do

it for $40,000

that was less than the material way less

than it then the labor and it happened

like that on everything I didn’t ask him

for that he said I want to do this and

Ray goes that was on that now when we’ve

built the first one to production

distribution center what’s all

sufficiency in all things being enriched

I used American steel this many years

ago so when the trucks came in with the

steel I would say you gotta tell one of

the truck driver you’re going back to

the office yeah we’ll bring this check

to you’re off and they couldn’t cash it

you know it’s made out to a company

oh you serious I mean it’d be a $250,000

check so the president of the company

couldn’t get over that I’d do that

so in Phase two the steel on phase two

was three hundred and eighty nine

thousand just for the steel so I gave

the check to the one of the 80 Willard

guys well then when we started building

the church in the TV stir just the steel

was $600,000 I mean you don’t even see

that part said I’m saying so I’m in that

what I call the contractor Shack he

called it that you know and we get a

phone call from the president of the

steel company is the Reverend there and

racing yes sir

put him on the phone said but he put me

on the phone he says uh I said you got

me a he sent me an invoice for $600,000

okay at the six on a raid was about

ready to give it to him he says are you

gonna put a six hundred thousand dollar

check in that truck drivers and I said

well yeah don’t don’t you want your


well yes sir we want our money that’s

not the issue well you know you could

mail it it’s 30 days to pay for it I

said well I don’t doubt you don’t need

your money right away

he said well yeah we do I said no so I

said in your but about five minutes I

might have my director come over here

and she’d gonna hand me a check for your

invoice of $600,000 and I’ll give it to

your head

there was 26 18-wheeler trucks see what

I’m saying 26 of them and the head guy

you know hit the head got it

leading all that stuff but it looked

like a convoy come up with all that

steel and he says uh do you have a

factor Evan I said yeah and now and we

all speak of all I said really you got a

fax they said can I have that number he

said I want to fax you another invoice I

said oh I said man what do we need it no

he said I just want to do something he’s

saying go take long take about maybe no

no 3540 seconds for a fax but he faxed

the invoice and as it was coming up he

said Reverend I just cut a hundred

thousand dollars off of it

wait wait wait wait wait and I came and

he said it was five hundred thousand

stead of six hundred he said I ain’t

never had to write a payment like that

you have a nice day Reverend ray

Chronicles I’ve been doing this for 40

Spain and never seen nothing like this

in my life and I looked at him I said

all sufficiency ray all sufficiency in

all things so he said just tie up the

six hundred thousand so I called Tammy

she was walking across with the six on I

said Tammy turn around I said and

destroy that check why I said the man

just cut a hundred thousand and Tammy

loved that she goes she’s Baptist I

ain’t never seen nothing like this and

I’m a Baptist I’m going back and cut a

check for five rooms she’s looking back

at me and I have the ability to sign it

my signature on every signature card in

that Bank but I didn’t sign I let her

sign it because I signed a check for

seventeen dollars and they turned it



so I call the Mike I said I am the CEO

they said would you never sign a cheque

I said what my signature card is in

where we knew it and we matched it but

this can’t be see if you even see that

it’s true you won’t believe it sometimes

but you never sign a cheque I said I

don’t have to but I have the power to do


so now I’ll let other people do that you

know and and thanks because if I go to

sign a cheque use I get Cathy or

something real because get this on their

check you know something like that and

because they’ll go hee-hee in sign the

cheque in 20 years but they got the

signature card and I keep them they say

how do you do that I said I don’t the

Lord does because he said God is able so

you know three major banks in New

Orleans came up to me said Reverend it

is amazing we just thought for sure you

needed us but it looks like we need you

now Jerry Savelle would call that favor

and it is the misunderstanding but what

is happening is that’s a better

testimony to them than me walking up to

them and say would you like to meet

Jesus Christ is Lord of your life they

just can’t get over that the sessions

don’t affect me in 2008 when Wall Street

went belly bust y’all remember that or

people going crazy buddy

we grew 30% I’m the only one that Chase

Bank that didn’t lose any money that’s

what they said I don’t know what they do

their financial gurus said you you you

didn’t lose money but I did what God

told me to do cuz when I have a chunk of

money comment I said what do you want me

to do with this and then I asked the

second question is this my money see he

may have given it to me to give it away

he may have given it to me to place it

in someone else he trusts me and I

appreciate that

so I said Lord what do you want me to do

with this one more quick little story

this is years and years ago one of the

secretaries came and said we have a

fifteen thousand dollar check just

coming into the ministry

what account you want to put it what do

you want to do with this and and it was

acid and I have a I was writing some

stuff I said we just put it on my desk

I’ll let y’all know in a minute I said

just give me a little time so I’m all of

a sudden the phone rings and and and

it’s our reception since that bridge se

brother Copeland’s on the line I said

okay I’ll take it I said hey brother

come we can do for he said yes mr.

Kenneth I say hey brother Copeland he

said listen man the Lord been praying

I’ve been dealing with me by buying Mac

Gober an airplane I said okay he said

you know and the Lord told me to tell

you that the Lord spoke to me said God

Jesse will help me I said the Lord told

you that Jesse would help him he said

yes I said that’s good I said well what

does the Lord want Kenneth since he said

I would help him I thought that’s pretty

nice that God would say Jesse would help

me that’s pretty nice thing he said well

he said we want to give this playing

debt-free to count to a Mac go but

ministries and things of that nature and

the Lord said you get $15,000

I said Kenneth I’m looking at a $15,000

check you said it’s mine it’s for Mac I

said it’s in the mill so I hollered I

call I said while he’s on the phone he’s

talking the girl cover that said FedEx

this to Casey yeah boy didn’t you just

cut one check out and handle all that

kind of stuff and purchasing that gold

was plain now watch this

I went home feeling so good so I said

Lord you said I would help you and he

said yes and I thought that’s a nice

thing to say he said yes it is and it’s

not I don’t say it very often I’ve had

the Lord tell me two times I’ve given

all my money away twice in my life the

first one was way more money whoo that

was the easy part

the second one was the tough one that’s

when I’d given all I used to bet I made

a lot of money in my life and I gave it

all away because I thought you had to be

poor to be a Christian so I said I’ve

raised both I’ll be poor hey that

doesn’t change who I am

you know and so I gave it away board it

took care of a lot of people in Kathy

was glad we didn’t but the second time

then I had the mortgage I had a mortgage

on the house and a finance a car note

and all that kind of sudden the Lord

said Jesse give me all your money first

thing came on my way Silas just like

this well I’m gonna pay that house note

I could hear that in my mind I won’t pay

that car note and not when I say all my

money I’m talking piggy bank I’m talking

everything I’m talking me and Kathy got

zero everything we have in a bank

everything we have on a savings guy

everything we have anyway plus change I

poured it out I said I’m yours to

command Lord he said you get ready boy

he said and he said the same thing to me

then he totally a brunette when he

offered up Isaac he said Jesse because

thou has done this and not what held one

dime one penny even from the piggy bank

you get ready today I will release

finance to you like you’ve never seen in

your life I will make what you did as a

rocker nothing compared to what I will

do for you as you my son I said I’m

yours to command Lord and you know here

comes the test we gave it all away and

somebody call and said hey I want to go

out and eat dinner you have a dime I

said are you buying

yeah I said we’re gonna eat let’s go


they said why I said just gave it all

the way your wife just gave it all the

way are you serious yeah why is that so


do you believe God will meet you ah ah

that’s the key now I’m not telling you

to do that don’t do that because but

Jesse said that that has to be a

revelation knowledge to you from God

Almighty not from anybody else and today

oh Jesus compared to what and I did very

well as a rocker that don’t even compare

it’s not even in the ballpark

it’s barely a snow cone stand compared

to what the Lord has done for me today

but Yana and I don’t mean that privately

beyond my wildest dreams

and he’s still doing it and doing it and

doing it and doing it and we just

believe in God and in 41 years of

full-time mission I’ve never laid off

one person am i right first you’ve been

with me 35 not one none and I’ve set the

whole staff to Hawaii twice and their

wives some of them that had kids how

many y’all want a job with nothing it

was fun it was great I’m not bragging on

that I could brag more with that money

in my pocket yeah why but this I say he

was so sparingly shall reap also

sparingly he was so bountiful it reap

also bountifully so I’ve done both I’ve

sold fairly and I’ve sold about me every

man according I except purpose prayed

perceived empowered so let him give not

grudgingly Norma Sesa tea for God loveth

a cheerful Giver and God is able to make

all grace abound toward you that you

always having all sufficiency in all

things may abound to every good work he

is dispersed abroad he has given to the

poor his righteousness remaineth forever

so he was met as a seed to the sower

ministers bread for your food multiplies

your seed sown increases the fruits of

your righteousness being enriched and

all bountifulness which causeth

thanksgiving and triumph to God see when

you understand that you won’t have

financial trouble anymore so don’t

expect it don’t believe for what it

happens all the time

why because you believe for it just

because somebody went through something

don’t mean you have to go through it

learn from what they went through you

see what I’m saying yeah that doesn’t

mean the Devils might not try to hurt

you if you don’t pay any attention to

him he walks away he gets really

confused easily he’s the author of


oh you can make it mad as a you

disturb it just don’t pay no attention

to him that is so easy that it’s hard so

I expect to be blessed all the days of

my life

I told Cathy by the time I’m 33 years

old we will own everything I had at 33

years old buddy

I owned everything I had but I had to

put that goal in front of me when I was

18 and people thought I was stupid and

most of the preachers that told me I’ll

never make it they all retired and sick

I don’t mean that in a bad way and I’m

still running and I got to make

financial decisions that I never thought

I would have to make concerning where

what and how so when they want to attack

me for something that’s a thing I said

well they just attacked me for being

biblical how many of you get my magazine

on my bondola you talking about me

raising money for that plane did I ever

write you for any money for that

aircraft see I’m doing something I’ve

never done before he said this one will

just come one day you gonna hear me say

this mark my word I want everybody in

the world and listen one day you could

hear Jesse Duplantis aiders ladies and

gentlemen I have an emergency and if you

don’t respond today we are in major

trouble I need to hear from you today

please don’t send me no more money we

just got too much we don’t know to go

with everything we’ve got

I just cut the cheezer’s we just got so

much we don’t know what’s going on I

just need some help and I please

that sound crazy yeah sound crazy when I

built that ministry debt-free

it all sounds crazy because you’re

dealing with the soulless realm of who

you are instead of the spirit of who you

are do you see what I’m saying so I just

believe that I’ve had many opportunities

not to believe it I just don’t take any

mm-hmm I ain’t afraid to die

because I’m already dead I did that and

I got born again I mean I’ve been hit by

lightning in an airplane and he went

purple it’s my everything I saw it was


I was thinking Jimi him Jimi Hendrix

Purple Haze what is this I mean

everything went purple and I just walked

up to up I said did we just get it yeah

I said Oh Lord Jesus man but that didn’t

stop me from flying I’m not gonna let

fear come in my life what if you lost

everything you had what would you do

start over

see you can’t take what’s here this all

this stuff is just stuff and I know how

to eat escargot caviar and I also know

how to eat a cheeseburger any I can go

to McDonald’s and just enjoy myself and

say one more story kid come up to me at

five years old remember that kid Kathy

at Burger King I have a beautiful home

it’s pretty big you’ve probably seen

it’s all over the Lord Jesus people come

and they drive by my house it takes a

while to drive by it is this little boy

I come up to me at the burger team and I

never go to Burger King but I believe

God want me to go to Burke I just

stopped at and this little boy look like

when he says you Jesse Duplantis I said

yes I am just at your house I said

yesterday he said that’s a big house I

said yesterday he said I’m gonna build a

house like that – his mama said shut up

boy hey cold leave that man long you

can’t do that and I looked at ice excuse

me ma’am I don’t mean to be rude you

just said something totally wrong I said

when I was five years old I was in a 8

foot wide 32 foot trail and everybody

burger he listened to me 8 foot wide 32

foot trailer watching a movie called

Gone with the Wind sitting on the floor

in a black and white television and I

saw a Scarlett O’Hara go up that stared

I turned around to my mama I was 5 I

said my mama build a house like the

movies she says shut up boy you’re

sleeping on the floor

you understand you’re nothing but a KJ

you can’t do that and I remember he kind

of hurt my finger I didn’t say nothing I

said ma’am I was 5 I looked at him I

said son you won’t build one bigger than

me he said that’s right

a little five-year-old boy God gave it

to me at five Catherine not long ago she

came back she says Jessie you done so

much for me you had this beautiful thank

you and thank the Lord from I just thank

you that’s all I can tell y’all ain’t

telling y’all no more

it was a great day I said Kelly we built

this together I even told the contract

to end the do whatever that woman tells

you to do because I don’t if I build a a

dog house that dog won’t get wet now

Cathy knows how to do that stuff my god

how she can do all that stuff and I love

it when Jerry and Carolyn come Carolyn

says do you mind if I just walk around I

said kill it do what do you think you

want and how many times people have come

and slept in at 3 o’clock in the morning

they were walking around my house and

there’s places you can sit down I have

places outside and they look around go

look at these things

oh and I say y’all y’all need Samuel and

we have a food station upstairs if you

up there you in an upstairs Suites you

know so you’d have to go down to the

kitchen we get a little food station

care that’s all that stuff and I said

ginger I said me costo su casa whatever

you want

they don’t make no difference and they

just had in Gloria came one time she

says I’m gonna stay in the black and

white room I said that’s great girl she

goes Oh Jesse Oh Jesse oh oh look at

this bathtub Wow it’s what you call like

Kathy a slipper slipper tub she said oh

I gotta take a bath and that I said

enjoy yourself let me out of here hey

it’s a beautiful girl and she just came

it makes me feel good it’s this real oh

it’s real it’s this a real that yes it

is where did you get this see that’s one

side of Justin friends nobody ever sees

for 30 years better I’ve been collecting

artwork storing it all over the world

but I don’t have anymore now stored it’s

all back now in New Orleans because I

knew I was going to do that when I

couldn’t buy a hot dog but I had the

idea and I just had to work toward that

so when I went in the ministry it was

exactly the same thing I said this is

what I’m gonna do and I don’t mind

working hard and more brother Copeland

stimulated me yes sir this is cough I

think I just found your plane it’s 1994

can you get the get here quick I’ll have

somebody to pick you up at the airport

we’re going to Canada oh man Calais

we’re gone she said we had any meat

lunch that’s it

come on woman it’s 12 o’clock we rushed

that’s when you’re gonna have to go to

go through security we rushed like crazy

because they had a flight leaving New

Orleans going to Dallas DF debit 105 we

made it better code me had these people

pick me and I mean when I got there he

was in his citation and man the engines

won’t he said we’re going I think I

found your plane Jesse this is it Jesse

well we flew the Toronto Canada did we

have fun me and Kathleen Kenneth in

glory you know and all this kind of

stuff and I thought man we landed and

met mr. Harvey Firestone jr. the

Firestone company it was his plane and

he loved it and in Kenner was so kind to


he brought his mechanic so they could

look over I don’t know nothing about

that stuff you know so born there

Darrell was his name they’re a really

nice man he said but but just this thing

is an exceptional shake and really and

Kenneth looked at me said if you don’t

buy it I’m going buy it I said you ain’t

buying my plane

and there’s the gentleman with a little

of cane and I said Mr Firestone it’s

mine you like it Reverend I said yes I

do I said I miss the Firestone he said

well I don’t want the money today in

this year because there’s too much taxes

on it can you pay me in 95 now this is

in November of 94 I said how about

January 6 he’s a you in a hurt I said no

I just want to claim me I’m just ready

he smiled he said it’s a good plane I

said yes it is I’m thinking I’m talking

to Harvey Firestone Johnny old man so he

looks at me like this and I said can I

give you a check at deposit to hold us

and he does this is your word you’re a

barn boy I said yes I give me a hand he

said look me and I he said that’s the

way we used to do business when I was

young I can’t stand these lawyers up

behind me right now

he said the planes yours Boston I said

yes sir and he walks like this and he

gets almost today to walk out the hangar

and there was an eagle if this was a

citation Eagle Mart it had a

modification that you carry more fuel on

which costs $250,000 he stopped his the

door he stops right here he turns around

he said hey Reverend you know that’s an

eagle ma didn’t it I said yes sir he

said hey and he’s talking to his manager

he said cut the 250,000 dollars off the


give him the Eagle mug is that all right

Reverend I said yes idiot


that was in November January 6 we took

possession of it flew it straight to a

place to have the interior done it cost

$20,000 that’s nothing today but then it

cost $20,000 and it took I don’t know

eight weeks I guess to do it all and the

man said your planes ready so I drove

over there to pick up my plane so we

could fly back you know and and I said

give me a bill he said it’s already paid


I said who paid for it he said somebody

in England I said who he said we don’t

know they want to remain anonymous I

still don’t know till today who did that

see God was ahead of me how could you do

that all sufficiency in all things

abounding so when somebody tries to

criticize that I laugh at that I said

you have no idea what God has done for

me in what he will do what he’s done

what he’s doing in what he will do so

just let him do it how many of you will

be so blessed by next year you’ll come

back and Deborah bring a friend and pay

for everything to eat and the hotel I

mean you’d like to do that you’d like to

do that cuz next year the southwards

were believers convention it’s gonna be

a phenomenal one it will be the 40th


that’s the celebration in itself think

about that that you would be able to

bring a couple of friends and pay their

hotel in that room and I’m not hurting

at all just enjoy yourself and go to

reales and eat them on your ring so you

can throw them like a horseshoe I mean


your blessing think about that I want to

thank each and every one of you to allow

me a portion of your time I want you to

think about this little simple message

all so when the devil says you can’t

have that God says I can have all you a

liar and God is God so I’m not gonna pay

any attention to you

in God’s will on me hello wait a second

thank you lord one more thing if you’re

caught if you’re a college student and

the Lord says this is the Holy Ghost

if you’re a college student you’ve

got college that if you’re willing to

believe me saith the Lord I will cancel

your debt by December

all you gotta do is receive that

hallelujah you shouldn’t you should

never have to start out in debt after

you’ve went to school and you know and

studied and really worked hard those

things are not easy I’m telling you if

you believe God while high is gonna do


that’s his business I is going to do it

but I promise you this it’ll come from a

seed you sow and a harvest you’ll grow

killing my mom our Kundalini sowcarpet

thank you Laura I’m about ready to say

this he said there will be 387 people

that’s in this congregation in this

afternoon service that will be totally


but next year


hallelujah I said Lord there’s more than

300 he said why he said those are the

ones believe in me those are the ones

that are acting on it those are the ones

that have giving and they needed the

money they gave expecting to believe

expecting to receive

listen to me I’m not telling you

something just to make you jump up God

did this for me if you do it for me

he’ll do it for you he don’t love me

anymore he loves you we just believe in


now the believers convention is not over

we got tonight and they got tomorrow I

have to fly out of here in just a few

minutes and I just want to thank each

and every one again and I’m gonna say

this ladies and gentlemen come September

29th through October the second one of

the greatest things is ever going to

happen on television we’re gonna have a

victory thon do you hear what I’m saying

and it’s gonna be able to help brother

Copeland to go to every available voice

and it’s gonna happen and all the

broadcaster’s that are on it are coming

that’s never happened to start with and

we are gonna give God glory when it’s

all said and done I believe that victory

will be as big as ABC CBS NBC



you see what it is it’s a beginning

and what did God say in the beginning

you don’t want to miss this put it on

your calendar September the 29th October

the 2nd I’m so excited about it because

this couple Kenneth and Glory has been

so gracious in coming

the Lord just said it’ll speed up my

coming oh man it’ll speed up my coming

look at it there it is

it has speeded up when the gossip was

preached of the world the end shall come

another Colton 82 years old most people

are done retired quit went somewhere

some most of them have died not him not

Gloria hear what I’m saying maybe we

this last generation

just maybe Steven you’re the last man

they’re gonna pastor the church you

Pastor that’s up in the sky it’s a bird

it’s a plane no it’s Steven where’s he


think about that ladies and gentlemen I

pray for that every day

oh Jesus convoy nothing I’m afraid to

die I mean wherever that I just want to

go on that rapture I can’t wait to start

my work in eternity I will stand before

that throne I’m yours to command give me

a job Jesus let’s go there’s a universe

out there he might put me over a galaxy

where you gonna live New Jerusalem why

beam me up Scotty I’ll get that you

won’t travel by this speed of light

that’s to slow your travel by the speed

of thought you’ll think and you there



thank you I’m still on the fritz again I

can’t help myself

spinning on into pleasure please please

be praying for us hallelujah thank you


remember it’s not over the best is yet