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all right here’s a question do you

believe that there will be a rapture no

and I know that some people are just

freaking out well what about all the

scripture I believe that the scriptures

that talk about the Lord’s second return

and stuff I believe it’s the second

coming of the Lord not a rapture where

we avoid all of these things I don’t

teach on this typically because from

Scripture I believe I could show you

that there isn’t a rapture as

traditionally taught by the church I

believe I could disprove that but then

to tell you exactly what the book of

Revelation means and exactly how it’s

going to work out I don’t have a great

revelation on that I’ve studied it a lot

I’ve got a lot of things I could share

but it’s just not my forte so to pull

the rug out from under people and say no

I don’t believe it after and then not

give them something else is just I don’t

believe it’s edifying I don’t believe it

will build up the body so therefore I

don’t teach on it very much but I do

think that there are some people who are

just looking to escape all kinds of

tribulation and stuff and if the

doctrine of the rapture isn’t correct

they would wind up just totally freaking

out because they only see the

Tribulation Period as being total defeat

of the Christians and total domination

by the Beast in the Antichrist and yet

that’s not what the Bible really teaches

for instance there is going to be an

army of a hundred million people that

come across the Euphrates River to

oppose the Antichrist

now if the Antichrist was ruling and

dominating the whole world how would

these hundred million people come

against him see there’s going to be

entire nations that don’t submit to in

Revelation chapter 12 it says that he is

given power to rule over everybody and

make everybody except this mark of the

beast but if you keep reading in that

12th chapter it says that the Beast I

mean the excuse me the Antichrist was

given this power by the bee

Satan is the one that gave him this God

didn’t give him that power some people

have interpreted that way but Satan has

never done anything perfectly in his

life it’s going to be his attempt to

rule the whole world but again an army

of a hundred million people is going to

come against him and it’s going to be a

glorious hour I believe for the

Christians similar to when the

Israelites went through the plagues in

the land of Egypt there were terrible

things hail and fire running along on

the ground in lice and the water turning

into blood and all the animals being

killed and it was a terrible time

similar to what we see in the book of

Revelation but for the Israelites it was

actually a glorious time because while

there was darkness over the whole land

there was sunlight in their dwellings

not candlelight sunlight it was an

awesome awesome time and I believe

likewise that yes there’s going to be

terrible tribulation happening on the

earth but for those that know their God

they’re going to be valiant and do

exploits anyway I could Minister on that

a long time but no I don’t believe that

there’s going to be a pre-tribulation

rapture some people say well are you an

all Millennia’s the post Millennia’s a

prima linnaeus I’m a pan millennia I

believe it’s all going to pan out a man

and I’m going to keep loving God and

he’ll work out just