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Welcome to our Friday’s broadcast of the

Gospel truth today I am continuing to

teach on financial stewardship this is

the end of my second week I wrote this

book about it’s 166 page book and we’re

asking for a donation of some amount

just some contribution we’ll give away

probably a minimum of 50,000 70,000 of

these and so we asked for something but

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anything for the whole book I’ve got

this little booklet entitled Financial

stewardship that I wrote and we’ll just

give that to you as a free gift and then

we also have CDs DVDs a study guide and

even some testimonies that are on video

that would be a real blessing to you I

played a video yesterday a testimony of

Ruth Levi who it’s just miraculous what

God has done with her and her husband

and even her salvation was was great if

you haven’t seen that you can go to our


and look under video testimonies and uh

we have her testimony on there where an

angel appeared unto her and gave her

directions to come to our school man

that really blessed me to think that God

would have an angel tell somebody to

come to our school and she’s just been

transformed and we have a lot of other

testimonies this will work for anybody

the Bible says in Romans chapter 2: 11

that God is no respector of

persons sometimes when you hear people

talk about how they’ve been blessed

financially and how God has provided for

them you just think well that’s them and

this is me and things don’t work for me

well if that’s what you believe they

won’t work for you but if you would

believe that God is no respector of

persons and that if he’s done something

for me or anybody else the same thing

would work for you if you would believe

that you can begin to start seeing God’s

prosperity in your life and I’ve already

used a lot of scriptures there’s no way

that I can go back through everything

that I’ve talked about I want to turn

over to second 2 Corinthians chapter 8

and start using some verses out of

chapter 8 and chapter 9 let me just make

this introductory statement that 2

Corinthians chapter 8 and chapter n are

the most scriptures in the entire Bible

in one spot on finances every verse in

chapter8 and chapter nine is all talking

about money now that’s amazing you know

the Lord used Parables about money about

people who receive talents and different

things like this and there’s there’s a

lot said about money in many many

different places but this is the most

information about money about finances

or stewardship of any place that I’m

aware of in the Bible and so you need to

become familiar with 2 Corinthians

chapter 8 and chapter 9 in chapter 8

verse one it says moreover brethren we

do you to Wi that’s just Old English for

we want you to know of the grace of God

bestowed on the churches of Macedonia

and there’s going to be about three or

four times in these next two chapters

that Grace is linked to

giving and that’s a strong statement

Grace isn’t only getting things on an

unearned undeserved basis but Grace is

everything that God is everything that

God has available to you on an unearned

undeserved basis so it’s not just

talking about that you didn’t earn it

but it’s talking about everything thing

that God is is available to you on the

basis of Grace and so it says that he

wanted us to be aware of the grace of

God bestowed on the churches of

Macedonia how that in a great trial of

Affliction the abundance of their joy

and their deep poverty abounded Under

The Riches of their liberality boy

there’s a number of things in that

second verse that most people just never

combine for instance they talk about a

great trial of affliction and the

abundance of their Joy did you know

people that haven’t tapped into the Lord

if they’re just doing things in their

own strength and in the natural joy and

affliction don’t go together but once

you tap into the Lord and once you start

walking with him he gives you a piece

that passes understanding and I can

testify that in my life I’ve had

terrible things happen to me I’ve had

tragedies happen in my life and yet

there is just an abundance of Joy some

of you think that doesn’t even fit it

doesn’t in the natural but it does with

God the scripture says in Psalms chap

16:1 in the presence of the Lord there

is fullness of joy at his right hand are

Pleasures forever more it’s not based on

circumstances if you really have the

relationship with God that has been made

available to you through Jesus you can

have joy in the midst of Affliction and

then it goes on to saying the same verse

and their deep poverty abounded Under

The Riches of their liberality again

most people see don’t put poverty and


giving together most people think well I

would give but I just don’t have

anything and if they are in poverty well

then they think that that automatically

excludes them from giving these people

had deep poverty and yet they became

givers and they started giving I tell

you you can give I don’t care what your

situation a is I actually knew a person

who got born again in prison and in

prison he got a hold of this teaching

about God wanting him to prosper and so

you know what he did he started taking

the bar of soap that was given to him

and he cut it in half and he gave a bar

of soap away to somebody and he started

taking some of his rations and some of

the things that he was getting and he

started giving off of those things and

did you know it wasn’t very long until

he had a Foot Locker and he had all of

these things in prison and he had all of

this stuff and he was just a sinner for

people to come I mean it’ll work in

prison it’ll work in a third world

country and this is another criticism

that I’ve heard against Prosperity

people will say well that’s only an

American gospel it won’t work other

places I’ve seen it work all around the

world I’ve Got Friends in Uganda and

this uh Pastor Herbert uh he’s a good

friend of mine he was actually born on

the exact day that my wife and I got

married so I can always remember his

birthday October the 27th

1972 and anyway he’s been through a lot

of things his parents were killed and he

went through the EDI mean days and he

was pastoring the Church of about 4,000

people and it was extreme poverty and

yet we have started sewing into his life

he’s got hold of these truths he now has

a bank and he is loaning money out to

people in his congregation and even

people outside of the congregation and I

mean they are prospering and they have

become a center of of blessing other

people it works in Uganda it’ll work any

place in the world I’ve been out to uh

the car moja region and I ministered to

people out there and some of those

people they don’t even wear

clothes we went out there and they had

to give the women something to cover

themselves with when I went out there

but typically they don’t wear clothes I

mean it was remote and yet we begin to

start sharing the word with them and

they are prosperous now one of them um

anyway I could just go on and give you

testimony but they now have bought a

motorcycle they are traveling to other

Villages and doing things and it may be

relative to where you are but the gospel

will work anywhere and you can prosper

regardless where you are and so these

people had deep poverty and yet they

were able to give and it says in verse

three to their power I bear record yay

and beyond their power they were willing

of themselves in other words they wanted

to give even more they just didn’t have

anything else to give it goes on to say

right here that God accepts it according

to what we have not according to what we

don’t have I don’t think you ever ought

to go in debt to give to the ministry or

to give to your church or to do

something like that God only wants you

to be faithful over what you have to be

a steward over what you have and they

even went they wanted to give more than

what they had it says in verse four

praying us with much intreaty that we

would receive the gift and take Upon Us

The Fellowship of the ministering to the

Saints man that’s awesome you know what

they actually intreated him with much

intreaty that means that they pressed

him please let us be a part of giving to

these other people and ministering to

their needs there’s been a few time in

my life that I’ve had people do this I

remember one time we were building a

building down in Colorado Springs and

and it was just a shell but we set up

tables and we had our partners come

there and served them a meal and I

shared with them about things and then

we were dismissing them and I had some

of the partners say well aren’t you

going to receive an offering and I said

well you already are Partners you give I

said no I was just sharing with you

what’s happening wanted you to see this

facility and they said we want to give

and they begin to say you need to let us

give and man that was awesome to have

people ask you to receive an offering

that doesn’t happen too many times but

that’s what they did they actually

intreated much intreaty on the Apostle

Paul to receive the money so that they

could send it to the people in Jerusalem

and in verse 5 and it says and this they

did not as we hope but first gave their

ownselves to the Lord and unto us by the

will of God and this is this summarizes

a lot of what I’ve been saying over the

last two weeks that it’s really not

about your gift it’s about your heart

God is after your heart

not your money but getting your money is

one way to get to your heart as Jesus

said where your treasure is there will

your heart be also so you can actually

direct your heart towards God by sewing

into the ministry and giving it when you

do that it releases your heart and puts

your heart into the things of God and

this is what he said that this is not

only what he wanted the Corinthians do

but it says in verse 6 in as much as we

desired Titus that as he had begun so he

would also finish in you this same Grace

also in other words Paul wanted

everybody to have this same attitude

concerning giving in verse 7 it says

therefore as you abound in everything in

faith in utterance and knowledge and in

all diligence and in your love to us see

that you abound in this Grace also this

is the third time in seven verses that

the word Grace has been tied to

prosperity in other words you can’t earn

it it’s not like like when you give you

are buying God’s favor that wouldn’t be

Grace but when you give it is Faith and

that releases the grace that God has

already given towards us in verse eight

it says I speak not by commandment but

by occasion and forance of others and to

prove the sincerity of Your Love did you

know this really does prove where your

heart is at your giving I have people

come all the time and say man I’m with

you I just love your ministry and you

can count on me and I very seldom do

this but sometimes I’ve had questions

about is this person trying to con me or

they trying to get something for me and

you know one of the things I’ll do I’ll

go look up their giving to the ministry

and there’s often that many of these

people who say oh I’m with you and I

believe 100% they have given zero now I

that doesn’t make me not love them it

doesn’t make me reject them I’m going to

still minister the word of God but it

shows me that there their heart isn’t

with me if their heart was with me their

their treasure would be there where your

treasure is there will your heart be

also and if you don’t invest money in

something then you don’t really believe


it again there’s people that’ll

criticize that and think boy you’re

saying this to manipulate people I’m

saying right here what these scriptures


saying this proves the sincerity of your

love when you start becoming faithful in

your giving if you aren’t faithful in

your giving your love is not sincere I’m

not saying that there isn’t love I’m not

saying that you’re totally wrong but I’m

saying Your Love isn’t complete it’s not

perfect and he goes on to say in the

next verse in verse 9 for you know the

grace here’s the fourth time in just

nine verses that the word grace is used

in association with money you know the

grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that

though he was rich yet for your sakes he

became poor that you you through his

poverty might be rich this didn’t say

that you through his poverty might be

able to just barely get by and have

enough to S you know to survive but not

Thrive no this says that Jesus died so

that through his poverty you might be

rich and the obvious meaning of this is

it’s talking about money again I say

that if you take this in its cont text

if you take the text away from the

context then all you got left is a con

if you take this in its

context every verse in chapter8 and in

chapter nine is talking about money

there’s 24 verses in chapter 8 there’s

15 verses in chapter n so that’s a total

of 39 verses every single one of them is

talking about money and for you to take

that this well this doesn’t mean that

Jesus died so that you could become rich

financially this is talking about so

that you could be rich in your emotions

in your relationships in your joy in

your peace well I believe it includes

those things but again take it in

context every single verse before and

after is talking about money and you are

being dishonest with scripture if you

don’t think that this is saying that

Jesus became poor for your sake so that

you through his poverty might be made

Rich talking about money this is part of


inheritance did you know one of the

mistakes that the modern church has made

they’ve taken salvation and they apply

that only to forgiveness of sins they

say that’s the only thing that is done

for everyone and it’s available to every

single person but the word Soo that is

translated saved or saved uh you know I

I’ve heard over 365 times times in the

New Testament one for every day of the

year that word that is translated so

many times as saved or salvation it

refers to Healing like over in James

chapter 5 where it says if anybody’s

sick let him call for the Elders of the

church let them anoint him with oil and

pray over him and the prayer of faith

will save the sick Soo the sick it’s

obvious that this isn’t talking about

that it will forgive your sins it’s

talking about that it’ll heal your body

so the word salvation as used in the

Bible isn’t limited to just forgiveness

of sins it’s referring to the healing of

your body it’s referring to the

Salvation of your soul your mental

emotional part and it’s also referring

to Prosperity like right here Jesus died

to give you Financial riches that is a

part of what he purchased it’s available


you man that’s awesome and some people

have just said that well you know Jesus

was poor and Jesus didn’t have anywhere

to lay his head Jesus said foxes have

holes and birds of the air have Nest but

the son of man hath not where to lay his

head Jesus did say that but it wasn’t

because he didn’t have money he had a

Treasurer that went around and he gave

away money all the time at the Last

Supper when Judas got up and left the

rest of the disciples thought he was

going out to give money to somebody late

at night it wasn’t an unusual thing most

of you don’t have a Treasurer that

follows you around and manages your

money you can manage it on your own for

Jesus to have a treasure he had to have

money when he was born the gold and

frankincense and myr was a was a fortune

God didn’t ask somebody else to bring

his son into the Earth and then make

them pay for his upkeep God paid for it

he had these kings bring all of this

gold and Jesus had money he wasn’t poor

in that sense but he became poor just

like he became sin Jesus wasn’t a sinner

the whole time he was on the earth he

lived a sinless life but on the cross he

took our sin into his own body on the

tree and likewise he took poverty he

became poor on the

cross and he bore poverty not his whole

time here on the Earth but during that

crucifixion he became poor so that you

and I might be made Rich it’s a part of

your inheritance it’s a part of the

atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ and

when religious people come along and

start telling you that no God doesn’t

want you to have a lifee he wants you to

just barely get by it says that he will

supply your need not your wants well I

will agree this that God isn’t going to

empower you to just lust for all kinds

of stuff he’s not into satisfying Your

Lust but this doesn’t mean that he’ll

just barely get you by God wants you to

prosper I’ve said this numerous times

but God is El Shi which means more than

enough not El

chipo you know the word El Shai is used

in the Bible this is over in uh the Book

of Genesis and stuff it means the many

breasted one talking about how that a

mother supplies the milk the nourishment

for her child and the word El Shai

literally means many breast to want it

talks about that there is more than

enough there’s never a shortage God is

into abundance when Jesus blessed the

five Loaves and two fish he didn’t just

give everybody a tiny bit so that they

wouldn’t starve he actually started with

Five Loaves two fish and when he got

through feeding the multitude 5,000 men

not including all the women and children

he took up the fragments and there was

12 baskets full of fragments left he had

more left over than what he started with

that’s an abundance when he multiplied

the wine in John Chapter 2 at the

wedding he multiplied it and I’ve

figured this out I’d have to look at my

commentary right now to see this but he

he made like 160 something gallons of

wine and it was the best wine he didn’t

Supply them just enough to barely get

them through he gave them a super

abundance it says in John chap 10:10

it’s the thief that’s the devil talks

about that came to steal to kill and

destroy but I am come to give you life

and to give it to you more abundantly

and of course that’s talking about joy

and peace and victory and all kinds of

things but according to this verse it

also includes

finances if you aren’t prospering it’s

not God’s fault God has provided it but

there’s things that will hinder it which

a lot of it is religious teaching that

somehow or another God wants you to be

poor that he’s he’s debasing you he’s

humbling you he’s uh knocking you flat

of your face he’s he’s the one that’s

causing your problems because somehow or

another you’ve displeased him that’s not

true it says you know the grace of our

Lord Jesus Christ that means it’s not

based on your

performance that he became poor so that

you through his poverty might be made

Rich you know there was a situation when

I first got in Ministry that we were

given an eviction notice man I had a

miracle happen and we stayed but we were

just struggling because I didn’t

understand the things that I’m telling

you and we literally went a week without

any food and Jamie we had I think 75

cents three4 and Jamie actually took

some laundry put it in our car and drove

over to the laundry mat in our apartment

complex to wash clothes and we didn’t

have enough gas to hardly go anywhere

and that 75 cents was everything we

hadn’t eaten in a week and while she was

gone I got to pray in and I and it was

my fault fault that we were in this I

didn’t understand that just because I

was in the ministry didn’t mean that I

couldn’t work I had to be ministering to

enough people to meet the needs and I

wasn’t ministering to many people I

shouldn’t have been expecting the

ministry to pay my way but anyway it was

my fault but Jamie and I had been like a

week without any food and I was feeling

terrible and I was not for my sake but

for Jamie I was saying God I’m supposed

to be providing for her and I was just

crying out to God while she was gone and

praying and saying God

I’d give my right arm to feed jimie to

take care of jimie and you aren’t taking

care of us and boy the Lord spoke back

to me in love but it was a rebuke out of

Luke 12 that says fear not little flock

for it’s your father’s good pleasure to

give you the kingdom and I mean God

spoke that to me so forcefully I knew

that it wasn’t his fault whatever the

problem was was on our part so I

repented and I said God I’m sorry and

when Jamie got back from washing clothes

I said I don’t know how or when but

before this day is over we’re going to

eat food and so we didn’t have anything

for lunch didn’t have anything for

supper we went to church that night and

a guy who lived in that apartment

complex to ask if I’d come over it’s a

long story but anyway we got over to his

house about 10:00 and he gave me a whole

bunch of fish and apparently he knew

that our reaction showed we must have

been hungry so he gave me potatoes and

he gave us

and everything and we rushed back to our

apartment and Jamie cooked it up and

right before midnight we ate food that

day and it all happened because I began

to recognize that this wasn’t God that

was holding out on us it was God’s good

pleasure to give us the kingdom and this

is the point I’m trying to get across to

you that God became

poor Jesus became poor so that you

through his poverty might be made Rich

it is God’s will to supply your

needs I want to thank you for watching

our YouTube channel and the programs

that we have available and I want to

encourage you that you can get the

materials that we’ve offered also I’d

like to encourage you to like our

program and subscribe to what we’re

doing we have a lot of material and I

believe it’ll be a real blessing to you

so thank you for being a part of it God