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when God lays his hand on you when God

leaves his hand on you

let’s pray

heavenly father I pray for a miracle


I pray for all the young people all the

boys all the girls all the teenagers in

this place

that you would speak to them Holy Ghost

and when they leave this church tonight

they will never be the same and I pray

Lord for the young people the young

married couples the singles I pray for

the adults for every one of us here God

we had a reason for laying this message

on my heart you spoke it to me and you

said preach it and I will bless it and I

will anoint it tonight it’s a simple


but God when you lay your hand on

somebody What a Wonder it is what an

incredible thing to have God come down

put his hand on us and change us so that

we’re never the same

put your hand on young people tonight

put your hand on people all through this

congregation Lord stretch out your hand

ask them let the fire of your hand burn

Let the Fire of your hand mark them for

life that they’ll never be the same in

Jesus name I pray amen

there’s nothing greater

for a boy a girl a teenager

a young person adult there’s nothing

greater on Earth as far as I’m concerned

than to have the hand of God placed upon

you to have the hand of God touch you

the touch of his hand changes your life


you can never after that

uh be the same

I’ve I’ve shared with this congregation

a few times I think of

that I remember the time and the place I

remember all the circumstances

when Jesus laid his hand on me when I

was eight years old

in fact I went back

just a year or so ago back to that spot

after all these years I remember that

spot and it’s how it I went back

recently last year and I knelt right at

that spot and I began to break again

just as I did when I was eight years old

and evangelist said come and give your

life and there’s something in me Rose up

and said God I want to give my life and

I was only eight years old and it was at

the Living Waters Campground cherry tree


and I walked down there was nothing but

a dirt floor sawdust and straw on the


and nobody recognized who I was I was

just a skinny little kid I had big horn

Rim glasses that had those look like

bottoms of Coke bottles

I mean that thick your eyes look like

little bug eyes when you look at them

from the other side

I was so skinny I was a I was a a really

they mocked me in school they made fun

of me nobody would have known that

skinny little horium glass kid with big

ears night you don’t know how big my

ears are I haven’t covered I’ve learned

to comb my hair so you can’t tell

and I’m about to stick it back and show


nobody that night would have known that

little scared boy

who was at times confused thought nobody

uh could see him that there was nothing

uh really just felt awkward very awkward

because I they made so much fun of me in

school and to walk down nobody noticed

me kneeling there but the Holy Ghost did

Jesus heard my cry and I lifted my hands

and said Jesus I’m eight years old but I

want you to use my life

I want to preach like my dad preaches

and like my granddad preaches and I want

to be a minister I want you to touch me

and as soon as I prayed that spirit of

God came on me and filled me with the

Holy Ghost mightily and I began to speak

another language of heaven and I fell

over I Remember by the power of the Holy

Ghost I was just laying in the sawdust

and straw

and a gray-haired man daddy Chase he was

a superintendent of the sons of God in

Pennsylvania District

and he came up and laid hands on me I

still remember getting up in that

white-haired man and he prophesied over

me and said God use this young man you

heard his cry and used him and he

prophesied over me now I got up that I I

why it was at least an hour and a half

or two hours that I laid there

I but I I know that that night


Touched Me Jesus put his hand on me

I remember no that didn’t turn me into a


I didn’t get up and was changed in any

way I still had the little David

Wilkerson temper I always had

I remember the next day going out and

playing football with my brother Jerry

on the campground and and nobody would

have thought I didn’t think anything

great about it I didn’t say well hey

something changed my life last night I’m

going to be a preacher but I knew

something had happened at all to that

I’d been touched

and it would be for life God made this

little mind of mine to understand that

and and I have understood that all

through my life I have from that time on

yes I had problems I had problems in

school I barely made it through school

my grades were terrible

and no problem confessing there’s no

teacher going to catch up with me now in

the office

I got no penalty to pay I can tell you

I barely got through school

and my last

year I don’t even know how they kept me

in school I skipped half my senior year

playing hooky

now I’m trying to just tell you that I

wasn’t a saint

but I remember when I was 10. 12 15

years of age every time I go to the

house of God there was something pulling

tugging at my heart and I never forgot

the time that he touched me

and there was something rising up and I

knew that I always loved the Lord there

was a heart for God and when I was about

15 years old I remember getting a loan

when other kids were pregnant I would go

in my room and pray and seek God the

spirit of the Lord would come upon me I

do know that I would read my Bible I

would go in the Book of Psalms I’d love

to read about the kings in in Kings and

and and uh deuteron or other Chronicles

and I still love reading through the

Kings and Chronicles and those stories

of David and Samson and those intrigued

me and I would I would preach my little

sermons when I was 17 year old so I I

God opened the door so I could begin to

preach but I am here in this Pulpit

tonight because the Lord put his hand on

me Jesus touched me when I was eight

years old that’s why I’m here

and every every day of my life now ever

since I’ve been in New York for example

there’s not a day goes by when I’m in

prayer that the Lord keeps Whispering

the Holy Spirit keeps saying David I

have my hand on you my hand is on you

every problem I’ve faced in this church

in the past uh nine ten years since

we’ve been here any time has been

difficult anything else this is what God

has always told me I go to him with

every trouble every everything and he’d

say Amen

I’ve got my hand on you you walk

enveloped in my hand my hand is upon you

my hand I feel his hand on me right now

the hand of God the hand of Jesus was

placed on my heart

you’re sitting here tonight you say I

don’t know if that’s ever happened to me

David could could say

uh very clearly he said you have

enclosed me behind and before and you’ve

laid your hand upon me such knowledge is

too wonderful for me that Psalms 139

verses 5 and 6.

David knews something had happened I

don’t know where it happened it’s

probably happened out when he was

watching sheep

he’s out there and he’s just a boy and

God began to open his heart and draw him

and and make him know that he was going

to be different not that he was going to

be uh some great personality or anything

like this but it was going to be

different and that he had a heart for


the hand of the Lord would be put upon


and he said you you have closed me in

you’ve beset me before and behind and

what David’s saying somewhere in my past

in you may have remembered he may not

but he said you close me into yourself

you you put your spirit around me and

you surrounded me so that I was set up

with you God and when you set me into

yourself you put your hand on me and he

said the thought of that is too much for

me and I stand here and I think of the

hand of God upon me the souls he’s

allowed me to reach the drug addicts the

big one to the Lord around the world I

don’t boast in my flesh

but I thank God for one day a skinny

scared little boy walks down an aisle

and I just caught Jesus touch me put

your hand upon me he heard that cry

and he’ll hear your cry tonight if you

pray it because he’s no respecter of


I have four children

God touched all their lives

all sharing in the ministry now I’ve got

11 grandchildren and I want every one of

those grandsons that are here tonight

know that they’re not a day your grandpa

doesn’t pray for you and I pray God make

a preacher out of every one of you

little Ashley and and David and and

Brandon I say little are big guys now

but when I mean when they were little I

used to make him preach I mean from

three or four years old they open a song

book and preach out of a song book and

and we would be there and we would sing

and clap and even let them take an

offering and

I want you to know your grandpa knew

what he was doing


now that whole time I’ve seen Jesus

put your hand on him like you put it on


his father my son Gary

was with me in a crusade he didn’t go

too many times but I was down in Asbury

College and I preached that night and

hundreds of college kids came to the

Lord and I’m standing there and I’m

looking down there’s a little boy and I

think there’s a little kid down there

with all his college students sitting in

front and he’s crying just had his hands

up it was Gary

and that night

Jesus put his hand

on him it was about my age


and maybe tonight

what happened again

I’m not preaching just to my grandsons

I’m preaching to you I don’t care who

you are in this building tonight

there Comes A Time

when the heart gets so hungry for Jesus

there’s such a cry inside oh Jesus I

don’t want my life to be wasted I want

you to take my life in your hands and

use it and the lord always hears that

cry and his hand comes forward and he

touches one here he touches another here

I’m not talking about getting saved I’m

not talking about just you know

surrendering your heart to the Lord I’m

talking about one who’s already

surrendered and and somebody that says

oh Jesus I want a heart for you I want

my life to count I want you to use me

and how did that hunger and out of that

thirst comes the hand of Jesus lays it

on the head

the life is never the same Hallelujah


139 David tells us what life is like for


who Jesus has touched I want to go to

Psalm 139 if you will please Psalm 139

I’m gonna give you seven ways

shows us that you can know that God’s

hand has been touched upon you you can

do it Psalm 139

let me hear the leaves Russell

Psalm 139

now look at me please before I go any


I’m not

please do

I make a lot of noise in this Pulpit


I have a

Lord tonight

this is the Cry of my heart for a long

time it’s been oh God raise up out of

this congregation young men and women to

be missionaries and pastors and

evangelists send them out in the Harvest

so get hold of drug addicts and and

those who who

the devil would say their lives have

been wasted and take these lives oh God

grace up people that will

the hand of the Lord placed upon them

and say Lord take it as a sacrifice now

and that’s the mission that God’s called

me on tonight you see

a Pastor Dave

I don’t think I can remember

any time like that in my past life I

don’t remember

that you’ve forgotten about when you

were younger

someplace in the back way in the back in

your past

before you knew anything about it was

there some little cry when you were five

or six years old even there was a little

cry and a hunger old Jesus Touched Me

Jesus I want to know you could it be a

grandma grandpa a mother a father an

uncle or Aunt somebody that came into

your house came to your apartment and

you didn’t know you’re just a little

child and they laid hands upon you and

said Jesus touch this child

could it be one of these that we

dedicate to the Lord and we anoint him

with oil and say Jesus set them apart

and many times I pray for children we

dedicate God put your hand on them touch

them change their lives use them

I don’t know whether you can look back

in your life and say I had a time like


could have been later in life it could

have been five years ago ten years ago I

don’t care how what your age is but

there was a time

if God touched you there was a time

there’s some way that God will make you

know by his holy spirit

yes bulla Dave I sit here tonight and I

know that I had a touch from the Lord I

really had a touch from the hand of God

there are many of you can say that who

are listening to me right now but if you

don’t know you say I would like to know

whether or not the Lord has touched me

in a special way

now folks she’s no respecter of persons

and I’m not trying to build a certain

group of people up as as being something


but but there is something unique about

what I’m talking about when the Lord

I don’t know how he chooses I know he

doesn’t choose on beauty

I know he doesn’t choose on strength

human strength

I don’t think he chooses just on

intelligence alone because I’m a good

example of all of that

that he didn’t choose because of

now he can use all of these things

I don’t know why

he would choose you

any more than I know why he chose me

but I want you to go with me into the

139th Psalm and I’m going to give you

seven ways

to know whether or not God’s hand

has touched you the hand of Jesus been

stressed out and touched you and if

Jesus is touched if these seven things

are working your life

mark it down you’ll never get away from

it I don’t care if you backslide I don’t

care if you try to give yourself to the

devil I don’t care what you do

you’re not going to get away from this

so you might as well surrender tonight

it’s the hand of Jesus

all right seven ways and the Holy Ghost

gave me this and it’s all right here in

139th psalm like number wait number one

way to know whether Jesus has put his

hand upon you to set you apart to use


number one there will be times

you will feel very very close to God

you will fill a drawing

a pulling toward him

listen to it it’s right here

and uh

the first verse that I read to you let’s

start verse one O Lord thou has searched

me and known me thou knowest my down

sitting my Uprising thou understanding

my thought afar off Encompass my path my

lying down and you’re acquainted with

all my ways there’s not a word in my

tongue but oh Lord thou knowest it all

together thou Hast be sent me behind and

before and you’ve laid your hand upon me

and I look at me please

is there something in you and I want you

to listen very very closely to what I’m

saying because the holy spirit is put on

my heart

you find yourself losing interest in

what other people are doing

you you look at the people that are

doing stupid foolish things young

personally ask you do you sometimes feel

like you’re out of place

you feel like you don’t fit you look

around you and say

I want to do

everybody’s all excited about

everybody’s having fun doing this and

you’re over here saying that’s stupid

that’s not right

well everybody tries to get you to be

involved in something that’s evil and

wicked there’s something in you that

draws back and you feel condemned you

feel convicted there’s a conviction to

the holy spirit it’s because the Lord’s

building a wall around you

because he wants to touch you he wants

to use he’s put his hand on you so

whatever he touches he protects he’s

putting the wall around you and you’re


you you somehow know it’s not because

you think you’re great and sometimes you

think very very insignificant of

yourself but I have there’s something

that keeps pulling you I’ve had that

ever since I was eight years old

something keeps drawing me back to Jesus

even through Fusion even when I had

doubts and fears there was always

something pulling at me it was the Lord

calling me fooling me saying David come

to me come to me every time I go to

church every time I hear a missionary

I’d feel the pull the tongue it’s the

tongue of the Holy Ghost

you ever you feel that tongue when you

sit in a holy ghost meeting do you feel

that pull toward the lord when you’re

walking these streets and you see

everybody around you laying on the

streets and drunk and high and there’s

something in you that says Jesus

I may not be where I’m at but I thank


I’m not on the streets I thank you

for what you’ve done for me

there is something in your heart

that is drawn to the Lord I can’t

explain others around you many of them

won’t have that drawing or occasionally

they would but there’s a constant

drawing in your heart toward the lord

he said he surrounded me

what what it means is God has you


I mean God says hey I have a purpose for

your life you’re not going to waste your

life like everybody around you what I’m

talking about those sinner friends

around you and other you’re not going to

waste your life

you’re not going to be comfortable with

that I’m going to make you feel out of

place here you’re going to feel out of

place in school you’re going to feel out

of folks I fell out of place all through

my school years

I fell out of place

no that doesn’t mean you can’t be active

in school

but you know when God touches you


works but him

your part you’re here and you’re doing

what everybody else does you’re a part

of it but you’re still not a part of it

there’s something there that draws you



you’ll be set me behind and before

there are there’ll be times you’d

understand why you feel like you feel

there’ll be times you wonder if even God

is with you

but then that passes and there’s always

that drama but oh Jesus I still love you

there’s something there you don’t

understand the things of God yet

you may have some


problems inside your heart

but there’s something in you you care

for people you see the the one who has

the hand of Jesus placed on him he puts

a caring concern for people you know I

can tell the young people I can kill boy

or girl or teenager who has the hand of

Jesus on them well everybody else around

them all their friends are laughing at

ugly people

and fat people and skinny people like I


and people with marks on their face and

people that are uh crippled and deformed

and everybody around them is making fun

this one

goes up

and makes a friend

of that one

makes a friend

there’s there’s something there where

everybody’s is making fun of things and

you see it as different you you have a

heart almost like there’s a crying

inside when you see people hurting

because the Lord’s giving you a Caring

Heart when he touches you he gives you

concern and care about other people

that’s what he did for me that’s when I

came to to New York uh years ago when I

saw the picture of seven boys indicted

for murder I wept over those boys and I

said Jesus you know here in New York

City they’re saying give them the

electric chair and people were saying

even Christians in the church said they

ought to lock him up for life and throw

the key away but there was a young

preacher down in Texas it was weeping

over this oh Jesus has anyone ever

talked to the butt you has anybody ever

talked to him about their soul

and I felt grief and it was that weeping

I wept all the way to New York City I

got kicked out of that murder trial and

I wept I wept all through this city and

I went for drug addicts and alcoholics

and that’s why today there are teen

challenge centers all over the world

because years ago

the Lord said I’m going to surround you

and I’m going to give you a Caring Heart

and I’m going to draw you to myself

you have a Caring Heart and you know God

let you know that brother Dave I know I

maybe I don’t care like I should but I

know when people around me are making

fun I don’t make fun

I’m not a part of that okay number one

I’ve got to hurry on here

number two you can never get away from

the voice of the Holy Spirit

wherever you go

there he is

you can’t get away from the Holy Ghost

Jonah heard the voice of the Lord God

put his hand on Jonah and Jonah tried to


now almost everyone who has the hand of

God many many try to run from it I’ve

tried to run from the hand of Jesus you

can’t run from it Jonah winds up in the

belly of well and God takes him down to

the very gates of hell he goes down Into

the Depths and Jonah thought that he had

failed God and that God could never save

him again

couldn’t get away he said in the belly

of the well I cried out and the Lord

heard me again

this is a wonderful thing when the Lord

puts his hand upon you

you can never get away

from the still Small Voice you can’t get

away from the voice of the holy spirit

because he keeps

he keeps Jeremiah said How can any hide

himself in a secret place that I shall

not see him do I not fill Heaven and

Earth saith the Lord

listen to me please when I Was preparing

this message the Holy Spirit told me to

stop right here

because there were going to be people in

this church tonight hearing me this

simple simple message

the Lord told me they’re going to be a

few adults here

and there may be some teenagers as well

young people

but God made it clear that there are

some of you having a joint experience

right now

you are trying to run from the Lord I

believe there may be four or five

ministers here that have been you just

have had it you you are ready to say

that’s it that’s it

I know that as soon as I stand here I’m

speaking into the spirit into the heart

as some in a balcony here in the main

floor wherever you’re at

you say I’ve had it I can’t take it

anymore I’m I’m going my own way

but let me inform you please you can do

that you can go your own way if God

hadn’t put his hand on you Jonah could

have stayed in Tarsus Lord would have

let him go and wouldn’t even uh take him

through the belly of the well if God had

laid his hand on him but see when the

Lord has his hand on you can’t run

the Holy Ghost will hounds you until he

brings you back

there’s nothing worse than the Hound of

Heaven and the Holy Ghost will Hound you

you ever hear of Holy Ghost Miserables

you try to run from God and you see what

happens you’ll get out of the will of

God and you see what happens if you

think you’re down now if you think it’s

hard now here’s way

because the Lord’s not about to let you


I’ve known of ministers who’ve walked

out on their Ministries and they thought

well I’m just going to get a I’m just

going to get a job I’m going to uh I’m

not gonna preach anymore

I’ve had it

better to sell insurance better to do

something these now these are all

honorable uh careers

but you see when God calls you and when

God says I’m going to make your fisher

of men he’s not going to let you sell

insurance or anything else

he’s going to get you back into the boat


I’m going to tell you whoever you are in

this service now

God told me to tell you

that he has his hand on you and he put

his hand on you you can’t get away

you try anything you want it’s not going

to work

you say brother Wilkinson I know people

that have been running for years ah but

the story hadn’t been told yet

God still the Holy Ghost will will speak

and speak till the last breath

number three

even if you try to make your bed in hell

will still uphold you look at verse 8.

verse 8 if I Ascend up into heaven Thou

Art there if I make my bed in hell

behold Thou Art there if I take the

wings of the morning and dwell the

uttermost parts of the sea even there

shall thy hand Lead Me thy right hand

shall hold me

look at me please when it says if I make

my bed in hell

it means I hear somebody that’s in

Rebellion listen closer somebody’s in

Rebellion says look I can’t take this

anymore I don’t see the hand of God on

my life I don’t I just don’t want this

anymore and there’s a spirit of

rebellion Rises up and says I’m going my

own way and reading what it means in in

the original Hebrews I give myself over

to the devil I just give myself I’m

going to give myself into hell I’m going

to lay down in my sin

and and the psalmist David is the

psalmist here is saying if if even if I

I say that’s enough and I give up and I

try to make my bed in hell

even there your hand will hold me

the hand that touched you will hold you

you see brother Wilkerson you’re trying

to say that I could never backslide I’m

not saying that

I’m saying that God knows why some

people give up he knows the despair he

knows people come to the end of the Rope

he knows that they come to their wit’s

end and he knows we make stupid mistakes

but when the Lord puts his hand on you

he’s not going to let you go

he will go with you into your deepest

Despair and go into your deepest sin

and you’re going to say

I’m not letting go

my hand on you I am not letting go

how many have left

uh Timothy house

walked out went up and said that’s

enough and they go out for a night

a week

and all hell breaks loose


suddenly they find themselves in a room

with their Bible again

and they’re looking in and the Lord said

I’ll cleanse your blood

if something Rises up and they get on

the phone says can I come back

what is it it’s the hand of God you

tried to make your bed in hell and God

says I have my hand on you


they will try to destroy my son Gary

came home when there’s a senior in high


said threw himself in the bed he said

dad there’s no God

there’s no God

the devil tried to literally destroy him

the devil wanted to make his bed in hell

the devil wanted that boy to say go out

and be like the rest go out and give

yourself to the devil just go out and

give yourself

and I I was so shocked and yet the Lord

didn’t let me show it on my face

and I I couldn’t reason with me because

sometimes when you go through this

testing of your faith as a young person

no dad no Mom nobody can help you you’re

all alone with Jesus

but the Lord if you have a heart for him

he’ll bring you through that if you just

say Lord I don’t understand help me

understand he’ll give you the

understanding and all I could do is pray

for three months my son went through

that but I know one thing the hand of

God was on him and I didn’t have to

worry I prayed for him but I knew God

was going to hold him through it some of

you going through the test of your life

and God’s hand is on you and my Bible

says even though you make your bed in

hell I’m gonna hold you even the devil

tries to destroy you I’m going to bring

you out

glory to God let that be hope

for you here tonight


see let’s go to number what was that

number let’s go to number four

by the way

God’s hand is a restraining hand

he sure is I tell you what I have

experienced God’s restraining power his

hand keeping me from doing stupid dumb


from doing sinful things all my life I

felt God pulling me back it says all

right others can do it you can’t do it

you can’t do it I’ve got my hand done

you can’t go that way and God pulled me

back have you ever felt God’s

restraining hand it’s on you he pulls

you back from the break he keeps pulling

on you

thank God for that

he let you go so far and you won’t go

any further you notice that

that’s because his hand is on you it’s

restraining you thank God for that

number four

when God keeps breaking through your

Darkness with light

verses 11 12. if I say surely the

darkness will cover me even the night

shall be light unto me a the darkness

hideth not from thee but the night

shines is the day the darkness and the

light are both alike to thee white look

at me please this is so important David


guard my lamp O Lord the Lord will

lighten my darkness

in verse 6 thou Hast laid

in Psalms 88.

I don’t I’m not going to read it if you

go to Psalms 88 therefore you go to bed

you’ll hear one of the most mournful

pitiful chapters and books in all the


absolute oh God you have forgotten me

you’ve laid Me In Chains I’m in prison

I’m like a forgotten man and all the

confusion and the hurt and the pain

David knew what that was all about

darkness and in Psalms 88 the writer

says you left me in darkness and in

Hebrew it says you left me in darknesses

plural not just one Darkness but

darkness and you have left me in a pit

and the writer says Lord there’s

Darkness but the darkness hideth not

from the light

and here’s the difference when the Lord

has his hand on you

there may be times that you go through


not just one Darkness but many


but Jesus always comes through with his

light he always

gives you peace and rest and you begin

to see the face of Jesus in your trouble

I visited not too long ago I told you

about a young lady in Yonkers hospital

she’s been there for months

and to come to this church he used to be

in a wheelchair

here and uh I went to the hospital

and I heard a tragic story

you talk about Darkness here’s a young

woman that is had suffered at the hands

of doctors being misdiagnosed


and those mistreatments mistoculations

he had one serious problem after another

in a hospital for months

and a few months ago a sore broke out I

think it was on her leg and she went to

the hospital I don’t know if gang ring

had said it I don’t remember all the

details of it

was being suddenly rushed into

the operating room

and she thought they were just going to

cut around the sore

when she woke up was in her room she

reached out

you feel pain

and she reached out to feel where the

the sore had been there was no leg

they took her leg

evidently I I suppose her mother had

signed the papers I don’t know I don’t

didn’t get all the details but she said

Pastor Dave I woke up without a leg

and I thought oh

I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to

minister to her

she wound up ministering to me

she began to smile she said you know

this this was awful this has been tragic

but she said I love him

he’s been precious to me and he’s been

real to me

you see the hand of the Lord had been

placed on her

and you can always tell it when the

darkness comes when the trial is coming

when the confusion comes

because this person is the hand of God

on it they don’t run around complaining

and murmuring although they’ll be a

shock there’ll be something to come out

and say God why at first but then the

heart begins to settle down and Jesus

begins to come and they remember the

touch of God and in this young lady she

just began to Worship the Lord because

the all her doctors could not hide the



did you have that in you in any measure

at all are you able in your Darkness to

still worship Him are you still able to

praise the Lord and the light breaks


that’s one of the evidences of the hand

of God upon your life

let me give you number five

if you have a growing knowledge in you

that your birth was not in vain

God had a plan for your life even when

you’re in your mother’s womb even in

your mother’s womb womb verses 13.

to 18 for thou has possessed my range

thou has covered me in my mother’s womb

I will praise thee for I am fearfully

and wonderfully made marvelous are thy

works that my soul knows right well my

substance was not hid from thee When I

Was Made In Secret curiously right in

the lowest parts of the earth your eye

did see my substance yet being unperfect

in thy book all my members were written

which in continues were fashioned

when is yet there was none of them how

precious also are thy thoughts unto me o

God how great is the sum of them if I

should count them they’re more a number

than I then the sand When I Wake I’m

still with thee look at me please

David said Lord I know something I know

that you called me when I was in my

mother’s womb I know

the folks listen

young people listen to me good now

I know this is serious I stand here and

I have the mind of the Holy Spirit

if Jesus has touched you

you’re going to know it the holy

spirit’s going to know it

by showing you somewhere along the line

he’s going to start showing you

my life has a purpose to it

God is not going to let me waste my life

I wasn’t born my mother didn’t bring me

into this world

just to end up as a waste of drug addict

or an alcoholic or a bum

I wasn’t born for that

I was born for God’s Eternal purpose for

my life than even before I was born god

named me in the womb my bad mom may have

given me name but the Lord has a name

for me also that he chose and even when

I was being formed in my mother’s womb

the Lord put his hand upon me he the

Lord didn’t put his hand on me just when

I was down there he put his hand on me

when I was in the womb in fact before I

was born he had thoughts good thoughts

toward me he said I’ve got a plan for


I’ve got a plan

and there are many of you sitting here

right now the Lord had a plan for you

even in your mother’s womb I don’t care

if your mother was a drunkard God could

have put his hand upon you

he’s there’s a sense there’s a sense

it’s not just I don’t call it a sense of

Destiny I have known all my life

I never felt special

I never felt great

I’ve had a hard time all my life of

feeling inferior that’s not been it but

I’ve known I know it when I pray I know

it when I preach I know where everywhere

I go I know when the enemy comes against

me I know it every waking hour that when

I was a baby in my mother’s womb Jesus

put his hand on me

God it you could be like Bernie Savior

Jesus could have caught Jesus didn’t

call him 10 years ago Jesus called him

before he was born

put his hand upon him he had to go

through so much trial and testing before

he came into the realization but the

Lord had his hand all away even though

he made his bed in hell

and so many of you here right now it

took a long time but God had his hand on


here’s his hand on you tonight


there’ll be a voice in you that keeps


you’re here for a purpose

you’re here for a reason

God says I’m going to show it to you I’m

going to use you Hallelujah

number six

when you grieve are you ready for this

when you grieve

the way Sinners treat the Lord

and when you feel hurt over the

sinfulness of wicked people that’s in

verse 19 and 22. look at it surely

thou will slay the wicked o God depart

from the old bloody men they speak

against thee wickedly oh God thy enemies

take thy name in vain do not I hate them

O Lord that hate thee am not I grieve

with those that rise up against thee I

hate them with a perfect hatred I count

them my animation now that doesn’t mean

you hate people but you hate their sin

young young people I’m going to ask

teenagers here

you heard last week about the two

teenage lovers

who gave birth to a baby in a motel

and the autopsy shows that the baby

evidently was beaten on the head

and it’s killed

how do you feel about that

do you ever cry inside do you cry about

that is there a cry

you see the the the amazing thing is

that if they had waited just uh or if

they had just called an abortion doctor

10 minutes before

and he had brought his suction machine

in and pucked a hole turned the baby

around and poked a hole in the brain and

sucked the brain out it would have been

a legal death it would have been legal

maybe 15 minutes apart

I don’t justify what those kids did but

there has to be a grief in your heart

where we have a society that has robbed

children of their fear of death Rob

children of their value of life

so that these things can be done

all right

you see young person are you here

tonight and when you see all the wicked

things are being done against the name

of Jesus does it grieve you when you

hear your friend’s curse you have a

grief in your sight is there a sadness

they’re taking the lord’s name in vain

had to touch God on you

you hate sin

you hate it you can’t go to a movie like

I preached this morning you can’t go to

a movie where the name of Jesus is


you can’t sit and watch a VCR movie

where the name of Jesus Christ is taken

in vain because there’s a cry in your

heart and you’ll turn it off immediately

because you have a grief in your heart

you grieve

the way they treat your savior they you

grieve about it


it was just like uh I have to tell you

this when Gary was just about eight

years old or so my wife doesn’t want me

to tell him I don’t know but she was

supposed to be back from the hairdresser

I had to leave her Newark Airport

and she wasn’t there

and I had to just I bundled Gary up we

rushed to the Newark Airport I didn’t

know what to do so he didn’t have

clothes or anything uh clothes on his

back and so I took him with me to


I got to Minneapolis and called

she was in panic

and so the stewardess overheard me and

she said Reverend she said look I’m

going right back in a flight he’s such a

sweet kid he said she said I’ll put him

in first class I’ll watch over him have

your wife come and meet him so I said


he gets on the airplane and that gal

sits beside and lights up a cigarette

and he starts preaching at her

they said Jesus doesn’t like that Jesus

doesn’t like that

that sounds that sounds childish but

folks there was something in the heart

already you see there was something


I I have to finish the last the last one

number six

now number seven wow number seven all


this is this is so important now before

we close verse 23 and 24 search me o God

and know my heart try me and know my

thoughts see if there be any wicked way

in me and lead me to the way Everlasting

if you have the hand of Jesus on you you

don’t want anything in your life that’s

evil or Wicked you don’t want anything

that would grieve the Lord in your life

you know some uh a prayer card was

handed to me I’m going to close in just

a minute this is evidently from a

teenager says

is it a sin to listen to music

like I’m listening to

rap songs

without explicit lyrics

will I go to hell

that’s what it says will I go to hell

last Sunday I had three young teenagers

girls back here and this ability uh

we’re listening to rap music is is this

wrong you know when you start asking

the Holy Ghost has convicted you if you

have to ask

a young person I didn’t put a name just

an initial

and I don’t want to embarrass you or

anything else but I want to tell you

something it all depends on whether you

want the hand of God on you all depends

if you want God to use your life now if

you want to be like everybody else

I don’t I don’t think your mom and dad

can tell you the kind of music you

should listen to because you see they

said college is a place where young

Rebels go to get even with their parents

to to to give themselves over to the

devil just get get even with their

parents they don’t want anybody to tell

them listen no preacher can tell you

your dad and mom can’t tell you but I’ll

tell you who we’ll tell you

that’s the Holy Spirit

and I’ll tell you what the Bible says

here those that have the hand of Jesus

upon them

they’re not afraid to be searched

they’re not they don’t hold on to it

says well I don’t care what anybody says

I don’t care what the Bible says until

everybody says this is my music is my

thing I do it whether it’s music

whatever it may be that’s evil or sinful

if you have the hand of Jesus on you

back away and say Jesus turn the light


show me

and Lord if this is wrong you show me

I’ll lay it down because I want your

hand on me I want you to use me I want

my life to count that makes all the

difference in the world

I ask you you don’t have to all all

seven of these things that work in your

life but I wonder how many of these

things are work in your life if you can

sit here tonight and say Pastor David

I know what you said tonight

these things are in my life

uh this grief of sin are you talking

about my willingness to lay anything

down that’s unlike Jesus

all of these things that work in my life

or many of these things that work in my

life listen don’t go the hard way come

the right way say Jesus I’m going to

surrender to your hand right now I’m

going to ask the holy spirit in the next

10 minutes

to speak to anybody in this building 21

years of age and under

if you’ve not yet

hand of Jesus on you

there’s something in you says Brother

David I want the hand of Jesus on me

I want Jesus to touch me in this meeting


let’s make it 25 and under let’s make it

those who are single only

first and I’ll get to the rest of you

I’m going to pray

we’re going to ask the Holy Spirit to go

all through balcony the main floor I’m

going to ask the Holy Spirit go all

through this church

I’m going to ask the Holy Spirit to put

his hand

to find everyone that’s reaching out if

you say Brother David

I want Jesus to touch my life tonight I

want to get up out of your seat come

down here and let me pray for you right

now because where you’re coming to right

now is the touch of his hand you’re

coming for the touch of his hand all

through this place Heavenly Father

find every young person 25 and under

find every one of them Lord that you

Desiring right now that you want to


Lord bring them down to this Altar and

let them stand here and say Jesus

tonight I want to give my whole life to

you I want everything to be given to you


touch me

Touch Me Jesus put your hand on me look

at me please every one of you up here

right now

folks I told you it’s going to be I I

told the choir before we started there’s

going to be a little different service


it’s it’s a little it’s a much different

altar call too I wish all of you out

there can see what the choir and I and

the musicians see here so many young


so many ready to give their lives and

everything to the Lord

how old are you son


there’s a hunger it’s a reaching isn’t

there in your heart great reaching

toward the lord I feel drawn to that

some others all over here the Lord just

in a meeting like this

only eternity is going to tell

me to go look back to this service


the simplest probably one of the

simplest sermons I’ve ever preached

you can look back to this night

honey you will


how old are you

16. will you give me your hand

Lord you’re you’re giving a tender

broken Spirit to her

you’ve already touched her thou Lord let

her know it

God let her follow through with you now

let nothing hinder the call of God

nothing in Jesus name Hallelujah


congregation pray with me right now I’m

going to pray that God come down right

now and touch these lives come on now

everybody that loves the Lord every

parent and everyone else let’s pray

father I pray for these right now that

are standing at this altar area Lord go

deep by your Holy Spirit go deep into

their hearts

go deep Lord let nothing be missed

Holy Spirit Come

Jesus you’re walking Among Us

we walk among these in front of me

and put your arm around them and touch


touch them

so that they’ll never be the same

never be the same

thank you Lord

thank you Jesus I want everybody came

forward raise your hands raise both

hands to Heaven just raise them up and I

want you to pray this prayer with me

this will be the something that that

you’re reaching out to the Lord for pray

this simply from the innermost part of

your being Jesus

louder please Jesus

I reach out to you

from the depths of my heart

and I cry to you

I want my life to count

I want you to use me

touch me Jesus

put your hand upon me

call me

touch me

forgive me cleanse me give me power from

on high

help me to pray and seek your face and

to know your will for my life

now let me pray for you while you have

your hands raised Holy Spirit

I ask you you let there be a cry come

forth from the innermost being a cry

from these Lord you’re beginning a work

in their hearts right now

all eternity we’re going to tell that

this is the night Jesus came touch the


touch the spark of life said this is

your night

separate yourself from the world come

out from among them be separate and


give me your heart give me your music

give me your life give me your talents

give me everything give it to me and

I’ll use you I’ll change you

man amen amen now will you just keep

your hands raising thank Jesus right now

thank you in your own words just give

him thanks I thank you Jesus

I thank you Jesus

I give you praise Hallelujah

this is the conclusion of the message