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all right here I go John chapter 6 and

verse 7 Philip answered him 200 daera

worth of bread is not sufficient for

them listen to this part that every one

of them may have a little notice his

mentality a little I mean just a

little don’t don’t get they’re hungry

there’s 5,000 people plus hungry and he

said all I can imagine is us being able

at even if we had it which we don’t we

could we could meet their need a

little and then of course verse n

there’s a lad here with Five Loaves and

two small fish go to verse 11 Jesus Took

the Loaves and when he had given thanks

he distributed them to the

disciples the disciples sat down

likewise the fish watch this and they

ate as much as they wanted

they ate as much as they wanted next

verse 17 and when they were filled

everybody say

fill said to his disciples gather up the

fragments that remain that nothing is

lost they gathered them up and there

were 12 baskets of the fragments of The

Barley Loaves and the fish that had not


eaten we see such a beautiful picture in

this and I’m reading that story and then

I want to I want to connect it to Psalms

chapter 23 because that’s really where

I’m going but Psalms 23 if you know it

if you don’t the screens are on the wall

but this is a good one to

memorize the Lord is my shepher I shall

not want he makes me to lie down in

Green Pastures I want you to read it out

loud watching by online wherever you are

he maketh me to lie down in Green

Pastures he he leadth me beside the

Still Waters he restores my soul he

leadth me in the path of righteousness

for his name’s sake yay though I walk

through the valley of the shadow of

death I will fear no evil for thou art

with me thy rod and thy staff they

comfort me thou preparest a table before

me in the presence of my enemies thou

anointest my head with oil and the very

next thing is what happens my cup

runneth over and the next one is

connected to that surely goodness and

mercy shall follow me all the days of my

life and I will dwell in the house of

the Lord forever I want to focus in on

that verse that said you anoint my head

with oil and it causes me to have a cup

that runs over I’m preaching today on

living at a level of the overflowing

blessing of God of recognizing living on

the level understanding and

comprehending the level of an

overflowing blessing of God I love the

fact that when the Creator God In the

Flesh Jesus is standing there and he

says what do you have to feed these

hungry people Andrew spoke up and said

Lord if we had 200 daera or dollars or

what that was their currency in that day

worth of food it would be just enough

for everybody to take a little he had a

minimum mentality like many in the

church that if God would give you

anything he would only barely


minuscule minimum mental ity to even

believe for

anything but Jesus said give me what

you’ve got he blessed it he broke it he

multiplied it and the Bible said and I

love that next verse the scripture said

that Jesus basically was was making an

announcement don’t listen to minimum

people I want you to pig out and Jesus

said I am not a minimum God Jesus said

I’m the maximum man I don’t barely meet

your need I don’t barely just supply

enough I want you to notice what the

text said the text said and they ate as

much as they wanted I mean this is open

Buffet this is not one of those fancy

restaurants where they bring something

with a little leaf or something and it’s

it’s about that big no this is all you

can eat and they ate all that they

wanted the next verse said and when they

were filled they were receiving from a

cup that didn’t just meet the need but

it was

overflowing overflowing and then he

didn’t stop there he gathered up the

fragments that they couldn’t eat 12


full I’m preaching today that there is

always an

overflowing cup of God’s blessing you

may feel like today because of the

stumbling blocks life is thrown at you

that your cup is gone dry but you are as

wrong as wrong could be you have a God

who is always overflowing with goodness

always overflowing with kindness I don’t

care what the conditions are in your

life always overflowing with love that

you cannot even imagine for you always

overflowing with the favor and the

blessing of God on your life God is not

a grudging God God is not a stingy God

God is not a minimum God he is one with

his gifts he is he says I have an

overflowing in cup of gifts and of

goodness and of kindness and of blessing

in other words God gets a kick out of

blessing you God wants you to enjoy his

goodness his favor his Blessing well I

don’t feel that way it’s because you’re

focused on the problem more than you’re

focused on the cup Jesus is the

cup that is the overflowing blessing so

great is his Mercy toward you and toward

me that the Bible said in Ephesians 2

and verse4 that he is rich in

Mercy he’s rich in it

he’s got so much of it that he can’t

give it all away he Delights in Mercy

and when you mess up his cup is so

overrunning that he allows it to fall

over and splash on you and splash on

your children and on your children’s

children he is a rich God in Mercy well

I wonder if he’ll forgive me I can’t

tell you the times people have asked me

as a preacher can God ever forgive me

can I all he has to do is is just lean

his cup toward you just a little bit

really you don’t even have to lean it

it’s he’s rich in Mercy I don’t know

what kind of God you have in your mind

one who hates you one who loves to see

you fall on your face and one who’s just

give you a little bit of Mercy because

you’re sorry and you did it again that

is not who the Bible says God is he is

rich in Mercy and under the old Covenant

he had to keep that Mercy to himself

because and I don’t have time to break

it all down but when Jesus showed up all

you see is Mercy bring me that woman

called in adultery bring me that woman

who’s a prostitute called Mary Magdalene

and has seven demons let me Splash her

with some mercy I’m rich in Mercy bring

me your addiction bring me your shame

bring me your abortion bring me your

divorce bring me your pain I’ve got it

I’m rich in Mercy I can cleanse it all I

can forgive it all I can heal it all I

can revive you renew you refresh you I’m

rich in Mercy your cup is


overflowing I’ve got trouble you’ve got

trouble but my cup just keeps running

over we’ve got problems in our life but

the cup is full of Mercy full of

goodness full of faithfulness Paul PA

put it this way in 1 Timothy CH 1 in


14 the grace of God towards me is

exceedingly abundant he’s not stingy


it he doesn’t look at you and say I

can’t believe you did it again I already

forgave you three times and I’m not

preaching greasy Grace I’m not preaching

just do whatever but I’m just telling

you he loves you so much just like you

love your children he can’t let you go

you even when you get frustrated if he

gets angry the Bible said it’s but for a

minute but his Mercy endures forever and

ever and

ever tell somebody my cup is running

over and I might Splash over on you this

morning and when your cup runs over oh

you don’t you don’t see it see I’m

talking about living at a level of

overflowing blessing

and when your cup runs over then your

praise starts running over some of you

don’t get why we go so crazy y bunch of

nuts no you’re going to see one day when

you’re laying on a death bed and you’re

facing death and you see one standing

there with nail scarred hands I’m not

going to wait till I get there I’m going

to praise him while I’m alive I’m going

to praise Him In My Darkest Hours his

grace is exceedingly abundant and


woo take a praise break and thank him if

your cup is overflowing let your praise


overflow when I say my cup is

overflowing I don’t mean I don’t have

problems I don’t have needs I might be

out of money but my cup is overflowing I

might be in bad Health but my cup is

overflowing Jesus Jesus is never

diminished you can never get to the end

of him he’s just always

overflowing I guess what I’m trying to

say is the good in your life outweighs

the bad what I’m trying to say is you

got more you got more blessings than you

do burdens so quit acting like the

burdens are bigger that well I just

don’t know why I did to you don’t

deserve the blessings you don’t deserve

the good times so don’t whine about the

bad just just rejoice in whatever place

you’re in because the cup is faithful

the cup will never leave you the cup

said I’ll give you power and you’re more

than a conqueror and the cup says keep

going because hell ain’t in charge of

the water supply Heaven is and he said I

won’t leave you dry I’m going to supply

your needs if you’ll praise the Lord

I’ll I’ll cut it five minutes short but

you got to praise the


I tell you here lately I’m becoming my

own favorite preacher amen I’m just

preaching today it’s just the truth we

got to get the right image of God he is

so good he is so kind he’s overflowing

with it he’s not mean and ugly and a

monster it’s not who he

is he says I I’ll let my cup spill over

on you

and it’ll give you a future and it’ll

forgive your

past and you’ll start all over again

it’ll restore your

health we’ve got to get to a point where

we stop sipping the cup and start

slurping are you a sipper or a

slurper because when you understand you

have an overflowing cup you’ll quit

sipping and you’ll start slurping that

if I want to be free I can be free if I

want to never touch a drink or never do

something again that I want to I can

find it if I quit sipping that’s our

problem we got too many sippers in this

church and not enough slurpers of the

Overflow of all of God’s goodness and

mercy that he wants to give us in every

weak area of our

life telling you your friends may go but

the cup will stay your money may go but

the cup will stay your health May fade

but the cup will stay and it’s always

overflowing and the question is and I’m

preaching to people today at every one

of our campuses you’re in one of these

two categories sippers sit and

stare slurpers shout and

praise which one are you do you sit and

stare or do you slurp and Shout In

Praise My Cup run it


over I close with

this Psalms 68 and verse

19 blessed be the Lord watch who daily

Loth us with

Benefits notice daily blessed be the

Lord who daily as we’re going into a new


daily not have a little take a little

bit of my goodness and my mercy and my

favor and my kindness daily loaded us

Loth means it’s it’s not past tense it

just keeps coming he’s got a dump truck

of it when’s the last time you got

loaded he daily Loth us with what with

Benefits what’s a benefit it’s a

freebie it’s something you didn’t pay

for it’s something you didn’t earn he

just likes you and he says I’m GNA daily

load you down you’re running over your

cup is running over and I’m going to

daily load you down with Benefits that

you didn’t earn you don’t deserve it’s

not cause you deserve it it’s cause I

love you I’m kind I’m good and my Mercy

for you will always endure from

generation to generation


Psalms 86 and verse

5 everybody class participation ready

read for thou Lord aren’t good

stop did you hear what the text just

said you’re not

bad you’re not mean

you’re not

cruel you’re not Unfaithful and

unjust Lord I want to declare today that

you are good and my cup is overflowing

with your goodness secondly ready and

ready to forgive


ready ready hyperactive about

it when you get a revelation of a father

who’s standing out on the

porch every day checking the old dusty

road from the swine pits of

hell and he’s looking the Bible said

David David yearn for absolum every day

he was not

there he’s

ready to


what part of ready don’t you understand

not when you quit not when you stop not

when you get a handle not when you do

better not when you can lay it down not

when you can finally after you get out

of rehab that’s not what he says he’s

ready to forgive you right here right

now and give you all you need to get to

the Finish Line he’s ready and here it

is and


that word means Limitless

measureless in

Mercy to all them that call on

him everybody say he’s

good he’s ready ready to

forgive he’s

plenteous in Mercy


Mercy you see God will give you a

promise there’s the promise

there’s the

promise he’s given people promises even

while I’m preaching this

morning and then there’s the performance

Bo oh my God it’s

happening but in

between is the

pause God controls the

pause and it’s in those times you either

focus on the on the on the

problems you know he gave you a promise

you know the performance is coming but

you’re in the

pause that’s when you turn your eyes and

go to another level of

overflowing cup of

blessing it says until I get to the

performance God’s in control of the

paws hell’s demons are not in control

God is in control of the paws and I will

trust him and I will

believe and don’t let the fear images

that’s what the enemy wants to do is

fill your mind with fear

images watch This Is How It Ends Psalms

23 once you get a revelation of an

overflow once your head has been

annointed then your cup starts

overflowing once your cup is overflowing

with a revelation of the goodness the

kindness he said it surely surely comes

right after that

surely surely means there’s no doubt

surely means I’m not questioning it

anymore surely means even in the Pauls

this is not I hope so it’s not a

question mark behind surely it is a

definite mind said

surely no

questions goodness

and mercy shall follow

me all the days of my

life and I will dwell in the house of

the Lord why that verse says Thou

anointest my head with oil my cup runs

over a new cup is

coming it’s the cup and Jesus said that

this communion cup is the cup of

blessing stand to your feet at every


please I want you to take the bread out

and I want you to open up that cup of

blessing everybody say this is my cup of

blessing this

cup is Jesus blood that was shed for me

I trade in my cup of demons I trade in

my cup of trembling for a cup of


and Jesus you paid an awful price for me

to drink from this cup and it’s it’s an

undeserved benefit I don’t deserve it

but I receive it today mercy and

goodness on me and my family my children

and my children’s

children Wherever I Go the Watchdogs of

goodness and mercy you can’t see them

but they’re walking behind me right now

and not just me but they spill over they

spill over to my children and my

children’s children when you drink this

cup it washes you it cleanses you it

heals you and it anoints you take and

eat this is my body take and drink this

is my blood eat and drink this do in

remembrance of me until I

come I believe today that God is ready

to touch you and your family and your

situations and I know that he’s speaking

to you I know that you are watching this

program and you’re leaning in because

you heard something you there there was

a voice inside of my voice and it wasn’t

the voice of man but there there God can

use people through which he can speak

his word and his will to your life he

loves you there’s nothing you’ve done he

can’t forgive there’s no mess in your

life that he can’t take and put the

broken pieces back you say no it’s too

bad then he makes all things new maybe

maybe you don’t want the same

marriage but God can make the same

marriage new he can make things new he

can make all things new you say well I I

my life is so messed up there’s no way I

can turn it around no you can’t but when

Jesus comes the power of the enemy enemy

is broken the power of Shame the power

of of hurt the power of unforgiveness

and offense the power of Satan and

demonic power it’s broken when Jesus

comes it’s time for a new you and God

can give you the power to change and to

be what he called you to be praise God I

sense it’s happening now you prayed that

prayer say Jesus Save Me Jesus Jesus

cleanse me in your blood Jesus Heal me

Jesus Deliver Me Jesus help me give me

some new friends give me some people

that will help me and he’s heard your

cry and it’s it is now Grace is now

extended toward you and your house in

Jesus mighty name I would love to hear

from you please please reach out to us

you can dial the number on the screen or

you can go online go on our website and

click on the salvation Tab and we have

free material we even have a Salvation

Journey kit it’ll take you on a 21-day

devotion that will strengthen your new

walk in the Lord and boy I can’t wait to

hear from you do it today in our closing

moments I want to say thank you to all

of you who make moments like this kind

of ministry happen because of you

were’re able to make a difference all

over the world especially in the nation

of Israel and here’s my announcer to

tell you what you can do to bless the

nation of Israel remember that if you

want God’s Great blessings on your life

he said there’s a guarantee that when

you bless Israel I’ll bless you and your

seed your family listen to this and I

believe God will speak to



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7th the need for psychological support

is critical more than ever thank you

Pastor Jensen and all your partners we

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today and in the days to come thank you

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