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Welcome to our Wednesday’s broadcast of

the Gospel truth today I’m continuing to

teach on financial stewardship I have a

book on this CDs DVDs a USB we’ve even

got some DVDs where people receive this

truth and it caused them to prosper and

so we’ve got two DVDs that I have I

think it has four or five testimonies on

each one of people and we’re making

those available and then I’ve got this

brief little booklet this is just a a

summary of this larger book this is 166

Pages This Is 50 pages and we’re giving

this away as a free gift because I just

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available for a donation of any amount

uh we we won’t deny it to people that

don’t give you know a the suggested

donation but we encourage you to give

something because it cost a lot of money

we’ll put out about 50 or

60,000 of each one of these books uh

during this series and we couldn’t do

that if nobody gave so anyway I

encourage you to please get hold of

these materials this is now my third day

to be teaching on this the very first

day basically what I did was try and

separate myself from people who use uh

teaching on Prosperity for just selfish

purposes and people are immediately

thinking you’re just preaching greed and

stuff and I tried to deal with those

objections the first day then yesterday

I started teaching out of Luke chapter


this Parable that Jesus gave about a

rich man who had a steward who was

stealing money from him he heard the

accusations against his Steward and so

he uh said put your books in order and

if what I’ve heard is correct you’re

going to be fired and the man was guilty

and so he decided what he would do

before he got fired he would still steal

money from his master but instead of

putting it in his pocket he would start

using this money to bribe other people

so he called in every person who owed

his master money and he started

discounting their debts from anywhere

from 20 to

50% and the logic behind that was when

he got fired he’d be able to go knock on

their door and say do you remember what

I did for you can I come stay with you

for a while could you feed me could you

give me some money he was still stealing

money but he was bribing people with it

he was using that money to influence

people so that in the future when he got

fired he’d be able to go mooch off of

them so that’s basically the parable the

thing that was confusing to me for so

long is the eth verse of Luke chapter 16

because in this verse it says and the

Lord commended the unjust Steward

because he had done wisely for the

children of this world are in their

generation wiser than the children of

light and this is what I talked about

yesterday there’s two things in this

eighth verse that have just really

become Revelation to me the first thing

is the Master’s response it’s unusual

that somebody who’s having someone steal

from them could be detached enough from

that money that they could find

something to compliment the thief over

now this isn’t uh putting your stamp of

approval on thievery the guy was going

to fire him so it’s not like he approved

of what he did but finally he saw that

this guy had done something wise what

was it that this master commended the

unjust Steward over and this is

something that you may need to think a

little bit to get this most people you

know when it comes to Christianity they

just want to be inspired they want to

have a goosebump or something like that

but they don’t want to have to use their

head for something besides a hat rack

they don’t want to think they just want

to be you know have some kind of an

emotional experience but you have to

think this man what he had done that was

wise that his master command commanded

him commended him for was the fact that

finally he began to realize that money

gives you power to influence your

future now that is an amazing statement

that not everybody understands did you

know today in our world we have such

easy credit and we have credit cards and

we have things that you can buy stuff

and you can go ahead and get your

furniture or get something and have no

payments for a year and we have this

instant gratification we have fast food

we have all of these things it’s all

become a convenience in society and

people have just adjusted to this to

where they don’t they don’t think about

the future they just think about what

can I get right now somebody wants a car

right now and instead of getting a car

that they can afford they can go down

there and I can guarantee you if you’re

a warm body and if you haven’t done

something really really bad you can get

a car on credit and if your credit’s bad

what they’ll do is just jack up the

interest rate on you and things like

this but most people can qualify to get


but you’re going to wind up paying extra

for it I remember one time when we

bought a house the very first house that

I ever bought uh I got a VA loan and I

remember sitting down and signing the

papers and there was something that it

was like a legal requirement that they

had to show us what the payout at the

end of 30 years would be and I forget

now the details but it we were going to

wind up paying twice what that house was

worth because we were paying it off in

time so let’s you know my house I think

was around $660,000 when I built this

house it was probably

$12,000 house but a guy uh helped me to

build it and just basically gave it to

me uh for nothing but the cost and so it


$60,000 I paid for this house but it was

going to wind up being

$120,000 by the time I got the thing

paid out or

more and uh so anyway my wife and I we

wound up doubling up on our payments and

we got the thing paid off I think in 12

years and I’ve been out of debt for 20

years I haven’t owed for anything but

I’m saying this see this is what most

people do they just think uh you know I

can go ahead and get this 60 or

$70,000 car and of course you don’t have

the money for it so what you do you wind

up going in debt and you wind up paying

over $100,000 for it whereas if you had

just gone maybe you only had $5,000 and

so you go get something that maybe isn’t

the best but you take the money you

would have been making on payments and

you set it aside and then when you it

comes time you go and you buy something

that’s worth $110,000 and then you work

up to and eventually you get to where

you’re paying for your cars uh in cash

you get a better deal that way you don’t

pay all of this interest but most people

today they they don’t look at interest

as being a a bad thing did you know if

you buy a car and drive it off the

showroom lot you’ve just lost $10,000 by

the time you get out to the main street

that’s how much that thing decreases

that is not an appreciating asset it’s a

decrease decreasing asset depreciating

and it’s not good stewardship but see

most people don’t think about the future

people will take credit cards and they

will make the minimum payment and again

I’ve seen the statistics on this I won’t

be able to quote it exactly but people

who pay the minimum payment on a credit

card are going to wind up in so much

debt that you just cannot sustain that

and yet people will they just want

instant gratification see that’s what

this guy had done he had stolen money

from his master before and you can see

in the third verse of chapter 16 he says

what am I going to do my Master’s taking

away from me the stewardship I cannot

dig to beg I’m ashamed you know what

that’s saying that’s saying he hadn’t

invested this money he hadn’t saved it

he hadn’t put it into someplace he had

blown it he had been buying caviar and

fancy clothes and cars and DVDs flat

screen TVs he had been blowing it on

things that that you could not live off

of he hadn’t saved a bit of his money

but when he was facing getting fired and

being out on the street and he didn’t

want to beg and he he didn’t want to

work manual labor what he did he started

using money to influence people and

that’s the reason that his master

commended him he says finally you’ve

realized that the greatest use of your

money isn’t for just temporary things

but it’s for the future now he was

talking about in this physical Life

future but Jesus goes on here’s Jesus

application of this in verse 9 the

reason he gave this Parable he says and

I say unto you make to yourselves

Friends of the mamm of unrighteousness

you know I’m reading out of the King

James and boy this just does not seem to

communicate to most people and they

won’t put the effort into it to think

about it and look it up but Mammon was

the name of a demon god that controlled

money and so it was a term that was used

to refer to money so use money to make

friends so that when you fail and that

word fail here is the exact same word

that’s translated die in other places in

scripture so this is saying use money to

make friends with people to touch

people’s lives so that when you die they

will receive you into Everlasting

habitations what this is talking about

is that this master commended the

servant because finally he had

recognized he had control of this huge

amount of money and he had been stealing

part of it but he’ just been blowing it

on temporary things that you can’t live

off of those things but when he was

faced with getting fired he finally said

all right I’m going to use this money in

the position that I have this influence

to start influencing people with this

money so that when I’m fired I can Mo y

for them he started thinking about his

future and that’s the reason his master

commended him Jesus is saying we need to

use money not just for this physical

world future but for our Eternal future

so you need to touch people’s lives so

that when you die they will be lined up

to welcome you in to Heaven you know

there’s a song that I’ll spare you I’m

not going to sing it but the song is

basically about a man who had a dream

and in this dream he went to heaven and

when he got to Heaven There was people

lined up to thank him and people started

saying thank you for giving to the Lord

I’m a life that was changed and this man

started saying when did I ever touch you

is somebody from a different nation and

the man said that when you gave to that

missionary that came to your church and

you gave money to him he use that money

to bring the gospel to me and I’m a life

that was changed and that’s what this

song is about and that’s that song is

taken from this passage of scripture and

this is literally what Jesus was saying

we need to do with money we need to

recognize that money gives us power to

influence our future our physical future

but as well as our spiritual Eternal

future look at it this way you can take

money something that is temporary there

isn’t going to be money in heaven I saw

a little

cartoon about a guy that was going to

the Pearly Gates you know he had died

and he had a suitcase and the angel said

what did you bring a suit case up here

for and he says I brought all of this

all of my riches and so he opens up the

suitcase and the angel looks at it and

he says you brought pavement up

here and the logic was that the streets

in heaven are paved with gold man what

we consider riches and stuff here there

aren’t going to be riches in heaven it’s

it means nothing but you can take

something money that is going to someday

be gone if it’s paper money it’s going

to burn up if it’s gold and silver it’s

going to melt and it’ll eventually burn

up it doesn’t matter if it’s uh you know

if it’s diamonds or anything like that

everything in this world is someday

going to be gone away it’s going to melt

away with fervent heat is what the

scripture says but you can take this

money these riches that are temporary

that won’t last beyond this Earth and

you can turn them into something

Eternal think about that you can take

something temporary and turn it into

something Eternal how do you do that by

investing in people’s lives by touching

people and of course I think one of the

greatest ways to touch people isn’t with

just physical things although that’s a

part of it but it’s to share the gospel

with them when you invest money into

your church into a Ministry when you

invest into a missionary that is

changing people’s lives did you know

that that money that you give to them

that money never leaves your life it

just enters into your future your

Eternal future and someday you will

receive people coming to you and

thanking you for the money that you

invested so you can take something

that’s temporary that isn’t going to

last and turn it into something Eternal

I tell you if you understand this it is

not foolish to take something that you

can’t keep and turn it into something

that you could never

lose man that is profound and most

people don’t look at money that way

again most people are just like this

servant this Steward that you just look

at money for this life so you get you

things you get you toys and you have all

of these things you know how many

bathrooms do you have to have to be able

to take care of business sooner or later

you just need to come to a place to

where you’re content I’ve actually been

to places overseas that their their uh

entire house isn’t as big as some

people’s bathrooms here in the United

States that I’ve been into now again I’m

not saying that God doesn’t want you to

prosper and have things but that

shouldn’t be your focus your focus ought

to be on God how much can I take and

give I’m supposed to take care of my

family I’m supposed to you don’t mind me

having things God is El Shai not El

Cheapo and so I’m not saying that you

live in poverty I’m not against people

having big houses and things like that

but that shouldn’t be your focus your

focus ought to be God you’ve given me

these resources and how can I use this

to touch people’s lives to make friends

out of this money so that when I go to

heaven there will be people I’m going to

be bringing people to heaven with me you

know there’s no bad way to get to heaven

so if you just barely squeak into heaven

and if you’ve never given a thing and if

you’ve never touched another person and

yet you get to heaven it’s still going

to be a good deal but I guarantee I

don’t want to just barely get there I

want to bring people with me I want to

have people’s lives that I’ve touched

you know when uh Billy Graham died I I

thought of this verse and I thought I

wonder how many people were lined up to

welcome Billy Graham into

eternity man he preached to who knows

millions and millions hundreds of

millions of people he probably saw

millions of people born born again did

you know all of those people who had

already preceded him in death were lined

up to welcome him into heaven he used

the resources that God gave him to

preach the gospel to go on television to

go on radio to put out materials to hold

Crusades to do things and because of it

I guarantee you the line was probably

out of sight of people welcoming him

into heaven now again there’s no bad way

to get to heaven but wouldn’t you like

to have people that you’ve touched their

life this is the purpose of this Parable

this is why Jesus gave it he says just

like this man who had been wasting all

of this money that he had stolen but he

had just been blowing it on temporary

things there was nothing to show for it

finally he was forced into using that

money to influence his future and this

is what he’s saying you likewise need to

use the money that God has entrusted you

with to touch people now again God

doesn’t mind you having

things but it ought to be that you seek

first the kingdom of God and I promise

you once you start doing this and if you

put God first God is never going to let

you out give

him if you start giving God is going to

give back to you I guarantee you many

many many times over I know some friends

of mine that live in I mean mansions by

anybody’s standard and uh they get

criticized and I’ve heard many people

criticize them I’ve seen them on news

broadcast and people criticize them for

their standard of living but what they

don’t recognize is how much these people

have given never criticize a person’s

Harvest until you see how much seed they

planted this one friend of mine in

particular he they were criticizing him

because he lives in a $2 million home

and he’s a preacher and drives fancy

cars and he was speaking here at my

Bible College and so I got to talking to

him about this and and there had just

been a newspaper article against him and

I said what people don’t realize is that

you’ve given and you’ve given away so

many uh cars and stuff I told him I said

my wife and I have probably given away a

dozen cars brand new cars that we give

to other people just to be a blessing to

them and this guy he probably wouldn’t

say these things publicly and that’s the

reason I’m not using his name but in

private he told me he says I’ve probably

given away two or

300 cars to other

people and because of it he drove a very

nice car and then we got to talking

about his house and he lived in this

Mansion but he has probably bought a

hundred houses for other people now he

didn’t start that way he just started

with one time but you if you sew corn

you’ll reap corn and I’ve heard that

every one kernel of corn that you sew

you get two or three ears of corn on a

stalk and there’s like 700 and something

kernels of corn in each ear so you

receive hundreds of times over what you

sow and if a person starts giving away

cars I can guarantee you you are going

to be driving a nice car because God

won’t let you out give him if you give

away houses God will give you nice


man I know that some people this is just

so weird but this is exactly what the

word of God teaches and this is exactly

the point that Jesus was making right

here you need to start using the money

that you have first and foremost to

promote the kingdom to build the kingdom

and some people think and yeah and if I

do that I’ll have

nothing Well if there wasn’t a God who

said that when you give it will be given

unto you good measure pressed down

shaking together and running over shall

men give into your bosom if there wasn’t

a God who promised that well then that’s

true if you just look at this and and

extract God from this whole process well

then yes like you know here is what you

want over there and you’re right here

and if you take a portion of the money

that you’ve got and give it away you’re

moving away from your goal not towards

that goal that’s the way it looks in the

natural but if you are if you’re

involving God in your giving doing it as

unto the Lord God said when you give

it’ll be it’ll be given back to you good

measure pressed down shaken together and

running over so that here you are here’s

your goal when you give instead of

moving away from it you’re actually

moving towards it because God is going

to increase

you and I tell you I see this happening

in my own life I see it happening with

other people you know we have two DVDs

right here that are just testimonies of

people that took these truths that we’re

sharing caring from the word and they

begin to prosper one of these

testimonies are friends of mine Rick and

Mitsy pudlo and they actually she was

eight months pregnant and they were

sleeping in a VW Bug when they first

heard me and they started believing God

and now he’s got an export import

business and they’re Millionaires and

God has blessed them they didn’t seek to

be millionaires what they sought was to

be stewards and to be faithful and as

they started doing what God

commanded them to do God begin to

prosper and bless them and it’ll work

for you I tell you I’m a living

testimony of this I’ve got my house paid

for I’ve got my cars paid for we don’t

owe any man anything except to love

another and I didn’t do it so I could

get those things I was very content with

everything that I had but I just started

using my money to bless other people and

to give and man God has blessed us

back you know in the last couple of

years I think it was last year we gave


150% of our annual income and this year

I’ve given away 200% of my annual income

now I can’t do that every year but this

is our attitude and we’ve been giving

out of our resources and stuff and I

guarantee you you just can’t outgive God

God is blessing my socks

off I know some of you you think you

can’t live that way well don’t wake me

up cuz this is how I’m

living I want to thank you for watching

our YouTube channel and the programs

that we have available and I want to

encourage you that you can get the

materials that we’ve offered also I’d

like to encourage you to like our

program and subscribe to what we’re

doing we have a lot of material and I

believe it’ll be a real blessing to you

so thank you for being a part of it God