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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace

I had a drug addict by the name of

shorty come to me once and said he had a

vision he he died and he stood before

the judgment and God found out he loved

heroin so he sent him to junky heaven

and junky heaven and I touched on this

just a bit last night shorty said he was

sitting top of a mountain of pure white

heroin they call dynamite and as far as

the eye could see thousands of needles

and an eternal Lake of Fire and Water to

cook the stuff with and he said Mr W you

know what heaven was he said I shot

heroin all through eternity and the pile

never went down that’s how God judged me

because he knew I loved heroin well

folks that’s a perverted view of the

judgment and what happens when we stand

before Christ but at least shorty was

doing something a lot of American people

are not doing he was thinking about

judgment you see the hardest thing for

an evangelist to do nowadays is to talk

about judgment because we’re removing

all thoughts of gloom and doom out of

our minds in fact you you have to

compete nowadays with movies like Star

Wars The Exorcist the olden how do you

compete with all the Sensational things

that are happening in the world today so

when I announced a message on the

Judgment I know immediately A lot of

people are saying I wonder uh what he’s

going to say Sensational enough that

I’ll not forget it I’m not going to talk

sensationally about it at all I’m going

to try to answer three simple questions

about the judgment number one how do we

get there who’s going to be there how

and for what are we going to be judged

all right I want to get right into it

question number one how do we get to the

Judgment Day One powerful little verse

in the Bible sums it all up it is

appointed unto man once to die but after

this the Judgment now folks the Bible

makes it clear there’s an end coming to

this world some people have the idea

it’s going to go on and on forever but

there is an end the Bible said that

elements are going to melt with a

fervent heat and there is going to be a

time of death and after death the

Judgment Marvel not at this for the

hours coming in which all they that are

in the graves shall hear his voice and

they shall come forth they that have

done good to the resurrection of Life

they that have done evil to the

resurrection of damnation now folks one

day the booming voice of Jesus is going

to be heard around the universe and just

as sure as he called Lazarus out of the

Grave he’s going to call all the dead

who have ever died from the beginning of

time come to the Judgment those who have

done good to Resurrection of Life those

who have done evil to Resurrection of

damnation now some people have the

mistaken idea that when we stand before

the Judgment when we’re resurrected

we’re going to have Misty seeth through

Souls there’ll be no bodies just kind of

uh an eerie uh sub subance that has no

body or substance to it or just a

spiritual kind of uh existence not

according to the

Bible the Bible says we’re coming out of

the graves with bodies we are going to

have bodies that come out of the grave

now young people said how can that be Mr

Wilson the body that goes into the grave

uh the worm eats it it returns to dust

what about those who have been beheaded

bodies have been dismembered uh eaten by

sharks and and those that have been

thrown to the ocean how in the world can

God bring those bodies out well those

are not the same bod that comes out of

the Grave not the body that goes in that

which thou sest thou sest not that same

body which shall be but God shall give

it a body as it pleases him all flesh is

not the same there are celestial bodies

that’s Heavenly and terrestrial that’s

Earthly so is the resurrection of the

Dead it it is swn in corruption it is

raised in incorruption the dead shall

all be raised in incorruption we shall

all be changed now folks this soul is

going to unite with a body specially

prepared now those who come out for the

resurrection of Life those Born Again

Believers their souls are going to be

joined to a resurrected body like un

unto God’s own body in his own image and

it’s going to be a new Incorruptible

body no tear glands no gallbladder no

liver because there’s no poison in the

system bones that can’t be broken and

and a a voice that can exol the Praises

of God for an eternity uh Supernatural

glorified body now I don’t know if that

appeals to you but those of us who’ have

known pain that sure sounds good to my

wife who’s had seven operations for

cancer that sounds mighty good a new

body coming out of that grave Hallelujah

now what about the sinner he gets a

Celestial body too Celestial only then

it lasts for eternity but the Bible says

that this is a vessel of Wrath fitted to

destruction Romans

9:22 a vessel of Wrath fitted to

destruction God is going to make an

outfit a special body that Soul comes

out of the Grave joined to that body as

a vessel of Wrath outfitted or prepared

to endure

destruction now this is so very clear in

the Bible that God’s going to prepare a

special body now I believe in a one by

one one at a time judgment because every

knee shall bow every tongue shall

confess and every ey Shall Behold Him

and people say how could God take that

much time to judge everybody who’s ever

been born in the beginning of time till

the last moment of uh on Earth well

folks we forget that in eternity time

shall be no more time isn’t even a

measurement in eternity we we’re going

to have bodies that won’t need food

we’re going to have bodies that could

stand for eons and eons unaware of time

because time will not even be in

existence and it’s not going the

judgment’s not finished till Revelation

6:22 I think it is and God said it is

finished he’s going to begin it and he’s

going to finish the Judgment all right

how do we get to the Judgment some are

going to go through this process of

dying and being raised again now others

are going to be

alive and remaining at his coming the

Bible says and they’re going to be taken

away from the earth for the Lord himself

shall descend from heaven with a shout

and when that happens there going to be

people alive on this Earth with the

voice of the Archangel and with the

trumpet of God and the dead in Christ

shall arise first then we which are

alive and remain shall be caught up

together with him in the clouds to meet

the Lord in the air so shall we all be

with the Lord now I don’t know if that’s

a cloud of Angels or physical Cloud but

he’s coming in a cloud now some people

call that the Rapture that term isn’t in

the Bible some people call it the

capture that isn’t either so mine this

is good I call it the evacuation he

going to

evacuate the Jesus people from the earth

the scripture says we shall all stand

before the Judgment seat of Christ for

it is written sayith the Lord every knee

shall bow to me every tongue shall

confess of God to God so everyone one of

us to give an account of himself to God

now let me stop here just a minute some

people don’t believe in the Rapture or

the evacuation they believe there’s

going to be one final judgment that

Christ comes at one time at the end of

the world and that there’s not two

separate comings of Christ in the clouds

and one at the end of time others

believe that there are two or three

different judgments and I can’t get into

all of that doctrine of theology I do

know this that there’s coming a time

when we stand before Jesus Christ as the

the judge now some teach that the

Christian stands before the Judgment

seat of Christ and that Sinners go to

the great white Throne judgment I’m of

the opinion that we all appear before

the great white Throne judgment The

Sinner stands there as uh to be judged

for his sin the Christian as a redeemed

glorified witness to the Judgment

because at the Judgment Day The Book of

Life Is there the Bible says that once

we’re with Christ withs soever the lamb

goes we go and if the lamb goes to the

Judgment I want to go there and I

believe that we are that host of

witnesses at the great white Throne

judgment and I’ll refer to that just a

bit later right how do we get to the

Judgment some through death and

Resurrection others through this process

of being evacuated into his presence all

right who all is going to be there who’s

going to be at the Judgment Day now we

know the Bible says let’s let’s focus on

the great white Throne judgment a great

multitude which no man could number of

all Nations now folks I don’t know where

the Judgment day is going to be maybe

he’s got a planet somewhere I don’t know

but standing before Christ the judge one

day will be multitudes which no man

could number now evidently not even a

computer I don’t know because there’s no

man could number that multitude from all

nations of the world they’re standing

before Jesus Christ the judge and listen

to this vision

of John of that great day and I saw a

great white throne and him that sat upon

it from whose face the earth and the

heaven fled away and there was found no

place for them and I saw the dead small

and great stand before God and the Sea

gave up the dead which were in it and

they were all judged every man according

to their works now folks you can see

here now saying I don’t believe any of

this well that doesn’t change anything

it’s still there and you you can sit

here all you want to and say I can’t

accept that it’s still going to happen

and nothing that you say or think is

going to change what God’s holy word

declares to be the truth the Bible says

there’s a great white throne and before

him the nations of the world listen to

this the most terrifying part of John’s

vision is this and there was found no

place for them now folks do you remember

Apollo going to the Moon they had a TV

Camera mounted on a Apollo and it showed

the Earth getting smaller and smaller as

they went toward the moon till finally

the Earth was this little speck well

folks get this picture if you will

please there’s no place found for them

yet you see the sinner has not yet been

sent to Hell he’s not found his place in

Hell yet and the Earth he came from is

no longer there the Bible said the first

Heaven and the first Earth are passed

away they’re gone there’s no place for

them they’re standing before Jesus as a

person without a country they have not

yet found we have not yet entered in to

Eternal because the process of judgment

is still happening the Christian is yet

not fully entered in now he’s saved he’s

redeemed but this place that he’s

prepared for us listen very closely that

there was no place found for them now

get this picture please the clocks have

all stopped now there’s no more day or

night the sun has burned its course the

Moon is dissolved the sea is gone there

no more green grass or blue sky or lakes

or trees or

animals no there’s no more marriage or

love or romance no male or female there

are no more jobs or elections there are

no tomorrows there are no more homes or

boats or cars or ranches or crops no

more government there’s no more

preaching there’s no more television

there are no more atheists the last

sermon been preached the last minute is

ticked away on the clock the last last

bottle of liquor has been

consumed the last gambling has been

finished the last homosexual act has

been consummated the last divorce has

been finalized the last atheist has

boasted there’s no

God it’s all over the fun is over the

chances are gone the churches are all

shut up the preachers are all silent the

holy spirit’s no longer convicting

there’s no more way of Escape did not

array of Hope folks it’s it’s all over

it’s Judgment Day there’s no place left

it’s all

gone the sodomites from Sodom and

Gomorrah are going to be there you

remember this tragic story God sent two

angels to the city of Sodom to monitor

the wickedness of that City can you

imagine how Wicked Sodom must have been

when the whole city of men turned out

that City had gone so corrupt hundreds

and hundreds of men Sodom it es

homosexuals rapists sat masacus gathered

at the home of lot trying to beat down

the doors and the windows trying to

break into rape two Visiting Angels now

folks that city was so embarrassing to

God he sent Fireballs from heaven and

destroyed it now how Wicked Sodom must

have been you stop and think about

America for a minute think of all the

massage parlors think of all the x-rated

movie houses think of all the horrible

fills in America now think of what we’re

seeing on television programs like soap

and and mod and all of these terrible uh

filthy programming now think of all the

uh the the the pornography all the

fil and yet God is still blessing us

isn’t he he hasn’t destroyed us God has

given us a Christian president God is

still bless well how how sinful Sodom

must have been because God in his

Justice could not be blessing us now

we’ve not yet evidently reached that

point that Sodom did what a horrible

City this must have been and the Bible

says on the Judgment Day they’re all

going to be there the sodomites are

going to be lined up and folks the whole

world is going to have the books open

and we’re going to find out once and for

all how Wicked Sodom

was but folks I want to tell you

something there are going to be people

from Reno Nevada there going to be

people from this audience no doubt at

the judgment day they’re going to be

judged more severely than the sodomites

of Sodom and Gomorrah in fact the Lord

said there’s a class of people he’s

going to judge more severity he said in

fact the sodomites and Sodom gomorah I’m

going to have more tolerance for them on

the day of judgment than I am for people

who heard the gospel time and time again

and have rejected it let me give it to

you from the scripture and whosoever

shall not receive you and hear the

gospel verily I say unto you it shall be

more tolerable for the land of Sodom and

Gomorrah on the day of judg judgement

than for them did you hear that God said

I’m going to have more tolerance for

rapist and sodomites and homosexuals on

the day of judgment and then for the

goodnicks and the smuggies who set

through a thousand Holy Ghost

invitations they’ve heard 10,000 sermons

they know the gospel they know the truth

and yet they’ve rejected it God said I’m

going in fact folks you can quit telling

me how hot hell is going to be for all

these sat masochists and all these

pornographers and all these filthy

x-rated people in America you can forget

telling me how hell is going to be hot

for those kind of people no there’s

there’s another kind of Hell there’s um

there’s a greater wrath restored for

those who come to meetings and hear the

gospel and Shake It Off in people whose

Hearts have grown

hard now the Bible also makes it clear

that there going to be people there at

the Judgment Day who’ve been storing up

wrath against that day you know there’s

a bank in heaven the Christian stores up

precious gold and silver all the fruits

of the spirit they’re they’re likened

unto gold precious silver jewels storing

up there’s a bank there just as sure as

you walk into a bank and you stand in

front of a teller and you’ve got a bank

deposit books so it is with god listen

to me Sinners have a bank of Wrath I’ll

read it to you here but after your hard

and imponent heart you are treasuring up

to yourself wrath against the day the

revelation of the righteous Judgment of

God Romans

2:5 did you hear that you’re treasuring

up wrath now folks I have wondered

sometime how people could sit through my

preaching when I’d pour my heart out and

I know the spirit of God was on me and I

could feel his power moving through me

and I knew I had his words God the Holy

Ghost was speaking his truth and people

were so Asing what with conviction my

associates had come to me and say David

you should have been in the lobby

tonight people were actually stricken

with conviction their knees were smiting

one another they were as and white they

had to hold on to their friends as they

went out the door and they shook it off

it used to bother me but folks I know

what that means now is it just walking

out on another evangelist is it just

walking out no it’s another deposit in

the bank of Wrath whenever you hear the

gospel someone talks to you about Jesus

you hear the truth I don’t care if it’s

Rex Humber on television I don’t care if

it’s a friend that comes to you I don’t

care how you receive it it may be in

church where you go with your wife a

friend took you you heard the gospel and

you got up and you walked out and said

some other time that is a deposit in the

bank of Wrath the Bible said your heart

is hard you refuse to receive the

knowledge of the truth so you have made

another deposit in the bank of Wrath and

on the day of judgment you have to face

that when the books are open yours is a

book of deposits of rejecting his gospel

time and time

again now also the Bible said there are

going to be people at the Judgment Day

who had a complete knowledge of what it

was and yet they still rejected they

knew all about the Judgment Day they

could preach it to you they could talk

to you about it listen to it who knowing

the Judgment of God that they which

commit such things are worthy of death

they not only do the same but they have

pleasure in them that do them see these

the people run with the crowd they

wouldn’t dare come and receive Jesus as

Lord they know about the Judgment they

know that people who sin like that are

worthy of death but they shake it off

they they don’t want to stand any shame

from the crowd they want to be around

their own kind Jesus said I shown the

light in their eyes they shut their eyes

I poured the gospel on their ears and

they shut their ears they refused the

knowledge of the truth they shook it off

like water running off a duck’s back

listen I’ve got friends like that we’ve

got relatives in fact

I I’m thinking of I got a couple uncles

God bless their heart they come around

our house once every five or 10

years and they they’re nervous as a worm

and a bucket of hot ashes when they come

in our

house cuz we don’t have any first thing

we don’t allow them to smoke in our

house they have to go out in the

driveway and smoke and they got no beer

in the ice box and that does make them

nervous they they automatically just go

to the ice box and reach in there no


and there’s such a beautiful spirit of

Christ in our home and it’s the light of

Jesus that’s condemning their darkness

and makes them miserable and after an

hour they they tell me they’re going to

stay for three or four days and after an

hour Uncle Frank will say uh uh David

we’ve got to do some shopping and I know

where they’re going they’re going to the

nearest bar and and they come back about

three hours later their breath just

wreaking with alcohol and they sit

around for about another hour just

waiting for us to preach at them no we

don’t preach at them but they expect it

and and and they’ll sit there for about

an hour and you can see them uh they’re

they’re fidgety and they’re they’re

they’re chewing their nails and they’re

nervous because there’s something about

us that they don’t like there’s

something about us that makes them

miserable and after another hour Uncle

Frank will say uh listen David uh we

have it’s been so long since we’ve sent

seen uh your brother Jerry we’re going

to have to take off we’ll see you again

sometime soon they haven’t been there

two hours and they’re gone do you have

relatives like that well folks on the

Judgment Day one of these days brother

Uncle Frank and a whole multitude of

people like that are going to want

nothing more than to see another smiling

face of another Christian that’s all

they’re going to want to see because

they’re going to be gone with others who

have never known

Christ you see they want to be around

their own kind having received and known

the knowledge of God they refused

it they love to be with their own crowd

they not only love to do those things

they they take place in those who do the

same thing now these are the people that

have the program in their hand so to

speak on the Judgment Day suppose this

one I’m talking about stands at the

judgment and he’s surrounded by 3,000

moslims from Iran they’ve never heard of

the judge suddenly they’re Zapped to the

Judgment then they say where are we

what’s happening and this man says well

I’ll tell you what we’re the Judgment

Day who knowing the Judgment of God and

the books are going to be open and those

who names are not written in Lamb’s Book

of Life will be cast in Eternal Lake of

Fire he’s going to know it all having

known it you know there are some people

sitting here right now who have never

received Christ as Lord yet you’ve heard

enough gospel to save all of

China I could take you to Hong Kong

China and hold a street rally among the

kids who speak English in the streets of

Hong Kong and I’ll say look I’ve got a

friend from Reno Nevada now he’s not a

Christian Christian but he sure knows

how to be one he’s heard it ever since

he’s a child and I’ll get on the

microphone say I want my friend from

Reno just to tell you what he knows and

you can get up and tell what you’ve

heard in Sunday school how Christ uh was

born in Bethlehem how he lived 33 years

and and uh he was nailed to a cross and

he was raised the third day and he went

to the father and he says anyone who

believes on him can be saved and have

eternal life you just tell them what

you’ve heard simple simple story that

I’ll get up and give invitation I’ll get

5,000 people saved and you’ll still be


there I know that because God honors his

word and yet there are people there are

people in America that have heard there

are people sitting here now you have

heard so much about Jesus Christ and

what he can do you know the way

completely yet you have buil around your

a s who knowing the Judgment of God

they’re still Bound By Their Love For

Pleasure they’re going to be people the

Judgment Day who thought they had the

whole world in their hand you see we

think of the Judgment Day is being a

place for losers oh no this is what the

world calls winners standing here before

God before Jesus Christ see they did it

their way they said Do you ever hear

Frank snon I Did It My

Way two

rolls-royces names in the headline jet

Setters now who’s going to the judge

judement Elvis Presley will be

there I’m not saying whether he’s a

Christian or a sin I’m not judging that

whether he goes to the Judgment seat

however you believe it we’re all headed

for a

judgment you name anyone name Jim John

Paul Getty name any famous person you’ve

ever heard of let let me let me

illustrate it the Rolling

Stones and MC Jaggers MC Jaggers by the

way if you don’t know the Rolling Stones

and the most vile rock group in the

world and if you’re sitting here as a

Christian and you could believe that you

can listen to their garbage you need

your hair your spiritual head examin you

need to get a hold of God if you can

take a man a group who claims to be

Antichrist and anti- good and listen to

their music something’s wrong you really

don’t know the same savior that I know

and I’ll say that from my heart because

MC Jaggers claims that he’s an

antichrist he claims that he’s anti- God

and he claims that he’s going to hell he

boasts about going to hell so for the

illustration of my message this

afternoon I’m going to place MC Jaggers

at the Judgment seat the great white

Throne judgment here he is now he’s

standing before Jesus the judge now

listen he’s had all the fame and the

money and the wealth he’s had a whole

generation idolize him he’s said

everything that money could buy but here

he is now at the Judgment Day he stands

before Jesus the righteous judge he

stands there naked of alone there’s

nobody to lean on there’s nobody that

can bail him out you can look back

across eternity and that world that

Earth that he came from is no longer

there there’s not a single dollar bill

left there’s not a Rolls-Royce they’ve

all melded with a fervent heat there’s

nothing left there’s not a newspaper to

carry his name there’s not one single

gold bar left there is nothing that he

held on to there’s nothing it’s all gone

there’s no place left and he stands

there and I know exactly what Jesus the

judge is going to say to MC Jaggers and

His Kind

what shall it profit a

man if he gains the whole world in

exchange for his

soul now folks what is it that you’re

willing to give

up what are you going to sell your soul

for come on what is it is it your house

your job your

cars I’ve seen women so wrapped up in

their home it’s their God I’ve seen

people wrapped up in their cars and

their jobs and their pleasures well

folks it’s all going to melt there’s

nothing you own that’s worth anything

it’s all going to go up with a puff of

smoke and we’re going to stand before

Jesus having nothing of this Earth Goods

there’s going to be nothing left and I

don’t understand why people lose sleep

and spend so much time grabbing and

reaching and just driving here to the

meeting down the Main Street on Sunday

you see all these people they pulling

those m in there sticking those things

in there looking for uh pot of

gold that blows my

mind you know some of those people

standing for still going to be going


this it’s all you see

little dear little ladies in their 70s

sitting there sticking

those folks on the Judgment

Day and not be a slot machine left

there’ll not be a kenot table anywhere

there’ll be nothing left it’s all gone

think of that now folks this has changed

my life it actually there’s nothing in

this world that I thank God for what I

have I thank him for my car in my house

I thank him for the clothes on my back I

thank him for the good food we’re to use

these things to his glory we’re to thank

him for it we’re not to be condemned by

what God has blessed us with we’re to

give as much as we can and and do as

much as we can what he’s given us but

folks some of us become addicted to that

and the Bible said what shall a man give

in exchange for his soul there nothing

in this world that I’m going to give in

exchange for mine how about you GL to

God nothing in this

world all right let’s go to the Judgment

Day now come on put your thinking cap on

for just a minute let’s go to the

Judgment Day how and for what are we

going to be judged now the Bible said

Jesus is going to be the judge listen to

it for the father father judgeth no man

but hath committed all the judgment to

the son that’s John 5:22 and John 527

and hath given him the authority to

execute the

Judgment Jesus said God the father’s

given me the authority to be the judge

I’m going to be your judge on that great

white Throne Judgment Day all right

let’s go to that scene right now what’s

the first thing that’s going to happen

all right first of all there’s going to

be a count off

there’s going to be a count off he’s

going to separate the sheep from the

goats now listen very closely I believe

that the Sheep those of us who are

redeemed are those on the right hand the

great host of witnesses and I believe

we’re going to be there to witness his

righteous judgment on The Sinner and

before he judges a single sinner he’s

going to say my gospel works the truth

prevailed here are the mighty host of

witnesses they receive my word they are

my redeem he’s going to confess us

before the father and all the angels of

heaven and before the whole world he’s

going to confess us as his children

listen to it now here’s what Jesus said

and he shall sit upon the throne of his

glory and before him shall be gathered


nations and he shall separate them one

from another now I’ve never been able

like some people teach and I think even

Scofield teaches that this is a

separation of Nations

sheep Nations and goat Nations folks not

since Calvary he does not deal by

Nations he deals individually one by one

under the blood he deals with each

individual by the blood There’s No One

Nation that’s all Sinners and All Saints

not even the United States not even

there is no sheep nation in the world

where everybody is redeemed everybody’s

a Believer these this represents the

people of the Nations he shall separate

them one from another as a Shepherd

divideth the sheep from the goats and he

shall set the sheep on his right hand

but the goats on the left hand he’ll say

to the goats depart from me you cursed

into Everlasting fire prepared for the

devil and his

angels now

people I think I have a little idea of

what that’s going to be

like first of all if you’re a Christian

now picture this in your

mind is there any way the human mind can

comprehend what it’s going to be like

when Jesus stands before the whole world

and confesses us as his children and he

says these on the right these are my

sheep these are redeemed through my

blood these are my children father these

are yours through my blood through my

sacrifice of Calvary I present to you

your children they

ours folks as far as I’m concerned

that’s where Heaven begins to turn

around and to be rubbing shoulders with

Abraham to turn around and see Moses to

my left and to turn around and see Paul

the Apostle and there’s John and there’s

Mark and there’s Miriam and there’s

Joshua there’s

Caleb and there’s Billy


and there’s DL

Moody and there’s all these wonderful

missionaries from all over the world

from all denominations and all the

saints from all the tribes all those who

were beheaded for the sake of the Gospel

from all times oh hallah there’s

Dorcas and all to turn around and to be

numbered among the

righteous folks right then and there to

know I am redeemed I am one of them I am

one of his children now F I’m as saved

as I’m ever going to be right now I’m

not going to be any more saved then than

I am now but folks there’s going to be a

bit of a difference to know that you’re

beyond the reach of the devil you on the

you can never be lost that you’re

absolutely saved in his grace and power

now that’s where I stand right now by

his love and by faith living an

overcoming life but at that moment to

know that you’ve crossed that line

Beyond the Veil you can’t the devil

can’t touch you now folks what a day a

glorious moment when he shall stand as a

shepherd and say to those on his right

my beloved sheep oh

Hallelujah and

then to the unconverted to the

hard-hearted to the unrepentant to those

who have not made Christ the lord of


life you curse



move somewhere to the left of the father

to the left of the throne there’s a line

I don’t know what kind of line it

is but folks this is where hell begins

as far as I’m concerned to be numbered

among transgressors now that was the

pain of Gethsemane it wasn’t the pain of

the body it wasn’t the idea of the

Thorns no Jesus sweat great drops of

blood because he knew he had to be

numbered among

transgressors he knew he had to rub

shoulders with him with the cross he

knew that he had to be numbered with him

he had to take his place with

transgressors now folks get this picture

i’ I’ve had just a little taste of that

I’ve gone down to East Village in New

York where all the gay bars are in grany

Village I’ve worked those streets for 20

years and you go to a gay bar with a

Christian friend who’s got a brother in

a back table that brother is in despair

at the Virg suide and he says David

please go talk to him he’ll listen to

you and you stand out in front of that

gay Barn you look inside and hardly

believe your eyes men are dancing Cheek

to Cheek and there the room is filled

with pot smoke men are lined up at the

bar like almost like ravenous animals

and everybody walks in they turn and

they Lear at them and you know inside

that bar

sodomites rap rapist anything you can

name inside that bar are the drgs of New

York City and you walk inside that bar

and the moment you walk in you can feel

the coldness you can feel the clutching

at your throat because the light that’s

in you is condemning the darkness around

you it screams at that Darkness you can

feel the Demonic Powers you can feel the

demon Spirits in that world now folks I

I know that I’ve seen that I’ve

witnessed that and you walk halfway

through the bar and everybody’s staring

at you and learing at you they know

there’s something different about you

and they and you get halfway you begin

to feel the choking and and I almost

passed out I had to turn and run out the

door and I grabbed the lamp post and I

began to breathe that clear air and I

said oh God thank you for the blood of

Jesus thank you that I don’t have to

live in there thank you that I’m not one

of them thank you Jesus that you saved

me out of that I don’t have to be in

there I don’t have to be one of them I

don’t have to be numbered with those

transgressors folks I’ve been to the

Raper Bond in Hamburg Germany I was

there for Crusades and the Raper bond is

a whole section of Hamburg Germany

that’s set aside for the worst filth

It’s a Sin City within the city you have

to enter through Gates it’s a whole

section of Hamburg Germany it’s the

worst sin spot in the whole world and I

thought I’d seen everything a missionary

said now David you’ve got to go with

your team to the Raper Bond and see how

the devil’s just vomited out of hell and

and you’ll have your heart broken

forever till Jes Jesus comes I said well

I’ve seen everything there nothing could

show me that I haven’t even seen yet but

folks we walked each member of our team

with a different missionary and I walked

in with the one of the chairman of our

Crusades and folks as soon as we walked

in the Raper Bond first thing you see

are the houses of prostitution PR and

forc stories high and prostitutes from

all over the world all colors all Races

and it’s a flesh Market they’re selling

their bodies and an open pedaling their

flesh flesh market and you see men from

all over the world there you go down

this street and this one street features

nothing but shom

masochist they’re on stage beating each

other with belts and

chains and the congregation of people

sitting there drinking and learing and

and and lusting you walk down this other

street it’s all sex with human beings

and animals you walk down another street

it’s all for homosexuals this street all

for lesbians and another street is for

every kind of of of of fake rape scenes

everything else it’s beyond anything I

could describe now Paul said it’s a

shame to speak the things they do in

secret but this is not done in secret

it’s done openly and folks I hadn’t been

there 15 minutes and I actually thought

that I was dreaming that God had allowed

me somehow to walk through hell for just

a few moments to break my heart you can

see people walking toward you with those

sunken cheeks and you know all around

you gambers pimps pickpockets

prostitutes alcoholics drug addicts I

mean from all over Europe and the United

States they had gravitated one thing

held them together and you could feel

the demon powers hanging in the air it

was suffocating in fact I thought I

would pass out and I grabbed the sleeve

I grabbed the arm of my associate and

and the gentleman who took me there and

I said please get me out to the nearest

exit and we literally ran to the nearest

exit and I ran to the car and the rest

of my team is already waiting in the car

and when we got in the car we all began

to raise our hands and praise the Lord

and I could feel the cleansing of the

blood of Jesus Christ and his love

through my heart and I thought and I I

could hardly sleep that night and I

thought about it so much while I’m

standing here now in the Raper Bon all

of those creatures all of them their

their their whole minds and bodies

consumed by their

lust and I thought to myself that’s what

that’s what it’s going to be like on the

Judgment Day when the Lord says to my

left you goat you rabate you had no time

for me I called and called you refuse so

M and C you turn around and there’s idom

men to your right there’s Adolf Hitler

to your left and there all the rapists

and all the

pornographers and all the meek Cleaver

murderers and all of the dreads of

humanity every every hard-hearted gay

from every gay bar on the face of the

Earth every every rapist who’ve ever

raped the Son of Sam you name any one of

them they’re all going to be there


stallen all of the dictators from all of

the world they’re all going to be there

and sinner you’re going to be right

there because that’s exactly what the

Bible says you will be numbered with

transgressors the next thing on the

agenda the Bible said the books are

going to be open the books are going to

be open now folks there are two set

there there are two kinds of books now

listen closely to this this is next on

the agenda and the books were open and

another book was open which is The Book

of Life and the dead were judged out of

those things which were written in the

books according to the works you see the

Christian has only one book because only

names are in it it’s called The Book of

Life but the sinner has a biography

every sinner has a book The Bible said

and the books were open and a another

book was opened the Christian has a name

in it and that’s all because folks when

you’re under the blood and you’re saved

your sins are all washed away you have

no past history it’s all God you stand

there with the redeemed blood Wars

name no sin against you no crime against

you redeemed all he going to do is call

them out oh Hallelujah David Wilkerson

Gwen Wilkerson Jimmy Brown they’re all

going to be there I don’t know what your

name is but if you’re under the blood

listen to what the Bible says he that

overcometh the same shall be clothed in

white rment that’s we’re going to have

white Rond on us and I will not blot out

his name out of the book of life but I

will confess his name before my father

and all the


Hallelujah first thing you’re going to

do is call our names out going to count

down Hallelujah going to confess

this then the sinner one by one every

knee bow every ey shall be all him every

tongue shall confess stand before him

now I don’t know if the Angels were the

scribes that recorded these books or not

and I used to think it went something

like this your name was called as a

sinner you stood before Christ you

nailed you wept you confessed him as

lord it’s too late but you have to

confess that he is the savior of the

world won’t do you any good at this time

but you confess

him then the Bible says you’re going to

be judged according to those things

written in the book and I used to think

it went like this your name was called

and it says uh January 3rd 11:00 you

committed adultery in the name of the

part’s involved and all the things that

happened that night on this day February

14th you cheated on your income tax on

this day you took God’s name in vain 25

times beat up your wife and all these

things they were all going to be all the

terrible things that everybody had ever

done now folks I’m not that’s not where

I’m at now I really don’t believe that’s

the way it is

I don’t believe the sinner is going to

be judged so much for what he’s done as

for what he’s not done you remember when

Jesus just before he died stood over the

city of Jerusalem and he wept he wasn’t

weeping now over the adul in the

fornication he wasn’t weeping over their

backslidings no he wasn’t weeping about

what they were doing at all Jesus was

crying about something they weren’t

doing you know what he said oh Jerusalem

Jerusalem all I wanted to do was gather

you under my wings like a mother hand

gathers her little chicks but you would

not so your house has left you desolate

is all I wanted to do is to be your your

guide I wanted to comfort you I wanted

to show your way out but you wouldn’t

you know what I believe is in the book

not what you’ve done but what you’ve not

done you know what I believe it’s going

to be your name is called you stand

before Jesus the judge the angel opens a

book and here’s what it says January 3rd

11:00 in the

morning you were watching Rex

humbard you heard 13 scripture verses I

believe there’s going to be a

replay he doesn’t need tape recorders

not God he just just instantly for the

whole world is going to be

replayed on this day a friend came to

you and talked to you about your need of

a savior I called you through this

person on this day you were going to

work and you felt empty and alone and I

tugged at your heart and I pulled and I

said this is the day don’t run any

further I called you here I called you

here I called you here the name the time

the date the place every scripture

you’ve ever heard every hug every pull

of the holy spirit it’s all going to be

there and I don’t I can’t convince

myself God’s near concerned about

gambling drinking alcohol and adultery

is is about you turning down his love

where he called you and said all I want

to do was guide you I want to you see

this is not a message of fear this is a

message of Hope and that’s that’s what

Jesus Jesus I didn’t come to condemn you

I didn’t come to condemn you at all and

folks that’s what bothers me some people

say David you really believe in a hell

that God still sends people to a fiery

hell well folks in the first place Jesus

God never invented hell for Christians

or rather for people that was for the

devil and his angels fact you can’t God

Jesus said I wasn’t willing that any

should perish and go to hell he didn’t

make hell for people in fact you can’t

even get to hell until you claw you way

there you have to fight your way to get

to hell you have to resist the Holy

Ghost you have to resist preaching like

this you have to resist Christian

friends and praying relatives you have

to to get to hell you have to really


it and he said he’ll give you the desire

your heart you see and that’s what

people don’t understand he didn’t make

hell for people he made it for the devil

but he said if you’re going to be his

child and you prefer to walk that way

Jesus said all I wanted to do is guide

you I spread out my wings and I sent

missionaries and evangelists to call you

say come I I’ll show you the way I’m the

way just gather humble yourself come to

me I’ll show you the way I’ll give a

purpose to your life I’ll lead you you

can stand before me in assurance you can

stand before me knowing that you’re

redeemed you didn’t have to do

that and folks that’s what the judgment

is that’s what’s in the book and oh

there going to be some surprises in

those books there are going to be some

people stand before Jesus screaming

there’s been a mistake Master look in

the Book of Life why I carried a Bible

around I went to prayer meetings I

prophesied man I prayed for the sick I

went around saying Jesus Jesus Lord

Lord you ever hear that

scripture not everyone that saith to me

Lord Lord shall enter into the Kingdom

of Heaven many will say to me on that

day what day the Judgment Day many will

say to me on that day Lord didn’t we

prophesy in your name in your name

didn’t we cast out devils and in your

name didn’t we do many wonderful works

and then I will profess to them I never

even knew you depart from me you worker


iniquity now folks that scares me that

there’s going to be a whole group of

people whole segment of society deceived

on the Judgment Day who thought that

they were doing right that they’re

redeemed but they’re lost now folks I

used to ask my dad when I was a young

preacher I started preaching I was 14

years old said Dad what’s that scripture

meant that scripture haunted me what

does it mean there going to be people

many say on that day Lord Lord we

prophesied we cast out Devils we healed

the sick we did great works we said

Jesus Jesus we used your name and the

Lord said I didn’t even know you I said

Dad how can that be and my dad said well

that must that must be some of those

healing evangelists that went bad or

something David and nobody could explain

that but that came back to me about

eight years ago when the Jesus

Revolution broke out in fact almost 10

years ago I heard about the Psychedelic

Christians in San

Francisco and hay Ashbury so I went to

Hay Asbury left New York for couple

weeks and I went to hat asper I heard of

a whole group up there uh that had been

in drugs and been saved and they had a

mission down in the Streets of San

Francisco so I went down there and they

invited me to a communion service and I

never met such beautiful PE all they did

was talk about love they hey man Christ

is a cool cat hey man I got zapped by

the sky man in a sky pad like wow he’s

heavy heavy heavy man he’s

heavy everything was cool everything was

Heavy everything was Zapped and

everything was oozing with love

everything was just love so I thought

boy some great new work of the Holy

Ghost and so they were having communion

and they were passing out these hunks of

bread everybody broke off a piece of

bread and and and passing out the juice

and and all of a sudden one after

another they start lighting up joints of

marijuana and I said wait a minute you

smoke pot at

Communion oh yeah man we Dro acid too

last week we all dropped acid went out

along a river and studied the Book of

Revelation man even the Beast came to

life then they had a they had a healing

service and they called it zapping and

they went around zaap the devil out of

people and they were going like that and

they said the devil’s gone the devil’s

gone casting out

devils and I went home that night

absolutely in

credulous because a national magazine a

Christian magazine had had big story

talking about the new psychedelic

Christianity that’s sweeping America and

I was there at the beginning of it and I

saw what was happening and then I looked

at that scripture again it says many

many it’s not just a few many many a

whole segment of society then I began to

see these people didn’t know the first

thing about being born again they knew

nothing about Holiness and righteousness

my Bible says come out from among them

be you separate and clean sayith the

Lord then I receive you as my son or

daughter they had not come out of the

world Christ was another trip in a

series of he’s another high in a series

of highs I’ve been up on speed I’ve been

up on acid I’ve been up on PL might as

well get up on

Jesus they weren’t born

again they were just whitewashing it

they were still living in adultery they

were sleeping with one another smoking

pot then using drugs and getting high

and stoned on acid and speed with the

Bible in their hand now folks that’s

wrong and what’s happened to us that

we’ve lost our spirit of

discernment I say that’s wrong and I say

there’s something in every Spirit-filled

Christian that Rebels against that

something else that I rebel against

those people who talk in tongues and

drink Scotch and then go speak in


tongues I’m going to unload my guns good

the first time I still believe it’s

possible no matter how dirty and filthy

this age becomes it’s still possible to

live for Jesus is clean and

holy I met an evangelist on a

airplane with his girlfriend one of the

top evangelist in

America drinking one cocktail after

another his wife had just my wife not

been trying to help his dear wife he

been traveling the country with an

atheist an

alcoholic and this just bothers me that

we’ have lost our discernment in the

church it bothers me and I still say

it’s possible and these people need to

be exposed they need to be

exposed I went up to that dear man and

said I’ve heard you on television preach

against that and I see you sitting here

drinking one cocktail after another I’ve

talked to your wife and that’s your

secretary and you’re running around the

country with her your wife at home

brokenhearted how can you stand and

preach the gospel why don’t you go out

and get a

job why don’t you work for a living and

I said I love you if you go back to your

wife I’ll help you I’ll do everything I

can and folks God’s going to expose all

that he going to pull back the curtains

and he going to come for a house that’s

redeemed a house that’s clean and pure

by the blood of Jesus Christ and I’m

asking Jesus to do I’m not a judge but I

still I can’t believe that Jesus is

pleased I can’t believe the Holy Ghost

is pleased with all these double

standards in America now and on the

Judgment Day folks we’re going to learn


truth all right the books are going to


open then what happens to the sinner the

Bible said he’s bound hand and foot by

the angel of God and he’s taken to a

passage called outer Darkness he’s bound

now folks I don’t I don’t believe that

that’s an actual chain and an actual

Cordy going to wrap them up and bind

them I believe it’s a supernatural

binding I think it’s just a touch of God

and there’s a supernatural binding of

that Eternal

Soul I’ve heard people

say there can be no hell I’m in hell now

the only hell you get is what you have

here on Earth now folks I believe

there’s a hell and any preacher who says

there’s no hell is saying this telling

the same lie that the devil told to Eve

thou shall surely not die it’s the same

old lie the devil told it to Eve and

they’re still pre in fact Dr Savage a

theologian said I wouldn’t believe in

hell if it were on every page of the

Bible if we’re on every page of the

Bible I still couldn’t accept it and

I’ve had people I had in one meeting as

many as 50 people walk out when I start

talking about hell one of them I

suspected to be a minister and and

people say in in this sophisticated age

can you really believe that God would

send people to a fiery flaming eternal

hell well the Bible says that they were

cast into a lake of fire they were taken

to Outer Darkness now folks you’ve not

been to Hell until you stand Before the

Throne of God you’ve not been to Hell

until he says out of my sight out of my

presence you’ve not been to Hell until

the angel of the Lord binds your hand

and foot you’ve not been to Hell until

you stand at that gapping hole at the

mouth of that outer Darkness now I don’t

know where that is I don’t know I can’t

begin to explain that to you but

evidently outer darkness is the first

glimpse of Eternal

damnation you’ve not been to Hell until

you stand in front of that that icy

Blackness knowing that the moment you’re

cast into that passage never again to

hear a scripture never hear a gospel

message or a gospel song never again to

see or hear of Christ or his love cast

completely away from his presence never

again to see a friendly face of a

Christian and to be cast into that mouth

of outer

darkness and pass further and further

away from the presence of God

you’ve not been to Hell until finally

you stand face to face with the serpent

the devil Satan himself the Antichrist

on one side the beast on the other and

all the Fallen Angels around him you’ve

not been to Hell until Satan himself

reaches out to claim your soul for an

eternity saying you’re

mine I I’ve had people say well David do

you actually believe that there’s going

to be literal flames and fire like we

see out of a furnace or hot lava that

spews out of the Earth and a volcano oh

folks that kind of fire couldn’t be hot

enough that couldn’t be hot enough I

believe there’s a supernatural fire that

our mind can’t even comprehend you call

it consuming regrets call it anything

you want but let me tell you what I

believe the terror of hell is going to

be I believe that the pain and the

terror of hell is instant

replay I believe the terror and the

agony I believe that that fire that eats

away at the soul and and gets hotter and


and never Peaks out it gets worse and

worse it’s a flame in that Eternal

Soul that has to live with a

regret I believe that when Sinners go to

hell they’re going to be able to place

themselves back in time to their mind

through some process they’re going to be

able to sit in this audience again some

of you that here now that are going to

reject Jesus Christ on that day what I’m

telling you now will be

replayed you’ll see the people around

you you’ll see me standing on stage

you’ll see the instruments you’ll see it

all it’ll be replayed just as it

happened you’ll hear the invitation come

to Jesus you’ll hear the sermon about

judgment being played again you’ll hear

a Mr Wilkerson screaming at the top of

his voice come you don’t have to be

lost and folks this is the the agony of

Hell to replay that and and say I’m

going to go I’m going to do it and then

suddenly it Dawns on you that you’re in

eternity that you can’t and I believe

that the agony of hell is to

know that you could have taken that step

all I had to have done all I would have

had to do was to take that move all I

would have had to do is swallow my pride

I could have been saved I could have

been redeemed I could have been with

Jesus Christ

I could have had the Eternal joy of the

Lord I didn’t have to be here I didn’t

have to be

lost folks the agony of hell has to

replay every chance you’ve

had every

invitation every time somebody tapped

you on the shoulder and in love said

come you replay it

all you know what bothers me in all my

meetings dozens of young people come

some of you sitting here right now and

I’m pouring my heart out to you you say

well I’ll take my chances I’m not a drug

addict I’m not a junk I’m a pretty good

person well your goodness the Bible said

is filthy rags in the sight of God means

nothing you have to have that experience

with him Jesus said if you’re ashamed to

confess me before men I’ll be ashamed to

confess you before the father but if you

confess me publicly before men then I

confess you before the father and all

the angels of