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Welcome to our Monday’s broadcast of the

Gospel truth today is the beginning of

my second week teaching on finances

biblical Prosperity I’ve entitled this

teaching Financial stewardship and I’ve

really tried to make it clear that it’s

not about you just getting things it’s

not selfish it’s not greed God wants you

to be a steward and if you can get to

where you don’t look at all of your

assets as yours but they’re God’s and

you’re just a steward and if you start

using finances to bless other people man

God will cause a supernatural flow of

finances to you if he can get it through

you he will get it to you so we’re

offering this book 166 page book for an

offering of any amount uh there is a

suggested donation but you send whatever

we’ll send it to you if you could not or

would not get that I’ll give this little

brief summary of it as about 50 page

booklet and I’ll give this to you as a

free gift then we’ve also got CDs DVDs

and other things so please take

advantage of that at the end of our

program we’ll be giving out all that

information I’ve already covered a lot

last week I hadn’t got time to go back

through that but uh on last Friday’s

broadcast I was teaching out of Mark

chapter 10 and this is where a rich

young ruler came to Jesus and he was uh

committed enough to Jesus that he ran

and fell at his feet and knelt down and

said good Master what must I do to

inherit eternal life and Jesus knew that

even though the outward profession

looked good he knew his heart wasn’t

right and he says why are you calling me

good there’s nothing good but one that’s

God basically he was saying you either

call me God you submit to me as God or

quit calling me

good he Jesus was either who he said he

was the way the truth and the life no

man comes to the father but by him or he

was a fraud you can’t look at it any

other way there are some people that say

oh oh no Jesus was a good person but you

know Buddha and Hindu and and Islam

there’s some people that think Allah and

God are the same not so not even close

and so there’s some people see that’ll

say well Jesus was good but he wasn’t he

wasn’t God he wasn’t the only way no he

either has to be who he claimed to be or

he was a charlatan one of the two you

can’t there is no middle ground he is

not a way he is the way there is no

salvation in any other there is no other

name under Heaven given among men

whereby you must be saved so Jesus uh

called this man’s Blu and says you

either call me God or quit calling me

good well he dropped the good and he

just said master and Jesus loved him but

he he he used money to reveal what was

in this man’s heart this man outwardly

professed that he had kept all the

Commandments that he had honored his

father and mother he had never lied he

had never stolen he had never done these

things personally I believe he broke all

of The Commandments Now by man’s

standards it may not but if you go over

to Exodus the very first commandment

that God gave in Exodus chapter 20 is

that you shall have no other gods before

me this man’s money was his God he

trusted what his money could do for him

more than he trusted what Jesus could do

for him so he broke the first

commandment the 10th commandment listed

in Exodus chapter 20 is you shall not

covet anything that belongs to your

neighbor that’s talking about money and

wanting things and possessions and this

man he broke the first and the Ten

Commandment when he walked away from

Jesus because Jesus told him to sell

everything he had and he wouldn’t do it

so this man was

deceived he may have looked good on the

outside but in his heart money was his

God he was coveting what money could do

for him and that’s the reason that Jesus

told him to sell everything you know

Jesus went into zaki’s house and zakus

was a wealthy man and he was a thief he

was a tax collector he was collaborating

with the Roman government and the Roman

government not only gave him a salary

but then allowed him to overtax the Jews

and he could keep whatever the

difference was so he had stolen money

from his uh uh fellow Jews he had

collaborated with the Enemy the Romans

this was a bad guy but he was very rich

Jesus saw him up in a tree and said

zakus come down I’m going to go to your

house to eat today and zakus received

him and because Jesus showed him mercy

and gave him Grace zakiah said Lord if

I’ve wronged any man I’m going to pay

him back four times what I’ve stolen

from him and I’m going to give half my

goods to feed the poor and all these

things God never told him to do any of

that he didn’t mention money to zakus

because zaki’s heart was right but when

your heart is wrong God will use money

to reveal to you where your heart really

is the scripture tells us we’re supposed

to give that we’re supposed to put God

and other people and seek first the

kingdom of God and there’s a lot of

people that don’t do that you may say oh

yes I do well do you do it in your

money I know there’s a lot of people

right now I got hear television sets all

around the world clicking off people

well you are meddling and you have no

right to say this I’m saying exactly

what Jesus said Jesus told a man who ran

and fell at his feet and looked like he

wanted Jesus above everything he was

very demonstrative Jesus knew his heart

wasn’t right and he says you go sell

everything you’ve got and give it to the

poor and then come and follow me did you

know if I was pastoring a church and if

somebody came running down the aisle and

said I want to join this church I want

to be a part of this and I say go sell

everything you’ve got and give it to the

poor and then come join this church I

guarantee you I would be branded a cult

I would have people coming out against

me in a sense that’s exactly what Jesus

did right here and it wasn’t because he

wanted this guy’s money he wanted his

heart and he knew that this man’s heart

was was attached to his money he wanted

him to give up that and to put Jesus

first in his life God doesn’t need your

money he doesn’t need my money but he

does want your heart and if you if your

heart is attached to that money so that

you will not tithe you will not give

what God has told you to do you put your

needs first and only if you have

something left over you give to God your

heart’s not right and I know that I’m

going to be criticized I’ll have lots of

people speak against me but I’m not

saying anything that these verses don’t

say if you can’t trust God in your

finances then you can’t trust him in

other things that’s the least use of

your faith according to Luke chap 16

verse 10 through 13 and so this man when

he was told to sell everything and come

follow him and he would have treasure in

heaven in verse 22 it says he was sad at

that saying and went away grief for he

had great possessions that showed you

where his heart was he wouldn’t follow

Jesus because he was trusting in that

money he could not see himself living

without that

money well that’s a strong statement but

I tell you what Jesus goes on to say is

absolutely amazing and I’m I’m glad

Jesus said this if I would have said

these things again I’d have been branded

as a cult but this is Jesus the author

in the the finisher of our faith using

money to reveal to people where their

heart really

is in the next verse it says and Jesus

looked round about and saith unto his

disciples how hardly shall they that

have riches enter into the kingdom of

God man that’s that’s quite a statement

did you know that you may not consider

yourself to be rich but compared to the

world again this program is broadcast

all over over the world over five

billion people could get it and so I

know I’ve got people watching in other

countries but if you’re in one of our

developed countries you know across

Europe or if you’re in the United States

or something like that you may not think

you are very rich but compared to some

of the places I’ve been like in Mexico

where people are born on a city dump in

a cardboard box and they are I meant

some people that were 30 and 40 years

old and had never walked off of that

city dump they were born there they

lived there they ate the trash that was

dumped there they lived in cardboard

boxes compared to many many many people

around the world you are rich and Jesus

here is saying how hard is it for those

that have riches to enter into the

kingdom of God and in verse 24 it says

and the disciples were astonished at his

words but Jesus answered again and saith

unto them children how hard is it for

them that trust in riches to enter into

the kingdom of God did you know if we

didn’t have verse 24 if all you had was

verse 23 where it says it’s hard for

people that have money to enter into the

kingdom of God man that would be a hard

pill to swallow that would make it look

like that if you’ve got money then you

can’t trust God but he goes on in this

24th verse to say it’s hard for those

who trust in riches to enter into the

kingdom of God so it’s not money that’s

the problem it’s our trust in money it’s

like it says over in first Timothy

chapter 6 verse1 it’s not money that’s

the problem it’s the love of money that

is the root of all evil if you think

that money itself is evil well then you

ought to get rid of all that filthy

stuff and send it in to me or send it

into somebody else amen and get rid of

that filthy stuff if money is evil no

there’s nothing wrong with money it’s

the Love of Money it’s your trust in

money is what Jesus is saying how hard

is it for those who trust in money to

enter into the kingdom of God and then

in verse 25 it says it is easier for a

camel to go through the eye of a needle

than for a rich man to enter into the

kingdom of God do you know that is such

a radical statement that my whole life

growing up I heard people say well he

couldn’t mean a physical camel this huge

animal going through the eye of a sewing

needle and so they tried to come up with

another explanation and I heard my whole

life that you know in the city of

Jerusalem they had these huge Gates that

would they would open during the day but

at night they would close the gate and

then there was a smaller gate where you

know an individual could enter uh in and

out through it and that was called the

eye of the needle and that this was

Jesus speaking about that for you to

enter into the kingdom of God it’s like

a camel going through through this

little tiny gate in the big gate called

the eye of the needle and a camel

couldn’t do it if it had any burdens on

you had to take everything off and get

the camel down on its knees to scoot

through this gate and that’s what they

was talking about you know when I was in

Jerusalem we had a tour guide and I

asked him about this and I said is there

a gate that there is the eye of a needle

in it he said oh yeah but it’s on the

other side of Jerusalem we don’t have

time to go over there I pressed him two

or three three times and finally I said

I don’t believe that there is such a

thing and he just kind of got serious

and he says what makes you think that

and I said I believe that that that is

just something that people came up with

to try and explain away this passage I

believe Jesus was talking about a

physical camel going through the eye of

a sewing needle and this tour guide he

says you’re right there is no eye of a

needle he said we tell people that and I

said why would you tell them that and he

said tourism is a huge deal in isra is

and we all have to be licensed by the

government and the government tells us

that we are just supposed to make these

pilgrims uh you know have a great

experience regardless of what it takes

he even told me about one time that one

of the people on the bus said I want to

see the burning bush that Moses was at

and he said that there had been a fire

the week before out behind one of these

service stations and there was a bush

out there that had burnt so anyway he

stopped and he told here’s Moses burning

bush and he said all of these tourists

were out there taking pictures of this

bush that had burned thinking that’s the

one that Moses saw people are gullible

and anyway my point is I believe that

this is talking about a physical camel

going through the eye of a little sewing

needle and to prove that look at this in

verse 26 it says and they were

astonished out of measure now they had

been astonished before when he said how

hard is it for a rich man to enter into

the kingdom of God but then it says now

they were astonished out of measure

saying among themselves who then can be

saved they wouldn’t have been astonished

out of measure if they would have known

that this was talking about a little

gate in a bigger gate and it wasn’t

impossible it was just hard to do that

wouldn’t have astonished them out of

measure Jesus goes on to say in verse 27

and Jesus looking upon them saith with

men it is impossible he didn’t say it’s

difficult that you got to unladen the

camel and Scoot it through on its knees

no it wasn’t just difficult or hard it’s

impossible with man it’s impossible but

not with God for With God all things are

possible these are radical radical

statements this is putting our

relationship with money way higher way

more important than what most people

give Mo again most people think that you

know walking in uh prosperity and

trusting God in this area of giving and

ties that that is for a mature Christian

let’s just talk to Christians people

about getting born again and then little

baby stuff and work up to these

important things Jesus used a person’s

attitude towards money to reveal his

heart that his heart wasn’t right to get

right with God and then he says it’s

hard for people that trust in money to

enter into the Kingdom of Heaven it’s

easier for a camel to go through the eye

of a needle than for a person who is

trusting in their riches to enter into

the Kingdom of

Heaven he says with man that’s

impossible but With God all things are

possible this isn’t against money

there’s nothing wrong with money it’s

your trust and you can tell where your

trust is by your actions are you giving

do you give a tithe and even Beyond a

tithe man I can just

hear the gear is working in people’s

minds and hearts right now all around

the world there are many of you that

have never connected this and you think

oh I love God and man I’m seeking God

but you you’ve never been a consistent

Giver you’ve never trusted God in this

area of finances by Jesus own teaching

right here if you believe the Bible at

all what are you going to do with these

passages if you are trusting in your

riches which is you can you can

whitewash it and say it any way you want

to but if you aren’t giving a minimum of

a tithe and if you aren’t giving above

that if you aren’t trusting the

scriptures that when you give it’s given

back unto

you if you aren’t doing that you aren’t

trusting God in this area of finances

you trust your

money you say I’ve got to have these

needs me and you do is there’s nothing

wrong with you paying your bills you’re

supposed to pay your bills but you need

to look at God as your source and you

say I can’t do it I don’t have enough if

you well if you really trusted God you

couldn’t afford not to give you can’t

afford not to trust God plus God has

promised you he goes on to say right

here let me just continue to read in

verse 28 then Peter be to say unto him

Lo we have left all and have followed

thee why did Peter say that because

Jesus had just said it’s easier for a

camel to go through the eye of a sewing

needle than it is for a person who is

trusting in their riches to enter into

the kingdom of heaven so Peter wanted to

make it clear that God we’ve left

everything for you Peter left his wife

and his mother-in-law he left his home

he left his fishing business he gave up

everything and so he was professing God

I have I’m not trusting in my money I’m

trusting in you and Jesus answered and

said verily I say unto you there is no

man that means that there is not a

single person male or female this is

something that is without exception

there is no man that hath left house or

Brethren or sisters or father or mother

or wife or children or lands for my sake

and the gospels but he shall receive a h

hundredfold now in this time houses and

Brethren and sisters and mothers and

children and lands with persecutions and

in the world to come eternal life but

many that are first shall be last and

the last first this is a promise that

Jesus gave that any person who quits

trusting in their riches and starts

using those resources to build God’s

kingdom and to bless and to follow his

instructions there is not a single

person who does that but what you will

receive back 100 times in this life it

didn’t say just in the life to come

there are some people that’ll say well

I’m giving but in heaven I’m laying up

treasure in heaven again you can do that

according to uh Matthew chapter 6 but

you will also receive Treasures back in

this life 100 fold that means a hundred

times if you give a dollar you’ll get a

$100 back if you give in faith I do have

to qualify that because over in first uh

Corinthians chapter 13:3 it says if you

give all of your goods to feed the poor

or even if you give your body to be

burned and don’t do it motiv ated by

God’s kind of love it profits you

nothing so your attitude behind the gift

is more important than the gift and so

if you give a dollar out of a pure heart

you’re going to receive back a a100 in

this life but it depends on that

motivation if your motivation is wrong

then it won’t work there is so many

people and I’m going to be dealing on

this before I get through with this

series that are using the Old Testament

motivation to tithe out of Malachi

chapter 3 where you’re cursed if you

don’t tithe and did you know if you are

giving because you are paying a debt

there’s so many people that look at a

tithe as a debt we’ve been redeemed from

the curse of the law the law has been

satisfied through Jesus but does that

mean that we don’t give anymore that we

don’t tithe anymore uh Hebrews chapter 7

talks about the tithe in the New

Covenant that Jesus receives tithes

I believe tithing is a Biblical

principle that was in effect before the

law was put into place Abraham paid

tithe in Genesis chapter 14 so the law

wasn’t even given yet and yet Abraham

gave tithe so tithing is a Bible

principle not just an Old Testament law

principle but we don’t give with the

motivation of the law anymore you don’t

give to pay a debt you don’t give to

escape being cursed if you are giving

out a debt of obligation grudgingly and

of necessity as it says over in 2

Corinthians chapter 9:7 then it doesn’t

profit you it doesn’t please God you got

to have the right attitude so if you

give with the right attitude there is

not a single person who

gives truly trusting God truly giving

out of a heart of love but what you will

receive back 100 times in this

life man that that’s awesome and did you

know that the average religious Minister

today will hate me for saying this they

do not believe this they do they do not

believe that you can promise people a

hundredfold return on their giving in

this life but that is exactly what Jesus

is saying there is no way around this

the only qualification I put on that is

this attitude of the heart as it says in

1 Corinthians 13:3 if you give with the

wrong motive it profits you nothing but

if you give with the right motive

trusting in the Lord and not trusting in

your money there is not a single person

but what you will receive 100 times back

in this life on what you gave with

persecutions most people would like that

not to have that with persecutions and I

don’t believe that this is just

persecutions in general you’re going to

be persecuted for saying what Jesus said

you’re going to be persecuted for


you know I’ve got some of my friends

that I’m not going to name their names

but they are very prosperous they get

criticized all of the time and yet I can

guarantee these people are not trusting

in their money they’re trusting in God

but they give they give they give and

because of it they get back and people

criticize them but you should never

criticize a person’s Harvest until you

see how much seed they’ve planted people

that are criticizing the some of these

Ministry there are some that do things

incorrectly but there are ministers that

all they’re doing is just reaping what

they’ve sown and what the problem is you

are judging them by the way you sow you

sow very little and so you can’t see

reaping that way but if you were to sow

as much and as abundantly as some of

these ministers have done I guarantee

you you would reap it back a h

hundredfold in this

life I want to thank you for watching

our YouTube channel and the programs

that we have available and I want to

encourage you that you can get the

materials that we’ve offered also I’d

like to encourage you to like our

program and subscribe to what we’re

doing we have a lot of material and I

believe it’ll be a real blessing to you

so thank you for being a part of it God