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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace

why God waits to

answer Isaiah

30 now wait till you

arrive I hear the rustling of the

leaves it’s been said here at tincore

church if you don’t come with your Bible


naked this is your clothing amen robed

with his word verse 15 for thus sayith

the Lord God the Holy One of Israel in

returning and rest shall you be saved

and quietness and confidence shall be

your strength and you would not but you

said no for we will flee upon horses

therefore shall you flee and we will

ride upon the Swift therefore shall they

that pursue you be swift 1,000 shall

flee at the rebuke of one at the rebuke

of five shall you flee till you be left

as a beacon upon the top of a mountain

as an enzy on on a hill and therefore

will the Lord wait that he may be

gracious unto you and

therefore will be exalt he will be

exalted that he may have mercy upon you

for the Lord is a god of judgment

blessed are they that wait for him for

the people shall dwell in Zion at

Jerusalem thou shall weep no more he

will be very gracious unto thee at the

voice of thy cry when he shall hear it

he will answer thee when he hear as you

cry he will answer thee Hallelujah we

thank you oh God for your precious word

your word is our lamp it’s our

strength and I stand as a shepherd of

this flock to humble myself before you

Jesus and I ask for a special touch from

Heaven the anointing of the holy spirit

let me speak as a Shepherd does to his

flock Lord I’m only one but I ask you

Lord to use this vessel this morning

sanctify me Purge me let me speak the

pure holy word that will produce life oh

God we thank you for your presence here

this morning you were here since we

opened the service and you’re going to

be here all day now Lord apply the word

to our hearts Holy Spirit bring forth

unction bring forth an anointing let the

word heal us this morning let the word

strengthen us let the word uh reprove us

and rebuke us if it must only to heal us

that you may be gracious unto us I pray

father in Jesus name

amen why God waits to

answer now I’ve read to you from Isaiah

chapter 30 don’t turn there but it goes

back to chapter 29 this is during the

reign of Hezekiah in Jerusalem and Judea


Judah the prophet Isaiah is contemporary

at this time along with the prophet

Micah these were the two prophets that

spoke during these times if you want to

know how the times were uh during this

period that we’re discussing this

morning you read the whole book of Micah

and you get the picture of how Jerusalem

and Judah are under Judgment at this

time and Isaiah is sent by the spirit of

God to Jerusalem and the inhabitants

there and God’s people and he’s got a

two prong message first of all he warns

of a horrible War Warfare that was

coming and second there was a promise of

God’s Deliverance that they would simply

trust and

obey the prophet Isaiah stands before

God’s people in Jerusalem and he gives

an awesome

prophecy he said you’re going to be

going through a great test of faith and

this is all in the 29th chapter and I’m

paraphrasing he said there’s looming

before you a great test of

faith you’re going to wake up one day he

said look out over the walls of

Jerusalem you’re going to see the

Assyrian army surrounding you and he

said within one year it’s going to

happen you see God always warns his

people he always warns us and he’s the

prophet Isaiah tearfully is standing

before the people and they’re really

being judged at this time for an apost

apostasy in the city of God the place of

his anointing where his fire fell on the

altar was going to come under an attack

they would be besieged and there’s going

to be such uh besiegement that there

would be Towers raised against them

where there would be bridges made so

that they could uh go from their towers

right to the top of the wall they’re

going to be battering rams battering the

walls night and day to try to tear down

the walls of

security these battering rams were going

to be an attempt to crush every

protecting wall they were going to go

through the bread of adversity the water


Affliction they said the prophet said

your trial is going to become so heavy

you’re going to be humbled to the very

dust you’re going to lay prostrate and

the only strength you’re going to have

left when this battle is over is just a

bare whisper you’re just going to be

able to whisper all your strength is

going to be gone now folks this sounds

very familiar to me it sounds like the

same kind of warning the Holy Spirit has

given to us in the New

Testament it’s a warning that we as

God’s people in the last days are going

to go through spiritual warfare that the

devil’s going to come you wake up one

day and you’re surrounded by enemies you

wake up one day and you find yourself in

a battle for your life you find the

devil coming with his battering rams and

his towers and bangs and hits and

everything out of Hell Comes against you

and there are people sitting Among Us

here this morning in the balcony main

floor around me surrounding me you don’t

know who they are I don’t know only the

Holy Ghost does he’s the mind reader and

he knows exactly what you are going

through this morning he knew that all

week and he prepared a message for many

of you some of you are visitors God sent

you here this morning to deliver you to

bring you into new realm of Discovery in

the spirit he’s going to help you this

morning if you just say right now holy

spirit open my ears to hear if you’re

sitting here this morning and your mind

is wondering bring it to captivity every

thought to The Obedience of the Lord

Jesus because the holy spirit is

faithful to his flock he is faithful to

his people folks we serve a loving

heavenly father who wants nothing more

than to deliver his people he’s called a

deliverer he is a deliverer that’s what

he has in mind for you this

morning suddenly some of you have been

cast into the trial of your life you’re

being tested in your

faith and some of you have been so

overwhelmed you’ve literally been

crushed and

humiliated and you get up each day and

you wonder if you can go on there’s a

doctor in this

church fine man of God and just recently

he was

sued and uh taking a stand for the Lord

and going through it and he said brother

dve every day I wake up there’s

something new there’s something worse

there’s always another evil report I am

being battered I’m at my Wit’s End I got

a letter you know we received uh

thousands of letters from our mailing

that our Messengers sent all over the

United States and around the world and

this week A letter came to me from a

sister in the Midwest and she said dear

brother David I attend a holy ghost

filled church I’ve grown more in the

past two years than in all my past life

but for the past six months I’ve been

going through a fire fiery trial of my

faith and I don’t think I can take much

more why does everything have to be so

hard I have met the devil face to face

face and it seems like he hits me in

some different way every day every day

there’s another evil report he’s been

robbing me financially he’s trying to

discourage me so I’ll quit I’ve become

so weary it shows on my face and now in

my attitude every day just brings more

pressure why can’t things settle down

for a

while I bind Satan I praise the Lord all

times but it seems to be to know Veil I

know the word is true I’m listening all

day to Godly tapes but I can hardly make

it through the day anymore I’m so tired

trying to be strong I’m at my Wit’s End

and I really don’t know what’s happening

and we get letters like that from all

over the world people going through the

test of their life the prophet

Isaiah sees this uh message from the

Lord he hears the voice of the Lord and

he said even though I warned you of

what’s going through even though I have


you I’m telling you that God if you’ll

trust him is going to bring you through

miraculously God is going to deliver you

you’re going to be surrounded by armies

you’re going to have battering rams

battering at your walls you’re going to

go through such a test it’s going to

bring you finally prostrate on your face

in the dust where you can only whisper

but I’m telling you now you don’t have

to do anything about it you’re going to

just trust the Lord and he going to

carry you through and one day in his

time every enemy will be gone and it’ll

be just like a bad dream that passes


away he gave in in chapter 29 there are

eight verses the four first four first

verses of chapter 29 are all woses what

you’re going through folks hasn’t the

Holy Spirit warned us that we’re going

to be in spiritual battles hasn’t he

warned us that we’re going to go into a

fiery furnace he said think it not

strange concerning the fiery trial which

is to try you as though some strange

thing has happened to you but he said

what’s happening to you was common to

all of God’s people but God will in his

own time and his way make a way of

Escape that you may be able to Bear it

even though he warns us he said in the

last days we’ll be persecuted we will be

tried and just when you think your

strength is going to fail when you’re at

your lowest when all seems hopeless at

the peak of your crisis B Bible says God

will take

over you

read 29 Isaiah 29: 5 to8 and oh what a

what tremendous promises are given here

moreover the multitude of thy strangers

shall be like small dust the multitude

of the ter terrible ones in in fact in

Hebrew those very important people who

come against you shall be as chaff that

passeth away it shall be as an instant

suddenly thou shal be visited of the

Lord of hosts with thunder and with

earthquake and great noise with storm

and Tempest and the flame of devouring

fow the multitude of those that come

against Jerusalem her Ariel even all

that fight against her and her malt and

her Munitions and that have distressed

her shall be as a dream in a night

vision and here’s a Wonder promise God

says the multitude of your enemies shall

become like fine dust the multitude of

the ruthless like the chaff shall blow

away the Lord will visit upon your

enemies is what he’s saying with Thunder

with earthquake with great noise with

storm and Tempest and a devouring fire

and you know what the prophet is saying

very suddenly when you think it’s

hopeless when you think you can’t go

another step suddenly suddenly the Lord

shall come with thunder and lightning


earthquake the Assyrians who have

schemed to destroy you will themselves

be put to shame and that’s all through

chapter 29 and also the first part of

chapter 30 he said they’re going to wake

up into a delusion they’re going to have

empty Souls the devil’s plans and

schemes will fade away like a bad dream

God will lift you up out of the pit of

despair and everyone who’s come against

you a war against you shall be consumed

with his voice they will no longer

distress you and the dream will pass and

you will come into His glory and you

will come into the increase of bread the

scripture says your bread will be

increased means the blessing of

God folks we today have even greater

promises than they

had scripture makes it very very clear

that we live in a time of Greater

promises for he has obtained a more

excellent Ministry by how much more he

is the mediator of a better Covenant

which is established upon better

promises we have all the promises

Jerusalem had and we have all the

promises of the New

Testament yes God has warned you he has

warned me he has warned us all that

there are times that

come that are going to test the very

righteous and I’m want to tell you and I

want you to hear me well the more

righteous you are the closer you walk to

Jesus the hungry you are for him the

more you seek his face the more you are

going to be tried and tempted and tested

as no other

Christian dear sister on our maing list

this is

uh sent us the this note dear brother

David I feel let of the Lord to send you

these encouraging words from Brother

Fran jaan’s book the three Battlegrounds

and I want to read just a paragraph and

and here’s what it said in these closing

moments of this age the Lord will have a

people whose purpose for living is only

to please God with their

lives you know there are people like

that their only purpose for living is to


God you know the price that kind of

person is going to pay in them God finds

his own reward for creating man they

become his

worshippers oh thank God for worshippers

if you are true worshipper watch

out they are on earth only to please God

and when he is pleased they are pleased

the Lord takes them farther and through

more pain and more conflicts than other

men outwardly these people seem to be

smitten of God and Afflicted yet to God

they are his beloved when they are

crushed like the Petals of a flower they

exude worship the fragrance of which is

so beautiful and rare that Angels weep

in quiet at their

surrender one would think that God would

protect these who worship he would guard

them in such a way that they would not

be marred or broken instead they are

marred and broken more than any other

men indeed the Lord seems pleased to

crush them putting them to grief for in

the midst of the physical and emotional

pain their loyalty to Jesus Christ grows

pure and more perfect in the face of

persecution their love and worship

toward God becomes was all

consuming folks that’s the purpose of

suffering that’s the purpose of being

tried that God may bring us to a place

of sweetness a place of rest that we can

come to this he said in and quietness

and confidence shall be your security

that you’re secure because you have test

you’ve been tested to the Lord and you

didn’t murmur you didn’t complain you

didn’t quit but you grew in Christ It

produced the nature of Christ It

produced the beauty of Jesus in you

that’s why some of you going through it

you can’t understand it but Pastor Dave

never have I loved him more I’ve studied

I’ve wept I’ve cried I’ve prayed I

walked circumspective before God why am

I going through the trial that I’m going

through some of it is financial for some

of you some of it’s children some of

it’s family some of it’s physical I

don’t know what you’re going through

today is it your father your mother your

brother your sister your your children

is it just your own physical pain what

is you’re going through I don’t know but


does but he said that’s common that is

not to be considered something unusual

and if God doesn’t deliver you

immediately I can tell you one thing

he’ll give you all the grace you need to

see it

through there was a persistent woman who

cried night and day for justice and

avengeance she kept coming to the

judge and the judge said because she

bothers me I’ll answer but the Lord

Jesus himself and shall not God avenge

or protect his own elect which cry unto

him night and day though he bear along

with them I tell you and this is Jesus

speaking Jesus I tell you that he will

avenge them speedily nevertheless when

the son of man cometh shall he find

faith on the earth God said make sure

you understand that the Lord will fight

your battles the Lord will do it

now beloved Jesus was the

Fulfillment given to all the

prophets of the promise you read about

the promise all the Old Testament that

was Jesus that was the Messiah coming

was given to all the prophets I want you

go to Luke please the first chapter of

Luke need something to give you great

encouragement it’s one of my favorite

passages of scripture Luke 1 beginning

to read verse 68

you should read this every week or every

time you’re

downcast Luke 1

chapter chapter beginning read verse

68 blessed be the Lord God of Israel


is Zachariah speaking blessed be the

Lord God of Israel for he ha visited and

redeemed his people

and has raised up a horn of salvation

for us in the house of his servant David

who is that power of Salvation that horn

Jesus Christ Our Lord

hallelujah as he spake by the mouth of

his holy prophets which have been since

the world began that we should be saved

from what our enemies and from the hand

of how many all that hate us to perform

the mercy promised to our fathers and to

remember His Holy Covenant the oath

which he swear to Our Father Abraham

that he would Grant unto us that we

being what delivered out of the hand of

our enemies might serve him without fear

in Holiness and righteousness before him


long all the days of our life without

fear all the days of our life God

dealing with your enemies in in your

household your enemies on the job your

enemies on the street demonic Powers

principalities and powers of Darkness

whatever it may be that comes against

you the Lord says I will deliver you

from all your enemies so that you live

out all your days in peace and rest in


Lord I want you to go to Isaiah back to


30 the 30th chapter of Isaiah


you see God comes to Jerusalem with

these wonderful promises he saidif

you’ll call on me I’ll hear you you’ll

hear a voice behind you saying this is

the way walk in it when you turn to the

right or to the left he said if you’ll

simply call on me I will hear you and I

will answer you he said I will deliver

you and I’ll handle all your

enemies but the scripture makes it clear

that Israel whether that Jerusalem and

Judah did not listen to The Prophet did

not listen to the word of God and the

scripture says they panicked and they

did not consult the Lord but they had

their own committee meetings they met in

private and they said who sees it God

doesn’t see it and they counseled among

themselves and they did not call on the

name of the Lord they didn’t seek the

guidance of the Holy Spirit but they

turned to the arm of the flesh they got

on Swift horses and sent ambassadors to

Egypt they went to Zoar and and to

haes and they sent their ambassadors on

Swift horses and they turned to the arm

of the flesh look at Chapter 30 verse 15

if you will please woe unto them that

seek deep to hide their counsel from the

Lord and their works are in the dark and

they say who seeth us and who knoweth us


30 uh no that that’s uh chapter 2913 I

want you to uh go to chapter 30: 15

again this is chapter 30:1 15 for thus

sayith the Lord God the Holy One of

Israel in returning and rest shall ye be

saved in quietness and confidence shall

be your strength and you would not now

folks look at me please this is the

prophet Isaiah standing before the

people he said the Assyrians are coming

within a year and he said all all you

have to do is stand still and see the

salvation of the Lord all you do is cry

out to the Lord and He will come and

deliver you and while they’re gathering

around you while all this turmoil is

around you you’re going to have your

mind at rest and peace that’s going to

be your strength that’s going to see you

through if you’ll just take my word but

he said you would not you would not

listen to that you wouldn’t take it they

panicked and they said no we want to see

action the Lord works too

slow oh is’t that just the way we

are God has made us great and precious

promises whereby we’re made partakers of

his divine nature you know the hardest

thing it is for a Christian or a child

of God to do is to stand still and see

the salvation of the lord we want

something to happen so we get on our

Swift horses just like Israel we run

down to Egypt Egypt is flesh Egypt is

man-made methods you see the Bible says

that the Holy Ghost is our comforter and

whether and rather than accept that and

rest in that we run to our friends we

get on the telephone we look for some

human comforter who do you run to in


Brattle who do you go to who hears your

ear you run to the Lord or you

immediately pick up your phone you say

I’ve got a good friend this friend has

there this friend will help me out the

Bible says Jesus is our healer and

rather than rest on that we run to our

doctors we run to our hospitals we run

to our experts we really don’t trust the

Lord you and I know

that when we are in battle when we’re in

trouble we run to some counselor we run

we have we have Christians now that

just go to the Christian

bookstore look at all the people lined

up on the howto books how to find

happiness how to solve your loneliness

problem there must must be 10,000 books

on how to to overcome loneliness written

by lonely people who don’t know what

they’re talking

about they’re trying to solve their own

problems God said if you will seek me

your ears shall hear a word behind you

saying this is the way walk in it when

you turn to the right hand and turn to

the left all God said Israel or Judah

Jerusalem Judah will you just lean on me

folks I’m telling you we don’t do that

somehow this has to get into your heart

I’ve stood in this platform in this

Pulpit this past year especially I’ve

been looking back over the messages I’ve

preached and the notes folks I have

preached more on this subject than any

other subject this past year brother

Carter has stood here and others have

stood here trying to get us to believe


not to lean on the arm of the Flesh and

to rest in his promises it has been

coming at us time and time again and God

must know he must know and I know he

does that many of us have been grieving

him because I can preach the kind of

message I’m preaching this morning about

just trusting his word and leaning not

on the flesh but leaning on his word and

his promises and people will come up to

brother that was a good word I can meet

him out on the street boy that was good

boy Lord touched me that’s Sunday by

Wednesday the trial is Raging around

them and you thought I hadn’t said a

word about trust everything they heard

Sunday morning or Sunday night they

forgotten and they’re on the telephone

they’re in panic they’re on their Swift

horses running to

Egypt I’m telling you that wounded the

heart of God God was wounded he’s

grieved because rather than being in a

secret closet pouring out their hearts

they’re down sitting in the council

rooms with the Egyptians who were

Heathen worshiping idols and they’re

pouring out their heart to these

Egyptian Lords these very Egyptian Lords

that God once wounded and destroyed the

posterity of these people and here they

are with their seed sitting down in

these Council rooms saying look the

Assyrians are coming against us we’re

going to be in the Battle of our life we

are weak we can’t stand it we will pay

any price

if you come and protect us what does how

does the heart of God feel when his own

children having all these promises turn

away from him and run all Swift horses

to the camp of the Egyptians and they’re

unburdening and unusing themselves to

these men and God said it’s a shame he

said they can’t help

you and the prophet is incredulous he

can’t believe their blindness

he said You’ you”ve lost your

discernment woe to the rebellious

children that go down to Egypt and if

not ask at my mouth and they go to

strengthen themselves in the strength of

pharaoh and to trust in the shadow of

Egypt and the prophet comes along and he

said you know why you don’t hear the

word of God for the Lord’s poured out

upon you a spirit of deep sleep and he’s

closed your eyes you so many times

trying every battle has been a test he’s

tested you and tested you failed and you

failed and you failed and here they are

at an ultimate

test folks I want to tell you

something if you’ve never heard anything

ever preached in this Pulpit before

listen now listen to a pastor who’s

learning I’m sorry I had to wait till

I’m this age in my 60s to learn some of

these lessons but you can preach this

gospel all your life you can talk about

faith you can preach it you can preach

about trusting the Lord but I want to

tell you it only comes through trials it

only comes through test and I wish I had

learned in some of the former tests that

I wouldn’t have to be test so severely

at this time in my Ministry in my age

that I would have to go s through such

severe testing till I finally learn this

lesson to just step back and trust God

and call on his name let him take care


everything I have learned in a time of

slander and abuse to stand still and see

the salvation of God not try to defend

myself for the house of

God I used to be a fighter there was a

time 10 years ago before I came to New

York you ever touch

me you came near

me you’ll pick your up off the

street must God I’m a

prophet I didn’t say that but I felt

it you touch me and you

dead no folks that’s all

gone and you know

why because in the test you’re not to

retaliate you’re not to take the battle

in your own hands you don’t sit around

questioning is God doing this or the

devil doing this it don’t

matter if he’s chastening you he said

blessed are you whom the Lord loves he

said well God you must love me an awful

lot to test me like

this but some of you are not there yet

you’re still f fting somebody talks

about you on the job start a rumor you

going to start another

one you’re going to retaliate you’re

going to get

even that’s not the Christ

Way the test you’re going through are

you want to sit around when when do you

stop complaining and say oh God where


you why are you doing this to

me Lord I’ve never loved you more than I

do why why why why why that’s the only

word some of us get out of our

trials and the hardest thing to do and

I’m telling you this and it’s the only

way is to rest and stand still and say

God teach me the lessons I want to learn

open my mind open my heart there’s so

much that he wants to teach

us you

saywell brother deep I’ve been walking

with God for 30

years well folk I’ve been walking with

God longer than that and as a pastor I’m

still learning you’re going to learn too

forget how long you’ve been walking with

God I know people walk God 50 years and

they’re still babies have learned hardly

anything and they don’t understand why

the Lord keeps testing and trying


Hallelujah God was greatly offended when

they panicked and rushed down to Egypt

God calls it outright Rebellion when we

refuse to when we refuse to rest on his

promises woe to the rebellious children

that take counsel but not of me they’ve

not asked at my mouth they depend on

horses and they trust in chariots

because they are many but they look not

unto the Holy One of Israel neither do

they seek the

Lord beloved all through the word we

have been warned that we’re going to go

through this and that God tells us that

if you’re a true worshipper you’re going

to be tried more than anything else but

the truth is the majority of God’s

people do not rest on the Promises they

don’t now God solve this feverish

activity going on he saw them rushing

down to Egypt can you see their ambass

and their princes they’ve got Swift

horses and they’re all excited they’re

going to work out their own problem go

ahead get on your Swift horse the Bible

said the horses that are following you

are just a Swift and you can’t outrun


problems there no place on Earth you can

outrun what you’re going through

wherever you go it’s still there because

the horses the Bible said after you are

Swift as your

horses just about you think well that’s

all over you turn around there it is

still following

you no you can’t outrun your problems

and you and and these men Panic they’re

trying to outrun their

problem look now with me here’s the

heart of my message Verse 18 Chapter

30 God looks down at it and he says and

therefore will the Lord

wait that he may be gracious unto

you I’ll wait look at me please

God says

okay you don’t need me right now because

you’re so busy doing it

yourself I’m just going to wait I want

to be gracious I want to hear you I’m

ready I I have a plan I’ll do it my time

and way I’m testing you to see if you’re

just sitting right and rest get off your

horse but he said and this is the reason

why God has not answered

many of you because you’re still so busy

trying to work it out figure it out and

Lord it’s okay I’m going to wait till

you exhaust all your human effort I’m

going to wait until you completely are

exhausted and say well to whom shall I

go that’s where he wants you where you

are hopeless In the Flesh there no man

there no woman there no program there

nothing on the face of the Earth is

going to help you and you say all right

God I quit I resign you do it you do

it David said I Cried unto the Lord with

my voice and my voice unto the Lord did

I make my supplication I poured out my

sorrow before him I showed before him my

trouble when my spirit was overwhelmed

within me then thou knewest my path God

said come on to me now and pour out your

your soul tell me what you’ve tried I

understand I’ve followed you I’ve


you lord said wait I’ll wait till you’re

exhausted I’ll wait till you’re tired of

trying to figure it out and you just you

just fall back and say God it’s

absolutely Beyond me I can’t fight it I

can’t do anything about it I can’t


it I can’t my finances my family Lord

it’s there it’s been thrust upon

me I have to just endure it but oh God

you’re going to have to give me strength

you have to figure this whole thing

out and the Lord said let let’s let’s go


Hallelujah he said I’m going to wipe

away your tears in the next verse for

the people dwell in Zion Jerusalem thou

shall weep no more for he will be very

gracious unto to

you uh he was very gracious unto thee at

what the voice of thy cry and when he

shall hear it he will answer

thee first mess it was the second

message I heard Pastor Carter preach

when a cry becomes a prayer is that it

and that’s when I got on my car phone

and called him he come down here and

preach which led to his being

here and I know he preaches this and I

know how diligently I preach it but

folks somehow by the Holy Spirit it has

to find its Mark today and change us as

a people God cannot build a strong

Church on people who are not

convinced that

God is on their side that God sees and

knows all and that he alone by faith to

those who call call and cry to his

name folks I don’t do anything anymore

anything that comes my way you know

where I go I don’t get on a phone I

don’t call Pastor Carter I don’t call

any Pastor anywhere on the face of the

earth I don’t even sit down and talk

over with my wife I love her but I I

don’t take my problems to

her my wife I love it she she can’t

touch that space in me she can’t help me

there she can’t heal

me we can encourage one another it

doesn’t touch that

spot so I go into my study and I shut

the door or I go out get in my car and

go to Pennsylvania and go up in a

mountain and I’ll spend three or four

hours just walking and crying my heart

out I I’m burden my whole soul I tell

him everything I weep I cry and I say

God you said and I use this very verse

you said when I cry you’ll hear me and

you’ll deliver

me and I’ll tell you after when I come

out when I come out of that secret

closet or when I come away from that

walk with God there’s something inside

of me that can settle on this in

quietness and confidence is your

strength there is strength that comes

God reassures you then you’re not

looking to the arm of Flesh you don’t

have to call anybody you don’t have to

talk it over with anybody that doesn’t

mean you’re a law to yourself or that

you’re just a loner but then when you

come out you’re talking Faith you’re

talking God’s on the throne you’re not

trying to figure anything out but folks

God has waited and waited sometimes on

me he going to stand by and

wait you can you you can you can pray

for eight hours a day you can seek God

with all all that you are in the flesh

you can read chapter after chapter after

chapter you can read whole books you

read the whole Bible but if you don’t

have faith in his promises in his word

nothing’s going to happen

for the Egyptians shall help in vain and

to no purpose and they shall be to you A

shame and a

reproach you turn to the flesh it ends

in nothing but shame and reproach but oh

I love this he will be very not just

gracious but very gracious to you at the

voice of your cry and when he hears it

he will answer thee all right before I

now go to chapter chapter 30:

20 and

21 the the Lord give you the bread of

adversity and the water of

Affliction how many of you going through

that right now bread of Affliction water

of trouble raise your hand am I a

preaching to

myself I said how many of being tested

and tried raise your hand quit

hiding well there’s still some of you

hiding I’ll tell you what if it doesn’t

if this doesn’t apply to you today get

the tape by Wednesday it

will verse 20 and though the Lord give

you the bread of adversity who gives it


you the bread of adversity the water of

Affliction yet shall not thy teachers be

REM moved into a corner anymore but then

I shall see thy teachers and folks you

know what this is this is revelation

this is who who is our teacher the Holy

Spirit these are Revelations of the holy

spirit will never won’t be hidden to you

anymore because you’re trusting in the

Lord there going to be Revelations of

the Holy Spirit the holy spirit is going

to guide you now he going to lead you

through he going to tell you how and

what to do sometimes you just say stand

still don’t do anything and then he will

give you direction that there’ll be a

revelation of who God is who Jesus is

and you’ll be standing there but you

won’t be standing still you’ll be

learning there’ll be a process of

learning your teacher will not be hidden

anymore nothing will be hidden from your

eyes you’ll be learning verse 21 and

thine ears shall hear word behind thee

saying this is the way walk you in it

when you turn to the right hand and when

you turn to the left he said I’m going

to make your path clear to you you’re

going to know and understand and folks I

don’t have time you go through the rest

of the chapter and it’s all about how

God’s going to bless you and prosper you

in the in the spirit of Christ in the

glory of God how he’s going to lead you

and give you the bread of increase

Hallelujah he’s on the throne he’s not

going to

fail some of you need a baptism of Faith


morning you need to quit figuring things

out some of you haven’t slept good for a

long time God wants to give you a holy

ghost sleeping pill

today that you can go to bed tonight and

rest and say

Lord you take it from here will you


please now beloved look my

way I’ve been in the ministry long


to understand that God doesn’t speak

like this unless he has

reason he knows what he’s doing the Holy

Ghost knows what he’s doing if I’m

convinced of anything it’s

that and he’s trying to accomplish

something in your

heart first of all I want you to know if

you’re going to seek God with all your

heart you’ve got today to settle this

matter you’re going to be attempted

you’re going to be tried you’re going to

be tested you’re going to be persecuted

how many understand that now the closer

you get to God the more Fierce it can

get I tell you what the the Lord won’t

keep you in that

condition he comes to

deliver but do you understand now the

reason why he waits to

answer he’s waiting for you to quit

figuring it out

he wants you to quit running around

trying to solve your own

problem he wants you to just give him

simple childlike faith and say

Jesus everything I’m in right now is


me and I know some of you need

strength it’s not that you doubt the

lord it’s not that you uh have any

intention of ever leaving or wounding

him but in their flesh you’re


some of you only been saved a year or


maybe you don’t

understand it may be that everything’s

going well but something inside the

enemy comes at your faith he comes at

you he comes at your family he comes

with worry he comes with fear and those

are the battering rams of the enemy fear

guilt condemnation and so many things he

just batters and batters and

batters what are you going to do you

going to panic are you going to stand on

his word he said I’ll make a way of

Escape I will I’ll keep you from falling

and I’ll present you faultless before

his throne with exceeding Joy I will I

will I

will and that’s what faith rest on oh

God you do

it I’m telling you I stand here now

because he’s brought me


he has

delivered he brought me into his

banqueting house and His Banner Over Me

Is Love

Hallelujah God wants to bring everybody

in this church this morning out of your

pit of despair he wants you to walk out

of here with a song in your heart joy in


step having committed everything to him

casting all your care upon him because

he cares for you

I want first of all the first invitation

up the balcony here in the main floor

those first that are going through a

severe attack you’d have to say I’m like

the children of Israel the enemy has

surrounded me the batter Rams are on me

and I I have just been tried and tested

as never before in my life I’m really

going through it Pastor Dave I want you

to get up your seat first balcony go to

either uh side the stairs and come down

any aisle I want to pray that God this

morning give you a great victory that

he’ll lift this burden from your heart

today if you’re backsliding if you’re

not right with Jesus come and follow

these that are coming say I I need I

need to come back to my first love for

Jesus maybe you’ve never been right with

God come and make it right right now God

will deliver you please move close and

move in close because there be a lot of

people coming all

right Hallelujah

you that are standing here that came

forward Holy Spirit just spoke something

to my heart I don’t think we realize how

serious how uh what a storm some of you


through I’m going to ask a question I

for love the Holy Spirit to ask and this

is not to be showy or anything else but

to show how serious ious it is for some

of you how many of you have gone through

it so badly lately the enem has even

whispered to your heart there’s no

purpose in living you might as well take

your life raise your hand

please raise it

high that’s what I thought that’s why

the Holy Spirit laid in my

heart have you been coming here for how



months God’s going to give you a great

Deliverance this morning that’ll never


again isn’t the Lord wonderful that he

knows what you’re going through and he

prepares a precious word just to lift

you out of that it reminds you how much



huh ain’t that

wonderful now I’m going to come against

these lying

Spirits I’m going to speak the word of

faith I’m one of his Shepherds he’s

anointed me for

this and I want you to know I want you

to believe the Lord but I want you to

believe with me that as I pray God’s

going to break the hold of this lying SP

spirit is trying to bring you down the

devil only holds you through lies once

the LIE is broken once it’s exposed he

has no power he has no



Hallelujah I want you to just lift both

hands you don’t have way up just just

that’s Lord I Surrender father in Jesus

name I come against every prince andal

and power of Darkness I’m asking you

father to bind and rebuke every lying

Spirit every lying spirit that has come

against the children of God and those

who been cold and backslid and those are

going through trials and temptations

you’re the great deliverer and I speak

the word of faith right now that you

break these chains every demon power

you’re commanded to depart in Jesus name

and go your way into the abyss go your

way Break These Chains father by your

Holy Spirit Break this chains break the

power of these lies as we begin to

praise you come now holy ghost encourage

a spirit of encouragement to place the

lying spirits to replace the spirit of

the devil the spirit of God and the

spirit of encouragement now just tell

him you love him right now worship him

and let the spirit of God come upon you

Holy Spirit fall upon this church

because we trust in the Living Word of


Lord we have taken your Authority now

over all principalities and powers of

Darkness the lying spirits of hell that

were deceive and I speak against every

thought of suicide that is here this

morning that those thoughts never return

not one should be lost to this demon of

of suicide this demonic influence in

Jesus name I bind that spirit I bind it

in Jesus name


and that spirit is

bound and you’re commanded to never

return to harass these Minds again put a

wall of fire now Lord round about and be

the protection of these your


Hallelujah I want everybody in this

church we’re going to sing that again

whom Shall I Fear you have we have no

one to

fear nobody to fear the Lord is with us

he’s with you he wants to deliver you

rejoice in it now this is the conclusion

of the