This is “The Walls Will Fall”. When Joshua walked around the walls of Jericho, his obedience to God caused the walls that held him from God’s promise to come down. When you finish the final seven days of your fast, God will do the same to whatever walls you are facing. The Enemy may have tried everything he can do to hold you back, but if you remain obedient to God this week, you will watch God do what you cannot do on your own. To hear more inspiring messages from Jentezen Franklin, visit…

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I want you to turn with me in your

Bibles to the Book of Joshua chapter 6

you can just open it there and you can

kind of follow along I’m not going to

take time to read the whole story but

this story is found in the first few

verses and I’m going to preach out of

the Book of Joshua this morning but I’m


today about the walls will fall as we

fast and

pray get

ready we’ve got seven more days

of this fast and prayer

season and I want you to get your faith

up this morning get your joy up this

morning to get ready for the walls to

fall the enemy builds walls it starts

with one brick and he adds another brick

and another brick the bricks have names

the brick of doubt the brick of Fear The

Brick of negative thinking generational

curses hate unforgiveness oppression


addictions and he says there’s no way

out there’s no way to be free enslaving

sin is one of those bricks but boy when

you get serious with God and you focus

your faith on seven days of fasting and

prayer and jump in on this fast and join

us I believe that the walls will fall

Joshua chapter 6 it runs parallel this

story runs parallel with fasting and

prayer for the last seven days of this

fast I want to give you some quick

lessons from Joshua’s story and the

Israelite story and what God is saying

to us for the next seven days number

one God gave Joshua a simple

instruction he said get out there and

March around the walls of Jericho one

time for six days days and on the

seventh day March seven

times and Joshua could have said this is

crazy this is stupid I’ll just go get a

battering round and I can knock the door

down why am I why why in the world would

I do that that makes no sense that

fasting and prayer stuff I don’t believe

in that I don’t believe in miracles and

that is your problem we try to fix our

problems our way we think that what we

think and what we do is all that matters

we take things in our own hands but

instead of following God’s simple

formula God’s simple prescription for a

miracle he gives a plan he gives an

instruction and one of God’s

instructions if you want to see the

walls fall is fast and pray for seven

days keep going keep fasting keep

believing and then the second thing

after he gave him a simple and some of

you say say that’s too simple that won’t

work if we’ll do what the Bible says God

will back it

up the second thing that God said in

Joshua chapter 5 he came near the Bible

said Jericho and he saw a man with a

sword in his hand and he fell at his

feet and he began to worship and

suddenly when he looked up even though

before he was seen the massive walls is

they would be higher than the ceiling of

this building history records and they

were much probably twice that length and

instead of seeing those walls he saw

someone who said I am the captain of the

lord of the armies of angels that are in

heaven I am the commander I am the one

who commands the armies of heaven and

instead of seeing that wall listen

carefully in that moment he got his

Focus off of the walls and he got his

focus on that angel that we know was

really Jesus and theologians would tell

you that he looked up and he saw Jesus

you got to get your eyes off the wall

for the next seven days and get down and

begin to worship God and March and obey

the simple instructions of getting your

eyes off that problem that is so big

those walls that are so so high and so

thick and get them on Jesus fix your

eyes on the commander of the armies of

Heaven I will look unto the hills from

which cometh my help my help is the Lord

and the Lord is bigger than that wall

and suddenly the wall goes out of focus

and he begins to focus on Jesus when you

fast and pray the focus comes off the

problem and it comes on the one who said

I’m the Lord and I will lead you and I

will guide you and I will honor you and

I will raise you and I will cause your

heart to be healed I will make a way for

you I will bless you you focus on that

one not on the walls fasting makes you

do that prayer makes you do that and

then in Joshua 5 and 15 he said take

your shoes off Joshua you’re on Holy

Ground now listen to me carefully when

he said take your shoes off what does

that mean that represents the past take

the past off why do you say it

represents since the past let me prove

it Deuteronomy 29 and verse 5 God said

for 40 years I led you in the wilderness

and your clothes did not wear out watch

this nor did your sandals wear out on


feet but they had traffic through the

Wilderness the dust of everywhere they

had been for 40 years they were wearing

the same shoes and God said I’m not

taking you into the same place you’ve

been walking in you’re crossing over

into the promised land and I need you to

take your shoes off let go of the past

the Lord’s about to take you into your

promised land and you can’t bring the

old you’ve got to get rid of the old

take off your shoes get rid of it get

rid of it Ephesians 6 and verse1 15

tells us that shoes mean something else

said have your feet Shaw with the

preparation or the Readiness of the

gospel shoes represent Readiness and

here’s what I’m trying to get you to see

so many times we’re so ready to go out

and get the job done we’re so ready to

just you know get our shoes on and go go

make it happen in ourselves but when you

fast and when you pray God saying take

your shoes off and be still and know

that I am God take your shoes off I

don’t want you to run out into the

battle I don’t want you to handle this

your way I want you to spend some time

with me the ne all I need Joshua for

victory the next seven days is for you

to get your listen to my simple

instruction believe it and do it and

then get the focus off the wall and get

it on me and listen take your shoes off

be still and know that I am God and then

he said something powerful to Joshua

earlier in that book in Joshua chapter 1

he said three times be strong and

courageous for I am with you be strong

and courageous and then he said meditate

on the word day and night and then these

are biblical words you will be

prosperous and successful

I do not apologize for those two

words it’s not a it’s not by chance if

you meditate in the word day and night

you will be prosperous you will be

successful if you keep this word and you

live it God Will Raise You Up From the

Ashes God will supply all your needs

according to his riches and Glory God

invented meditation don’t let the

counterfeit religions act like they’re

deep in meditation before they ever

heard of meditation God said meditate on

this wake up with the word go to bed

with the word play the word in your car

listen to it in music listen to it on

tape listen to it on whatever you got

iPods or Internet or what get the word

to flow in in you meditate on the word

of God and God says if you do it you

will be strong if you do it you will be

courageous if you’ll do it you you will

be prosperous if you do it you will be

successful well I don’t believe in that

stuff well you get real spiritual when

you’re in a financial crisis never make

fun or be little people who believe God

to supply all their needs I started with

nothing but this book and I meditated in

it and everything God has done for his

glory I want to say you can prosper and

be successful no matter where you start

somebody give him a shout and I’ll

stop single mother you can prosper and

be successful former drug addict former

jail bird in the prison doesn’t look

like you’ll ever be a provider you

meditate in that book right there open

it up while you’re behind bars and watch

God begin to open doors no man can stop

you can Pro say I will be bold I will

You’re Pitiful I said say I will be bold

I will I will be courageous I I will

prosper and I will be successful to the

glory of God take a praise break and

really Praise



Glory Glory this is not a theory and

hope so for me I know

he loves to bless his people pressed

down shaking together running over shall

men give unto your


Hallelujah you don’t have to live in

fear you don’t have to live like a

little worm you don’t have to go around

oh God if I could just get by where in

the Bible does it say he’s a get by God

where in the Bible does it say just

don’t believe for anything just develop

a theology no I just don’t like that uh

God wants me prosperous and successful

okay we’ll go with your Doctrine for a

second we’ll give you 30 seconds God

Wants You Broke Tore Up From the Floor

Up unsuccessful he gets a lot of Glory

out of your

unsuccess and deep

poverty I don’t believe that the gospel

elevates everything it


hallelujah hallelujah follow God’s


instruction fix your eyes on the

commander of the armies of

Heaven take off your shoes be still and

know that I’m God worship me spend some

time with me meditate in my word day and

night you’ll be strong

courageous prosperous and

successful here’s a big

one he said Joshua send two SP to

Jericho ahead of the

March there’s going to be a prostitute

by the name of

RAB and because she’s going to help

you and hide your spies when the king

finds out they’re there and try to kill

them I want

you I want you to save her and her whole

house when they came to the city her

family was broken her family was known

as she was a prostitute that was

known but when the story ends the only

house that standing is rahab’s house on

a portion of the wall and she had all

her family in it under a red scarlet

cord that was blowing in the wind that

red cord represented the bloodline of


family now listen to me

carefully because ra have appears in the

bloodline of Jesus

Christ I couldn’t believe this but I

preached a sermon many years ago and I

have the they do transcripts of my

sermons and a lot of times I’ll ask for

them and they can get them in a minute

on a computer and I can read and

remember things that I might have

forgotten and um I had preached on this

subject before and I called the sermon I

can’t I was I was young and dumb I was

not wise and old like I am now but but I

preached on Rahab The Prostitute and you

know what I titled the sermon The Happy

Hooker I cannot believe that but that

was the name of my sermon how about

swallowed my tongue but it’s a good

title because she became the

mother of a child named Boaz she met her

husband and became the mother of Bo Boaz

and Boaz married Ruth and Ruth and Boaz

had a baby named oid and oid had a son

named D Jesse and Jesse had a son named

David and Jesus was the descendant of


bloodline what I’m trying to say to you

is Joshua had no idea that his actions

for the next seven days would affect

entire generations and the entire world

and put him in Matthew chap 1 in the

bloodline of Jesus

Christ God is not holding your past

against you he didn’t hold the past

against Rahab he said okay if you’re

going to fly the red CT and be part of

my bloodline I’m going to cancel

generational curses off of you and your

children and your children’s generation

and I’m going to put blessings on future

Generations all the way down to Jesus

coming out of her

bloodline oh I don’t know who I’m

preaching to but every dad every mom

every W toe Dad or Mom ought to shout

future Generations are being affected by


this here’s another one I’m almost

done the next thing God told him he said

now listen while they’re Marching for

the first six days tell them to be quiet

and not speak a word keep silent the

next seven days keep

silent quit complaining quit talking

about the

wall quit talking about the wall quit

talking about this and that quit being

negative quit speaking defeat quit

speaking that old thing I’m married to

quit speaking

that just obey the simple instructions

shut up zip your

lip maybe you need to shut down social

media wouldn’t that be something just

shut up get off get

offline just shut up and say I’m giving

God the next seven

days stop blaming others stop

complaining hold your tongue I give you

permission right now that if anybody

starts speaking negative things around

you and your family and they’re sitting

near you now if they’re not a Believer

you better not try it but if they’re in

here and they’re hearing this sermon I

give you permission to interrupt them

mid service and say Pastor Franklin said

zip it zip it zip it zip it that’s not

life you’re speaking that’s not Victory


speaking ask God ask God the Holy

Spirit to make you so sensitive that he

could interrupt you mids

sentence should you be speaking anything

about a person that that you’re

believing for on the other side of that

wall and it may blow up this week but

you stand right there and have the

confession of your mouth fix your eyes

on Jesus and have the confession of your

mouth the Bible

says Proverbs

29 verse 11 a fool gives full vent to

his Spirit they just let it

flow but a wise man quietly holds back

and keeps quiet Psalms 141 and verse

three set a guard over my mouth keep

watch over the door of my lips God told

Joshua order your army to speak not a

word all I want the enemy to hear from

you is the sound of

marching Seven Days Seven priests seven

trumpets seven seventh day after seven

times of marching on that day seven


then blow the

trumpet the blowing of the trumpet is

the wind going through that instrument

and you’re God’s instrument and the wind

of the holy spirit is ready to refill us

all and God’s plan will bring the

Victory and the walls will

fall Mark 10 and verse 9 what God has

joined together let no man put a under

Hebrews 13 and verse4 let marriage be

held in honor among all men if Ephesians

5:33 husbands love your wives as you

love yourselves and wives see that you

respect your

husbands God says I can restore that

ring on your hand as you

march I can help you I can deliver you

fast and

pray and here’s what I want to say in

closing choose the joy of the

Lord let there be joy and gladness God’s

going to give you Beauty for Ashes so

act like

it receive the breath of fresh air from

the holy spirit this

week fasting takes your prayer level to

a to your prayers to an to a whole

another level fasting moves


fasting tears down

walls this is your

shot this is your chance

and when the trumpet blows on the

seventh day God told God’s people to

shout for the Lord has given you the

city he’s giv you the family he’s giving

you what’s on the other side of the pain

and the walls Must

Fall if you’re hurting today and you’re

watching right now and you want to give

your life to Jesus I want to lead you in

that prayer start the year off strong

start the year off right give him your

life just pray this prayer say Jesus

Christ I receive you into my heart I

receive your forgiveness I receive your

love I receive your goodness I receive

your help I praise you that you love me

and I surrender to you in this new year

I give it to you you in Jesus name amen

something happens when you call the

number on the screen or you go to the

website and you click on the Salvation

Tab and you say I prayed that prayer

with Pastor Franklin and today I believe

Jesus is Lord of my life we’re going to

send you a free devotional we want to

send it to you free of charge in your

new walk with the Lord and as we begin a

new year what a Time to get closer to

God through fasting and prayer I never

get tired of saying it and I want to

invite you to join me and our entire

congregation and Global audience for our

annual 21-day fast if you don’t

understand how to fast I’ll be your

fasting coach I have so much material

plenty of fasting resources this is the

20th anniversary of the year that I

wrote the first book on fasting that uh

became a New York Times bestseller

because people were awakened to the

message of fasting I want to encourage

you to put God first and seek him with

all of your heart in 2024 go online and

get your resources today and before we

leave I want to thank every one of you

from the bottom of my heart for sewing

seed into helping us bless the nation of

Israel in our latest initiative the eso

region is one that we have sown millions

of dollars into

because it’s right on the Gaza border

and there we’re going to build a new

healing place called The resilience

Center can you imagine the bombs going

off all the time it never stops can you

imagine the mental

torment but Jesus said Comfort Comfort

my people why don’t you pray and see

what God would have you do today do your

very best let’s do this and let’s be a

blessing to the nation of Israel and to

the people of Israel and pray for that

whole region of Gaza pray for the

Palestinians there many women and

children In Harm’s Way and they need to

know that they are loved and cared about

and so let’s stand in prayer let’s stand

in support and my announcer is going to

tell you how you can be a part of the

blessing in the holy land for the nation




over the past 5 years friends and

partners of Jensen Franklin media

Ministries have worked to help build an

amazing Kingdom play school four

fortified bomb shelters and a fire

station for the eshco region in southern

Israel near Gaza thankfully we can

report that these shelters and projects

played a vital role in protecting

Israeli families from this terror attack

together we have stood shoulder Tosh

shoulder with the brave people of these

communities for years that’s why we’re

partnering with the Jewish National Fund

to help build the Jensen Franklin media

Ministries eshal resilience Center here

Jewish men women and children who suffer

from PTSD anxiety disorders and other

emotional trauma will find

state-of-the-art facilities and

treatments in light of the devastating

circumstances here in ashol on October

7th the need for psychological support

is critical more than ever thank you

Pastor Jensen and all your partners we

know that you have our back yesterday

today and in the days to come thank you

let’s Stand United with Israel build

resilience and bring Comfort to those

who need it most go online today to see

how you can get

involved this program has has been

sponsored in part by friends and

partners of Jensen Franklin media

Ministries your prayers and financial

support make these programs possible for

more information about this message and

other Ministry resources visit us online

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