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into it so now I get to introduce our
speaker this morning who is Ricky Burj
he’s an amazing man of the word of God
he’s a great teacher I know we’re going
to be abundantly blessed His official
title for Caris Bible College is third
year manager currently is that correct
that’s right okay titles change a lot
around here so I’m always I’m always
asking I should have asked beforehand to
be like is this still your title and so
anyways Ricky we’re ready for whatever
you’re bringing us today so the word
appreciate it Julian absolutely praise
the Lord everybody um I hope you had a
great holiday weekend we had Christmas
we had New Year’s um and hope you got
some rest and you recharged and
refocused and ready to take take on 2022
I personally believe that this is going
to be a great year for God’s people I
know that God’s people have been through
a lot especially in the past year or two
um and I know there’s been a lot of
persecution and just a lot of
uncertainty and things haven’t been as
stable as they have been in the past and
um just seems like maybe the world and
even here in America maybe our nation is
like fragile and about to fall apart but
I do believe that this is um a great
time for God’s people and that the
darker it gets the brighter our lights
are going to shine and I think that
God’s going to show himself strong on
our behalf God better than ever and so
we are in the third grade awaken we are
it’s awesome and so I just want to talk
today about seeing through the Father’s
Eyes seeing through the father’s eyes
um we see no matter what we can’t help
but see and I don’t mean just seeing in
terms of like what color does somebody
have on like today Julianne said I got
Peach on but it’s actually Salon it’s
not pink it’s pink yeah so as a man I’m
I’m agreeing with Salon but um I’m not
talking about like seeing physically but
I mean in your heart like how do you see
yourself how do you see your life how do
you see your situation how do you see
your future how do you see the path that
you’re on how do you see your family how
do you see your marriage like how do you
see your ministry or your calling like
in your heart what how do you see and so
a lot of times times that can be
affected that part of our vision can be
affected by maybe other people’s opinion
we can see ourselves through how other
people see us we can see ourselves
through our past and all the things that
we’ve walked through and so that can
kind of shape the view that we have of
ourselves and even our future we can see
ourselves through the current situation
of what’s Happening currently in our
lives and so we but God has given us
Vision to be able to see through and to
be able to see beyond and to be able to
see on the other side of whatever may be
standing in front of you and so whatever
Mountain that you may be facing whatever
limitations that you may um feel um
surrounded by God has um given us the
ability to see through those things and
to see beyond those things and to see
the other side of those things so that
we are not limited and confined to those
temporary things and so that’s what we
want to talk about like how can I see
myself the way God sees me how can I see
my life and my future my Ministry my
family my my future the way God sees it
and uh the truth is you can’t afford not
to you can’t afford not to this is not
there’s no room for error here because
whatever you see is kind of it becomes a
self-fulfilling prophecy it’s what you
become and it’s what you experience and
so um a lot of times in life we think
that we have we have a life problem but
sometimes it’s just a vision problem
it’s just a sight problem we’re seeing
incorrectly or we’re not seeing at all
and so the Bible says in uh Proverbs
23:7 as a man thinks in his heart you
could even say as a man sees in his
heart so is he and so however you see in
your heart it actually um is a direct
correlation to what you see in your life
and so let’s look at John 5: 19 because
this is a principle that Jesus himself
lived by all right Jesus saw thing the
things we see in Jesus’s life he saw
them first in his heart in John 5:
19 um it says then Jesus answered and
said to them most assuredly I say to you
the son can do nothing of himself but
what he sees the father do for whatever
he does the son also does in like manner
okay so Jesus himself is saying that I
as a son of man I as the Messiah I as
God In the Flesh um I’m operating just
like you as a man filled with the Holy
Spirit living by faith walking in my
relationship with God you know that’s
why in I believe it’s John 14:12 it says
he who believes in me shall do the works
that I’ve done and uh greater because I
go to the father and so the things the
way that Jesus lived his life is the
same way that we are to live our life
he’s he’s the Prototype he’s the
firstborn of the many Brethren and so he
paved the way for the many Brethren he
was the firstborn but he’s not the only
born or the last born he was just the
first first and so you and I are coming
after him and so we can use his life as
a pattern on how we live our lives so
that we can get the same results that
Jesus had and so one of the keys to
Jesus’s success was the key or the
ability to see he says that the son of
man can do nothing of himself all right
but what I see the father do I myself
also do in the same way that I see the
father doing it and so the the that word
see there um it means to discerned
mentally it means to observe to perceive
to discover it also means to consider to
examine and to weigh carefully and so
when Jesus says that he says that he’s
Discerning with his heart he’s seeing
what the father’s doing in his life he’s
observing what the father’s doing he’s
perceiving it he’s discovering it cuz
you know you don’t he doesn’t just
always know it but in his heart he
discovered these things and every day it
more and more is being unveiled to him
and so Jesus saying I’m discovering and
I’m perceiving and I’m weighing
carefully what the father’s doing in my
life and what I see him do in my life I
put my faith to work and I jump I I do
that in real time and so that’s how it
works you have to do things in your
heart you have to see it in your heart
and then you can do it in your life and
you can see it in your life and that’s
how Jesus lived and that’s why he was so
successful he um his vision for his life
came from his father and he lived out
the vision that his father showed him
and so everything that we see in his
life Jesus first saw it in his heart
because the father was showing it to him
and then Jesus says I’m going to do
exactly what I see the father doing in
my heart in my in like manner the same
way I’m going to live that out and so um
we live out what we see in our hearts
and Jesus was limited to what he saw he
said the son can do nothing except what
I see the father do and so we are
limited to what we see if we can’t see
it we cannot do it and even Jesus that’s
what he’s saying I can do nothing of
myself if Jesus didn’t see it he didn’t
do it if Jesus didn’t see it he couldn’t
do it because he can do nothing of
himself except what the father showed
him and I would I would say that that’s
that’s the the Christ life that’s the
the Christian Life Is Us being able to
see what the father’s doing today to see
what the father’s doing in my future to
see what he’s doing with in my
relationships and in my my family and in
my Ministry I’m seeing the Lord working
in my life in my heart I may not see it
in my life yet but I’m seeing it in my
heart I’m perceiving it I’m discovering
it I’m observing it and I’m weighing it
carefully I’m paying attention to it I’m
taking uh great care and focus to see it
in my heart and once that picture is
painted in my heart and once I can see
it in my heart then you can see it in
your life then you have it but it’s not
the the opposite way around you have to
first of all take that time and spend
time with the father and let him um kind
of uh help you to see what he’s doing in
your life and then you have to cooperate
with him and so I would say this is that
many of the limitations that we have in
life they are self-imposed limitations
the devil doesn’t have power over us God
is for us he’s not against us he’s
already said yes and amen to everything
for you and me and so if God is already
saying yes and amen and if the devil
can’t uh he’s defeated he’s under our
feet then who what’s the other Factor
the factor is us and so Proverbs 4:23
says keep your heart with all diligence
for out of it spring the issues of life
for out of all heart come the issues of
life okay that word issues is talking so
so the issue of a man’s life is the
issue of a man’s heart that’s I mean
that’s what it’s saying that the issue
of my life is actually the issue of my
heart the origin of what’s happening in
my life is coming from my heart and so
as my heart goes so does my life go and
that word issues there actually uh it’s
translated borders it’s translated
boundaries throughout the Old Testament
and so it’s saying that a man can never
go up somewhere in his life until he
first goes there in his heart you know a
man can never put something into his
life unless he first of all puts it into
his heart and I can never take something
out of my life until first of all I take
it out of my heart see my heart creates
the borders and the boundaries of my
life it determines how far I go and so
if you want to enlarge your life you
have to enlarge your heart you have to
start thinking bigger and dreaming
bigger and believing bigger and and and
perceiving more of God and exploring
more of the Lord and Diving deeper into
the things of God in your heart and then
you’ll begin to see your life take on
the same kind of approach and so it’s so
so it’s not it’s not important what
other people think about you it’s not
important what the devil thinks about
you and even in context I would say it’s
not important even what God thinks about
you because it doesn’t matter unless you
think the same yeah and so what what’s
the question we have to ask ourselves is
what do I think about myself what do I
believe about myself what do I believe
about my life what do I believe about my
capabilities what do I believe about my
capacity what do I believe about my
skill set and my gifts and talents my
contribution to the world what do I
think about how far I can go what do I
think about the impact and influence I
can or should have you know those are
the things that either take you further
or take you backwards or keep you stuck
in the same place it’s cuz God God can’t
um you know the children of Israel God
did everything he could to take them out
of Egypt and take them into the promised
land but it didn’t matter that he
thought of them as a nation they still
thought of themselves as slaves it
didn’t matter that he still saw them as
free they still saw themselves as as in
bondage it didn’t matter that he saw
them as conquerors more than conquerors
they saw themselves as Grasshoppers and
so it’s important that we begin to take
on the mindset and mentality that God
has for us and this is a huge thing I
mean many of us think so small of
ourselves we think so little of
ourselves and it’s because of different
things that have happened but man we
have have to realize that we are
imposing limitations upon ourselves and
we have to break that cycle of of small
thinking we have to break that cycle of
Li limited thinking and we have to let
God open up our minds and we have to let
the Lord open up our hearts because
there are new possibilities that you may
have never thought he wants to do
exceedingly abundantly above and beyond
whatever you can ask or think actually
let me read this scripture for you and
um I want read the scription Isaiah CH
55 Isaiah 55: 8-9 and we’re still
talking about how you’re you are bigger
than you think and your life can be more
than you think and your future can be
brighter than you could even imagine all
right Isaiah 55:8 to9 it says for my
thoughts are not your thoughts nor are
your ways my ways says the Lord for as
the heavens are higher than the earth so
are my ways higher than your ways and my
thoughts than your your thoughts all
right so so so God doesn’t think like
you and I he thinks so much higher than
we do like the heaven is higher than the
earth so that means that whatever you
and I may think about ourselves
currently God thinks so much higher than
that then it’s like the heaven is higher
than the earth right so God thinks
highly of you how high does he think of
you just like the distance between the
heavens and the earth I mean it’s super
high God like he thinks highly of you
and so the the the challenge is it
doesn’t matter how much God thinks of us
if we don’t accept that for ourselves
and if we don’t adopt that mentality for
ourselves we have to see through the
father’s eyes and so some somebody may
say well this is pride it’s not pride
pride is when you think something
different than God thinks or pride is
disagreeing with God but humility is
agreeing with Goden so if God says
you’re more than a conqueror humility is
agreeing and saying you know what I I
may not feel that way and I may not even
be living like a but I am more than a
conqueror that’s humility but Pride
would be to say God I’m not more than a
conqueror I’m nothing and I’ll never be
that’s Pride that’s us saying that God
doesn’t know what he’s talking about no
God does know what he’s talking about
and one day in heaven you will see how
how high God thinks of you because God
is not um he’s not just trying to make
does feel good like it’s the he’s the
only one who has an accurate
understanding of who we truly are we
there are different mirrors in life
mirrors of people’s opinions mirrors of
your background mirrors of your family
mirrors of your government but God only
has the accurate mirror that when you
look into it you can see accurately who
you are God because we are his image and
we are his likeness amen and honestly if
that’s true then to believe in God is to
believe in yourself because you come
from him and that’s what God is trying
to do he’s trying to show us that we’re
we are one and the same he who was
joined to the Lord is one spirit with
him we are part of the same family like
as you as you see Jesus so are you in
this world like we’ve got to start
believing in ourselves and we and so
32 Psalm 32:
um and let me just say this as we go
there is is that like whoever controls
the Mind controls the man right as you
think in your heart so are you out of
your heart are the issues of life like
whoever controls the Mind controls the
man and I’ll just say that a lot of
times the devil doesn’t have to follow
us around and make us do anything he
doesn’t you know he doesn’t have to take
your hand and so true force you to eat
of the fruit no he programs your mind he
downloads his program in you and once
that program is downloaded then he can
leave you alone because the program is
doing all the work for him yeah and
that’s why I say the self-imposed
limitation it’s the program that we’ve
accepted it’s the program that we we we
run every day in our mind that is
actually creating the life that we’re
going to live and so that’s why renewing
our mind is so important because
renewing our mind is basically deleting
the devil’s program and uploading God’s
program yeah good so that you don’t see
yourself through the devil’s eyes but
now you see yourself through God’s eyes
yeah and so that’s that’s the major aim
of life and here’s why it’s so important
Psalm 32:8
to9 this is the Lord speaking he says I
will will instruct you and teach you in
the way you should go I will guide you
with my eye do not be like the horse or
like the mule which has no
understanding uh which must be harnessed
and bit with a bit and a bridal else
they will not come near you man I
remember God show me this I thought this
was so humbling it’s like animals have
to be led from the outside in right you
have to smack them to get them to go
this way or you put a thing on them to
turn them to the left or turn them to
the right you know that type of thing am
I doing it right Julian no cuz I know
you know exactly I do I like how to
drive a
car I’ve never driven a horse
before but but you know what I mean
right yeah absolutely I mean the holy
spirit is not in the horse leading him
right that’s huge he has to be led from
the outside yeah right so outward
circumstances have to push this animal
in the direction that it’s supposed to
go cuz it cannot be led from the inside
and that’s what God is saying he’s
saying I don’t want to lead you by
outward circumstances I don’t some
people think that they think oh this
happened so maybe God doesn’t want me to
do that or this happens so maybe God
wants me to do that that’s not how God
wants to lead us through outward
circumstance that’s how animals move but
God says I will teach you and I will
instruct you in the way to go and how
will he do it he will do it by guiding
us with his eye Holy Spirit In other
words he’s going to show us what he sees
and then when we see what he sees we can
know what he knows and we can cooperate
with his plan for our life and so one of
the major ways that God leads us is by
giving us a vision it’s by him and
that’s just simply means he shows us
what he sees for us and for our life and
for our future and a picture is worth a
thousand worth is it worth a thousand
words or yeah right so it’s like you
like instead of God giving us this whole
paragraph and trying to explain every
detail he’s not going to do that he’s
just to give you a picture because that
picture explains everything once you see
it you’ll get it once you once you see
it you’ll understand once you see it you
can grasp it and and you can receive it
and then you can cooperate with it and
so a lot of times God’s not just going
to speak a million things to you over
and over because you’ll get overwhelmed
and uh maybe he’ll speak a thousand
words and you may only receive a hundred
right but if he shows you something in
your heart man that picture is worth a
thousand words from God and so God’s God
leads us by bringing us into his plan
and sharing with us what he sees he’s
not trying to um beat us into a path
or visibly like close all these doors so
all that you can do is go that way like
if that’s how God leads you it’s just
because like you’re just simply not open
to what the holy spirit is trying to do
in your life like that is his last
resort he does not want to lead you way
right if an animal talks to you that’s
probably for donkey saying please yeah
stop you know like like you’re not
heading in the right direction yeah it’s
not good so um so let’s just talk about
Vision real quick and then um we’ll talk
about how to how to take your vision and
put it into a plan and then we’ll open
it up for questions so this is the great
vision uh text
HCA chapter 2 verse 2-3 HCA 2: 2- 3 all
right so HCA is a prophet he’s
struggling with the condition of the
land he doesn’t like what he sees he’s
like man Lord how come evil is
prevailing and what’s going on like
where are you why are your people
suffering and so the Lord is is speaking
to HCA he says the Lord answered me and
said write the vision and make it plain
on tablets that he may run who reads it
for the vision is yet for an appointed
time but at the end it will speak and it
will not t see when hebecca is in a
situation even as a leader a leader of a
Nation uh the voice of a Nation he’s the
prophet and he’s supposed to be leading
these people he’s supposed to be
speaking to them on God’s behalf but he
doesn’t know what to say he doesn’t know
where to take these people he doesn’t
know how to explain why they are
experiencing the troubles that they are
and so what the Lord tells him is he
gives him a vision you know he shows him
something he says now I want you to take
what I’m showing you and I want you to
first of all understand that you’ve got
to make it plain for yourself
and make it plain for those who are
going to come alongside and work
together with you but it’s not for it’s
not going to happen today this is for an
appointed time and this is where I think
a lot of people struggle is because they
when God shows them something they just
want it to happen immediately but that’s
not how it works God’s going to show you
the end from the beginning he’s not
going to show he’s not going to show you
what’s going to happen right now he’s
going to show you the end from the
beginning and then faith and patience is
how you inherit the promises so you have
to walk out out that Vision you walk it
out slowly by slowly and it starts to
open up slowly and then one day what you
see in your heart you’ll see it in your
life but you don’t see it in your life
immediately and that’s why it says that
don’t be worried about doing well
because at the due time you shall reap
if you don’t faint and so the things
that God has for us they’re they’re
connected to is it Ecclesiastes 3:1 that
says to every purpose under Heaven
there’s both a time and a season so the
purposes of God are connected to times
and seasons and so God’s going to bring
us into his plan he’s going to show us
what’s going to happen but we have to be
patient enough to wait for the appointed
time of what he showed us because what
he showed us is not for now it’s for an
appointed time and then it says but at
the end it will speak and it will not
wait so when his time has come when the
fullness of time has come for that thing
that God has shown you then um it will
speak it will not wait and that’s the
same thing with Joseph um and Joseph is
it is it Psalms 105 I don’t remember the
exact verse it might be 5 to 6 but it
says that that how they sent Joseph
before the children God sent Joseph
before the children of Israel and it
says that until the time that his word
came to pass the word of the Lord tested
Joseph it proved Joseph is what that
word test means so until the time that
Joseph word came to pass the word of the
Lord proved him and so it was 13 years
from the time he received those Visions
those dreams until the time that he he
he walked in the Fulfillment of it and
so it was the it was an appointed time
but he couldn’t he had to walk out the
time from the when God gave him the
vision to when it came to pass and from
those 13 years from the initiation of
the vision to the time that it came to
pass that word was proving Joseph and so
it was saying Joseph you’re going to be
a leader but right now you’re in prison
so can you be be a leader in prison
Joseph right you’re going to be a leader
but right now you’re a slave so can you
be a leader in in uh in Piper’s house
right and so it’s like Joseph never
allowed the image of a slave to settle
in his heart he never saw himself
Through The Eyes of pfer his slave
master he saw himself Through The Eyes
Of God his father he never saw himself
Through The Eyes of whoever The Keeper
of the Guard was he saw himself Through
The Eyes of his father I’m not a
prisoner and I can imagine Joseph just
laying up at night and just always going
back over that Vision saying one day
that the big staff will cause the other
ones to bow down the big star will call
like when I’m not going to always be a
slave this is temporary I’m not going to
always be a prisoner this is just a
season but the appointed time for my
vision will come to pass and I and and
until it comes to pass I’m going to see
through my situation I’m going to see on
the other side of my situation and I’m
going to use what’s going on in my life
to be practice so I’m going to practice
the vision that God has given me I’m not
just going to wait until I come out of
prison to become what God has showing me
no I’m going to practice what God showed
me in my heart right now in my current
situation amen and I think a lot of
times people are waiting for this major
breakthrough to happen for the vision to
just come to pass and it’s like no you
need to walk in the vision right now and
you need to practice that Vision right
now and you need to let that Vision
consume you and possess you right now
and then once the opport Unity comes
you’ve already gone through the
preparation and you can walk in the
fullness of that vision and so the
vision is not for now it’s for an
appointed time all right um and I
already talked about Isaiah 46 about how
God declares the end from the
beginning and let me just so share this
with you in John Chapter 16: 13 um it
says however when he the spirit of Truth
has come he will guide you into all
Truth for he will not speak on his own
authority but what ever he hears he will
speak and he will tell you things to
come right and so that goes together
with the vision being for an appointed
time see the holy spirit is going to
show you things to come the holy spirit
is going to give you a heads up the holy
spirit’s going to going to give give you
a leg up on the competition the holy
spirit’s going to show you something
before it actually happens so that you
aren’t um Disturbed when it does happen
so you aren’t um discouraged when
something does happen but that your
heart is already prepared and your heart
is already steadfast and fixed so that
even when it happens you you you weren’t
caught off guard yeah and so God doesn’t
want us to be like surprised by things
right God doesn’t want us to be
overtaken by stuff that like we weren’t
prepared for he wants to prepare us and
he wants to say hey you’re about to go
into a season and here’s what you need
to do for this season it might be you
need to start exercising and you need to
start eating right or like sometimes we
have those inclinations and we don’t
think is a big deal but those are things
from the Lord and the Lord’s trying to
prepare us for certain things that are
coming up in the next season of our life
and we need to pay attention to it
whether it’s big or small God may say
you need to you you might need to start
dressing a certain way or you might need
to start get down to this certain weight
or you may need to deal with this health
thing you may have or you may need to
deal with this relationship issue or you
don’t like conflict so you need to start
learning how to get confident in those
uncomfortable situations and learn how
to address certain things and you may
not understand why the Lord is trying to
deal with you on those things right now
but then when that season comes you’ll
know like oh that’s why God was telling
me that’s why and so you he will show
you things to come so you have to
recognize that when God shows you
something like you need to really take
you need to weigh it carefully and you
need to start preparing yourself for
that thing and that’s the same thing
with Joseph Joseph knew one day it’s
going to come so I need to be ready so
I’m going to start practicing as a slave
and I’ll start practicing as a prisoner
so that when I stand before Pharaoh I
don’t have to practice but I’m I’m
experience and I can speak with
authority and when Joseph stood before
Pharaoh Pharaoh didn’t see a slave
Pharaoh didn’t see a prisoner Pharaoh
saw a leader he saw somebody that could
lead in all kind of situations and
therefore he was he was he was
comfortable letting him lead the nation
of of of Israel of Egypt I’m sorry and
so um
so I just think this year 2022 what’s
the Lord speaking to you what is he
laying on your heart what are those
little things medium things big things
that God is putting on your heart that
maybe you’ve been putting off for a
while right you don’t want to change
your diet or you don’t want to start
exercising or you don’t want to um start
dealing with conflict or whatever it may
be I don’t know what it could be but
what are those things that you know
God’s trying to deal with that thing let
me just say that until you deal with
that thing you can’t go into that next
season that Visions the vision’s not
going to progress because you have to
progress into the vision you grow into
that vision and so um let’s let’s take
heed to the things that the Lord is
doing in our heart so that 2022 can be
the best year that we’ve ever had it can
be the best year of our whole life and
so um you know there’s a scripture in
Luke 2:52 where it says that um Jesus
grew in wisdom and stature and in favor
with God and man and so a lot of times
we may talk about how Jesus grew in
wisdom or how Jesus grew in favor but
people don’t talk about the stature
portion and stature Jesus grew in
stature see Jesus Jesus at 12 years old
he knew that he was supposed to be the
Christ but he didn’t have the stature
and so it was until he was 30 that the
Lord brought the Holy Spirit upon him
and said now your ministry is beginning
and so Jesus had had to grow in that
stature and so I think it’s the same
with us I think the stature was the
capacity for the anointing to come upon
Jesus and so that even with you and I
let the Lord build stature in us let the
Lord build that confidence in us let the
Lord build that um you know per that
everything that we need that character
stuff that heart stuff that we need to
be able to stand up in this Fallen World
let the Lord build that stature in you
let you know let’s let’s straighten up
our back let’s lift up our head let’s
you know not be ashamed to tell the
truth like let’s let’s whatever it is
that you know we need to grow into let’s
grow into it and the vision is what
attracts us like the vision just it it
drives us it it pushes us you know the
Bible says where there is no vision the
people cast off restraint so in other
words when when there’s no vision
there’s no discipline the vision demands
discipline the vision even in inspires
discipline and actually you can actually
tell whether you have a vision or Not by
the discipline in your life a person who
has no vision has no discipline but a
person who has a vision they have to
live a certain way sleep a certain times
they have to eat a certain way they have
to like it’s because they see something
and what they see is so powerful it’s it
consumes them they’re obsessed with what
they see they want to see people’s lives
changed or whatever God put in their
heart and therefore they discipline
themselves to make sure that it happens
amen you know and so let’s do that let
the Lord build stature in us let the
Lord put discipline you know um
boundaries and different things in our
lives so that we can see his plan to
come to pass and here’s the final thing
I’ll say and then we’ll open up for
questions sounds good all right 1
Chronicles chapter 28 can we read verse
two um and then we’ll skip from verse
two and we’ll read verses 11- 12 um 1
Chronicles chap 28 verse2 you got that I
do can
you yep 28 ver2 mhm 1 Chronicles 1
Chronicles then David the king stood up
upon his feet and said hear me my
brethren and my people as for me I had
in Mine Heart to build a house of rest
for the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord
and for the foot stool of our God and
had made ready for the building right so
David had in his heart so the Lord put
something on David’s heart right and he
said he had made preparations so he had
a vision his vision was I want to make a
place of rest for the the Lord right but
let’s look at verse 11 to 12 and let’s
see what how do you take something that
God has put in your heart and how do you
bring it to
pass verse 11 to 12 you want to do that
Julian yeah sure okay then David gave to
Solomon his son the pattern of the porch
and of the houses thereof and of the uh
treasuries thereof and of the upper
chambers thereof and of the inner
parlors thereof and of the place of The
Mercy Seat uh verse 12 and the pattern
of all that he had by the spirit of the
Courts of the house of the Lord and of
all the chambers around about of the
treasuries of the house of God and of
the treasuries of the dedicated things
awesome so M that’s King James M new
King James it says and the plans for all
that he had by the spirit and I think
yours is the pattern for all that he had
by the spirit and so what we’re looking
at is that the plans so the Holy Spirit
doesn’t just give us power the holy
spirit gives us plans right it says that
he had plans by the spirit and so the
Holy Spirit puts the Lord put a desire
in David’s heart it was from God it was
a vision from God that hey I want you to
build this house of rest and I want you
to now David couldn’t actually do it
because he was a man of war so Solomon
had to do it but still it was a vision
from God okay but how do you take a
vision from God that he’s put in your
heart and then how do you execute it
well it says that David had plans for
all that he had by the spirit and so the
the David would sit down and the Holy
Spirit would put his hand upon David and
then David will begin to write out the
plans and so that’s why he says write
the vision and make it plain on tablets
so that people who read it may run and
so don’t underestimate the power of
plans because the Holy Spirit doesn’t
just give us power but he also gives us
plans and so if God has put something in
your heart and you can see it I would
highly encourage you to take some time
maybe over the weekend or whenever you
can be free and and get a journal get a
book um or if you like computers that’s
fine too I just get a piece of paper and
I write with a pen and I just write down
what the Lord is telling me and I write
down what the Lord wants me to do and
I’m actually almost done for 2022 I’ve
got plenty of stuff that the Lord has
told me that I need to start doing this
year and I’m working on it right now and
it’s inspired just like when the people
wrote the Bible that wrote the they they
were inspired you know these men sat
down and they they wrote down what the
Holy Spirit was inspiring them to write
and so your plans can be just as
inspired you know when you sit down and
write down what the Lord is saying you
in your life and so I just encourage you
let’s see ourselves let’s see our family
our Ministries and our future Through
The Eyes of the father because he’s got
great great things in store for us
praise God that’s
powerful got got me um thinking I need
to go home and sit down and spend some
time with the
Lord for these specific plans I love
that plans and
patterns um that’s really cool so okay
uh thank you guys for submitting your
questions please continue to do so so
Camille on YouTube says how do we see
God’s will for something that is not
specifically pictured in scripture for
example like where to go to school or
what sort of job to pursue Etc yeah so I
would say that
um I would say that you just need to
make sure that you spend quality time
with the father just make sure that your
connection strong right the reason we do
we talk about spending time or doing
this and that is just it’s just about
having a strong connection with the Lord
and I think once you have that strong
heart-to- heart connection then the Lord
can transfer Knowledge from him to you
at any point he uses that connection to
transfer information to us that’s how it
works like even when he speaks to us
what we’re really saying is that the
Lord I just know something I didn’t know
before the Lord took something that he
know and he used our connection so that
I can know it too and so as long as you
have that strong connection with the
Lord and you have to vet it right it
should line up with the general
principles of the word of God and um you
know but but God’s going to lead you
through the desires of your heart psalm
37:4 delight yourself in the Lord then
he’ll give you the desires of your heart
so when you spend time with the Lord and
establish that connection that’s what he
means by delighting yourself in him then
the Lord will trans use that connection
to give you desires in your heart and
then when you have those desires out of
that place of fellowship with the father
then you can just take that as a word
from God and you can just flow in that
direction so another one is peace you
know the Lord he’ll he’ll uh he’ll rule
uh he’ll rule your heart with peace I
forget Colossians it talks about how he
rules our heart with peace but that word
rule is talking about umpiring just like
this is good this is bad this is false
or whatever like he umpires our heart
with peace so follow the peace of God
follow the desires that come from
fellowship with God follow your passions
that God has given you Godly passions
and you’ll just know what to do it’ll
just feel right and then if you you you
don’t know like you’re just testing the
ground move in that direction a little
bit and then just let the Lord confirm
it every step of the way and he’s good
to do that amen and that confirmation is
usually by peace not necessarily by
circumstances exactly right like you
were talking about yep um so Alfredo on
YouTube says is everyone’s calling in
the area of ministry no no God called
people to you know David was called To
Be a King you know um Daniel was called
to be working in a secular government
Esther was called to work in a secular
government um you know Ruth was called
to take care of her mother-in-law and
just marry Bo I mean she was a a
housewife to Boaz right and so but she
gave birth to King to what is it great
King David’s
great-grandfather um I think it was OED
and then somebody and then David OED
Jesse David um and so there’s different
callings in the body of Christ the Bible
talks about in De Deuteronomy 8 18 that
um remember the Lord your God for it is
he who gives you the power to create
wealth so creating wealth is a calling
and it’s an anointing and so God has a
calling I mean it’s not limited to
preaching or teaching or being on a pull
pit like that’s not what everybody’s
called to do um but we are called to to
engage in this world and to go into
every area of this world and to dominate
it for Jesus and so whatever specific
the gifts callings talents anointing you
have on your life don’t be ashamed of it
if it’s creating wealth do that if it’s
going into government do that if it’s um
uh just being a housewife and just
serving your husband and making sure uh
educating your children like that’s a
calling as well whatever you do do it
unto the Lord you know um but I wouldn’t
say that if you don’t do ministry you’re
not doing something valuable whatever
you do that God’s called you to do is
extremely valuable there’s one body many
members and all the members are not the
same we all have different things that
God’s called us to do awesome uh so yeah
we got great time um I’m going to try to
pronounce this name so if I mess it
up so it’s uh gyana dway Guyana dway on
YouTube says is it possible to attain
one’s vision and life purpose by
supporting another pastor’s vision and
how does it happen oh yeah the Bible
said um he who is not faithful in that
which is another man’s how will he get
his own and so a lot of times God calls
you to serve another man and to be
faithful in that which is another man
and then through that process of you
learning and growing under that person
God will give you your own right so he
who is uh I don’t know the exact
reference for that but this is in the
gospels where Jesus said if you’re not
faithful in that which is another man
who will give you your own and so I
would say that that’s exactly how it
works more times than not God’s not
going to call you to start your own
thing independent of anybody like God’s
already doing something in the earth
there’s already momentum for the kingdom
and so God’s going to call you into the
momentum that’s already there and he’s
going to you’re going to use that as a
platform to grow and it’s a safe place
for you to learn and to to get your feet
to learn how to stand on your feet and
to learn some spiritual principles and
then once you mature to a certain place
then God will give you your own and then
God’s going to bring certain people to
you and you’re going to take them
through that very same discipleship
process and so yes I do believe that
that’s how it works that you serve
another man and then until God gives you
your own that’s that’s I highly
recommend that amen that’s awesome uh
Natisha on YouTube says since God sees
us through Jesus does he see us as
individuals or acknowledge us as who we
are individually or is his intimacy with
who we are solely through Jesus does God
see me as an individual or does he only
see Jesus yeah he sees you as an
individual so here’s so here’s an
interesting thing is that in 2
Corinthians 5 is it 17 when it says if
any man be in Christ he’s a new creation
you know old things have passed away all
things have become new all right another
interpretation of that right is that if
any man be in Christ he is a part of the
new creation
and so it’s not just that you are an
individual New Creation it’s that Christ
is the firstborn of the new
creation and you are an individual in
that new creation so in other words
there’s only two Creations there’s the
creation of Adam and everyone who came
out of Adam and then there’s the
creation of Jesus everybody who came out
of Jesus and so Adam is the firstborn of
the old creation we could say and Jesus
is the firstborn of the new creation we
could say it like that and so when we
say that Jesus that God sees us um in
Christ it just means that like we have
we are we are flesh of his flesh Spirit
of his Spirit right like we are um it
says that when we get born again God
sends forth the spirit of his son into
our hearts and so the we we it we are no
longer a part of the Adam race we’re now
a part of the Jesus race we’re not a
part of the Adam creation we’re a part
of the Jesus creation and we are members
of that and so um Jesus is the the
original and we are the copies coming
after him just like Adam was the
original and we all came after him
whatever happened to Adam he passed it
on to us what’s the same thing with
Jesus Jesus is the original and so we
are all being born again according to
his kind and so God doesn’t see you as
Jesus but he sees you as a part of
Jesus’s kind and so he does see you as
an individual as a part of uh this new
creation that is being created out of
Jesus if that makes sense oh man it
certainly does and this is one of my
favorite topics to talk about because
this world’s way of thinking wants you
to be conformed this is what you’re
supposed to look like if you want to be
considered pretty right which changes
it’s fickle it’s all over the place um
and so this world is about Conformity
God is about uniqueness and he created
each and every person
uniquely them you know and and what
blesses me because I struggled with this
for a while like okay God only loves me
because of Jesus in me no God has
created us each unique that’s why we
each have our own DNA there’s nobody
else on the planet that has the same
color of hair that you have or the same
fingerprint God so loved the world that
he gave us Jesus so he loved you before
you even had Jesus right he and he loved
he loved you to give you Jesus
absolutely and he created you uniquely
you and and for proof of that I know
we’re going a little bit over but for
proof of that the people that you would
consider that are like super dupers
right that are like super close to God
uh like Andrew Billy Graham you had Oral
Roberts you have all these you know um
supers how unique they are yeah and it’s
like the closer you get to God the
closer you get to who you were created
to be not to look like anybody else in
this world so anyways that’s we’ve come
down to an end don’t get me started on
this subject I love that question and
you answered it greatly and so you guys
have a great day have a great day Ricky
appreciate it you too yeah absolutely
we’ll see you next time
bye join us every weekday for our daily
live stream on gospel truth