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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace

Welcome to our visitors delighted to

have you here tonight trust you have

experienced the presence of the Lord

already and now we open our hearts to

receive the word of the

Lord this

church uh knows and perhaps some of your

visiting may know that Lord put on our

heart to warn Christians in America

about a coming economic Holocaust the

book was entitled America’s last call


uh in the first 40 days over 200,000

books were ordered uh going toward a

quarter million and uh we’re getting

back letters now from all over the

United States from businessmen from

common people from people everywhere and

I think uh and my wife reads hundreds

and hundreds of these letters I think

we’ve only received one

negative uh most of them all of the

people that write say we sense the same


coming and my wife pulled out some of

these letters to give me a sense of what

people are

saying and I’m ex I’m probably more

excited about the book I’m writing now I

think this is my 38th book or so I don’t

know the number but this particular book

has me very excited it’s entitled The

preservation of Zion the subtitle is

God’s plan to keep his people during the


depression and I’m very excited about

because the Lord’s showing me some

wonderful things about what he has in

store for his church and for his people

that all that he’s doing all that he’s

going to do in this world in the way of

judgment all he’s doing to the United

States in the way of judgment has to do

with purging his church getting his

church and his bride

ready because we are the holy Zion uh

the New Jerusalem the city coming down

out of God out of heaven and everything

God does he does in regards to his

church he he has a controversy

concerning Zion we preached that and

this is about the fourth or fifth

message along that line and this evening

I want to talk to you about how to

prosper in hard times how to prosper in

hard times now if you’re part of Time

Square Church you know already where I’m

going with

this uh

so I’m not

backsliding on the Prosperity Gospel


me but folks this is not a trick this is

not a trick uh

statement there will be a people in the

hardest of time it doesn’t matter if

there’s a total collapse of the economy

doesn’t matter if there’s going to be

the worst depression in the history of

the nation of The World God is going to

have a people who survive not only

survive but prosper in a way that

represents true Prosperity very real

Prosperity I told Pastor Carter before I

came out I said boy this this church has

to you’re kind of U testing Proving


amen I I told Brother Carter I’ve never

acknowledged till this past year because

the Lord had me acknowledged I’m not a

prophet but he has made one of his

Watchmen his many Watchmen and I I’ve

had to acknowledge that before the Lord

he’s called me to speak to the

Evangelical Church World about what is

coming because very few pastors are

warning their people I was in Dallas

Texas a few uh weeks ago by way my son

Gary Greg’s here Gary was this morning

Greg God bless you nice to have you and

your family with us

here and uh I I preached this message to

hundreds of pastors we’ve had four

letters now and one this past week from

from pastors who were in that meeting

and they said uh Brother D we accepted

it but the majority of the ministers did

not accept it in fact they overheard

pastors overheard saying we hope the

pastors here have better sense than to

preach that foolishness in their pulpit

and they totally many many not all but

many rejected it outright so that tells

tells me that it’s not being preached

from pulpits that many people when this

happens are going to rise up against

their pastors and say where were you

were you not in prayer did you not hear

from God folks there’ll be nobody in

this church to be able to say that

because Pastor Carter and I and other

pastors that have been hearing from God

have been standing in this pulpit and we

have been warning

lovingly now let’s talk about how to

prosper in hard times father I pray that

you give me your mind I’m just going to

talk from my heart tonight lord it’s

something you put in my heart you put a

weeping spirit in me over your church

that is not prepared it’s not ready

they’re going to be shocked they’re

going to be surprised many are going to

be angry and say God how can you do it

just like the young man the homosexual

gay uh boy that’s young man that’s dying

of age he’s saying God how could you do

this to me how could you not prepare me

for this how could you have allowed this

in my life and yet he has to all he had

warning after warning after warning

there are going to be people Lord that

are going to be shocked and surprised

rise up and even curse their pastors

because they did not hear from God lord

I pray that you cause us to hear your

mind tonight speak clearly to us I pray

in Jesus name

Amen Let me give you the heartbeat of

many Christians these are all

Christians uh from my mailing list dear



I’m writing you because I’m perplexed

about your recent messages about

America’s upcoming Financial collapse

all our lives my wife and I have been

good stewards of the blessings God’s

bestowed upon us we’ve supported many

Ministries including yours and of course

our local

congregation my question to you brother

Dave is this our investments have been

good to us and now support us quite

comfortably in if the economy is about

to collapse as you

say where do you suggest we put our

finances are we to trust mutual funds

the stock market the local bank or our



mattress now this man is very serious he

says there are these are a few of the

questions we Christians in America need

answered it seems that everyone knows

the there’s Gloom ahead but no one has

any recommendations for us how to

prepare we’re out of debt we pay our

ties where do you suggest we put our

share of the money I know you’re not a

financial advisor but you got us all

concerned about the economy and we’d

love to hear from you and from the


God you know he put me first



letter from the

Midwest Pastor Dave thank you for your

warning we’re praying for instructions

now we are hearing so many voices and

prophetic words that leave us in

confusion we know God’s not the author

of confusion we have a local christian

radio station that features prophecy and

we are hearing some strange things and

strange reactions to these prophecies

all over our area one man friend of ours

determined to sell his house and move

his family into an apartment he said

because things are not going to last

much longer anyhow his wife is in

distress his family is Disturbed his

children are

upset said and a local church is

absolutely shut down because people are

following the instructions of a certain

Prophet here and everything is being


prophetically so a few of us as

intercessors got together we’ve come to

the following conclusions number one we

will pray that we will not be deceived

by any prophecy number two that we will

clearly hear and obey God’s Voice number

three that we will use these hard times

to become more intimate with the Lord

and number four and now these folks have

no Pastor nobody they’re just

intercessors this what God saying and

number four that our property our homes

be available for the use of others we

are ready to Harbor other Christians who



help and from the West Coast a brother

wrote he said pastor Wilkerson you warn

about the collapse of the stock market

but our Pension funds are invested there

the pensions constitute the major source

of income for millions of Christians

most of us have no choice over those

Investments of our funds they social

security over which I have no control

there’s a broad range of Investments

that are all dependent on the stock

market were these institutions going to

invest their funds their endowments

their annuities and we as individuals we

don’t have any choice if the market

crashes sold to all our Union pensions

the teachers pensions ministers pensions

I have a missionary call I’m going to

need those funds to support me on the

mission field and if an economic

collapse is coming we need more than a

warning we need Solutions and

answers now folks let me tell you

something right here now these are

samples of letters that are coming from

all over the United States the majority

of Christians say thank you Jesus for

being so merciful to warn us but if

you’re merciful enough to warn us would

you not be merciful enough to show us

how to prepare now most of these

Christians that are writing to us are

not greedy Christians trying to hoard

money these are

tithers these are praying people who

love God and and they say we we don’t

have any place to turn we don’t have any

answers please brother wison give us

something uh from it i’ I’ve been on my

face before the Lord you say well

brother I live in paycheck to paycheck I

don’t have any stocks bonds I don’t

those those things don’t mean anything

to me there is a pension there’s Social

Security and and there is your weekly

check your rent check your food check

and all these other things and you can’t

tell me you’re not human and you’re

wondering about it yourself how do we

survive how are we going to make it

Pastor Dave now folks as a pastor I I

feel this burden of the lord I can’t

just stand and warn people that hard

times are coming so Lord if you use me

as a voice to do that then you better

use me as a voice to give people some

kind of instruction not just on not on

investments but how are we going to

survive so that we’re not facing the

future focused on the hard times it

bothers me very much that uh the the

focus now there’s so much Gallows humor

there’s so much talk about everything

blowing up and everything falling down

and the end of all

things that even the the some of the

most Pious Christians that’s all they

talk about they’re not even focused on

the Lord anymore they’re not focused on

the word of God and they have no peace

of mind there’s a troubling all over the

nation God never hides anything from his

people he does hide the truth if he’s

going to warn us he’s not going to just

leave us hang there under that Damocles

sword and live in constant dread and

fear that’s not the way our heavenly

father you wouldn’t treat your children

that way and God will not treat us that


the problem is we don’t want biblical

answers to these problems we want

secular answers we want man centered

answers because when I come now and and

tell you that I’m going to talk about

how Christians can prosper in hard times

there’s going to be some have a mindset

say well wait this is trickery I don’t

want any nebulous talk about God being


broker I I don’t want something in

practical where you just say pray and

hear a voice from God he’s going to


you no I want to know where I put my

money do I go to te-

bills do I take my retirement funds out

of control of these and try because you

can do that can can I put the little bit

of money I have a retirement and and put

it in government T bills or

whatever you know people tell me if

you’re going to put your money put it in

treasury bills govern government te

bills because if the government goes

down it’s all over anyhow that’d be the

last thing that

stands sad to say multitudes of

Christians have so neglected the word of

God they have had so little the word of

God revealed to them from their pulpits

and their churches that they no longer

have confidence in this book they no

longer believe that this is the real

answer so what they’re doing now even

the even Christians that should know

better they have lost confidence in this

book they they have no ability to get

along with God in a secret closet a way

to get direction from God and I’m going

to tell you you may laugh at this but

God is my


broker God should be our broker what do

you mean by that brother Dave how much

money you

got I’m responsible for for the monies

that come into this church to support

all the Charities and everything else

and and and what God has

supplied we have to get together as

pastors and we pray and we meditate

before the Lord and and and God gives

direction for it is written I will

destroy the wisdom of the

wise and I’ll bring to nothing the

understanding of The Prudent has God not

made foolish the wisdom of the world you

see people all over United States

Christians they want me to give them

something from my

head something I’ve

read expect me to be an

economist I’m the most stupid Economist

on the face of the

earth I don’t know

anything I know judgment is coming

but I know the


book do I trust any Economist in America

in the world no do I trust any secular

newsletter Financial newsletter no do I

trust Social Security no do I trust that

the government’s going to

survive even that can

fail you mean you don’t trust a pension

f you don’t trust any of these you who

do you


trust every where I go I’m looking for a

safe place for my

money I have a feeling if I’m going to

tell you something I’m tell you this in


in the next 6 months I could be a

multi-millionaire are you

listening if all I

did I I could do it easy I would I would

get I would go to the library here and

pick up every New York Times and Time

Magazine all the and I would piece

together every little bit of information

from all of these stupid economists that

don’t know what they’re doing because

God’s blinded them judicially because of

sin the wisdom of the world said I’m

going to make it

foolishness and I could write a book how

to survive the coming depression nothing

spiritual about it and I could just send

it out to Christians and I tell you what

I could sell a million of those books at

$8 a piece and have $8 million in the

next six

months because people don’t want Bible

answers that that that that’s too

nebulous that’s too

that’s spiritual what does spirituality

have to do with investment what

spirituality have to do with learning

how to to make it in hard times folks

that’s everything that is the basis of

it if you’re a

Christian you know if God says he’s

going to shake everything can be shaken

the only thing left is going to be those

things that can’t be shaken doesn’t it

doesn’t it sound reasonable then to find

out what can’t be shaken and go get on


ground and and God’s clearly shown us

what can’t be

shaken now there’s a kind of believer

the scripture says go to Psalm 1 the

first Psalm one first

Psalm there’s

a there’s a kind of a Believer the Bible

says going to

prosper in any kind of situation no

matter what the economy

is verse

three I’m going to show you the man

who’s going to prosper in hard times

then we’ll go back and explain it and he

this man is going to prosper in hard

time this woman he should be like a tree

planted by the rivers of water verse

three that bringeth forth fruit in his

season his Leaf also shall not wither

and whatsoever he doeth shall

what now that word in Hebrew means to

overcome any adversity it means to rise

above and overcome any kind of adversity

economic physical spiritual any

adversity this man is going to prosper

now the Bible said there’s that kind of

man I won’t be that man or that woman

you want to be that woman There It Is

God hangs this out in front of us and

God is not a tease God is not a

mocker he said there’s a man here he’s

in the B any in this book Pastor Carter

made it clear I want it he wants all the

good stuff the spiritual stuff that

makes a man or woman of God this is part

of right

here thank God it’s

there to prosper is to overcome

adversity David said the ungodly are not

so verse four the ungodly are not so but

they’re like the chaff which the wind

driveth way now look at me please

there’s a storm coming it’s going to be

a windy storm there going to be

spiritual lightning and thunder like

we’ve never

known and in this hard time there are

going to be many Christians Blown Away

the ungodly are going to be blown away

they’re going to be blown away with this

adversity we’ve got people now that are

multi-millionaires driving $200,000

Automobiles and living in $510 million

homes are going to be poverty stricken

without a dollar it is going to be

awesome they’re going to be driven Away

by the wind

of adversity that’s

coming Jesus said their hearts will fail

them for fear beholding those things

that are coming on the

Earth but then he says there are The

Godly ones who will not be driven to

despair they’ll face the same violence

storm the same calamities and they are

going to survive it they’re going to

prosper in those times now let me tell

you the kind of prosperity I’m talking

about it’s not a Prosperity as expressed

and known by the world riches good

silver Estates all kinds of uh material

wealth we’re talking about everything in

the scripture talks about Prosperity

being the fulfilled life in Jesus

Christ where whether you bound or

whether you’re based makes no difference


you that the real wealth is the

knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and

your security in him that come what may

nothing is going to blow you

away what Comfort what peace is it if if

you’re what they call one of the lucky

ones and and you saw the storm coming

like many people New York Times says

that many wealthy people in New York

City many in Wall Street have already

got their golden parachute they have a

place out in the country stocked with

food they’ve got their guns they’ve got

everything to protect their stockpile

and they’re out there now just waiting

and they’ve got their chauffers waiting

they’ve got a little Shack or little

little little cottage for their

chauffeur and he’s ready to scoot them

out of this city first sign of any kind

of Riot or

violence but what Comfort is it if if

you one of those so-called lucky ones

and and you were able to keep your money

and everything around you is crashing

what kind of comfort is it when God said

I’m going to shake terribly the Earth

I’m going to shake it and everything you

turn on the news and everything is

shaking around you and you’re sitting

there nervously trying to protect what

you have and every time there’s somebody

out in the yard you somebody’s got the

gun and a and and and there’s

nervousness and everything else and

living like this there are books written

now by Christian uh writers telling

people how to prepare for the coming

storm one of them that I have in my

library it says you you

buy 25 cans one pound cans of chewing

tobacco so that you can trade it with

the sheriff when he comes to help

protect you when your food is under

attack this Christian book suggests that

you buy four cases of booze big bottles

of fifths of whiskey so that anybody

comes against you and they’re criminal

type they’ll rather have the whiskey

give them the

whiskey and I’m reading this

stuff and they list five kinds of guns

that you have to have and how much

ammunition you have to have I’m say

these are


I wonder how many guns they had in the

wilderness protect their


Mana you see Isaiah prophesied in a Time

similar to

this in his early days the land was full

the scripture says of silver and gold

neither was there any end of their

Treasures Treasures their land was full

of horses neither any end of their

chariots chariots horses

cars in our time there was no end to the

wealth gold was their Idol an idolatry

of hoarding gold and

silver purchasing expensive

chariots the gold had become their Idol

and they said their desire was to live

the rest of their life in e

above the reach of danger beyond the

reach of danger but a day came similar

today I believe that that we’re talking

about when God arose to shake that

society and that gold and that silver

all that materialism that had been

hoarded was of no value in the tear of

the storm with all their materialism

wealth and their gold and silver here’s

what happened the scripture say in that

day a man shall cast his idols of silver

and his idols of gold to the moles and

to the bats to go to the Cliffs of the

rocks for fear of the Lord and for the

glory of his majesty when he arises to

shake terribly the Earth folks when he

this shaking comes gold and silver is

not going to buy you a cow it won’t buy

you a McDonald’s

hamburger you don’t believe that but

that’s what the Bible said that things

can get so bad when the nation is under

the Judgment of chastening of the Lord

that gold and silver

because evidently money can lose its

value now the Christian who is

prosperous in hard times is the one

who’s given up on the counsel of the

ungodly and has cast himself completely

on the counsel of the Holy Spirit and

the voice of God now listen to it

again do you want to prosper in hard

times then you turn your ears away from

the counsel of the ungodly

and you cast yourself

completely becoming wholly

dependent on the voice of the Holy

Spirit who abides in

you David said of this man in verse one

the prosperous man look at verse one

chapter one of Psalm blessed is the man

that walketh not in the counsel of the

ungodly nor standeth in the way of

Sinners nor sth in the sked of the

scornful now folks listen to me please

he’s talking about counsel he’s talking

about where you get your advice whether

it be for Investments and how to live

whatever it may be now when it says

blessed is this man that walth not in

counsel in God nor standeth the way of

Sinners nor s the SE of the scor he not

talking about going to to x-rated movies

with your friends uh ungodly friends

he’s not talking about all the

Abominable things we talk about he he

the the whole thing is this blessed is

the believer who refuses to make any

decision or to be influenced by the

advice and counsel of ungodly scoffers

who hold God’s word in

derision it’s not it goes so far beyond

just sex and and gambling and and and uh

uh standing in the way of sin or sitting

in a movie theater with Wicked people

around that’s an abominable thing to God

but that’s not what he’s talking about

he said if you want to be prosperous he


you’re going to have to make sure that

you do not make any decision because

you’re my bride and I will not have my

bride I’ll not have my church depending

on a second

mind you will have the mind of Christ

you will seek me God Says with all your

heart your mind soul and strength you

will turn to

me his Delight is in the law of the Lord

in his law he doth meditate day and

night he’s not getting his direction

from somebody he’s not he’s not making

his decisions based on what he reads in

the newspaper or what any Economist says

he bases every decision on what he gets

on his

knees and he’s meditating in the law of

the Lord in the law the he meditates day

and night don’t please don’t come to me

and say Pastor I’m concerned where I I I

want to know what to do don’t


God to give you

direction if you won’t even go to him

and ask for

it you’re not even praying you’re not

seeking God you say how am I going to

survive in these last days what am I

going to do and some of you they’re

retired say I don’t have any problem oh

well listen I’m not trying to scare

anybody but none of these things are

safe because they said going to shake

everything everything going to be

shaken You’ better be on your

knees You’ better be seeking his face

now you should do that anyhow not just

to to know how to survive but because

you love him but the byproduct of doing

that out of love is to be in close

communion where you hear you know he

said my sheep know my voice you know his

voice God’s not vague on this in showing

his hatred and


dislike this process of going to

somebody else than to him for direction

and counsel woe to them that go down to

Egypt for help and trust in horses and

chariots in Horsemen because they’re

many and strong but they look not unto

the Holy One of Israel neither do they

seek the

Lord he said you’re running everywhere

else looking for direction you want

advice you want counsel but you won’t

come to me how many these people that

are writing to me are their face how

many are in the secret closet because I

have a suspicion or I I I have a

knowledge I believe is a better word in

me that if they have been seeking God

with all of their

heart God would have put their mind at

ease God would have already told I’m

going to take care of you I’m going to

tell you every step to take I’m going to

see you through this he would bring

Comfort to the heart the holy spirit is

here and he’s the comforter if you’re

spending time with the Holy Ghost he’s

got to be comforting


Isaiah warned all that put their

confidence in ungodly help they’re going

to fall the scripture says chap Isaiah

30:3 they shall all fall together that

means the counselor and those who listen

to their counsel Jeremiah 17:5 thus

sayith the Lord cursed be the man that

trusteth in man and maketh flesh his arm

and whose heart departs from the Lord

then the prophet said but bless blessed

is the man that trusteth in the Lord and

whose hope is the Lord he shall never

cease from bearing fruit

never he will always have an

answer all right secondly those who

fully trust the Lord Jesus Christ need

never be moved or

terrorized about the coming

storm no one on earth nobody knows

the full extent of what’s going to

happen nobody knows that I don’t there’s

nobody that knows the full extent of

what it is but Paul made a statement I

was reading it this past week and it

blessed me remember Paul was going up to

Jerusalem and he said I go Bound in the

spirit up to Jerusalem not knowing the

things that shall befall me

there he had no idea that when he got

there he’s going to turn the city upside

down he had no idea that he was going to


stoned he had no idea that the temple

would go wild and a mob would take him

prisoner into the high

priest that he would be bound with

chains threatened with death he brought

before rulers and tried and examined and

finally end up in a Roman prison he

didn’t know any of that he said I I’m

looking to the Future I don’t know


coming there were hard times coming for

him in fact Paul

said I’m not knowing those things that

befall me but none of these things move

me neither can out my life dear to

myself he said the Holy Ghost he he made

it very clear that the Holy Ghost had

told him that that hard times awaited

him persecution of afflictions he said

it’s all I know that persecutions are

going to befall me I don’t know what the

future holds all he knows that the Holy

Ghost has warned me hard times and

afflictions are accounted to me that’s


20:23 now folks we don’t know what’s

coming but we do know God says hard

times are coming just like he told Paul

the Holy Ghost warned him and Paul said

he was Greatful of the Holy Ghost


him but he said I want to tell you

something I don’t know what’s coming I

don’t know how hard in fact if they if

the Holy Ghost had told him how hard is

good it may have been a little difficult

for him but I don’t think so with Paul

because he said really I know how to

abound and I know how to be

abased he said I found all things I’m

contented because I have Christ I’ve won

him and nobody can take that from

me they can take a paycheck they can

take everything else away from me but

they can’t take what I have in my heart

heart and I fully trust in him who was

able to keep that which I’ve committed

unto him against that day that’s any

day Paul the Apostle said but you see

none of those things move me he was not

moved by the potential of facing hard

times because he coveted no man’s silver

or gold he said I have coveted no man

silver or gold or apparel he said I

don’t want I don’t want anybody’s bank

account you can have all those things

gold silver all of that I’m not even

looking Paul probably only had one

tunic one one piece of clothing one one

suit so to speak of his day he said I I

I’m not after any of those

things I have showed you all I have

showed you all things how that laboring

you ought to support the weak and to

remember the words of the Lord Jesus how

he said it is more blessed to give than

to receive now this man’s facing hard

times he’s thinking about giving not

hoarding I got a we got a Go and show me

a beautiful letter little lady in the

Midwest and sweetest that that I think

she mentioned she was a

grandmother and she said Pastor David I

know hard times have come I’m a Praying

Woman that God’s revealed to me it’s

going to be worse than anybody knows and

she said they’re not even going to be

able to buy little things so the Lord

told her she said to go collect little

things that people are not going to be

able to to get like she saving up hair

pins needles thread and she’s got rooms

full of all of this stuff she’s got not

for herself she says I’m going to be in

hardest time I’m going to be giving

everybody things that they can’t get

toothpaste and and all these things that

I I can’t argue with that because she’s

got a giving heart she’s got a room full

of hair pins and B pins and safety pins

and needles and everything else but

she’s got a giving

heart glory to

God I’m not I’m not against storing food

could you better have a gun around if

you’re going to store food it’s because

you want to give to your neighbors you

want to give to others and to


friends mhm

you know you contrast that Spirit of

this little lady because she just wants


give contrast that with the spirit

grabbing everything you can get and if

I’m the only one that survives I’m going


survive if I have to shoot everybody

else to do

it God help

us now let me tell you why none of these

coming calamities ought to move you or

me as

Christians hear it well now because

man’s hour of darkness is always Christ

Hour of

Power now let me tell you what I’m

talking about before I close here very

quickly God’s Hour of Power is always

revealed or always


into action at the point of man’s


despair remember Jesus being invited to

a wedding with his disciples his mother

was there evidently a friend of Mary’s

who’s getting married but Jesus and his

disciples were


and jesus’ mother came to him and said

they have run out of

wine and remember what Jesus said woman

what have I to do with thee my time my

hour is not yet come my hour’s not yet

come I’ve often wondered about that now

I looked this up now the when he he said

woman that that expression uh was an

oriental expression that was of the

highest order of respect of that time

woman was not a an address of disrespect

the Oriental mind at that time woman was

a very


address he he’s he’s saying you want me

to turn water into wine but my not hour

is not yet come now that hour came

shortly after that hour came for his

demonstration of

power but Jesus I I always picture Jesus

you know at the wedding everybody’s out

here and he’s way back here somewhere in

a corner just

watching CU my mind could never conceive

how Jesus know could be happy and

laughing and and hug somebody and say

congratulations bride you’re getting

married God bless you I’ve always

pictured Jesus over here what am I doing

here man you

know cuz that’s like

me I put myself in the picture weddings

I’m always back here when’s this thing

going to be

over no not when I’m up here doing it

it’s it’s the

reception I should have never said

that should have never said


almost lost my

place Jesus said my hours didn’t come

you know why Jesus said

that they hadn’t come to the end now the

the bottles were empty because she told

them go bottles and do what he

says but Jesus is looking out over and

they still have wine in their

glasses now when Jesus turned water into

wine I’m not I I I could almost proof

you it’s not not

alcoholic and the reason for that is

because wine causes if if a woman is

expecting a child alcoholic beverages

can kill that child and Jesus would


offer that kind of Beverage to put a

baby at

risk there was a wine at that time I I

did all the I wrote a book on

it and uh I maybe have to reproduce it



Jesus is standing there said my hour is

not come because they’re not they have

not run out of their resources they’re

still I’m going to wait he’s waiting now

till there’s not a drop of wine left

anywhere not a

drop in other words he’s he’s looking at

these people and he’s he’s saying my

hour is not yet come my hour comes when

there’s no other hope

when there’s no other

way where there’s not a drop left where

there’s not one bit of resource to

depend on In the Flesh not anything

man-made left nothing of the flesh left

where there’s total dependence on

me now he was not going to perform this

miracle for anybody there except his

disciples around him this miracle was

for his

disciples now remember Jesus said he

didn’t do anything unless he was led by

the father father so the the his father

led him to that and he’s doing what the

heavenly father is teaching him to do

and there’s a lesson in this the Lord is

saying look my hour comes when you’re at

the end of your resources you look

around I don’t know where my paycheck

comes I don’t know what’s going to

happen there’s no wine

left that when there is not a drop left

whether there is you can’t look to the

right or left or anywhere and find any

source of comfort you have nothing to

depend on

then the Lord said my hours

come then happens the

miraculous then the miraculous

Provisions begin and folks I honestly

believe that we are going to see

Miracles as as real as anything the

children of Israel saw in the wilderness

we’re going to live on Miracle power

from the holy spirit because America’s

darkest hour is Christ’s finest Hour of

Power to provide for his people now

folks this was strictly human provision

this wasn’t some spiritual

Revival he’s trying to show us his first

miracle My First Love is my people I

care about how you eat I care about your

your house over your head I care about

you and when everything collapses around

you it’s my




13:1 says Jesus knew that his hour had

come that he should depart out of this

world under the father but in Luke 22 it

says when they came after him and Judas

kissed him and they came at him with

swords and knives he said this is your

hour of

Darkness it was the hour of darkness and

actually I when you see this picture

this is man’s hour of Darkness but it

was actually Christ’s hour of power to

the human eye Christ is being Carried

Away by human power he’s going to be

crucified and Satan was boasting this

light is going out I am going to

extinguish this light my darkness will

prevail Jesus said this is your eye of

Darkness what he saying the devil is

boasting you’re boasting you’re going to

extinguish the

light you’re going to wipe out hope of

mankind and all of Heaven all of Hell

rejoiced at this but

all the prophet Isaiah said it all arise

Shine for the light is come Jesus came

out of the Grave a blazing

light it was not the power of Darkness

it was the hour of Darkness but it was

really the hour of Christ’s greatest

Triumph is greatest


you see it it wasn’t because the prophet

said the light is going to come bursting

forth the glory of the Lord is going to

rise for Behold The Darkness shall cover

the Earth gross Darkness the people but

the Lord shall arise upon thee when in

Gross Darkness covering the whole earth

folks the Earth is going the whole globe

is going into gross

Darkness thank God the light and that

darkest hour is going to rise in your

heart and my it’s going to shine

brighter than ever what makes the light

shine brighter the darker it gets the

brighter the light

Hallelujah the Lord shall arise upon

thee his glory shall be seen upon thee

and the Gentiles shall come to thy light

the Kings to the brightness of thy

Rising you say well brother works there

going to be a depression stock market

crash unemployment we’re going to have

food exhausted is there going to be

Darkness everywhere uncertainty yes

gross Darkness will cover the Earth but

in that dark hour will be his finest

greatest Hour of

Power folks I’m starting to get excited

as I study the

word you know all when I was a young

preacher I wanted to see Miracles I I

really fasted and prayed Lord give me

power to go into any hospital and raise

anybody I’m going to lay hand Lord you

did it in the Old Testament you did it

in the New Testament God I want that

power to and I I was sincere about it

and and uh many young preachers have

prayed that God where’s your power we’re

going to


incredible Miracles folks are going to

be meetings in this church one day

should the Lord

Terry where we could spend just a whole

Saturday encouraging one another and

shouting listening to the miraculous

thing things that God’s doing in

everybody’s life all who trust him

Miracle after Miracle after Miracle of

provision of of God doing Supernatural

things I heard of a a pastor’s wife poor

poor pastor’s wife

and you maybe heard the

testimony he invited about 12 hungry

pastors hadn’t eaten the house and his

wife went into the kitchen and there was

a little bit of spaghetti just the

enough for two three people and Lord

said put the water on and put it in she

put it in and she just kept coming out

of that pot and fed 14 people out of


one bit of spaghetti these These are

honest people I know them they don’t lie

it was a miracle and even to this day

that’s that was 12 15 years ago they

still they’re faith is so strong because

they saw what God could do to keep them

they don’t worry anymore about anything

because they said God can

do where did Jesus get his tax


money where did the food fall in the

desert right out of


you’re going to eat Angel’s

food we’re going to eat Angel’s



Hallelujah the Lord’s going to say my

hour has come my hour has come will you


glory to

God balcony May for bow your heads

please folks Hold Steady for just a

moment before the

service if you notied I didn’t come out

for 15 20 minutes because I was uh

talking to the

Lord just broken before and said

God what do you want me to say at the

end of this message what is the

invitation let me tell you what it is

listen to me closely

please I saw how many hands were raised

visiting here tonight for the first

time it may be you it may be others that

have been coming to this

church but God the Holy Ghost told me to

give a naked outright

invitation straight

out for people that God by his Spirit

brought into this church tonight you’re

not here by accident God arranged this

night and God put you right where you

you’re standing right where God wants

you to stand right now you’re hearing

exactly what he want you to hear I’m

asking for those to step out of their

seat who have to acknowledge before the

Holy Ghost brother Dave I have sin in my

life I am not walking righteously before

Jesus I’ve allowed something in my life

that’s just eating away at me like a

cancer in my soul and I’m asking God to

deliver me tonight from my sin now no

clapping please I I I’m I’m speaking

clear because God told me to do this God

the Holy Ghost told me I’m not going to

ask at first I thought well Lord I’m

just going to ask for everyone that’s

got doubts about the future to come well

that you know can include hundreds of

people we could have big Alder call and

and make me feel real

nice but that’s not the point tonight

there are some of you that have been

coming to this church for quite a

while and and brother Carter put it so

strong in the Holy Ghost this afternoon

the possibility getting

hard God dealing with your sin time and

time again and you hold on to it and

play with it until finally you’re just

comfortable with it God says no God says

I’m I’m speaking clearly to you tonight

you hear the Holy Ghost God is putting

his finger on it right now and say you

can’t go on anymore with this in your

life I don’t know what it is if it’s

it’s some kind of relationship I don’t

know what it is something you see with

your eyes something you’re doing with

your body whatever it may be the Lord’s

saying tonight I want to deliver you in

your darkest hour I can have my finest

hour if you’ll just come and surrender

it right now Lord says I’ll I’ll I’ll

break this if you want it broken bring

it to me in humility you can’t do it

yourself but the Holy Ghost is here to

give H strength and the balcony walk to

the stairs on either end and come down

any aisle and meet me here now a lot of

people are coming nobody going to ask

you what it is nobody needs to know but

we’re going to have it settled tonight

in the name of the Lord amen God’s

dealing by his Spirit Lord tell me if I

preach what he told me to preach he’d

convict people of their sins and God

would break the chains that bind and set


free you see you got a lot of company

here tonight A lot of people being

honest before God Holy Ghost put his

finger now some of you that here for

first night God telling you don’t walk

out the door I sent you here for this

night God said don’t walk out the way

you came

in are you hearing what the holy spirit

says you say Pastor WS you’re awful

strong it’s that it’s life and death for

some of you it’s life or death that’s

how strong it is move in close please

make room for those that are coming the

Lord just spoke this tomorrow if if you

had stood at your seat there the sin in

your life and I jumped off this stage

and I went back to you and I point a

finger right in your face and I said

you’re the man you’re the woman you’ve

got sin you walk down this aisle with me

that would be the greatest act of love

God could ever do for you it would not

be belligerence on my part it would not

be uh hardness on my part it would be

the love of God that he would single you

out and send somebody to you and you see

that’s the work of the Holy Spirit the

Holy Ghost came and fingered you because

he loves you God loves you and he says I

want you to live in Freedom I don’t want

you to live another day in the bondage

that’s been on you I don’t want you to

go another day with this fear I don’t

want you to wake up with this Cloud

hanging over your head anymore I want

you to be free I want you to be I want

you to feel the pureness of God I want

you to feel the clean the power of

cleanliness the power of being clean


God how many want that I want to be

clean I want to be clean raise your hand

keep it up now and pray this with me

right now Jesus Jesus I confess my

sin help me Lord Jesus me Jes to stop

excusing it to stop exus and flirting

with it and to face the truth to face

the truth I cannot hold my sin I cannot

hold my sin and go to heaven I cannot

hold to my

sin and have

freedom Lord Jesus Jes I want to be free

I want to be pure and I want to be

righteous I want your Holiness and your

righteousness but I want your

power right now to deal with my sin sin

I admitted sin I aded sin it can never

be right it can never be right it is

wrong it’s wrong it’s an Abomination

it’s Abomination and I confess it I

confess and by Faith by faith I lay it

down I lay and I on it and say God

it’s yours God it’s your now Jesus Jesus

give me your power give me your power

your strength your strength and your

Assurance your assurance that you’ll

walk with me that you’ll walk with me

and help me help me to hate my sin to

hate my sin and to trust you TR to

cleanse me me take it away take it away

and fill my heart with your peace my

heart with your peace now let me pray

for you father in Jesus name we bind

every devil every demon spirit that

would try to lie and tell people here

that they’re going to be held in the

power of darkness no Lord this is your

power this is your hour of Freedom this

is your Hour of Power this is the hour

of Victory because when we acknowledge

our sin we turn to you with all of our

heart you made it clear Lord that you

will C and you will deliver you’ll break

the chains that bind you’ll loosen us

from our prison house you said you’re

going to set the prisoners free Lord set

us free now by your spirit we believe

you and we trust you I want you everyone

that came forward to raise your hands

and out of your heart right out loud

thank him for forgiving you thank him

for the freedom of the Holy Ghost thank

him right out now Lord we give you

thanks I give you praise Lord you have

heard my cry I needan it from the depths

of my heart now Lord Jesus finish the

work that you’ve begun in me

hallelujah thank you


look at me the Lord said if you’ll turn

from your evil Deeds you turn from your

wickedness he said the secret of the

Lord is with them that fear Him the Lord

will show them his

Covenant by the fear of the Lord men

depart from

evil but then once you’ve come to Him

and acknowledge your sin and say I don’t

want this anymore I’m not going to make

it it under no condition can what I’ve

done be made right it has to be killed

destroyed and then you allow Jesus to

come in and just love you and love you

and receive his

love Look at me now some of you have

never really believed that God loved you

you’ve always had a sense God’s mad at

you no no no no look at me please before

we close the service

God fingered You by his holy ghost

convicted you all out of

love absolute

love how easy it would be just to let

you go and not convict the most

wonderful thing in the world is that you

were able to be

convicted that the Holy Ghost could


you now look at me you may not have the

freedom yet you may say brother W I

think I’m still going to have a battle

but I’ll tell you I want you to rejoice

as you walk out of here

God moved me the Holy Ghost talked to me

the Holy Ghost pushed me out of my seat

loving there was a hand behind me pushed

me and I I went out and I I I

acknowledged my sin before God that’s

wonderful Hallelujah that’s wonderful so

many people are hard you can’t move for

anything you

moved say thank you Jesus for moving me


me keep on doing it H amen hallelujah

this is the conclusion of the