Since 2009, we’ve sent 272,000 meals every month to our Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center in Haiti. Our missionaries share in this interview that there is a desperate need for another truck so our meals can be distributed as the crisis in Haiti continues to deepen. This week help us pray for the Americans trapped in Haiti, for a new truck and that God will move in a powerful way next week in our Easter services. To hear more inspiring messages from Jentezen Franklin, visit…

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hi Rachel’s Army we’re here today we

just want to touch Bas with you guys we

have some things we want to pray over

with you I’ve got Dad here with us and

um we’re just so thankful for each and

every one of you we’re over 28,000 women

who have joined Rachel’s Army as of now

who continually pray and and we’re going

to do that today together yeah I

appreciate all of you so very much shice

and I and our whole family because you

know I preached the sermon and out of

that came this dream to have and

actually you know also had a lot of um

people tell me you need a prayer circle

you need a prayer circle around you and

your family and your ministry and I’ve

always thought about prayer for other

people and sometimes it’s wonderful to

know that there’s a hedge of prayer

intercessors around our ministry and

everything that we do and Courtney is so

special to have you here with me we we

went to Haiti Haiti is Haiti is uh in

the news every day uh Israel is in the

news every day and in just a few moments

uh we’re going to join our missionaries

live uh who are have been dedicated

their lives for decades in the nation of

Haiti and we’re going to pray for them

and pray with them it is a dangerous

treacherous situation that is taking

place in Haiti never seen anything like

it uh it’s as bad and that’s saying a

lot you know we were there after the

earthquake and God laid that Nation on

our heart but I wanted to just address

you and say thank you for your prayers

if you pray for this ministry we deeply

deeply appreciate it and to know that

there are 28,000 women who have actually

basically signed a signed up and signed

a covenant to pray for the this ministry

it means so much to us and I know that

Bobby and Sherry are standing by we just

got them on a live link and so I want to

welcome them Bobby and Sherry can you

hear me hey hey hey hey hey Pastor

Jensen and Courtney how you guys doing

you’re looking good about that we’re

doing great how are you guys you guys

never age first of all what is the deal

is it uh what’s your cream is it oil of

O of Olay what is the deal there hey

made me an old

man you are amazing and it’s so great to

see your your faces um you know with

with Haiti in the news first of all I

want to tell you uh that the people who

are joining us are By Invitation because

they’re 28,000 women who in the last

year have assembled as a prayer army

they pray every day Courtney directs

that directive and they’re praying for

you guys in Haiti today is the f us to

pray and every day for ongoing

Ministries like uh the wonderful

wonderful love a child Ministry there in

Haiti so tell us a little bit about your

ministry and and then maybe update us

with what’s going on over there well

we’re glad to be here in America today

but we we miss Haiti and we’re gonna go

I know everybody’s leaving Haiti but

we’re going back next week on the 26 our

staff can run everything very we got 400

people working and the staff can run

everything very well but where it’s the

children are afraid and so we just can

go back what they’re afraid we had many

of them since there was a baby and their

mom and Daddy’s Gone this week so that’s

but anyway but thank you Pastor Jensen

and U for all my what you’ve done for

help the Haitian people and love a child

I just got to say one thing real quick

the market place that that you

sponsored is is the life of the party

yes in all this crisis in all the

crisis when the economy has just

collapsed and everything has gone wow

the market the little vendors are there

every day right today they’re out there

selling in the market they’re not making

much money making a dollar or two but

that keeps them and it gives them life

and gives them hope they’re out there

every day selling in the market and they

love the market it’s the life of the

community yes it is it’s a hope of the

community and they know Christ has all

the glory so and that’s such a blessing

of course the market is going to a big

meat market now a big gas station out

front a big restaurant inside and the

people is just but it’s going with the

meat but the market is the center of the

community and U it’s just a blessing and

one more thing thank you again for the

the kingdom connection Food Distribution

Center yes oh my oh my oh long as a

football field and I tell you so that

was your idea that was your dream and we

were just a part of it uh you know the

the to help with it I I take such Joy

when I see that you know the way you

keep up things the way that y’ your

ministry operates with phenomenal

excellence and I don’t know I don’t

remember that’s been a few years now

since we built that place but it still

looks beautiful oh it’s new yes and we

use it every day every day every day and

um the all the food that comes out of it

all the medical supplies that come out

of it and we use it it’s just it’s it’s

just a um me tell you it’s a miracle and

thank you it’s a really a blessing I

don’t know how many millions of meals

went out of there and and tons of

medicines to help the people that sick

and the area in the community the

mountains and just the list goes on I

mean it’s and of course I justess gota

mention one more thing the king of

connection 100 houses back there they’re

going strong yes and chist they’re going

strong they got the devil on the

run it’s it’s one of the most uh it’s

one of the most touching things that

we’ve ever been involved in been

involved in and you know just to see the

consistency of your ministry there for

decade after decade through earthquakes

through tragedies through starvation and

all kinds of things and yet there is the

church now people need to understand

when they look at the news they’re

looking at Port of Prince there’s a real

meltdown taking place with gangs that

have taken over and but you are about

maybe 40 miles outside of the city yes

how we need the prayer this we’re you

know there pter Prince and of course

most of all of Haiti except not Cape

Haitian area and parts of South Haiti is

okay but Porter Prince and many many the

majority of Haiti is under the control

of gangs now qu bouquet and qu bouquet

when you come out from uh Porter Prince

of course all that’s gang all that’s

gangs I mean um and then you hit quar

bouquet that’s taken over by You’ been

through quar bouquet that’s been taken

over by gangs and they to go the bank

there and took over everything then of

course you come out through there the

next city you hit eight miles from

us is gonier but between Port Prince and

gonier that stretch is completely gain

gain controlled I mean this in the last

two months we’ve had several of our

employees kidnapped and we got them all

out last year on that same road we had

we had 21 kidnapped at one time and we

others kidnapped since then um but we

got them all out but that whole Road

if anybody would come down that road you

you would be kidnapped yes from these

gangs uh or you would be robbed or beat

up or shot if if if it’s in your vehicle

and you did not stop they would shoot

you dead they will shoot why don’t you

why don’t you just give up why don’t you

just get out of there why would you go

back why would you take your wife back

it’s a go Hur I talk too much let me

talk Shar you say something no well you

know we have our hands on the plow

and we cannot give up we up we just have

our hands on the plow and we’re not

looking back and you know we’re just

here for a few days we’re going right

back to Haiti but when you have a

calling on your life like you have a

calling on your life maybe people say

why don’t you retire P Jensen you know

you’re not retiring you’re retiring but

but we that and as long as the calling

is on our life and as long as God’s hand

on our

life on we are hands on the the plow and

we don’t look back and we don’t fear

we’re not going to live in fear we’re

just going to go ahead and hold the

forward until he comes and do the best

that we can God is giving us ways to

survive there and we just pray every day

that God will hold those gangs back you

know until some kind of other help comes

we’ll be okay but until then we just

continue and why we why we need your

prayers is the gangs every day are

trying to break through gothier trying

this is really a prayer request uh

they’re trying to break through gonier

um they’re trying to break through the

police and trying to break through the

few little soldiers up there not very

many and they’re trying to break through

because they’re trying to take over

gothier which is eight miles from us

we’re eight miles from them and they’re

trying to break through once they break

through ganier and matter of fact just

got a call a while to go they’ve been

trying since Monday again uh once they

break through they would take gonier

then they would big fwn peris in that’s

that’s where we are and of course they

get the gangs get on their Facebook and

talk about they wan to take love a child

they want to take the market and love a

child and take F in all the way to the

border to Mal border so

really and there’s a couple Ministries

between us and the Border you know

hospitals or clinics you know please

pray and so we you know we we’re like

the last line of defense I think the

last line but please pray we’re under uh

I don’t want to use the word stress it’s

the truth we’re under a lot of stress

think you know when they’re going to try

they’re trying to uh a week and a half

ago just a day before we left they’re

trying to break through and P our people

some of my people in the property uh

someone started running scared to go

hide somewhere they thought they was

coming they heard they was coming to get

us they heard and so we really but we

claim Psalms 91 for protection and

Pastor Jensen and Courtney there’s no

doubt in our mind I know it looks like

they’re going to come our way it looks

like they’re going to take over a love

child it looks in the natural but let me

tell you something there’s not 1% doubt

in our mind that they’re gonna take over

love a child or take over F perisan or

harm any of our children our orphan

children that we’re so concerned and

worried about we’re claim Psalms 91

there’s no doubt they’re going to come

any further there’s too many a this is

the this is the very thing that the Lord

laid upon my heart to form an army of of

women who would fight for the children

and fight for their families in prayer

fight for draw a bloodline circle around

the ministry and we consider y’all part

of our family of ministry and and uh we

are going to pray you know we talk about

prayer read about prayer preach about

prayer but when we really start praying

Supernatural protection angels are real

and you know that you operate in that

world all the time where God has you

should be you should have been killed

over and over and over from tractors

turning over that you’ve been on and

everything else that the enemy tried to

do no weapon formed against you shall

prosper against that place in Jesus name

you know Pastor Jensen you know the

other day when I was really praying

about things and thinking about things

amen he said you know God what what are

you trying to tell us and it seemed like

God said well you know Abraham said God

if I just find 50 righteous if I he kept

going down and I said God I know there’s

more than 10 righteous you know in front

pron in Haiti there are women that are

praying in church they’re fasting and

praying they’re doing the best that they

can and I said God you know I just come

to you like Abraham and I say God I know

you can find more than 10 righteous

please don’t destroy Haiti for 10

righteous and so that is my prayer amen

pray amen make that your prayer J name

and we will pray together because

there’s good people there there’s sweet

children there’s no doubt and I don’t

the most the most the one of my Fondest

Memories of being there with you the

last time was the resilience of the

people the the kind the The Joy the

Unspeakable Joy of the people in the


harsh uh horrible

circumstances the joy of the people is

unbelievable especially God ‘s people

and those that that are being affected

by the ministry there and um oh we stand

with you I feel like we ought to pray


now and courney you want to lead us and

and then we’ll we’ll pray together I

want the Army Rachel’s Army to begin to

intercede all over the world I want you

to pray I want you to pray I want you to

see the Hedge going up yeah the hedges

you know the devil had to acknowledge

when he wanted to attack job he said I

can’t touch him I can’t get behind the

Hedge there’s a hedge of protection

around him and everything that he has

and I believe the hedges are going up

around that ministry as intercessors all

over the world begin to pray for Bobby

and Sherry love a child Bobby our

greatest dreams are ahead of us for

Haiti and and our greatest gifts as a

Ministry are ahead of us there’s

something greater that we’re going to do

together you’re not

done we going to see God do we’re going

to see God do whatever dream is in your

heart next in this next season we’re

going to get through this and we’re

going to bust the devil in the eye for

for even trying to destroy in that place

and I believe even the timing is

prophetic right now that I don’t know

why we we I was filming really two or

three other things and Lord laid on my

heart to talk to the uh Rachel’s Army

about Haiti and get them to pray I

didn’t know how this conversation would

go it’s been a while since you talked

with Brian and a lot of people on our

team a lot but it’s been a while since

I’ve seen you and I believe this is of

the Lord right now I feel his anointing

right now yes the Lord and Lord I plead

the blood of Jesus over Hae and over

love a child and over Bobby and over

Sher and over their children there and

the orphanage and the the the hundreds

and hundreds and even thousands of

people in that community that are daily

vitally touched by this amazing Ministry

and this your servants God Bobby and

Sherry and God we just pray right now

that you would touch them we pray for

Haiti we pray for the people God spare

the people have mercy oh God we cry out

to you and we do invoke by prayer Psalms

91 the angels of the Lord that are

encamped round about that a thousand may

fall on the right and on the left and

10,000 on the left but it’ll not come

nigh that place and God put your angels

with flaming swords all around we plead

the blood of Jesus right now over every

person over there and every person in

the ministry God and on their team keep

them by your Mighty power in Jes Jesus

name pray Jesus father we thank you that

what we bind here on Earth you will bind

in heaven and we know that there might

be physical people there in Haiti but

it’s a spiritual thing that comes behind

it it’s a demonic spirit and so right

now we bind it here on Earth and you

bind that spirit in heaven father we

thank you for protection and just like

the Israelites in Egypt when they saw

the blood of the Lamb on the door

doorway they had to the evil the demon

had to pass over yes we thank you for

the blood of Jesus that’s on love a

child that if that gain comes through

that they have to pass over that nothing

can touch it that nothing can come

against it in your mighty name father we

thank you that and we we praise you that

that fear cannot stand in your presence

and so right now father we bind those

children’s Minds to the mind of Christ I

rebuke a spirit of fear I rebuke a

spirit of anxiety give let them be

strong and courageous like you claim in

your word father let them know that

they’re deeply loved that they’re

protected father and they’re covered by

you thank you Father for Bobby and

Sherry God give them Supernatural

strength Supernatural provision and

protection in the mighty name of Jesus

we ask for Revival in the nation of

Haiti God that those who are terrorizing

their fellow citizens right now that

they’ll to their knees and recognize

that you are Lord and we know that you

are well aable that you can reveal

yourself to the nation of Haiti we we

plead the blood of Jesus and we rebuke a

spirit of Witchcraft and of voodoo and

of evil that has been so prominent in

that Nation Lord and we Proclaim you

King over Haiti in the mighty name of

Jesus we thank you Father thank in Jesus

name in Jesus name hallelujah thank Jes

M I just got a phone call an hour ago

from uh s Domingo your container that

you sponsored $10,000 each month just

left San Domingo one hour ago wow to

Haiti it’s now headed to the to the to

the police there border and so it’s come

we’re gonna pass it through the Border

tomorrow course everybody know the

border is closed but when God’s in it

border opens so I know you know God’s

got more ways than you can think

he open he opens doors no man can shut

I’m telling you people are starving to

death yes and those meals come in

tomorrow and that’s the first container

in a long time no Foods coming to Haiti

and so two

272,000 meals right yes yes yes amazing

amazing well and so please pray and and

and if you’re watching this and you want

to be a blessing to love a child you can

go on their website you we will continue

to do what we’re doing as a Ministry but

uh if the Lord’s speaking to you to do

something special if you’d like to

sponsor one of those containers for

$110,000 and send another one over you

can do that and I don’t care if you go

through them or you go through us it’s

all going there so you know do what you

want to do but pray pray pray for Haiti

and for love a child and Bobby and

Sherry Bernett we love you so much and

you touched our hearts today P Jens we

love you thank you for your prayers

because me tell you most everybody’s

left Haiti you can see in the news

everybody’s leaving Haiti but but we our

birthing center there we have the

largest birthing center in Haiti it’s

open 24 hours a day our clinic is open

every day it’s the largest in

Haiti nutrition center is open every day

I remember when the earthquake I

remember when the earthquake hit and we

came over uh right after that and the

United Nations out of all the places in

the nation of Haiti the United Nations

ask you could they set up their

headquarters and I remember we had

doctors there from Harvard we had

doctors there from all over the world

that were flown in performing surgeries

all over the property I’ve never seen

anything like it and it’s because of the

Excellence and the and just who you are

and what you do this is hundredfold

ground and we love you so much um you


um what else is there anything else that

people can do to pray and to I know

we’re going do that for God’s protection

and pray the most desperate thing in

Haiti right now is food it it is it is

and one of the most different I mean

people I we meet children just before we

came here the day a week and a half ago

had meeting in three days I mean it’s

everywhere not exaggerated it they’re

starving to death they’re starving their

death and another another need we really

have remember you bought us some trucks

in the past food trucks Del food and if

anybody’s listening anybody can help we

need another food truck that’s

$60,000 I’m listening I can help and

we’ll get that food truck that’s done

asking you shall

receive we would love we would love to

do that truck love you cour they they oh

I remember you been old a taunt there

and by the way Pastor J they told me

tell you hello people old L thought I

know they touch the heart and um they’re

going good there they they they work

they’re we’re binding every bit of

voodoo in Haiti in Jesus name but we

love you you know uh you know Courtney

prayed something in closing she I

thought that was a beautiful powerful

prayer but I I didn’t put it together

when she was talking about Passover

we’re coming up on Passover and and the

blood will cause the Destroyer the Bible

called that Spirit a destroy Destroyer

the thief comes to kill steal and

destroy and the blood when I see the

blood I’ll pass over that property is

was God’s word and I boy I felt like

that when you said that I felt here we

are moving into Passover week in just a

few days so yes God’s thank you Rachel’s

Army for praying and plead the blood

over that Ministry keep praying for them

every time the Lord lays them on your

heart we love you thank you for your

precious time you Courtney J thank you

byee God bless we should just keep keep

going I think we talk about Easter right

now like you just said as we go into

Passover week holy weeks coming up yeah

so so what she’s referring to is uh this

is another area the the thing the Lord

laid on my heart to have Rachel’s Army

do is cover every aspect of ministry

that we have in prayer it’s just kind of

a selfish thing you know usually we’re

praying we get hundreds of thousands of

prayer requests from all over the world

through TV and stuff and and so we are

careful to make sure we have people

praying but I’m begging you for prayer

for our ministry yes and because that’s

that’s an example of ongoing operations

I could talk about Israel and we’re

building a hospital there that’s

constantly Under Fire right now rocket

Rockets are hitting they’re laying

cement foundations for our hospital

right now in Northern Israel and they’re

being they’re literally putting the

foundation of the hospital in while

they’re being uh hit with 40 something

Rockets that have come across the border

there from Husalah and it’s reinforced

still and by the way they told us this

past week and we just had some special

guests in from Israel that it is the

only building project going on in that

war area and uh it’s going on remarkably

and it’s amazing I think they may can

show you some of the footage of that

through our partnership with jnf and

we’ve got bigger announcements coming

about you know the point is the

generator of it all is prayer yeah and

this is personal for us too because our

family needs your prayer Sharice and I

need your prayer our our home our our

family our children our grandchildren

our staff yeah our our team of pastors

at eight campuses and online campus and

all of that we need to be saturated in

prayer uh if you receive the messages

and they bless you and you tune in and

watch during the week and and are

blessed all that we ask of you as

Rachel’s Army is you pray pray pray

every time the Lord lays us on your

heart but do it kind of habitually every

day just your routine of prayer for your

family and stuff please utter prayer for

us it means the world to us it means

more than anything to us it’s the

generator of everything that we do and

so uh thank you for that keep praying

anything else I think that’s it for so

on the on the Easter production we have

a major Easter production and we will

reach last year was

27,000 people through the doors and in

that week literal faces and people that

were there and we may go beyond that

because we’ve added some more U show

times and it’s very powerful production

but it needs prayer right now right now

so pray for that pray Lord we just agree

together that you will bless us with a

soul winning anointing every song will

melt Hearts every scene will melt hearts

that are hard and lost lost and

searching and seeking every every even

the background music and even every the

lighting the production team the the

people who make it happen the real um

Supporting Cast so to speak that are

behind the uh scenes like an army of

ants just moving and making it happen

lay your hand on them oh God lay your

hand on this production we’re not doing

this for show we can’t compete with

Hollywood but Hollywood can’t compete

with the anointing and God we want the

anointing on this prod production and we

agree together for it in the mighty name

if any two of you shall agree it shall

be done and no weapon formed against it

will prosper sickness or sore throats or

anything else in the name of Jesus Lord

we thank you for that blessing and help

us to reach the unreached help us to

reach thousands upon thousands of souls

that are lost and people who are broken

let this production melt their hearts as

they see the love of God on that cross

in Jesus name we pray amen and amen it’s

incredible well we thank you so much

again uh we appreciate your time we will

um continue to send you those prayer

updates a lot of those times s that’s

stuff that you just will text me as it

comes those are not just when we send

the Urgent prayer requests it’s those

are not planned um they come as as

things pop up within our family within

our ministry um within different

Ministries that we help and serve all

over the world um and it’s because we

trust you guys to pray we appreciate

your prayer we covet your prayer we

could not do this without you and we’re

so thankful and um we look forward to

the next time we’re going to get

together all of us in person and I want

to pray I want to pray for you as we

close and for your family remember um

it’s Jeremiah 31 that this was kind of

born out of and it was Rachel weeping

for the

children and if you’ve been weeping for

your children you’re not alone there

there’s an army yes that’s weeping with

you and praying and pleading the blood

pray for the children pray for forward

conference coming up in June I would

love to know that there’s

27,000 women pleading the blood of Jesus

over that conference it means the world

to me it builds my confidence because I

I I have to have God’s help we have to

have God’s help he is our provider of

everything yes and we’re desperate for

him and I thank you for being a part of

that so may the Lord bless you and keep

you may the Lord make his face shine on

you may the Lord be gracious unto you

may he lift up his countenance upon you

you and your children and your

children’s children and listen to this

Rachel’s Army he said don’t weep anymore

they shall your children that have been

taken captive they shall return from the

land of the enemy praise God we’re

agreeing with you on that thank you so

much than you God bless