This week on Kingdom Connection, Jentezen Franklin visits with Pastor Matthew Barnett. He shares the ongoing miracles taking place each day at the LA Dream Center and a brand new opportunity to help over 100 homeless families be restored and discover purpose in God’s kingdom. To hear more inspiring messages from Jentezen Franklin, visit…

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I’m so delighted to be back at one of my

favorite places in the world I’m at the

Dream Center in Los Angeles California

and what an amazing Place God is doing

miracles in this place every day 24

hours a day no matter they never take a

break they never break for Christmas or

Easter or they never take a step back

and say let’s regroup let’s it is

ongoing all the time they have had over


000 people come through the programs

here at the Dream Center through the


from drugs addiction to Brokenness to

sex trafficking people who have been

through living literal hails and they’re

restored they’re put back together

they’re told and introduced to the King

of Kings Jesus Christ to changes their

life and really breaks curses off of

people’s lives for Generation I’m

sitting with one of the founders of this

amazing Ministry the one and only

Matthew Barnett we love you so much love

your family so much

great with your wife and family that

just have done so much for the kingdom

of God

you’re happy to have you hey it’s a

tremendous um honor to be here

especially on a floor like this you know

you see the background we’re on one of

the floors here at the Dream Center and

I look at that whole building in the

background and I see you and your

ministry and your partners your hand is

in this place 24 hours a day of serving

and helping people and um it’s almost

like you’re you’ve sponsored this whole

campus and it’s incredible because you

know there’s so many things that have

left our city so much heartbroken a lot

of good things have left 30 percent of

the churches in La have closed 30


and so we have this landmark building we

have the old Queen of Angels hospital

where 700 residents live here every

single day whose lives are being

restored and it’s a challenge but you

guys every step of the way have helped

us to help more people especially during

this crisis that we’re in right now and

I’m just so thankful to be with you well

we’re honored to play a a small part

um and what we recently I was uh in uh

in a little gathering of people of

leaders and you and your dad were there

and you and and you guys ministered to


and um the Lord just spoke to my heart

again he’s done it through the years you

know we’ve done several things here

several projects here I know we

um made up you know a lot the wonderful

friends and partners said let’s build a

human sex trafficking Wing yeah in this

building and we’ve partnered with you on

that we’re honored to do that and then

one of the ones my favorites was the

emancipated miners building that we did

that provided housing for that

transition out of uh

out of the foster home that many of the

18 year old kids would end up on their

own in the streets and we’ve got that

transition house and I love that and you

told me about your dream for the women’s

Veterans Home yeah and we were able to


through these amazing people they made a

miracle happen yes hundreds and hundreds

of thousands of dollars over all

together over 2.1 million but we’ve got

a big announcement Matthew after I heard

you guys Minister and after I heard you

your dad ministered and you ministered

there and just it just so touched my

heart again that there’s no other place

like this in America maybe not in the

world and by the way you have inspired

thousands of dream centers around the

world to be birthed and Ministries like

it all over the world you are a

prototype of

what a generation is crying out for when

you look at fentanyl when you look at

a hundred thousand people young people

mostly dying I mean it’s it’s

unbelievable I heard somebody on the

radio the other day said it was like if

you had a um a a 747 crashing every week

wow would that would that alarm you and

that’s how many people are dying from

drug addiction and overdoses and the

only answer is places like this and uh

so as you guys were speaking and

ministering I just heard that gentle

Whisper of the holy spirit it’s always

been my dream

to give your ministry a one million

dollar gift it’s always it’s been in my

dream for over 30 years to give a

million dollars to the Dream Center and

one one guest and uh we’re gonna do that

we are able to do that and God’s going

to help us to do that and we’re thrilled

about it and we know that when you give

it into this place into this ministry

it’s that it’s that hundredfold good

ground that Jesus talked about that will

produce Eternal

Eternal results and we’re on a floor

that is for families they’re homeless

families and even walking through here

it just messes you up a little bit in a

good way

because uh you can be immune you can see

on the news the the streets and the

needs and the and the poor and the and

the uh homeless and the hungry

and you can just say well that’s just

how it is but when you walk through a

place like this and you realize Jesus

said in Matthew

which is amazing that’s your name to

Matthew 25

that as you do it unto the least of


you’re doing it to me yeah so we’re

giving you precious people who give and

help us

are giving this to the Dream Center but

really we’re giving it to Jesus because

he lives here

he’s fed here he’s clothed here he’s has

his medical needs met here you have so

many outreaches in this place it’s

unbelievable I don’t know how you manage

it I don’t know how you do it well you

know I can’t think that breaks my heart

the most and I know our team is you know

families come in and they have nothing

right I mean they’re like a trash bag in

their car and these little children are

checking in and they walk into these old

hospital rooms they remodeled into

places for families to live

and they see like a bed and we put a

little bear on there to let them know

that you know safety comfort

and the kids are jumping up in the bed

and screaming I haven’t slept in a bed

in years and like how is this possible

in America like kids are jumping up and

down saying I can’t believe I get to

sleep in a bed and they grab that bear

like you just bought them a Rolls-Royce

and just hugging it and like and they

just it’s just so it shocks me I think

I’ve seen it all but when I see the

children’s expression on the basic

little things that are provided and then

have a year to live because of your

ministry and all of your viewers to have

a a year it gives you a real chance to

make it so 30 days it’ll help you let

them live in here for a year or longer

but years ago save up and and you know

if they can you also have job placement

yep opportunities and in Ministry that


we do we have job placement we have GED

programs we have counseling we have free

food every single day to help them and

the goal is really

um you know what Betty Carson was here I

was talking about how all of our

programs are a year longer and he

stopped he looked at me and he said

that’s exactly what’s necessary because

the brain needs time to he goes into

this whole medical reason of why a year

is good wow I looked at my and I said

well yeah that’s exactly why we do it

you know I didn’t realize that we just

do it because people need the holy

spirit is is smarter than a brain

surgeon which Ben Carson is of course

and people need the luxury of time

that’s we call it the Dream Center time

you know when people don’t have time to

make bad decisions they hustle they try

to find a way in the streets to make it

they sell their bodies they deal drugs

because how else are you going to make

it when you’re on the hustle you’re just

trying to get through but here you know

we try to get people away from that

hustling mentality and say look you have

time so good you have time to let the

word of God work in you you have time to

let our church services get in your

spirit you have time to allow all those

things to to grow in your heart and so

by really some of these mothers are

coming here 18 19 years of age they were

emancipated themselves uh they don’t

really know how and then they get parent

coaching and all of this and then it’s

kind of like the scripture the child in

the house of the Lord yes and um because

sometimes it takes time for those root

issues to come out and then to be

rebuilt and the kingdom wise so that’s

why I love about our approach to

homeless families is because you know

sometimes it’s beans and rice and Jesus

Christ you know it’s like right to the

core so but that’s the way it should be

because this whole housing first system

that our government’s under like don’t

challenge people to change just put a

roof over their head no accountability

that’s just not going to do it people

are starving for job skills training but

more than that a spiritual Mentor Bible

studies accountability to really not

only minister to their need but really

minister to their potential

and even as we’re talking what is

powerful about being here on this

property you were talking about they

finally have a bed their own bed with a

little little bear love bear and

I hear a baby uh sound off down the down

the hall and it and it and it and it

touches your heart


the answer is is to care the answer is

we can’t uh you’re it’s almost like your

mentality is we can’t do everything but

we’re going to do something yeah and you

just keep adding to that something

another layer and another layer and now

we’re going to build another layer here

at the Dream Center we’re going to be a

part and I believe people are watching

this program today

and you can really make a difference

and I don’t care how you do it just let

God speak to you let him tell you what

to do and think of your own


think of your own children like we’re

hearing little uh Little Voices down the

Halls here and every once in a while

even it sounds like a baby crying and to

have a place that they can come that

they’re safe

that they they can sleep at night and

it’s clean and they’re fed and they’re

clothed and they’re educated and and the

peace of mind of that mother laying her

head down that’s been living in a car or

out on the streets and say my children

are safe tonight what is what do you

think that what do you think we could do

greater than that I know of nothing so

it’s pretty amazing tell us about this

um this great need you mentioned to me

earlier when we were talking that you

have a waiting list of families always

tell us about that yeah you know we have

a waiting list over 100 families trying

to get housing

and you know he was just so discouraging

during covert we like at least try to

get a floor going but it pretty much

stopped in a few days that’s when the

escalation of prices of the building

costs were so high and so we just said

well you know what we’ll just hold on

just pray for a miracle one day to

actually go on and Tackle this floor

just like this one an entire Hospital

floor big rooms to be able to help

people and uh to open up over 20 more

rooms for families which is about 100

people a day of housing it’s just a lot

and uh so we said well we’ll just kind

of put that the back burner and maybe

five ten years down the road we’ll be

able to even think about tackling it and


five months down the road we get a call

from you guys to say it’s possible now

we can we can get that waiting list and

get families in because

that’s that’s my greatest treatment you

know the the movie years ago came out

Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith yes

there’s a scene in there where him and

his son are like in a in a train station

and they’re all over the corner and he’s

in the bathroom just with his son

holding him so he can sleep at night

that was a scene that pretty much struck

America to its core right but realizing

that happens every single day with the

people that we’re reaching out to we’re

providing a place out of train stations

and and and now with the whole floor to

be able to do so much more I mean you’re

not just reaching the 20 plus families

you’re reaching hundreds of families

because everyone’s at different levels

some families need six months to get

back on their feet again some need a

year but there’s a constant opening of

families coming into this place who are

being helped and so to even think that

this is possible for us to even start

going on this is

is beyond anything we ever dreamed

because you know we just been throwing

all the water out of the boat over the

last couple years during covet and yeah

you know we lost a million dollar one

million dollars of income because our

youth groups the short-term missions

couldn’t come here right um you know

speaking trips for my dad and I raise

money and and you know I I I for the

first time in my life I thought man it

might be over die and the Lord said well

if it’s going to be over go out serving

and so we just started serving what we

had and the Lord began to bless it and

bless it and now sending you guys in our

lives and now we’re not just thinking

about survival we’re thinking about

conquering now come on and taking more

and I love you guys so much I want to

thank you your heart is it all over this

campus you’re here everywhere your your

legacy lives in every room in this

campus literally in addition to all that

you support 170 men and women are drug

and alcohol rehab program I mean when

today I just walk to the campus they

were all doing circles prayer walk

circles and um people addicted to

Fentanyl and meth that’s also a program

that you guys have support with your

monthly giving and so

I I’m just kind of bewildered that we’re

actually at a place now that we can

think about going forward and adding and

growing in a time of people think that

way they just throw it out there I’m

just going to throw it out there

I believe that there are 50

people or Ministries or foundations or


that could step up right now in this

nation and I want to I want you to match

that if you can match what our ministry

is doing match it and bless them because

this is the Lord’s work and he will

bless anyone who will do it and thank

you partners

as we are sending every month now we

started it and we’ll just finish it till

we’re completely done with it a hundred

thousand a month until we’ve completed

our gift of a million dollars and then

we’ll keep doing our monthly support

like we’ve been doing for a long time

we’ll be back in 90 seconds with more of

Jensen Franklin’s message over 75 000

people face the harsh reality of

homelessness every single night in Los

Angeles it’s truly heartbreaking to know

that among these vulnerable individuals

are families and innocent children

imagine their desperation as they wander

the streets hungry and without a place

to call home for over a decade Jensen

Franklin media Ministries has partnered

with the Dream Center in Los Angeles to

provide a place where people whose

dreams have been shattered find the love

of Jesus and in the process they find

wholeness New Hope a fresh start because

of you we have provided a home for

emancipated minors who had nowhere to go

we built a house for homeless women

veterans suffering from PTSD and now we

are continuing our partnership with the

Dream Center and building the Freedom

House for homeless families it’s a

program that presents struggling

homeless families with several powerful

opportunities not only will they have a

bed to lay their head on at night but

the entire family will be fed they’ll

receive help for their education

counseling as well as learning new

skills that will help them provide for

their family and their future by

contributing to this crucial project you

honor the very words spoken by Jesus in

Matthew 25 40. truly I tell you whatever

you did to one of the least of these

brothers and sisters of mine you did for

me today you have the power to provide

them with the hope they so desperately

seek go online to see how you can be


it’s one thing to add a floor it’s

another thing to have all the people

that have to support that fool the

workers the supplies the food I don’t

know how you do it how do you how do you

think when you pull up on this campus

how do how does your mind uh how do you

feel when you see the families and the

lives that are being changed do you know

I think Pastor Jensen when I used to try

to see this Hospital you know Assist on

the Hollywood freeway it’s 400 000

square feet it’s the biggest landmark in

all of La everybody wants our land

because it’s still about you know

valuable and they they pull up and you

can see the Dream Center and right

behind it you can see the Hollywood Sign

yeah and Hollywood says bring your youth

will make them famous but oftentimes

they turn into drug addicts and they end

up on the street and then right below

the Hollywood sign I see this Hospital

that is a real dream and that is picking

up the pieces of the of the broken

Hollywood dream and it sits right

underneath that sign is really where we

pick up the The Broken Pieces of What

the fall stream really was and help them

get their lives back together again and

so when I pull up and I see that

hospital and the Hollywood sign behind

it I say this is God’s dream for your

life and man’s dream is disappointing

but when people find God’s dream when

um there’s endurance in it there’s

potential in it we just don’t Minister

people’s needs we miss her potential and

um it just kind of warms my heart every

day that the most um visible land in all

of Los Angeles belongs to God’s kingdom

and his people who are investing into

the lives of others and so it’s the real

dream it’s it’s God’s dream and to think

that all the roots we’ve been able to

put down here in this city and stay when

everybody is leaving I always say the

most powerful message to the community

is to stay and that’s how you change the

atmosphere of the community by

outlasting the drug dealers outlasting

The Pimps whoever stays the longest will

win the battle for influence I love and

you guys have allowed us to stay nearly

three decades through all the

impossibilities and I know sometimes

television Hypes the need in LA but

they’re not over hyping if anything

they’re under hyping what’s really going

on it’s worse yeah what even television

shows I’ve never seen I feel like kind

of like Nehemiah now it’s like you know

kind of rebuilding the walls of the city

with people who are helping us with a

common heart but um you know when times

get tough we just put down deeper roots

and we just keep fighting for the hearts

and souls of people

well we want to thank you for being a

part we want to thank you for helping us

help great Ministries we do three things

with resources that you give to this

ministry number one we preach the gospel

all over the world over 200 Nations we

translate these messages that you watch

every week into different languages it

goes all over the world we’re always

enlarging that secondly we

produce materials written materials

books Bibles all kinds of materials

things that we can do to get the gospel

out and then lastly we love to give

generously to Great Ministries

partner with them you know we can try to

do everything ourselves or you can find

a great ministry that that has a track

record that is Integris that does what

they say they do only they exceed it

they can’t even describe what they do

until you come and see it for yourself

and we try to come alongside and say

here take this gift last year in our own

hometown of Gainesville Georgia we were

able to give a million dollars to a

homeless Center there but this year the

Lord says the Dream Center needs to be

that gift and you are wonderful Partners

make those kinds of miracles happen and

I can truly say it is the greatest joy

in my life to just I’m just searching

all the time what would you have us do

Holy Spirit yes and I want to thank you

for making that happen and we’re going

to continue to do that if you’re

watching this today and you would say

you know I need a miracle in my home in

my family I want to encourage you to do

something help make that Miracle happen

for someone else then God has a way of

making it just come back around

and Target the very great need in your

own life and I want to pray for you

today and I want to believe God with you

would you pray number one that we would

see just all that we need to do to help

this ministry do what they’re doing and

then pray for the Dream Center Matthew

Barnett and the amazing team here that

they would absolutely have more than

enough and then that God would bless

this new floor this new project of up to

a hundred family a hundred people uh

being blessed is it a hundred people or

a hundred things 100 families 100 years

in the course of that year will come

through this floor by God’s grace

because you made it happen because

you’re getting to it today because you

do more than just say yeah somebody

needs to do something but you say I am

the one and this is the place and now is

the time and I’m gonna just listen to

that whispering God’s of God’s little

voice in my ear and I’m going to give to

that because it’s going to make a

difference I want to pray for you today

Father I thank you for every person

who’s viewing

and I just pray today for every home and

every family that’s going through any

kind of crisis

and today what we make happen for others

you know how to make it happen for our

families and they may be in Arkansas

they may be in Alabama they may be in

Tennessee or Oregon or I don’t know

where people are watching this Florida

New York and you may feel like God I

need a miracle in my own home well as we

provide a floor at the Dream Center

through this million dollar gift that

we’re giving the Dream Center as we

provide a floor for a hundred families

who are homeless to come through and be

clothed and fed and have somewhere to

sleep and eat and get their lives back

together and restore it and most of all

find Jesus I pray that you would Target

families and homes that are watching

this program I know what it is to have a

need in my own family I know what it is

to go through pain and suffering and

know that it looks like the enemy is

going to win with with your child or

with your grandchild and in the name of

Jesus Lord we just pray the power of

your name the power of your blood cover

every home represented in this audience


speak to people and let them know that

you are the god of their families and

that you know how to reach and restore

and say

in Jesus name maybe you’re watching this

program you’d say I need a change in my

life let it start with you just say

Jesus I receive you as my Lord and

Savior Wash Me cleanse me and heal my

life in my family and if you’re watching

this today

and you need prayer there’s a number on

the screen go to that number and pray

and if you prayed that prayer we’ve got

free gifts we want to give you like a

devotional for the next 30 days it’s

free it’s our gift to you just go online

the address is there and all you have to

do is just say I’m reaching out there’s

all kinds of materials that’ll be a

blessing to you and if you’re watching

this today and you’d say I’d love to be

a part of what God is doing through that

Ministry and particularly that floor

that Kingdom connection is providing

then I appreciate your support and you

can help us make a difference in a

hundred families right here on the floor

that we’re making happen through the

amazing Dream Center and Pastor Matthew

Barnett thank you for making that

Miracle happen ask the Lord what it had

you do and then just boldly do it and

let’s see what we can do together thank

you so much God bless you



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