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>> Sid Roth has spent over
forty years researching-

[Interrupted by static sounds]

JC: Is there an answer, a guide,
a blue print-

that reveals
what you need to know to survive,

to stand and prevail in view of
what’s coming in the days ahead?!

Could a 3000 year old calendar
of appointed days

provide the secret to the most
dramatic year of our lives,

even ordaining a plague?
A national lockdown,

the days of fire and the changing
of the Supreme Court.

[Static noises]
What does the future hold?

Is America heading for calamity?
Is there hope?

Have we been given a last chance?
Is it possible to change history?

[Music] And is there a blueprint
for what you need to know

to survive and stand with regard
to what is yet to come?

Even a guide to the end times.

[Music continues–]

SR: Welcome Rauch HaKodesh,
Spirit of the Living God.

The same Shekinah glory
that accompanied my Jewish people

for 40 years in the wilderness
is in this studio right now,

and I am so grateful

because many will feel
the presence of the Holy Spirit,

will see the presence
of the Holy Spirit.

My guest, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn,

has authored seven stunning
New York Times best sellers.

Now he really goes
into explosive realms

and will reveal
what he has long held back.

Jonathan, give us a brief
overview of

“The Josiah Manifesto,”
your brand new book.

JC: Yeah, this book is,
I believe,

one of the biggest
and most important things

I could have ever, ever written.

It is a prophetic symphony,
a puzzle, a journey, a puzzle.

The reality of the God
of the Bible in our time.

I mean, not, not general,
but exact.

I mean, moving events
that we didn’t even realize.

And it’s all going
to come together.

There’s going to be
mysteries upon mysteries

that all come together that are
going to open up a final mystery,

which is, what do we need
to know for the future?

A blueprint, an answer,
A guide for the End Times.

That is “The Josiah Manifesto.”
SR: You know,

I’ve asked you this before,
but I have to ask you this again.

The things you come up with,

they’re not things you’ve copied
from other teachers.

They are things
hidden in the Bible.

How do you come up
with these things? How?

JC: That’s a good question.
It’s only God.

I just say, “Lord, show me.”
And then He,

I get the first thing,
the next thing, the next thing.

I could never reproduce
any of the books.

It’s basically a download
and it’s all Him.

SR: Jonathan gave Fidel Castro
a prophetic object and message

that pinpointed the exact year,
exact day, exact hour,

his reign would come to an end.
Rabbi, explain.

JC: Yeah, this, this is how
“The Josiah Manifesto” opens up.

And it’s the first puzzle piece.
It affects us.

Basically, I’ll just say
a quick nutshell.

I gave him an object
and a message

that had to do
with God’s ancient Jubilee.

And the Jubilee is that 50th year
when God reverses everything,

undoes everything, for, for, it
could be a blessing

or it could be a judgment.

And so the object I gave him
was linked to that.

His reign would come
to an end in his 50th year.

Not just the 50th year
of his rising,

but the 50th day
of the 50th year

at the exact hour
all, all to the Jubilee

that is, that is beyond
from Leviticus.

It actually determined the rise
and fall of Fidel Castro.

And this mystery has to do with
America and now.

SR: Jonathan discovered
this same supernatural phenomenon

was behind the pandemic!
Rabbi, when did you recover?

JC: Yeah, yeah.

The Bible says
that if you, you harm children,

it’s going to come back to you.
And the year of the Jubilee,

remember, you know,

if you took somebody’s land, you.

It gets taken from you. That’s
the other side of it- so.

SR: That’s the judgment side?

JC: Yeah, that’s
the judgment side of it. So,

America actually began abortion
on demand in the year 1970.

And so what happens
if you go to the Jubilee?

What year is that? That’s 2020,
the year of the plague.

SR: 20- 20 and 50 is 70.

JC: Seventy, yeah.
And the thing is that

so that’s exactly, so

we took life and then a plague
comes upon us and it takes life,

but it goes deeper, Sid.
Because the exact day abortion

came to the continent
through New York,

and the day that that bill
was introduced

that would change America
was January 20th, 1970.

Go 50 years forward.
January 20th, 2020,

is the, the day that the plague
entered America.

Patient zero- 50 years
to the exact date!

And here’s another one.
If you remember in March.

SR: Excuse me. JC: Yes.
SR: I want to make this clear.

Child sacrifice- JC: Yes!
SR: -was going on in Israel.

They sacrificed to false gods.
What do you think is going on

with most of the abortions
in America?

It’s child sacrifice
to the God of pleasure.

JC: And God says it comes back.
That’s a, that’s a law.

And so remember, remember

when Covid basically
shut down America?

It was the middle of March.
President went on the,

on the air.
[Static noise / Music continues]

We were quarantined.
Everything went into lockdown.

It was called the day
that changed everything.

It was March 11th,
March 11th, 2020.

Now, the thing is,
if you go back 50 years,

you find, did anything happen?
March 11th, 1970,

was the exact day that abortion
on demand began on American soil.

It was 50 years to the day again
when the plague fell on America.

Here’s another thing. Where, what
is the capital of abortion

in America?
New York?

Where did the Plague center
when it came on,

it centered on New York.

And there was one milestone day
in the plague

when New York surpassed
every other nation

in the world for the plague.

And the date was
the milestone was April 10th.

April 10th was 50 years
to the day

when New York legalized abortion.
I mean, you cannot make this up.

You cannot, you cannot-
only the hand of God here.

Not only that,
it’s that where did- where

did abortion spread in America?
It was through New York

in the first three years
up until Roe versus Wade.

Most abortions were done
in New York.

Well, you know
what they just discovered

this Sid. The plague spread more
than any other place-

was from New York.
The virus had the markers,

the DNA markers
that go to New York.

But there was one other gate.

That’s the eastern gate,
the western gate.

Abortion also came
into America that year,

1970 through Washington State.

You know, you know
where the plague came,

the other one, was Washington
State, same gate- patient zero.

So whoever got Covid, you had
the markers of the two gates

where abortion came to America.

I mean, it’s exactly minute.
You said that before.

It’s minute
and it’s exact! The hand of God.

SR: You know, if that
was all there was,

it had to be beyond coincidence.

But Jonathan has found
the whole Bible

is filled with these patterns,
which proves,

although it was written
by different people

in different generations,
in different countries,

[Music] one mind was behind
these good Jewish secretaries

that took perfect dictation
from Hashem, from God.

Could an ancient calendar

lie behind recent
catastrophic events-

down to the exact second?

[Music] >> We will be right
back to “It’s Supernatural!”

[Music] JC: “The Josiah Manifesto”
is, I believe,

the most important thing
I could share.

It’s a mystery that is so big,
it encompasses everything,

even mysteries that I’ve written
about in the past

that are now coming home
all together, all converging.

This is the reality of God,
the mystery,

the stunning mysteries
behind our world.

What’s happened in recent times
that have changed our lives,

the hand of the God of the Bible.

It’ll all be revealed
in “The Josiah Manifesto.”

[Static / Music] >> We now
return to “It’s Supernatural!”

SR: Rabbi Jonathan discovered
a connection

between recent
catastrophic events,

the biblical feasts,

and an ordinance given
to ancient Israel by God

on Mount Sinai.
Explain Jonathan.

JC: Yeah, the year of those

And I will say one thing,
you know,

in that three year period

when abortion first
came to America

up until Roe versus Wade,
it was three years,

1.3 million children were killed.
In the three years of the plague

that happened- Covid,
50 years later,

How many Americans? 1.3 million.
The exact, exact same.

And you remember, Sid,
that year of shaking, you know,

behind every shaking of that year
was an actual ancient

Hebrew holy day from God’s
appointed calendar.

I won’t go into
what’s in the book right now,

but to say this.
Behind the plague,

behind, there is an ancient
Hebrew holy day

that was behind the plague,
behind- remember the riots and-

SR: Is that why God says to
observe these holy days forever?

It’s not legalism for a believer.
It’s that you have to.

It’s there’s revelation.

There’s a portal to Heaven,
literally on these holy days.

JC: Yeah, Yeah.

He’s the God of everything.

So when He, when He comes up
with something, it’s going to be,

it’s going to tell you something.
So actually,

so the first one
was linked to the plague.

The first Hebrew
holy day in the spring.

Second shaking was when the riots

and the fires
and the rages. Behind

that was also, was the second
Hebrew holy day.

Actually, it determined
the exact day when it started.

I’m holding back on some of it
because we’re going to do more.

But the other thing was and then,
you know, one of the other days,

and everything went in order,
is the Feast of Trumpets.

You know, the Feast of Trumpets
is when you turn to God,

you’re supposed to turn back,
repentance and all that.

Well, do you know that,
that was the day

that the Supreme Court
was altered

and a Supreme Court justice
passed from the earth,

which opened the door
for the overturning of abortion

on the Day of Trumpets.
That’s when it happened.

SR: And by the way,
she happened to be Jewish.

JC: Yeah. Yeah.

And it happened.

Listen, Sid,
the mystery, mysteries,

some of the mysteries
in “The Josiah Manifesto,”

even what happened on January 6th
on Capitol Hill and Trump

is actually the templates
in the Bible, actually.

And I wrote of it,
I spoke of it with you years ago.

So, I mean, it’s everything.
Sid I mean, it’s mind boggling.

SR: Rabbi Jonathan actually
witnessed firsthand

a supernatural convergence

that is connected to the changing
of American history.

Rabbi, describe what we saw.

JC: This was in
the midst of that year,

I was led with a great man
of God to come together

and call
for a day of prayer,

national day of prayer
and repentance,

and on the National Mall,
and Sacred Assembly.

And we met there.
We prayed, called The Return.

And so we’re doing that
and we’re praying.

Okay. The thing is,
we had no idea, Sid,

that I had no idea
until we were just about there

that there’s actually a day
on the Hebrew calendar

that’s called Shabbat Shuvah,

which means “The day
of the return,” you know.

And so “The day of the return,”

God had it on the day
of The Return,

which is about
a nation praying.

It says, Joel, pray for revival.
You pray for repentance.

We prayed for
the ending of this sin.

Well, on that same day, Sid,

you know that is, actually
it could be translated

as the day of turning,
to turn a nation.

And that same day Trump,

that was the day he chose
to nominate the last Supreme

Court Justice who would, that
vote would overturn abortion.

That day he nominated
Amy Barrett.

And the thing is,
there’s a mystery with that link

to the child of the Nile,
which is in the book.

But that was the day
that set in motion

the overturning of abortion,

that, that nomination,
that third vote.

So in the same day, we’re praying
for return, the day

that God appointed for
the turning now of the nation,

it actually started turning.

But the thing was,
I was led at the end,

the end part, to say
we’re all going to join together,

seal it all
with a sound of God’s power,

the sound of the shofar.

SR: I actually was watching that
on television,

and I was surprised
at the number of people

you had there that knew
how to blow the shofar.

JC: Yeah, well,
it was good that they did.

And so when you hear the shout
and all, there was thousands,

tens of thousands of people,
say, shout like Jericho!

So I said, we’re sealing it.
Let the power of God

go forth! I said, go!

The moment was 5:00,
four minutes and 33 seconds.

At that same instant
on the White House lawn,

President Trump
opens his mouth

and the beginning of the
overturning of abortion begins.

5:00, four minutes and 33 seconds
to the exact same second.

The history of America
pivoted on God’s day

called the day
of turning to the hour,

to the minute,
to the exact second.

That’s how precise God is.

God. You want to know that
the God of the Bible is real?

Literally, our history
has been altered by Him,

by His hand,
with His fingerprints.

SR: And the word, turning, really
is what someone should do

when they’re involved in sin.

It means repentance.
That was the day. JC: Yeah!

And that’s when God says,
I’ll bring, I’ll bring blessing,

I’ll bring revival,
I’ll bring that.

And so that was the first thing.

So God showed His hand and,
and I’ll show another thing,

you know, you know Sid you know,
what’s the name of our president?

I mean the president
who was, is Trump.

What does Trump mean in English?
It means trumpet.

So here, listen, this is
the jubilee of abortion, okay?

We’re sounding the trumpets.
I said go!

That the trumpets sound.
The trumpets sound.

And then on the White House,

the trumpet sounds and on the
day, and what happens,

it overturns
when the trump sounds in

In the year of Jubilee, it brings
a turning to restoration.

And that’s where it all began.

The God of Israel,
the God of the Bible,

is alive and well
and He has changed,

He has actually
altered our lives.

SR: I’ll tell you,

if that was all there was,
it would have been enough.

But it’s revelation
after revelation.

And actually, you told me
once someone uncovers

these revelations that you talk
about in the book from the Bible

that are irrefutable,

and you’ll see
when you read it for yourself,

they then are all put together.

Explain that.

JC: Yeah, it’s all going
to converge like, like

just like all these mysteries are
converging on this one moment.

It’s actually going to converge.
I’ve never had a book like this.

It’s going to converge
that, that presents a key

that’s going to open up
the ultimate mystery,

which is which is actually
the guide to the end times.

And I believe this is from God
that that is for now

and it’s for what is yet ahead.
How are we going to live?

How do we survive?
How do we prevail?

All the purpose God- just as real
as this was with God,

I believe just as real God
has given us a key

and an answer which comes
from the Bible, of course,

but it’s actually
going to give us the key.

That’s why, that’s why
it’s called,

“The Josiah Manifesto,” because
much, you have a whole part,

which is how do you live now?
Is God actually giving us

the key how to overcome
in the days ahead?

[Music] SR: Could all of these
things reveal an ancient

blueprint from God,
a GPS, if you will,

for the end times
and what you must know

and must do in light of what
you’ll find out lies ahead?


[Music] >> We will be right back
to “It’s Supernatural!”

[Music] JC: I’m going to tell
you about one

of the most unique
exclusive prophetic things

that I believe you’re not
going to want to miss

and that you can’t get
in any store, not on

Amazon or anywhere. “The
Josiah Manifesto Uncensored.”

This is the only source
of the uncensored material.

With eight one-hour DVDs
I’m going to be sharing

with you, the deep revelations
of God I can’t share elsewhere.

And not only the deeper
revelations of the mysteries in

the book, but I’m going to open
up entirely other mysteries.

And you’re not only going
to read of the mysteries,

you’re going to actually see them
unfold before your eyes.

You’re going to see
prophetic manifestations,

even that of an ancient God
or a spirit

on the streets
of New York City.

You’re going to
actually see the event, the

prophetic moment that altered
the course of history of America

and much, much more.

And I’m going to be sharing
what you need to know

to be prepared
to stand, to survive,

to prevail in the days ahead,

in the last days and in all that
is yet to come.

[Static / Music] >> We now
return to “It’s Supernatural!”

SR: Jonathan, what is the mystery
of the broken altar?

JC: Well, the thing is,

when I remember,
when I heard the news

that, that Roe versus Wade
was overturned,

and I was in the airport
and I looked at my cell phone

and a scripture popped up
that I did not ask for.

It just popped up. And it was, it
was from Psalm 106.

And it talks about when Israel
turned away from God.

They offered up their children.

It talks about a plague
that came on them

until one man named Phinehas
took an action, righteous action,

and the plague subsided.
Well, I wondered

well, now,
if the Supreme Court did that,

could there be
something like that?

And the thing is this.

When the Supreme Court
actually voted on this

and actually started writing
the decision

that would overturn it,
it wasn’t in June.

It was actually at the end
of 2021 when they voted.

And in January, Judge Alito
is working on the decision

that’s going to
overturn abortion.

And he released it to the court
in the beginning of February.

Well, here’s the thing, Sid.

At that same time, the, the
plague was actually at its peak.

It was actually at that time
it was three times higher

than it’d ever been,
of infections.

And then when he, when he worked
on this thing,

when he started when, when
the thing was finished,

you know, what happened to him?

The rate of the plague
plunged, that within a few weeks

it was one eighth
and it never came back.

It was actually the week that
the judge, that the Supreme Court

began rolling back abortion,
the sin and the plague subsided.

And you know what?
And people don’t know this.

It actually you know
what his name, Samuel Alito,

Samuel means in the Bible?
You know,

people have been praying for
years! SR: [unintelligible]

JC: Yeah, praying for years.
Praying for years, end this.

It means God has heard.
God has heard.

And here’s another thing
with this

is actually the jubilee
of Roe versus Wade

began on January 22nd,
the 50th year 2022,

and it went
till January 22nd, 2023,

on the exact day that it began.

The CDC records
that the death rate of the plague

reached its highest

and then all of a sudden
plunged again and it was gone.

It happened at the
at the exact day

of the jubilee of
Roe versus Wade.

Now, now the thing is, now
the thing is here.

This is something so crucial

because what does this have
to do with the broken altar?

And if you look at the book,

the cover, you’re going to see
the broken altar, the broken-

there was no altar in America

that was so brazen
as that of abortion.

We killed 60 million children.

And so, and so, what happened
on that day

is God began to crack it open.
Crack it open.

And what is that a sign
of in the Bible?

That’s a sign of revival.
You see.

You see in ancient times
when there was revival,

it wasn’t a tent meeting.

They broke the altars
of the gods.

And I’m going to
tell you something.

If it’s okay,
it’s kind of a secret.

But. But, but when I was last

and I finished
“The Return of the Gods,” okay?

When I was working
on “The Return of the Gods,”

one of my associates came to me

and said- “I was woken up
in the middle of the night

and I had a vision and a word.

And Jonathan, I’ve got
to tell you what it is.”

And he never did this before.
He said,

“I see you bringing forth a word
to these altars of the gods.

And then and then
all of a sudden,

when you did, the altar
cracked open

and, and, the spirits
went out, and revived,

there was, there was a spirit
come upon, now.

So the thing is,

the day that I finished
“The Return of the Gods,”

that was the day that the Supreme
Court overturned abortion.

That day the altar
was cracked open.

God saying this is
a broken altar.

Now, this is so crucial.

This is- I want everybody
to hear this!

This, I believe,
is all coming together.

This is the moment
we’re in the broken altar

is either, it’s about a nation
that has fallen from God.

It can head to judgment
or it can head to revival.

And there can be revival
or there can be both.

That’s where we are right now, is
this! God is giving us a chance.

And this is ultimately
about revival.

And that’s what we have to pray.

That’s why.
And the other thing is,

which biblical character
is linked to a broken altar?

It’s, it’s Josiah.

Josiah was born when a nation
was heading to judgment,

but that one person
with the Spirit of God

actually turned the nation back.

He turned the nation back to God.

The revival. And that’s what

opens the door to the revelation
of “The Josiah Manifesto”

that in this one man and what God
did at that moment is

actually the key for us, what we
need to do for now, the

end times, and for such a time as
this, to prevail and overcome.

SR: It begs the question now,

what does all of this
have to do with Josiah-

JC: Yeah. SR: -the last Days and
the blueprint for the End Times?

[Music] JC: Yeah. Josiah was
actually, lived in the last days

of Israel. There was actually
judgment coming.

And one of the things is that
we are living in the last days

and we are also living at a time
when we’re watching apostasy

and it’s crazy and all that,

you know. Last time
I was with you, Sid,

when we were opening up

“The Return of the Gods,”
it’s like,

well, what’s the answer?

The Lord, let me say
you got to give them the answer,

the answer is here!
And so we actually can prevail,

you know,
we’ve, we’ve said this before,

but one of the things about
Josiah is these were dark times,

but he was radical for God.

You have- God is calling us
to be radical.

The last 100 pages of the book
are the keys and the secrets

and the- and what we need to

the guide for this hour
and this day.

What do we need to know?

And one of the things,
one of the, one of the sections

is called, is called
“Against the Flow.”

Another one is called,
“Separation and Resistance.”

Another one is called,
” The Powers,”

because it’s about the powers,

secrets of the powers
God’s given us.

Another one is called
“The Agents of Heaven on Earth.”

God has called us
not to be on the defensive now.

This is our hour.

This is, this is,
this is a biblical hour.

Many people in your audience
have been praying.

I wish I lived in Bible times.

You’re in Bible times now.
This is what it’s about.

And, and so we have the key
and the secret

to live radically for God.
And so this is what God-

then I said, “God,
give me the answer.

Give, give me for the people
because they need.”

And that’s what this all
is leading to.

The same God who did
all these things is saying

there is an answer,

there is a way,
and there is a way to overcome.

And this could be
the greatest hour.

You know, when you talk about
glory and talk about revival,

you know, this could be
that- there’s darkness,

but there’s also light.

People think the end times
is just darkness.

It’s not just darkness.
It’s darkness.

But the darkness
brings out the lights of God.

And so those who stand for God
are going to be the brightest

they have ever been
if they stand for God.

But this is an hour
to be radical,

and that’s- Josiah was radical
for God and Josiah, Josiah

broke the altars of man,

and Josiah was led
by the Spirit of God.

And God has this plan for us
for this hour,

for such a time as this.

And you know what’s interesting?

It’s not 1 or 2 men or women.

It is whosoever
is hungry for God.

I believe God is giving mercy
to our nation.

There are too many young people

and even older people
that don’t know God.

This is your moment to know God.

The choice is not God’s.
He’s chosen you.

If you repent,
you tell God you’re sorry

for everything
you’ve ever done wrong

and believe the blood of Jesus
washes away every sin. And

believe with all of your heart to
the best of your ability

that Jesus saves you
from your sins and say,

out with your mouth.

I make Jesus my Lord, Jesus,
come and live inside of me.

JC: Yes. SR: Welcome to the glory
team. This is your finest hour!

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JC: “The Josiah Manifesto”

opens up
the stunning mysteries

that lie behind the dramatic
events of recent times

that have changed our world

and the message hidden within
them with regard to the future.

>> Could these mysteries go

all the way back to
ancient times, to the

biblical feasts in ancient
Israel, to a broken altar,

to the destruction
of a pagan temple,

to the reign of King Josiah?

Through this book and exclusive
eight-part DVD video series,

you will be taken
on a prophetic journey

from a Caribbean island
to Washington, D.C.,

to the ancient valley of Hinnom
to the Supreme Court,

to a desert mountain,
to an ancient Middle East temple,

to the gates of America,
to uncover an ancient puzzle

that lies behind the events
that have altered our lives.

What are these mysteries

and what exactly do they
have to do with us?

Is it possible that they are
impacting the modern world,

and specifically America?

Did they forewarn
of a catastrophic event

that shook America
and the modern world,

was an altered to an ancient God

actually built on the streets
of Washington, D.C.?

What is the mystery of days,
the return, the Josiah moment?

Who is the child of the Nile?
The modern Jew?

And where is this heading?

JC: All these things converge
with a biblical sign

of the broken altar.

And that sign not only
tells us where we are,

but where we are heading.
And all

these things point to what I
call, The Josiah moment.

And this goes back
to the ancient king

that actually holds the key
about where we are

and what we need to do,

what you need to do now
and in the days ahead

and what’s coming
and the end times.

That’s why it is so crucial
that I knew

I had to write this book
for such a time as this.

The end times are not
just darkness. It’s also light.

And it’s not just
the power of evil.

It’s the power of good.

And we have to live
in that power.

And how do we do that?

How do we live victoriously now
when everything’s going on?

How do we live the way

God called us to live
for this hour, for the last days?

Because God doesn’t want us
fearing, He wants us to prevail.

And there is, there’s a secret
and there’s a key to this

that is opened up at the very end
of the revelation.

I believe
it’s a blueprint from God

that really opens up the key
to the end times in

“The Josiah Manifesto.”

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