This is “Formula for a Breakthrough.” If it is big enough to worry about, I assure you, it is big enough to pray about. If you want to see miraculous breakthroughs for you and your family, talk to Him! God longs for us to initiate conversation with Him regarding the things that weigh heavy on us. Matthew 11:28 reminds us we are able to come to Him and He will give us rest and lighten our loads.

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soon don’t worry about anything well

that’s easy to say how did in the world

how is that even possible how do I not

worry about my children how do I not

worry about the bad doctor’s report how

do I not worry this is why fasting is so

powerful it takes your mind off of worry

and it refocuses on God and his promises

our God is a healer of broken dreams

you’re gonna walk through the door

you’ve never been able to walk through

because he’s the god of breakthrough I

want to talk to you today from 2nd

Samuel chapter 5 because God has dealt

with my heart and I believe this message

today is exactly what people under the I

prayed about this and I said god I want

you to put the people whether it’s at

every campus they’re in Buford they’re

in Gwinnett or Orange County or wherever

you’re watching this online or on TV

wherever you’re hearing this message if

you’re listening this and don’t you

change that channel wherever you’re

hearing this I’m about to give you

something that will change everything in

your life if you’ll lean in 2nd Samuel 5

in verse 20 and David came to bellperre

ISM and David defeated them there and he

said listen to these words the Lord has

broken through my enemies before me like

a break through of water therefore he

called the name of that place

Bell Perrins him the word break through

and that’s what he said the Lord has

broken through means to burst asunder a

sudden burst like a breach of water to

burst means to force open when he said

and he called the name of that place

bare Bale perineum it literally means

translated the place a breakthrough or

the place a burst God burst on the same

broke through the resistance the doors

that were shut were

and me a whole new level was entered

into everything changed because the Lord

of verse the Lord of breakthroughs David

said came on to this place where I was

fighting a battle for my life and I had

a breakthrough

and he called the place one translation

says he called the place the Lord

mastered my breakthrough in this place

you see a breakthrough is a sudden

dramatic important advance according to

Webster some of you need a health

breakthrough some of you need a

financial breakthrough relationships are

at an impasse it’s stuck it’s not going


God wants to give you a breakthrough

here’s something God really spoke to my


he said if people will seek me if they

need them I’m going to give them

breakthrough ideas you know God can give

you one breakthrough idea and it can

change your whole world and there are

things that don’t happen until we fast

and pray according to mark chapter nine

and one thing God said he was going to

do on this fast this year is he’s going

to give people breakthrough ideas

breakthroughs with their kids

breakthroughs with God now here’s a big

point breakthroughs never happened to


in the Bible who did not seek them

that’s a big statement

you’ll never find anyone in the Bible

who got a major breakthrough that didn’t

seek it that’s why Psalm 77 and verse 2

says when I was in distress when I was

under source when I was outnumbered I

saw the Lord I stretched out my hands to

the Lord and I had a breakthrough

fasting is a sign to God you’re serious

about not staying in the condition that

you’re in now look at me just a moment

are you really are you really thinking

that something’s going to change if you

just keep going like you’re going I’m

telling you that no one in this book

ever got a breakthrough with a

relationship or in their finances or

the kind of miracle until they started

to seek the Lord and when you start

seeking the Lord you get God’s attention

heaven bends its ear and God tunes in to

your cry it’s a powerful thing there are

two kings particularly that needed a

breakthrough the first one we just read

about David he had just been chosen King

the Philistines came to attack him

that’s how it goes a mountaintop and

then a valley you get a you get a

victory and then a test it’s just like

the enemy comes at you and what do you

do the Bible said that he moved to his

fortified place if you read the story

you need to move into that fortified

place and he said God should I fight

this battle he asked God first

you ought to always ask God on this fast

what battles you need to get it do you I

need to get in that legal battle do I

need to get in that financial battle do

I need to get in that relational battle

do it should I make an issue at work

should I make an issue about this with

that person Lord and should I do it and

when he asks God God said yes yes fight

this battle I’ll go with you I’ll go

before you and the Bible said that God

so defeated his enemy that David when he

sought the Lord saw a breakthrough and

he said I watched the Lord break through

my enemies like a mighty flood the Lord

broke through and that’s what is going

to happen in your life on this 21-day

fast you’re gonna point that and say

that was the 21 days I didn’t even know

it maybe you won’t experience it during

the 21 days rarely does the miracle come

during the fast usually it’ll hit you on

down the road but sometimes you get it

on the first day but the Bible said that

he said I’m naming this place the place

of break through the valley of trouble

became the valley a blessing because he

sought the Lord in fasting and prayer

and that’s what’s gonna happen to you

you’re gonna look back in 21 days

you gonna say that was the place a

breakthrough in my life I’m naming it

bill Paris ‘i’m the god of burst

he’s burst open the resistance and the

doors that were closed the other guy who

got a breakthrough miracle king was

named Jehoshaphat notice the part last

part of his name fact I probably think

they probably called him fatty for short

he had three enemies the Moabites the

amorite sand and i can’t remember the

other one the termites that’s what i’m

going to call him but they were they

were attacking his life and the Bible

said in second chronicles 20 and verse 3

and after these enemies attacked him he

feared greatly and King Jehoshaphat sent

himself to seek the Lord and proclaim a

fast throughout all Judah that’s exactly

what we’re doing we’re setting ourselves

to seek the Lord

we need breakthroughs in our family

breakthroughs in our homes breakthroughs

in our careers breakthrough ideas

breakthrough creativity breakthrough in

ways and things and moments of clarity

that God gives us total and complete

direction and peace about what his will

is for our life and what happened

Jehoshaphat the Bible said had the Lord

come through a prophet and he said

because you fasted and you prayed God’s

going to give you a breakthrough if you

read that chapter and the Prophet said

you will not need to fight in this

battle the Lord’s gonna fight your vital

beast eale and put the Prazeres out

praise is going to come alive during

this fast in your life praise and


I have not you know the early church

Ravenhill Leonard Ravenhill said that

the that the early church had an upper

room with fire but the modern church has

a supper room with smoke and I’m here

today to declare that we’re tired of


rooms with smoke this thing was born in

the fire of the Holy Spirit and we need

fire today come on somebody I’m not

gonna live off the off the supper-room

of smoke I want the Upper Room of Holy

Spirit fire it’s time to drop the h-bomb

on our enemies the Holy Spirit drop him

into that situation and he’ll fight the

battle for you and you’ll get a

breakthrough take a praise break and

clap your hands and give God a great

praise if you’re believing for a mighty

year a breakthrough whoo Anna lujah

notice Philippians chapter 4 tells us

exactly what those people did and Paul

comes along and emphasizes it in in

chapter 4 he says these words he says

don’t be anxious for anything the word

anxious means worry some translations

say don’t worry about anything don’t

worry about anything don’t worry about

anything well that’s easy to say how did

in the world how is that even possible

how do I not worry about my children how

do I not worry about the bad doctors

before how do I not worry listen to this

this is why fasting is so powerful folks

because what fasting does is it takes

your mind off of worry and it refocuses

on God and his promises that’s how you

don’t worry you refocus on God and

there’s nothing like fasting that will

cause your faith to refocus and and

fervency back in your prayer life worry

is worthless

worry is stewing without doing all

you’re doing is sitting worrying stewing

students still running your blood

pressure all the way over there in the

red the the meters all the way up

worrying and it’s totally worthless

that’s why Jesus in the fasting chapter

where he taught how to fast in Matthew

chapter 6 in verse 6 he said don’t

right in the middle of it dropped this

bomb don’t worry about tomorrow don’t

worry about the future don’t worry about

the rest of 2017 I am your provider I am

your God

and if you’ll refocus on me you’ll

remember I’ve given you everything

you’ve ever had and see the enemy wants

you to the enemy wants you to die on

three crosses and here’s how that goes

he wants you to have a cross from the

past that of things you can’t change the

past is over you might have messed up

but you can’t change it so live in that

if you can’t get you to live him on that

cross he’ll say then then worry about

the future worry about what might happen

what could happen and you’ll die on that

cross but what happens is when you get

when you get given all your day about

what I should have done could have done

the past and what’s gonna happen what’s

gonna happen the future

guess what happens then he puts a third

cross in you kill today worry is

worthless don’t worry about anything but

in everything here’s how you do it pray

and notice what he said he said I don’t

want you to worry about anything I want

you to pray about everything so if you

take a notes write this down don’t worry

about anything well how do I do that I

refocus on God’s Word when worry starts

attacking me I’d go back to God I

worship Him I fast and I pray and

suddenly my focus has changed don’t

worry about anything there secondly pray

about everything well

it’s kind of silly to probably to pray

about what I’m thinking about I prayed

about my face breaking out I would put

it this way if it’s big enough to worry

about it’s big enough to pray about

well well pastor you don’t understand I

mean it’s not a huge thing but but my

kid needs braces and I just don’t know

where I’m gonna get the money from if

it’s big enough to worry about it’s big

enough to pray about I need a house I

need if it’s big enough to worry about

it’s big enough to pray about children

this going on one of my kids this one

there and you sit around don’t worry

about anything pray about everything

pray about it pray about it pray about

it now I want to show you something

everybody take your hands and this isn’t

this isn’t something I came up with if

you google the praying hands you’ll pick

up a lot of these points off of many

many many much material on I didn’t know

the history of the praying hands you’ve

seen it in pictures just take your hands

all of you and put you put your praying

hands up notice that when you do that

the thumb is clothed the thumbs or

closest to your heart right and they’re

pointing back at at you all right so I

want to give you a quick prayer outline

to pray during this fast they listen to

me so this this hand the left hand tells

me who to pray for notice this thumb

pointing back is closest to my heart so

here’s what I’m gonna pray for in five

minutes a day three times a day those

closest to my heart who’s that my family

and my friends so everybody say friends

and family best that represents the

phone so let that remind you closest to

your heart friends and family all I’m a

pray friends in the morning when I get

that first thing I want to get out

friends and family then this is the

index finger and it points the way and

my mom when I was little she used to do

this sometimes no no no no no so it

rebukes me it corrects me so you ought

to pray for those who lead you and who

pastor you that they would have courage

to not only point you to the good things

but correct you and preach sermons that

convict you and keep you in love with

Jesus Christ come on pray and then

notice the middle finger are the tallest

finger and they don’t make me hold it up

by itself

but notice that it stands out is the

tallest finger it’s the one that stands

out what does that represent influencers

who are the influencers in our cut and

our culture musicians rock stars rappers

the president the politicians the movie

stars what whether we like it or not the

truth is that many of these people Bill

Gates people like that

they have massive influence we need to

quit talking down to all these people

and pray for the Kardashians and pray

and fast for come on pray and fast for

Kanye and praying fast don’t just wear

his tennis shoes pray for it this is the

ring finger what does it represent it

represents our marriages our

relationships but it also is the weakest

finger it represents weakness it

represents the poor pray for the poor it

represents the sick pray for those who

have cancer or going through chemo pray

for people that you know that are infirm

the shut-ins that those in the rest

homes pray for the little children pray

for the poor pray pray for the disabled

pray for the handicapped pray for the

sick and the weak we don’t do that and

if it’s all about us isn’t it but these

are things we should pray for while we

fast and then the last one is be yeah

God loves me and cares about me but the

focus the last thing and the smallest

thing is me because if I seek first and

do all of these things and put others

ahead of me guess what God’s gonna take

care of me now watch this let me show

something real quick now this hand let

it remind you of this that that this

represents what I’m praying for so if

the thumb is coming back at me I’m

praying for a clean heart for me and my

family and friends a clean heart he said

in Jeremiah that if you search for me

and seek from me you’ll find me when you

search for me with all of your heart

half-hearted religion is an abomination

to God pray for your own heart to be

clean guard your heart with all

diligence for out of it flows all the

issues of life you’ll make

easy decisions you’ll get in terrible

relationships guard my heart God guard

my heart my heart be clean give me a

clean heart and a right spirit David

said pray for a pure heart then pray

that God will lead you and God will

rebuke you that God will open doors that

way and he will shut doors no no no

that’s not my will for your life pray

for greater influence again the tallest

finger that you personally will have

growing influence in a new year that God

will take you higher that you will stand

out and your influence will grow on your

job your influence will grow with people

your influence will grow in the field

that God has planted you in the city and

the place where God’s called you young

people start praying give me greater

influence I never dreamed I’d know the

President of the United States but I

know this one and I’m praying for him

and that’s not a political nothing it’s

just my god can we not pray for those

who are in influence I did for every

other president I’m gonna pray for this

one too God knows he needs it all of us

needed pray if you’ll pray for influence

you’ll be astounded where God will take

you pray for your own weaknesses and

lastly pray it’s the little one for

material blessings because if I seek

first the kingdom of God all of these

things but it’s totally in order to ask

God for material blessings but my God

shall supply all your needs according to

his riches and glory through Christ

Jesus and the Lord told me to tell you

in joy chapter 2 in closing this is what

it says it says if you’ll return to me

and fasting and in prayer listen to this

I will restore the years the enemy has

stolen our God is the healer of broken

dreams and he is a restorer

of stolen years and this is the year

when God is gonna breakthrough in your

life and everything in your life is

going to change I really do believe when

I’m preaching you’re gonna get a

breakthrough and and instead of being a

prisoner of an appetite for for because

you’re an alcoholic or a drug addict and

that’s keeping you in a inner inner in a

place that you can’t get out of and so

much God has for you

you’re gonna walk through the door

you’ve never been able to walk through

because he’s the god of births he’s the

god of breakthrough I feel the Lord lift

your hands up and shout break through

three times

come on get it big in your mouth and say

breakthrough feel it church somebody’s

gonna get a breakthrough in your health

then you’re gonna get you your health

back this year help is on the way I’m so

thankful today that you joined us and

that you’ve heard this message I think

if you hear the heart of what I’m

preaching today that it is the heart of

God to send breakthrough to your life

and I know personally there’s nothing

that has brought breakthrough quicker in

my own life than when I get serious with

God when I start seeking Him and even

when I begin to fast and pray with a

tremendous focus saying Lord I’m coming

after you these days I need a

breakthrough I sense many of you are in

that place in your life we’re about to

go into a new year and you need

breakthroughs in your family maybe with

an addiction maybe in some area of your

life you feel like that there’s a

ceiling and you can’t seem to get where

you’re trying to go there are things

that happen when people fast and pray

but most of all Jesus is our

breakthrough you don’t have to do

anything except receive him and really

the fasting and the prayer is not to

move God he’s already for you the

fasting and the praying is to position

you to get in alignment for all that God

wants to lead and guide you to and break

you through and so I’m believing with

you that this season as we prepare to go

into this fast and it’s coming in 2018

and I want you to join us we will teach

you how to do the Daniel fast we will

teach you how for 21 days to seek God in

in in the word and in fasting and in

prayer and there’s gonna be pop-up

prayer meetings I guess you could call

I’m gonna be facebooking live a lot and

and leading in prayers and in prayer

meetings with people who are all over

the world who are fasting with us it’s

one thing when you fast but when you

join corporately with many other people


Wow that’s when the breakthroughs begin

to happen for you and for your family

your church your nation and we’re

believing God for that kind of revival

really to hit this world we need it

don’t we so I want to pray for you maybe

you’ve watched this program and use

something in you yearns for freedom and

forgiveness that comes through Jesus so

pray this prayer say these words Lord

Jesus I ask you now to forgive me to

cleanse me to help me to empower me with

your Holy Spirit I want to be filled

with the Holy Spirit today I want to

walk in freedom today I want to know who

you are

so Jesus I give you my life I surrender

save me cleanse me forgive me in jesus

name amen and amen listen we would love

to hear from you this is why we’re on TV

this this very moment this is a miracle

moment this is a destiny moment and the

reason that you’re watching this program

is God set it up I believe that pick up

the phone dial the number that’s on the

screen go online send us an email tell

us I prayed with pastor Franklin and

Jesus has changed my life and to help

you get prepared for this fast because

we’re serious about God we’re serious

about seeking God that’s why we fast and

pray every year and I’m telling you we

hear the reports all year I heard them

today as a matter of fact I heard some

reports of the fast last year it’s

remarkable what God does and listen I’ve

got a brand-new brand-new book that I’m

making available this has never been

offered it’s called 101 most asked

questions about fasting everything you

can imagine about fasting that people

ask is in this book we took the one

which did a survey and the 101 most

asked questions this book will answer it

along with my New York Times

best-selling book on fasting we have

several other books on fasting material

we’ve got all kinds of stuff that we’re

going to help you with on lines to be

sure and go on

and I want to say in our closing moments

together how moved I am how appreciative

I am at the body of Christ that is

responding to our Holocaust survivors

residence center that we are now

renovating in the beautiful city of

Jerusalem we’re joining with Friends of

Zion my friend dr. Mike Evans and we are

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telling you you are responding my

announcer is going to tell you how you

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it unto these the least of my brothers

you’ve done it unto me check this out

and do your very best at the end of the

year as a way of saying thank you Lord

for giving me a great year and I’m

believing you for many great things next

year and I’m sowing seed into good

ground to many the Holocaust seems like

a horrific chapter in history but to the

190,000 survivors in Israel that

experienced the horrors of the Nazi

death camps it is their personal story

sadly more than 50,000 of them continue

to live in poverty

some even homeless kingdom connection

friends and partners have always

responded to the poor and needy and now

we are partnering with Friends of Zion

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