In this Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! Classic episode from 1999: When this man speaks, people are instantly healed!

Sid: When this man speaks people are instantly
healed, next on this edition of It’s Supernatural.

Centuries have come and gone offering wisdom

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Today there should be nothing beyond one’s
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But yet the strange, unusual and mysterious
world of the supernatural defies understanding.

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Sid: Hello.

I’m Sid Roth your investigative reporter and
with a good friend of mine, Dr. Norman Robertson.

When this man speaks miracles occur.

Norman, tell me of one miracle that comes
to mind.

Dr. Robertson: Well just in May, a few weeks
ago, a man from Boston, he now lives in Maine,

in Bangor, Maine, in a wheelchair for ten

He was hit by a dumpster, one of those trucks,
a big truck, ten years ago, left totally paralyzed,

in a wheelchair for the past ten years.

I prayed for him on Monday night.

The power of God touched him.

He came out of the wheelchair and he’s been
out ever since.

He pushed the wheelchair right out of church.

He came back the next night and testified
without the wheelchair, totally healed because

of God’s power.

Sid: Now I’ve seen you speak and you hear
words from God and speak them out.

How does it sound when you hear these words?

Dr. Robertson: As a Christian the Holy Spirit
lives inside of us, and the Holy Spirit is

a real person.

He has a real voice and he can speak to us.

And so the voice of God speaks to me and directs
me who to pray for, what to pray for.

Sometimes there’s a still small voice.

Other times I call it the amplified voice.

It comes with more authority.

But the Holy Spirit, the wonderful thing about
the Holy Spirit is he wants to heal people.

I was sharing with you before the program
that back in 1995, I was preaching in Tampa,


And one morning before the service as I was
praying in my hotel room, the Holy Spirit,

like a mighty wind, blew in the hotel room.

I just, I had to hold onto a piece of furniture,
otherwise I’d have been fell over under the

power of God.

And the Spirit of God said to me-
Sid: Were you praying?

What was going on?

Dr. Robertson: I was praying.

I was actually worshiping the Lord.

Sid: And you’re telling me that there was
a force that almost knocked you over?

Dr. Robertson: Sometimes it happens to me,

Sid: Okay.

Go ahead.

God is real and his presence is so real.

His power is so real.

And so the Holy Spirit said to me, “I want
to heal people.

I want people free of disease, free of sickness
and free of physical maladies because I love


And then he said this, “Healing is what I

You know, modern mechanics, they work on cars,
school teachers, they teach at school, but

the Holy Spirit is in the presence of healing
sick bodies.

That’s what he does.

Sid: I’d like to know when this started, how
this started with you.

I mean, the first time you prayed for someone,
tell me.

Dr. Robertson: Well we have to go all the
way back 25 years ago.

You know, 1999, right now.

But 1974, I got born again, saved and became
a Christian in the city of Durban in South


And it was a powerful conversion and the Lord
just made himself so real to me.

Sid: You were telling me that the man told
what happened to him and that just thrusted

you into this realm.

What happened to that man?

Dr. Robertson: What happened?

I wasn’t a religious person.

I would go to church four times a year: Christmas,
Easter, weddings and funerals.

Not a believer, not a Christian.

But I was playing squash one day at the local
YMCA and this young man came up and spoke

to me.

I recognized who he was.

He was a rock star, a former rock star in
South Africa, big name.

And he began to talk to me about Jesus.

And the more he talked to me about Jesus there
was a supernatural presence, an anointing

behind his words.

And when he gave me his testimony, he told
me how the Lord had appeared to him in his

hotel room supernaturally, he was about to
commit suicide and Jesus supernaturally appeared

to him, changed his whole life.

Sid: Did you believe that Jesus came to this
guy who was just a rock star?

Dr. Robertson: Well I had some questions.

But I could not question was the power and
the conviction, and the authority behind his


And I’ll be honest with you.

Because of that story, I couldn’t sleep for
three days and nights.

I wrestled, just the presence of God was on

And later the following week, I went with
him to a full Gospel crusade and gave my life

to Jesus.

And from that time, I became a believer, I
became a Christian and my whole life changed.

Sid: The first time you prayed for someone,
tell me about that.

Dr. Robertson: It was three months later and
I was actually at a barbecue, and the person

I prayed for was a dog.

Sid: A dog?

Dr. Robertson: Yeah.

Here’s what happened.

We were having a barbecue at a Christian fellowship
and I noticed at the barbecue that this family,

they had a pet, a bulldog, and his left eye
kept blinking the whole night.

And finally I said to the lady, I said, “Lady,
what’s wrong with your dog?”

She said, “The dog was hit by a car four weeks
ago and was left with this nervous twitch

in the left eye and he’s totally blind.”

And I said, “Lady, we’re going to pray for
your dog right now.”

And she was, she had been a Christian for
many years, many, many years, went to a full

gospel church, was an elder’s wife.

And she almost fell over when I said, “I want
to pray for your dog.”

And she said, “Pray for the dog?”

I said, “Yes.”

And I said, “I was reading in the Bible that
Jesus said, ‘Lay hands upon the sick and they

shall recover.'”

I said, “Your dog looks sick to me.

See, when Jesus said, “lay hand upon the sick,”
that’s talking about sick Christians, sick

non-believers, anybody or anything that’s

Jesus said, “We have the authority in his
name to pray and lay hands upon them.”

Sid: So you didn’t hear a word to do it, you
just saw a sick dog and wanted to help the


Dr. Robertson: Begin to act on faith.

Believe the New Testament.

Believe the Word of God.

And so I laid my hands upon, my wife and I,
we laid hands upon this dog.

I mean, the blinking, winking, blind-eyed

Sid: I can picture the blinking.

Dr. Robertson: And here’s what happened.

The following Sunday morning in church, this
lady ran up to me, ecstatic.

We had prayed for the dog on a Monday night
previously, and she said the dog was no longer,

no longer had the twitch, no longer blinking

She took her pet to the animal doctor on Saturday
morning and the doctor, the vet was absolutely


He said, “The dog has got complete sight restored
to that blind eye.”

Sid: What did you think about that?

Dr. Robertson: I realized immediately that
God was in the presence of healing the sick.

Just like he did in Bible days, he wants to
heal the sick.

God is such a good God.

You know, he loves mankind.

But one of the ways, one of the many ways
that God reveals his great love and great

power is through healing the sick.

Sid: Sometime during this telecast I really
believe that at some time during this telecast-

Dr. Robertson: Well there’s someone right

Sid: Right now?

Dr. Robertson: Right now.

Sid: What’s going on?

Dr. Robertson: Carpal tunnel condition in
their left wrist.

There are several viewers, they have a, they
have pain in their wrists, especially the

left wrist, some people, both wrists.

If you’re watching right now, if you’ve ever
had any kind of pain or you have pain right

now in your left wrist, carpal tunnel in both
wrists, right now in the name of Jesus, God’s

power is right there going through the TV
set to heal and remove the pain and the affliction

from your wrists.

You’re being healed right now.

If you just begin to move that wrists, the
left one, the right one, you’ll see that the

power of God, the Holy Spirit is healing you
right there in Jesus’ name.

Sid: Well that was a practical demonstration
of what I said God was going to do.

I said that by faith and the moment it came
out of my mouth, a word from God came out

of Norman’s mouth.

Now I also heard a word and I don’t even have
a tinge of reservation that you are healed

from carpal tunnel and you are healed with
a neck condition.

If you will, I mean, Norman, I heard that
as clearly, if you’ll move your head just

like this, bend it over, if you had a pain,
don’t do it if you didn’t have a pain.

I mean, if you had a, and a headache is just
gone and backs are being, oh this is going

to be an explosive show.

Backs are being healed right now in Jesus’

Don’t you dare go away.

There is a demonstration of the reality of
the Living God.

Be right back after this.

We’ll return with Sid Roth and It’s Supernatural
right after this.

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Sid: Hello.

I’m Sid Roth your investigative reporter.

I’m speaking to Dr. Norman Robertson and we
just had a demonstration of the supernatural.

One of these days we’re going to have a whole
bank of telephone operators and you’ll be

able to call in because I know that large
numbers of people were instantly healed.

Dr. Robertson, tell me, just because I’m curious,
what you consider the most outstanding miracle

that has occurred as you’ve been teaching
or speaking.

Dr. Robertson: We’ve seen so many miracles,
just awesome displays of the power of God.

We’ve healed with people with AIDS.

Sid: AIDS?

There is no cure for AIDS.

Dr. Robertson: That’s right, but Jesus has
healed them.

Sid: You can stall it, but you have medically
verified of AIDS.

Dr. Robertson: One time in Greensboro, North
Carolina, a black lady, this is three years

ago, 1996.

But the most awesome miracle for me personally
was a crusade we had in San Jose, Costa Rica.

It was a Friday night service.

There was about 7000 people in the meeting.

We had preached until about 11:00 at night,
saw the power of God heal all kinds of conditions.

As I was leaving the building, a man tapped
me on the shoulder, weeping.

He had a little girl with him with a beautiful
pink dress on.

It was her sixth birthday.

That particular day was her sixth birthday.

She was born deaf and dumb, so since birth,
never heard, never spoke.

And her father said, would I please pray a
special prayer for her.

It was her birthday.

And I felt the compassion of God, the love
of God and the power of the Holy Spirit rise

up out of me, and I placed my fingers in her
deaf ears, prayed in Jesus’ name.

I placed my finger in her mouth, prayed in
Jesus’ name and instantly the power of the

Holy Spirit came upon her and her [snap] ears
opened up.

You could see the reaction and she began to
speak words, not intelligible words.

The next day, she came back to the meeting,
her speech began to improve.

On the Sunday morning, her father and her
went up to testify together and talk about

what Jesus had done.

A powerful awesome miracle, deaf and dumb,
six years of age, a special prayer on her

birthday, God healed her.

Sid: Now there are people that are watching
us right now and they’re sick and they want

to be healed, and you did not speak the name
of the condition that they had.

Is there hope for them?

Dr. Robertson: There certainly is.

God is in the business of healing people of
all, from all backgrounds, all walks of life.

I don’t care who you are, realize that God
loves you.

And because he loves you, his mercy, his compassion
and his goodness, and his great power reaches

out to touch you today.

In fact, there’s people watching right now,
you heard me talk about a little child that

was sick.

There are some viewers right now, your children
are sick and the power of God right now, I

rebuke in the name of Jesus Christ that autistic
condition, right now, I speak to children

right now who have got learning dysfunctions,
ADD, dyslexia, there’s an anointing right

now, right now flowing through this TV set.

If you just lay your hands upon your children
right now, in Jesus’ name, in Jesus’ name,

children be healed by the power of God.

Sid: What is really going on when you say,
“in Jesus’ name”?

I notice you say that a lot.

How come?

What’s going on in the invisible world?

Dr. Robertson: I believe the Bible and I believe
the Bible is not man’s revelation, it’s God’s


And the supernatural revelation that we have
in the Bible tells us how God wants us to

pray and the fact that he has given us the
power and the right to use his name.

Sid: All right.

Give me some specific scriptures to prove
what you just said, from the Bible.

Dr. Robertson: Philippians, Chapter 2, Verses
9 and 10, tell us that, “The name of Jesus

Christ is above all of the names.”

Mark, Chapter 16, Verse 18, Jesus said, “In
my name lay hands upon the sick and they shall


So the authority to heal is not from me, it’s
from God.

I want you to realize this, and the viewers
that are watching right now, I’m not the healer.

God is the one who heals.

Jesus Christ is the healer today.

The Holy Spirit is the one who heals, but
he heals through faith in Jesus’ name.

And so as we exercise faith in Jesus’ name
and speak that name, the name of Jesus is

more powerful than cancer.

Sid: So what, in the invisible realm, what
exactly occurs when you say, “in the name

of Jesus” and put your hand on someone?

What is actually happening?

Dr. Robertson: The name of Jesus Christ releases
the power of God.

The power of God through the Holy Spirit is
so real that as we begin to exercise a trust,

a belief of faith in God’s power and begin
to speak the name of Jesus with faith, I’m

not talking about some kind of religious ritual
you just say, “in Jesus’ name,” I’m talking

about you have to have faith in that name.

You have release belief in faith in that name.

And so when you speak faith in Jesus’ name
the power of God is released to manifest miracles,

deliverance, healing and answers to prayer

See the wonderful thing about God, he’s a
God who hears our prayers and answers our


Sid: Let me put you on the spot.

Tell me one dramatic prayer that you prayed,
not necessarily healing, personal that God


Dr. Robertson: All right.

Back in 1992, we were having some problems
regarding, we just moved to the United States

from South Africa and we were having some
complications with our green card application.

I mean, just a whole lot of bureaucracy and
red tape.

And so my wife and I, the Bible says in Matthew
18, that there’s an anointing in agreement,

there’s prayer power released when to agree.

And so we brought the whole situation concerning
a green card that was just, seemed to be making

no headway, we agreed in prayer on a Tuesday,
Tuesday evening and agreed in prayer together

in favor and cause the green card to come
and the process to speed up and accelerate.

The following week we got a call from the
INS, the immigration department that said,

“We want to interview you, you got the green

Sid: Are you special?

Is there something special about you that’s
causing these, God to move on your behalf?

Why is this?

Dr. Robertson: Everybody is special with God.

God loves everybody.

In fact, every viewer who is watching right
now, I want to encourage you.

If you’re watching right now, whoever you
are, wherever you are, God loves you.

You have significance.

Sid: That, candidly, that’s a cliche almost.

You really believe that.

Dr. Robertson: I do believe it because I know
in my own life from personal testimony that

when I came to Jesus Christ and I became a
believer he healed me of an asthmatic condition

I’ve had for 21 years.

He delivered me from the addiction of cigarettes,
so many things he sent me free from.

The Word of God tells us who the Son of God
sets free is free indeed.

Either Jesus can set you free or he can’t.

And so when you put your trust in him and
put your faith in him, he’s the real deal.

He shows up, he comes on the scene and he

Sid: I like that.

Jesus is the real deal and you’re going to
see the real deal.

When we come back I believe many of you are
going to have manifestations of physical healing.

I can’t wait.

Be right back.

Sid: In case you missed that, a mensch is
a human being, and as far as I’m concerned,

I thought I was a mensch.

I left my wife, I left my daughter, I left
my job.

I didn’t care about anyone except me.

And then I had an encounter with the devil,
and I have since come to find out that anything

that is evil, that is destroying is demonic.

And as Dr. Robertson and I were speaking,
he stated the name of Jesus was stronger than

the demonic.

For me, God restored my marriage, he restored
my health.

He restored everything about me.

As a matter of fact, I’m one of these people
that the Bible calls a brand new creation.

Speaking of new, Dr. Robertson, will God do
creative miracles?

Dr. Robertson: Certainly.

God is not only the healing God, He’s the
miracle God.

We had a meeting just this year up in Greensboro,
North Carolina, a church called The Cathedral

of His Glory.

There was a lady, it was a two-week meeting.

We had morning and night meetings for two
weeks the last week in February, first week

in March.

A lady was in those meetings who had a tumor,
had a tumor on her breast, her upper left

breast, and she had breast cancer, was under
the treatment of several physicians.

One was a cancer specialist.

She kept on coming to the meetings.

I think the third or the fourth night I prayed
for her, God’s power came on her so powerfully

she lay on the floor the entire service, couldn’t
get off the floor.

She felt this liquid fire.

Sometimes the anointing of the Holy Spirit
will come on you like a warm glow, an intense


Other times it’s like a burning fire.

And she testified afterwards, shared afterwards
that she felt this fire go right through her


The very next morning there was no trace of
the tumor and it disappeared.

She went back to see the doctors.

They pronounced her well by the power of God.

Sid: Something is going on right now.

There’s something going on in the Spirit right
now and I believe that if you will trust the

Word of God, he sent his Word and healed them.

Bless the Lord O my soul, forget not all his
benefits, he’s forgiven all of my sins and

healed all, all of my diseases.

Dr. Robertson, something special is going
on in the Spirit right now.

Would you pray?

Dr. Robertson: I certainly will.

Father, right now in the mighty name of Jesus,
I release the power of the Holy Spirit right

now into every home, into every person watching
right now.

I command the sickness, the disease, the pain,
the physical maladies that have suffered to

go right now.

I command sickness to go and healing to come
now in Jesus’ name.

Right now you’re watching this program and
you have got someone here with a growth, a

growth in the upper right breast.

Receive your healing right now by the power
of God.

Anybody watching with warts or growths, or
knots in their body, I curse those growths.

I command the tumors to go.

I release the power of God now.

Be totally healed.

There’s at least five people watching right
now this program, you have whiplash because

of car accidents.

You’ve been involved in some car wreck, you’ve
got whiplash.

I speak to the whiplash.

I speak to that accident that took place and
concerning your neck and shoulders.

I command the neck to be healed, the back
to be healed, the shoulders to be healed now

by the power of God.

Healing comes now in the name of Jesus.

Right now every person if you’re sick in your
body just lay your hand upon your body right


God’s power, the love of God, the mercy of
God, the compassion of God and the love and

the power of the Holy Spirit, right now is
reaching out to you by his anointing in your

living room to heal your body.

I say be healed now in the mighty name of

God loves you, Jesus loves you, be healed
now in his name.

Sid: There is something going on right now
in the Spirit.

There are many of you that have been healed.

But you know something?

That physical healing is not going to help
your broken heart.

Your marriage is destroyed or about ready
to be destroyed.

Your children are on drugs.

You don’t know where to look for the finances.

God says all things are possible.

That’s not my word.

That’s not Norman’s word.

It’s God’s Word.

And something very special is going on in
the Spirit right now.

All things are possible, these are the words
of God, all things are possible to those who


First you’ve got to get rid of the obstacles
separating from the love of God.

That obstacle is called sin.

You say, well I’m a good person.

I’m sure you are.

But compared to the holiness of God, all of
your good deeds, is this an unclean woman

in God’s sight.

Start with your Ten Commandments.

Are you honoring your mother and your father?

Are you having sex outside of marriage, homosexuality,

Are you involved in the new age?

Are you involved in things that God calls
an abomination, fortune tellers, seances?

Are you lying?

Are you stealing?

Are you coveting?

Are you gossiping?

All of those things, are you a murderer?

You say, I never murdered anyone.

Jesus said if you hated in your heart it will
eventually become a manifestation in the natural.

Do you have unforgiveness, deep, deep, deep
inside of you, you can’t let go?

Yes you can because all things are possible
to those who believe.

I’m going to pray with you right now and I’ll
tell you something, you don’t know when your

end will come.

Now is the time.

Right now, right this moment, pray out loud
with me and mean it to the best of your ability.

Repeat after me: Dear God, I am a sinner.

I’m so sorry.

Against you and you alone have I sinned.

I turn from my sins.

I believe that the blood of Jesus washes away
all of my sins and I am clean.

Thank you.

It’s so good to be clean.

And now that I am clean, I make Jesus my Messiah
and Lord.

Lord Jesus, come inside of me.

Take over my life.

I’ve made a mess of it.

I turn it over to you.

If you said that prayer and meant it he’s
living in you, you have no past, and ask him

to fill you with his spirit right now.

Norman, would you pray for people to be filled,
very quickly, with the Spirit of God in Jesus’


Dr. Robertson: Yes.

There’s people right now watching who are

I break that depression now off of your life.

Be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Be filled with the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Release right now in Jesus’ name the joy of
the Lord which is your strength.

Sid: The joy of the Lord is your strength.

I speak strength into you.

Someone’s eyes are being healed right now.

Someone’s hip is being healed right now.

All things are yours in Jesus’ name.

You will never, ever be the same.

Something wonderful has just happened to you.

God does love you.

He really does, really, really does.