The Holy Spirit does not convict the believer of sin, but of his righteousness in Christ! In this powerful message by Joseph Prince, get acquainted with the lovely person of the Holy Spirit and understand His vital role in your life. Find out how and why being righteousness-conscious with the help of the Spirit is the key to reigning in life. As you allow Him to remind you of the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness you have received through Christ, you’ll begin to experience true heart transformation and genuine, lasting freedom from all addictions and bondages!

I want to share with you today you’re

ready for the word I want to share with

you about the Holy Spirit and how this

wonderful person that the third person

of the triune God how misunderstood he

is especially among us in the

charismatic circle we talk so much about

the Holy Spirit yet the Holy Spirit so

misunderstood right in so many areas I’m

going to see why the Holy Spirit came

what does he delight in and if we have

time we’ll share but what really grieves

the Holy Spirit so let’s look at the

scriptures right now on the Holy Spirit

I want to tell you this the Holy Spirit

Himself is God okay we have the father

we have the Sun we have the Holy Spirit

you know Genesis 1:1 the very first

verse of scripture in the entire Bible

says in the beginning God created the

heavens and the earth in the hebrew is

exactly seven words

alright Bereshit alright seven words

Bereshit bara Elohim at Hashima in Viet

ha Ratz seven words and Elohim the name

of God the first name mentioned in the

Bible of God is Elohim the middle letter

is five letters the middle at is hail

the letter for grace Elohim is actually

the plural of God Allah l all right God

Elohim whenever you find an M in the

Bible in Hebrew is always a plural like

your English s okay it’s a plural Elohim

but you can say three gods there’s only

one God but he’s a triune God

three-in-one how many understand okay

some people try to illustrate with an

egg there’s a shell there’s a yolk and

there’s a white okay but nothing can

compare with the triune God no one can

can you use the description some say

water vapor you know eyes and you know

no matter what we cannot use creation to

describe the create oh alright he’s

beyond all creation just accept the fact

that there are no three gods only one

God but he’s a triune God in every good

amen and now we look at the Holy Spirit

the third person of the other Trinity we

call it a Trinity the triune God and

he’s a wonderful person do you know he

loves you have you ever heard the Holy

Spirit loves

you okay in Romans the Apostle Paul says

it like this now I beg you bread went

through the Lord Jesus Christ and

through the love of the Spirit see they

were the love of the Spirit that you

strive together with me in prayers to

God for me love of the Spirit not love

for but left off is the Holy Spirit’s

love all right the Holy Spirit loves you

I know we all like to say Jesus loves

you but once a while just know that the

Holy Spirit loves you turn to your

neighbor and say the Spirit of God loves


Lois somebody else in said the Holy

Spirit loves you now who in the tract in

the triune Godhead who is the one that’s

on earth today is it the father or the

son now strictly speaking all three

actually but through the Holy Spirit all

right is the age of grace or we call it

the age of the Holy Spirit the age of

the church is the age of the Holy Spirit

the wonderful Holy Spirit he is a sound

as stable as solid as calm as peaceful

as gentle as kind as our Lord Jesus

Christ it is his spirit and when he

fills you you have the same

characteristic love joy peace gentleness

humility kindness gentleness and all the

wonderful fruits of the spirit er all

yours because it’s a spear of Christ

okay here it’s not like I go oh you know

okay but that is the people the person’s

reaction to the presence of the Holy


so let’s distinguish between people’s

reaction some people react that way some

people react falling down some people

react different ways but don’t think the

Holy Spirit’s like that don’t think the

Holy Spirit always raising his voice

just because some people do okay

so the Holy Spirit that sound is gentle

as sane as stable as solid as Jesus is

all right as wonderfully kind as Jesus

is and he loves you when prophet Ezekiel

who lived during the time of the

captivity in Babylon when the general

you will take in captivity captive in

Babylon for 70 years God raised this

prophet called Ezekiel and God gave him

a vision of the departure of the glory

of God or the presence of the Holy

Spirit from Israel or from the temple

all right of God what happened was that

the people of God has been committing

idolatry time and time again

time and time again giving glory to an

idol which did not bring them out of

Egypt did not bless them with bumper

crops do not fight their enemies and yet

they gave glory instead of God they gave

glory to the enemy okay and for years

and years God kept on reaching out to

them through prophets and all that and

they refused and finally God says I’ll

leave I’ll leave the nation I’ll leave

the temple and Ezekiel had a picture at

a vision of the holy spirit the glory of

God leaving the temple and first and

foremost I want to tell you this many of

us have heard teaching that tells you

that how many of you been in the

charismatic circle at least for twenty


let me see your hands all right okay

only a few of you the rest are you born

in the Holy of Holies straightaway

praise God I was sharing that with

someone that you know if you are born in

the Holy of Holies man you got less to

unlearn but during my generation I

remember when I was a teenager in

charismatic meetings especially healing

meetings meetings by the Holy Spirit is

moving sometimes you are here this being

said well the Holy Spirit just lifted I

don’t know why probably someone is

chewing gum all right someone is eating

a popcorn now I don’t believe personally

I think that for good manners you should

not be eating or crunching popcorn while

the Word of God is going forth you will

not do that if you’re invited to the


all right or to the a parliament


you know you instead stand in front of

the Prime Minister crack rock nonsense

you don’t do that it’s just good manners

amen you can hold your stomach for a

while and have a good good lunch or

dinner later but the thing is this it’s

got nothing to do with stopping or

hindering the Holy Spirit just because

someone shoot gun and end up ears that

don’t move don’t move in home if you

move the Holy Spirit we lift it and he

makes the Holy Spirit so delicate so

sensitive I’ve even heard people say

don’t you know he’s the Duff the Duff

can be easily frightened neither come on

God be easily frightened

you know and it’s gone he’s gone you

know see the anointing is no more here

he’s gone somebody moved too much you

know and the amazing things that when

Jesus was walking on earth I mean

children were crying you know people

were shouting fishermen were yelling and

and the hawkers were Hawking

on and yeah in the midst of all that the

anointing of Jesus just flowed like a

mighty river and all as many as touching

were made whole there was no special

music either and the Holy Spirit flowed