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>> Welcome to Kingdom Connection

I’m very thankful that you’re

joining me today.

And I want to wish you

and all of your family

a happy Easter.

Today, we celebrate

the resurrection

of our Lord and Savior,

Jesus Christ.

We believe this,

and I believe no matter

what you’re facing today,

if you’ll lean in

and listen to this message

it’s gonna speak directly

to you.

It’s gonna fill you with hope,

it’s gonna fill you

with faith.

So, let’s go right into

the service,

recorded right here

at Free Chapel.

I believe God is going

to speak to you today.

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>> If you have your Bibles,

I’d like for you to open them

with me to 1 Corinthians 15.

And I wanna zero in on Verse 35,

“But someone will say,

“How are the dead raised up?

And with what body

do they come?”

What’s the body like,

that’s resurrected?

What is it gonna be like when

we are resurrected?

What, how can that happen,

and what’s it going to be like?

Paul says in Verse 36,

“Foolish one, what you sow is

not made alive unless it dies.”

He goes on to say in Verse 37

it’s like a grain.

He compares it to a grain.

Notice that.

And then for the sake of time,

I wanna go down to Verse 51,

“Behold, I tell you a mystery:

We shall not all sleep,

but we shall all be changed —

in a moment,

in the twinkling of an eye,

at the last trumpet.

For the trumpet will sound,

the dead will

be raised incorruptible,

and we shall be changed.

For this corruptible must put on

incorruption, and this mortal

must put on immortality.

So when this corruptible

has put on incorruption,

and the mortal

put on immortality,

then shall be brought to pass

the saying that is written:

“Death is swallowed up

in victory.”

Everybody read Verse 55

out loud now,

“ O Death, where is your sting?

O grave, where is your



I wanna begin today by reminding

you of something that you

don’t like to think about,

and it’s simply this:

people die.

All people die.

And sometimes they die

in strange ways.

For example, I heard and read

about a woman by the name

of Amelia Lynch.

She was standing, true story,

on a street in New York City,

a flower pot fell

from the eighth story

of a building because

it was struck with lightning

and hit her in the head

and killed her.

She wasn’t looking

to die that day.

She just died.

It was a freak accident we

would call it.

Then there was a man

by the name of Carlos Bumbus.

True story.

He was fishing

in the Philippines,

and he opened his mouth to yawn,

and I hope if you open yours

and yawn at me

while I’m preaching —

and while the man was fishing,

he opened his mouth to yawn,

and a small fish jumped out

of the water into his mouth,

got lodged in his throat,

and tragically he choked

to death and died.

I don’t know why

we’re all smiling.

It’s a sad story,

but it’s a true story.

You see, with every tick

of the clock,

every tick of the clock

someone dies somewhere.

One of those ticks

has my name on it.

One of those ticks

has your name on it.

It’s already an appointment.

You don’t make it.

God does.

It’s appointed unto man

once to die.

All these young people looking

at Tik Tok, tick tock,

tick tock.

One of those ticks

has your name on it.

But I have great news

this morning.

When death does come,

it cannot kill you if you’re

in Jesus Christ.

To be absent from the body

is to be present with the Lord.

The moment a Christian dies,

their spirit leaves this world

and they’re instantly

in the presence

of God Almighty.

The body is left behind,

but they have gone

to another world.

Jesus has become

the death of death.

Death died when Jesus died

on Calvary and when He

rose on the third day.

I thought about how that

this thing is going to

take place.

He said I show you a mystery

that those that are asleep

are dead in Christ.

1 Thessalonians said,

“They will be raised first,

and we who are alive

and remain,”

meaning there will be

a generation; I believe we

are that generation that

will be alive when the

trumpet sounds, and too,

the dead in Christ shall

rise first because

they’re six feet under,

and they will rise first.

Their bodies, their spirits

will come back with Jesus,

and the spirit will connect

with the body.

The bodies will come alive.

They’ll be given resurrected

bodies because the story

of resurrection is not just

about Jesus raising

from the dead,

but He guaranteed every one

of us will have

a bodily resurrection,

and then those who are living

will be caught up together

with the dead in the clouds

to meet the Lord in the air.

It’s really something,

and it’s like a man in a

machine shop, and he works

all day and he makes a mess

and he sweeps up all the stuff

in there,

and he’s got paper,

and he’s got wood chips,

and he’s got all kinds of stuff.

And if he’s smart, he also has

screws and washers and nuts

that are valuable,

and he doesn’t wanna lose them,

so he has him a magnet.

And so, he’ll reach down

and instead of digging through

all that stuff,

all he’s gotta do is pull up

with a magnet that which

has some of what the magnet

has will connect with it

and gravity loses its hold.

Well, I’m telling you,

the Bible put it like this.

If the same Spirit that raised

Christ Jesus from the dead

dwells in you,

listen to this,

it shall also quicken your

mortal bodies.

One of these days morning,

night, or noon,

I don’t know when,

but soon and very soon a trumpet

is going to sound.

Jesus is going to return,

and suddenly,

those who are living the life

that brings glory to Jesus will

feel a quickening,

and you will receive

if you’re alive a glorified

resurrected body.

The dead in Christ,

and the Bible put it like this,

in the moment,

in the twinkling of an eye.

Everybody look at me

and blink your eyes, boom,

and open.

That’s how quick

it’s gonna happen.

And we shall be changed.

What a moment that’s going

to be when Jesus appears

in the clouds.

1 Corinthians 15 tells us

that we’re going to have

resurrected bodies,

and somebody asked the apostle

Paul how can the body

be resurrected.

It’s a great question.

I wanna give you how.

You know, I read a little

true story about a man

in London, England

by the name of Solomon Peas.



Solomon Peas.

And he thought he’d have

fun with it.

It was his death,

and he made sure that he left

the wording on his tombstone.

Here’s what it said,

“Beneath this sod and beneath

these trees lies the body

of Solomon Peas.

But this ain’t the peas.

It’s just the pod.

The peas shelled out

and went to God.”

I like that.

Well, I just wanna tell you

today that this body

is just the pod

and one of these days we’re

gonna shed it, and we’re gonna

go be with God and then

He’s gonna give us

a glorified resurrected body

at that moment.

The apostle Paul said

to King Agrippa,

“Why should it be considered

an incredible thing

to you that God

can raise the dead?”

I’m gonna tell you something.

If you can get past Genesis 1:1,

“In the beginning God created

the heavens and the earth,”

you ought to be able

to believe anything.

And if God could take nothing

and make it into something,

He can take what’s left

of a body and resurrect it

and cause it to have life

eternal because He’s that

kind of God.

He said it’s like a grain

and unless a grain falls

to the ground,

is sown into the ground

and then it decays and it rots

and it dies, but inside of

that grain after

it’s buried is a source of life

that is germinated.

You can’t put your finger on it,

but even though it looks bad,

decayed, and dead,

there is a source of life

that is germinating,

and he used grain because

he wanted us to understand

when it went into the ground

it’s coming out of the ground

what it was,

and that is exactly how

our resurrected bodies will be.

It’s like grain.

Let me give you an example.

Somebody says, well,

how can the body be resurrected?

Think about a man who,

let’s say he was born in Florida

many years ago,

and he lived his life

and then he went to Viet Nam

and while he was in Viet Nam

serving he stepped

on a land mine and blew his

leg up and his leg was left

in Viet Nam, and he came home

and maybe he moved to Georgia

and got a job

at a lumber mill and somehow

he accidentally cut two

of his fingers off.

I’m just making this story up,

so, and the fingers fell off

in Georgia and then let’s

say he felt the call

to preach and went to Africa

and preached in Africa

until he died,

and they buried him under

an apple tree, and the roots

of that apple tree go down

into the dirt, and they draw

the nutrients from his decayed

body and through the roots

it feeds the tree,

and suddenly, there’s apples

on the tree and the apples

fall off of the tree

and a hog comes along

and eats the apples

and goes and throws

all over the place.

How in the world is that

man’s body who has a leg

in Viet Nam and fingers

in Georgia and body parts all

over Africa, how is God

going to raise him up?

The Bible is so astounding

that God before scientists

ever discovered D.N.A.

and stem cell research,

God said in Psalms 139:16,

“Your eyes did see my substance,

yet when I was unformed

and in your book

all my body parts or members

were written and recorded

when there were none of them.”

You know what he’s describing?

You know, everything that you

are comes out of stem cells

and comes out of D.N.A.

D.N.A. is what tells

the length of your fingers,

your arms,

the color of your hair.

Everything comes out of

your D.N.A., and God said

I had it all in a book,

all your body parts.

I had it coded in,

and I don’t care how much you

change, you will always be you

because you have

your D.N.A. code.

Now, what I want you

to understand is just like

that seed goes into the ground,

one day when the trumpet sounds

I don’t care where you are.

I don’t care if you’ve got

a leg in Viet Nam

and fingers in Africa.

I don’t care if you’ve

been torn to pieces,

and your body is decayed.

God’s gonna punch your card

in up in heaven.

He’s got a book that’s got

your D.N.A.

and suddenly that body

will just like the valley

of dry bones, bones will come

to bones in the moment,

in the twinkling of an eye,

and you’re gonna get a

resurrected body,

and it will be powerful

and it will be eternal.


Secondly, and I just got

three quick points,

but secondly, he talks about

the individual uniqueness

of the resurrected body,

Paul does.

God does not make copies.

He makes originals.

God is not gonna make us

all the same when we get

glorified, we’re all gonna

put on white robes

and walk before — no.

We’re gonna be.

You will be you.

I will be me.

We will know one another.

The Bible is very clear

about that.

When Moses and Elijah went on

the mountain, you know,

they lived 1,500 years before

Jesus came on the earth,

and when they went

on the Mount of Transfiguration

with Jesus,

the Bible said the disciples

instantly knew who Elijah

was and who Moses was

and who Jesus was,

and by the way,

that’s a beautiful picture

of the Rapture because

it had Moses up there,

and Moses died and the angel

had to fight, Michael the angel,

had to fight the devil

over his body ‘cause

Satan wanted his body.

He was buried in the

Mountain of Nebo.

Now watch this.

You’ve got those who die

in Christ on the Mountain

of Transfiguration,

and then who else was there?


Elijah never died.

He was called up

in a fiery chariot.

So, you’ve got the living

and the dead and right

in the middle you’ve got

Jesus lighting them up.

Now, what I want you to

understand is in heaven

there will be a uniqueness

to you, and you will be

known even as you know.

If you know people here,

you will know them there,

but you will have

supernatural knowledge.

Your mind will be so increased.

You only use a small percentage

of your brain,

but you’ll know everybody

because of the kindred-ship

of the fellowship of the Blood

and the Body of Jesus Christ.

You will just know everybody,

and they’ll know you.

You know, it’s bad when

people come up to me and

they say, “Do you remember me?”

That’s my most dreaded question

that somebody can ask me.

And I’m good with faces,

and I try not to lie ‘cause

I don’t wanna go to hell,

so I’ll say, “Remind me.”

I’m giving y’all my secrets.

“You look familiar,”

is my go to.

But in heaven,

I’ll never be embarrassed.

I’ll know that one

and that one, and Paul will

know me, and Peter will

know me and know you,

and we’re gonna have a — whoa!


Take a praise break.

Just take a praise break.


I feel like shouting.

I’m enjoying my own preaching.


God is a god of variety,

and He says in this text,

“Just as a star’s glory

one from another,”

one is brighter than the other,

“so will the resurrection

of the dead be.”

Just like bodies are different

from one another.

Just like snowflakes.

There are no two

that are the same.

No two fingerprints

that are the same.

A little boy got a gift

from his mother for Christmas.

It was fingerprint set,

and she came to him and said,

“How do you like it, son?”

And he said, “Well, I like

it mom, but the man who wrote

the instructions lied.”

And she said,

“Why do you say that, son?”

He said, “Because he said

that there’s only one

fingerprint for every person,

and that’s not true.”

He said, “I know for a fact

that my dad and Santa Claus

and whoever keeps breaking

into my piggy bank,

all three have

the same fingerprint.”

I’m telling you today that

if you know,

if you know somebody here,

you will know them there.

I believe the first people

we’ll see when we go through

the gates of pearl

will be the people in our

own family that have gone

before us.

I’ve got a daddy over there.

I’ve got a brother over there.

And because of Jesus

and His love for me

and my family, one day we’re

gonna be reunited on

streets of gold.

The sorrow will be gone.

The pain will be gone.

God shall wipe every tear

from our eyes.

We’re headed to a mighty,

mighty place.

We will know each

other in heaven.

Thirdly, let me give you this,

and this is the great news

right here now.

He said not only will you

be like a grain and not

only will you be unique,

but he said in your

resurrected body it will

be infused with perfection,

that the best

that you’ve ever been,

at the tiptop shape that

you’ve ever been in,

it’s just not that good.

Let me put it like Paul put it.

He said we’re sown,

meaning we go into the ground

in corruption,

but we’re raised

in incorruption.

The word corruption

means decay.

He said we’re sown in,

and listen to these words,

dishonor but raised in glory.

Sown in weakness

but raised in power.

Sown in natural body,

Paul said, but raised

a spiritual body.

Your resurrected body

will be infused with perfection.

You’ve never known the body

you’re about to have.

You say I’m not sure I want

my body in heaven.

I get that.

I understand that,

but you’ll want the one that

God has for you.

You’ll like it.

Your I.Q.

will be unbelievable.

Your body will be unbelievable.

He said, God said,

I’ll take you as your sown

in dishonor,

but you’ll be raised in glory.

You know what?

God wants us all to have

a glorious body.

I love that.

Who would say today you

have a glorious body?

Who would say that?

Some of you really think

you’re something,

but all I would say to you after

all your PX 90 and all

your workouts and all your gym,

and I’m all for it.

I do it myself.

I do.

That’s how I keep

my high school figure.


But after it’s all said

and done, all I’d say to you

who are in tiptop shape,

I mean, ripped and cut

and all of that,

all I would say to you

is give it time.

You’re gonna be attacked

by the four Bs: baldness,

bifocals, bunions, and bulges.

It’s gonna get you

sooner or later.

But one of these days God said

I’m gonna give you

a glorious body.

We’ve never seen.

If God were to cause Adam

to step out of God’s assembly

line like He made him,

we’ve never seen him ourselves

not under the curse.

If you could have seen the body

that Adam had and Eve had

before the fall, my Lord,

if Adam walked out here,

the women would swoon and faint,

and the man would need prayer

when they saw Eve

because you would not

believe the glorious

bodies God had for them.

Boy, that makes me happy

because after a year

of COVID and after a year

of death and breathing machines

and funerals and disease

and cancer,

one of these days we’re gonna

get a resurrected body

that’s not susceptible

to sickness, to pain,

to aches, to hurt.

What a Redeemer we have

that He says I don’t just

want your spirit.

I’m gonna redeem your body

and give you a body that

is glorious.

Let me tell you

what the Scripture says.

It says that, and I just wanna

read it right out of the text

because it’s

a good place to end.

Listen to what he says.

He says, “Now let me show you

a mystery in the moment,

in the twinkling of an eye

the trumpet will sound,

the dead will be

raised incorruptible.”

Verse 54, “So, when

this corruption has put

on incorruption,

mortal will put on immortality.

Then it will be brought to pass.

Death is swallowed up

in victory.

And then he makes this

powerful statement.


“O Death, where is your sting?”

It’s two anthems there.

One for the living

and one for the dead.

The first one is for those,

that generation that is alive

that never sees death

because they get raptured,

and so that’s their part

of the song, “O Death,

where’s your sting?”

I never felt your sting, death.

What happened?

We’re gonna get raptured.

But then the second anthem

is for the dead because they’re

gonna look back at the plot

that they were buried in

and say, “O grave,

where is your victory?”

The tombstone is toppled.

The grave has exploded

with resurrection.

The coffin has been

burst wide open.

And the living will say,

“Death, where is your sting?

I never felt your stinger.”

There was a little boy

and a little girl who were in

the garden with their mother,

and while they were

in the garden,

a bumble bee came and it stung

the boy and after

it stung the boy,

the little sister saw it,

and it started buzzing

all around her,

and she got hysterical

and started screaming,

panicking as it was buzzing

thinking that it was gonna land

and sting her, and the mother

said, “Come here, darling.

It’s alright.”

And she took the hand

of that boy,

and she showed the stinger

that was in his hand

from that bumble bee,

and she said,

“Look. It doesn’t have

a stinger anymore.

The bee left the stinger

in your brother.

All it’s got is the buzz.”

I have an elder brother

by the name of Jesus,

and He took the stinger out

of death for me.

And yeah, it’s scary to hear

a bad report and know

that you’re gonna die.

Nobody looks forward to it,

but all that death

has is the buzz.

It doesn’t have the stinger

for me anymore because,

death, where is your sting?

Grave, where is your victory?

It’s not there anymore.

♪ ♪

>> O Death, where is your sting?

O Grave, where is your victory?

There’s been so much death,

and so much sickness

going on in the world,

through the pandemic

and everything else,

we’ve made it through.

That I just want to ask

the grave how it can conquer

one who will not die.

Jesus paid it all when He

died on the cross.

He did die, but He rose again.

He did it for you.

There is nothing you have done

that cannot be forgiven

right now.

It’s why Jesus came

to this earth.

God in flesh,

to take our sins

and transgressions

and nail them to the cross.

And all for you today.

Peace and joy and

eternal life.

You can receive that

forgiveness right where

you are.

You need to know that

we can’t earn it,

and we don’t deserve it,

it’s His mercy.

It’s His grace,

it’s His love

that makes it possible.

And all you have to do is

call on His name today.

Right now, wherever you are,

pray this prayer.

Say, “Lord, Jesus,

I come to you today.

I give you my life.

I ask you to cleanse me,

and wash me of all of my sins.

I believe in you, Jesus.

I put my faith and my trust

in you, Jesus.

I boldly proclaim today

that you are my savior,

and you’re the one who

gives me the power

of resurrection

in my own life,

to come back, to fight,

and to win, and to conquer,

and to triumph through

your blood on the cross.

I receive your forgiveness.

Set me free from every bondage.

Today, Lord, I surrender

all to you.”

I believe if you prayed

that prayer, Jesus heard

your cry.

I know He did.

And listen, you can go online

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We would just really

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In our closing moments,

I want to thank you

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For your response to the

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And you did it unto

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They’ve left everything behind

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And because of you,

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Thank you for joining us today.

Pray about what God would

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We need to hear from you

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Lord, bless the people

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Thank you, and God bless you.

Happy Easter everybody,

Jesus is alive.

>> God, I need your help.

>> Are you the old pro?

>> I am old.

How do you see yourself?

Not just in God,

but your whole existence,

your life.

>> I have a son who hates me

and my wife and I have been

separated for about 5 years.

>> Sounds like your game

could use a mulligan.

Sometimes God uses bad

things for good.

>> Ladies and gentlemen,

make your tee time.

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