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so we’re in part 6 of a series that

we’re calling charged up and I initially

plan for this series to be four weeks

and it’s turned into about nine of them

and it’s because I really believe that

as God is sharing with us how we’re

supposed to stay connected to him he’s

trying to give us practical steps and

just real life application of what we’re

supposed to do in this Christian life

and so today we’ve been using the

analogy of a cell phone and everybody

has a cell phone in here and we’ve been

talking about the simple but complex

thought that all of our cell phones no

matter the potential no matter how much

we can use them they have to stay

charged up and many of you this week

your cell phone went dead

how many people’s cell phone went dead

this week just your actual cell phone


went dead this week how many of your

people your cell phone was on low

battery at some point this week okay how

many people in this room their cell

phone stay charged up the entire week

charged up the entire week come on you

ain’t getting no calls I’m just playing

I’m just playing just playing but that’s

how God intends for us to live our life

everybody say charged up but many times

we’re using our life we’re using things

that are draining us we’re surrounded by

people that drain us we’re surrounded by

situation some of y’all work at a job

that drains you by the time you get out

of there every week I saw some people

look at each other like you know like

like by the time you get out of there

every day you feel like I just want to

eat I’m gonna sleep and I’m gonna act

like nothing else exists okay some

people are in a relationship that’s

draining you some people that think that

God’s called you to the effort time and

energy you have to put into it for it to

be successful it’s draining see the

thing is life has things in it that

drain us but God is supposed to be the

ultimate supplier that continues to fill

us back up

the problem is many of us do not connect

to him daily if your cell phone is in

use every day you plug up to a charger

every day but how is it that we’re being

drained in our life in our attitude and

our stuff and many of us only plug up

once a week when we come to church and

if that some of us are running on a

charge that we got six months ago a year

ago even and we’re wondering why we

can’t be as effective why we’re not

reaching potential why ours our stuff

not moving at the speed you know my

phone has this thing where it goes into

low battery mode I don’t know if your

phone has this but what happens is like

I want to see it at a certain brightness

and it says oh no no no because if you

see it at that brightness we’re gonna

die could it be that some of the light

that God has placed on the inside of us

is not shining as bright because we

haven’t been charged up in a while and

it says no no no no you can’t shine that

bright because you don’t even have

enough energy for that and some of us I

used to be passionate about God people

used to say you are so encouraging

people used to do that but it’s almost

been like I’ve just had enough to make

it just had enough what I want to help

you that God is our power source that he

is infinite that he can give you

everything that you need to live your

hectic life your perfect life your

working life your family life and then

he gives us his word which is the

distributor of power so we have a power

source that we plug into then we get the

Word of God that distributes power and

then that has a connector which is

prayer and worship no cord ever just has

one thing in it a cord if you open it up

it has more than one cord in it and the

cord right here is prayer in worship we

talked the past two weeks about prayer

and please if you did not hear those

messages go back

and watch them online because it’ll

teach you how to pray show you why we

pray make it practical in your life and

now today we’re gonna talk about worship

but it’s all to benefit you it’s all so

you can reach potential I want you to

hear me say this very clearly that what

you’ve been leave living in your life is

not God’s maximum for your life you may

have not been told that all week but I’m

here to tell you right now there is more

for you than what you have been

experiencing so far but the only way

that you’re going to reach it be able to

sustain it and be able to walk in it is

by staying charged up so today we’re

gonna go over the simple basic

revelation of worship with the message

that I’m titling what is worship what is

worship and the reason I titled it so

simple is because we act like people

know what worship is I mean before I

became a pastor I just assumed to

everybody who went to church knew what

worship is but as I started to ask

people what is worship you would be

surprised at some of the answers that I

give I mean it’s like oh my god that’s

me you’re on the worship team that’s

what you thought worship was people

think that at salvation you

automatically get an understanding of

how to worship it’s many times a lot of

churches fault because we don’t teach on

worship we just expect people to come in

and do it and God really begin to deal

with me and he said Michael people don’t

really know what worship is people think

worship are the two slow songs at the

beginning of church oh yeah that’s my oh

I can’t miss worship we can forget

praise but let me get that for worship

people have seen what other people do

and what they think worship is and they

start mimicking what that is but people

aren’t worshiping with any type of

understanding so today I want you to

open your heart in your mind on a very

basic subject that you may already think


have a revelation of but I want you to

realize it and see a brand new and a

fresh that worship is much more than

what we think it is worship is why you

were created the reason that God made

you was so that you could worship and

even says in the word he said if my

creation won’t worship me then I gotta

get the trees and the rocks to begin to

do it

he said it’s such a part of what I want

from my people that I have to show them

what worship truly is so somebody needs

to really recognize that worship is not

just the two slow songs at the beginning

of service that worship is not just us

coming in a place and lifting up our

hands worship is not just us finding our

our secret place worship is a lifestyle

worship is how I live in response to

where God is and so today we’re going to

figure out what is worship and with

understanding proverbs four seven says

wisdom is the principal thing therefore

get wisdom and in all your getting get

an understanding let me help you many

people have knowledge but they don’t

have an understanding so they can’t walk

in wisdom I’m gonna say that again many

people have knowledge but they don’t

have an understanding so they can’t walk

in wisdom let me give you this for most

believers most believers have a

knowledge of Matthew 18:20 where two or

three believers are gathered in his name

their God is he is right there so when

we come in here every Sunday we have

knowledge that God is here

because there’s way more than two or

three people in this room right now

God is here how many people believe God

and love God in this room God is here

but that’s knowledge we don’t have an

understanding because 15 minutes ago

with the knowledge that God is here some

people stood there and it didn’t have

the wisdom to worship

I want to help you you know something

but you don’t understand its value and

so you don’t walk in wisdom to do it

their churches all over the world that

people came into the presence of God

today and stood there and judged the

song and critique the singing instead of

worshiping the king now I may not to be

talking to you but I’m talking about how

I used to be before I got an

understanding of what worship truly is

it’s the way I live my life towards God

and today I want us to see it broken

down very plainly and very clearly 0.1

what is worship worship is much more

than a song I’m gonna make it real plain

and real elementary for you today

because I want you to see this very

clearly see worship should be the

soundtrack of what our lives look like

it should be the audio to the visual let

me give you an example we just sang that

song I believe in you I believe in you

you’re the god of miracles he said I

want you to sing that but I want you to

live that he would rather you not put it

to a melody and actually believe him for

the thing that’s too big in your life

the circumstance that’s huge he would

rather you believe it than sing it when

we sing son no weapon formed against me

shall prosper say it won’t work he would

rather you not sing it and believe it

see it’s much more than a song worship

is one of the most powerful corporate

worship to melodies and songs it’s one

of the most powerful tools in the world

and I’m going to talk about that next

week but so I can get into you what

worship really is you have to understand

it’s much more than a song people sing

oceans spirit lead me where am I what’s

the words trust is Without Borders let

me walk upon the waters wherever you

would call me

I would rather you have faith to walk on

water then to sing a song about it and

stand in fear worship is much more than

the song it should be the soundtrack to

where you’re trying to align your heart

to so when I when I’m when I’m

worshiping when I put on that song

that’s supposed to be the vocal of where

my heart is so when I say I will exalt

you I will exalt you

I will it solve you you are my god I’m

saying that that’s where my heart is

today I’m frustrated but I will exalt

you I’m hurting but I will it’s on you

I’m mad but I will it’s on you cuz no

matter what I feel right now you are my

god it should be the soundtrack to where

my heart is

worship is much more than a song I got

to go into worship know you don’t go

into worship you live worship I smile

it’s time for worship know I’m living

worship and until we recognize that we

will relegate our worship to God to the

band being good to my playlist being

right to say it’s sounding like Carrie

job or Tasha Cobbs or whoever like like

this can worship to that

come on we’ve all done it if it wasn’t

our style if it wasn’t our speed if for

that one and God says am i worth more

than the sound and so what I’m trying to

tell you that music is a major part of

worship okay but it’s much more than a

song look at Deuteronomy for me because

I’m gonna Deuteronomy chapter 1 and I

want to show you something that I’m

gonna spoil it right now point two and

three what is worship worship is love

0.3 worship is love expressed okay but I

haven’t given you a point that this

first point I’m still on point 1 but I

want to just let you know worship is

love expressed okay it’s us expressing

our love to God so if worship is love

and worship is expressed and I’ll talk

about that more in just a moment

Deuteronomy tells us how we worship God

in love and then how we’re supposed to

express it and I want you to see these

four things because this may

revolutionize how you view worship right

here Deuteronomy 11 verse 1 it says you

must love the Lord your God that’s the

the love part now they’re gonna tell us

how to express it and always obey his

requirements decrees regulations and

commands so what this is saying is

worship is you loving God and you

express it through obedience oh that

ain’t no song this is what God loves to

hear that’s why the scripture says that

your obedience is better than he would

rather you obey Him he says because

that’s worship so what does that look

like practically Pastor Mike because you

know I like to make everything very

practical when I tithe it’s worship

because I’m baying what God said to do

that is worship ain’t no song with that

but God says oh I love to hear is that

my child worshiping me when they sit and

they honor me with their finances before

they go and do everything else would as

some good worship right there

what does what

should look like it says loving your

enemy cuz that’s what the Word of God

says so when we love our enemy God hears

worship see he’s saying you have to obey

his commands obey his regulations obey

husband when you treat your wife right

that’s worship to God so you know that

you thought it was about you God says

I’ve put in the book what you’re

supposed to do and when you do that when

you obey my commands that is worship

to me it’s much more than a song look at

verse 13 it says if you carefully obey

the commands I’m giving you today and if

you love the Lord your God there’s the

love part again now it’s about to tell

us how to express it and serve him with

your whole with your heart and soul that

word serve right there in the Hebrew is

actually worship Him if you love the

Lord your God and you worship Him or you

serve him so what does that mean what

does worship look like that you love God

and you express it through service that

you serve that you be God’s hands and

feet on this earth that’s worship see

something else like oh I’d rather just

go back to a carry job song cuz this

sounds involved I read I should have

just been doing my thing but God says

when you serve others when you’re my

hands and feet when you’re my extension

on this earth when you look at somebody

who’s in need and you meet their need

not expecting anything back I see

worship think about miss kim van Daele

sitting right here on the front row

every Sunday morning she wouldn’t want

me to tell you this because she doesn’t

do it for any accolades but I want you

to see what worship looks like every

Sunday morning not because it’s

something that transformation church

commanded because we don’t have a

ministry for it yet but she saw homeless

people downtown that were in need and

every Sunday more every single Sunday

morning she goes down there and takes

them sandwiches in water and socks and

talks to him and speaks to them and then

she comes in the service and worships

God on this front row no

Facebook posts no Instagram posts no

height no team but she is loving God and

she’s serving you don’t think God says I

love the way Kim worships see it’s not

the melody the churches put so much

emphasis on how it comes out and in in

the vocal chords and God’s more

concerned about how it comes out how we

use our life how we use our actions how

we use our thoughts to be able to

worship God

so it’s loving God and obeying him

worship is loving God and serving him

look at verse 22 Deuteronomy 11 verse 22

it says be careful to obey these

commands I’m giving you they’re being

remedial and telling us the same thing

it says show love to the Lord your God

there’s that love part now they’re gonna

tell us how to express it by walking in

his ways and holding tightly to him so

what does that mean practically Pastor

Mike love God and express it through

walking in his ways God has given us a

very succinct systematic way of living

our life as believers and the problem

with this part of it being worship is

the world is giving us a very different

perspective of how we can live our life

here what I’m saying to you the word

tells us very clearly as narrow as the

word Road that narrow is not a wide road

the the road that God wants us to live

in the past the world we’re supposed to

walk in it has some distinct footsteps

that we’re supposed to follow how we’re

supposed to when everybody else is doing

things to just let their feelings out

that we’re supposed to go to prayer and

fight in the in the closet first well I

don’t feel like doing it but that’s the

path that was laid out for us when

everybody is saying it’s okay to have

sex with anybody you want because you

don’t want to commit to something you

don’t know how it rides yet

well well that’s a wide road that God

told us a very specific he said I need

you to walk the way that I’ve asked you

to walk that is worship to me so every

time you make a decision not to lie on

your taxes and you’re telling the truth

he said that’s worship see I’m coming to

really present worship in a brand-new

way to you because we think worship is

those songs and God says worship is your

life I want to be worshipped in the way

you interact with your co-workers I want

to be worshipped how you respect those

who are in authority over you that don’t

like you worship me in your reaction

when they ask you to do something that

they didn’t ask nobody else to do when

they talk about you but what is your

reaction and God says I gave them a

chance to worship me I’m giving them an

opportunity right now to respond to me

in the in the way that I’ve asked them

to walk and that’s true worship and then

the last part of that says hold tightly

to him hold tightly to God so you’re

supposed to love God and express it

through staying close it’s hard to hold

tightly to something that you’re far

away from and many people when we come

to God it’s like God’s out there and

we’re right here and God’s saying I need

you to voluntarily stay close to me make

me the priority when you make me the


that’s worship to me some of y’all are

coming here this morning was worship to

God he said oh my goodness

I know how late they stayed up last

night and it was watching Netflix and

chilling and I know I know that when

that alarm went off they hit it four

times but they said you know what I’m

going to get up and I’m gonna honor God

and I’m gonna put him first I’m gonna

stay close because faith comes by

hearing and hearing by the word I’m

gonna stay close to him I’m not gonna go

throughout this week trying to figure

this out

go here whatever Pastor Mike has to say

cuz I know he’s been hearing from God

and I know I’m gonna get in the presence

of God and I’m gonna honor God first he

said that’s worship my children decided

to get up and worship me this morning so

why are you saying all this Pastor Mike

because worship is much more than a song

it’s the way we live our life so the

simplest two words that I can say is

worship is love expressed okay so I’m

gonna talk about those two words give

you one more point and then we out of

here for the day so next point point

number two worship is love worship is

love the greatest thing that you can

ever do is love God and God doesn’t want

you to do things out of any other

emotion or any other decision except

love he wants to oh he wants you to obey

out of love he wants you to sacrifice

and serve out of love he wants you to to

be able to reach your potential in him

walking the narrow path out of love he

wants you to keep him close because you

love him that’s what God wants from

everybody he is not trying to get us to

do something that we don’t want to do

and that’s what many believers believe

that I got a worship God not I get to

worship God I have to go to church today

not I get to get in a place where other

people that think like me believe like

me and we get to worship our God

together and until we change that

paradigm in our mind it’s a half-two and

God wants it to become something that

you get to do

that’s where worship comes from because

worship is love and let me say this feed

you will never be able to worship God

right if you don’t love it if worship is

love expressed you you cannot worship

God out of fear expressed I’m gonna help

you cuz some people come to church and

lift their hands to somebody looking at

them I want them to think that I’m holy

or what God says forget all that when

you worship me I want it to be your love

your love express to me that’s why when

I get up here on the front row I don’t

care what I have on I’ve had people tell

me I’d be jumping sweating if you ever

want to see

your pastor worship and praise God just

while you not worshiping anyway just

look over here for a second and you see

I’m on the ground I’m worshiping and I

don’t do it for show cuz it’s not about


it is my love expressed to God but with

Nona I remember a season and I’m just

being real I remember a season where I

did not love God the way I loved him

then and I couldn’t worship I would

stand in worship experience and be so

critical look at her she can’t even sing

look at him he too big to be wearing

that shirt late why I got so dark in


they sing this song every Sunday and

what happened is I couldn’t enter in to

what I needed

cuz the key ingredient of love what near

I love me more than I love guy that’s

why if anybody started talking about me

I could express it I could express how I

felt I could express how but without

love you can’t express anything to God

and so the first thing we have to deal

with when we talk about worship is do

you love God if you can answer that

question do I really love God then

worship should be a natural thing for

you but if you have things that are

coming to cloud your vision of your love

of God or you’ve had situation that have

made your love leak for God then what

ends up happening is when it comes time

to worship Him it’s like I just can’t

work that’s anybody can we be real hot

in here

has anybody known they were supposed to

worship but just didn’t feel it just I

mean last week yes he I want to be fake

I’m a pastor last week I went through

some stuff me and that was communicating

financial stuff different things happen

and the enemy Ephesian 6:16 tells us

that he is trying to to shoot arrows and

our heart want to make our love for God

leak out that’s why when you have

difficulties in your life it’s not aimed

at anything except to take your love for

God and that’s why we try to blame God

God I thought you was gonna be there for


god I thought you said the weapon will

prosper I’m bleeding I’m bleeding

do you see me I’m hurt like and what

happens is if too many of those arrows

from the enemy land we didn’t get the

scholarship we thought we were a shoo-in

for we got injured and we thought we

were going to be able to have this

career we didn’t get picked for that

promotion those things the enemy tries

to change our perception so that we can

think somehow God doesn’t love us and

God doesn’t think good over listen if it

didn’t happen that time he’s got

something better for you but what

happens is many times is we get stuck in

the moment instead of magnifying God and

worshiping him and making him bigger in

the moment then the situation becomes

bigger than our love for God leaks out

so you go one disappointment two

disappointments three disappointments

four disappointments you look up five

months later and you’re standing in a

worship experience steel and you knew

like you know how good god is you know

that God is faithful but you can’t seem

to muster up mm-hmm it’s cuz the love

that God desires for you to worship and

Express to him it’s beginning to leak

out but this is the great thing for all

believers at salvation God gave you the

love that you needed that didn’t come

natural in you let me tell you this

jesus said in Matthew 22:37 one of the

most amazing things he said you must

love the Lord your God with all your

heart all your soul and all your mind

this is the first and greatest

commandment if Jesus said that to me

I’ll be like well I’m disqualified

because you say love them with all your

heart your soul your mind that is a tall

order but look what Deuteronomy 36 says

it says the Lord God will change your

heart and the hearts of your descendants

so that you will love him with all your

heart and all your soul so you may live

don’t you aren’t you glad that we serve

a God that doesn’t require what he

doesn’t supply this is the thing you got

to realize the love of God is in you

when you get saved but now you have to

protect it you have to guard yourself

against things that come to take the

love out of your heart for God this is

the thing where it tells us in Ephesians

that we’re supposed to put up the shield

of faith which quenches all of those

fiery darts that come from the enemy to

try to discourage you depress you and

all that some know that’s why I’m so

glad you’re here this morning because

your faith is getting rebuilt right now

and when the enemy comes this week to

challenge you like God didn’t care about

you in that situation see I told you

this wasn’t going to work out I promise

you that God’s not gonna use you you’re

able to say no no no no no and matter of

fact just because you came at me I’m a

worship God all the more I’m going to

say God I love you in the midst of this

trial I love you even though I feel very

down and what happens is you’re able to

express the love that’s already in you

so I want you to hear me say this very

clearly that worship is love first and

some of you in this room need to do they

need to ask God God revitalize your love

give me a revelation of love show me

show me how to love you better sure

father God put in me put back in me coz

some of y’all like mine all the way

leaked out I’m empty god I’m thanking

you that you were adore me to the joy of

my salvation that’s what that looks like

see we say these phrases but we don’t

know what they mean God put that love

back in me and I promise you if you do

that and just ask them

the Holy Spirit is the one he’s a

teacher he can give you all things with

you ask him he begins to do it and some

of y’all gonna be like man this week I

asked God to reignite love in me I mean

I feel like worshiping all the time

I feel like I feel like going to another

put man I feel like turning off that

music that takes from me and putting on

the music that adds to me I feel like I

feel like doing doing more than what I’m

doing right now it’s because the love is

bad think about any relationship love

has to be there for you to express it so

I want you to realize that your love for

God is the primary ingredient for you to

worship so some people say okay Pastor

Mike so why does it seem like some

people love God more than others because

there are some people you can play

nothing and they’re like oh god you’re

also like you know those people that are

just like good just missed it let me

help you love grows love grows let me

ask anybody who has a teenage child or a

young adult child do you love your child

less the same or more than you did when

they were born more because love grows

you may not like them as much let me be

on your nerves but you love them because

love grows so if you’re new in the faith

I want you to realize that it’s okay

your love for God is gonna grow but

again if you don’t protect it the enemy

tries to make you so discouraged that

God doesn’t care that he doesn’t love

you that that’s why it’s so important to

watch who can speak into your life you

can’t just let anybody talk to you I’m

not talking in acid itty pumped up

prideful way but there are certain

people that I will not let your

negativity in your view of this


cloud how God is trying to change my


cuz perspective is everything and when

you allow people to start telling you

see you thought you’d be married by now

we’re yet then you’ll start to feel like

somehow God forgot about you in that

level start to leak out then it’ll come

time to worship and you’re like ah

that’s why in your midst of trial you

gotta have people around you that’s why

you gotta get in belong groups that’s

why you gotta make a decision that I

always come to church cuz even if I

don’t feel like it I’m gonna get in the

environment that’s gonna build my faith

up and be able to add back to me I’m

telling y’all some of y’all are so

depressed cuz all you do is get

counselor by facebook that is the most

devastating place to get filled back up

because you will compare yourself and

listen to the suggestion of the enemy

y’all graduated the same year look at

her you don’t even know this girl’s you

don’t even know you Norma come on let’s

be honest so then when it says do you

come here pastor might say and all we

have to do is stay plugged up and

charged up and worship God and pray it

seems like a task because there’s no

love there what I’m encouraging you

right now is to turn down the

distraction and turn up the

magnification of who God is and you’ll

be able to worship let’s talk about this

next word expressed worship is 0.3 love

expressed okay love has to be expressed

let me give you the definition of

expressed it means to convey a thought

or feeling and words or gestures and

conduct okay

so we have to convey that means

communicate words how I speak to God

gestures lifting of my hands clocking of

my hand pumping God I love you jumping

that’s all of those things are gestures

of worship when it’s to God and conduct

the way you live what what I’m telling

everybody is that you have to do

something other than fill it on the

inside I love God

your love God I had to so I missed you

okay anyway I didn’t want to but it’s

just the way I said it it had to come

out okay watch but I weren’t into people

a lot of times would be like I love God

I’m just not expressive like ah you know

I really die deep down on the inside I’m

burning with a passion and a fire I mean

it’s whoa it’s bubbling but I just don’t

express it in the same way hear me you

don’t have to express it in the same way

but you have to express it that means

you have to communicate outside of

yourself through words god I love you

there’s nobody like you over here I’m

gonna love you there’s nobody like you

hallelujah you can be at your sea gonna

love you there’s no why do you like you

hallelujah God still heard that see so

many times we want it in the same way

some of my old school Saints may get up

here and they yeah they don’t get up

here okay but the thing you can’t take

from them is they’re expressing so if

you’re a young person and you wanna or

you wanna do something else that’s fine

you can express it but you can’t

cuz that’s not worship because worship

always has to be love and worship always

has to be expressed

swine up here and the song comes on I’ll

lift my hands why cuz I gotta express it

it cannot stay on the inside of me it

cannot it’s gotta be like Jeremiah will

shut up in my bones and that felt like

fire when y’all fire what do you do you

and some of us we sitting here in the

presence of God and we say we love him

but we don’t express it so it’s not

worship let me tell you very clearly

worship is love everybody say express I

want to challenge you don’t ever come

into this church or any other Church if

the music’s wrong if the praise and

worship leader ain’t show style if

anything and not express your love to

God it’s why no matter how I’m feeling

lift my hands cuz this ain’t about you

and this ain’t about y’all cuz that’s

what we do whoa

I look a little I mean this suit is nice

and I don’t want to look like and God

says I’ve been beaten

I’ve been sketched I’ve been spit on to

prove my love to you to express my love

to you all I’m asking you to do is in

any moment that you have use what you

have your words your gestures the way

you live your life and tithing in

treating your family writing if I just

want you to express it to me look let me

help you because it’s amazing to me how

if I take the same non-expressive people

in church and put them at the NBA Finals

or the Super Bowl or a Taylor Swift

Beyonce Kanye Frankie Beverly amaze


that’s not zap that bad bad bad Oh

everybody’s doing all of this stuff now

watch watch now that’s funny and that’s

normal in those environments but what

God sees is you worshiping something

other than him see you missed it you

missed it you come in here and you like

this but if Bieber came in but too late

to say sorry and you own your everywhere

the Beehive comes alive if Beyonce says

anything to information you like she

don’t even know you you didn’t but what

I’m saying to you is what I’m saying to

you is that there’s something that you

love that you’re willing to express for

so when God looks at it and he says

you’ve been coming here for a year not

giving not doing anything and you won’t

even express your love to me but you’ll

pay $250 to stand in the cold with your

face painted with your shirt off and

you’re overweight I mean it’s happening

every Sunday during football season

screaming your lungs out for people who

don’t know you and have never sacrificed

for you

I’m teaching good if you feel a pin or

not uneven can hear me but what I want

you to know is that I love you so much

that I don’t even ask you to do all that

I just ask you in your own way in your

own way to make it a priority to express

your love to me with your words god I

love you

what’s your gestures that’s why we lift

our hands not as a religious yoga or

exercise some people like lift your

hands okay

Lycia hands okay it’s nobody should have

to tell you to lift your hands or to

kneel or to worship why because this is

how I am expressing my love

kneeling laying prostrate there’s times

that I just said god I’m gonna looks

crazy for you and I just lay out on my

face in the presence of God why cuz it

ain’t about you and it’s not about them

it’s all about me expressing my love to

him does that make sense to you so

worship is more than a song worship is

love first and worship is a love

expressed last point worship is the

proper response worship is the proper

response the English definition of

worship is to ascribe Worth to something

or someone to assign a value to it okay

so it’s worth ship you could think about

it like that like you’re worth it like

you’re worth ship worship okay so me and

Natalie went to the movies this past

weekend and we saw a movie and it was

but before we ever got into the movie we

had to ascribe or assign worth to it so

that movie was $11 per ticket okay so we

had to assign the worth to it and that

was how we got to experience it okay

when I watch a TV show for 30 minutes or

an hour I assign worth to it I said this

TV show is worth 30 minutes of my time

so I ascribe or assigned value or worth

to it when I sit up at night and I read

to my daughter and my son and Bella

wants to look at every picture and I’m

like go to sleep like I’m saying so it’s

like an hour but I do it because I’m

assigning value to my children do you

understand what I’m saying okay so this

is the beautiful thing about about God

and about you and I want you to write

this phrase down it’s a little long but

I want you to write it down my life and

the way I live ascribe Worth to

everything that I live for my life and

the way I live ascribe Worth to

everything that I live for how much time

energy and effort you put or the value

you put on it

that shows what you worship Sayla what

do you spend the most time doing value

on how what do you sacrifice for that

shows you what you worship the reason

that I tithe is not because the church

needs my money

I can’t that ain’t a good enough reason

for me just not and I’m the pastor of

the church the reason I tie because it

puts value on my relationship with God

he asked me to do it because I love him

I don’t do it because I’m scared I’m

doing it because he told me to and he’s

the one that I call father and he knows

the plan that he has for me and he’s the

one that’s from Jehovah Jireh my

provider anyway so God I you can do more

with 90 then I can do with a hundred

what I’m doing right now is I’m

ascribing value to him you understand

what I’m saying so let’s pull this

analogy because I think you understand

it as I close if a man is proposing to a

woman okay

no smart man ever shows up to a proposal

without one thing the ring look all the

lady said the ring duh okay it’s because

when that girl goes back to her

co-workers or her friends she don’t want

us to have to say oh I got engaged this

weekend so you don’t want to even have

to say that she wants to be able to walk

in and give the international sign of

engagement like you see you know that

she don’t even want to see just wants to

ah and listen the friend don’t even care

about him all the friend cares about is

seeing the ring because that ring is

ascribing value to that woman how much

does he love you

ha I’m telling you this is what happens

how much did he spend how many burgers

did he flip how many how many I know

dudes in this room I got you John John

that baby wrote a bike too chick-fil-a

he doesn’t serve more chick-fil-a

sandwiches to propose to johnnesha why

cuz he wanted to prove to her that he

loved her and that she was worth the

sacrifice I’m gonna need a tip for this

later doc okay hear me so the ring in

our day is the sign of worth that a man

has for his wife how much does the groom

love his bride

well if I bring that to spiritual terms

the cross is the engagement ring

of the Bride of Christ God God God

sacrificed everything he could to prove

to you and me that we were worth it so

when we look at the cross that should

let us know that God’s already ascribed

a sign so much worth to our lives and we

have to respond accordingly can I say it

like this the cross shows heaven hail

and all of Earth how much the groom

loves the bride worship shows heaven

hail and all of Earth how much the bride

loves the groom so when you stand in the

presence of God and don’t worship don’t

clap don’t talk don’t lift your hands

don’t um live your life properly you’re

saying I don’t value your sacrifice so

if a man came up right now and proposed

to a woman with a six carat diamond ring

but some of the some of y’all just got

the Holy Ghost for the first time today

and the woman stood there and said

thanks you’re good

everybody in this audience would think

not what’s wrong with the groom

what’s wrong with the bride so when we

look at the sacrifice that Christ made

on the cross and we stand in the

presence of God and say oh thanks that

was good

we’re sure the Angels aren’t saying

what’s wrong with the groom saying

what’s wrong with the bride the Prince

of all heaven has sacrificed everything

for this ungrateful unattractive dirty

bride made of dirt water and salt and

they won’t even respond properly to what

he’s done it’s why would we created

y’all to respond back to God in worship

that’s why I’ll never come in the

presence of God I don’t care if two dogs

are singing it’s not about who’s singing

it’s about me giving and responding to

what God has done for me they understand

what I’m saying that’s why I can go into

the Presbyterian Church the Baptist

Church I can go into anything and they

start singing some Jesus on them again

but you turn for me

what happens on the inside of me though

that’s not the go-to on my playlist I

start remembering and I start lifting up

my hands and I start declaring who he is

by my words my gestures and the way I

live my life my conduct worship is more

than a song worship is obeying God

serving God staying close to God walking

in his way worship is our love and it’s

our love express and worship is the


to the sacrifice that the groom is made

for the bride please don’t ever live

your life without responding to what

God’s done for you