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and and that’s what i’m looking for i’m

looking for


that point of faith if it’s a thousand

people in the room that have it that’s

the better but if it’s only five i’ll

work with the five i’m going to serve

and love everyone but i really am going

to try to pour myself into those points

of faith


if you don’t mind let’s take a

digression one of the interesting things

in just working with you is um

uh you’re like i i learned to prepare

sermons in seminary but you have you the

lord’s been working with you for a long

time to actually look for faith in the


while you are so i don’t go too far down

this road but i’ll just tell you like as

a like

called ministry at 17 and then educated

in this i didn’t have anybody talking to

me about look for faith in the room

and then if you’re if you don’t find

faith in the room maybe use testimony of

god’s intervention

or i’ve even seen you become even uh

more pithy like i’m gonna actually be a

little more

obscure every every once in a while now

you do this less now since the stage is


but i’ve seen you kind of like almost

say the crowd are you really hungry

tonight did you come to


because that’s not what we’re doing

we’re actually going to move in the

gospel of jesus so maybe you just speak

to like something that’s interesting

about like i think it’s interesting

you’re you’re actually trying to preach

to a transformation

teach to a transformation into an

encounter and lots of times when we’re

when guys like me a little bit more like

i need to give you the right information

so that you can articulate it it’s we’re

actually doing something different

in a meeting so i sometimes think you

say things even chris will say

provocative things like that

just because you’re like i’m i’m

actually working

on the people in the room in the moment

do you want to speak to that

yeah that’s that’s a a huge part of what

we do a huge part of my approach i

obviously i want to give them correct


absolutely i i want to train and educate

in the scriptures

but i’m looking for that

for that point of faith

what they don’t need is more information

lots of christians have plenty of

information they just don’t act on it

they just yeah they don’t they don’t

believe it they don’t know how or

they’ve got two different parts of their

life they’ve got the

theology part and their lifestyle part

and they’re they’re not often the same

or if they have a discounting idea like

jesus was god that’s why and you’re

trying to address that discounting idea

or or they will look at somebody and say

well it’s because he’s a pastor that he

can do that and i’m just a church goer

or something and so we do everything we

can to obliterate those lines of

division and to help people become aware

of what god’s actually commissioned

every follower of jesus to do not as a

condemning weighty thing but as a

challenge as an invitation and so i’m

looking for that i’m looking for the

point of faith in the room

and uh you know when i first came to

reading i i would

you know the bible says to cast seed

beside all water so i would i would

throw out the message so to speak for

everybody in the room but i would look

for the four or five that have fire in

their eyes i’d look for the ones that

that i knew

were already engaged with the reality

that i was talking about because then

then i can find where i’m going to pour

my life

because if we can create momentum within

the church family by those who are

really in

hearty agreement not just theological

agreement hardy agreement with you’re

going where i ate to go if i can find

those folks

then there’s there’s not going to be

that separation in the in the

congregation’s mind there’s a separation

staff does this we do that yeah and if

we can create movement within

you know within

the church

cal pierce so powerfully touched by the


it changed the nature of the church when

he was powerfully touched because now

they see oh the businessmen that they’ve

done business with for all these years

is now functioning as bill has been

teaching us so apparently it is for all

of us kind of a thing yeah and and

that’s what i’m looking for i’m looking



that point of faith if it’s a thousand

people in the room that have it that’s

the better but if it’s only five i’ll

work with the five i’m gonna serve and

love everyone but i really am gonna try

to pour myself into the those points of



i i hope this is instructive for folks

that are just listening to our

conversation because they um i think we

all listen differently like like sure

and then all i found to myself like

because um look chris will preach

inspirational like he will he will be

preaching to inspire

sometimes and i can from my upbringing

and my personality i can sense my i’m

not going to be inspired like this thing

rises up in me that tries to go hey

you’re trying to inspire me

like i don’t roll there you’re like hey

you know i gotta it’s gonna make a ton

of sense i gotta and so it’s very i have

to like listen to that that idiot voice

and that kind of bent

to listen to not be inspired like i know

what you’re trying to do you’re trying

to inspire me well that’s not so easy to

do you don’t know what it’s like to live

in here you know so i have

i actually you know the holy spirit has

to kind of highlight that and go hey let

yourself be inspired in this moment you

know like listen with possibility yeah

listen with joy um yeah and then and i

think i began to reflect on that when i

when your time i’m looking for faith in

the in the in the church and the folks

in the pews and i’m like

huh i don’t know that i was ever

preaching looking for faith you know i

mean somewhere trying to kind of create

it i don’t know if i was ever looking

for it yeah i

yeah oftentimes when you try to create

it you tend to hype things and so i’m

i’m not wanting to do that but the the

bigger part of what i’m doing in that

constant context is i’m trying to i’m

trying to find what he’s saying yeah you

know in that moment i certainly want to

find those you know the eyes of fires

the way i describe the people that are

really burning for what we’re bringing

um i want to find those people but my

main concern is i want to make sure that

i’m saying what the father is saying i’m

doing what he’s doing

and i think we see that

that kind of thing with jesus uh he was

not going to minister to the cyber

finishing woman but when she responded

with great faith

at least in my thinking he was able to

recognize what the father was doing by

recognizing faith in her

which is the invitation to do what the

father’s doing so that that’s the

attempt of my life is just it’s just to

do the best i can with what i have to

discern what he’s saying just know what

he’s doing yeah but when you’re trying

to follow the voice of the lord and the

heart of the lord in your message while

you’re preaching that

yeah that probably takes years to learn

or is is hard

you know i i’ll tell you how i learned

it when i learned it is is you know i

would read and pray and study

all week long but i would i i used to

lead the single adults here in reading

for a season for probably a year or two

maybe three years before i came and did

it yes yes yes yes


and uh and i and i felt i actually it’s

going to sound weird and i would i tell

our own students don’t do what i did

don’t do what i did

but i felt that the lord prohibited me

from bringing sermon notes into the room

and that i was to actually get up and

learn to hear in the moment wow

and uh and so sometimes i’d stand up

with nothing and so i’d lead in a chorus

not nothing but a week of study and and

regular prayer life for the lord but no

notes no you can always pull out things

you know yeah okay you know yeah but

but i want to impart what he’s saying in

the moment yeah and i don’t make it too

spooky but i felt like that was the call

or demand of my life so i i had to learn

how to do what he was saying to do

i mean there is a teaching role where

you’re going through the gospel of john

today we’re doing chapter one and and

this line upon line precept on precept i

love that

but that’s not usually what i’m called

to do i’ll do it occasionally

i’m i feel like i’m required to get into

a moment where i hear what the father is


and if he’s silent i’ll be silent if

he’s speaking i’ll speak and that’s

that’s the lesson i’ve been

trying to learn for the last 40 some

years 45 46 years it’s just to hear what

he’s saying in that moment

and um

it’s exciting for me

when he begins to speak because because

i can i can see that

he’s connecting the dots

you know honestly sometimes in study i

don’t i didn’t connect the dots

but but as i hear what he’s saying all

of a sudden oh this is what i’ve been

reading about this week or this month or

last year whenever it might be so that’s

really my heart is i i want to learn to

do that well yeah yeah i think for me

it’s just learning that there was

another way to like

lead in the in the moment and preach in

the moment and kind of the way i was

brought up and sure and learn to prepare

sermons it was really fruitful for me

and to just again enjoy the diversity of

the calling on our life sure are we

supposed to be up to yeah yeah exactly

so you’re just talking about how you’re

in the preaching moment you’re trying to

say what the lord’s saying and do what

he’s doing so does that mean that you

you get it right all the time or that

your words are the very words of the

lord are you the the new pope or the new

the new apostle the new super apostle

goodness no no the human element is so

strong in everything we do yeah you know

it’s it’s like we see through a glass

darkly i mean that’s that’s who we are

that’s who i am

it’s just it’s always gonna be my best


and uh and it’s going to be flawed and

there will be some days i get it more

right than others

but it’s it’s going to be my effort to

honor him to hear from him and to say

what he’s saying but it’s not infallible

it is not equal to scripture absolutely

it has to be based here

but no no there’s a flawed element to

everything but but that flaw

doesn’t give me the right to withdraw

from my attempt to obey and please him

i owe him

i owe him my best

so that uh


so that i don’t use any excuses

i i don’t use an excuse well we’re

flawed i’ll just mess it up no it’s it’s

worse if i don’t do something that’s

good and then

it also it’s that trust in the community

like when the community feeds back and

says we heard you say this is this what

you meant to say right so there’s a

they’re like we’ve kind of joked about

when the feedback is this aggressive or

it never comes to you except suddenly

it’s it’s in print somewhere you know

some sort of conference you’re like well

i’d love to have had a conversation so

you’re not actually arguing with

something i don’t believe and didn’t say

yeah um but but when you’re preaching

community and so even even you know as

rough and tumble as the internet or

social media can be sometimes that

feedback level this actually helps oh

yeah us hear ourselves and go oh

i didn’t mean to say that yeah yeah

and so we were talking like i didn’t

mean to say since i’m trying to hear

from the lord everything i say is from

god oh goodness yeah no exactly in fact

one of the privileges for me like in

writing is every time i have a chance to

have you edit what i’m writing because

you’ll come to me with questions and

sometimes i’ll have a good answer and

and or i’ll fine-tune the statement or

paul pulled some because it did not

communicate what i intended and that’s i

think you’ve emphasized it right it’s

when you’re in community when you’re in

people who who are not afraid of you

but can but are willing to talk to you

about their questions or whatever

that’s one of the benefits as we iron

sharpens iron we just get better yeah

and uh yeah it’s a huge part of our life

and so it happens in community let’s

just go there super quick but sometimes

with the with apostolic ministry people

are like well who are you responsible to

you know at that point sure and i know

that there are uh men and women who

speak into your life and and address uh

things uh when they’re did you mean to

say this bill you’ve already talked

about some uh friends that are scholars

who will jump in yeah um i’ve had so you

give me permission as somebody who works

for you i’ve come in and said hey did

you mean to

communicate this and so

partly the apostles um anybody who’s

functioning as an in an apostolic role

is is

is as how do i say they’re kind of

submitted to the community and ideally

other apostolic

leaders as well is that is that your

experience yeah

you have to be yeah if

if you become an island

you know if you’re unapproachable then

you’re prone to air you you will

you will left alone you will create

something that’s not right it’s not

accurate it’s not true i live that with

my my family they’re growing up

i encourage my children my wife you know

i tell my wife say honey you know when i

have an attitude starting to form and

you can help me catch it before there’s

bad conduct you know all i want to do is

please god yeah i’m inviting you please

please say honey you you raised your

voice here and when you’re talking to

the kids and you shouldn’t have done

that and i invite her and so that’s

that’s honestly that’s how we’ve done

life for as long as i can remember since

uh i was first married that’s that’s

approach and it carries over into church

life we want to have those honest

conversations i don’t want dishonor

you know i don’t want my kids you know

doing this i don’t want you know you or

anyone else uh doing the disrespect

thing i can’t control that but that’s

not what i’m looking for yeah but i am

looking for community absolutely i’m

looking for honest conversation because

we’re we’ve got to live this life

together none of us get to do this by

ourselves we’ve got to i’ve got to learn

from who you are and benefit from it and

of course vice versa