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if you have your Bible I’d like for you

to open it with me and I want to go for

a few moments to the book of first John

chapter 2 and just a real simple message

tonight but I wanted to get in our

hearts when we’re talking about being

made form or made for a purpose God’s

hand is on us all and I want you to see

in first John chapter 2 and verse 14 and

he found in the temple those who sold

oxen sheep doves and the money changers

doing business when he had made a whip

of cords he drove them all out of the

temple with the sheep and the oxen and

poured out the changers money and over

turned the tables and he said to those

who sold the doves take these things

away do not make my father’s house of

merchandise then his disciples

remembered that it was written the zeal

for your house has eaten me the zeal for

your house has eaten me up and as we

talked about when you’re talking about

made for more I think one of the keys to

understand and why we’re here is to

vitally connect your life to the church

the local church is not something that

you can be passive about and discover

the purpose of God the local church that

you call your home in your church Jacob

put it like this when he found Bethel

which means house of God where he saw

the vision of angels ascending and

descending he said I have found speaking

of the house of God for his life he said

I have found the gate of heaven meaning

everything and most of the things not

everything but most of the things that

God will send down from heaven as he saw

the angels descending and angels

ascending much of the things that God

will do in my life will be will come

through the gate of heaven which is the

local church literally God said oh Jesus


build my church and the gates of Hell

will not prevail against it he was

saying if you attach yourself to the

kingdom of God and specifically to the

local church your life will prosper your

finances will prosper your joy will

prosper you’ll find your purpose you’ll

find God will use you for four reasons

beyond just here and now and it’s sad

that so many people just maintain they

just bump along they just bump along you

know in life they they they survive

until they die

serving God and especially serving him

through the local church is a vital part

of being a Christian and that’s why

Jesus said and they quoted the scripture

the zeal for God’s house has eaten him

up the word zeal means a passion the

passion for God’s house has eaten him up

Jesus was a passionate man you know we

see these pictures in art especially

historical art and and they they have

Jesus and you know he looks like a real

laid-back kind of hippie with a nap

snack type you know looks like he just

smoked a joint or something you know and

just real laid-back and and all the

pictures he’s just that he’s never

there’s no intensity there’s no there’s

no passion there’s no it’s just a you

know he’s just laid-back and he’s he’s

you know just calm and gentle and quiet

and sweet but that’s not the Jesus that

you read about in the Bible he was

passionate the Bible said he prayed with

many tears he cast out devils that

doesn’t sound like a laid-back life that

has no passion or zeal he confronted

Pharisees to their face and called them

snakes and vipers that doesn’t sound

like a Wallflower or a hippie you know

that’s just walking around in sandals

and roads saying peace everybody peace

Jesus was a man of passion in in the

text that I read he made a will did you

catch that he made a will it wasn’t that

he lost his temper when he saw him doing

business in the house and all of that

the the temple it wasn’t that it was a

momentary Jesus got out of control and

lost his temper uh-huh he made he this

was delivered

he went off got some leather put it all


he was the zeal the passion for the

house of the Lord things weren’t right

in there and it took how many of you

know it would take you a while to cut

the leather and all that and he he had

it ready he had probably practiced it

because when he went back into the

temple I read one time where they said

there would have been at least 200

people 200 temple guards I should say

200 temple guards and he ran all of them

out he ran the priest out he ran this

was not some man who just kind of was

laid-back about the house of God

he had a zeal and a passion for the

house of God and went in with that will

sweet Jesus had zeal and passion and

when we say I want to be like Jesus what

do you mean you want to be like Jesus

because one of the greatest passions and

zeals in Jesus life was for the church

we need to connect our lives to some

people think that they’re so spiritual

that they just need to float around and

they just follow after the spirit but

you need to be connected vitally to the

house of God because there’s something

there for you that is powerful that

nothing else in the world can offer you

it’s the truth

if you barely show up and you’re usually

late you know and just kind of lay back

hit skip and miss and your attendance

and your fire for the house of God zeal

for the house of God the word passion

means a focused energy what you focus

your energy on a lot of people get

passionate about football to get


about work they get passionate about

motorcycles they get passionate about

cars and hunting and hobbies and I’m not

against any of that we all ought to have

a balanced life but we better we better

understand that we don’t ever get to the

place that we lose our passion for the

house of God passion is a desire a

willingness to give yourself wholly a

willingness listen to this passion is a

willingness to go the extra mile when I

see the real Jesus I do not see boring I

do not see nerdy I do not see uneventful

when I see the real Jesus I see a man of

zeal I see a man of passion I see a guy

who turned the world upside down

I see a guy who had a vision to touch

the world and touch every city that he

walked into I see a guy who was not a

religious mouse and I can follow that

guy I can follow a guy like that I can’t

follow Jesus in sandals who walks around

and sits around campfires all day but I

can follow someone who has a vision to

change the world if you want to be like

Jesus the first thing that he had was

passion for God’s house listen to the

scripture Ephesians 1 in verse 22 the

church which is his body the church

which is his body the church is not

optional as many people view it Matthew

16 again I’ll build my church and the

gates of Hell will not prevail against

it do you hear the Passion of Jesus

Jesus looked at the devil and said bring

it bring everything you’ve got I’ll

build my church and the gates of the

Hell will not prevail against my church

take your best shot how you treat God’s

house is how he will treat your house

Malachi 3 said that if you bring the

tithes and offering into the storehouse

for food in the house that he would open

the windows of heaven and bless your

house he’ll build your house if you help

build his house it really is not a

gimmick it really does work that if you

pour and give yourself not just in money

but in in was laboring and doing what

you can do for the kingdom of God God

says I’ll build your house if you build

my house you know it’s not okay to talk

negative about the church love the Lord

I really love the Lord but I’m not

excited about the church you ever met

those kind of people I don’t go to

church anywhere I tell you it’s just a

bunch of hypocrites pretty much all they

want is your money and

ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba you you are a

cop-out it’s what you are Jesus was the

head and he said the church is his body

what if you went to your wife and you

said honey I really love your head but I

don’t like your body at all


that’s what you’re saying when you say I

love Jesus I just don’t need his body

the body is the church


somes 92 and verse 13 those who are

planted in the house listen to those

words those who are planted in the house

of the Lord shall one flourish in the

courts of our God look at the next verse

they shall still bear fruit in old age

they shall be listen to these words if

you’re planted in the house of God if

your family is planted in the house of

God if your marriage is planted in the

house of God if your teenagers are

planted in the house of God they shall

be fresh and flourishing families lives

marriages businesses if they’re planted

in the house of God dreams they will

they will be fresh and they will

flourish it’s so true I’m telling it mom

thank you for planning us in the house

of God you and dad planted us in the

house of God and our lives have been so

enriched and blessed because of God’s

house our whole world growing up rotated

around what’s going on at the church

churches if you’re if you’re planning

chizz not optional for you if you’re

planted you don’t just give God your

leftovers if you’re planted you you have

intimate relationships with other

believers so that so that you’re

encouraging one another and you’re

strengthening one another and you’re

checking up on one another and you’re

praying for one another and you’re

burying one another’s burdens and you’re

talking to one another on the phone and

something is missing if all you do is

show up and hear sermons that you were

made for more than that if you don’t

serve somewhere in in in the church and

meaning somehow doing something for the

Kingdom even if it’s the Ministry of

giving or whatever it is then you’re not

planted if you’re not sure it was the

pastor that you were just talking to at

the mall you’re probably not planted if

your kids come to church more than you

do if you love your dog your house your

harley-davidson or your condo at the

beach more than you love God’s house you

probably not that you can’t have all of

that god bless you but his house the

zeal for his house has eaten me up the

second thing that Jesus had was not only

a passion for God’s house but he had

when we’re talking about being made for

more you get a passion for God’s house

this is another big deal he had a

passion for excellence we need a passion

for excellence as the people of God I

really like this point because I wrote

it everything he said was planned and

purposed he he he had a passion for

excellence Jesus had a passion for

excellence this why Psalms 8 and verse 1

says O Lord our Lord how excellent is

your name I love I love anything that’s

done with excellence I appreciate it you

know I was thinking about this even

Jesus his clothes were excellent

he was just an excellent guy rather than

throw his clothes away after he was


they started gambling for his clothes

cause his clothes were so sharp when you

die well anybody want your clothes

I’m just asking I don’t know we get so

sloppy we get so slack be excellent cut

your grass keep you don’t let your house

be the one that has the the car on

cinder box in the front and you and a

maid for more bumper sticker on it no

thank you


thank you Ephesians 5 says see that you

walk circumspectly not as fools don’t

big drunks lazy spaced out when I talk

about being made for more I’m talking

about living a life of excellence you’re

excellent we need to teach that to our

kids be excellent be leaders be strong

be winners do your homework get be

excellent in school be excellent in

education be excellent in sports be

excellent let’s preach excellence to our

families let’s say we were made for more

than average we were made for more than

getting by we were made for more than

just being like everybody else so what

if everybody else is partying and all

the other teenagers are getting high and

getting drunk well first of all they’re

not because God still has some who have

this thing on them that that they have a

realization of purpose listen they have

a realization of purpose that says I was

born for more than that stuff I was born

for the king and for his purpose and his

plan in my life and that is beneath the

place to which I have been called


excellence live purposely accurately

worthy live purposefully do not be vague

do not be thoughtless have an excellence

in your work the Bible said if it’s

expected for you to go a mile than go an

extra mile be excellent understand what

the will of the Lord is don’t be vague

you can know it and when you know it do

it with all of your heart whatever field

you’re in do it with all of your heart

let’s get a passion for excellence a

passion for God’s house here’s the deal

here’s why I’m saying all this when you

get a passionate about excellence for

God and for his house if you don’t the

opposite of that is boring and when life

is boring when you’re just kind of doing

that slow drift floating long

dead fish down the river the devil it

will set you up for sin because you were

not designed and made to be to live a

boring life you look in the Bible when

people messed up is when they got bored

they lost their passion for God’s house

they lost their passion for living an

excellent life unto the king the devil

will set you up for sin when humans get

bored our spirit and our soul are not

happy when we get bored our spirit and

our soul are not happy and you’re not

wired just to survive none of you in

this room are wired just to survive you

were made for more the next thing you

know if you don’t find that passionate

thing about God I’m talking about a

passion for excellence a passion for his

house and the last thing I’m saying is a

passion for God if you don’t get that

passion right then you get bored

spiritually you get bored with your life

you get bored with your relationships

you get bored with your marriage and the

Bible said when the Kings went to war

David stayed home and he was bored and

he’s watching ESPN on football Monday

night and he flips over in between and

there’s some pornography on his TV and

he sees Bathsheba because he should have

been out with some passion fighting the

good fight of faith that he was the

kings had gone to war but he had a

civilian spirit they said I’m just laid

back and when you get bored the enemy is

setting you up for sin some of you the

life that God brought let’s just be on

all of us the life that Jesus saved us

from we can’t afford to get bored we

need to stay on fire we need zeal we

need that we need the passion to be

burning in our soul for Jesus because if

knowing you and your past if you get

bored stir up the gift that is within

you stir it up and keep it stirred up

one translation said poke the fire

turn to somebody and say don’t let your

life get boring tell them this you can’t

afford not to live with passion and I

close with this but listen you know I’m

not here to make you feel good I’m here

to challenge you and stretch you and

tell you you were made for more come on

it’s time to stir yourself up how about

your marriage moving right along

revelation chapter 3 I know what I’m

gonna preach real soon I felt that

revelation 3 and verse 15 I know your

works listen to this listen to God now

you think they’re sitting a big deal

when I’m preaching with zeal and passion

listen to what he said I know your works

you’re doing stuff but you’re neither

cold nor hot and I wish you were cold or

hot so then because you’re lukewarm

neither cold nor hot listen this sweet

word of Jesus I will vomit you my mouth

Jesus does not want a bunch of people

coming to doing Church on the weak

WEA K weekends jesus said if you are if

you are lukewarm if you are milquetoast

if you are just kind of in it but you’re

not really in it I would that you were

out or you were red-hot on fire in but

don’t bring me this lukewarm passionless

Christianity it makes me listen to the

kind of it makes me sick in other words

you you won’t be in my mouth and the

mouth that’s where the word of the Lord

comes from you lose the word of Lord

every every letter that was written in

the book of Revelation to the church off

to the church off so if you’re not

connected to the church you lose the


stay connected to the church because God

has a word for your family and I’m

telling you especially and unknown in

church like this I’m not just say I

would come to this church if I were not

pastor that’s the truth if I lived in

Gainesville this is where I would come

to church because somebody you can come

in and this happened to me you come in

with stuff going on and if you are

connected to the church there would be a

word for that church and it’s funny how

it just filters down right into your

life and into your family and into

everything that’s going on it’s pretty


so I’ll close with this but he said you

know I know your works I wish you were

cold or hot but you won those mediocre

guys no passion God says I put a mirror

under your nose just to check if you’re

breathing and because you’re lukewarm I

will vomit you out of my mouth I have no

word for you because you’re half-hearted

about life and that’s something don’t

even be that way about life man this is

the day the Lord is made we can get all

down and depressed and live in fear and

worry or we get up every day and say I’m

gonna live with passion today this might

be my last day and I might as well enjoy

it and the mines will give it all I’ve

got with excellence passion for God a

passion for God’s house a passion for

excellence you were made for more and if

you’ll get those passions God will raise

you up and give you a life and give you

a purpose and give you his plan and it’s

good and it’s exciting and it’s

challenging and it’s powerful and it’s

never too late even now if you’re still

alive that means he has a plan for the

rest of your life

and you can live it at mediocre or you

can live it with passion and say God

whatever days I’ve got whatever you got

ahead of me I just believe that what you

have put in me and what you have for me

is greater than any tasks that that

face and if I’ll have passion for you

for your house and for excellence God

will bless you in astounding ways thank

you so much for joining us today and I

want to pray with you

Lord Jesus I pray for my friends that

are watching this telecast today I pray

for those who are sick that you would

heal them Lord I know you’re a healer we

proclaim you Jesus Christ the same

yesterday today and forever so touch

those who suffer and touch those who

need a miracle in their home touch those

who need a miracle with her family Lord

saved children sons and daughters and

grandchildren move in circumstances and

families that only you can heal stretch

forth your hand today and touch the

people maybe you’re watching this

program right now and you’ve heard the

message today and you don’t know Jesus

as your Savior ask him in right now say

these words say Lord Jesus I’ll give you

my life I believe you died and rose

again for me and today I receive you as

my savior in jesus name amen and amen

and one of the greatest things you can

do is tell somebody I really believe if

he got saved you got to tell somebody

and you need to tell some money that’s

why you can pick up the phone or you can

call a relative or tell somebody I was

watching Kingdom Connection we love to

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things that’ll be a blessing to your

life we just want to sew it into your

life and I know that God has a great

plan for your life thank you so much for

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for us keep helping us get the message

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about that we need your help and we’re

gonna do more we’re gonna reach more

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right now will you be one of those

people pray about that I believe God

will speak to you thank you so much for

watching this program we’ll see you next

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