Satan came into Mario Murillo’s room and began speaking to him. Then God came roaring with words that Mario will never forget. Watch to find out what God said to Mario!

and the devil began to snarl I could

feel him these statements I will grind

them to powder I will destroy them I

will I will completely manipulate them I

will turn them into evil I will chew

them up spit him out and put him in the

nameless grave they won’t have no hope I

kept saying I will I will and then said

the Gloria God filled my room and I

heard God roar


raised in an unchristian home and 15 a

friend of his challenges him to go to

his church why in the world you even go

well especially when you consider the

high school I went to is ripped by

racial violence we were torn in half and

not half half the time we never even had

lunches on campus because of the

violence and so he knew that I was

wanting to be a Marxist and I was making

hateful comments about the church and

one day he came up to my friend and he

said I dare you to go to church here

you’re saying all these things you have

nothing to back it up go to church and

that’s not happening and what happened

at church well I walked in and first of

all I predicted to him there’ll be a

scattering of elderly people near the

front no youth there and I’ll walk in

and that’s it’ll look like and that is

exactly what it looked like except for

one notable exception which was a team

from Teen Challenge in New York just

happened to be there happen to be doing

a presentation and they I heard someone

say that they were a life long heroin

addict they were delivered by the power

of God and baptized in the spirit that

was all science fiction in my

neighborhood and then all of a sudden I

heard a voice say I want you to preach

the gospel here’s the problem with that

I never heard the word gospel in my life

my goodness so I was hearing a word that

I had to ask somebody about afterwards

and then what happened is the my leg’s

wanted to get saved but the upper body

did it

so this so I’m grabbing the top of the

Pew keeping my legs at bay holding them

anchoring them to the back and finally

the Lord won and I was dramatically

converted and within the next two weeks

I had 114 of my classmates in high

school to Christ and you don’t even know

what the Jesus Movement you’re out at

Berkeley and you’re working real hard

and you’re a leader of a student

outreach but things got too too tough

and you you wanted out all of a sudden

you get a phone call yeah see our

ministry won thousands of students at

Berkeley that was a shock this

university didn’t expect it we didn’t

expect it it never happened before we

had converts from the who were atheist

Jews from the both School of Law we had

radical Islamic and radicals Black

Panthers people from cults all saved ten

years after that for 10 years we saw the

glory of God

I’ve a kated it all some suddenly it was

like in all of the presence everything

left and it made me so angry that I I

told God I quit I even wrote a note

saying you know a resignation letter

said I quit God I said dear God I quit

sign Mario Murillo and the Lord said

before you quit go upstairs and pray so

I said okay I’m not gonna do that

because I know how you work you know if

I go up there and pray you’re gonna give

me a fresh mandate and then I’m gonna be

a prisoner of hope again and my hope to

hometown in San Francisco so I go

upstairs and I pray and the Lord says I

am going to pour out my spirit on San

Francisco California and the whole world

will look and Wonder and be astounded

well I got so mad when I heard that that

I threw furniture across the room really

did that I did that I bounced it off the

wall and I’m sitting there and I’m going

that is the most outrageously cruel

promise that any human being has ever

been given and I said and I will not

carry this not for a nanosecond unless

you confirm it now and when the word now

came out of my mouth the phone started

ringing so I didn’t answer the phone

because I knew Jesus was on the phone

you don’t have to do that and I was half

right because the individual on the

phone was Jewish and when I picked it up

it was the voice said Baris it’s Mario

Marilla I said yes he said I’m Bob Dylan

and I knew Bob’s voice I mean I do his

voice he has a voice like nobody else

and I thought it was my assistant who

did impersonations so I said Alan this

is not a good time and Bob goes I don’t

know who Alan is but this is Bob Dylan

you have just been saved and the reason

I’m calling you is because you stood at

melody land in 1974 and publicly stated

that I was going to be born again and

now here I am and he said I need a man

of God who’s a wild man to pray at my

concert because my fans are gonna go

nuts when they find out I’m a Christian

I found out them so we talked for a

while he gave me two backstage passes

told me where the concert was and we

were about to hang up and he says by the

way did God tell you he was gonna pour

out his spirit on San Francisco

and I’m like


I can’t even breathe that ended up where

we miraculously rented the 16 thousand

seat Cal Palace arena that had not been

filled for a Christian event since 1958

and the Lord gave us 14 thousand people

in that arena area to study the American

youth then he was visited by the devil

and the devil said I will kill them back

in a moment hello youtube mishpocha

misspoke has a Hebrew word it means

family this is Sid Roth welcome to my

world where it’s naturally supernatural

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what did you find out you know when I

was asked to study the youth I had been

through the 60s and the Jesus Movement

but I couldn’t believe the information

that’s available on our children and

what’s being fed to them how they’re in

despair how the Americans suicide rate

is off the chart and it got so ugly that

I realized that the playing field had

been leveled I used to think they were

bad neighborhoods a good neighborhoods

but the internet made it all possible

for the same demons that hid the child

in the ghetto to hit the child in the

mansion and when I found that out it was

late one night about 2:00 in the morning

and I’d researched all this stuff and

all of a sudden

room got ugly in like a stench and

evidently something that I was embarking

on was now a existential threat to evil

and the devil began to snarl I could

feel him these statements I will grind

them to powder I will destroy them I

will I will completely manipulate them I

will turn them into evil I will chew

them up spit him out and put him in the

nameless grave they won’t have no hope I

kept saying I will I will and then said

the Gloria God filled my room and I

heard God roar but I will pour out my

spirit on their made such a point of

wanting to kill the youth the youth will

be the devil’s greatest nightmare mother

that’s right

thank God showed you about a nice

national awakening yes and I’m not a

California person I’m an East Coast /

yes sir and there’s something called

highway 99 runs right through that’s all

with that highway 99 has many cities it

runs from Red Bluff California down to

LaValle Road in Arvind California’s 40

miles south of Bakersfield I was

preaching in Stockton and after the

morning service I took a nap and

suddenly I was in a dream the kind of

dream that I warned people to be careful

about so I suddenly find myself

suspended above the state of California

and with one glance I was able to see

from Red Bluff down to La Valle Road

which is several hundred miles and

suddenly this highway which by the way

in five years ago the top 10 worst

cities in America five of them were

along that highway and they have drugs

and homelessness there’s one city I’m

not going to name

they have 12,000 homeless people per

capita more homeless than anywhere else

entire vast neighborhoods in along the

99 have been devastated by not only

drugs and gangs but the the Mexican

Mafia has it’s only real footprint in

America along that place so I’m staring

at the highway turns into a river and it

became a river and I see trees popping

and he said these trees represent leaves

of healing is going to be thousands

saved along this Highway I was

miraculously given a tent five years

later and completely forgot the dream

I’d mention it once in a while told the

people that lived in Stockton about it

but one night the Lord said I gave you

this tent and a thousand chairs you take

it from the top of 99 to the bottom

and you will see it’ll become a corridor

of the glory of God the upper-class

areas he you are going from what I

understand in the most crime-infested

gang controlled drug infested areas

prostitution is affected areas

imaginable I’m gonna take you to

paradise yes sir tell me what happened

there paradise California was like

Dresden in Germany when it was carpet

bombed by the Americans there was

nothing left 24,000 buildings were

destroyed in Paradise California it was

nothing left the water you couldn’t

drink it the grid was gone first

American city that we could say was

entirely destroyed by fire not even San

Francisco could say that 1906 and the

Lord said go to paradise California and

I said there’s no one there he said go

and I’m thinking to myself going in that

88 people died in that fire and most of

their relatives are going to be under

this tent I’m gonna be preaching to

people whose parents and loved ones

wives husbands died in a fire and said

the power of God came and the comfort of

the Lord it was it was amazing and the

Lord said this is just the beginning of

what you’re going to see from there we

we had a tent meeting actually before

paradise in Marysville with the the v 3o

Events Center there with Jim carpenter

and Christine and we had young kids

who’d shave their heads and tattooed

Hitler on the side of their there there

it said Hitler and a swastika on one

side there at the altar

they’re the ones that God told me about

the devil said I’m gonna destroy them

here they are down on the ground

spread-eagle sobbing to be born again he

will reveal your purpose when we return

and it’s different than what you think


you have to tell us about Joe in fresh

snow okay young man 19 years of age

introduced to heroin by his parents he’s

going to a pizza parlor because one of

the only things he can do as an addict

so he’s gonna work there and and he

drives on highway 99 the river the

corridor glory there is our tent right

alongside the highway and a voice says

to him get in that tent he pulls off to

call his boss say I can’t come to work

today I got to get in this tent boss

says you don’t show up you’d be fired he

said well I guess I’m fired cuz I’m

going in that tent so he got there about

4:30 and we we had to start early

because the tent filled up so I walk out

and I keep looking at this young man and

and just like that the Holy Spirit

downloaded cirrhosis of the liver

failing kidneys heroin addiction he’s

not saved so I woke up to Joe front of

all the people I said young man stand up

I said you’re addicted to heroin aren’t

you and he nods his head very humble and

they said you have kidney failure in

your liver you have hepatitis C and

he acknowledged all of it and the Lord

healed him and he knew he was healed so

then I I put my hand on his shoulder and

I said Joe repeat after me says the

sinner’s prayer and he’s born again so I

turn around the demon came out of him

his body was healed and he saved so I’m

gonna do a victory dance the Lord said

you’re not done yet so I turn around and

I said Joe I know what I’m about to tell

you makes zero sense to you but put your

hand on your stomach because out of your

belly something’s gonna fall and you’re

gonna hear a phrase in your ear that is

a language you don’t understand all I’m

gonna ask you to do is focus on Christ

and repeat that phrase you hear in your

ear so put his hands on his stomach

through his head back and this heavenly

language started coming out of him and

I’m no dummy so I took the mic I put it

right down by his mouth and I told the

soundman to turn it up and that language

of Prayer filled that whole tent and

shifted the entire atmosphere of the

place well that is not the Stu end of

the story we just have a wonderful work

with a guy named Frank Saldana out of

Stockton called inner-city action an

inner-city action is so powerful and

would they set up our tent they send

workers and they have a place for the

homeless and they train people so Joe

leaves comes back the next day when the

tent was being taken down because that

night was the last night he sits there

and he says to Jesus if I’m asked to

leave my city and join this team I’m

gonna do it and so Frank Saldana walks

up to him and says son would you like to

come with us and be trained as a

Christian worker

and then and then four months later we

happen to be there my wife and I and Joe

comes running up gives us the biggest

hug he said I’m going with Jesus all the

way and you know what we’re gonna get a

million more no more than agree I know

you’re gonna do that tell me about what

is our purpose and what is our

assignment you know you look at Joe what

was he he was a junkie on his way to

work now today it’s a universe of

difference that’s what everyone if I

could just look at the camera for a

moment and tell you that’s the way it is

for you you have no idea who you really

are and God wants to give you a purpose

and one of the ways that I found out you

know I began to write and give people

insights it took me 50 years to get to

about how we are living in an hour when

God is creating a new breed of Christian

he’s not changing Christianity what he’s

changing is our perception that we go to

church and listen to someone else you be

used of God we are now a signs and

wonders army and there is


there’s a scripture for our purpose what

is that scripture oh my goodness it’s

first John 3:8 where it says for this

purpose was the son of God revealed that

he might destroy the works of the devil

you see I believe the church today has

lost its excitement where it has lost it

is because it is giving the people

inferior reasons to serve God

serve God so that you can be happy I

mean give me a massive break serve God

so that you can know who you are I

really you know I’ve tried to figure out

who Mario is and I’m not impressed with

that that can be a real you know

cul-de-sac but when when it comes to

thinking that I can lay hands on the

sick that I can take a suicidal teenager

and deliver them that is it and what am

i I’m an extension of Christ’s purpose

first and foremost I’m on the earth to

destroy the works of the devil and

that’s what you are you’re a destroyer

of the works of the devil

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call or write today I don’t know where

to begin but let’s begin with warren

rogers okay my wife first of all we were

in baltimore we were doing a meeting in

a large church there and he was

announced as a healing service and that

afternoon my wife was attacked in her

hip and spine and it was so vicious and

out of the blue that i knew it was a

devil so i prayed for and i thought if i

gonna need to take my wife to emergency

well i didn’t she said i’m gonna be fine

you need to go pray and I went into a

wooded area near the hotel and I cried

out to God on behalf of my wife and I

said God hey you got to heal my wife I’m

not gonna walk into a pulpit and help

the sick if my own wife is battling

illness so she was healed while I was


came back she was healed so I’m waiting

for her downstairs and she’s she’s

getting dressed and we’re waiting for a

ride so I waited in the hotel lobby to

just quiet my spirit for a while and I

saw a vision you know I hear people talk

about visions all the time like they’re

these beautiful wonderful clouds and

celestial angels and I’m I’m watching a

horror movie there’s a man in the back

of a panel truck I could see the

diamond-plated pattern of the floor and

he’s on the ground being beaten to death

by two men

the most violent thing I’ve ever seen I

see where one of them tried to stab him

after the gun misfired then they they

stabbed him and he had a large birthmark

and it cut it open and it was like an

artery they danced on his legs broke his

arms broke his leg I hate to say these

horrible things but I was just nauseated

and when it dissipated the Lord said

that man will be in your service tonight

and before you do anything you will call

him out well he had been in Johns

Hopkins University

they had operated on him and they had

told him a few days before this that

they tried to find a live nerve and he

was in a body brace his neck his arms

his legs and they told him the next

thing we’re going to do is fuse your

knee joints so you’ll be a slap Walker

he was very suicidal so he came to the

church he’s sitting in the back and

pastor Baldwin who passed through the

how did this happen to him the robbery

yeah okay robbery they they absolutely

wrecked his body and you actually saw I

saw it it I saw it and the Holy Spirit

said describe it as you saw it now this

pastor had never had me speak for him

before and there were two thousand

people in the building and when I got up

I said I want to thank pastor Baldwin I

want to thank God for being here today

and I said there’s a man who was robbed

in a delivery truck and he shouted in

the back Warren Rogers he shouted it’s

me and I said and you were beaten and

you were stabbed and they tried to shoot

you and he just dismantled all of this

metal framework put him beside him stood

up ran to the front fell on the altar

gave his life to God



he was Catholic believing in miracles

but now he had met Christ personally

someone recorded it and he had a little

recorder and he took it first to his

psychiatrist that he was assigned by the

state Oh No he puts it on the desk and

he presses play and he says doc don’t

say a word

listen and of course he’s not wearing

his body brace so the psychiatrist knows

something is not right here so he pushes

it and the whole story is told and then

he says you need to receive Jesus and

the psychiatrist is born again then the

second one was his medical doctor the

head of the staff that no he’s not

feeling any pain or nothing but after

taking all these braces off and

everything his legs arms work perfectly

his lungs and breathing and heart all of

it was restored yes so now he plays the

tape and his medical doctor gets saved

the last one is Li Li is his Jewish

attorney and Li has made a hundred and

fifty thousand dollar fee by getting a

settlement of nearly half a million for

this man’s injuries

wait he’s all healed he’s all healed

there’s a problem so this so he sits

there and and this is the part of the

story that’s astounding he sits there

and plays the tape and this this man

begins to weep and Warren looks at him

and says Li you’re meeting your Messiah

right now aren’t you

and he’s he receives the Lord and then

says we have to return the money to the

court because you’re not disabled and

Warren says you’re absolutely right so

they get a court appointment to get it

into the court records in Baltimore than

a miracle had taken place did Warren

play the tape at the hearing well he did

give his testimony on the 700 club the

Pentecostal Evangel printed his story

and for an amazing amazing man who went

around preaching the gospel everywhere

he could healed by the power of God I’m

not a seer but if I was this here based

on what I feel the presence of God is

all over this studio right now and that

means anything and every everything is

possible I need you to pray the first

thing I’m gonna ask from the Lord is

that anyone listening now that needs to

be born again will be violently set free

by the power and the convicting force of

God the day of dramatic conversion is

not over the day of roads to Damascus

with blazing light is not over let your

spirit and your life flood souls and

hearts and if you can hear me just say

this after me say Lord Jesus Lord Jesus

the miracle you did in their bodies a

miracle you did in their body you can do

in my soul you can do in my soul wash

away all my sins

wash away all my sins when you died on

the cross when you died on the cross you

prove that you love me you prove that

you love when you rose again when you

rose again you prove that you could

change me you prove that you could

change changed me now change me now and

I will serve you every day of my life

and I will serve you every day of mine

and I confess that I’m a born again

child of God and I confess that I’m a

born again child of a man amen

hey man


father you said you give your Holy

Spirit to those who obey you let your

Holy Spirit come upon believers that

they may be empowered to witness and

destroy the works of the devil that they

will be empowered by the Holy Spirit

with a prayer language so that they can

pray the words that they can never find

in their native tongue through the

supernatural power of God and finally

Lord by your stripes we are healed and I

feel that the anointing that’s going out

of this studio right now is so real so

real that they’re going to be reports of

people that got up and walked in front

of their screen somewhere in the world

even in the Middle East and Lord that

power will flow like a river the way

we’re watching it flow along the 99 in

California it will flow out to the world

according to Ezekiel 47 that wherever

that river flowed whatever lived and

moved would be healed but cancer even

the AIDS virus paralysis blindness an

innumerable list of diseases none of

which are outside of your realm of power

and Lord their cancer is under your

jurisdiction disease is under your power

and let us know that we know that Christ

is healed the sick in the mighty name of

Jesus I pray amen

there’s one more prayer I’d wants you to

pray for our people and I’m getting in

on it you do not have natural compassion

you have supernatural compassion you

have the compassion of Jesus that

radiates out of every cell in your body

I want that if you want that Mario’s

gonna pray for you right now

well I tell you that’s a scary request

well now you know what happens when you

come here Lord we need you to give us

the greatest gift of all the gift of

love to love as you love and to be moved

Lord to literally lose the power to walk

by human suffering unaffected and Lord

to be set free beautifully set free from

a self-centered life and to walk Oh God

and shed the tears you shed for people

we know Lord that if we have compassion

that you trust those who love with the

greatest miracles of all your biggest

healings happen through ministries who

have the most love it is not arrogance

it’s not bragging it’s not our

self-confidence that does it

it is the compassion of Christ and we

want to have it because nowhere and no

way will we ever be more like you than

when we love the hurting the way you

love them in the name of Jesus amen

man you know Mario as you were sharing

that I got a picture of a word of

knowledge yes in the throat area I don’t

know what it is but it could be a tumor

could be assist in your thyroid even I

it could be a cancer but in your throat

area you are being healed whatever you

need in that area and now that great

anointing of healing and miracles which

is here right now is going right down

back your spine and if you bend over

right now studio honest you have a

backache stand up and bend over a few at

home you have a backache and our neck a

case in the neck right now you just move

your head you’ll sit and your fingers or

arthritic conditions and your fingers no

more no more in Jesus name Mario

anything else what I just feel that

everything you said is absolutely right

I think that there are many watching

right now that the Spirit of God is

taking away their fear because the

doctor has told you you have a

malignancy and you need to put your hand

over your heart and you need to declare

with us right now that God is burning

that tumor out of your body

and that this ministry of it’s

supernatural is Sid Roth we’ll have a

spike in reports of healings from around

the world the Lord that you’ll begin to

heal 24 hours a day and in the name of

Jesus release people Lord in your mighty

name I pray amen

and man glory to God

the Lord has already blessed you yes the

Lord has already smiled upon him the

Lord has already healed you the Lord has

already surrounded you with his

supernatural favor the Lord has already

given you his compassion the Lord has

already given you his joy the Lord has

already given you his Shalom his peace

in the name of the SAR Shalom the Prince

of Peace Yeshua HaMashiach ce que no