Lift up your head and walk tall today because Jesus has borne all your shame! In this heart-warming message by Joseph Prince, see why you no longer need to live a life of shame, reproach, and dishonor for your failures, all because Jesus was spat in the face, mocked, and beaten for you. See the humiliation your Savior endured to give you double honor for your shame, and be set free from a life of condemnation and defeat. Break free of any addiction or bondage and walk in boldness for the Lord as you simply receive His gifts of righteousness and no condemnation.


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excerpt from Joseph Prince calm so Jesus

says no one has no one takes my life

from me okay we use the wooden Jesus was

murdered but no one takes his life from

him they had many chances he just walked

through their midst they can’t even

stone him that’s power but the time came

for him to give his life as our sin

substitute when the soldiers came to

arrest him

brandishing their staves and swords and

Jesus asked the question would you no

home sticky that’s it we seek Jesus he

just said I am they all fell y’all fell

strong soldiers fell before him

and he waited for them to get up to

capture him I’m sure he did that you

have found me let the disciple my

disciples go cool it’s a manly man and

when they brought him they brought him

to and fro to Caiaphas house Caiaphas

the high priests Josephus tells us that

there were numerous high priests from

Aaron the original one all the way down

to Caiaphas and none of the the priests

ever taught their garment the God was

forbidden forbidden of high priests to

tear the the high priests garments it’s

in the book of Exodus I’ve taught on

that in my teaching on the garments of

the high priests but when Jesus stood in

front of him he says I assure you he was

very quiet Jesus was quiet he didn’t

want to say anything until the part

where he was commanded in the name of

God I adjure you by God since his father

is involved tell us are you the son of

the Most High

he looked up this is I am in a few other

Gospels he says you say I am you say

that I am is a strongest emphatic

statement what you say that I am

and the high priest did this he tore his

gum and that was in the movie I’m glad

that Mel kept there and he did something

forbidden you know why because the

Levitical the law priesthood came to an

end before the Melchizedek Priesthood

the priesthood of grace

the law protects due back you get the

curses ended in front of your face like

priests with one Melchizedek first met

Abraham his mouth is filled with nothing

but blessed be Abraham blessed be God

that’s the Melchizedek Priesthood he

tore his garments and I like the part

because a tear fell on Jesus’s face and

they started hitting this spitting him

spitting on his face and it’s prophesied

in Isaiah I kept my you know Isaiah 50

verse 6 I gave my back to those who

struck me and my chicks are those who

plucked up the beer they plucked out his

beer not just 1 2 3 all right those

people that hold it stop blocking oh his

beard I did not hide my face from shame

and spitting not just one guy’s spitting

all of them started spitting into his

face and one of the worst things that

can happen if for someone to speak at

you even towards your direction it’s bad

enough your legs very bad your body that

is major world war tree somebody spits

in your face

not just one of them all of them the son

of God

greater than the Angels greater than

Moses expects of God the same face that

Mary at times would just brush away from

the cherubic cheeks as she hold that

baby so close your eyes and sleep for

awhile morning will come so Slee as the

virgin things that lullaby that phase is

now spent on Shane

do you know why got a lot his son to

take spitting and shame so that you have

double honor it wasn’t his shame he had

notion I established that in him is no

sin he did no sin he knew no sin so

whose shame the he take oh it’s our

shame he paid for our shame as a 61

instead of your shame

you shall have double honor you got no


just normal honor but because those who

have shame because of what Jesus did

Jesus did more for you then therefore

you receive double portion double honor

hey listen listen David has 18 cents and

seven wives many sons one daughter 18

cents one dollar seven wives of all the

sons of all the wives who did God choose

the one the people whisper she’s the one

that he came the adultery with Bathsheba

that’s the one that’s the one this is

one two David why I think she got her

claws she was aiming to get him out for

that woman compared to other wives of

David she has double honor because of

all the 18 sons God chose her son

Solomon to become king

for your sake you shall double honor

those who don’t have shame normal honor

for you double honor and the double

honor be such that I’m telling you the

truth folks sometimes I look at people

that I know about their past and all

that but I cannot remember anymore I

know they did something alright because

the glory that God have put on them the

favor and all that is so overwhelming it

swallows up whatever happened the past


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Joseph Prince calm


in the team of the year this what God

said to me is gonna be the year of

greater glory and that’s what the Lord

impressed on me really strong as I was

preparing this to tell you all all right

all of you have glory all right but is a

year of manifested glory greater glory

means people and see the glory in your



thank God for pastor Prince I had four

loves of my breasts the doctor said it

was cancer Jesus help me I was

struggling with a lot of fear it was

really gripping me and I listened to

that sermon and it really it freed me it

released me of all of that bondage I

walk I have no brain damage I have no

memory loss I was

restored i’m literally pain-free today

all have sinned and 50 that the glory

which means become shot of the glory

with fall shock we are lacking of the

glory but Jesus came to give us back the

glory as the Jesus came to give us back

the glory


they actually come back and they paid me

for the 21 days that I was fired and I

was just like that’s much favor and

promote and promotion and I got a

promotion at the same time the Lord

elevated me out of that place I mean I

have a great job great benefits my kids

are doing well

theirs is tough so much better I became

free knowing that there was no

condemnation for me that Christ saved me

who saved me totally from the beginning

to the end I’m hopelessly saved and he’s

the year of greater glory Wow Wow

praise the Lord so when darkness comes

the Bible says his glory was seen upon

you the first result your family is

blessed the second result they will all

come all right they will all come to you

you hear that you are blessed this year

no man can reverse it