This is “Make Room for a Miracle.” The first thing we learn about the Holy Spirit in the Bible is that He’s always moving. The Spirit of the Lord is passing by us constantly, and it’s not enough to just sit there and observe. What causes Him to stop and take notice? What can we do to make room for our miracle? We need the presence of God in our life, and we must be willing to cry out for Him. Faith, desperation, praise and worship will attract Him and cause Him to stop and take notice of you. God will come into your life with power if you make room for Him.

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second Kings chapter four verse nine and

she said to her husband look now I know

that this is a holy man of God who

passes by us regularly who passes by us

the King James says constantly so in

reference to Elisha the prophet and how

that he through the power of God could

work mighty miracles incredible miracles

if you read about it he was the one that

had the double portion you remember

anointing and the woman said to her

husband I’ve noticed that that this the

power of God in this vessel is walking

by our house continually and then if you

read on she said let’s make a room let’s

add on a room I don’t want him just to

pass us by

I want to make room for the miraculous

in my life I want to make room for a

miracle in my family but notice that

every day on a regular basis constantly

Elisha who represents perhaps the Holy

Spirit the power of God is constantly

going by but that doesn’t mean just

because it’s passing by that it benefits

you until you make room no Bible said

when they added on a room and put a bed

and a candle on a table that the Prophet

turned in and he stayed and dwelt there

because they made room for a miracle in

Luke chapter 18 in verse 37 notice a

pattern blind Bartimaeus was told by

someone jesus is passing by seeing Luke

19 and 1 Jesus entered and passed

through he was passing through Jericho

in mark 6 and verse 40 there in the

storm there there the winds are raging

and the Bible said the disciples are in

the boat their tolling with and rowing

the wind was

very and Jesus came walking on the sea

listen to these words though this is

mind-boggling and would have passed them

by he would have passed them by

highlight those four verses those verses

that I just read and one says he’s

passing by one said he’s passing through

one says he would have passed them by

and then and the second king said that

he’s passing by continually on a regular

basis but it’s not enough to know that

the Spirit of God is here today because

he is where two or three are gathered in

his name he’s here but apparently

according to these scriptures is

possible for God to pass by and it not

benefit us if we don’t make room for his

presence the Bible opens by telling us

something about the Spirit of God the

Holy Spirit early in the book of Genesis

it says and the Spirit of God moved upon

the face of the waters

notice that the Spirit of God is moving

the Holy Spirit is always moving it’s

not a pool the Holy Spirit is not a pond

he’s not a swamp

he’s likened into the scriptures as a as

a river that’s constantly moving the

river is moving which means in that

River the power the provision the

promises of God are passing by and you

and I are supposed to get in contact

with that River you know what you’ll get

out of this service exactly what your

faith reaches out for because this

passing by it’s not an issue of whether

or not he’s here the question is will it

do you any good and we have the power to

stop the passing by to make him stand

still need does not obligate God to do a

miracle just because you have a need

if you just stand by or sit by and watch

the river pass by you can miss all of

God’s provision in God’s power what

makes him stand still what makes him not

pass us by

I believe it’s desperation I believe

there’s something about desperation that

will stop him from passing by some

people don’t understand our passion in a

church like this they don’t understand

people shouting in people clapping and

people praising but some of us

understand that it’s not just God as God

is gonna do whatever he wants to do I

know he’s sovereign I understand that

theology but the truth is there’s a

reason why every one of these occasions

he was just passing by passing through

would have passed them by us about his

plane as you can get but they all did

something they cried out in desperation

and Jesus changed what he was doing and

where he was going because somebody

access more than letting him pass by we

can through our desperation through our

faith what makes him stop it’s it’s our

faith it’s our honesty it’s getting real

with God it’s doing more than playing

Church it’s doing more than watching the

river but it’s getting in a place it’s a

big crowd people are everywhere but

somebody can stop Jesus from just

passing by and that’s why we worship you

call it

some people call this energy this isn’t

energy this is that this is the Holy

Ghost this is the power of the Holy


this is worship this is praise this is

calling on the name of Jesus because

we’re desperate to stop him from passing

us by there’s a little man in the Bible

by the name of Zacchaeus he sought to

see the Lord but was unsuccessful and

the Bible said he saw a tree he could

have let the crowd keep him

but he saw a tree and climbed up in the

tree because he was so short in stature

that he was afraid as Jesus was passing

by he wouldn’t see Jesus so he climbed

up in a tree

said we all have sinned and we have come

short of the glory of God so what I’m

saying to you is all of us are too small

to see him but I like this guy because

he had a problem he knew Jesus was

passing by he was too short he couldn’t

see him and so he said my answer is not

in me

my answer is in a tree the tree which

represents Calvary enlarged Zacchaeus

the tree caused him to see Jesus and

more importantly the tree made Jesus see

him and when you get in the tree called

Calvary Jesus sees you and then jesus

said come down out of the tree because

I’m going to your house today

he could have just passed by but when he

got in the tree Jesus said I’m not

passing by I’m going to your house and

I’m gonna bless your whole family and

I’m gonna change the future of your

family because you got in the tree if

you can get in Calvary’s tree he’ll go

home with you this morning

depression won’t go home with you defeat

won’t go home with you if you get in the

tree and say Lord it’s not in me I can’t

do anything but it’s in the tree my

answer is in the tree

Jesus will notice you blind bartimaeus

the Bible said was told Jesus is passing

by and he cried out with a loud voice

son of David have mercy on me and some

of the church junkies came to him and

said you need to calm down

and the Bible said he cried even louder

he cried the more with a loud voice

listen to that he cried louder in other

words he got a miracle for crying out

loud turn to your neighbor and say you

can get a miracle for crying out loud

don’t you minimize my praise don’t you

act like we’re emotionally shallow

because sometimes we feel a hallelujah

down in our soul and we blent been

through hell all week long and we just

raised our hands and we shout it out you

might be one hallelujah away from a

miracle because when he shouted the

Bible said he got a miracle everybody

take a praise break and lift your voice

and thank God for a tree and thank God

for mercy Jesus Jesus heard the cry for

mercy have mercy

Joshua under the Old Covenant made the

SU end the Sun the physical Sun in the

sky when he prayed your Bible said he’s

fighting a battle running out of

daylight and he looked in faith and said

son stand still su in stand still the

Bible said he stopped the wrote the

whole universe from rotating and

finished his battle but bond Bartimaeus

didn’t just make the SU n sand steel he

made the one who made the Sun stand

still he made the Son of God the Esso n

the son of David the son of Jesus Christ

God stand still oh my goodness

you mean he’s passing by and if I cry

out in faith if I learn to worship and I

learned to praise and I get desperate

and I get in a place of faith that I can

cry out that I can make Jesus stand

still I know I’m some of you having

problems with the theology of me I don’t

care what you call it the bottom line is

in every one of these cases Jesus was

going somewhere else and he was stopped

by somebody who cried out

Wow the Bible said the disciples got in

a boat they went out on the Sea of

Galilee got in the middle of the Sea of

Galilee way committed and all of a

sudden a storm comes and I love what

your Bible said it said and Jesus was on

the land on the shore but he saw them in

the storm when you can’t see Jesus

because of the storm he can see you some

honey needs to hear that today

have you ever desperately needed to see

him and you can’t see him cuz there’s so

much going on around you but when you

can’t see him he can see you

you’re never in a valley so deep that

Jesus can’t see you you’re never in a

trial so great that Jesus can’t see you

you feel overwhelmed by the storm you

feel conquered by the contrary winds but

Jesus has his eyes upon you this morning

and what gets me about this story is

Jesus the Bible said they were tolling

and they were laboring tolling with

those oars trying to go and they

couldn’t get anywhere they couldn’t move

anywhere the waves were overcoming them

and filling the boat and they were about

to drowned and died and Jesus came

walking on what they were warned Jesus

came walking on what they were worrying

with Jesus was walking on it he was

walking on your problems he’s walking on

your negative circumstance he’s walking

on what your warring and talling with

he’s walking on it I’m gonna say

something big right here what you’re

worried about is what’s gonna bring him

to you

because he’s walking on but the obvious

does not obligate God listen if you want

some this whole message up that’s it and

that line the obvious does not obligate

God you would think if Jesus saw them

and even when He healed blind Bartimaeus

before he healed and he said what do you

want me to do oh well it’s obvious I’m

blind heal my toenail no I’m blind

but have you here’s the principle the

obvious does not obligate God faith is

what moves God desperation people crying

out in faith is what moves God jesus

said to the blind man buying blind

bartimaeus what do you want me to do for

you and he said that I might receive my

sight and he got it but it was obvious

but obvious doesn’t obligate God same

thing in this story so there they are in

the storm they’re drowning about to go

under and Jesus comes walking on the

water and the part of this story that

blows my mind and it says and he would

have pass them by because the obvious

does not obligate God to meet your need

he would have I mean fully knowing

they’re gonna drown the whole Bible plan

is gonna go under the water the big book

the Bible’s in those guys it’s gonna go

under the one and he would have passed

them by if somebody had cried out and

said help until until we understand that

danger and despair is not why Jesus did

it he did it because somebody cried out

and the Bible said when somebody cried

out that the wind Jesus walked on the

water to the boat and the wind ceased

the word cease means to no longer exist

the problem that existed when Jesus

was passing by and they made room for

him and cried out to him and got him

where their need was the Bible said the

wind ceased it was no longer in

existence they were tolling with that

and all of a sudden instantly it was

gone what happened to the wind would it

be something today if you left this

service saying what happened to the

disease what happened to the depression

what happened to my sin what happened to

who I was what happened to my addiction

what happened see we need to get back to

Bible preaching because I believe Jesus

can take somebody today and the old

things can pass away and all things

become new and you can leave here saying

what happened to who I used to be I’m

not that person anymore I’ve been born

again what happened to our marriage what

happened can you imagine them tolling

and instantly it ceased it’s like you

ever played tug-of-war you ever you ever

got a rope and tied a flag in the middle

and got one team on one side and one

team you but then this team says let’s

just let act like it and in a minute

just let the Rope go I think that’s how

they were they were out in that boat I

could see them tolling tolling tolling

and all of a sudden it all ceased and

it’s like whoa what happened do you know

that we serve a god that can do that

this morning

where did where did it go

where did my sin go I dare you to turn

to somebody beside you and say will you

help me come on tell him say will you

help me I’m desperate

I want to make room for a miracle this

can be another service another church

and Jesus is passing by or these

buildings can become a building like

that woman when she said he’s passing by

continually but I’m not content with him

just passing by I want to make room for

him and when she made room for him the

Bible said the Prophet turned in and one

day she needed it because when her son

died the Bible said that he took that

boy and put him in his bed Wow

in the room that she made and raised him

from the dead

build him a room this morning a room of

faith a room of praise a room of

desperation a room of crying out a room

of seeking God I need a touch I need God

to move I don’t need another church

service where where I know God’s passing

by I need him to come home with me and

I’m gonna get in the tree I know I don’t

deserve it so I’m going to the tree and

it’s not in me it’s in the tree and if

I’m in the tree Jesus can’t ignore me

because there’s a covenant he made in

that tree and today I believe that this

can be one of those services where

things will never be the same again for

somebody’s life

throw your hands up at every campus and

for the next 30 seconds I don’t care

what anybody thinks

open up your mouth and cry out to God if

you want more than a pacifier you want

more than a drive-by you want more than

knowing that Jesus is real but you need

to make room for your my body is the

room or the temple of the Holy Ghost now

in your temple make room for his power

not just the past by the Bible said and

Jesus stood still he stood still when

blind bartimaeus cried out Jesus

wouldn’t it be something if he stood

still at every one of our campuses

there’s nothing God can’t do when people

believe in faith Jesus Christ the same

yesterday today and for ever it’s time

for some things to cease to no longer


hallelujah stand to your feet at every

one of our campuses right now I want you

to throw both your hands up in the air I

want you to forget about everybody

around you and I want you to create room

for him to work room for him to touch

you open your mouth open your mouth and

fill it with a praise phrase everybody

in this room get a praise phrase

hallelujah glory thank you Jesus I need

more than a pass by today I need you to

come home with me I need you to come in

here we need your touch we need

something God today somebody’s desperate

somebody today needs more than another

church service somebody today is hungry

somebody today is saying Lord I really

really really need a fresh touch today

send your anointing to my house just get

in the tree you get in the tree and

Jesus can’t pass you by don’t stand in

your own will I’ve been good and I

deserve it no you don’t just get in the

cross get in the cross and it’ll come

because of the cross because worthy is

the lamb

he’ll go home with you he’ll go home

with you

bow your heads one moment at every

campus if you’re in this room then you’d

say pastor I’m desperately I need to get

right with God I know I’m far from God

and I want to get right with God this

morning pray for me if that’s you I want

you to raise your hand high right where

you’re standing I need to make room for

Jesus this morning

this is phenomenal I’m telling you

there’s so many hands raised it’s

beautiful all the way up in the top

balcony in the overflows wherever you


pray this prayer everybody say these

words out loud

Lord Jesus I make room for you in my

heart I I know I can’t change me I know

that I don’t have the answer the answer

is not in me the answer is in the tree a

place called Calvary a man named Jesus I

believe his blood cleanses me it’s

healing me it’s gonna go home with me I

received today an instant change the

wind ceases some things no longer exist

that used to exist because I am born

again come on say it I am born again I

am a new creation and I receive new life

in Jesus mighty name God really used

this message to change the course of so

many people’s lives across all of our

free chapel campuses and I pray that God

has spoken to you today our television

audience in the same way if this message

has been a blessing to your life I want

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before coming here I did not have Jesus

in my life now that I have God I know

that he is Michael Riedel

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