Join us every day for new fasting devotionals from Pastor Franklin in Israel.


welcome to the 14th day of fasting in


you’re headed into your final week now

the final seven days and I’m believing

for breakthroughs like you’ve never

dreamed or seen I’m in the beautiful

city of Jerusalem and I’m praying for

you today from the city that God would

open your eyes like never before that

God would give you the power of a firm

stand the Bible said when they crossed

over the Jordan into the promised land

that they took a firm stand in the

middle of the river and they built an

altar when God rolled back the water

they built an altar and they put rocks

12 stones in that river to remember how

God had brought them through and they

stood there in the middle of a miracle

you’re gonna be standing in the middle

in the middle of miracles this year in

2020 as you fast and as you pray don’t

be shocked at where you end up and you

know as I look at this beautiful city

the city that Jesus wept over the city

that he prayed over the city that he

entered into through this area over here

which is the Mount of Olives and he

entered in and they were waving the palm

branches and welcoming him but within

just a few days he would die about in

the area where you see over my shoulder

somewhere in that area

Christ was crucified and the temple it

was used to be there back that Herod and

Solomon built the holy of holies now a

Muslim mosque is there but we know what

the scripture teaches about that that

one day that’s not going to be there and

we just are here today to declare the

power of taking a firm stand stand for

what’s right ask God to open your eyes

to show you any compromise in your life

to stand firm to say God I’m standing

for what’s right and if you don’t stand

for something you’ll fall for anything

so take a firm stand stand for what’s

right this year stand against you know

sin and wrong in your life stand for

what’s right the Bible said that blessed

is the man who walks not in the counsel

of the ungodly nor sits in the seat of

the scornful nor stands with sinners I

don’t want to be standing for the the

abortion of babies I don’t want to be

standing with people who are killing

babies I don’t want to be standing with

people who are doing wicked things and

who are immoral and doing wicked life

things I want to stand for principles

it’s not you know we got to stand for

what is right we got to stand for the

truth we got to stand for life and I

encourage you this year to make up your

mind I’m gonna take a firm stand I don’t

care what it costs me I don’t care you

know I’ve had to take some stands I’ve

taken some stands that have been

controversial but when you stand for

what’s right when you stand for God God

will stand for you Bible said that when

that when Stephen was being stoned as he

was standing there being stoned and he

wouldn’t deny Jesus Christ the Bible

said he looked up and the heavens were

opened and he saw Jesus standing at the

right hand of the Father so when you

stand for him he’ll stand for you and I

encourage you don’t compromise keep a

strong stand father bless today those

who are fasting and pray with the power

of a strong firm stand in Jesus name we

pray god bless you and keep you make his

face shine on you be gracious under you

lift up his countenance upon you and

give you peace in Jesus name and God

bless Jerusalem and God give them peace

like never before

amen god bless you