Join us every day for new fasting devotionals from Pastor Franklin in Israel.


well I want to welcome you to day 10 as

we’re fasting and praying together we’re

so thankful for this massive army that

is joining us all over the world people

fasting and praying and today the focus

is on open my eyes Lord and let me see

through the eyes of those who know me

best you know it’s our family that

matters the most and sometimes we’re

we’re impressing others but we’re not

really having impact on our own families

and I pray that what we are in public is

seen in private by our families and

that’s such an important thing and when

you fast and when you pray the focus

today is Lord just really revealing me

anything that is not like you I’m

praying today for that transparency I’m

praying today for that authentic pure

walk with God that is so real that it’s

not just seeing when I’m in the pulpit

it’s not just seeing when I’m with

people in public in church but what

about in the home what about in the

marriage the way that I treat my wife

the way that I parent my children the

way that I love my family maybe you need

to hug your kids today maybe you need to

call someone that you care about while

you’re fasting as a matter of fact it’s

very biblical Isaiah 58 said hold not

yourself back or hide not yourself from

your own flesh he said part of the

Isaiah 58 fast the one that the Lord

chooses is to not withhold yourself from

your family but if there’s any

situations that need reconciliation

don’t hold yourself back but give

yourself during this fast to to healing

those relationships there’s an amazing

verse that says for there is nothing

that is covered that will not be

revealed and there’s nothing hidden that

will not be known

and what we’re saying is Lord just make

me real just make me so real that my

children see and when they think in

their private thoughts about their

father or their mother let them think he

really does love the Lord he really does

live what he preaches or what he

proclaims in public is what he is in

private that is Christianity at its

greatest and you know that’s the stuff

that somebody said it’s more it’s more

cult Christianity is more cult than talk

the anointing is more cult than told you

can teach the law but if you don’t live

it in a daily way in front of your

family they won’t catch it so father

today on this tenth today do a work in

our families and in our own life through

the eyes of those who know us best let

us be transparent and pure and real let

us be kind let us be forgiving let us be

compassionate one to another

tender-hearted as the scripture said

with brothers with sisters with parents

with children with any areas of

reconciliation needed I pray today for

that kind of power to be released on our

families and in our own lives in Jesus

name may God bless you

you’ve made it to the tenth day you’re

halfway there

21 day 21 days of consecration and

fasting keep on praying keep on reading

your Bible keep on believing for great

miracles 2020 is the year of fresh