This is “Moments That Mark Us Part 2”. There are moments in life when God marks you. Whether in service or some other place, there are God encounters when God marks you and changes the rest of your life. It is the place God gives directions, chains break, and breakthrough comes. Will you wrestle with God long enough to receive His blessing? To hear more inspiring messages from Jentezen Franklin, visit…

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one of the great stories of the Bible

verse 22 of Genesis chapter 32.

this is about Jacob and he arose that

night and took to his two wives

his two female servants his 11 sons and

he crossed over the river of jabach

he took them and he sent them over the


and sent over what he had

maybe the most powerful phrase ever

spoken over his life happens next then

Jacob was left alone

and a man wrestled with him until the

breaking of day

and when he saw that he did not Prevail

against him

he touched the socket of his hip

in the socket of Jacob’s hip was out of

joint as he wrestled with him it says he

wrestled with a man it was not a man it

was Jesus it was God and I’ll show you

that in Scripture

he was not even wrestling with an angel

it was Jesus

and I’ll tell you why I say that and he

said speaking of Jesus

let me go for the day breaks but he said

speaking of Jacob I will not let you go

unless you bless me

so he said to him what is your name and

he said my name is Jacob and he said

your name shall no longer be called

Jacob but your new name is Israel for

you have struggled with God and with men

and have prevailed this is a what he’s

saying is Everything Changes here today

in this spot for you

then then Jacob asks saying tell me your

name I pray

and he said why is it that you ask about

my name and listen and he blessed him


he God Jesus blessed him there now

here’s why I know it who it was

so Jacob called the name of the place

Pinal listen for I have seen God face to


in my life is preserved

just as he crossed over penile the sun

rose on him

and he limped on his hip because it had

been poor pulled out of joy

therefore this day the children of

Israel do not eat the muscle that shrank

which is on the hip socket because he

touched the socket of Jacob’s hip in the

muscle that shrank

and in that moment

the angel said to Jacob what is your


and he said I’m Jacob he said I’m

changing your name from Jacob

which means worm to Israel which means


and this one encounter you go from a

worm to a prince and then I’m some

translation say it like this I’m give

you have prevailed and I’m giving you

favor and power with God and man

favor with God

favor with man

it’s called The Blessing

and the text said he blessed him there

with what with

favor with God

and with man what does that mean that

means that anything you do that’s in the

will of God when you come out of that

encounter God will give you his favor

and he’ll calls people who don’t even

like you

to bless you to open doors for you I’ve

actually had them tell me I don’t even

like you but God told me

Hallelujah there is a blessing that hell

can’t curse there is a blessing that can

come on your family and on your children

and on your business and on your dreams

and when you win the battle in that

spiritual Place God says you don’t just

have favor up here in Heaven someday

you’re going to have it down there on

Earth with men

and if the enemy comes one way he flees



those moments listen carefully when he

got changed in his name think of that he

was just Jacob and he was about to die

his brother was coming to kill him and

in one encounter he says no longer will

you be called Jacob you will be called

Israel your in other words your children

your your eventually 12 sons will become

the children of

not Jacob Israel

and out of those children will come

tribes and now those tribes will come

one of them called Judah and I know

Judah will come Messiah boy I’m blessing


I’m taking a Deceiver

and I’m turning him into a receiver

and you’re not going to be fake anymore

you’re going to be real and you’re not

going to be ashamed of me

and I’m gonna make you as the Sands of

the seashore and the stars of Heaven

and Jacob you were a loser when I found

you but because you have made up your

mind that you would not die just in the

marking but you would hold on to the


I’m going to bless you in ways in the

world that you cannot even imagine

that moment redefined his identity and

that’s what happens

I I love all the organizations that try

to help people get unaddicted and set

free and and anything and everything I’m

all for it as long as it’s helping

people deal with it but the one thing

that I don’t agree with

is that once an alcoholic you always

have to identify as an alcoholic once as

a drug addict you always I’m telling you

there’s an encounter with God that can

change your name and change your

identity and change your nature and

change your walk and change your talk

well I wish we’d get back to that real

salvation will change your walk it’ll

change your talk I don’t want what I

used to want I don’t talk like I used to

talk and if you got a filthy potty mouth

you need to get saved if you can go

around person and chewing people out and

treating people at some point he comes

and he says I need to work on who you

are I want you to walk away with a new



he went from a deceiver to a receiver

and he said this powerful phrase my life

is preserved

he has preserved my future

I tell you there is a place this morning

and an encounter waiting on you where

fear does not dominate you anymore

I know that’s happened to me there’s

been times when I just had to get along

with God

my fear was so overwhelming of what

might happen this might happen even

through the years pastoring this church

and just the challenges all the time it

never stops

and in those moments sometimes I’ll just

say to the family to Charisse to


I’ve got to be alone

and when I go in I’m defeated

but when I come out of those encounters

I have a courage that I cannot explain I

have a faith that does not alter with

the bullying of the wind in whatever

Direction the wind blows but something

in me says if God before me who can be

against me and I have favor with God in

favor with man and he will bring it to

pass take a praise break take a praise

break I don’t know who’s fighting a

battle but don’t you let go during the

marking if you’ll hold on there’s a

blessing coming down your dusty road

I’m almost done I’m almost done

and notice this the Bible said and when

the sun rose

after he pulled his hip out of socket

he halted upon his thigh in other words

it altered his walk

in other words

The Next Step that he took was different

from the way he walked into that


what I’m trying to say to you is the

step that he took after coming to that

moment was not the same step he was

going to take now this is so important

when you really encounter God the way

that I’m preaching this morning not a

religious something another Bible blah

blah blah I’m talking about a personal

Encounter With Jesus Christ

it will alter in other words it altered

the steps the step that he took after he

pulled his hip out of joint was not the

same step he would have taken before

and that’s a tight that’s just that’s a

that’s a an analogy of what a true

Encounter With Jesus Christ not religion

not Baptist Methodist Pentecostal not

any of that yeah

not church not churchy stuff an

encounter with Jesus

you know the one who carried your sins

to the cross the one who in agony and

moaned and groaned and he had you on his

mind when they hung him high and they

stretched him wide


it changed his next step

your next step will either be the right

direction or the wrong direction

and it all depends on whether or not you

have an encounter with God

it changes your identity it affects your

journey it changes your direction and


because of this touch

when the angel touched him

in that encounter

and marked him

the Bible said in verse 32 you’ll read

right over it’s the last verse of the of

the text and and it says in verse 32

therefore the children of Israel

this is so weird did not eat the muscle

that shrank

which is on the hip socket


he Jesus the angel touched the socket

of Jacob’s hip in that in them and the

muscle that shrank

what is that about

when you have one of these encounters

that I’m talking about this morning

there is a touch and that touch so

defines you

that they used to eat that part of the


they used to eat that muscle that was

over the hip they used to but they don’t

do it anymore

what happened

when they got a fresh touch they got a

fresh conviction

and if you don’t ever get fresh touches

you don’t get any fresh convictions

but they said because he got touched

it’s affecting us and we will we used to

eat it all the time but that part of

that animal we will never eat again

and it wasn’t legalism

it was just the fact that they had had

an encounter with God and he had touched

some part of their life of his life The

Hollow Place

guess what I’m trying to preach is when

you walk out of church every once in a

while you ought to walk out with a new


I don’t think that’s necessary and I I

don’t know that I don’t I don’t like

that and I don’t let go I’m going to

just let go of that conviction and I

tell you times have changed and we just

need to be like everybody else and I can

hold on to this and hold on to that and

do it live any old way I want to live

and I’m okay and me and Jesus is just

all right with me Jesus is


but I’m gonna tell you something

we’re throwing away

our convictions

we’re seeing a nation who’s lost its

moral values completely

we’re we’re losing the desire for the

house of God thank God it’s not around

here but but but I’m just saying the the

things that made us great great families

when we got saved we threw stuff out of

our Lives not cause somebody made us but

we just felt convicted of it I’m done

with that

I’m done with that lifestyle I’m done

with that I I don’t want that lifestyle

and so what happens is if you don’t have

a fresh touch every now and then

you don’t get a conviction like that

that says that’s for me and my house we

will serve the Lord

I can’t partake of that no longer

when we lack convictions it’s because we

lack those moments that Mark us

before you make a decision to just throw

some conviction away and pick up stuff

that you once felt convicted of again

use not to get drunk used not to get

high use not to run with the clubs and

sleep around you used not to do it when

you got saved before you start going

back to that stuff I want you to have a


and I want you to come out of a service

where the Holy Spirit has moved and then

after after you’ve had an encounter the

ought to be before you let go of

something that’s been in your family for

a long time

Faith that’s been in your family young

people for a long time convictions and

standards and values that have been in

your family for a long time

there ought to be some tears before you

just let it go there ought to be some

fasting do it after you fasted 21 days

do it do it do it after you’ve been in a

red hot service and the power of God and

you kept wiping the tears away and you

you were embarrassed because the

presence of God was so then go out and

light you up a cigarette

oh I just I where did that come from

but I’ll tell you one thing I do feel

today there’s about 500 people that can

be delivered from Vapes

and all it takes is a marking all it

takes I appreciate counseling I

appreciate tampering off on it I

appreciate it but every now and then you

need to have an encounter because what

happens is when he touches you

suddenly there’s a fresh conviction and

I used to but I don’t do it anymore and

I feel myself sometimes the the very

current of this world is to pull us away

pull us away pull us away and every now

and then when I feel myself and it’s

happening I’m letting my standards down

in them hey I’m not I’m not on it and

I’ll just have to get along with God

and I’ll come out of that place

I wrote this down the other day and I

think it’s the word of the Lord

if you’ve been questioning everything

you know that’s the spirit of the of the

new I question that you know I question

that I question that

when you have a god encounter it makes

you sure again

I’m sure

I’m sure about the house of God

I’m sure about being in the house of God

I’m sure about tithing

you can argue all you want

I don’t care

I have my own convictions I don’t set my

convictions according to what other

people think

I get in the word and I get along with

Jesus and I make sure that what I’m

saying is confirmed out of the mouth

that I don’t get into weird Doctrine


me and Jesus no not you and Jesus

there’s a lot of things that but but

when it’s all said and done if there’s

stuff in me and there is if I’ll wrestle

God can say you used to but you’re not

going to do it anymore

and it’s not a burden some legalistic

thing it’s a joyful thing

anybody know what I’m talking about

stand to your feet all over the room at

every campus thank you I’m sorry I went

in overtime but maybe it’s necessary


I want everybody under the sound of my


who is so Pastor Jensen

I want an encounter I want a Jacob

encounter I want an encounter like that

I want it for me I want it for my family

I know this is crazy because we don’t

have much room but I just I’m going to

open the Altar and I’m going to say if

you want an encounter like that if

something in you is yearning for it but

if you have an until in your spirit

and you would be willing to say Pastor I

really want a change to happen I want to

encounter God in a in a real personal

way I want to point back and say I met

with the Lord in that place

something changed me that day it was the

power of the Holy Spirit they’re already

coming come on come on come on come on

come on if if you’ve got an addiction he

can touch you and give you a new

conviction he can take the addiction and

give you a conviction that you can lay

it down and never touch it again I’m not

talking about willpower I’m talking

about the power of the Holy Spirit

and it’s very real

it’s very real

lift your hands up all over this room

and just right where you are all the way

up in the balcony wherever you are just

lift your hands and say Lord this is

just me and you I’m sending everybody

across the river around me I don’t care

what people are thinking I I want you I

want you to touch me I want an encounter

with you I believe in you and if you’re

real then I should encounter you you

made me you created me you know how to

touch me you know how to change me you

know how to take me from a deceiver to a

receiver and so just lift your hands in

honesty and say I surrender my life I

Surrender everything just pray right

where you are he’ll hear you and say

Lord I need a change in my life I don’t

have to understand everything but I know

what I feel is real and I’m reaching out

to you like Jacob I need you to preserve

my future I need you I need you like

I’ve never needed you he will never turn

you away if you come in sincerity and

humility and honesty

just right where you are worship Him

worship Him worship Him sing it with all

of your hearts


Hallelujah I love seeing these young

people I’m talking to teenagers and

young people this morning that need to

get out of your seat and walk to this


and say God I want to change I wanna I

wanna transformation I want you to touch

me again I need your power I need your

Holy Spirit

I can’t live it without fresh touches

and fresh conventions

worship him all over this room


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