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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace

Jesus uh what a terrible thing to have a

hard heart and yet Lord I’m speaking to

some tonight that are hard some that are

in the process of hardening and yet

there are some Lord that have open

Tender Hearts and and yet one day will

have this hard heart that we’re talking

about and warning about tonight Holy

Spirit I’m asking you to come down upon

me mightily I’m asking you to to give me

clean hands and a pure heart I want to

deliver your heart I want to deliver

your mind speak into me and through me

and let everybody in this place uh be

warned be touched oh God I don’t want a

hard heart I I want to stand before you

one day with a broken heart and a

contrite spirit don’t let us ever lose

that oh God as we see the making of this

hard heart may we be warned and oh God

for those whose hearts are in the

process of hardening melt their hearts

tonight don’t let anybody walk out of

here with a hard heart we pray in Jesus


amen the making of a hard heart there’s

nothing in my mind as beautiful and as

wonderful as an open receptive

heart I love to be around people that

have openness that they just receptive

to the word of God but there’s nothing

in my mind that’s sad as sad as a

hard-hearted person what a tragedy to be

around somebody’s heart is like a stone

it’s rock

hard now some are hearing me right now

that are developing this hard

unreachable heart there are some in the

balcony here in the main floor you’re

almost at the point of being

unreachable and we’ll explain that in

just a bit but how does a person how how

does anybody especially a backsliding

Christian develop a hard heart now you

can forget all about the psych olist and

their pop psychology about why people

get hard against religion because they

say there’s so many Hypocrites all kinds

of excuses why people see uh

psychologists always blame somebody for

your problem and you can find somebody

to blame and uh yet the Bible makes it

very clear very clear how the heart gets

hard I want you to go to Mark the 6th

chapter and I’m going to show you a man

who best exemplifies a man who had an

open heart and closed it and became

hard-hearted terrible terrible tragedy

Mark the 6th chapter let’s begin reading

at verse

7 I want to read this whole portion so

that we can set a

background how a man or woman develops a

hard heart it’s all in this that I’m

going to be reading to you and we’ll go

through it Mark 6 beginning to read

verse 7 and he called unto him the 12

began to send them forth by two and two

and gave them power over unclean spirits

and commanded them that they should take

nothing for the journey save a staff

only no script no bread no money in

their purse but be shaw with sandals and

not put on two coats and he said unto

them in what place soever you enter into

house there abide till you de depart

from that place and whosoever shall not

receive you nor hear you when you depart

then shake off the dust under your feet

for a testimony against them ver I say

unto you it shall be more tolerable for

Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of

judgment for that City and they went out

and preached that men should repent and

they cast out many devils and Anointed

with oil many that were sick and healed

them now listen to this please and King

Herod heard of him for his name was

spread abroad and he said now folks this

his resurrection day that John the

Baptist was risen from the dead he

believed in the resur resurrection and

therefore Mighty Works do show forth

themselves in him others said this is

Elias and others said that it’s a

prophet or as one of the prophets but

when Herod heard thereof he said it’s

John whom I beheaded he’s risen from the

dead for Herod himself had sent forth

and laid hold upon John bound him in

prison for herodias sake his brother

Philip’s wife whom he had married for he

had married her for John had said unto

Herod it’s not lawful for theee to have

thy brother ‘s wife therefore herodias

had a quarrel against him and would have

killed him but she could not for Herod

feared John knowing that he was a just

man and holy and observed him and when

he heard him he did many things and

heard him gladly all right look this way

please there was a tremendous commotion

out in the Judean Wilderness out by the

Jordan River multitudes from Jerusalem

and all over Judea were going out to he

very strange looking man this man had

been living in the desert and you you

can be sure he had not shaven he had

long hair he had a beard he had a coat

of camel’s hair he had a leather girdle

on him and when they offered him food

their food from the city when he offered

them their sweet breads and their

desserts he turned it down and he turned

aside and had his own little meal of

locust he ate Locust and wild honey he

ate bugs


man according to the crowd but they were

flocking out to hear a man sent from God

a man who called himself only a voice

and that voice was the most piercing

voice that had ever appeared on the

scene in Judea or in on the earth at

that time and they were flocking out

they loved to hear him scath the

Pharisees and the Sadducees he came out

the Pharisees and the Sadducees

and they would stand in the periphery of

the crowd and he’d Point his Rod at them

and call them a brood of snakes a brood

of vipers he said just a pack of snakes

and the crowd loved

it but they repented because his message

pierced into their hearts soldiers came

to hear him and and they would say what

can we do to be saved because his

message pierced their hearts and he said

uh be satisfied with your wages and I’m

sure King Herod loved to hear Hime

preach to his army be satisfied with


wages he was he was scathing to all

against sin he was Fearless he feared no

man and Herod heard about this man John

and I’m I’m sure being the leader being

the king he traveled with quite an

Entourage I would always picture uh I’ve

always pictured that scene I’ve got a

vivid imagination I picture about six

black chariots and and I see Horsemen

everywhere his bodyguards and I see them

coming standing uh he Parks his his

chariots on the hillside he’s heard

about this

man now I I have a feeling in my heart

that Herod had grown cynical he he had

administered uh government to the Jews

and I’m sure he was tired of the phony

priest he of that day he was tired of

the Pharisees who made long prayers and

yet robbed widows houses he saw the

hypocrisy he he heard their crazy

messages he saw infighting among the

different religious sects and I’m sure

he was cynical he was saying religion

has nothing to do for me and he he went

out of

curiosity because uh that’s where many

of you are here right now many of you

have heard a cynical you’re cynical in

in Amor because you’ve heard and seen

nothing in religion but that which is

hypocrisy you have judged all religion

by certain television Ministries that

are into materialism or preach a money

gospel and you’ve called them money

grubbers some of you sitting here now

you have never really seen reality

you’ve never heard it all you’ve seen of

religion is that which has bored you and

caused you to be

cynical but he came out of curiosity to

hear this Prophet John and I’m telling

you when he heard him something happened

in herod’s heart he said this is a

different man he is a holy man he’s a

godly man this man is telling the truth

this man the Bible said he gladly heard

him and he did many things he kept

coming back to hear John and the harder

John preached the more he loved it in

fact one day he came to hear John the

Baptist and he’s sitting there I don’t

know if herodias is there or not but he

had stolen his brother Philip’s wife and

he’s living in adultery and in that

Society among the Jews that’s the worst

thing he could have done unforgivable in

and John the Baptist points a finger at

him right at the king and he says King

Herod it’s not lawful for you to have

that woman give her up and do what is


repent and Herod loved it he loved it I

can picture him going back and telling

his prime ministers and and his cohorts

there’s a man of God that’s what I like

to hear I like to hear a man tell it

right that man’s not into materialism

that man doesn’t care about clothes that

man’s a real preacher we’re going

back you know a lot of people like that

they they finally hear a

sound and they know it’s not phony and

they know the man or the men that preach

it are living it because men who live

their message you can’t mistake it if

you have discernment in your heart you

can’t mistake

it and he hears a

sound and he loves that straight

preaching and he loves this man in fact

the Bible said he defended him he would

let nobody touch this man that’s my man

that’s my

preacher I’m sure he went up and down

the halls of his Palace saying to

tomorrow we’re going down the Wilderness

again I’ve got to hear another heart

message from Brother

John and I’m sure he told everybody I’m

sure he got up before his court he said

I want everybody there tomorrow you got

to hear this man he is something else he

tells it like it should be that’s the

way preachers should be that’s the way

churches should be like John the

Baptist he comes to hear John the

Baptist and the Bible said he hears him

gladly I’m going to tell you folks I’m

preaching tonight the same message John

the Baptist preaches re preach

repentance and I’m going to preach it

straight and we preached straight from

this Pulpit you know we have a lot of

people that come to this church and they

sit here they they’ve heard all kinds of

phony stuff they’ve come from churches

that aboard them and they come and they

say boy they tellal it straight I like

it I’ve had him hug me and say boy you

preach it straight brother Dave don’t

stop preaching it straight I know

there’s still living like the

devil I’ve been conf I have been comp

complimented more on my preaching by

Sinners than

Christians you know I’m not looking for

your compliments by the

way and I’ll tell you what the more I

preach straight the less it’ll be

compliment but he he is so taken by this

man he makes moral changes in his life

he does a lot of changes he goes home

and he thinks it over and he say I I

can’t do that anymore I can’t do that

anymore he he’s laying down this and

he’s laying down that he hears him and

he makes moral changes in his

life Herod feared John knowing that he

was the just man and holy and he

observed him and when he heard him he

did many things and he heard him glad

gladly gladly he heard

him well there are some of you here

tonight you don’t have a hard

heart you gladly hear the word because

there’s a hunger this man had a hunger

in his heart he couldn’t have come as

there was something in him that really

wanted reality this is the tragedy this

is where hard-heartedness starts with

many people who start with a Hungry

Heart they really want reality they

really want to do what is wrong right

they don’t want to they don’t want to

live in their sin they don’t want the

misery anymore they want they really

want to change and I believe Herod

wanted to change but you see Herod could

not give up a Fatal Attraction in his

heart he he was totally ens snared by

this woman herodias he had stolen his

brother Philip’s wife he is an adulterer

he’s living in

adultery and John said you can’t repent

until you bring forth uh Works me to

repentance in other words you’ve got to

do what God says you’ve got to do right

you’ve got to lay your sin down and he

he is convicted by this

message and

uh Herod knows this woman he knows she’s

a murderous she’s a conniving revengeful

woman and he knows it there’s no way he

can get around this this manipulating

conniving murdering woman no doubt she’s

intelligent she may have been beautiful

she may have been Charming but she was a

snake and and Herod knew

it all around

Herod he sees men repenting at John’s

message he sees people changing he sees

uh people making restitution he sees

soldiers no longer complaining he sees

Pharisees he sees publicans paying back


uh collected taxes he sees people that

have stolen things making restitution

and here he is he’s being challenged now

if you want to repent if you want life

lay down your besetting sin laid down

your pet Idol lay it

down but

Herod really would have loved to repent

if he could have given up everything but

herodias did did just God there’s no

evidence that he ever went to John alone

and said look John I respect you I know

you’re a holy man and I’ve got a problem

I am hooked on this woman I hear your

message and I would really like to be

free could you tell me how to get

free you see there are people sitting

here right now you would love to repent

you would love to serve Jesus and come

to this church even perhaps Faithfully

you’d like to be a part of the body of

Christ but there came a time and there’s

a time just now about to ripen for you

where the Holy Ghost says if you’re

going to repent you’ve got to lay down

that besetting sin you’ve got to lay

down that Fatal Attraction you’ve got to

lay it down now tonight and Herod

there’s no evidence that he went to John

John could have told him why there’s one

coming after me whose shoes I’m not even

wory unlatched and he is coming to open

every prison door he’s coming to break

every chain and if you’ll repent he’s

already here in spirit and he will give

you he he will give you Freedom he will

break it there could have been a break

he could have been helped some of you

sitting here now you can’t come to Jesus

because of a Fatal Attraction in your

heart now what is it or who is it that’s

holding you back from repenting and

following Jes Jesus with all your

heart I I’ve got to speak what I believe

the Holy Ghost has put on my heart

tonight there are some of you a number

of you here tonight you have backslidden

over this you are not serving God

because of it let’s talk first to young

women middle-age women I don’t know what

age you may be let’s talk to the ladies

first you cannot make a surrender you

cannot repent because you have a heart

that’s given over to somebody there’s a

man in your life and that man is

evil that man is

corrupt that man is going to destroy you

and deep in your heart you know what

he’s like you know it in your heart the

Holy Ghost has dealt with you you know

that that man you do things and say

things with him that you wouldn’t do

under any other circumstances you do it

and say it only when you’re with

him you know that something evil you

know there’s a serpent in it but it has

your heart you can’t lay it

down there are men here right now

there’s some woman in your life that has

captured your soul and your mind and you

can’t eat you can’t sleep it’s consuming

you you want Jesus you don’t want to go

to hell you’d like to be a Christian

you’d like to repent but you can’t stay

away from that serpent

woman she has your heart she makes you

you say and do things you would not

think of doing at one

time it’s there it has your

heart that’s the beginning of a hard

heart Herod turns away from John’s

preaching because he knows if he repents

he’s got to lay it

down now let me tell you something and


closely the Lord by his spirit is is not

wanting you to lay down your adult

your your drugs your alcohol these

besetting sins simply because he’s mad

at you for doing them it’s it’s not

because you sin angers he’s already paid

the price for sin he died for all

sin the reason he wants you to lay it

down is because he knows the snake in it

he knows the Viper in it he knows the

poison in it he knows it will kill you

he knows it will destroy you it’s

because he loves you then he said lay it

down or it’ll k kill you it’ll give you

a hard heart and you’ll turn against me

it’s not it’s not just adultery it’s not

fornication it’s not it’s the fact that

it has your heart it’s an idol and it

has you in its grip it’s ens snared

you he goes back the Bible said a

companion of fools shall be destroyed

shall be


John could have helped this man you know

if you’ll come to Jesus with your Fatal

Attraction if you’ll come to Jesus with

that that that bosom sin that holds you

so tight if you’ll come bold you just

come as a child to Jesus you say oh

Jesus this has overwhelmed me this has

overpowered me and I’ve got to have help

you come with an open heart you come

ready to lay your sin down even though

it’s got a hold of you you come to him

and and I promise you the holy spirit

will lead you through it may take a

little time but God will bring you

through he’ll Break Every Chain he will

break those chains he has all the

power you say if I come to Jesus I’ve

tried I’ve made promises and I can’t

break it I keep going

back because you have not yet trusted

the Holy Spirit you have not yet

understood how much he wants to deliver

you there is Del Deliverance

Hallelujah you have to have the want to

you have to have the desire so oh God I

want to be

free I promise you you can be free

there’s not a sin there is not a sin out

of hell that can’t be

broken there is not a single Fatal

Attraction that cannot be smashed by the

power of God through the Holy

Ghost if we by his Spirit mortify the

flesh we shall live through his Spirit

we kill the flesh trouble is you’ve been

fighting at yourself and making promises

and what you wind up is sin confess sin

confess sin confess and it doesn’t work

and you get discouraged and you go out

and say what’s the

use I wh Watch What Happens now when

when when you go to your Idol because if

you go to your idol you become just like

it whatever spirit and the idol will

leap upon you and I want to show you

those those who go back to their lust or

their Fatal Attraction are soon driven

into a deep Wicked destructive downward

spiral you listen to me please you’ve

got to hear this it’s not a matter of

saying well I’m just going to go my way

I’m just going to do my little thing

I’ve got one thing I can’t let go I’m

I’m just someday I’ll be free but you

see the devil never going to be

satisfied to let you just go out and do

your thing with your one little

particular sin you’re not going to be

satisfied at all because he going to

make sure that he drives you down deeper

and deeper into sin so that you will

never want to come back he has to harden

your heart Les you once again gladly

receive him like Herod

did he has to take that gladness toward

the gospel out of your heart and the

only way he can do that is to drive you

deeper and deeper into wickedness filth

and viess he will drive you and folks I

have seen that all the years of my

preaching those who’ve sat under the

gospel of repentance like Herod and then

turns away goes to the Idol goes to the

attraction says well I I I just can’t

give this up go follow the attraction go

follow the lust and folks what a

terrible thing begins to happen to this

man now he begins to close the gospel

off you don’t find him anymore going out

to hear John preach you find him now

becoming more and more like his Idol he

becomes more and more like herodias and

he’s being driven and it’s not very long

folks it’s just a very short

time a very short time just a matter of


before this man loses all his senses and

finally for a song and a

dance a song and a dance this man sells

out a godly man kills him and

decapitates his head takes his head

off he watched this man hardening his

heart now he’s driven to do something he

never thought he would ever do as long

as he lived it’s so

uncivilized it’s so vile it’s so

Unthinkable that he could lose all his

reason and act like an

animal and sell out this man that he

knew to be a man of God so holy and so

righteous and jump off his head and sit

there at a party and watch them bring

the head of John the Baptist in on a


present it to

herodias and I believe that W woman was

wicked enough to have that head bronzed

and put in her bedroom on her

dresser such a wicked vile

woman you see preacher I’m Pastor Wilson

I’m I’m not a preacher killer I I am not

going down into

degradation I may have a problem but I

may have a besetting sin but I’m never

going going to go down into that spy go

worse and worse oh that’s not what

Romans says Romans the first

chapter you’ll see this spiral of sin

that goes down to the very pits of Hell

first chapter of Romans I’m just going

to read a few verses 18 and 19 the wrath

of God is revealed from Heaven against

all ungodliness and unrighteousness of

men who hold the truth in

unrighteousness because that which may

be known of God is shown to them or

manifest in them for God ha showed it

unto them verse 21 because that when

they knew God you see they they heard

the preaching they knew what was right

and wrong they glorified him not as God

in other words they stayed to their

Idols neither were they thankful but

they became vain in their imagination

their foolish heart was

darkened professing themselves to be

wise they became fools now I want you to

go down and verse 28 and even as they

did not like to retain God in their

knowledge God gave them over to a

repeate mind to do those things which

are not convenient now let look at me

for just a minute a repeate mind is is a

mind that is no longer open it’s a

closed mind it’s absolutely closed and

when the mind is closed to the gospel

that which could be known of God was

clearly known but they refus to retain

it they refus to heed the gospel

therefore God gave them over to a closed

mind and now look what’s happening we

look at this spiral down into hell doing

those things which are not convenient

being filled with all unrighteousness

fornication wickedness covetousness

maliciousness Envy murder debate deceit

malignity Whisperers backbiters haters

of God despiteful proud boasters

inventors of of evil things disobedient

to Parents Without understanding

Covenant Breakers without natural

effects implacable and merciful folks

that’s that’s these sins are pasted

right on the Gate of

Hell these are sins right out of hell it

it it’s these are steps leading right to

the pit and the worst of all verse 32

who knowing the Judgment of God that

they which commit such things are worthy

of death not only do the same but have

and them that do them oh here’s what

happened to Herod Herod now is doing

exactly what herodias was doing and

having pleasure in it he was just like

his Idol he had become the

Idol Oh folks the day will come when

when right now you you walk out the

streets here and you see some of the

stuff that goes on you go in the subway

you go on the job you walk some of these

filthy these streets of immorality and

you see what some people are capable of

you read about it you hear about it and

and at one time you would have scrapped

your head and said how could anybody do

that and then in short time you’re doing

exactly everything you’ve heard of every

sin that’s named you are going to be

guilty of it because you have now a

closed mind and you’re following after

your lust you have been given over to


idolatry till finally you not only do

what they doing but you enjoy seeing

others do the same thing you take

pleasure in that kind of wickedness

where once you could have walked into a

bar room and run out because the Holy

Ghost was pulling you now you go in

you’re one of them you’re a part of it

now those secret things that you only

once dreaded and said how could any

human being do it and then suddenly

you’re doing it and having pleasure with

others who do the same things that’s all

that he’s talking about here

what a


tragedy you may not believe

it it won’t be long till you’ll be

capable of the most Unthinkable

sins who would have ever thought that a

man who sat there praising this man

obeying this man glad to receive him

would turn aside one day and said chop

his head and walk away and become like

Romans 1 whoever believed it it’s the

hardening process who would have ever

believed uh a preacher’s wife three

precious children who one time would

rather die than give up one of her

children but she falls into an

adulterous Affair falls in love with a

young man half her age runs off leaves

her kids her heart’s hard she never if

you’d have told her five years before

one day you’re going to run off leave

all your children leave the ministry and

you’re going to wind up drinking and

going to Bar she would have laughed at

you but no downward spiral she cut off

everything and turn to her Idol who

would have ever thought a young woman

could uh drive her car into a

lake because she’s in love with a young

man who says he doesn’t want anything to

do with kids and she’s got

two what happens to a woman what kind of

a downward spot

brought her to this place where she can

just sit on the edge of the lake and

watches her car slowly sinks and her two

boys screaming and

drowning what kind of a Down SP what

kind of hardness

happens what kind of hardness and you

know they tell us that that young woman

at one time played with those children

they were so sweet and she seemed to

love them so much an idol she became

just like her Idol hardness set in

anything goes when that hardness comes

anything now those who come to this

point become

haunted haunted absolutely haunted

there’s nobody more haunted than a

backslider I mean they’re the most

haunted people in the world every time

they can walk down the street they hear

a trumpet they come to you know the

Trump of the Lord is sounded they come

to attention

there’s a there’s another rumor that

comes to Herod said there’s a there’s

another man and he’s he’s raising the

dead lepers are being healed blind eyes

open deaf ears

unstopped said I know who he is I know

exactly who he is well his name is Jesus

no it’s not Jesus it’s John

he’s raised from the dead he’s come to


me and his his friends in his cohart

said no no it’s it’s Elias’s Prophet

Elijah raised from the dead or one of

the prophets or someone like a prophet

they’re trying to quet him down he said

I don’t care who you said it is it’s

John man can’t sleep he can’t

eat he’s haunted he’s he knows he’s

turned down the gospel of repentance he

knows he’s killed a holy man of God and

I’ll tell you every time you walk out on

a holy ghost message you crucify Jesus


fresh it’s Elijah Herod no it’s John and

I’ll tell you from that time on all

through Jesus ministry He is wanting to

meet this man now you know that pilate

finally brought him to and he had a face

and face

encounter this man believes in

Resurrection here’s a man who believes


Miracles he still has this I I I believe

in miracles because later he’s going to

ask Jesus to perform a miracle for it

when he has him face to face and and he

keeps believing that a holy man can be

raised from the dead he believes in

resurrection power isin’t that amazing

that people can live in the depths of

sin when they backslide they can still

believe there there are some of you here

now you have turned your back on the

Lord you’re deep in your sin you’re

going downhill doing things now you

never thought you could ever do but but

if anybody dare ask you you can be in a

bar you can be drunk and still talk

about Jesus dying on the cross you know

all about it you still believe that

Jesus died for sin that he is

resurrected from the dead that he was a

man who could heal you know all about

him you could probably teach in a bible

college for two hours

how do you

sleep you you know every time the New

York Times the past two weeks been

talking about everybody in the country

talking about angels appearing

everywhere like magazine the front page

Angels appearing they’re talking about

angels appearing in the heavens and

everywhere have you heard about it


everywhere what do backsliders who once

knew the power of God think when the

we’re Sinners and Liberals are talking


angels what what do they say now when

the scientists watching television and

now they say all these weather changes

there’s something cataclysmic there’s

something Supernatural going on and many

scientist says we’re destroying our

planet it’s soon going to be all

over and that Christian in the backlit

in there says I know what that’s all

about that’s that’s John he’s raised him

the dead I’ve been H that’s a


H the Holy Ghost is the Hound of

Heaven he’ll Hound you because he loves

you he’ll Hound

you boy this he Hound I’m thanking I’m

GL he hounded me he’ll Hound you to your

last moment he’ll stay right with you I

don’t care who it is the Holy Ghost The

Hound of heaven will stay right there

finally Herod types ended up

mocking and laughing that very God

himself because Jesus was God in flesh

would you go to Luke 23 with me

please we’re going to see him coming

face to face finally with his

nightmare can you imagine this man

living three years with this uh

nightmare this

haunting 23rd chapter verse three

beginning to

read and pilate asked him saying art

thou the king of the Jews and he

answered him and said thou sayest it

then said pilate to the chief priest and

to the people I find no fault in this

man and when they were and they and they

were the more Fierce saying he stirreth

up the people teach throughout all

jewelry beginning From Galilee to this

place when pilate heard of Galilee he

asked whether the man were Galilean and

as soon as he knew that he belonged un

to herod’s jurisdiction he sent him to

Herod isn’t that amazing after about

three years now herod’s finally going to

meet him face to face who himself also

was at Jerusalem at that time and when

Herod saw Jesus he was exceeding glad

for he was desirous to see him of a long

season because he had heard many things

of him and he hoped to seen some miracle

done by him now look this way please I

know exactly how that

went Jesus walks in and herod’s looking

at him looks him over and he’s thinking

his eyes aren’t the

same he’s a little

taller he speaks with a different voice

but that’s John that’s

John and you know what he

said come on now I know they call you

Jesus but you’re John aren’t you you’re

John tell me you’re

John this man’s still harded you’re John

the Baptist you’ve been raised from the

dead what do you want out of me I can’t

sleep I can’t eat what do you

want there’s not a


this this man saysi know exactly who you

are you are John the

Baptist I cut off your head and I’m

thinking he’s looking for a

scar I believe he got his Clos as he

could to walk around him see if there

was any Mark for the sword and chopped

off his

head you know what the Bible

says here’s the tragedy of the hard


and Jesus answered him not a

word there’s no greater

judgment than for God to stop talking to

you there’s no greater judgment on Earth

Saul knew what that was all about he

came under that judgment because he

followed the sin of his own heart his

pride took him away from the repentance

the scripture said when Saul inquired of

the Lord the Lord answered him not

neither by dreams nor by urum nor by

prophets he finally ends up trying to

consult with the witch you know what he

tells This Witch he said God has

departed from me and he answers me no

more neither by prophets nor by dreams

he said I don’t hear from God

anymore I can’t think of anything more

tragic it causes me to tremble that a

person person can become so hard in

their heart and the Lord sees that

nothing is going to move

it that he doesn’t talk anymore and it

ends up that you can sit in a meeting

like this no movement of the Holy Ghost

no amount of conviction if an angel came

down in bodily form and preached

directly from the Throne of God it would


touch no tragedy can move the heart

there’s nothing the heart is absolutely

Untouchable in fact every question to

God every inquiry now is meant by an

emptiness there’s no answer there’s no

response oh my brother sister that

is one thing I would rather be dead now

than that that should ever happen to me

because oh if I did not have the comfort

of the Holy SP spirit inside that voice

that inner voice of the Holy Ghost

you’re my beloved Son I love you and to

get his Direction and to know that the

the the the witness of the holy spirit

that the Christian has Christian if you

didn’t have the witness of the Holy

Ghost you would be in

Terror if you didn’t have the

voice you hear him you you heard him

today you’re hearing him now while I

preach the majority of you who love the

Lord you’re hearing him in the Inner Man

right now it’s not my preaching that’s

comforted you it’s the Holy Ghost in you

that’s coming you you hear his voice you

know his

mind he speaks to you he convicts you of

sin of judgment and righteousness he’s

in you he’s at

work God help those who backslide those

who follow their idols and they can sit

in any church any kind of Revival

meeting any kind of moving of the Holy

Spirit no conviction absolutely totally

dead Jesus see he answers pilate

pilate’s not quite hard-hearted I

guess the Herod who had once received


gladly and you know what happens

next the man who received Jesus

gladly in mockery puts a royal robe on


back and he starts laughing at him he

said King of the Jews and he begins to

laugh at

him and he joins the soldiers in

mocking this blessed Lord and the chief

priest and scribes stood and vly accused

him and Herod with his Men of War set

him at not means they began to belittle

him and they mocked him and array him in

a gorgeous robe and sent him back to

pilate is’t that something that you can

one time have heard the gospel with

gladness and then up end up sitting in a

church snickering at the preaching you

can end up sitting

there what a bunch of

crazies what a foolish thing to think

that one time I believe that garbage

what a bunch of unintelligent people

let’s get out of here and end up mocking

the Son of

God and folks I tell you the greatest

mockers of the cross of Jesus Christ are

those who like Herod at one time gladly

received the gospel and they become

mockers and

scoffers in

closing had a I have a dear

friend who had to

endure horrible tragedy just

recently his father in the

80s a

stepmother dying of

cancer and they called in one of these


doctors for a double

suicide and uh in fact they even called

the newspapers came in on

it it’s rather well

publicized this dear man

dear friend of

mine had

to listen to his father when he begged

him one last time please please it

witness to him and witness to

him just before the man’s about to go

into eternity through an assisted

suicide with the lethal

injection turns to his son and says get

away with your garbage I don’t want to

hear of your Jesus I don’t want to hear

anything of that that’s for money


preachers the words to that effect I

want nothing to do with it har broke his

son’s heart this broke

him this man and his wife go out in


hard like a

rock how are you going to go

out how are you going to face Jesus at

the Judgment

Day you think that hardness is going to

stand Before the

Throne you think that hardness is going

to stand no because he said every knee

shall bow every tongue shall confess and

every eye Shall Behold

Him where are you at in what stage are

you in this process of hardening is

there still time let me tell you when

you could know if there’s time if you

sense a stirring in your heart right now

there something still moving that’s the

Holy Spirit he’s still able to penetrate

he’s penetrated those walls that you’re

already erecting he maybe he came in

through a window came in through a door

that’s cracked the holy spirit’s there

he’s witnessing to you he’s saying don’t

turn me away that’s why he stands at the

door and knocks because he knows

somebody’s about to harden and shut him

out out forever some of you are that

close to closing him

up that he never can speak to you again

not that he doesn’t want

to not that his voice is not heard

around the world you’ll sit in meetings

where many many many are being saved but

you’ll be

unmoved oh

Jesus what a off awful horrible thing to

imagine that some that are here tonight

hearing me preach this

message in the process of being hardened

in their hearts could still walk out and

say I can’t give up my sin I can’t give

up this thing in my heart I won’t give

it up and then go

out and have happen just what I’ve

talked about

Oh Holy Spirit Come don’t let anybody

walk out of this place without your

spirit wooing them this is the

conclusion of the