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Welcome to our Tuesday’s broadcast of

the Gospel truth today I’m continuing my

teaching on financial stewardship and

you know I think that this coming Friday

will probably be my last day to teach on

that and so I’ve been offering these

products I encourage you to please get

them this is 166 page book that I’ve

written about this and I tell you this

changed my life these Revelations have

changed my life I wouldn’t be able to do

what I’m doing if God hadn’t shown me

this and I wrote this little book booket

is just a brief summary of this we’re

asking for a donation of any amount for

the book we’re giving a booklet away as

a free gift and then we have a study

guides CDs DVDs and even testimony DVDs

of people that have put these principles

to work and how God is prospered them

through that I’m using my computer again

today I don’t typically do this uh but

I’ve written a living commentary we call

it a living commentary because I’m still

writing footnotes I wrote footnotes last

night as I was studying and so it’s an

ongoing process I’ve now written

footnotes on

26,8 N3 verses in the Bible over the

last 30s something years this is

probably the greatest tool that we have

and we sell this it’s a digital

commentary and it’s just powerful and

anyway I’ve got some stats on here that

I just don’t know off the top of my head

and so that’s the reason I’m using this

so yesterday I was teaching out of

Proverbs 18: 16 where it says a man’s

gift maketh room for him and bringeth

him before Great Men this isn’t talking

about some ability or talent that you

have it’s talking about a gift a money

monetary gift and I was talking about

the Queen of Sheba in First Kings

chapter 10 and also 2 Chronicles chapter

n uh both of those give this example

about the Queen of Sheba coming and

proving Solomon with hard questions he

answered all of her questions much

better than what she thought when she

saw all of his riches and His glory and

the people that were with him and the

way everything was done it took her

breath away there was no more Spirit

left in her and we I was using her as an

example of here she was coming to see

the most sought after man in the world

at that time how is it that she got an

audience with him it was because of all

the riches and the gifts that she

brought him it’s exactly what this says

that her gift made room for her and

brought her before a great man and I

know that this sounds offensive to

people because people look at the power

the influence of money only in a

negative way and a bribe and I am not

advocating a bribe the Bible doesn’t

Advocate a bribe at all but there is

also a good influence of money money can

also open you up

and open up room for you and bring you

before a great man in a positive way and

that’s exactly what the Queen of Sheba

did so here’s the stats that I was using

yesterday I know that not everybody

watches this program every day it says

in First Kings chapter 10 verse 10 that

she talking about the Queen of Sheba

gave the king 120 talents of gold and of

spices very great store and precious

stones there came no more such abundance

of spices as those which the Queen of

Sheba gave unto King Solomon so here’s

what a talent was a talent was

75.5 lounds that equals 70 120 Talons of

gold equal

9,060 lbs

144,00 an ounce which is I think close

to the current price of gold at $200 or

two excuse me

$2,000 per ounce this gift of the Queen

of Sheba would be



th000 worth of gold that she gave him

and so yesterday I was talking about how

that this great gift put her to the

front of the line it did exactly what

Proverbs 18:16 says it made room for her

and brought her before the greatest man

of her day and that’s not a bad thing

that’s not a bribe it can be done in a

positive way that’s what we were talking

about here’s what I want to do I’ve

already given the foundation of what I

want to say here today but let me also

point out something else that for her to

do this I believe that she could have

had a camel train of a 100 or 200 camels

plus all of the military soldiers to

protect all of the money that she was

bringing plus she had an Entourage with

her and you know they it took them days

weeks to get from Sheba all the way up

to Jerusalem and so she had to have food

and on and on it goes this was quite an

ordeal and I can guarantee you that as

she passed through these desert things

and went through these

oases that the amount of money that she

was carrying was probably more than the

entire gross product of some of those

Nations that she went through certainly

some of these old Aces they had Beggars

there they had people there that were

struggling and for her to be coming

through with nearly a quarter of a

billion dollar and it’s probably much

more than that but hundreds of millions

of dollar I can guarantee you that there

was probably people who criticized her

saying here this woman is with all of

these riches going to give them to the

richest man on the planet and and I bet

you there was people that criticized her

along the way just as there are people

today who criticize giving money to a

church to a large church or to a large

Ministry and they think I just want to

help these smaller

Ministries but here’s something else to

consider when she came and gave all of

this to Solomon it goes on to say in the

next verse down here or let me drop down

to verse 12 this is First Kings chapter

10 verse 12 and the King made the almug

trees pillars for the house of the Lord

and for the King’s house and all of

these things in verse 13 and King

Solomon gave unto the Queen of Sheba all

her desire whatsoever she asked besides

that which Solomon gave her of his Royal

Bounty so she turned and went to her own

country and she and her servants and so

it says that uh the Queen of Sheba gave

to Solomon all of this over a quarter of

a billion dollar worth of stuff but then

Solomon gave unto her of his Bounty and

his Bounty was more than her Bounty it

goes on to say that the gold that came

unto him in one year’s time this wasn’t

his total treasure this is just the

amount of gold that came un him in one

year’s time was

666 talents of gold so that equals

50,000 283 lb

84528 o es of gold and if you use that

$2,000 per ounce price on gold that

would mean that the gold that came unto

him was

1.6 million billion dollars worth of

gold in a year so she gave him maybe a

quarter of a bill billion and yet he had

over 1.6 billion dollar worth of gold

that came to him every single year if

you add up the 40 years that he was King

it could have been 40 times that that

would have been somewhere around uh man

or that’d be close to 50 billion dollars

worth of gold and stuff that he had the

reason I’m bringing all of this out is

to say that if somebody criticizes her

for why are you giving to the richest

man on the planet it brought her up to

the top of the uh list it brought her to

the front of the line she was able to

have access to all his Wis widom and all

of these things and then God gave back

unto her through Solomon according to

his Bounty and I can guarantee you she

probably got more back than what she

gave that’s what the scripture says Luke

638 give and it shall be given unto you

good measure pressed down shaking

together and running over so anybody who

would criticize her and say why are you

giving to the richest man on the planet

well it was so that she could get an

audience with him so that she could take

of his wisdom and on top of all of those

things that she got she got out of his

abundance more than he gave to her

matter of fact over in 2 Chronicles I’ve

got this somewhere right here in my

notes but I I’d have to spend some time

to look it up the way it is stated over

in 2 Chronicles and also all of the

modern translations it says that he gave

unto her more than what she gave unto

him so after she got all of this wisdom

after she got her heart’s desires meant

she went back with more money than what

she came with and for those who were

saying why wasn’t this given to the

Beggars that were at the Oasis why

didn’t you bless some of these other

countries if she was desirous to do so

if she was prone to do so she would be

better equipped after using her money to

gain access to the wisest and the

richest man on the planet she would be

better equipped to do those other things

than she was before I hope you can

understand what I’m saying what I’m

trying to do is counter this mindset

that so many people have that you know

what if a if it’s a large church if it’s

a ministry that’s already ministering to

people it doesn’t matter if they’re

feeding me it doesn’t matter about any

of these other things that the word of

God says like uh in Malachi CH 3:1 bring

the ties into the store house give where

you’re fed there’s many people that’ll

say I don’t care theyve already got a

big Ministry I’m going to give where the

need is the greatest you know these

friends of mine um Charlie and Jill

LeBlanc they’ve been traveling with me

for decades and we’ve been ministering

together for probably at least 30 maybe

40 years and uh they in the beginning

they had a very small beginning and they

wanted to be a blessing in their giving

so they just had an affinity for these

smaller churches and so they used to

give to people that that pastored little

tiny churches people that had very small

Ministries where they thought that their

gifts would make the biggest impact and

they did that for generations and then

they heard this teaching on a gift will

make room for you and the Queen of Sheba

used her resources to bless the richest

man on the planet because he had

something that she needed and her gifts

would make room for her and bring her

before great men and when they heard

this teaching they changed and they

still gave to people that you know had

small churches and small Ministries but

they specifically said they went to Rama

Bible Training Center so Kenneth Hagen

had a big impact on their life I had had

an impact on their life and Joyce Meyer

and David Meyer had had an impact on

their life they lived in St Louis and

they were personal friends with David

and Joyce Meer before Joyce really

started traveling and ministering and so

even though they had had always given to

just small Ministries because they

thought these bigger Ministries they

don’t need our gifts they’ve got all

these other people giving they begin to

recognize they needed to give where they

were fed they needed to give where they

saw an anointing on somebody or on some

Ministry that they wanted that anointing

in their life and so they begin to use

their giving to open up a door to make

room for them and to take hold of that

anointing that was on these other

Ministries and unto them so they started

giving to me and to Kenneth Hagen and to

David and Joyce Meyer did you know

within six months uh Dave and Joyce

called Charlie and Jill up and asked

them if they would go out to eat with

them and uh as they were eating Joyce

said would you start traveling with me

and doing the praise and worship for my

meetings and I think they did that for

seven years now Joyce has since then

gotten other people but for seven years

they went with Joyce and they actually

were in a service in one of the African

nations I forget which one now but I

mean there was over 20,000 people showed

up Joyce draws over 10,000 people to her

Women’s Conference Charlie and Jill got

to expose their Ministry sell all of

their products David and Joyce helped

them produced some of the music that

they have and I mean it just opened

everything up and did you know that

Joyce told them when they went out to

eat that when the Lord laid it on her

hard to have Charlie and Jill travel

with them and do praise and worship that

she went and looked up her

giving but not because Joyce was going

to reject her if she hadn’t given but

she just wanted to know do does their

heart do they appreciate our ministry

would they have a heart for traveling

with us and and do they love what’s

happening what the Lord is doing through

our ministry and when she went and saw

that they had just started giving she

said if they hadn’t have done that she

wouldn’t have asked him to do it because

your giving does U indicate where your

heart is Jesus said where a man’s

treasure is there will his heart be also

you can tell where a person’s heart is

by where they put their

money and so anyway it opened up a door

and this is a great example of what this

is talking about see Charlie and Jill

they would have been like the Queen of

Sheba coming through all of these Oasis

and they see needs and so they want to

help this homeless person they want to

help this beggar they want to help this

nation they want to do those things

those are all commendable but did you

know that before you can be a blessing

to other people you got to be blessed

yourself and this Queen of Sheba saw

that Solomon had something that she

didn’t have and she wanted it and she

used her gift just like this said to

reach out and to lay hold of the

anointing that was on Solomon’s life and

she not only got the wisdom she not only

got inspired her Her Imagination I’m

sure just went wild seeing what could

happen if a person would take the limits

off of God but then she wound up getting

more back than she ever gave and on her

way back she could have been a bigger

blessing to all of these people and see

this is exactly what happened with

Charlie and Jill they started giving

where they were fed they started giving

where they wanted to go you need to sew

where you want to go I often tell our

Bible college students that if you’re

called to be a missionary you need to

find somebody who’s a missionary and you

need to start sewing into their Ministry

and believe that that anointing and the

blessing of God that you see on their

life that it’s going to start flowing

toward you that that gift will make room

for you and draw that anointing towards

you if they want to be a pastor they

need to find a pastor that they really

like and believe that I want to see that

kind of uh manifestation of God’s power

in my life and so you start sewing into

them not only money but time you start

going you start accessing taking an uh

advantage of that anointing you so where

you want to go you know uh matter of

fact I gave this testimony earlier but

it was actually Joyce Meyer that I when

I the Lord told me that I was going to

go on television she’s the one that

wanted to go on Pax TV and it was going

to cost her a lot of money and I started

so and I sold

$30,000 into her television Ministry and

you know uh Joyce and Dave they came to

me when they were first getting started

in Ministry and uh they hadn’t even I

don’t think they were on radio

television or anything at the time they

had just decided and they were holding a

meeting in a local area and I went out

to eat with them Jamie and I did and

they were actually asking me for tips

about how to get started in Ministry

which it’s funny now because man excuse

me Joyce just passed me up like I was

going going in reverse but did you know

that when it came time for me to go on

television I went and contacted David

and Joyce and I said do you remember I

gave you some tips as puny as they might

have been I did give them whatever I

knew when they were starting in Ministry

and I said now I’m starting on

television and would you give me some

tips and so we went to one of their

meetings and went out to eat with them

and they helped us but anyway see I

sowed into someone who had an anointing

on their life that I recognized I need

did that anointing on my life and I

believe that there’s a spiritual

connection I believe it’s much more than


money it’s amazing how people look at

money and somehow or another detach that

totally from any spiritual significance

but I tell you money if you touch a

person’s money you’ve touched their

heart and when you start giving and

sewing into a Ministry into a church

into any kind of an Outreach or

something like that if you see an


of God on their life when you so you are

grabbing hold of that anointing and you

are becoming partners with them you know

the rest of this week I’m going to be

talking about partnership and what

partnership does but let me just

summarize it by saying that when you

become a partner with a Ministry it’s

more than just you giving money to them

it’s obvious how your giving blesses the

ministry or the church or the television

network or whatever it is that you’re

giving to it’s obvious how your giving

blesses them but most Christians don’t

understand how that giving blesses you

it opens up a door for you just like

this says that a man’s gift maketh room

for him and bringeth him before great

men that giving does something to you

spiritually when you start giving you

start partaking of the anointing and the

blessing that is on them this is why

Paul said in 1 Timothy Chapter 5 about

lay hands s suddenly on no man neither

be a partaker of their sins what that’s

talking about is ordination and when you

ordain a person and you lay hands on

them you are transferring some of the

blessing and the anointing of God that’s

on your life you’re taking any Authority

and and uh you know honor that you have

and you’re putting it on that person but

also that person you are partaking of

what’s in their life and that’s the

reason it says don’t lay hands suddenly

you make sure you prove them and make

sure that this person person is not

going to wind up doing something wrong

so that you don’t become a partaker of

other men’s sins did you know when you

give to a Ministry you are partaking

with them in all of the blessings all of

the rewards that are coming on them

they’re coming unto you again it’s

obvious that how you’re blessing them

but most Christians don’t understand how

you get blessed when you start

partnering with a Ministry so there is

something spiritual that takes place

when you start giving your gift makes

room for you and it brings you before

great man it will reach out and take

that anointing that is on a person’s

life if you give to a crook a charlatan

because you’re gullible and you get well

then you’re also partaking of all of

that junk that’s in their life but when

you find somebody who’s truly called and

anointed by God and you start supporting

them then that blessing that anointing

that’s on their life begins to start

manifesting in your life it’s not

automatic you have to believe for it and

if you don’t know to believe for it if

you don’t have any faith in this area if

you’re just giving and thinking that

that money is blessing them but it’s not

doing anything for you well then it

won’t do anything for you but if you’ll

understand these principles that we’re

talking about then just like the Queen

of Sheba man you come and it gains you

access to the anointing to the wisdom to


power that is on that Ministry and you

gain access to it plus your gift your

physical gift will be given back unto

you and you will be much more equipped

to be able to minister to other people

I’m telling you you don’t need to

just disavow disregard the instructions

of the Lord to give where you’re fed

bring all the tithes into the storehouse

you need to follow that even if the

ministry that is feeding you is way big

and you think what could my gift do you

just need to follow the directions that

the Lord has given you and give where

you’re fed and by doing that you start a

supernatural flow of not only finances

but the blessing the anointing that’s on

that life on that Ministry it starts

flowing toward you you become a partaker

with them man that’s powerful you know I

just had one of the people that I

support down in Mexico and we’ve been

supporting them for decades and as far

as I know I think we’re the largest

support they have a church of 4,000

people and they they start things all

over the Philippines and things and

we’ve been sewing into their life for a

very long time and they just uh

recovered from a physical problem that

they had and they were just thanking me

for all that we’ve allowed them to do

and I I responded to them and saying

thank you for allowing me to be a part

of what you’re doing because I get in on

every one of these changed lives the

hundreds of thousands of people that

they’re touch in I have a part in that

and my partners who give to me and

enable me they have a part in all of the

people that I’m

supporting I tell you this is powerful

if you understand it it goes Way Way

Beyond just that physical money that

you’re giving there is a spiritual

connection I want to thank you for

watching our YouTube channel and the

programs that we have available and I

want to encourage you that you can get

the materials that we’ve offered also so

I’d like to encourage you to like our

program and subscribe to what we’re

doing we have a lot of material and I

believe it’ll be a real blessing to you

so thank you for being a part of it God