In this new series by Dr. Bill Winston, you will discover that you too have been made to live in the Fourth Dimension. In simplest terms, the fourth dimension is the realm of the supernatural where signs, wonders, and miracles happen. For many, living in the Fourth Dimension or 4D is a brand-new concept. Adam was designed to live in the fourth dimension. He discerned what he needed to know instead of learning it through book knowledge. A perfect example of this would be how he named the animals. Adam discerned what to call each animal as it was brought before him. Jesus is the last Adam (1 Corinthians 15:45) and He came to bring us back to operating in the fourth dimension. Ordering Information: BW 2201-2 Open Your Spiritual Eyes – Living In The Fourth Dimension Vol 2 Series 479…

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Faith this is your day this is your year
this is your month this is your season
come on this is your time this is this
is your this is your
Earth in Jesus name you can get your
debts out of sight
in a
day get that healing on your body come
on in a
day David caught it he said this
day he’s talking not only about Goliath
but the whole Philistine
Army he wasn’t talking out of his head
he was coming out of his
Spirit you going to live in for
deep from from now
on cuz you’re the
generation 4D is a spirit you’re
handling things from the
spirit from the spir you’re handling
things from your spirit so I’m saying
that’s what he gave Joshua and that’s
what he’s given to Joshua generation and
that’s who you
are you have been born to take over you
have been born for the promised
land so as we look at that look at um
Psalms chapter uh 103 and verse 19 and
20 and you could read that one ready
read the Lord has prepared hisone in the
heavens and his kingdom rule over rules
over how much all all look at the next
verse verse 20 ready read bless the Lord
angs that Exel inreng that his
Commandments his word so the angels are
going to hearken to the voice of God’s
word one Angel wiped out
Egypt one Angel and over in Hezekiah the
time of Second Kings and 2 Kings chapter
um 19 this is Angels now on assignment
for you ready read
came isn’t that something this Angel
185,000 men one Angel took care
of I said one angel or the host or
whatever but they took care of them now
Hezekiah didn’t have to go in there and
fight and hope that he wins and so forth
he just sent his Angel and I’m telling
you right now it’s time for you to start
using spiritual
resources I think you I think you’ve
been trying to get rich on your own and
and that’s a
violation because God has put you here
to act like God
God is seated he’s not getting up he’s
got angels to do his bidding and if you
know anything about people who are very
wealthy they’ll be on their yacht while
other folk working for them and it’s
time for you to get a yacht it’s time
for you this the right section
M we going to talk about this
today all right so now here are angels
going with Joshua now God
in Joshua chapter 6 and verses 1-8 he
said see I have given into your hand
Jericho now we’re going to talk about
that in a few minutes see I’ve given
into your hand Jericho and the King
thereof Mighty Men of so forth and so on
and he gave him instructions as to what
to do I went you to March around it
seven days month a day and then I went
to to March seven times around the last
day of six days and then seventh day I
went to March seven times and and then I
want you to blow the horn Ram’s Horn and
shout now some of y’all don’t know what
this this this
Joy is the atmosphere of
heaven and
joy joy is what you
need for God to move on your
behalf you you’re going to have to get
some joy and a lot of times they don’t
say Joy they say
shout cuz it’s in that same category so
for you to get God to move you’re going
to have to get excited before he
moves okay okay okay okay all right all
right sit out sit out but joy is a very
powerful thing that it it releases
things and and sometimes it doesn’t say
Joy it says shout or sometime praise or
whatever have you remember uh when uh
the enemy was too much for uh the
children of Israel over in uh Second
Chronicles and chapter 20 and he said
now you’re not going to need to fight
this battle go up there GPH is and so
forth and so on and he said when you get
up there and you get up in the morning I
want the choir to get in the front and I
want you to just to to praise God and
and and they start praising God and all
of a sudden the enemy got
confused and they start fighting each
other so you can start
praising and your enemies will start
fighting each
other see the joy of the Lord is your
strength that’s what it
means all right s sit down sit down sit
down so here is Joshua and now the first
battle Joshua is going to take his
Jericho and all he had to do is follow
instructions just March around it’s all
Grace I Brethren I commend you to God
into the word of his grace which is able
to build you up and give you the
inheritance among all the it’s Grace and
so what happens
is they March around Jericho and then
the instructions were once you march and
blow the horn and Shout that the Wall’s
going to fall down flat now flat doesn’t
mean it just fell
over flat means it drove it in the
earth and the ones that Drew drove it in
the earth were
Angels now Angels you got to understand
you need to study angels come here’s one
man you telling a story about the lady
who was in the hospital and had a tumor
and an angel came in her room that night
at the hospital and the angel uh touched
her and then left and she woke up in the
morning in the hospital bed and the
tumor was on the side laying on the bed
she was totally healed the Angels who
stand in the presence of God have the
anointing of God that if they touch you
some will
happen angels are very
powerful but they drove it down the
ground now here’s the
deal they drove that City wall down in
ground within a day yes now if they can
drive a city in the ground in a
day they can build a
city and I’m going go have there go back
over here I got I got to go back over
here if they can drive it down in the
ground in a day they can pay your Debs
off in a
if they can pay your debt off in a
day they can find your man in a day oh
Lord Jesus Maybe not maybe not that’s
going too
far excuse me I I think I went too
far all right now I just want you to see
in 2 Kings chapter 7 here’s what the man
of God said these he said that to people
who are
starving he said
tomorrow about this same
time it’s going to be
plenty and I’m putting it on my own
words it’s going to be cheap everybody’s
going to be rich everybody going to have
more than
enough and here’s somebody using that
intellect 3D and said if God would open
up Windows of Heaven there’s no way this
going to be he said you’re going to see
it but you’re not going to partake of it
why because of
unbelief now I’m saying something here
that all of a sudden the army of the
enemy who had everything heard
noises and they begin to suspect that
Israel had gotten together with Egypt or
somebody and they coming on them well
here Angels making
noises and the enemy got so
terrified they left everything they left
the tents which are houses in your case
Mansions they left the horses come on
they left the Mercedes and the rose and
the Bentley come on they let cuz they
got everything and they they left
everything and all the people of God had
to do was go and
gather so you know it came out of their
spirit cuz God’s going to have you
produce from now on out of your spirit
and your hands are just going to
GA it’s time to
gather sit down thank you Lord okay
now what am I
saying I’m
saying that Jesus cursed a fig
Tre didn’t
he what happened to
it look M no
hands are y’all with me yes no hands he
did that with no hands come on tell me
where you can get a tree to root up out
of the ground with no hands that’s right
you can’t do it 3D you’re looking at
that in your mind you can’t do it and I
tell you I tell you the man of God the
Apostle he said go home get your bills
put them on the table don’t ask nobody
nothing and put them all on the table
and you speak to those
bills now how many people did that how
many people how many people going to be
like that man that tell if God would
open up heaven I’m telling you how to do
it see many times we’re trying to get
out of debt naturally and that can
happen but getting out of that naturally
that could take a lot of time say Amen
to that and I I worked two jobs one time
trying to get those bills caught up with
no it still didn’t get I went down to
hfc they knew me by first name Bill come
in they said let’s refy you
again you done refi for your last time
in the name of Jesus this is your day
this is your year this is your month
this is your season come on this is your
time this is this is your this is your
Earth in Jesus
name what am I saying I’m saying that
they drove that City down out of
sight in a
day we can get your debts out of
sight in a
day get that healing on your body come
on in a
day David caught it he said this day
this day he’s talking not only about
Goliath but the whole Philistine
Army he wasn’t talking out of his head
yeah he was coming out of his Spirit yes
sir thank you Jesus this is where you
supposed to
live your days are living out of your
brain are
over man this is going to be your year
yes sir you going to live in
40 from now
on cuz you’re the
generation your job is to take the
can I keep
going all right let’s look at this first
section here we’re talking
trees and
deeds you hear what I’m saying
now now here’s what Jesus said in
Matthew Matthew Chapter 15: 13 every
plan in you that the Heavenly father’s
not planted shall be rooted up what’s a
plan belief system
here’s Jesus
demonstrating this tree being rooted
up by his
words and it got rooted up now this tree
like we said is a belief system the
Bible says as a man thinketh in his
heart so is he so if
you believe a certain thing you attract
what you
believe you don’t attract what you want
want you to track what you
are I remember this guy he grew up with
me and he this guy wasn’t the most
handsome guy in the
world and uh and that’s giving him some
and so and but he I I’m not talking
about people okay you got that y’all got
that over
here but he thought he
was and every time I saw him he had a
young lady on his arm and I said
man really it’s something else but I’m
saying what how do you see yourself that
that’s what they said over in there
numbers and chapter 13 and verse 33 he
said we’re in our own sight as
grasshoppers watch this and so are we
what in their sight see it’s a law yes
how do you see
you go in interview for a job how do you
see yourself
come well you know they don’t like black
tornado hey what what where did that
from you’re a child of who
God you come there to
bless they going to love
you I think like that and they’ll act
that so now I need to s a seed of
dominion for example the storm and we
said Psalm
89:9 all right put it up there we’ll see
what he says Ready
read all right so when the waves come up
we steal them this is Jesus going over
to the other side with the disciples and
the storm came up and Jesus said Peace
be what still and there was a great what
Cal then he turned to them and said why
is it that you have no faith how does
faith come and hearing by what word of
God so that tells me you can get enough
word in you regarding dominion over
storms that you can steal a
storm I said that tells me that you can
get some Dominion seed in you that you
can steal a storm that storm that came
up in Hawaii over there in Maui and so
forth if you were over there and had
that seed in you you could say what
peace be
still and that’s what I’m talking about
but that’s not only for storms that
could be also for anything else in life
economics you can Ste this storm in
economics you can it doesn’t make any
difference but you have dominion in this
earth over all the Earth so economics
and things of the weather and things of
cities dominate cities and so forth and
so on all that even the culture you can
shift look what Paul did in Acts Acts
chapter 19 verse 19 and 20 let’s just
read that and see what Paul did working
unusual Miracles look what it says here
read Hearts brought their BS together
and burn them before all they counted
the price of them and founded 50,000
pieces of silver all right notice uh
they threw their occult books in the
fire Paul is Shifting the
culture say amen amen and we can shift a
culture that’s the power that God has
given you as a Believer say I’m a
believer I’m a Believer and I’m not a
doubter I’m not a doub in Jesus name in
Jesus name all right let’s go on down to
another section
here the
law of
possession this is talking
us possessing what God has given us and
bringing it out of the hands of the
enemy glory to
God only what you you
see can be given to
you write it down yes sir only what you
see can be given to you yeah yeah all
right look what he said in Genesis
Genesis chapter this is a law now in the
Kingdom Genesis CH 13:1 14- 15
ready read and the Lord
all for all the land come on that you
sir that you see now is he talking about
natural eyes no what eyes are is he
talking about spiritual eyes now how do
you do that David said open thou mine
eyes that I may behold wondrous things
out of Thy word David meditated God’s
word and as he meditated God’s word he
said I’ll have more understanding than
all my teachers now this this is coming
from opening your spiritual eyes so I
got to open these eyes of my spirit
so I can see some things that the world
can’t see and if I can see what the
world can’t see I can do some things
that the world can’t do come on I can be
something that the world can’t be I can
have something that the world can’t
have and S Satan is counting on your
eyes being closed but I pray today your
eyes be open in the name of Jesus
Paul prayed the spirit of wisdom and
Revelation and the knowledge of you of
him of him that the odds of your
understanding will be what enlightened
that you may know what is the hope of
his calling and what are the riches of
the glory of his inheritance in the
Saints and what is the greatness of his
power to them who believe Paul prayed
for opening our eyes Hallelujah say amen
amen so I’m declaring today you going to
see something you never seen
things going to happen to you in Jesus
name that have never happened to you in
your life this is going to be the day of
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