This is “Praise Is Out Purpose Part 2”. Lucifer was not always the devil; he was once the anointed cherub of praise, created to praise and bring glory to God. But he rebelled and was cast out of Heaven. Now, the devil wants to take out your praise because we took his place, and he knows the power of our praise. Will you release the power of praise in your life? To hear more inspiring messages from Jentezen Franklin, visit… & subscribe to this channel: Tell us more about what’s going on in your life: Let us pray with you:… Share your testimony to encourage us and others:… See our outreach programs:… Stay Connected to Jentezen Franklin:… Donate to help us share the gospel around the world through Kingdom Connection broadcasts and other humanitarian outreaches:… #praiseisourpurpose #faith #jentezenfranklin

if you have your Bibles I’m going to ask

you to open them with me to the Book of

Ezekiel chapter 28 verse number 11

moreover the word of the Lord came to me

saying son of man take up a lamentation

for the king of tire and say to him thus

says the Lord now

uh there’s a section in this Study Bible

that I have a study Bible I’m reading

through right now it’s Adrian Rogers

Study Bible and he has a whole thing on

the side on the power behind the throne

it’s saying it’s the letter to the king

of tire but sometimes when you read the

Bible you have to understand

the setting and this is really talking

about Lucifer

these scriptures are talking about


when he was in heaven his name means

light bearer Lucifer one of the three


and this is what he says you were the

Seal of perfection

full of wisdom perfect in Beauty Lucifer

Satan was perfect and is

still I would imagine

perfect in Beauty he doesn’t look like

some horrible demon terrified perfect in


you were in the garden The Garden of God

every precious stone was your covering

this is astounding

he had all of the stones that is

mentioned the Sardis the topaz the

diamond the Burl the the Onyx The Jasper

the sapphire all of those stones are the

exact same stones that were in the high

priest breastplate

Lucifer was in heaven light bearer he

was Heaven’s worship leader and he and

he had those stones

in his created beating and body

the next part of the verse says the

workmanship of your temples or

tambourines or percussions and pipes

wind instruments trumpets saxophone

anything that requires wind

to produce the sound

they were created in him they were

prepared for you

on the day you were created you are or

were the anointed cherub a cherub is a

singer the Cherub is an anointed Angel


you were the anointed cherub who covers

I established you you were on the Holy

Mountain of God the holy of holies you

walk back and forth in heaven in the

midst of the fiery Stones you were

perfect in your ways from the day you

were created

until iniquity was found in you

I think it’s pretty astounding when you

understand that Lucifer was created by

God for a Divine Purpose and it was to

praise and worship and bring glory to


when I think about

how important praise is how important

worship is how that when Lucifer was

cast out of heaven

you and I the high priest in the Old

Testament would wear those same stones

on the breastplate when he would go into

the holy of holies because we are

Satan’s replacement we are Lucifer the

light bearers replacement when we sing

and when we worship and when we praise

and when we speak praise to God and

thank God and give him honor and give

him glory we are literally taking his


and I’m so thankful today that whom the

son sets free is free indeed

that we are liberated and we’re set free

but we are here for a purpose he did not

just save us to save us

as a matter of fact the Bible said in

First Peter chapter 2 and verse 9 you

are a chosen generation

you are a royal priesthood

you are a holy nation

you are a peculiar or special people in

the Earth

who’s he talking to the people who have

been washed and cleansed and saved by

the blood of Jesus Christ

and he says here’s why you’re chosen

you’re Royal you’re holy you’re peculiar

people he said that you would show forth

the Praises of him who has called you

out of Darkness into this Marvelous

Light that’s not just some figure of

speech he said there is one purpose for

which you have been saved now that you

are saved that in whatever you do in

life you give praise and glory and honor

to God you replace Lucifer with your

praise you don’t take the glory you

don’t keep it inside to yourself but you

give God the glory and you give God the


there’s something powerful Lucifer he

was Heaven’s choir director he was the

worship leader in heaven

he until iniquity was found in him

and he was dismissed and he was demoted

and he was distance

from the Throne of God

and you and I sinned

in Jesus God put on skin and came down

and bled and died and carried a Rugged


to pave the way for us to come back to

him but when Lucifer sinned

God said you were banned

from the throne rooms I will never allow

you back there is no way back why what

did he do that was so horrible did he

murder masses of people


his sin was pride self-exaltation and

Rebellion that’s the inward sin but

notice this the outward manifestation of

inward pride and self-exaltation was of

the refusal to worship

see worship is not this out here that

you do on the outside worship is what’s

on the inside

if you don’t have any worship

do you have anything on the inside the

more you have going on on the inside the

more your outside wants to express what

you feel

what I want you to see is this when

Lucifer was cast out of Heaven one-third

of the angels went with him they’re now

demonic powers

but some of them the Bible said were

cast into a compartment of hell and this

is all in the book of Jude three things


by example of what happened to the

angels that were cast out three things

happen to people who refuse to worship

number one the Bible said they were cast

down in the book of Jude they were cast

down they kept not their first estate

that of worship but they cast them down

into hell they were cast down when

people don’t worship

they get down

they get cast down

they get down

if you’re in a valley

you have to learn to praise your way out

of that Valley

you don’t have to live down you don’t

have to live depressed

I got things that if I think on those

things they’ll they’ll depress me

if I let my mind just think about it all

the time I can have the greatest

victories going on all around me and

Satan will whisper to me but that should

steal your joy but that should make you

sad but that should make your heart

heavy but that should worry you silly

and I’ve learned that if the enemy’s

trying to put me down all I got to do is

open my mouth and say I’ll praise the

Lord at all times his praise will

continually be in my mouth and you can’t

stay down if you’ll keep praising the


the second thing

that happens to people who refuse to


is they get down the second thing is

said the Bible said and they were bound

with chains you get down

in the next part of that verse said and

they were bound with chains and then you

get bound you get down

and then usually people who don’t praise

the Lord and worship much

they end up getting bound

because what happens is they get down

and when they get down because everybody

goes through Seasons that of attack and

if you don’t learn how to praise the

Lord you get down and then when you get

down you start going back to the old

things that God sets you free from and

you end up bound

the Bible said it’s like a dog going

back to its vomit the Bible said when an

unclean spirit is cast out of a man

he’s left clean and swept

and if he’s left empty and he doesn’t

get filled up

that demon comes back with seven more


and the state of that man is worse than

the beginning

you have to stay full of Jesus

you have to stay full of the Holy Spirit

you have to stay full of worship because

that’s the king so he got down

they were cast down

went just bound you’re just bound now

you’re picking up stuff that God set you

free from

and then the last thing is so important

and here it is

you see if you don’t worship this story

teaches us in Jude

Satan and Lucifer’s story

is if you don’t worship

because Lucifer refused to worship and

said I’m not going to praise God and

worship God anymore

one out of Three Angels joined him

if you don’t worship you encourage

somebody else to not worship

and it might be your children

the reason we have so many teen sickles

is because we’ve got so many popsicles

and you taught them how to throw a ball

and you taught them how to

kick a football and kick a soccer ball

and hit a golf ball you’re a wonderful


but have you ever told them how to

worship by example with body language

have they ever seen you


suppress self exaltation and pride and

say I’m not ashamed to praise the one

who is stretched out

in agony

on a cross for me

and the lesson of Lucifer

is not only did he fall by not


but it caused others to not worship

if I as a father and a grandfather

worship one thing I have

I know I know I can go to go go to

heaven with peace knowing I have

imparted worship to my children

they have experienced the power of

praise and worship

and we stand up on our feet

would you lift your hands

would you lift your voice

would you give him your personal praise

with your breath

would you take a moment and speak a

praise phrase thank you Lord I Praise

You Jesus I honor you Lord I magnify

your name

oh I praise you I praise you I praise

you I pray we give you all the glory

come on join me join me we praise you

join me worship team join me give him

all the glory give him your verbal

praise just for a moment

let’s just praise him because angels are

moving on your behalf praise him because

God is blessing our families even when

it looks like it’s not working and as

that song says even when it feels like

it’s not working God is doing something

for people who learn how to praise

because praise is our purpose praise

AIDS the angels in heaven there’s no war

between Satan and the devil but there is

a war between demonic spirits and angels

and we Aid heaven we get the vote with

our praise who wins the battle in the

heavenlies right now begin to praise the

Lord over the battle in the heavenlies

turning right now with the power of


oh don’t you get shy on me up yours

you’ve got a lion inside


if you feel down if you feel bound

if you feel like you’re not free and you

want to be get out of your seat at every

campus and come down to the front and

throw your arms up and begin to worship

the one who died and Rose three days


the depression you’ve been in I’m giving

you a formula for victory this morning

you can you catch the way out of that

Valley you can praise your way out of

that soon


I want every I want every parent and I

want every grandparent in this room

to lift up your hands toward heaven and

I want you to start praising God with

fervency for salvation coming to your

whole household I want you to open your

mouth and I want you to I want you to

see any family member that you’re

believing God to really touch and really

feel I want you right now just to begin

to praise God by faith praise is the

language of faith faith is the substance

of things hoped for listen the evidence

of things not seen yet but praise is the

language of Faith so start praising him

like that son has come home start

praising him like that daughter or that

grandchild has been set free begin to

praise him all over this room praise him

all over this room praise him all over

this room lift him up over your family

lift him up over your family and praise

Just Praise Him don’t even ask him just

Praise Him


thank you





we’re gonna be done in a minute

then sings my soul


I’m gonna take Lucifer’s place this


my save your God

to thee

how great



how great


then Saint my song


how great


and when I think


of God’s own son not Sperry

sent him to die


a scarce

can take



I don’t

know that cross

my sins he gladly



he bled

and time

to take


my sin


sings my soul


to me

I worship you




holy holy holy






thank you

I felt something come over me when I

said that

I’m going home

this world is not my home I’m a blessed

man but there ain’t nothing on this

world gonna hold me back when that

trumpet sounds


to take me home

what Joy

shall fear

in midair

then I

shall bow

and humble


and then maybe the very spot Lucifer

vacated I’ll Proclaim


how great


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