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this is the mentoring moments podcast

with Jensen Franklin and Marcus Mecum

well welcome to mentoring moments uh I’m

here with Pastor Jensen Franklin Tyshawn

Roland and Noah Herring I’m Marcus Mecum

and we’re at the forward conference and

last year we had some conversations with

some different young leaders and so we

thought that we would do the same thing

again this year and I think I have a few

things I want to do today of course I

think any questions you want to ask

Pastor that’s why we’re really here but

another big thing is we have a lot of

young leaders watch this we have a lot

of pastors watch this and I thought it

would make sense if we would let you

guys maybe even talk to us as youth


like what what are some things we can do

as pastors to serve you to serve help

you reach young people you know because

a lot of times we you know we don’t even

know what we’re not doing and so there’s

that disconnect so I thought it might be

good to say what are some things that

you’ve done to build that bridge to your


where some some things like that that we

could maybe do and so

no talk to us a little bit yeah hey

great job by the way yeah yeah yeah we

just had a session that we just came out


and uh these guys

um just

were amazing and uh just incredible

content incredible communication to a

new generation of young people and young

youth pastors and uh it was so so

beautiful so powerful we appreciate who

you are we appreciate your voices uh in

this generation usually when God is

uh gonna touch a generation he calls

someone out of that generation he

doesn’t using usually call an older


to although they’re a multi-generational

Ministries ours would be one

but he’s really after someone in that


and I feel like that I’m talking to two

of those voices that God has sovereignly

laid his hand upon and uh you you are

the next way for you and many others out

there that are the next wave of leaders

and just just as an observer


there’s never been on a level of

communication a generation as well

versed and as well able to communicate

the gospel as your generation there are

many other Generations like mine that

brought a lot of inspiration but

sometimes the Theology and the

information was not there but what they

didn’t have they made up for an

inspiration but when you ever get the

mixture of inspiration with information

there is a powerful thing and your

challenge will be your I believe the

challenge of your generation is to is

not information because right here you

have more technology in your back pocket

you you have access to to the greatest

messages and sermons and quick


uh that would take weeks to develop

previously but the greatest challenge to

your generation from my perspective is

to have inspiration meaning the

anointing meaning a move of God with the

teaching with the powerful

um presentation that your generation

does you’re much more disciplined in uh

prep I think than previous generations

but there’s so much more to reaching a

generation there must be the most

powerful preachers or preachers who have

information but they also when they

bring that word it changes the

atmosphere that they bring it into and

the presence they facilitate the

presence of God into that room so I see

that in you guys and I see that in

others that God is raising up and uh

we’re we’re delighted you’re on

mentoring with us and we’re believing

God to really speak to youth uh pastors

out there but beyond that to Young

pastors out there and to my generation

and to Marcus’s generation of how we can

run together because we need to run

together yeah

okay this is such an honor for us uh

Pastor Jensen what you were just talking


um with like I’m hearing you say that uh

about your generation and I literally

think of you when I think about

preaching with the power of the holy

spirit being evident in the room

stewarding the the Holy Spirit moving in

the room

um I would say that uh that is something

I would love to to learn more about and

there have been times when I I feel like

as a young preacher I’ve done that

intentionally and then there’s been

times I’ve done it accidentally and then

there have been a lot of times where

I’ve really messed it up and I felt the

Holy Spirit moving and I’ve tried to uh

to do my own thing and so would you

actually mind just talking about like

what you’re thinking about while you’re

preaching and you feel the Holy Spirit



always in prepping for a service


I don’t just I ask myself why am I

preaching this

why why does this matter now and and so

if I can’t feel it if if it doesn’t

touch me if it doesn’t move me if it


um if it doesn’t challenge me or if it

doesn’t just Quicken me if it doesn’t

just change my mood change get me into

the spirit you know why would I try to

preach it to somebody else wow so you

know that really matters to me like if

it’s even even I think there’s times

when I need like a um a dream message I

I need somebody to speed my dream I need

somebody to inspire me I need to not

just see the negative and see the

challenge and talk about trials and

tribulations there are other times where

I really need uh somebody to

take me somewhere else you know and and

does that make sense absolutely and and

help help me uh dream again yeah you

know so when I start feeling like that

all I’ve learned that’s the nudging of

the Lord and what I’m trying to get to

is God will anoint you

uh to bring those messages and then it’s

up to you to really get the burden for

those messages and if you get the burden

for it and you really believe because

you know how much you needed that you


um it has a tendency to really connect

with it with a congregation and so I I

think to just facilitating the holy

spirit means a lot of times

um doing it before you get in the pulpit

you know do do it do it alone with God

first in private do it uh through

worship you know I’m I’m a singer I’m a

musician I’m I love music I play the

piano there’s always a song working in

Me Maybe an old hymn it may be something

I heard the team do today but there

there usually is a song for me and it’ll

go around in me for two or three weeks

sometimes and and uh lately it’s been uh

uh Worthy is your name Jesus if I just

start singing that or humming that I

feel the presence of the Lord many times

in my car all by myself I’ll just start

singing and when a song’s fresh on me

sometimes it’s an old hymn these are

just little things you don’t think

anything about but the more I think

about it it’s facilitating the Holy

Spirit anywhere he’s invited he’ll come

yeah and don’t wait until you get in the

Pulpit yeah but go on and spend time

with him and that way when you get in

the Pulpit it doesn’t matter what’s

going on it doesn’t matter if they just

had a hundred announcements it doesn’t

matter if I go to Worthy is your name

Jesus the atmosphere starts changing

that is conducive to everything the Holy

Spirit has been speaking to me about

that service wow so be sensitive I guess

is what I’m trying to say and and won’t

it it starts with desire it starts with

I want to do more than get up here and

bring a truth and give a lesson I want

an impact to happen

and when you desire it that’s where it

starts the Holy Spirit Works through

desire yeah yeah I think I think from my

generation one just thank you for even

being a person that we could watch I

think both you and Pastor Marcus were

you talking about our generation being

good speakers It’s really because we

just sat down and watched all your

guys’s sermons online wow in a way that

probably I think practically a lot of

people I don’t know just think about

that like I was a teenager it was which

preacher am I gonna watch on my phone

then I’m gonna watch another preacher

when I get home and I’m gonna watch

another preacher so I think my

generation is a byproduct of actually

watching you guys and I think the thing

that we can’t see is the way that you

guys live your life privately I think

for me I was talking to Pastor Marcus

yesterday I’m turning 30 next month and

I’m just thinking about right now not

what stage I’m gonna step on or how I’m

going to prepare for a message my

question is what kind of man am I going

to be how should I be carrying myself

right now now because one day I will be

getting to the years that you guys are

living in and what are things that you

could tell people like me and Noah

because so many people watch your

messages so many people follow you on

Instagram and we’re so encouraged by the

way you lived your life but I think it

would have been uh helpful for us to

know what does that living look like as

a young man in Ministry Desiring to do

the things that you’ve done build the

things that you’ve built like what

should we be thinking about and living


and let you take a stab at that

no good

I I think a big a big thing is is being

willing to be hidden

you know a lot of guys that get out

front quick

they get too much light too fast and um

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong

with that you know if you read the Bible

you got an entire book called The Book

of Judges where it got supernaturally

raises someone out of nothing into great

prominence so God does do that

but I think historically the way God

does it if you read the Bible it’s it’s

a slower process and when you’re young

you think if it’s not an overnight

sensation it’s it’s not god wow because

that’s what that’s what everybody props

up so everybody thinks well man if God

really loves me and if God’s really

going to use me he’s going to do it like

that yeah when the truth is rarely is

that how God does it in scripture

usually it’s little by little it’s a

very slow process it’s it’s if God’s the

king maker which I think he’s the best

King maker and you know we’re still

Kings and Priests so

the Bible says of God in in Revelation 3

if God gives you the crown no man can

take it from you so in other words

develop your skill set in the hidden

places you know develop you know that’s

every time I feel like I should be

somewhere and I’m not there

there’s always this quiet voice saying

it’s okay because you get it you’re

getting better yeah you know you’re

developing your skill set more right now

so when if the opportunities come you’re

gonna be

more prepared you’re gonna your skill

set’s gonna be more ready it’s don’t you

know you’re not racing you’re not you’re

not there is nobody that’s run your race

that’s on your path you know so be at

peace with that look at other people

watch other people

but be at peace with the fact that

um so that’s I think for me

but that’s my message you know my

message is you know that

God’s grace for me has been hiding me

and to someone else they may see like

it’s happened fast but in my mind it’s

been this real slow like is it ever

gonna happen is God ever gonna do

anything even in my church it was that

way for years you know everybody else is

getting their buildings and everybody

else is and I’m just sitting there like

seven Services a weekend because we just

don’t have the resources to do anything

else and you know and everything’s

falling apart nothing works and you know

but I just kept winning souls and just

saying well I guess this is my lot I

guess this is my place and then

eventually God sees your faithful and

there’s a sudden burst or there’s a

sudden way that things go up so I

yeah what he’s saying is so true one of

the big things that

happened to me and I’ve noticed it it’s

the strangest thing even us sitting here

um together doing this at forward


there was a time when you were watching

us and receiving from us by video or

television or whatever

um uh podcasts whatever

but that began a gravity of pulling you

towards certain Ministries that God

wants to connect you I look back over my


and I remember when I was a teenager

just maybe 20 20 well not a teenager but

20 years old

maybe even younger than that actually I

was a teenager and I would listen to a

guy’s cassette tape named Ronnie Brock

and this sounds so crazy I’m so obsessed

over this guy because I wanted to be him

I wanted to do he touched me he would

Minister a 25-minute sermon and sing a

course before he uh would would preach

he always sung a course Holy Spirit now

it well or something like that

and it would

I cannot explain to you to this day my

mind goes back to listening to those

tapes as a teenager

and even though I’d never met him he was

a famous speaker in the denomination

that I was in the Church of God I never

dreamed that I would meet him I even had

a dream about him I even he was that big

of a deal in my life that I I dreamed

that I I I saw him and had a dream about

him I was you know because not not like

a in a weird way it was just he was so

big to me and that was God almost I know

it was God using him to to give me a


of what my Ministry could do to touch

people uh if I would believe him yeah

and and the weird thing is is through

the years one thing leads to another

I start ministering the next thing you

know I really did meet him and his

brother Steve and then we begin then I

preached for him and I preached for his

brother and it’s the weirdest thing you

you you end up in a world

that that in your wildest dreams you

could never put into words the impact

the times that when they preached the

sermons went so deep that uh that it um

it was then grafted were you know it’s

like a branches that is engrafted means

it was broken and it’s connected now and

what happens is it a grafted Branch

means you know it was a separate thing

but now it’s that’s the kind of thing

that happens and uh I guess what I’m

trying to say is when you connect with a

Ministry when God connects you with a


um you may never meet that person but if

you’re in the ministry and you stay

connected in the spirit you it there

will be a life-giving source through

that Ministry through the wisdom through

the word that God gives that person TF

Tenney was one for me and others I could

start naming Tommy Barnett and so many

others that through the years I never

dreamed I would ever be on the same

Planet anywhere near those people and

all of those people became my dear

friends you know people that I never so

God knows how

to connect us you know to the people and

generationally he knows how to connect

us and I don’t believe in accidents

and you can’t make it happen yeah you

can’t you can’t pursue me or him enough

to make that happen is that there’s a

Grace there’s an ease there’s a um

destiny because you wouldn’t give up you

kept coming around or whatever it was I

don’t know I don’t know how y’all ended

up here but God knows what he’s doing

and I don’t know how you ended up on

that stage but that’s God he gets all

the glory he raises up he does what he

wants to do and it’s not about us it’s

about him and his kingdom but he’s

looking at our hearts and he’s saying I

wanna I want the same Spirit that’s on

Moses to be on the 70 elders and the

only question you need to ask

can God trust my spirit on 70 others and

I hope he can you know that that’s the

that’s the heavy responsibility side

because if if we mess up if he messes up

and I mess up it has a ripple effect

so stay strong

can I ask you a question you you were

talking about the uh the young

communicators of today and uh just the

the way that uh I think Ty’s one of the

best speakers I’ve ever heard and the

thing is there’s there’s pockets of

people all over the country that are

preaching just like Tai

um but I think with that it’s now easier

to compare

compare Ministries compare speaking uh

compare opportunities compare Styles all

those different things than it’s ever

been before because you don’t have to go

hear them in person you know you can

hear anybody at any time

um when you were a young preacher you

know teenager early 20s

um did you have to wrestle with

comparison with other Ministries oh

absolutely it’s can’t imagine that

that’s one of the Apostle Paul said

you’re not wise when you do that yeah

um because you know

uh yes 100

um I always compare myself at we came up

in the same denomination me and Perry

Stone yeah and like he would have big

revivals and I would have some big

revivals and and it was always he’s one

of my best friends wow but but it would

there was always a little bit of uh uh I

don’t want to say competing but we’re

both kind of aggressive yeah kind of

leaders you know that that want to that

want to go for it there’s nothing wrong

with that but you don’t let I did have

to reach a point where I realized I will

never be what he is so I’m going to stop

trying and be what God wants me to be

and the amazing thing is when I relaxed

in that

your gift just makes room for you and

and you know that’s a big that’s a big

thing to learn that’s a big thing to

stop trying so hard yeah uh you can you

can learn a lot from watching somebody

like that and they will and let them

spur you on maybe like I remember Perry

Perry started

um growing like he got an office and he

had you know which was unheard of you

know he had a little staff and he had he

had a magazine and he had a look back

then you know a little magazine and all

these things and and and I I was like I

got to do that I gotta do that so I

tried you know but they could it

wouldn’t go anywhere and so you finally

realize I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna do

what I know I’m I’m called to do and

what I have a Grace to do yeah so good I

think the going back to what you were

talking about earlier being kind of

impacted by people’s Ministry I know

people watching we’ve all been in

impacted by that little brown book that

you wrote on fasting it was one of the

first Christian books I ever saw my mom

read and that’s really what kind of

connected me to your ministry and even

the story I talked about when my brother

died May 28th I visited Free Chapel June

4th you preached on the power of

expectation and you talked about how

even if you expect God to use your

tragedy he can actually use it for the

glory of God and it was something that

as you’re talking about that message got

engrafted to me and I don’t think

everyone has this natural kind of like

opportunities but God has now opened up

doors with you and with other leaders

that I look up to I think a question I

would love both of you to even ask

because I was thinking about this other

day when I was calling somebody I was a

pastor and it was a leader and I was

like I can ask him this or this or this

and then I realized I don’t even know

what I should be asking a person of this

caliber so my question is that if

someone does get positioned in front of

a minister that they look up to like you

guys what questions should we be asking

what what are you guys looking for from

our generation when it comes to the way

we carry ourselves the way we leave like

what are the practical things you would

encourage that’s great

I would

for me what has been at least with with

Pastor Jensen and I think you really

have to find I mean I’ve got a lot of

different people over the years that

that have spoken into my life a lot of

amazing people incredible people

I don’t know if I ever went pragmatic at

any of it of them like how do I ask this

question or that question

I would do my best to to through honor

and through uh good whatever access I

did have to try to build the

relationship find a way to

add value to them so for me whenever I

look up to someone

I don’t look to them for my benefit yeah

I’m asking myself how can I add

value to them so good so because if I

could start thinking about my benefit

then I can feel overlooked or offended

but if I keep saying

my job is to add I’m here for their

benefit that’s what I do that’s how

that’s my call that’s my assignment

then as a result when I’m serving to his

benefit or somebody else’s then I get

protection yeah so what normally happens

is you start accessing them and then

you’re in a challenge you’re which to me

is where my questions come from I’m like

I this is bigger

this is it this is the big one you know

like I feel my chest is closing closing

now I don’t know if I can get through


and then because you built the bridge

you can now Drive something weighty over

it it’s not some little flimsy thing

it can handle so now you got something

real you can ask a real question wow

that’s helpful hey you know and uh so I

would say

relationship matters for me uh I watch a

lot of people even in our world uh

pastors or whatever they’ll be hey can I

come spend a morning with you can I come

spend a day with you and they will and

they don’t hear about it from them for

three or four years and I think they

miss the most important part and that

was wow the connection the relationship

letting me know what they did with what

I talked about yeah it doesn’t have to

be a lot you don’t have to obsess about

it every day every week but just

occasionally stay close stay in touch

keep the keep the flow going don’t Don’t

Starve it don’t get offended if

somebody’s not responding keep and if

you’ll build that relationship then the

day will come like it’s happened with

him where I’ll have a real concern a

real question a real challenge I’ll be

in the trial of my life and in my mind

there’s no way anybody’s gone through

what I’m really going through I think

that this and and then someone like him

will show the scars yeah

yeah because you are now I can be

vulnerable now I can be transparent now

I can say

you know I’m hurting here or I’ve missed

it here or I feel like I’m failing in

this area and then they’ll open up

because they

it at a in a higher way in a deeper way

even because there’s relationships yeah

that’s good so what questions I don’t I

don’t know if that’s the best you can

get a book of questions from John

Maxwell and Uzi them away at somebody

but for me the impartation comes through

the relationship and then there will be

moments that you need somebody and when

you really need somebody it just

happened just now with my family a

situation uh with one of my family

members that they’re going through I

didn’t ask him to do anything but he saw

my family member and he immediately

prayed for her reached out to her but

the relationship built

that I’m here for his benefit I’m not at

forward conference for my benefit I’m

here because it means something to him

I love being here I like to be here but

I’m doing it because I know he needs to


I’m lifting your arms up I’m praying for

you I’m believing in your dreams I it

means the world to me to watch you

flourish and succeed I love it I I want

to see it and then now the protection

comes wow where I need it most

which was with a family member of mine

wow God spoke through him to them

I didn’t plan that it was relationship

then the challenge came

in the only protection that can come

through a covering and a real

relationship was there yeah and and I

don’t know the fruit of that right now

but I can imagine

30 40 50 years from now that family

member will tell that story yes

powerful but I didn’t go at it looking

for that yeah I went at it just saying I

built the bridge I’ll do what I have to

do 22 years of building a bridge you


and then protection comes so that’s if

your generation could do anything I

would say say so true work really hard


not looking

for the opportunity in a relationship

but looking how can you add values yeah

if you get nothing back how can you add


and if you’ll do that eventually it’ll

click eventually you’ll separate

yourself from the crowd because most

everybody’s got their hand out yeah you

know so just don’t be that that guy come

to add value come to serve and

yeah that’s good very good very good

very helpful

all right I’m gonna I’m gonna keep

asking because we’re we’re sit I mean

I’ve I’ve been thinking about these

questions for years and if I get a

chance to ask him so uh Pastor Jensen

you’re writing a sermon it’s Monday

morning does does the sermon come you

talked about burden and need does it

primarily come from that place

in the moments when you don’t wake up on

Monday and have a particular burden or

or something that you feel like your

church your congregation needs to hear

um where do you go then I’m about to

launch a church in September and this

this is the first time in five years

that I’ll be preaching every week and

I’ve got ideas and been praying but I

know that there’s going to hit a point

where it’s like where do we go from here

and and what do you do on those weeks

how do you


so I’ve been I’ve been in both places

I’m I’ve been pastoring now for 30 plus

years I have that experience of now

which is totally different than when I

first started pastoring the only church

I’ve ever pastored and I had perfected

20 sermons that worked anywhere I went


they would move move God just used those

words I don’t know it just it just works

and it brought Revival and then so then

came that moment that you’re talking


where the reality is back then I was

preaching three sermons a week different

sermons Sunday morning Sunday night

Wednesday night wow and it was expected

that you’d bring it wow and uh what that

does to you is it almost kills you

number one which is not good

but it was how it was yeah and God gave

me a Grace God help me but I would dig I

would beg still borrow anything I had to

do to get through the week now that’s

what I had to do now it’s a different

world it’s a different platform yeah

and so what I’ve learned at this season

is I never want to sit down on a Monday

and have an empty page knowing that

Sunday’s coming what helps me

tremendously is to have three or four

messages that I already have it takes

all the pressure off I know they’re

solid messages and so how do you do that

you may have to really focus because you

have to you have to pick and choose

especially in administrative stuff and

when you’re building a church and you

don’t have a team that you can really

throw this and that on and people don’t

understand it when you got 150 200

people and and and they don’t want to

talk to your assistant and they could

care less about whether the youth pastor

comes and sees them they expect you to

be there and I get that I’ve done that

I’ve been in that world I’m still in

that world in some ways but but by that

I mean I mean


you know you have to give yourself we

can’t wait on tables you know the the

book of Acts story and they gave

themselves to the word they gave

themselves to prayer and so you have to

set aside time and you have to say I’m

going to study these are my days of

study this is my time of study I’m not

I’m not open to any and everything yeah

uh and and you just get you that’s where

the magic has to happen you open up shop

and you say but it’s also he said

something so powerful if you’re a

communicator you’re listening all the

time just listening all the time and so

you know you you constantly have to feed

yourself if you’re going to be a feeder

yeah and so you know take it in take it

in whether that’s in book form whether

that’s in uh audio books whether that’s

in messages and this person that person

all kinds of people listen keep fresh

listen to listen to to uh you know and

as you do that things start stirring


um I don’t like that feeling though what

you just described of it’s Monday and I

gotta have a sermon I I despise that

feeling and although I still get it

I don’t feel the pressure that I used to

feel because I know I’ve got messages

and if God doesn’t give me something new

that’s a sign to me by a certain point

in the week go back to something he has

given you and keep reading and I’ll read

through old notes take good notes

because those notes 20 years from now

can come alive and speak to you in your

congregation in magnificent ways

um if you don’t you know go back and

re-read what God’s already said and

something will come alive and if it does

feed it feed it because now you know so

much more now you have so many more

illustrations and and stories and things

that you can throw into that and feed

into that that’s really how it starts I

wish I had some easier method to

describe to you but that’s that’s it I

love it and God is faithful Noah God

called you and and I use this

illustration one time I gave I gave a

hundred dollar bill and I told this guy

his name is Anthony I told him to put it

put the hundred dollar slip it in his

wife’s Bible and don’t tell her just

slip it in there and he slipped it in

there in the middle of my sermon I

called her out and I said I want you to

give me a hundred dollar bill I know

you’ve got one and she she’s in front of

everybody she said I don’t have it I

said oh yes you do and she said no I

don’t and I said well we’ll check that

Bible she said pastor I don’t have any

money she opened it up and there was a

hundred dollar bill

and the point that I was making was I

know what I put in you I know what I

gave to you you don’t know what I gave

you don’t know what he gave to you I

didn’t know what God gave to me I didn’t

see it didn’t believe in it didn’t still

at times uh God still makes you have

those moments to keep you on your knees

uh so funny we were laughing the other

week I had one of those weeks I I was as

dry as I could be I had read I’d done

everything all I had was a thought and

and so I got up and preached that

thought it was really a story and I it

didn’t go like I wanted it to go like I

thought it was gonna go and I was so I

felt like I did I just it was just one

of those funky days some days some

Sundays it was raining the music was

kind of something was just kind of not

you know I thought well they’ll be so

strong maybe the Lord’s gonna take no

they were in one of those days too and

it’s just like everybody you walk in and

it’s down and it’s kind of you you just

feel and then I’m supposed that’s when I

really need a word to let you know and

and I get up and I’m like man this is

not going like I thought it cost you

know and and

I don’t know I don’t know what it is

about those times there are days where

you stroke but here’s what I’ve learned

the next Sunday was

I thought nobody would come back I

thought the place and it was filled and

the Lord moved and you just keep doing

it yeah and even those messages that you

don’t think are that powerful they God

uses the vessel God uses the vessel and

his word will not return unto him void

so stay after it I think that’s the key

stay after keep learning keep taking in

study you know listen get around

communicators do like your yard that’s

what y’all are doing you’re pursuing it

and it’ll fine you yeah it’ll find you

thank you it’ll find you and the

messages will come there’s a Grace truly

there is a Grace that kicks in you

scratch your head and say I look at some

of my old notes like 30 years ago notes

and I’m like did I preach that

because they do transcripts of word for

word and it’s like where where is the

beef like that old Burger King thing you

know where’s the beef what is that what

you preach for 40 minutes

is that and and only God could but the

church kept growing wow so it is a Grace

that you stepped into with your church

and God’s Gonna help you

amen same with a youth pastor the moment

you say yes to that call you may not

even know half how you’re doing it what

you’re doing keep pursuing it keep

pursuing it any thoughts

I mean

I mean what he said is I’m in my mind

I’m like

if you’re going to be a weekly

Communicator it just never stops

Sunday’s coming Sunday’s coming Sunday’s

coming and so you just begin to develop


the disciplines to always be prepared

always be ready

you know and uh you guys obviously just

listening to both of you have an eye for

Content that’s something he taught me a

long time ago that that you have to have

an eye for it

um and he even said what you guys were

talking to talking up from the stage he

kept saying I told you I told you you

know see they’ve got to see and

everybody was their their content was so

refined the other stuff that just comes

the weightiness The Authority the the

Dominion the

the sense of like what you’re saying

carries more weight that comes through

the spirit Spirit Carries massive weight

because the people sitting out there

will be touched more by your spirit

by the sincerity by the the uh the true

it’s not hype it’s not it’s it’s a

vulnerability almost

that that is pure and real when you

speak from that kind of uh


it because anybody can get content

anybody can get content but when it’s

coming from the realness of the fact

that you’ve been with the Lord that that

is the force that makes the difference

that is the thing that will touch that

the people and they will know I mean my

sheep know my voice so if you’ve got his

voice wow you know and then you have to

learn how to relax in that and be you

and bring it like you bring it but uh

then you know then it’s some fine tuning

that I think like really think the altar

service is through the best you can try

to figure out you know where where

you’re wanting to go with it and let let

go and maybe it’s a song that can get

you there so you know

it’s so helpful yeah I want to um go

ahead Sean I know I think as we like

maybe one of the last questions I have

for the both of you just in the season

me and Victoria are thinking about our

family and growing our family Noah has

two children and even seeing you guys

like I see Courtney behind the camera I

see Connor who did a phenomenal job of

this conference your children serving

the house of God I think what’s so great

about the both of you is not just that

your great ministers but you have great

families and I think sometimes people

even in my season we just want to be a

great Minister we’re not thinking about

our future sons and daughters and I feel

like you guys have done such a great job

leading your families what is something

we can do right now to make our families

a priority I I would encourage you to

start with your wife

honor your wife

show her honor talk about your wife um

honor her from your heart not for show

not not for that listen to her listen to

her I’ll honor her uh start it there I

mean not in not in just like a show but

really really honor her and realize that

that she is equal with you that the

ministry does not give you an upper hand

in uh in being because you’re anointed

uh marriage don’t don’t play that

marriage is like

um I appreciate your anointed but but

this is a real marriage this is a real

marriage and you know it’s going to

require you being equal not you here and

her there

you know you up here and she’s down

there and that’s so easy to happen

because when God really does use you in

powerful ways you can almost come out

and almost see like where the devil’s

trying to distract me here your wife is

never a demonic distraction wow uh that

is that is not the voice of the Holy


and so you really have to work on that

you really have to the more you honor

her the more you honor Christ yeah and

the more you uh understand that two are

better than one

two are veteran and you have obtained

favor from the Lord according to

scripture when you find your wife

and so that is the favor of God you’re

treating there do you want more favor

how are you treating your wife wow do

you want more favor on your ministry how

are you treating your wife

because you obtain favor

whosoever finds wife finds a good thing

and obtains the favor of the Lord so

um wow treat remember that it’ll make

you not be so sharp tongued or so quick

you know to be rude or whatever you know

work on that yeah it’s helpful amen so


so good I want

I want to take some time as we just wrap

up and I know that Noah you’re planting

a church right can you briefly tell us

where you’re planting when you’re

planting the name of your church so

maybe somebody is listening can thank

you be praying maybe they have a family

member in that area or maybe they’re

not in a church and they live there

possibly yeah thank you so much

um we’re planting a church called Way

Church and uh we’re in Nashville

Tennessee oh so we’re great city city

we’re uh we’re about two exits South

we’re launching in lipsicum academy uh

school so we’re rinsing out their chapel

and uh we start our weekly services on

September 10th so uh two and a half

months from when we’re recording right

now so uh God has put an amazing amazing


um around us and uh we’re actually

starting to gather with our launch team

starting tomorrow in Nashville just to

pray and ask God to move in our city and

uh we’re we’re terrified and excited at

the same time so yeah you’re gonna

you’re gonna you’re gonna kill it and

then taishan you’re traveling primarily

yeah helping churches speaking preaching

just just got back from Australia and

yeah okay

Australia how long were you there uh 42

days you 42 days and so I’m just

traveling and serving and just kind of

taking the message of the Gospel

everywhere I go so such feel feel very

privileged feel like I’m in over my head

a little bit but I’m excited to see what

God continues to do and so if you’re

looking for somebody to come and help

your church of course I know Tashan

would love to hear from you and we just

want to say we’re proud of you you know

what you’re doing and saluting and we

watched you know God’s hand on your life

today and uh is it okay if we just pray

for you pray for this next season of

your lives and and we’re just trusting

that God’s best is in front of you

so Jesus we lift up Noah

and we lift up Tyshawn and father we

just asking for you to preserve them

protect them

bless them Prosper them raise them up

father to be an influence to be an

example of Integrity humility power

anointing Revelation insight


we thank you for what their Futures hold

and father we thank you for all of those

lives that are assigned to them and

their obedience their steps of obedience

and holy spirit we thank you you’re

already preparing Hearts you’re already

breaking up the ground where they’re

going you’re already aligning the right

people that their job is you’ve already

prepared the good works beforehand for

them their job is to take those steps

and walk in it and I just thank you that

their feet are anointed their steps are

anointed their path is Anointed and so

father we just bless them today thank

you for all that they poured into us and

so many and so father we’re just asking

for your continued hand to be on their

life in Jesus name amen and I’d like to

say just one word

to you


when I first went to Free Chapel I I so

related to what you just said a look

terrified is is the correct word



when you said that uh it took me back it

took me back to those first the first


it was surreal it was Unreal

and I had no idea and yet I did know

what God was going to do

if I if I’m to be truthful I hear people

all the time say I had no I knew in my

heart if I could let God do what he

wanted to do and wouldn’t get in the way

that that church was going to do

something significant for God’s glory

and I feel like telling you what the

Lord shared with me in the early days

and I didn’t get it until I was just he

just said your name Noah and one of the

things one of the big principles the

Lord spoke to me is he said as you when

we started building our first church he

I said Lord that’s such a big church how

are we going to fill it

and the Lord said to me just like my

spirit spoke to the animals and two by

two they came from every direction to

the ark

tell no one I’m already speaking to

people and they’re going to come

families couples they’re going to come

and it will be a supernatural thing you

will be so amazed as they’ll come from

the north south east and west and that

place would be filled wow and just rest

in that in the name of Jesus he’s going

to give you a full Ark

a people his Spirit has drawn they’ll

find you you just keep the door open

Noah because they’re coming thank you so

much praise the Lord

well thank you if you enjoyed this of

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