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My guest’s books have sold
in the millions worldwide.

Now he’s exposing the most
powerful evil strongholds

working together
to destroy America,

and the ultimate
spiritual stronghold

is different than you think.


I was just telling my guest,

the Holy Spirit is here.

He is here in such
a strong fashion.

My guest, Rick Joyner,
best-selling author of books

like “The Final Quest,”

is known for his very accurate
prophetic dreams,

visions and revelations
from God for over 50 years.

In his book “Overcoming Evil
in the Last Days,”

Rick speaks of his, get this,
30-year-old vision

that is exploding
with accuracy right now.

Rick, tell me about
the evil stronghold of racism.

RJ: Well, in Matthew 24,
when the disciples asked Jesus,

they actually asked Him
three questions.

“When will these things be?”

He had just talked
about the temple

being destroyed in Jerusalem.

And then they said,
“and of your presence,

and of the end of the age?”
The word that’s often translated

coming there
literally is presence,

the “Parousia” of the Lord.

So He answered all three.
Many of the details He gave,

I think one of the most important
that’s unfolding right now when

He said, “Nation
would rise against nation,”

and the word
translated nation there,

it’s the Greek, “ethnos,”
from which we derive ethnic.

SR: Right.

RJ: He wasn’t talking about
countries fighting each other.

He was talking about
ethnic conflict

would be one of the signs
of the end of the age.

I think that’s what we see
unfolding in our own time.

It’s rising to a crescendo
I think is unprecedented,

even though it’s been present,
I think, since the garden,

since the fall, the Tree
of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

SR: It’s like we were making
progress in some of these areas,

and then all of a sudden,
no-holds barred, it’s gone,

and it’s skyrocketing
to extremes that are scary.

RJ: Yeah.

Well, the Lord is going to raise
up a standard against it.

Anytime the enemy comes in
like a flood, like this we know,

He has something He’s going to
rise up to counter it,

and that’s what He’s called
His people to be.

His church is called to be
a house of prayer

for all ethnos, same word.

And I believe we have
an ultimate opportunity

to overcome this evil.

I think we need to understand
that racism is built upon

two of the most evil

of fallen man,
both pride and fear.

People become racists because
they become proud in the flesh,

proud of what race there are.

I believe there are
all forms of bigotry,

such as spiritual bigotry.

When we start thinking
we’re better than others

because we’re a part
of a certain group

or denomination or whatever,

“God resists the proud and gives
His grace to the humble.”

So if the devil can get us proud
in these areas, any area,

he knows he doesn’t
have to deal with us.

God will deal with us.

We’ll even have the resistance
of God in our life.

So that’s one of
the ultimate evils.

The other is fear,
where we start becoming racist

because we’re afraid of those
who are different from us.

We’re so insecure.

If they don’t fit right in
with our mentality,

with our beliefs
and everything, we react.

And you see this happening today
on a level

that I don’t think
there’s ever been.

Intolerance for differences
or distinctions

when we serve a Creator

who made
every snowflake different.

Every human being is different.
He loves that.

The right kind of diversity that
He made us unique,

every one of us.

So I think if we really
are abiding in the Creator,

when we meet someone
different from us,

we’re not going to be intimidated
or fearful,

we’re going to be expectant
of learning something.

>> Amen.

SR: Tell me about the evil
stronghold of witchcraft.

[Music] RJ: Well, witchcraft is
actually named in Galatians 5

as one of the works
of the flesh.

SR: Hmm.

RJ: We tend to think of it
as the black magic and all that.

SR: Right.
RJ: That’s an aspect.

That’s not the most prevalent
kind of witchcraft.

Witchcraft is using any spirit
other than the Holy Spirit

to try to control,
manipulate other people.

[Music ends] I think using hype
is a form of witchcraft.

SR: Huh.

There are things I-

but the Holy Spirit
has more dignity

than to try to hype things,
than to manipulate or control.

He didn’t even control Adam
and Eve in the garden.

He gave them freedom.

He told them,
“Don’t eat from this tree.”

But He gave them
the freedom to do it.

So I think we really
have to start recognizing

how much witchcraft
has gained influence

even in the Body of Christ.
I think one of the greatest,

most clear examples in scripture
is King Saul.

SR: Right.

RJ: He started-

when he saw the enemies gathering
and the people scattering,

he caved into the pressure
and offered the sacrifice.

He had no spiritual authority
to offer that sacrifice,

and Samuel had told him,
“Wait until I get there.”

But he caved into the pressure
because he feared the enemy

and feared the people
more than he feared God.

And this is where it enters,

when we start getting
all of our encouragement

by how the people receive us
rather than God.

And the people can be fickle.

The same crowd that said
“Hosanna, blessed

is He who comes
in the Name of the Lord,”

5 days later is saying,
“Crucify Him.”

So you’re going to be
all over the place

if you’re moving or living
by the fear of man,

the fear of people,
in place of the fear of God.

So that’s crucial to understand
and be rooted in.

Where you see the opposite
of this spirit in King David.

When his family

and all the families
of his faithful followers,

they get kidnapped
by the Amalekites,

who were the terrorists
of the day,

and if anything, could be worse.

But then to have your own men
ready to stone you,

picking up stones
to stone you with

because of all their families
that were kidnapped.

If there was ever pressure
to just charge out

and just do something,
that was it.

David did not respond
to that pressure.

It says he strengthened himself
in the Lord, His God.

He sought the Lord
for a clear direction

when he was about
to get stones rained on him,

and he still cared more
about what God thought,

what God was saying.

So I think this is a test
everybody in authority

has to go to,
and if they cave in like Saul-

It was no accident he ended up
his last night

in the witch’s house.
This is witchcraft.

It’s counterfeit
spiritual authority.


SR: How about the evil
stronghold of religious spirit?

RJ: The religious spirit,
I call these three together

Satan’s cord of three strands

because they usually
come together.

SR: Hmm.

RJ: He uses all
three of them against us.

But the religious
spirit fundamentally

is an attempt by the devil

to get us to try to base
our relationship to God

on our religious performance

rather than what Jesus did
on the cross.

We don’t seek the Lord
in order to gain His approval.

We don’t serve the Lord
to gain His approval.

We already have it
through the cross.

We seek to serve Him
from a position of having

His approval and because
of our love for Him.

We want to please Him.
We want to do these things.

But not for what we’ll gain,
not for an acceptance we’ll gain.

That’s already
been done totally.

I personally believe right now
the religious spirit

has more influence in the church
than the Holy Spirit

and what we consider
the church as a whole.

SR: And you say racism
is a sign of the last days.

Why do you say that?

RJ: Because Jesus said it
in Matthew 24

when He said, “Nation
would rise against nation.”

That’s the Greek word ethnic.

He was talking
about ethnic conflict.

These were all seeds
that were sown in man.

When Jesus said the end
of the age is the harvest,

it’s the harvest of every seed
that has been sown,

both the good and the evil
coming to full maturity,

the wheat and the terrorism.

That’s why we’re entering
into the period

of the ultimate conflict
between light and darkness.

SR: What have you found
is the best way

to overcome
this spirit of racism?

RJ: Well, I think, first,
let’s start with humility.

I think we have to understand

there’s nothing more valuable
than the grace of God.

What could be more valuable
than that in our life?

And when He says, “He gives
His grace to the humble,”

how would our lives change
if in every day,

in every way,
we’re seeking to humble ourselves

instead of make ourselves
look bigger and better

and trying to promote ourselves?

Then God could promote us.
Doesn’t it say-

That’s so opposite human nature.

RJ: The Holy Spirit is opposite
of fallen human nature.

No doubt about it.
The exact opposite.


RJ: And that’s-

we’re supposed to be
of a different spirit,

not the spirit of the world.

But if-
And it says Jesus said,

“Everyone who exalts himself
will be humbled.”

He didn’t say some.
He said everyone.

Then he said, “Everyone who
humbles himself will be exalted.”

Now, I think really one of the
most arrogant things we can do

is try to humble other people.
I see all over-

in a number of places,
He says, “Humble yourselves.”

I’ve never seen anywhere
where it says,

“Humble your pastor.
Humble your neighbor.”

And then when we start
criticizing the church,

this is God’s own workmanship.

What we’re doing is criticizing
God and what He’s doing.

Now, that’s different
from understanding,

recognizing problems with
the church or with Christians.

But I think if we have
His Spirit,

we’re going to do it
with a redemptive purpose

instead of one that
is judgmental and condemning.

We’ll also do it

it’s not just a cliche-

“Except for the grace of God,
there go I.”

I would be the same thing

if it weren’t for
the grace of God,

and you don’t want to become
arrogant about the grace of God

because then you lose it.

SR: It seems we take
all these wonderful things

that God has given us,
and we pervert them.

RJ: We start to think
it’s because of us.

It’s all because of the Son.

All things can be
summed up in Him.

SR: Rick reveals the ultimate
racist barrier

to undermine believers.

It’s urgent
that we overcome this.

It’s going to shock many of you
when you find out.

Be right back.



>> We’ll be right back
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>> We now return
to “It’s Supernatural!”


Okay, Rick.

What is the ultimate
racial barrier

that we have to overcome?
The ultimate.

RJ: Jew and Gentile.

SR: See, I told you
you’d be surprised. Explain.

RJ: Well, racism actually
empowers the spirit of death.

More death has entered
the world through racism

in all of its forms.

Most wars are actually
racist wars, country,

nations against others,
but it’s really ethnic conflict.

People fighting each other
because they’re different

or different religions and faith.

But we also see that when Jew
and Gentile are grafted together,

as we see in Romans 9-11,
into that One New Man, said,

“What is this but life
from the dead?

The overcoming
of that spirit of death.”

SR: Hmm.

So it’s one that I believe

the Lord has allowed
for His own purposes.

It has to be overcome.

The church cannot understand
its full purpose

without understanding Israel,

the natural Israel’s
full purpose.

They can’t understand
their full purpose

without understanding ours.

And right now, there’s great
division between them.

At the end, I think we’re
going to understand

how we are made complete
with each other,

and that’s going to bring forth
what is called the One New Man,

which I believe is
the new creation man

manifested on the Earth
as God intended

because it will have overcome
every racial barrier-


RJ: … fundamentally.

You say the Gentile church

needs to take up
the burden of reaching the Jew.

Of course.

Matter of fact,
I think we see-

let’s look at Peter
was sent to the Jews.

Paul is sent to the Gentiles.

It looks like
God got that mixed up.

SR: Yeah, I would have
picked Paul that studied

under the greatest rabbis
of the day.

RJ: Exactly, they would
have respected-

SR: And then but He picks
a fisherman to go to the Jews.

RJ: He picks someone
they would totally disrespect,

and sends the one
who they would have respected-

the Jews would have
respected, to the Gentiles.

Gentiles hated the Pharisees.
They- but what He did was

He made both of them utterly
dependent on the Holy Spirit

to fulfill their calling.

They- nobody was
going to come to Jesus-

none of the Jews were
going to come to Jesus

because they liked Peter.

They were going to have to see
something a lot bigger in Peter,

operating in Peter
that they could overlook that,

and the same with Paul.
Paul even told the Galatians,

“I know my flesh
was a trial to you,

but you saw beyond that.

You received me as
if I were an angel from God.”

So they weren’t-
he understood his flesh

was a trial to the very ones
he’s trying to reach.

He has to have the Holy Spirit,
the grace of God.

And I think there’s something
that we’re going to see-

I know some-

been in a lot of the Messianic
movements and congregations,

and I’ve asked a couple
of the biggest,

“Raise your hands.

How many are Jews here that
were reached by another Jew?”

And it was almost nobody. I-

SR: Yeah, and most gentiles think
it’s the Jewish believer

that’s supposed to reach the Jew.

It’s kind of logical.
Again, so what’s God going to do?

He’s making the Gentiles
the Peter of His day.

Exactly. That’s exactly right.

And the Jews did better
at reaching the Gentiles.

Our whole scripture
is written by Jews,

and we need to understand
that the Jewish foundation

that God has,
the natural branches

and how we were
wild branches grafted into this.

SR: There’s so much revelation
in what you’re talking about.

In Rick’s book, “Overcoming Evil
in the Last Days,”

he teaches on how to discern

and overcome all of these
major strongholds.

Why do you sense an urgency
to get this word out now?

RJ: Well, the days
are getting shorter.

We really are coming
to the end of this age,

which to me is the greatest time
there’s ever been to be alive

and to see
the great works of God.


RJ: But it’s the time when all
of this is coming together,

and it is going to happen.
It is going to happen.

The harvest is coming in.

The whole Earth is going
to be reaped like we see

in the Book of Revelation.
We get to be here for this.

SR: You teach about Isaiah

RJ: Yeah.

SR: Explain that.

RJ: Well, it says there, “Arise,
shine; for your light has come!

The glory of the Lord
has risen upon you.

For behold,
darkness will cover the Earth,

and deep darkness the people.”

Now, if that doesn’t describe
where we are right now,

but then it says, “But His glory
is going to rise upon you,

and His glory is going
to appear upon you.”

So at the very time
of the deepest darkness,

we’re seeing the glory
of the Lord manifest,

and then the third verse says,

“And the nations are going
to come to

the brightness of your rising.”

The glory is going to win.
The light is going to win.

SR: It’s the harvest.

RJ: Exactly.

SR: You’re describing
the harvest.

RJ: Yeah.

SR: Speaking of harvest,
do you know about God?

Or do you know Him?
Have you had religion?

Or have you had experiential
relationship with God,

your own experience?

Not someone special.
The special one,

He died and rose from the dead.
His Name is Jesus.

He wants to have
a real relationship with you.

Say out loud with your mouth.

Believe it to the best
of your heart. Dear God-

>> Dear God-

SR: -please forgive me
for my sins.

>> -please forgive me
for my sins.

SR: I believe Your blood has
washed away all of my sins.

>> I believe Your blood has
washed away all of my sins.

SR: And now that I’m clean-
>> And now that I’m clean-

SR: -Jesus, come
and live inside of me.

>> -Jesus, come and live
inside of me.

I make you my Lord and Savior.

>> I make you my Lord and Savior.

SR: Rick, look in the camera
and pray for the harvest.

RJ: Lord, You paid such
an incredible price

for our salvation,
and it says You-

“God so loved the world,”
not just man but the whole world,

but You gave man authority
over the Earth

and responsibility of the Earth.

And, Lord, I ask right now
that that great glory

that is spoken of by Isaiah
in Isaiah 60,

where Your glory
would appear upon

Your people, in this great
darkness that is increasing like

I believe at no other time
at history,

right now, Lord, raise up

Your standard, raise up
Your light that wins in the end

just like we see there
in those verses,

where the nations will come
to the brightness of your rising.

Lord, I ask You that the greatest
manifestation of what

You created man to be like
would come forth in this time

that every man,
woman, child, everybody,

could point to your new creation
and say,

“That is what I am called to be.

That is who I am,”
and be drawn to

You the only way
that we can become

who we are called to be
and created to be.

In Jesus Name, amen.