Chris Reed shares an urgent word for the body of Messiah. ▶▶Get your copy of Did you Learn to Love? by Bonnie Jones [E-Book]:

hello Sid Roth here and I have to tell

you how do you like this new studio it’s

not mine I’m borrowing it it’s Chris

Reed for those that don’t know Chris

Chris is uh the new head of Morningstar

uh Rick Joyner uh turned it over to

really interesting Chris that Rick

turned it over to you and then he had a

situation where he had a step out of

Ministry for a short while it was almost

if he he had a premonition but I don’t

think he did or did he you may know I

just think it was God’s timing and the

Lord knows how to do everything in his

perfect timing and I’m thankful for that

well here’s what I wanted to tell you

before I turned Chris loose

you’re about ready to hear the most

Supernatural end time message that I

know on the planet right now

it it will everyone talks about the

coming Glory but they don’t tell you

really they are I mean I talk about

praying in tongues meditating on the

word intimacy with God these are Givens

but there’s something even more

important I had a friend who’s now in

heaven before he went to heaven

he died

and went to heaven and was sent back

and Jesus asked him one question

did you learn to love

as if

that was the purpose

of this walk in this flesh in this life

and the whole purpose is in our

activities everything we do

did you learn to love and uh Bob knew he

he didn’t get that a plus that Jesus was

looking for Jesus knew it too and he

chose to come back

and he walked the love walk

but it’s one thing to say do it

it’s another thing

to know how to do it

well this is why I say this is such a

supernatural end time message

I I don’t go every week to Morningstar

or once in a while and I decided I was

going to come to Morningstar this past

Sunday and Chris was speaking uh and um

when I was ready to go a circumstance

occurred and my wife couldn’t go and I

thought well maybe I’ll just cancel and

not go


I didn’t just cancel and not go I felt

no I’m supposed to go I mean I prefer

going with my wife rather than myself

uh and and so I went there and the first

thing I noticed when I went there

Beyond The Magnificent worship the first

thing that I noticed was Christian had

three people doing paintings and the

only one I had eyesight of was this

painting of the sunflower

and I thought isn’t that amazing that’s

got to be a sign from God why because

I’ve been talking for

quite a number of years now about the

sunflower prophecy

and I’ll tell you very briefly what it


this Prophet saw

me as a first Sun’s flower for the

Salvation of Israel and here’s why he

said that he said every sunflower has

about 1500 seeds these sunflowers are

built to bend towards the sun no matter

where they are they thrive in sunlight

that’s all they need

they’re hearty they’ll just Thrive and

come up quickly

these sunflowers


1500 seeds a thousand to fifteen hundred

these sunflowers represent the Great

Harvest and so this I pulsate for this

and uh the first thing I see is and

these are what are called prophetic

artists uh they just get inspired by God

what to paint and and Christian had

three of them but this was the only one

in my eyeshot and I kept watching and

watching I saw she had a sunflower there

which she was looking at but I didn’t

realize what she was doing there we’ll

talk about that in just a moment but

then it gets even more Supernatural I

remember the guy I told you about that

died and went to heaven it was sent back

did you learn to love Bob Jones guess

who I was seated next to when I came in

Bonnie Jones his widow

I I mean I knew that God was setting me

up for something then when I heard

Kress’s message

I’m sure God gave you that title well

what was the title of the message was uh

I’m going to butcher it but the lamb and

the line was one man yeah the lion and

the lamb are the same man yeah yeah and

but but even more important than the

title which you’ll get when he explains

even more than that title if you will do

what the Holy Spirit showed and by the

way for those that don’t know he is a

prophetic teacher everything he teaches

has prophecy and then he has one of the

most unique gifts I’ve seen of people

alive I’ve only seen two people that

function to the degree that he functions

in this gift

I mean you’ve heard of a prophet reading

your mail Chris

will read someone’s mail I mean in fact

sometimes he doesn’t even know what he’s

saying but the person he’s saying it to

know hey that’s where I live oh that’s

where I lived before I lived here I mean

you don’t know you don’t really know

that how significant these words are

until the person explains it to you

exactly it’s so you’re both operating by

a little faith yeah but just for

instance I recently had a vision of an

eagle coming in someone’s house and I

was telling this to this man in this

service and he had dreamed one week

prior to that of the eagle coming to his

house so I was a sign from God of Thee

the prophetic visiting him him

encountering the Lord Jesus Christ so

it’s the secrets of the heart but it

also builds

people’s faith and that’s one of the

reasons why we do a school the prophets

here is to train and equip people to

know how to hear the voice of God to get

Revelation but then interpret it

correctly to know the application and

the timing now you’re having a school

the prophets come up very quickly just

briefly yeah it starts in September of

2023 we do it every year and it’s one

weekend a month it goes uh Thursday

night Friday and Saturday morning and

what’s beautiful about it Sid is

somebody can come in person and stay

here at Heritage International

Ministries we have a hotel on site with

discounted rates cheaper than other


and then there’s seven sessions in those

in that day and a half in that one

weekend per month that goes from

September until May they can do it

online at home in person they can come

here each month or they can do it at

home and they get all the activation all

the teachings if they do it at home

online or if they do it in person they

can find out all there is they can

register for that at we’ve had between three and

four hundred do it the last two or three

years and Sid

90 percent of the students have

dramatically increased in words of

knowledge words and wisdom prophecy

dreams dream interpretation everything

prophetic well I’ve talked to some of

your students and they Rave about the

change they’ve had by just taking this

I I fail to do something because I

remarked on it I always at the beginning

of a show I say welcome Holy Spirit have

your way but I was complaining to Chris

when we were just starting I said Chris

I thought my show was the only one that

had that degree of Glory the minute I

sat down in your studio I felt the

presence teach yeah

so The Lion and the lamb are the same

man now this is a condensed version of

it the full version of it people can

find it on

but where I get this concept of The Lion

and the lamb being the same man

is which comes out of the Book of

Revelation which of course the Book of

Revelation is the revelation of Jesus

Christ or the revelation of Yeshua

hamashiach it’s first and foremost about

revealing him his nature his

characteristics many people think it’s

the revelation of the Antichrist or end

time events and those things are

included but it’s primarily a book about

revealing him in symbols and pictures

and imagery and so in Revelation chapter

5 and verse 5 and 6 there was this

conversation going on in the throne room

about the seven sealed scroll that

needed to be opened and the this this

elder was weeping they were weeping

who’s worthy to open the scroll and this

person speaks up and says wheat not in

Revelation 5 verses 5 and 6 weep not the

lion of the tribe of Judah has prevailed

and behind the Throne of course were the

four living creatures but then it’s

something interesting that is said it’s

so remarkable he’s told Behold The Lion

of the tribe of Judah has prevailed but

then John says I looked and I beheld a

lamb as if it had been slain

so he is called a lion but John looked

and saw a lamb as if it had been slain

willingly laying down his life a willing

sacrifice sacrificial love

so when John looked to see the line of

the tribe of Judah he saw that land

which is hence my title The Lion and the

lamb are the same man we know Jesus or

Yeshua being fully God fully man lion

and lamb now this is what’s important I

think Sid to get

when we think of a lion we think of the

king of the jungle we think of Claws and

teeth we think of predator and prey but

this kind of lion-like lamb okay he is

fierce and powerful and conquering

because he is a lion but he’s not like a

carnal or Earthly lion his scarcity his

power his conquering ability was what

was displayed in the life of the Lord

Jesus Christ so when John looked

for a lion

he saw a lamb as if it had been slain

that part was put in there so the

victory as we know of our Lord Jesus

over Satan and the works of Satan was

done through his Fierce love manifested

through that Meek nature of the Lamb who

laid down his life willingly as an


servant an obedient servant fully

surrendered and you know if we were to

Define love biblically John 3 16 you all

know it for God so loved the world that

he gave his only begotten son the

whosoever believeth in him should not

perish but have everlasting life but how

does God’s love which involves sending

giving up his most prized loved

possession how do we take up that cross

Jesus said If any man is going to follow

me we got to take up the cross and

follow him well what is that cross well

First John 3 16 tells us how we apply

what Jesus did for us in Saint John 3

16. here’s how we perceive the love of


that he would lay down his life for us

as we ought to lay down our lives

for the brethren

that’s profound because in reality he’s

saying this is how we live out and

fulfill what Jesus did for us as the

saving Act of humanity Jesus said in

John 15 no greater love hath any man

than this that he would lay down his

life for his friends so this yielding

giving up this privilege to win to to

win the argument to be right I think

sometimes we’ve skewed the idea of what

the land the lion of God is he is called

the lion once in the Book of Revelation

but he’s called the lamb 25 times yeah

you know Chris I’ve been a Believer over

50 years and I I like Paul

I I say very clearly when I heard the

message you’re about ready to hear I

came under

deep conviction and that’s good

because that’s one reason that the Holy

Spirit has come

but when I get to heaven I don’t want

Jesus to say did you learn look I don’t

want to come back I want to stay I don’t

want Jesus to say did you learn to love

go ahead yeah so Jesus as you know Sid

is called many things in Scripture

he’s called The Prince of Peace he is

the bread that come down from heaven the

Good Shepherd the Mighty God the Prince

of Peace the Everlasting father the

chief Apostle

but as I said a second ago he’s called

the lamb 25 times just in that one book

of Revelation that in itself is a

revelation of Yeshua hamashiach

is the fact that he’s called that 25

times it’s something that the almighty

wants us to know about his son Yeshua

hamashiach and that is he conquered as a


through love in other words the strength

of the Lion of the tribe of Judah is is

that he is like a lamb you know in the

kingdom of God everything is directly

opposite of the ways of the world in the

kingdom of God the Way Up Is Down

you know and it’s not to take it’s to


and and so I think it’s important

that even in scripture we look Jesus did

not overcome with Force he even

disappointed his disciples because they

were looking for someone to liberate

them from Rome a political Messiah he

didn’t overcome with Force okay but he

overcame with Sacrifice by laying down

his life and you see this is the way

Jesus didn’t just become this when he

came to Earth he had always been this

way and that’s why Revelation 13 says he

was the lamb slain

from the foundation of the world so this

lamb likeness was always in the heart of

God that’s always who God has been like

God is like Yeshua Yeshua Jesus Is God

and to me what is so profound as he

conquered by love unlike the Pharaohs

and the Caesars of history when one

culture dominates another one by force

and takes their land and their goods and

overcomes them and forces that culture

lose their culture and absorb the the

Conquering armies no Jesus will come

back and but when he comes back you know

we’ve often wondered how is he going to

come back we we know he’s not going to

come back to take sides he’s going to

come back to take over I think he is

going to be consumed the enemies of God

are going to be consumed by the

brightness of his person it says that in

the Bible his his brightness of his love

he conquered by love not by force and we

are at a war but not a conventional War

the weapons of our Warfare are not

carnal natural okay bombs guns knives

But Mighty through God that goes against

the carnal human nature which is to get

and to take and to climb higher and to

push someone out of your way so that you

can climb another step higher no do not

overcome evil

with evil but overcome evil with good

you know Chris on that point

I have learned a valuable lesson uh

there are various demonic spirits and

principalities and powers of Darkness

one is called Leviathan it kind of

twists what you say all around do you

know the way to get rid of the

leviathan’s spirit exactly what Chris is

teaching what you think proved to the

person that there’s they’re all mixed up

no the more you love the more that

spirit trembles and leaves

that’s the key you know that’s such

rather than out in the name of Jesus

I’m going to walk in Jesus kind of love

yep and it’s forceful it’s powerful but

not in the carnal definition of force so

you know it the reason why the lamb in

Revelation 5 it says judgment was

committed to him the father gave the son

The Authority for judgment and the son

or the lamb was granted the right to

open the scroll book

there’s a reason why he’s able to judge

is he was willing to lay down his life

for us

we can never have authority to judge

someone that we’re not first willing to

die for

and that’s what that means we can’t

judge anyone

I’m sorry I had to say that they’ll lay

down your life Wow sacrificial nature of

the Lamb it may be meekness but it’s not

weakness the meek shall inherit the

earth not the strong not the Macho not

the tough and the proud or the

egotistical the meat it goes against the

carnal nature the beastly nature of the

Fallen nature of man Jesus wasn’t a goat

and we know in Matthew 25 he’s going to

separate the Lambs from the goats and

and that applies to individuals I

believe as well as Nations now how did

Jesus look like a lamb well he opened

not his mouth

he reviled not back he didn’t threaten

unlike a goat who butts and Kinks and

resists to promote himself no it was the

Bride of Yeshua will have to receive of

the nature of that bridegroom the meek

nature the lamb is worthy to receive

glory honor power and riches so it’s the

lamb from the foundation of the world

and in Revelation chapter 21 and 22 the

last chapters of the Bible the lamb is

mentioned several times

you know you think about the come see

the New Jerusalem the the the the the

Lamb’s life the the scriptures on and on

that we’ll get to in just a minute but

the Book of Revelation is the is is the

book about how that the nature of the

Lamb of God is what makes him the lion

of the tribe of Judah

who overcomes to sit and whoever

overcomes the way he overcame using this

lamb nature will be granted to sit in

the throne with him so how does the lamb

nature then translate into the glory of

God the golden Global Glory as you I

said and and that’s really so important

because it’s coming

it is coming in fact I told Chris every

show I do whether it’s even this one

right now I’m expecting it to happen

but the question is he’s going to start

with a few people that’ll be like

lighthouses to reflect this to the world

I pray that you heed what Chris is

saying because

I think God wants you to be a lighthouse

this is the key to the glory and this

part this next part is really important

fear not little flock

for it’s the father’s good pleasure to

give you the Kingdom so we know that in

Revelation chapter 5 and verse 6 the

lamb is in the midst of the throne well

the throne represents Authority and

power right

so the closer that we

um abide in the nature of the Lamb the

more closer we are to the throne or the

the place of power in authority

so real Authority in the Kingdom only

comes by joining in nature with the one

who overcame the unconventional way not

by force but by laying down his life

Jesus Yeshua said no man takes my life

from me I lay it down now Revelation 14

1 then I looked and behold a lamb

standing on Mount Zion Mount Zion is the

place where David’s Tabernacle and the

glory of God rested in the Old Testament

it’s interesting the lamb is standing


so it’s telling us that the sacrificial

love or the qualities natures and

characteristics of the Lamb is where the

glory of God is that’s where you’re

going to find the glory is find the lamb

and adopt it be joined to it so the more

we learn to to abide in the nature of

the Lamb of God it gives us the strength

to conquer his lions


we will be filled with his glory when we

adopt and receive an impartation of his

identity now look at the glory of the

New Jerusalem Revelation 21 verse 22 and

23 I saw no temple in it now think about

it this is the end of the Bible right

for the Lord God Almighty and the lamb

are its Temple the city had no need of

the sun nor of the moon to shine in it

for the glory of God illuminated it

the lamb is its light I need you to see

that again the glory of God illuminated

it the lamb is its light so that verse

tells us right there the glory of God

that brings lumination is found in the

lamb who gives us his light by following

him in his nature characteristics

personality and it goes on to say

that uh that that the lamb nature of

course is all of those things and the

glory is laid is the laid down nature of

the Lamb if you remember the temple

where the glory of God fell when Solomon

built it the Shekinah Glory of God

that’s where sacrifices and Lambs were

offered and killed that’s where the it

was where the blood was sprinkled where

death occurred that’s where the glory of

God dwelled between the faces of the

cherubims on the Ark of the Covenant so

we see from the foundation of the world

he was the lamb slain and we see it that

at the end of The Book of Revelation

he’s the lamb the the light is the Lamb

the glory of God is in the land John 17

verse 22 and the glory which you give me

Jesus says to the father I have given

them what are we pursuing the glory of

God the glory the father gave the son

the that they may be worn as we are one

i in them and you and me that they may

be perfect in one and that the world may

know that you have sent me and have

loved me as and have loved them rather

as you have loved me now let’s look at

the qualities of a lamb the lamb is Meek

and obedient Isaiah 53 7 he was

oppressed and was afflicted yet he

opened not his mouth

he was led as a lamb to the slaughter

and as a sheep before its shears is

silent he opened not his mouth this idea

of always having a be right or when the

argument or to have the final word or

the final say or to be heard or be seen

that’s the opposite of the Lamb see

Lambs don’t have sharp claws they don’t

have sharp teeth and sometimes

Christians have sharp tongues

which they can bite and devour one

another with malice and anger and I

believe it was James that warned the

church to not bite and devour one

another so Lambs aren’t dangerous in

fact they’re harmless

they don’t resist being slaughtered

now this is pretty graphic but think

about this a lamb will stand still while

its throat is being cut sounds like

Stephen in the Bible

who while being stoned lifted up into


and saw Jesus standing at the right hand

of God and you know what Stephen said

lay not this sin to their charge wow

could you say that could I say that I

don’t know if I could say that yet but

Jesus was harmless Hebrews 7 26 and I

have to add one more thing sure I

believe when he was being stoned he was

in so much of the glory which is the

Manifest presence of God

that he didn’t feel one ounce of pain I

believe that I do too and the fact that

he saw the heavens open and the glory of

God shining on his face

I believe that willingly laying down his

life not compromising his faith in

Yeshua but that laying on his life that

that that willingly uh obediently

surrendering even to the hands of his

enemies it’s incredible because there

was someone who was holding the coats of

the stone throwers

and his name was Saul of Tarsus who

later became Paul I believe the road to

Damascus light or Glory that blinded

Saul started blinding him the chapter

before when he watched Stephen calling

upon God saying Lord Jesus lay not this

sin to their charge he was like Jesus

when Jesus said when he was being nailed

to the cross father forgive them they

know not what they do so Stephen was

just like Jesus and Saul saw it and Saul

became Paul who wrote two-thirds of the

New Testament Stephen

was the first seed he then planted a

seed in Saul of Tarsus who became Paul

the Apostle and began what was the

sunflower Harvest to Jews and Gentiles

worldwide wow absolutely so so think

about this Jesus

Hebrews 7 26 the Hebrew writer said for

such a high priest was fitting for us

who is Holy harmless undefiled separate

from Sinners and has become higher than

the heavens are we harmless with our

attitudes and words are we hurtful or

are we dangerous are we self-serving

you know Matthew 10 16 Jesus said behold

I send you out as sheep in the midst of

wolves so he was saying there the

disciples were to be like sheep

therefore be wise as servants and

harmless as doves so the lamb nature is

complete submissiveness and yieldedness

and surrender to the father’s will that

Jesus demonstrated that Stephen lived

out that began the conversion in Saul of

Tarsus the writer of two-thirds of the

New Testament

Stephen’s willingly laying down his life

asking for the one stoning him to to

their sin to not be held to their charge

was the first seed of conversion in Paul

now we are called to follow in the

footsteps of the Lamb first Peter 2

20-23 for what credit is it if when

you’re you are beaten for your faults

you take it patiently but when you do

good and suffer

if you take it patiently this is

commendable before God

for to this you were called

that goes against law the Americanized

gospel doesn’t it for to this you are

called because Christ also suffered for

us leave us leaving us an example that

you should follow his steps who

committed no sin nor was deceit found in

his mouth who when he was reviled did

not revile in return when he suffered he

did not threaten but committed himself

to him who judges righteously

and Jesus said in Revelation 3 21 once

again to him who overcomes will I grant

to sit with me on my throne even as I

overcame well how did Jesus overcame

we’re describing that

now Revelation 19 7 it says let us be

glad and rejoice and give him glory for

the marriage supper of the Lamb not the

lion not the chief Apostle not even the

Lord he’s all those things too

you you shared something when I was

there that I think every person in the

audience you touch their Spirit deeply

and it has to do with the problems that

we have and let me tell you if you’re a

human you got problems that’s part of

this Human Experience especially now

with everything going

crazy we Jewish people have a word

called Meshuggah everything is Meshuggah

everything is upside down we need

someone once more to turn the world

right side up or upside down depending

on how you look at it

Chris everyone’s got problems but we’re

approaching it as

the devil’s responsible stop stop stop

teach what you did at a meeting well the

truth is the study of theology is the

study of God the study of christology is

the study of Christ his characteristics

is his attributes that are revealed in

this imagery in the Book of Revelation

now the Bible tells us in other places

as you know Sid that Jesus overcame

death Hell In The Grave he defeated

Satan he took the keys of death hell and

the grave and so the Real Enemy of the

believer is not Satan he’s been defeated

in fact the Bible says we’re seated with

Christ in spirit in Heavenly places far

above all principality or power or might

or demon

so the reality then is is when we try

and rebuke the devil when we have

problems or struggles and we rebuke the

devil and the problem doesn’t go away it

might just be it’s not the devil and it

might just be it’s not a lack of your

faith exactly the mind the Bible says

the natural mind receives not the things

of the spirit and just like the Bible

speaks of the Holy Spirit it says out of

your belly shall flow rivers of Living

Water you know the spirit starts from

your innermost being and it comes up out

of your belly through your throat and

many times especially

if you are a a very intelligent person

uh it can get dammed up in the brain I’m

talking Spirit but but if whether it’s

tongues in another language or whether

it’s prophecy in a known language it’s

got to come up out of your innermost

being up your throat bypass your brain

and come straight out your mouth that’s

what is called being yielded to the

spirit and so the truth is when we have

uh this understanding that the mind can

be the biggest enemy and if that is

removed out of the equation then we can

also understand that the people that are

in our lives that rub us raw or rub us

the wrong way or offend us or talk about

us or criticize us they may be allowed

to be there to Buffet us to change that

part of us that remains unchanged and

not yet conformed to the image of the

Lamb so Sid when we choose

take the back seat to others when we

choose to allow circumstances that we

can’t control that we respond correctly

when we choose to love the people that

are sent to us to help crucify that part

of us that remains uncrucified with

Christ we do learn to love and like the

sunflower we grow up to follow the Sun

Now quickly I want to go through this

let’s look at the nature of the Lamb a

little more we know that we’re called to

follow in his footsteps number one he

bore a debt that he didn’t know he took

our sin debt he didn’t expose us love

covers the multitude of sins he’s

patient listen to this Romans 10 21 all

day long I’ve stretched out my hands to

a disobedient and contrary people he

prayed father forgive them for those who

were nailing him while they were nailing


forgive them for they know not what they

do okay he doesn’t hesitate to show

Mercy it says in Psalms 86 and 5 he is

rich in Mercy to all who ask it

but he not only forgives Sid he forgets

he doesn’t think about our sins

despising the shame he didn’t Grumble or

complain about it listen to this it says

for the joy set before him

he endured the cross

despising the shame he was willing to be

humiliated hanging naked

on a cross

to yield and surrender to the father’s

will he obeyed unto death he made

himself of no reputation Ephesians 5 and

1 and 2 therefore be imitators of God be

imitators of God as dear children and

walk in love as Christ also has loved us

and given himself for us an offering and

sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling

aroma so as we put off the goat nature

and we walk in the nature of the Lamb we

actually send up a sweet smelling Savor

in heaven Romans 15 7 therefore receive

one another just as Christ also received

us to the glory of God

Matthew 16 24 of quoted if anyone

desires to come after me if anyone that

includes you and I let him deny himself

take up his cross and follow me so as

the apostles followed Jesus and all of

them save one died a death of a martyr

they embraced the cross manif manifested

sacrificial love and as they manifested

sacrificial love the life of Jesus

replaced theirs

and Jesus was revealed to whoever they

were ministering to now this is my

favorite verse out of all of them Sid

and if this one doesn’t summarize it I

don’t know what does

second Corinthians 4 verses 7 through


but we have this treasure in Earthen


that the Excellence of the power

may be of God

and not of us

we are hard-pressed on every side yet

not crushed we are perplexed but not in


persecuted but not forsaken struck down

but not destroyed

always caring about in the body the

dying of the Lord Jesus

that the life of Jesus Also may be

manifested in our body

for we who live are always delivered to

death for Jesus sake that the life of

Jesus Also may be manifested in our

mortal flesh

so he goes on to say so then death is

working in us but life in you Sid that

just moves me to no end when he says

always caring about in the body

in our body the dying of the Lord Jesus

that the life of Jesus may be manifested

in our body and through our body this is

the principle as we die to self


okay selfish Pursuits

as we die and allow selfish ambition to

allow its death to work in Us by laying

down our lives giving up our right to

win our our right to to write uh to be

right our right to Prevail or succeed

according to the world’s definition of


as we do that the Life of Christ or the

glory of God is released to others

and that is what’s so profound to me

you know Revelation 9 I’m sorry

Revelation chapter 21 9 through 27 he

never ceases to be the lamb and said

right there in verses 9 through 27 just

in those 17 or 18 verses in one chapter

when it’s talking about the new Heaven

and the new Earth the lamb is mentioned

five times by name in just 17 verses in

Revelation 21.

so this carnality sees lion likeness as

being rough and harsh and rude and Bully

and Macho and arrogant and hard-headed

and I’m not going to let anybody push me

around or hard to work with

defiant self-defending self-serving they

the carnal man defines that as strength

but that’s not the lion-like Lamb of


that’s the Devil Himself

if you live by the sword you’ll die by

the sword

see we have come under this false

conclusion that we think that Jesus has

to become like Zeus or Hercules to

accomplish the future plans to save

Israel do you know when Yeshua returns

and he puts his foot upon the mountain

and the Jews after going through this

terrible time of tribulation I love the

Jewish people they look and they see the

wounds in his hands Zachariah said

and they asked him now think about it

he’s now getting them to finally turn to

him blindness is coming off of their

eyes to see who their Messiah was where

did you get these wounds he said I

received them in the house of my friends

that will be the moment their eyes are

open and the Jewish people

receive their Messiah and so you see the

the Gentile bride and the Jewish people

conform the one new man Jew and Gentile

in one body

and so I think this is what we’ve got to

get especially in charismatic

Pentecostal circles remember this and I

want to close Jesus

was baptized at the age of 30 Yeshua

he there’s not yet when he was baptized

one Miracle had not yet been recorded he

hadn’t turned the water into wine he

hadn’t cleansed the leper he hadn’t done

one Miracle he hadn’t preached to crowds


any of that and the father spoke from

heaven and said this is my beloved Son

in whom I’m well pleased now I want you

to think about the moment talk about a

glory of God moment God Parts the


leans over the bow of Heaven sends down

the Holy Spirit and Booms with his voice

this is my beloved Son in whom I’m well

pleased in other words God the father

was declaring his pleasure in his son

before his son did one Miracle or Drew

one crowd and I think sometimes we base

our identity

in how many miracles or accurate

prophecies we give or how big of crowds

we draw when that’s not where our

identity should be based our identity is

based in this quote

I am undeservingly

unexplainably loved by God and received

by him thanks to Jesus

God has pleasure in me

just like he has in the only begotten

son and he’s conforming me to look more

and more like Jesus every day in every

trial and test and trouble I go through

is to ultimately work a death in me

until the life of Jesus Springs forth

so I think it really just depends on

this Plumb line Revelation I believe for

the church in this hour

are we going to be a part of the 5 000

to get the bread and fish or we’re going

to be a part of the 70 that receive

power to cast out Devils or we’re going

to be a part of the twelve

I mean that’s that’s a great place in

history we could be a part of the three

that go with him to the amount of

transfiguration Peter James and John or

we could be like John at the foot of the

cross and be the one

who follows him to death John was the

only one from five thousand down to 70

down to 12 down to three to one disciple

stood at the foot of the cross and you

know what Jesus was thinking of in his

dying moments

John take care of your mother


he was while he was suffering and dying

he was thinking about someone else

and so will you follow the lamb

will you walk in sacrificial love will

you lay down your life Your Privilege

your ego

to have the glory of God because

wherever the lamb is found

that’s where the glory of God is let the

lamb be found in you Chris lead us in a

prayer of repentance and a fresh start a

fresh beginning I I don’t know about you

but I want a fresh beginning

I think I do know about you

lead us in prayer and let us repeat it

after you

Heavenly Father heavenly father in the

name of Yeshua our messiah in the name

of Yeshua our Messiah we repent of all

lies that we have accepted as truth we

repent of all lies we have accepted as

truth and Lord we ask that we would be

conformed to the image of the lamb and

Lord we ask that we would be conformed

to the image of the Lamb as we Behold

Him as we Behold Him let us become what

we behold let us become what we behold

let us see the revelation of Jesus

Christ let us see the revelation of

Jesus the Messiah Yeshua hamashiach

Yeshua hamashiach and John the Beloved

was that one at the foot of the cross

and John the Beloved was that one at the

foot of the cross that Saul the

revelation of Yeshua the Messiah that

saw the revelation of the Yeshua the

Messiah let me join that John company

let me join that John company let me

join that Land Company let me join that

lamp company so that I will be a part of

that flock so that I would be a part of

that flock

in the name of Yeshua our King in the

name of Yeshua our King amen amen David

said it like this we don’t think about

it but Psalms 23 the most famous chapter

in the Bible

the Lord is my shepherd

what has this Shepherd a lamb I shall

not want he makes me lie down in Green

Pastures he leaves me besides Still

Waters he restores my soul he leads me

in the paths of righteousness for his

name’s sake and even though I walk

through the valley of the shadow of

death I will fear no evil for you are

with me your rot in your staff they

comfort me you prepare a table before me

in the presence of my enemies you anoint

my head with all my cup overflows surely

goodness and mercy shall follow me all

the days of my life and I’ll dwell on

the house of the Lord forever who says

that a lamb talking to a shepherd


thank you for coming to Morningstar

today and in this pain being the one by

the way it was painted by Linda who’s

one of our painters a dear precious

member of Morningstar and the title of

this painting is third heaven sunlight

and as you can see up here at the top

you have the sunflower growing towards

the sun in a portal opening up of the

heart which represents the glory of God

is the love of God and that is the key

to walking in the glory of God for the

Harvest well you tell Linda I am greatly

appreciative we are giving this to you

I’m going to put that right in my office

and uh thank you Linda

thank you for joining us please take

this to Heart let this not be another

good message

take it to heart


completeness in your spirit soul and

body and you can say I learned

how to love