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this morning I want to preach on not

just remembering Lot’s wife because

remember that was Jesus who gave us that

commandment to never ever forget Lot’s

wife a woman in Scripture that Jesus

himself said you should never forget

about this woman and what happened to

her and her family because she looked

back but I want to talk about another

thought don’t just remember Lot’s wife

but I want to add to that this morning

remember Lot’s great-granddaughter

that’s the name of this message remember

Long’s great-granddaughter to understand

what Jesus was referring to when he said

remember Lot’s wife you have to go back

in time and remember that Abraham was

called out and his nephew lot journeyed

with him and God began to bless Abraham

and he had so many flocks that he gave

some to his nephew and his flocks

increased and then there were so many

animals and so many shepherds on both

sides of the family that arguments begin

to break out they begin to fight over

grass and fight over grazing rights and

fight over water holes and finally

Abraham a peacemaker in the family

because every family has fights every

family has squabbles and there have to

be peacemakers in every home there has

to be somebody who stands up and say

wait says wait a minute we’re we’re

family this is crazy

to let this come grass and material

things come between family and loving

one another so he said here’s what I


lot this is the older speaking to the

younger his nephew he said you take your

flocks and your shepherds and you choose

and if you go north I’ll go south if you

go to the well beautiful green pastures

because one of the territories was

beautiful and well watered had

everything you can’t imagine it was in

the direct

of five major cities two of them being

Sodom and Gomorrah and he said if you go

in that direction it’ll be the easy path

it looks green and beautiful looks nice

and you won’t have to work much there

will be plenty of grass for your animals

to graze and drink water and that is

exactly what Lotte did he chose that

path and it left Abraham with rocks and

desert and mountains and yet God

prospered and blessed him because he

said blessed are the peacemakers

especially in family issues blessed is

the person who brings peace back to a

troubled family so Lotte became and

began to move in a direction that was to

eventually become the worst decision

that he would ever make in his life even

though on the surface it looked good it

brought short-term quick rewards but it

was the worst decision that he could

have ever made for his own life and

particularly for his family and I’m

going to show you real quick why I want

to say this if I’ve got a first point

this is it wisdom dictates life choices

need to be made with eternity in mind

when you’re making major life choices

concerning you and your family you

better do them not with what’s best

concerning financial rewards only you

don’t make those decisions based upon

what you can see in the natural only you

don’t make those decisions on what will

give you the fast payback rewards

instantly necessarily but you have to

always filter major decisions concerning

your family through this question is

this the will of God and how will this

affect me and my family for eternity and

that was the question that lot failed to


it looked good it felt good it was

financially rewarding it would cause him

to have more than he had ever had and

just because it was there and it felt

good look good he didn’t pray about it

he just moved and he moved into the

direction of Sodom and Gomorrah the

Bible said every night that he pitched

his tent he faced the cities of

wickedness and anytime your eyes begin

to focus in a direction anywhere your

eyes will wonder your body will follow

it’s a matter of time and he began to

move his family little by little by

little from the fields and the outskirts

into the wickedness of sodom and

gomorrah and now they’re living and

they’re married and they have taken on

the lifestyles of a wicked wicked place

but God is faithful and God heard the

prayers of Abraham for his family and

God sends two angels and the angels come

with a message to lot in his house and

they say God is going to destroy this

city because of the vile wickedness that

is taking place the Bible said that the

people were so wicked the inhabitants of

that city this men of that city that

they wanted to take the angels when they

saw them go into the house and they

wanted to abuse them I want to say

something that I think is important I

want to say that we are not to hate

anyone we’re not to rail and attack and

act like there’s big sin and there’s

little sin because we all need the grace

of God but I also want to say that

standing for truth is not hate speech

and also want to say today that what

God’s Word teaches us is that we’re to

speak the truth in love did you know you

can speak the truth but if you don’t

speak it in love then you’re out of

order and out of line with the Word of


and did you know on the other hand that

you can love but if you’re not speaking

the truth you’re out of line too the

Bible commands us to speak the truth in

love and they were in vile wickedness in

the city and the angel

took a lot and his family by the hand

the scripture said and led them out they

said in Genesis 19 and verse 17 the

angel said to lot and his family escape

for your life neither look behind you

escape to the mountains lest you be

consumed get out of this place and don’t

look back and it’s in that moment that

as they’re on the outskirts of the city

almost out that Lot’s wife

turns around and when she turns around

and she looks back and what a stern

warning this is that when God brings you

out when God sets you free when God

delivers you when God changes your life

and when he sets you in a new direction

don’t look back don’t go back don’t turn

back don’t dare ever even even allow a

fleeting glance of looking back and

warning and going turning back you never

go back and that’s why Jesus himself

would bring this woman out in the New

Testament centuries later in Luke

chapter 17 when he said the simple words

remember Lot’s wife don’t ever forget

the danger of looking back don’t ever

forget the danger of of turning around

when God brings you out you would think

if an angel delivered you that you would

never look back especially if he told

you not to but she did and she was

turned into a pillow of salt and the

story doesn’t end there now it gets even

more complex and you know you need to

know the Bible so just listen and let me

teach you a little bit because I’m going

to get where I’m going real quick but

when that happened when that mother was

turned into a pillar of salt

the two daughters of lot had a fear that

their family lineage would be over after

all every inhabitant of the city was

destroyed there were no more people they

thought on the earth and so in

desperation they got their father drunk

the Bible records one of the most

horrible sins in Scripture that night

there was sexual immorality between the

daughters and the father and the

daughters became pregnant and from that

according to Genesis 19 in 36 nine

months later the first daughter bore a

son and named him Moab and the second

daughter bore a son and named him Ammon

and so what you have are two tribes

the Moabite and Ammon tribes and if you

know anything about Scripture you will

see over and over and over the Moabites

and the ammonites were the number 1 and

2 enemies of the Israeli people they

were continually fighting and attacking

and they were the grandchildren of lot

so bad was this Moabite people that they

offered their children to idol gods one

of the kings of Moab stood ona on a wall

of a city and threw his baby off in

sacrifice to a demon God this was the

history this was the Moabite people so

so bad was the curse that Isaiah spoke a

curse over the know of Moabites and

jeremiah spoke a curse for different Old

Testament prophets Ezekiel and Micah all

of them cursed the Moabites they were a

cursed family when I say the Moabites

Lots family Lots lineage was cursed by

God God even gave a commandment he said

never is a Moabite to be allowed into

the tabernacle or on the grounds where

the tabernacle is though the people of

the Moabites are forbidden and they’re

under a curse and yet when you turn to

matthew chapter 1 and actually i think

i’d like for you to do it would you turn

to matthew chapter 1 are you ready for

this matthew chapter 1 verse 1 the book

of the genealogy of jesus christ the son

of god the son of abraham

Abraham begat Isaac Isaac begat Jacob

Jacob begat Judah and his brothers Judah

begat pay raise and zerah by Tamar and

pay raise begat hezron and hezron begat

RAM and RAM begat a minute AB and a

minute ab begat Naresh n and Anna heshin

begat solomon and solomon begat Boaz by

Rahab and Boaz begat obed by Ruth o and

Obed begat Jesse and Jesse begot David

the king of Israel wait a minute

Ruth you don’t understand when we’re

first introduced to Ruth she has a book

in the Bible named after her but do you

know when we’re introduced to her she’s

called ruth the moabite

she’s ruth the moabite and her story

goes back to the Book of Ruth go there

with me real quick let me sum it up this

is so powerful because if you look in

her past if you look back at what her

past was you say sexual immorality

you see drunkenness you see bad choices

you see wrong direction you see curses

you see sin and pain and hurt and

failure you see it all but if you turn

and you jump into the book of Matthew

chapter 1 which is the genealogy of

Jesus and a Moabite woman is right in

the middle of it and she’s the

great-granddaughter of lot how did she

get in the middle of the genealogy of

Jesus Christ there was a famine and she

was living in a place called Moab

because she was among she was of the

tribe of Moab and Naomi and her husband

and her two sons were in a famine in

Bethlehem and they left Bethlehem and

they went to Moab trying to get food and

when they got there the son fell in love

with a Moabite girl named

and married her and buffet man killed

the husbands killed all the men and now

Ruth and Naomi her mother-in-law are

widows and Naomi turns to her young

daughter-in-law and she says I’m going

back to Bethlehem where I came from and

I guess I’ll just die there you stay

here but she grabs her and then comes

that beautiful scripture in Ruth chapter

1 verse 16

Ruth looks at her and she says entreat

me not to leave you nor from following

after you for where you go I will go and

where you Lodge I will Lodge and your

people will be my people and look this

is big and your God will be my god at

that moment a supernatural conversion

takes place of a little girl who’s in an

awful family tree who’s in a tribe that

has been cursed

she comes from immorality she comes from


she comes from drunkenness she comes

from hurt and pain and abuse and

everything you can’t imagine but she

says your God will be my god I’m going

back with you to Bethlehem and in that

moment there was a conversion and when

Ruth goes back and she’s in the field in

Bethlehem maybe the same field where

angels were singing peace on earth

goodwill toward men she’s reaping the

welfare that’s left behind for poor

people and Boaz rides up the owner of

the field and he says hi gorgeous would

you marry me and now he’s a Hebrew and

she is a Moabite us but they marry and

they have a son named open and obut has

a son named Jesse and Jesse has a son

named David and David becomes king of

Israel and has a great-great grandson

by the name of Jesus and now suddenly if

you look back

if you look back this is what I want you

to get if you look backward in Ruth’s

life you see lot you see sin you see

sexual immorality you see a history

rooted in idolatry

you see drunkenness you see hurt and you

see pain but if you turn and look

forward to Matthew chapter one she’s in

the genealogy and you see angels singing

over the birth of a savior that she had

a major part in you see a savior on a

cross dying for all mankind and I’ve

just can’t just come to tell you what

Ruth would say to you today is she would

say no matter how bad your past is your

future is brighter than your past if you

put Jesus in it oh come on we’re going

to take a praise break right there I’m

saying to you it does not matter how bad

your yesterday was what kind of family

you came from what kind of history has

gone on in your family if you will quit

looking backwards and turn forwards

there is a savior name Jesus ahead of

you that can take it all and turn it

into his calling in his plan and his

purpose and his ministry in your family

everybody give God a praise for just a

moment I don’t know what you have behind

you I don’t know what bad choices you

made yesterday I don’t know what regrets

you have that you wish you could change

but your future can be better than your

yesterday so when you look back there’s

my lab but when you look forward there’s

Jesus and Ruth you’ve got to decide you

can look back where you came from

and you will hear voices telling you why

God can’t use

you can’t bless you can’t love you and

he certainly couldn’t care about

somebody like you that has sexual abuse

and drunkenness and sensual immorality

and idolatry and child sacrifice my God

if you to ask any honest Hebrew do you

think the Messiah is going to come

through that family there’s not one that

would have said yeah I can see the

Messiah coming through that messed up

family but Ruth is preaching to you

today Ruth is saying your future is

brighter than your past your tomorrows

will be better than your yesterday’s and

I want us just to praise God if you know

that you’ve been freed from your

yesterday’s by a savior that is in your

present right now I’m enjoying my own

preaching right now because the enemy

wants you to give up on your family the

enemy wants you to think that where you

came from is the tract that your own and

it can never change but look at Ruth

remember Lot’s great-granddaughter yes

we should remember Lot’s wife as a

warning but we should remember Lot’s

great-granddaughter as an encouragement

no matter how messed up your family has

been God can turn it and put his Grace

on it and bless you and you can be a

major part of his purpose in the earth

today I’m saying to you today and say

that was the whole introduction and now

this is the sermon and I’m done

but I’m saying to you today remember

Lot’s great-granddaughter looking back

there was sin but looking forward in her

life there was redemption looking back

there were curses but looking forward

there were blessings looking back there

was judgment

but looking forward that was mercy

looking back there were regrets but

looking forward there was purpose

looking back there was lot but looking

forward there was Jesus and many of you

may have enemy always wanting you to

live life looking in the rearview mirror

at the corruption and the wickedness of

your past but God has sent me to tell

you that your yesterday’s do not make

you unworthy of being a part of the plan

of God today and tomorrow because that’s

why Jesus came and I don’t care what’s

behind you

Ruth there’s a savior in front of you

I know yesterday’s can be ugly but Jesus

is ahead of you

and I’m talking to people right now that

if you look back there’s divorce

there’s generational curses there’s

alcoholics for generations drug addicts

for generations divorce for generations

and if you look back the enemy would say

God can’t do anything great in your life

but if you look forward there’s a savior

head of you and he can turn the curse

into a blessing and he can stop all of

the stuff that’s happened in the past

and he can change a whole family in this

room today you may have family issues of

which you’re not very proud you may have

things in your past that haunt you you

may have some yesterday’s that you

regret and you wish you could have done

over the word of the Lord to you today

is Jesus is not in your rear view mirror

if you get your eyes off that rear view


you’d see and you’d see an ornament on

the hood of your car and it’s Jesus and

he’s saying I’m before you come on

come on I haven’t changed my mind about

using lot maybe behind you Ruth but

Jesus is in front of you the purpose in

front of you is there in spite of what’s

behind you do you understand what I’m


Ruth had so much mess behind her but the

purpose of God was that she would bring

a savior to the world the calling in

front of you is greater than the mess

behind you the ministry in front of you

is there in spite of what is behind you

the hope in front of you is there in

spite of what is behind you you Ruth can

share Jesus you Ruth

who came from such a terrible background

you can share Jesus with a lost world

and when I think about people in this

room and I think about families and I

think about how the enemy would love to

say because of things that have happened

back there that God can’t use your

family some of you mothers have prayed

and prayed and prayed and prayed and you

brought some of those loved ones with

you today and the Lord told me to tell

you he told me that there would be

Ruth’s here and there would be men here

and there would be sons and daughters

here and the enemy wants you to leave

looking back and all of the curses in

the pain and the heard and the sin and

the immorality but Jesus is ahead of you

he has a great plan for you and for your

family and for your life Ruth tells you

that God can still use you in spite of

your past God can still use you remember

Lot’s great-grandma

thank you so much for watching this

program and I don’t believe that you’ve

watched and heard this message by chance

I believe in Kingdom connections I

believe in the power of God’s Word to go

through and touch a heart and you’re


somebody’s watching this program and

it’s time to make a change pray this

prayer tell you it all begins with your

faith to say lord I can’t change me

change me by your power so pray this

prayer just say Lord Jesus I need a

change in my life I need a turn around

and I surrender my life to you today I

believe you shed your blood and rose

from the dead just say those words I

believe you shed your blood and rose

from the dead so that I could have a new

life a new birth and I receive that nail

in Jesus name Amen and amen we would

love to hear from you that’s why we’re

here is to help you in your new walk

with God please dial the number on the

screen go on the web let us know you

know what has happened in your life tell

us about it and we would love to help

you and send you material if we can help

you in your new walk with Jesus Christ

thank you partners and friends for

making this kind of ministry possible we

are so thankful that you care god bless

you we’ll see you next time

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