What’s the key to constantly experiencing answered prayers? Are all the prayers recorded in the Bible model prayers for new covenant believers? Joseph Prince dives into the Word and reveals the answers in this foundational message. Discover why God wants us to pray only new covenant prayers today, how we should understand the Lord’s Prayer in the light of the cross, and what it means to pray “in Jesus’ name.” Learn also about the new covenant prayer that never fails to guard your heart with divine peace. Turn your prayer life around as you begin to pray bold, powerful, and effective prayers today!

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excerpt from Joseph Prince calm he must

mean something when he says ask the

Father in my name I’ll tell you what in

my name is in my name means alright if I

send you in my name that means you’re

not going as yourself you are going as

me if the government send you as an


alright in the name of the country

whatever happens to you happens to your

country if you are assassinated is the

declaration of war you are no more your

own when you come to the Father what it

means is this you must have the

consciousness that it is as if Jesus

himself is praying

you must have this conscious nearness

the way Jesus had when he walked on

earth and disciples saw that he had that

consciousness when he stood in front of

Lazarus tomb he says Father thank you

that you hear me always you must have

that same consciousness because the same

position has been given you you must

know that you are accepted in his

acceptance you are loved

as Christ is loved you are a son as

Christ is a son but he stands in a world

apart only as deity all right but you

are a son of God in him and you stand in

Christ in conscious nearness with that

consciousness that you are as if Jesus

himself is praying because you are in

him you are now ready to us in his name

that’s why before you ask for anything

I thought you before I like to use this

illustration don’t come to God fearful

you see I use what God you come to God

instead of father son you don’t come

this pure sonship Romans 8 talk about

the sphere of slavery and the spur of

sonship talking about the spirits fear

to God the wrong kind of fear of God

Romans 8 says you have not received the

spirit born age again to fear now this

fear is not fearing sickness or fearing

a lack of finances you know it’s fearing

God in the Old Testament way you have

not received the spirit again notice the

word again the Old Testament fear you

have not received a spirit bondage your

interview but you have received the

spirit of sonship by which we cry Abba

Father come to God in that spirit and

your prayers will be answered

Lots it so that that tells me when we

come to God in a spirit of slavish fear

fearing God we come to God you must feel

God you know no wonder people come with

fear and trembling and and they troll

their prayer real fast and then they get


whereas when they talk to someone they

like at a cafe they can talk for hours

no the father says that’s why we are not

getting our prayers answered it’s always

good for you to stop and say do I

understand all these things and – pure

sonship or am I still the spirit of the

Old Testament slavish fear to God

pastor Prince do you believe in the fear

of God

yeah well I have said not the spirit

bondage again to fear the fearing God

the context because Jesus translated the

fear of God as the worship of the Lord

in the wilderness temptation he quoted

the book of Deuteronomy that says thou

shalt fear the Lord Jesus translators

thou shalt worship a lot

show them the Galatians for again

because you are sons God has sent for

verse 6 the spirit of his son what a

beautiful expression into your hearts

crying is almost like spontaneous you

see spontaneity they’re crying out

crying out it’s not like father God I

come off to death in this momento to ask

your D F for this request may bliss this

D your father to assist me in this

moment of my versus ET and by the way

the similar amount if anything the Lord

taught us don’t be like the Pharisees

who pray long prayers to be seen of men

some people are not praying to God

they’re praying to men you’re impressed

by their prayer deity Wow such poor care

the only one is not saying wow he’s God

and yet when you look at all the prayers

that the Lord pray am I telling you that

you know last state when you enjoy

someone’s presence you will just be

there and linger in his presence you

just be there to be loved you know the

whole thing God made you is because God

wants to pour his love on you it’s

painful for perfect love

laughs nature is the gift is to pour

it’s painful for love not to be able to

give and that’s why when you love your

child or you love your someone that you

love and you are far away from them when

you return from your journey you want to

hold them close that’s the nature of

love if you be imperfect as a parent can

feel that way how much more your perfect

wonderful loving father amen this

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the savior has so much grace so much

love that he knew that a woman who

needed that love and that woman has been

looking for love in all the wrong places

she had five husbands and she was

leading currently in adultery people say

things like if someone had five husbands

and they are now living in adultery miss

divorce all the fights and not living in

adultery in my building Jesus would come

to find out hear your story he must meet

he must needs go true Samaria

there’s no misery like a lonely heart

lonely heart doesn’t mean you have

you’re not married or you don’t have a

partner you can have a partner and be

married and still have a lonely huh

loneliness is not a question of presence

or absence of a human person beside you

loneliness is a state of the heart that

is empty and the last days there’s no

misery like a lonely heart and Sun would

you like to know the key oh so you can

tell my people tomorrow as a yes

the cure is to be alone with Jesus

Jesus Saves I’ll produce insight you a

well springing up into everlasting life

are you listening when you along with

Jesus I can’t even tell you the number

of times you feel like something is

flowing on the inside amen and when you

meet people you just speak people are

refresh people are less people are a

help they they love to have you around

Jesus once time alone with you

amen the cure to a lonely heart is to be

alone with Jesus