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judges chapter 7 it’s the story of

Gideon we began Sunday talking about see

it say it and sees it and tonight I want

to continue in this story

I won’t take time to read it all but

it’s the story of get in of how that he

goes down and he overhears what they’re

saying in the enemy’s camp about who he

is and what God’s going to do through

him he completely defeated their enemies

and I want us to revisit this story the

word victory the word victory according

to Webster means the overcoming of an

enemy or an antagonist the overcoming of

an enemy or an antagonist with 300 men

Gideon experienced one of the most

astonishing victories in all of the

Bible and God has a way of taking the

underdog God has a way of taking people

who are outnumbered outmaneuvered out

planned and out resourced and working a

miracle in the midst of the madness I’m

saying to you today that God can work a

miracle in the mists of your madness

whether it be the dividing of the Red

Sea for Moses

whether it be the addition of 15 years

of life for Hezekiah whether it be the

cleansing of the leper in the Jordan

River whether it be the opening of the

blind man with a spit ball whether it be

the deliverance of a naked demonized man

in the end that was so demon-possessed

that he ran through the tombs

whether it be his own resurrection from

the dead God has a way our God a proving

that he is bigger that he is greater

that he is stronger than anything that

comes against us he knows how to bring

the miracle in the midst of the mad

let’s just take a moment and say thank

you Lord for miracles in the mists of

the madness how many of you can admit

tonight that are listening to me that

there have been times when you were

outnumbered you were out maneuvered you

were out man but instead of being

destroyed God turned it and somehow

someway you came out victorious meaning

you overcame an enemy or an antagonist

God worked a miracle in the mists of

your madness and that is called victory

everybody shout victory shout it again

victory you see in judges chapter 7 it’s

a book about victory it’s a chapter

about victory but in chapter 6 which is

7 is the number of God but 6 is the

number of man and in chapter 6 before

there’s a victory chapter 6 the number

of man is about a battle I want to say

to you that before you can have a

victory there must be about them we

can’t shout about the victory if we pout

about the battle we can’t shout about

what God is adding to us on the

mountaintop if we cuss about what God is

subtracting in the valley you cannot

have a victory without a battle

and in judges chapter 6 and verse 1 it

says and they did evil in the sight of

the Lord and God delivered them into the

hand of Midian 7 years God did it God

allowed his people to be turned over to

the enemy because they did evil in his

sight I want you to understand that

there are negative side effects to

stupid decisions consequences doesn’t

mean you’re not forgiven and forgiveness

doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences

to your stupid decisions

I think we presented a false gospel when

we tell people come to Jesus and

everything gets fixed there are

consequences to stew it doesn’t mean if

you’re suffering consequences of stupid

decisions that you’re not forgiven nor

does it mean nor does it mean the

consequences are a sign you’re not

forgiven at the time of the harvest the

scripture said when they had sown this

is in judges chapter 6 when they had

sown the enemy came at the time of

harvest at the time when they were about

to reap what they had sown for and the

scripture said they came with tents they

came and set up and they said we’re

going to stay a while

they came to quote destroy the land the

devil always tries to destroy discourage

and defeat you at the time of harvest if

you’re under attack today it’s because

it’s the time of harvest and when you

want scripture for that the Bible said

in book of Revelation when Satan saw

that his time was short he releases all

that he has against us because of his

time being short he knows when your

harvest is coming and he can’t stop the

harvest but he wants to stop you from

being there when the harvest comes he

wants you to give up before the harvest

comes he wants you to throw in the towel

and stop believing and stop praising and

stop giving and stop confessing the Word

of God and just give up he cannot stop

the harvest of that so he can only stop

you from being there when the harvest

comes it’s time for the harvest

it’s time for the harvest the Bible said

that the Israelites were so afraid when

the enemy invaded them at the time of

harvest that they hid in the caves

because of the Midianites and if you

look the word Midianite up is

interesting they are descendants of

Abraham and the word Midian means in

Hebrews strife they were held hostage by

strife discord fighting listen to this

at the harvest time I’m saying to you

that if the enemy can’t stop you any

other way he’ll try to get you into

discord fighting arguing that’s why you

know it’s harvest time when your husband

gets grouchy when the kids get the most

rebellious is usually right before the

harvest when all hell breaks loose I’ve

learned to just stand still and see the

salvation of the Lord just when it looks

like the enemy is going to win in the

ministry I’ll just come myself and say

stand still because without fail before

every major breakthrough we’ve ever had

as a ministry all hell would break loose

and I’ve almost learned to get

encouraged through discouraging

circumstances because all things are

working together for the good to them

that are called according to his purpose

everybody take a praise break and shout

it’s harvest time hallelujah and the

scripture said in verse 6 and they cried

unto the Lord there’s power in prayer

there’s power in taking your frustration

and your fear and your worry and your

discouragement and turning it in

prayer this past Saturday every once in

a while I like to just come over here

and I like to catch it when there’s

nobody here and I did Saturday later in

the night I came in and I I want to

round this building and I prayed and I

ended up all across the balcony and I

ended up up in the prayer tower I hadn’t

been up there in a while I’m telling you

I lifted my hand and I just begin to

pray we complicate this thing folks we

get we get we carry so much when what we

need to learn to do is turn to the power

of prayer again and begin to cry unto

the Lord he’ll meet your every need

he’ll move your every mountain he’ll

heal your every disease he’ll save your

your children

he’ll deliver your family he’ll provide

every need if you’ll learn the power of

prayer and crying sometimes it’s got to

be more than than just routine prayer

every once in a while I hid something in

that prayer tower up there last Saturday

that it turned into tears it turned into

that D groaning from the Holy Ghost it

turned into that joy well of living

water that began to flow that said I am

still your God and boy when he feels you

if you will get alone in the prayer

place God will pour courage into your

spirit to face everything you have to

face and overcome it with victory till

somebody there’s power in prayer don’t

you want to pray right now just reach

over and grab somebody by the hand and

say agree with me and tell them what you

need right now do you need a million

dollars tell them agree with me agree

with me agree with me I got a business

deal I need a breakthrough I’m tired of

talking about it wishing for it worrying

about it I need somebody to pray pray

with me and agree with me God can do

anything God can open a door God can

make a way God can bless in the name of

Jesus they cried unto the Lord

in this next part of the story I see

salvation clear the Bible said that he

said to his 300 men Gideon did god told

him you only have 300 against an army

that no man can number their camels are

without number the scripture said and

the army was as the sands of the

seashore and you only have three you

only have well actually started out with

33,000 and God said tell all of them who

want to go back home to go now see

salvation in this because the first step

to salvation is repentance and when you

truly repent you don’t go back where you

came from you don’t go back to sin you

don’t go back to drugs you don’t go back

it’s not that you don’t fail or you

don’t fall but I’m saying the won’t to

in you has changed your nature has

changed you you may slip you may fall

but you don’t want to anymore and

everything in you says I got a it’s like

before everything in you was bent this

way I love sin I love partying I love

drunkenness I love it more immorality I

love it I love it I love it I love it I

love it I love it and no matter how I

got to quit I’m drinking too much I got

to quit I love it I love it I love it I

got to quit getting around the wrong

people I love it I love it and you try

and you try to prop it up I promise I’m

gonna make a new year’s resolution poom

but then you get born again and he

changes your nature and it’s not that

you don’t have temptations it’s just I’m

trying to be a good Center I’m trying to

enjoy this party I’m trying to sleep

with this girl I’m trying I’m trying to

but i can’t because everything in my

nature wants to please God everything in

my nature loves him every even when

you’re trying to do it something’s

crying out I love you Jesus I don’t know

why I’m doing this I don’t like this

this is not me that’s how you know

you’ve been born again or not if you

want to go back all the time you need to

get good and saved because when you get

come on church when you get good and

saved you start moving in a new

direction the old things have passed

away and behold all things I feel the

Holy Ghost in this place you can be free

you can get delivered you never have to

go back to it again

somebody shout if you believe God can

deliver people I appreciate counseling

I appreciate programs we have all kinds

but but if you think a counseling

textbook is gonna change that try all

you won’t go to every counseling session

and you’re gonna do like this but when

Jesus comes the tempters power is broken

when Jesus comes demons say we gotta let

him go now the blood has set him free

the nature has been changed

oh what a change has come over me since

Jesus came into my life he the next the

next thing is you know find out who who

doesn’t want to go who wants to go back

if they want to go back they don’t

qualify for the Lord’s army some of you

need to make up your mind you’re gonna

serve the Lord

but then the second thing is he said if

they’re gonna be in my army they got to

get to the water I don’t know that we

understand the how powerful water

baptism is he said I want them to get

into the water and those who don’t get

the water part right tell them to go

home – and the Great Commission go into

all the world preach the gospel they

that believe and are baptized now note

that the baptism isn’t we’re not saved

by works understand all that but I do

believe in obedience to the Great

Commission of Jesus Christ is pretty

important baptism is not an option that

you take or leave on a car you need to

be baptized in water just like Jesus

said and so he gets down now to 300 and

the last 300 he says I got to make sure

they’ve got fire they need a torch you

shall be baptized in the Holy Ghost and

fire they need the to be filled with the

Holy Spirit our God is a consuming fire

this is not about how close to the world

you can live and still hang out with

Jesus this is not about I’m gonna do my

thing we totally perverted the gospel

Jesus take up your cross and follow me

I’m gonna do what I want to do and I

want you with me but I’m not gonna take

up my cross and sacrifice nothing for

you and you’re like you take up your

cross and I want the good life and so

here we go I’m almost through so you see

the 300 you see them repenting you see

them they’ve been to the water they’ve

got fire and all of a sudden

gideon gets his 300 he divides them into

three groups a hundred in each group he

says be quiet put the glass pitcher over

the torch I do not want the fire exposed

at this time and I want us to surround

the enemy in groups of a hundred and do

what I do

and when I break the picture and expose

the fire and when we lift our voice and

shout you do the same thing and the

thing listen to me carefully that scared

the enemy to death literally if you read

the story when they when they broke when

they did those three things it scared

the enemy to death they turned on one

another and wiped each other out two

things terrified the enemy we frightened

the enemy to death what shook them up

was the noise and the fire the noise and

the fire shall the noise shout the fire

hell’s not afraid of our programs but

when we begin to make a joyful noise and

it’s not just noise because if all it is

is noise and there’s no anointing

meaning the fire of the Holy Spirit is

the anointing

we need we need more than beer Beth

breath celebrities leading in worship we

need some holy spirit anointed worship

if you can get the joyful noise and

expose the fire we get hell’s attention

cuz we get heaven’s attention shout unto

God with the voice of triumph that’s why

I say see it and then say it shout unto

God with the voice of triumph let the

redeemed of the Lord say so now here’s

what I want you to see they had the fire

but they had covered it up

did you see the glass pitchers they

covered it up there for the breaking of

the pitchers was vital to their victory

the broken pitchers would cause the fire

to be exposed what our generation needs

is not a church that is ashamed of the

fire but we’re ready to expose the fire

of the Holy Spirit we do not need to be

closeted Pentecostals we do not need to

be ashamed of the fire of the Holy

Spirit we need to break the pitchers and

expose the fire and tell people there’s

a Jesus that heals there’s a Jesus that

delivers there’s a Jesus that sets

captives free there’s a Jesus that can

heal your marriage and we’re serious

about it and this isn’t our day job this

is our calling this is our passion this

is the air we breathe this is our life

things are trying to smother the fire if

you leave the fire covered long enough

it’s going to smother the fire so what

we need to do the breaking of the

pitchers is very important because the

key to this miracle is if you don’t if

you don’t let the fire of the holy

spirit burn bright in you it was smother

things will smother whatever’s killing

and hiding the fire and causing the fire

to not be exposed in your life it will

eventually smother the faith and the

fire in and the future of your of your

purpose out

pictures of doubt need to be broken

pictures of unbelief the glass picture

of addiction the smothering the fire it

can be broken habits pride past failures

break the pictures and the scripture

said when they blew the trumpet and they

broke the picture and they expose the

fire of the Holy Spirit the miracle came

what we need is a revival in our souls

that brings the noise which is praise

and joy into our heart that is expressed

through the lifting of the hands and the

joyful leaping and jumping and dancing

and singing and shouting and praising

God the noise and the fire are the key

to victory over every enemy and every

antagonist that comes against our life

how many of you would love to break the

glass pitcher and expose the fire and

the noise like you’ve never and I’m not

talking about just making a racket but

I’m talking about the Bible said they

that worship listen to it must worship

it’s not just noise in spirit and truth

it has to be anointed if it’s not

anointed is sounding brass and tinkling

cymbals but boy when we get the noise

that’s why I say say it say it in praise

say it in worship

don’t just see it begin to say it and

then you’ll season I want to pray with

you today I believe the message is

speaking directly to you that you can

see victory meaning you can overcome the

voices or the attacks of any enemy any

antagonist that has come against your

life and I’ve given you that that

formula for victory today when you have

the noise and the fire and the breaking

the breaking of that which would hold

you in and the noise is to say it

we’ve been talking in the Seerat series

about see it say it and sees it and I

believe that God is giving you today

that second step of saying it saying

what God’s Word says

speak the word speak life speak you know

your words are multipliers what you say

multiplies in your life it’s not mind

over matter it’s faith over unbelief

it’s speaking what the scripture says or

your fear your worry your depression

your discouragement and we have to

understand that death and life are in

the power of our tongue speak life today

and that life begins with speaking the

name of Jesus you know when you don’t

know anything else to say say Jesus

there’s power in that name

there’s victory in that name and there

is healing in that name we make room for

healing in your life today lord I pray

for the sick I pray for the diseased I

pray for the homes and the families that

are in crisis today I speak the name

that is above every name and I see you

moving in that life and in that home and

in that physical body making them whole

and I say by His stripes we are healed

today Lord stretch forth your hand to

heal and make whole God relieves

suffering pain and sickness and Lord

bring miracles to people’s lives

miracles in the midst of the madness in

Jesus name I pray amen and amen thank

you so much for watching this program

thank you so much for supporting us do

you know that we wouldn’t be here if you

didn’t help us I’m just telling you that

this is totally supported by you the

viewers and the day that you decide that

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direction and I’m depending on you today

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you if it speaks to your spirit and

feeds you spiritually all I asked you to

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because that’s what we’re about in

closing I want to say thank you to those

of you who are how

penis complete the miracle in Haiti we

have given over 700 thousand dollars

over the last seven months to the

Haitian ministry there and we’re

building a miracle Marketplace on 25

acres even the President of Haiti and

the Prime Minister have contacted the

ministry and they have said we want to

be there for the grand dedication it’s

that big of a deal it’s the largest

marketplace in the nation of Haiti that

is privately owned by a ministry which

we’re giving that to missionaries there

in Haiti and we are just three hundred

thousand dollars away from completing

the miracle maybe you’ll be one of the

300 gideon had his 300 I’m asking God

while I’m preaching this series see it

say it and sees it to give us 300 people

who sew a thousand dollar seed just like

I have into this project I don’t ask you

to do something I’m not willing to do

because I believe I’ve seen firsthand

what is taking place in Haiti through

this ministry it is unbelievable and I

want you to be a part of it let’s finish

what God has started in Haiti helped me

today will you be one of the 300 I know

God will bless you I know he’ll bless

you if you’ll obey Him I’ll see you next

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