May the same Greater Glory that is growing exponentially in this ministry increase your intimacy with God! May it also enable you to fulfill all the good things God has already written about you in your Book of Life.

well everyone knows we’re coming into

2020 and most of the profits are saying

what’s obvious I don’t think you even

have to be a prophet to see that when

you think of 20/20 you think of vision

and I believe that in 2020 those that

are tuning in to the Spirit of God are

going to get a new vision why

it better be new because the old is like

old manna

it won’t taste so good we’re coming into

the move at a high level of the greater

glory of God that will change the whole

paradigm of the church the whole face of

Christianity is going to be changed why

because God wants to have mercy

especially on Israel because there’s

some dark times coming and it’s my call

to reach the Jewish people in Israel not

as an end in itself but a catalyst to

have the greatest Gentile revival in

history but this is what the Spirit of

God is already telling me in the year

2020 where vision is going to increase

in the supernatural for all of God’s


I have something waiting for me that

I’ve never touched before in Israel and

I know what it has to do with it has to

do with Paul was ecstatic when he made

the statement in Romans all Israel shall

be saved

we’re coming into some wonderful times

because of the greater glory and some

horrific times because of the

persecution that will come from the

greater glory so we have a window to

evangelize the world and I know just as

that the first church had that window to

reach the whole world and God started

with the Jewish people

he’s going to end with the Jewish people

God started with the nation Israel he’s

going to end with the nation Israel so

the future leaders of the church are

about ready to be raised up in Israel

and I know we have a hand and I say Syd

you’re 79 give me a break well I’m glad

that Moses didn’t say God I’m 80 and

you’re calling me to rescue the Jewish


Moses started at 80 so what if I follow

Moses not such bad company but I believe

my best years are ahead of me and I

believe your best years are ahead of you

you know I’ve read a quote from a famous

preacher that’s now in heaven Charles

Spurgeon and in cus he knew the

Scriptures he had the foresight to say

we do not attach sufficient importance

to the restoration of the Jews we do not

do you know how famous this guy was back

in the 1800s a hundred thousand people

came to his funeral he was known as the

golden tongue preacher and so he says we

don’t give enough attention to this

restoration of Israel and of the Jews we

don’t think enough of it but certainly

if there is anything promised in the

Bible it is this now remember he’s

talking before the 1948 before 1967 just

on Bible prophecy the day shall yet come

when the Jews who were the first

apostles to the Gentiles the first

missionaries to us who were far off

shall be gathered in again until that

shall be the fullness of the church’s

glory shall never come something to do

about the salvation of Israel the

restoration of Israel is a nation for

the fullness of the glory to come and

then he says matchless benefits to the

world are bound up with the restoration

of Israel they’re gathering in shall be

as life from the dead and he said that

in 1855 what would he have said today we

are in the last of the last days and the

only thing we take to heaven is souls

let me read a mandate for Israel from

Isaiah see I have a mandate for Israel I

don’t know exactly what it is yet but

it’ll be revealed this coming year just

as the greater glory is going to be

revealed this coming year Isaiah 40

chapter 40 verse 9 o Zion that’s another

name for Jerusalem can you say it’s the


yes spiritually it is but you always

have to look at the literal meaning of

God’s Word o tsiyon bearer of good news

there’s Isaiah remember he’s talking

about the the Jews were entrusted with

the scriptures old Zion bearer of good

news get yourself up unto a high

mountain no Jerusalem bearer of good

news lift up your voice with strength

lift it up do not be afraid say to the

cities of Judah here is your God isn’t

that what we do with our satellite

covering every single home in Israel

that owns a television set and now it’s

the whole series of circumstances that

happen beyond my control and it’s

getting so big do you realize we have

the potential now to reach a half a

billion souls in the Middle East in

parts of Asia and Africa a half a

billion souls

do a thing it just all happened for us

if you knew the whole story it’s

probably one of the most supernatural

things that ever happened to our

ministry so now you’re beginning to

capture a little bit of why and I think

this first time I’ve ever said this it’s

actually higher but this is I enough do

you know how many times a week it’s

supernatural is aired in Israel alone

per week 46 times see we have a thousand

archived shows so we can do a whole

week’s trip of older shows and you know

what people get healed from the older

shows just like they give the healed

from the new shows it’s most phenomenal

thing we have two of the most

supernatural networks on the planet one

middle east television to it’s

supernatural network and when everything

was done for us by God we found out we

could put our online network it’s

supernatural on the same satellite space

that we have middle east television on

every television set in Israel and

throughout that whole area where a half

a billion people have the potential of

watching both networks and as a matter

of fact let me just mention it’s your in

we have distributed up from a dream I

mean God is God knows the minute he

tells me something he has to be careful

I’ll do it immediate but no the minute I

know for sure that it’s God and and so

we have from a dream I did a book of 10

Jewish testimonies I remember thinking

the world doesn’t need another Jewish

testimony people and we’ve mailed them

to Jewish families throughout North

America and distributed over 3 million

you heard me right of these two

was testimony books I talked to even

Jewish believers that have been in

Russia Israel in different countries

that we’ve distributed this book in and

they say I’ll tell you what it allowed

me even though I was a believer allow me

to put the whole thing together like

never before and some of the testimonies

of Jewish people that unfortunately no

one’s witnessing to I mean there were

many Jewish ministries that do

humanitarian work words which were one

but I’ll tell you what humanitarian work

without the gospel

it doesn’t spend in heaven I want to see

all Israel saved and because you’re part

of this ministry you share in the

rewards and Academy rewards night and I

believe your greatest days are ahead of

you I believe my greatest days are ahead

of me give me a break

you’re thinking about retirement you’re

not even pushing 80 like me give me a


don’t you feel sorry for yourself don’t

you think you missed it as a matter of

fact I prophesy to you that if you sell

to God your greatest days or I had a few

I want to seal this with my favorite

prayer and I think you’re gonna feel it

because it’s coming from my heart and

God’s Spirit within me the Lord has

already blessed you the Lord has already

showered you with such favor and such

gifting if you only knew the Lord has

given you his Shalom in Hebrew the word

Shalom means completeness completeness

in your physical body in your soul your

emotions completeness in your spirit and

he has given you his supernatural show

that all the money in the world could

not purchase I speak Shalom into your

innermost being and I can’t wait to see

what God’s gonna do with you in 2020 and

what God’s gonna do with us but I do

know this I do know the most-watched

Network in the world especially in

Israel will be the gift God’s entrusted

us with Middle East television thank you

for what you’ve done but we’re just

starting he who wins Souls is wise