Friend, God doesn’t need to be persuaded to help you, He already made that decision 2,000 years ago when He sent His Son to die in your place. On the cross, Jesus took away every sickness, curse and pain. The best part? He also made you righteous and an heir to every blessing and promise of God. So, don’t underestimate the power of your prayers that declare Jesus’ finished work. Through these declarations, by faith, you are proclaiming that God is the solution to the problem you are facing, and through the finished work of Christ, what you’ve declared shall indeed come to pass!

how many of you know that prayer is not

just to so for you

like one doctor was telling a christian

who wanted to pray for his grandfather a

loved one

and the doctor says yeah you can go and

pray yeah we i know

prayer is so soothing prayer soothing

no we are when we pray it’s not to


we pray to bring heaven down to earth

amen we pray

to get results so gone are those days we


just to make us feel good or to soothe

the person being prayed for amen we got

to learn

how to pray to get results praying


is actually a prayer of declaration but

god thinks so much of it that he

tells us it is actually praying

earnestly when you declare in faith

a proclamation of faith is praying


if right now i’m standing here and i’m

declaring and you see someone on their

knees praying you will probably say that

person is praying

and pastor you are not praying but do

you realize one thing that

when jesus has done what you’re doing

when you’re declaring is this

you are you are partnering with god and

if jesus took away our diseases and our

sicknesses and he took away our


he was wounded the chastisement for our

peace was upon him so he took away

our depression our our anxieties our

worries our cares

as well as our physical diseases as well

as all our pains mental emotional

as well and he took all that if i

believe that he took them away and the

bible says he took them away

then i won’t be praying prayers like

this like a slave

oh father god oh god please god heal my


oh god heal my daughter oh god please do

this lord oh god please do that because

that prayer

negates everything that jesus did that

prayer in essen is saying

god is not persuaded and god is the

problem if god wants to give he can give

so that’s why the prayer is not answered

i pray that this

help answer some questions you have amen

when you pray like this the holy spirit

is called the spirit of truth he cannot

bear witness with that kind of prayer

he best he’s a witness of the truth he’s

the spirit of truth

but when you pray you declare when you

declare for example somebody has a

problem with depression then you say in

the name of jesus

you foul spirit of depression lose that

person and let his mind go free

in the name of jesus amen you are


that god is not the problem the power of

darkness is the one holding back his


then you are you are you are partnering

with god in essence you are saying god


god is uh god is not the one giving the


god is your solution under the new

covenant because of what jesus has done

in his death burial and resurrection

everything changed today blessing is


that’s why you just have to declare it

there’s still prayer

praying but those are for the things you

ask for wisdom and all that but what

jesus did for us at the cross

declare it if your loved one is

oppressed they’re not meant to be

oppressed declare it god is not behind

the problem if someone is sick

proclaim healing proclaim decree it

declare it

and that’s why blessing is easy declare

it and god calls this earnest prayer