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hello and welcome to kingdom connection

thank you for joining us today I want

you to sit back and really listen

intently because the message today that

I’m sharing is about prophecy Jesus said

that you will see signs in the heavens

in Luke chapter 21 and I’m going to talk

about that and an ancient prophecy right

in the middle of the book of Joel and in

the book of Acts chapter 2 so get your

Bible open let this message speak to you

there’s so many things happening so many

wonderful people are sharing revelation

some of what I’m going to share today

came right out of John Hagee’s books

about the four moons but there’s so much

more in this message concerning feast

and concerning the blood of Jesus Christ

stay tuned and listen I believe you’re

going to learn some things that’s going

to let you know that we are in a special

and unusual day a day when you need to

be ready for the coming of the Lord

Jesus Christ

I’m preaching today on the blood the

moon and the feast the blood referring

to the blood of Jesus the moon and the

feast and I want you to look with me in

the book of Acts prophecy the book of

Acts chapter 2 turn there with me

prophecy in Acts chapter 2 verse 19 he’s

quoting by the way from the book of Joel

and he says on the day of Pentecost I

will show wonders in heaven above the

signs and in the earth beneath blood and

fire and vapor of smoke when I think of

blood fire and vapor smoke my mind goes

to the Old Testament I think of blood

the blood of animals I think of the days

of sacrifice this is curling smoke of

incense and I think of the vapor of

smoke the fire and the blood because

they had a continual fire burning and so

there’s a connection to the Feast of God

there were seven feast in the Old

Testament and this particular scripture

then he goes on to say in verse 20 the

Sun shall be turned into darkness and

the moon into blood Leviticus 23 talks

about the feast the seven feast the

first feast was the feast of Passover

and the Lord called him in Leviticus 23

my feast there my feast God said and the

last feast the seventh feast in this

succession was the Feast of Tabernacles

it’s very significant now now what is

what is so amazing is that the Bible

declares Jesus declared that the Sun the

moon and the stars would be used like a

billboard to bring messages to mankind

so how has that ever happened has that

ever happened when he said there will be

signs in the heavens I’ll use the star

the Sun the moon well when Jesus was

born in Bethlehem were told that he used

the star he lit up a certain star and

the Magi began to travel over six

hundred miles they were guided by the

star they were they were led by the star

they followed the direct

the star until they came to the Child

Jesus and so God used the star as a sign

in heaven I’m just simply I’m simply

laying out to you that that this is not

bizarre a weird because even the virgin

birth is centered around a sign in

heaven a star shining over where Christ

was born and then in the Old Testament

when Israel began to doubt the ability

of God to deliver them God used the Sun

to show them a sign in heaven and now we

approach something called the four blood

moons now a Blood Moon is not mystical

or a weird it is a lunar eclipse every

time that the Blood Moon has appeared

over 500 years it’s appeared three times

one time in the fourteenth century two

times in the 24 20th century and now

this year will be the final time that

according to NASA in the foreseeable

future hundreds and hundreds and

hundreds of years that that the Blood

Moon or the lunar eclipse will happen

during Passover and during the Feast of

Tabernacles Passover is the first feast

tabernacle is the last feast that’s God

language I’m the first in the last I’m

the alpha

I’m the Omega and it happened for three

times already it’s going to happen again

this year and so I want you to see why

that is significant you say well what so

well that is interesting it’s kind of a

weird coincidence I know I’m the same

way I think just like you but the more I

began to look into this I began to

understand that the heavens are God’s

billboard and he’s trying to tell us

something I believe there’s no way it

can be a coincidence that the four three

times that has happened and now this

year will be the fourth time that it

fell on the Passover Feast and on the

Tabernacle feast and they have traced

back the FIR

lunar eclipse or what we call the Blood

Moon know what is a Blood Moon it’s when

it’s when the Sun which is farthest away

from Earth aligns with the moon directly

the Sun hits it and it shades it out and

then a red though is it’s not mystical

it’s just the Sun and the moon and the

earth all line up and it creates a red

glow that comes on the moon now when did

the first Blood Moon appear it happened

in the year according to NASA 1492

what’s significant about 1492 1492 and

in a couple years leading up to that was

something that was called the Spanish

Inquisition what was that about

the leaders of Spain turned on the

Jewish people who make for the most part

we’re living in Spain the Catholic

Church at that time began to persecute

the Jews and tried to get them to

convert over and because they wouldn’t

there were thousands of Jews that were

slaughtered in Spain and then came the

Inquisition in which the Spanish

leadership said to the Jews you have 14

days to get out you cannot take silver

you cannot take gold you cannot take

your Goods you must get out of our

nation Columbus was a practice he

practiced Judaism

he wrote letters to his son and he would

put Jewish symbols and he would say

Jewish phrases and open letters with

Jewish prayers because he was in contact

with those rabbis and so he didn’t just

go looking for land he was financed and

encouraged by Jewish rabbis saying we

are we’re being persecuted we don’t have

anywhere to go we were being

exterminated we’re being help us find

know what is Tabernacle Tabernacle means

a habitation I know I’m gonna pull it

all together but watch this

so the first feast is Passover when God

delivered them out of Egypt out of

Egyptian bondage through the blood

of the lamb the last feast is about

finding a habitation so so 1492 1492

watch this Columbus goes and discovers

America and the Jews migrate by the

thousands we have become a haven America

has become a haven for the Jewish people

and God began to Bless America and we

can see the results of that so here’s

the point I want you to see it because

it’s so important there was great

persecution the Blood Moon shows up they

find a habitation somewhere to keep

their race and their people alive and

this happens there’s tribulation then

celebration there’s trial then triumph

that was what happened the first time

the Blood Moon appeared on earth the

second time that the Blood Moon appears

on Passover and on the Feast of

Tabernacles the second time was in 1948

I couldn’t make this stuff up well what

happened in 1948 well the years before

1948 of course where the world was world

war two Hitler and the Holocaust the

Jews were greatly unjustly persecuted

and and exterminated in death camps and

tortured and killed by the millions and

what happens in 1948 they voted at the

United Nations to give a little piece of

land to a nation called Israel in 1948

the same year there was a Blood Moon a

sign in the heaven and Israel became a

nation a state now they only had half of

Jerusalem and they are the size of New

Jersey understand that we think of

Israel being some huge nation the whole

nation is the size of New Jersey they

are surrounded

their border is Libya where Isis is the

guys with the hoods and the swords their

other neighbor is Egypt where the

terrorists are shooting rockets into the

the the neighborhoods and areas of the

border towns of Israel and then Egypt is

their other neighbor they’re surrounded

they’re the size of by hundreds of

millions of people who hate them the

third time that the blood moon has

appeared on planet Earth

was in 1967 well what happened in 1967

it was called the Six Day War three

nations Syria which is where Isis is now

you see the spirit that is motivate

that’s the spirit of Antichrist by the

way this taking 21 Christians out to a

beach and cutting their head off that if

you don’t see that something is going on

you need to wake up and the church needs

to wake up and America needs to wake up

watch this so so this happens in 1967 on

Yom Kippur which is a is Raley feast

holy day Egypt Syria and Jordan attacked

from three different angles three

different borders they all got together

and in a consolidated effort and decided

that they would attack Israel and wipe

them off of the face of the earth and go

all the way to Jerusalem and take the

other half of the city and Israel would

be no more and for one day they pressed

and they defeated Israel they killed

thousands of their soldiers they were

they couldn’t hold them back the second

day they move miles and miles and miles

in every direction right the people are

coming together on the third day it

looked like it was the end but at the

end of the third day something happened

it looks like the devil would learn you

need to watch out for the third day

the reason is called a six-day war is

the battle turned on the third day in

Israel who was outnumbered 40 to 140 –

one big into fight the spirit of Gideon

the spirit of Samson the spirit of David

that lines slaying I’ll come on that

Goliath killing spirit came on them and

they turned the battle now watch this

and this is so important young people

listen to me listen to me this is so

important and so relevant that they not

only begin to push back but they took

the other side of Jerusalem from the

Arabs they then went back to their

original push the armies that had

invaded back to their original borders

and then said you know what we’re gonna

get us some safety buffers we’re never

gonna let you invade and be at

Jerusalem’s door in three days we’re

gonna push you back that’s now what the

media calls the occupied territory they

push them back we now have American

politicians who are putting pressure on

Israel to give that land back give them

back half of Jerusalem give them back

half of that occupied territory give it

back give it back these are American

politicians that the church and people

have elected and the Iranians are

welcome and all kinds of people are

welcome at the White House but for some

reason this is not a political message

I’m preaching the Word of God Genesis 12

Abraham I will bless those that bless

you I will curse those that curse you

and America is in real trouble when we

don’t understand that the connection to

America and Israel has been given by God

and he said they that bless Israel will


the Bible is the oldest real estate

contract in the world and God said it’s

my city and it’s my people city and

nobody will ever take it from them again

and if America doesn’t get with that God

we some of us think God sitting on the

throne wrapped in an American flag God

is in control and he I love America I’m

all for America I’m 100 percent red

white and blue but folks we better have

our allegiance to God and His Word and

what he says in that book and if we

bless Israel God will bless us if we

turn our back on Israel then we will see

judgment hit our life our economy and

our nation and if you don’t like that I

don’t know what to say to you you need

to read this book so the fourth and

final blood Lynn is going to happen

during the feast of Passover which is

when we preach about the death burial

and resurrection of Jesus Christ and it

will end there will be another Blood

Moon during the Feast of Tabernacles

when this Blood Moon comes

something’s gonna happen I don’t know

what’s gonna happen I don’t know what’s

coming but we need to kick here here’s

the point that I’m preaching be ready

be clean be washed be prayerful be in

that book

you better not be out in the club

shaking it on Saturday night and coming

to church on Sunday

you better not be half drunk you better

not be high

you better not be out sleeping with

somebody’s wife you better be ready for

in an hour that you think not Jesus is

coming again and even the heavens are

declaring he used the he used the star

to say he was coming the first time he

used the Sun to tell Israel he was the

creator and in control creation and he’s

using the moon to say I’m coming to

earth again the blood of God still

speaks do you know that they have found

DNA of people who lived a hundred or

more years ago that their blood spilled

into the earth and they can they can

match that DNA it’s amazing discovery if

blood can cry out from the ground and

DNA never really dies my wife loves to

watch CSI I’m telling you every time

she’s got the flipper it’s CSI and she

loves that DNA stuff because that’s how

you can really get them because that

blood is always speaking when Jesus hung

on that cross the week of Passover 2000

years ago and his blood dripped into the

ground of the earth the Bible said in

Hebrews if the blood of abel was

speaking vengeance how much better

things will the blood of jesus speak

what’s the blood of jesus speaking now

get this so as the world is in chaos and

you’ve got people who are crazy enough

that when they get their hands on a

nuclear weapon in the name of Allah they

will blow up a city and when all of that

is happening right in the middle of it

at Passover here comes a red moon God’s

billboard in the sky and his son’s blood

is crying out from the earth but he’s

not saying vengeance he’s saying forgive


deliver save and the Blood Moon is

assigned during Passover that God still

loves this world God so loved the world

he gave His only begotten Son that

whosoever would believe on him shall be


the message his two things are about to


God’s gonna pour out his spirit and I

believe revivals coming I believe I

believe the either America will turn

back to God and get on her knees but we

may be going down a road of no return

let’s all stand to our feet all over

this room if you’re under the sound of

my voice right now wherever you are

television wherever you’re watching this

and you don’t know that you’ve been

washed in the blood the red blood of

Jesus Christ God is speaking to you his

blood is speaking to you there are

people in this room who need forgiveness

there are people in this room who are

backslidden there are people who are

listening to me who have not surrendered

your life to Jesus Christ others of you

your family is in shambles because of

sin and shame and all that hell wants to

do to all of our families there’s only

one thing that can defeat the power of

Satan the blood of Jesus Christ

and all over this room as I’ve been

preaching some of you felt an

uncomfortableness that’s called

old-fashioned conviction there’s a voice

in your head saying get ready get ready

be ready when the trumpet sounds be

ready you need to get out of that you

don’t belong there you’re cold you’re

indifferent you’re lukewarm you’re dead

you’re dull inside you have an outward

profession of religion but there’s

nothing inside that’s the definition of

a hypocrite when you say it outwardly

but there’s no life in wordly you

pretend you’re pretending you’re

something on the outside that you’re not

on the inside that’s what the Bible

calls a hypocrite but if you’re in this

room or there you want to get washed in

the blood you want to be ready when

Jesus comes you want to repent of your

sins and turn completely to God the

message is not one of fear it’s one of

lift up your hands stay joyful stay

happy stay prayerful stay holy stay

separated stay clean stay pure this is

no time to start dropping your standards

and letting the bar down and doing just

like the world this is a time when we

ought to be a peculiar people a royal

priesthood I’m not ashamed of the stuff

I’m preaching I’m not ashamed yes I

believe in the supernatural yes I

believe that Jesus is coming again and

the dead in Christ are going to be

raised gravestones are gonna topple over

and ground is going to explode with

resurrection power as our dead in Christ

meet us in midair oh you believe that I

believe it cause Jesus said it

pastor pray for me I need to get right

with God I know I’m not right with God

and I need to get right with God I want

my sins to be washed in that blood I see

the signs I need my own cleansing today

by the blood of you if that’s you

without shame or hesitation raise your

hand high right where you are see those

hands all over this room every one of

you that raised your hand this is the

most important altar call you’ll ever

hear for your life say Lord Jesus I

believe you are the son of God I believe

you’d bled and died red blood on

Calvary’s cross and today that blood

cleanses me and washes me clean of my

past my guilt and my shame I receive the

cleansing by the blood of the Lamb Jesus

Christ and today I surrender my life to

you Lord Jesus thank you for forgiveness

thank you for healing thank you for the

blessings of the Covenant thank you Lord

that I’m an overcomer by the blood of

the Lamb and the word of my testimony

and I will be ready should you come or

call in Jesus name Amen

if you prayed that prayer we would love

to hear from you today we’re praying for

you and get get your life ready get your

family ready Jesus is coming soon I want

to thank all of you who are helping us

with this brand new project in Jerusalem

God laid on my heart to help build a

church called celebration center right

in the heart of Jerusalem there’s an

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different congregations preaching the

gospel in Hebrew preaching the gospel in

Arabic preaching the gospel in Russian

all right

in the middle of the city of Jerusalem

where Jesus was crucified where he bled

and died and rose again and I believe

it’s a prophetic ministry and project

that God is going to use to win many

many souls and who would have ever

dreamed that we could be a part of

building and I’m gonna get to dedicate

this year this year when that final

blood moon shows up there’s going to be

a church right in the heart of Jerusalem

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congregations preaching the gospel of

the Cross right there in Jerusalem I’m

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will you pray about that I believe that

God will bless he’s told as a matter of

fact he told Abraham I’ll bless those

that bless you I’ll curse those that

curse you but even said that when you

pray for the Peace of Jerusalem they so

will you prosper how much more will you

prosper if you help give and build a

church that exalts the king of kings and

the Lord of lords Jesus Christ this is

an anointed project I think perhaps the

most anointed project we’ve been

involved in will you help me ask the

Holy Spirit what you can do father bless

people today and speak to people today

and I thank you for it in Jesus name


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