“God is good” is no cliché. This excerpt is from: God Is Good Even When Times Are Bad (19 Jul 2020)

I’m taking
from this story, lessons for us

for the now word right now,
because we are about

to have Jesus come back for us!


You can see all the signs!

It’s very clear now.

I mean, even people
in the world are saying:

“Is it all coming to an end?”

So, during this epic of times
that we are living in,

God wants us to know
that we are exactly where

the children of Israel is—
in the 40th year, just before

they entered the promised land.

Always remember this:
God did not bring you out

to remain out in the wilderness.

The wilderness
is an interim period.

God brought you out
to bring you in.

God brought you out
of darkness to bring you

into His marvelous light.

God brought you out of
bondage to bring you

into His glorious liberty.

God brought you out of
sickness into His glorious

health and wholeness.

God brought you out
to bring you in.


So, God wanted to bring them—
God brought them out of Egypt

but God wanted to bring them
into the land flowing

with milk and honey.

But because of their unbelief,
you all know the story

at Kadesh Barnea.

And what happened was
that they could have

actually entered the land
in a much shorter time.


Within the year, actually.

But instead of that,
because of their unbelief,

they wandered for 40 years.

Because of their rebellion,
they wandered for 40 years

in the wilderness.

So, they are now
in the wilderness

and this is what they said.

It commends, actually,
with the death of Miriam.

And now, they said:
““Why have you brought up”

“the assembly of the Lord
into this wilderness?”

“And why have you made us
come up out of Egypt,”

“to bring us to this evil place?”

“It is not a place of
grain or figs or vines”

“or pomegranates;
nor is there any water to drink.””

“Then the Lord spoke
to Moses, saying,”

““Take the rod;
you and your brother Aaron,””

“Take the rod;
you and your brother Aaron.”

Notice that there is
a specific instruction that

God gave to Moses.

The people complained
that there was no food,

no grain, no figs,
no vine and no water.

But instead of God
rebuking the people,

and instead of God
judging the people—

I want you to see,
I want to show you something

because we are
talking about God’s heart,

and God’s mind.

And in here, God tells Moses:
“Take the rod;”

“you and your brother Aaron.”

And it was very obvious
to them what rod

God was talking about.

God was talking
about the rod of Aaron.

Now, Aaron and Moses
are brothers.


Now, they both have rods.

All the leadership,
all the patriarchs and all that,

all the leaders of the
clans and the tribes,

they all have a rod.


In fact, every head of the family
will have a rod and they will

put notches on the rod
for landmark events in their lives.

And it is passed on
to their sons and their sons

will carry the same rod.

But Aaron is a high priest.

So his rod—
remember his rod?

In Numbers 17,
there was, again,

a murmuring among the
people of Israel saying:

“Why should Aaron
be the leader?”

“Why should he
be the high priest over us?”

So, God said:
“Okay, all you leaders”

“of the twelve tribes,
each of you bring your rod.”

So they brought all the
twelve rods together,

including Aaron’s rod.

Moses put all the rods
in the tabernacle.

And after a night,
they all came to collect

their rods and only one rod
budded and blossomed.


Aaron’s rod
budded and blossomed.

It brought forth almonds.

It brought forth almonds.

You know, in Israel,
one of the things

you learn when you
study the fruits in Israel—

which is a very
interesting and fruitful study—

is you’ll find that the
almond is the first fruit

to show itself after winter.


It is the first ripe fruit
to say that winter

is coming to an end.


And it is the Hebrew word
for “watch”.

It is the first fruit!

It’s a picture of
Jesus Christ, our High Priest,

who rose from the dead!

How can a rod that is
cut off from its source—

It’s a dead rod in
the natural, right?

How can it bud and blossom?

Because of the
power of resurrection.


So Jesus rose from the dead
with resurrection life!


Only the death and
resurrection of Jesus Christ

can bring us through and out
of the wilderness!


Now Moses’ rod—do you
remember Moses’ rod?

The rod that he threw
on the ground

which became a serpent?

And when he picked it up,
it became a rod again?

That rod is the one that
God used earlier.

In Exodus 17:5-6—
this is the first year of

the wilderness experience—
“And the Lord said to Moses,”

““Go on before the people,
and take with you”

“some of the elders of Israel.”

“Also take in your hand
your rod with which”

“you struck the river””
Now, why did God say:

“Take in your hand
your rod with which”

“you struck the river,”
Why mention the river?

So that we all know
it is a rod of judgment.

Because with that
rod of judgment,

Moses turned the
river into blood

which speaks of
judgment and death.

So the rod is a rod of judgment.

It is a rod of authority.

It is a rod of the law.


It is a rod that brings penalties.


And in this case,
it was used on Egypt.

To execute judgment on Egypt.


So take the rod,
“your rod by which”

“you struck the river,”
and God says:

““I will stand before you there
on the rock in Horeb;”

“and you shall strike the rock,
and water will come out of it,”

“that the people may drink.””

Now, let’s establish
once and for all

the rock is a picture of Christ.

In 1 Corinthians 10:4,
it tells us:

“For they drank of that
“spiritual Rock”

“and that Rock was Christ.”

So that is very clear.


So the Rock was Christ.

In the beginning,
God told Moses to smite

and hit the rock.


That’s a picture of
Jesus on the cross.


He was smitten by
the rod of God’s judgment.


Because He was carrying our sins.

Friend, He has no sin.

He did no sin
but He was carrying our sins.

And the rod of the
judgment of God fell on Him.

Once He is smitten,
rivers of life can

come to you now.


You and I.

Because He died for our sins.

So sin is no longer
a barrier in your life,

to all the goodness,
all the refreshment,

and all the blessings
of God in your life.


The salvation of God
comes fully and

totally unhindered
to you and your families.



Because Jesus
took your judgment.

It is like God’s heart is
opened up judicially

and righteously.

He is glorified.

Not just satisfied!

What Jesus did
at the cross is much more.

God is glorified.


Praise God.

So once is enough!

The Bible says that
once Jesus had done it—

the words:
“one sacrifice”

“for sins forever”.


And “He once died,
having purged our sins”

“once and for all”.

All these words mean—
the Greek word “ephapax”

once and for all.

You cannot repeat
the death of Jesus.

This happened in the
first year of their

wandering experience.

In Numbers 20 just now,
we read that it is the 40th year,

the last year, just before they
entered the land.

Back to this story again,
we see here that God is about

to do something
that is not common.

And notice what God said:
“gather the

congregation together.”

“Speak to the rock
before their eyes.”

Not smite.

“Speak to the rock
before their eyes.”

“And it will yield its water.”

In the Hebrew, it says:
“He will yield His water.”

Speak to the rock!

Now, by the way,
just to let you know this.

During the commencement
of the wilderness journey,

the smiting of the rock,
God told Moses to smite the rock

because it’s a
picture of Jesus Christ,

smitten once and
never to be smitten again.

And the word “rock” there
in the beginning, previously,

is the word “tsur”.

“Tsur” refers to a large boulder.

A large boulder.

Over here, at the end
of their journey, alright,

the word “rock” is different
from the previous one.

It is the word “sela”.

“Sela” refers to a cliff.

A cliff.

Why is it no longer a boulder?

Because Jesus is risen
from the dead.

He’s at the Father’s right hand,
far above all principality

and power, might and dominion.

And He’s there for you.

He’s not there for
His own benefit.

He is there for your benefit.

For the benefit of your families.


He is there for you and I,
He is there for us, representing God.


Representing you and I before God.


He’s there for us.

He is for us.

“If God has given us salvation
which is the greatest”

“of all blessings.”

“How will He not
with Him (our High Priest),”

“give us freely all things.”


So God says: “Take the rod
of Aaron and I want”

“you to do this, Moses.”

“Stand before the “sela”,
the high cliff and”

“hold the rod
of the high priest.”


In fact, it wasn’t Moses
who would be holding it.

It would have been Aaron.

Both of them.

God said: “Both of you, stand.”


Both of you.

You and your brother, Aaron.

And Aaron would be holding it
and God wants to demonstrate

what grace is like.

You don’t have to
beat the rock again.

Just speak to the rock
and it will give you its water.

You don’t have to ask
Jesus to come down

and die for you every time
you commit a sin.

You don’t have to ask Jesus
to come down and die

for your sickness or whatever disease
you may be having

in your body right now.

Jesus took that disease in
His own body 2000 years ago.

And what is required from you
right now, is to just to

speak to Him and tell Him:
“Lord, You are my healer.”

“Lord, You are my redemption.”

“Lord, You are my wisdom.”

If you need wisdom.

“Lord, You are my redemption.”

“Lord, You are my hiding place,
my protection.”

“You are my provider,
my Yahweh Yireh,”

“my Jehovah Jireh.”

“You are the one
that provides for me.”

Just speak to Him!

Whatever you need,
speak to Him!

You only have to speak.

You don’t have
to hit Him again.

You don’t have to have Jesus
come down and die

on the cross again.

Friend, what is it
with you today?

What are you faced with?

Do you know that
you’re a child of God

and God loves you?


That whatever needs
you may have,

it is not as if
God doesn’t care

or God is oblivious to it.

God wants to demonstrate to you
the rod and the Rock.

God wants to show you
how Christ is enough.

But so often, we forget.

And our words demonstrate
that we forget.


We’ll say: “Where is God in all this?

“How come God didn’t
come through for me?”

You know?

And all the while,
God is presenting

to you the High Priest.

He is presenting to you,
when He says:

“Take the rod,
take the high priest rod,”

“the high priest staff.”

Our hearts should leap for joy.

He is saying to you:
“The provision is coming.”

Because you have a High Priest.

It’s not like you don’t
have a High Priest.

You have a High Priest.

And because you
have a High Priest,

good things are
coming your way.


You might be in trouble,
but that trouble is temporal.

Amen, friend.

You have a High Priest.

Therefore, come boldly
to the throne of grace

to obtain mercy
and find grace

to help in time
of need.