Find out what God showed David Herzog is coming between Passover and Pentecost this year!

hello sid roth here with david herzog

and i have to tell you if you’re the

least degree

sensitive to the holy spirit he’s here

the holy spirit of the living god

is in this studio right now and why not

my guest david herzog and david

is one of the pioneers of moving

in the glory before the word was even

commonly used if i can use such a word

is common

and and david i’m never going to forget

what i’m about ready to tell you

i have never i saw one of the

most amazing miracles i was i went to a

meeting that david herzog had and he was


and i was seated with the with the


and the woman in front of me had nice

long gray hair

and i’m watching david and david says

something like

and some of you will lose weight some of

you your hair will actually

change color uh some of you’ll get hair

and i’m i’m thinking boy i’d really like

to see that

i haven’t seen that before and the lady

in front of me david

her hair was beautiful gray and i saw a


in the gray of brown

and then it started getting more brown

but but the thing that takes the cake is

you’re unsaved jewish david’s a jewish

believer in jesus

your unsaved jewish father

what happened to his hair yeah he was

balding and hair started growing on one

of his i think just watching online

watching one of my programs i can’t if

it was in the meeting or not and he

started growing here

now take me back to uh

the beginning of when you even knew what

the glory was in fact

let’s start even there what is your

definition from the bible

and your experience of the glory

what is that the glory so the glory to

me is like if you died and went to


what would you be experiencing the glory

so it’s basically

it’s the absolute heaven right exactly

yeah the holiness the presence that the

intimate it’s everything it’s the


okay the everything of god when did this


happening in your life when did you see


uh so i think the progression yeah well

i knew the anointing and gifts and

and feeling the holy spirit i i’d pray

for you know up to six hours and

i’d preach and miracles would happen but

then i met a lady named ruth ward


excuse me david i have to you know i ask

these questions

you prayed six hours was that mostly

in tongues in supernatural language or

what do you do when you pray six hours

so i

i start off just locking myself in my

room and say i want to know you holy

spirit and i would pray in tongues i

prayed in english i’d wait on the lord

and and i just kind of like in a waiting

position and then this presence would

come in the room

and once i knew it was there then i

would just

to spend time with him he would show me

things he’d i’d pray for things

so it’s like it’s like at first you

don’t feel anything but you you lock

yourself i’m

not leaving this room until god shows up

you pray you worship you pray in tongues

but and then you wait and after a while

it’s the waiting part something

shifts in the room and you’re like oh

wow he’s really here

then you don’t want to here’s how you

know that the presence of god came in

the glory

usually you’re thinking well i got to go

to work i got to go to the mall i got to


you make excuses hey lord i’ve been here

an hour you know it’s time to go

but when the glory starts coming in you

start making excuses why you need to


oh i could do that later i could send

someone to do that i can go to the store

tomorrow you start

because you don’t want to leave and

that’s how you know you reached it

now i’m assumed you didn’t start that

way you see

you worked into this exactly oh yeah

like every believer you

it’s like it’s first it’s a discipline

okay lord i need to spend time with you

then eventually becomes a desire where

you can’t wait to be with him

and i think that’s where a lot of people

mess up they they they see it as a duty

but not as a as like if you’re in love

you’re gonna get married and you love

you love being with a girl you’re about

to marry you just

can’t wait to be with her that’s how it

should be it shouldn’t be like duty oh

well i should spend an hour today with

my girlfriend i’m

about to marry that would be the right

thing to do no it’s you can’t wait to be

i think that’s the passion the intimacy


there were some defining moments in your

walk in the glory of god and one

in particular that uh sounds

amazing the uh the graveyard

so to speak of christianity

france oh yeah tell me about what

happened with the glory and

france uh in france in 1998

we had a six-month revival breakout i

was preaching every night five nights a

week for six months

every single night soul saved miracles

uh healing signs and wonders

deliverances and that was crazy awesome

i’ve prophesied france will win the

world soccer cup as a sign of the

revival to continue

because we were only six weeks into it

they wanted it the pastor wanted to end

it because it was summer time

france won 3-0 against brazil and we

went for six months

and then after that i started seeking

god for even a greater glory i said god

this is awesome

but i feel like there’s like the closer

you get to god the more you feel you

don’t know like wait there’s more i need

to know and everyone thought i was crazy

why would you say that you just did the

longest revival in 50 years

in france i said because i’m not

comparing myself to other people and

comparing to the bible

my shadow’s supposed to heal the sick

i’m supposed to see the works of the


and i started seeking god again fasting

praying went to different places and one

of them was ruth ward heflin

and when i met sister ruth ward heflin

she invited me to speak and i said oh no

i’m not here to speak

i want to receive you carry something i


but she insisted no no you need to

preach tonight i was so disappointed

that i was the preacher

i was i went all the way there to hear

her but she knew somehow if i would get

on that stage

the glory would impact me and i got hit

by the glory i

sang my message i’ve never done that i

sing isaiah 16 61

and then signs and wonders start

breaking out on the audience

miracles deliverances and after that i

came back to my room and i was like

and have another level of heaven about

seven days straight was

it was just non-stop i was living in a

heavenly realm

and i said oh my gosh i didn’t know this

existed i thought i

seen the glor the anointing the holy

spirit the revival

it was a whole different realm i didn’t

care about ministry so much i didn’t

care i just wanted to be

in that presence and that’s really what

shifted it from

where we’re at now and then from that

new realm

all the signs and the wonders and the

salvation started i never saw the signs

or the wonders of the miracles so much

i just was seeking him in that presence

in him

and that was like a side effect people

don’t realize it’s the source

it’s not the miracles themselves you

know uh you’re seeing an

increase in the glory and that’s what i

i see that uh

the the glory that is here

is going to just as you said you were


for more of heaven on earth god is


to have more of heaven on earth

and you’re seeing an increase in the


let’s fast forward to cancun mexico yeah

so we were in november in cancun as you


during the lockdowns but we were able to

preach most these people

from all over mexico flew in a lot of

them were leaders and pastors but also

just lay people

and unsaved and this the first time they

had church in

six months probably because they were

locked down all over mexico and it just

started to open for them

so it’s kind of like to kick start the

nation back up so an apostle invited me

he brought hundreds of pastors from all

over the country

and we and they had to wear matt we

weren’t wearing masks but most of them

were wearing masks because

the health department so it was kind of

stringent we came in they were spraying

us down and

all this stuff just to get into the

building because they had to

and but when we got there the glory


they were so held back for so long and

god was like

salvations were happening they were

unsaved i was getting like

miracles cataracts healed tumors but

names of people

names of streets where they lived names

of the former church where we were


i i don’t speak spanish and i was

getting these names and i said what’s

avenue of whatever and the apostle goes

that’s where we just left

and it was all these things and the

pastors had never seen that in mexico


they just don’t see that stuff as often

and then the miracles people crying

you know my hair grew out i lost weight

i my metal plates are gone

all these kind of things are happening

no i i have to witness to the fact

uh i was i was in a line

behind someone at one of david’s


and the guy said they just turned around

started talking to me

and he said see where my belt is

uh is right now look at the whole

where it was before i came to this


so i mean that this is talk about

investigative reporting

this is evidence before your very eyes

uh david uh you make this statement

and i do too i might add and if two or


agree touching any one thing

it’s ready to happen you say

we’re headed towards the most powerful

visitation from god the presence of god

the glory on planet earth

that this world has ever ever

seen and you say that god has shown you

to focus

between two feasts

the feast of passover and the feast

of shavuot or pentecost

uh and what what are you

believing and actually i i believe you

had even a word from god

what do you believe in can occur

at between these two feasts and for

those that are interested

passover begins march 28th

and it’s 10 days it and it ends this


april 4th which coincidentally but

there’s no coincidences with god happens

to be

resurrection sunday so you have the

merger the jewish beast and the


feast on the same day and then

pentecost or shavuot is

may 16th uh

what do you where what’s your expectancy


and why do you have such expectancy yeah


i know that the world has been softened

for harvest for people getting saved

they’ve been beat up by all these things

the viruses the lockdowns the economy

the stress and so what looks bad god

turns it for good

1929 had a huge crash people were

jumping out of windows

they lost everything and then in the 30s

revival started breaking out

so a lot of times when it looks the

worst that’s usually when god’s about to

do the greatest

but also we’ve had the billion soul

harvest prophecies

we’ve had prophecies that 2020 this

decade is going to be a decade of

souls he sent us off the mission field

to come to america

to come back he said before the last

great awakening that’s the number one

reason he told me

when i was a young man you’ll send you

to the mission field that i’ll send you

back before the third great awakening

and now we’re in that moment people are

coming out of the virus the fears the

lockdowns are

opening up springtime is coming god

always promises to visit

during the feast it says if my people

gather they worship me

they honor this timing with him he would

show up and in my own life i’ve always

noticed in my own life anyway that

during the feast passover pentecost the

fall feasts it’s always amazing things

would happen

before i even understood what they meant

or how significant they were

i would just preach a passover or

pentecost nonchalantly not even

realizing it was a feast

and the greatest revivals of breakout

miracles salvations

and so many years later i kept thinking

oh there’s a pattern here then i would

research it and i realized why god

promises when we show up and meet

so i was getting blessed by accident i

wasn’t even doing it on purpose

and i realized oh my gosh passover

is a defining moment because jesus is

the lamb he’s the lamb that takes away

the sin of the world

it’s not just a jewish feast jesus said

take and eat this and he said

this is you know he talked about the

feasts that he wanted the gentiles to

come in as well

and it’s not he said don’t do it as in

memory of just getting out of egypt

that’s one level for the jewish people

they get out of egypt they celebrate

but do this in remembrance of me meaning

i’m the lamb

anybody jew or gentile can come to me as

the lamb

and they can get out of spiritual egypt

so i started realizing

but between this passover and this

pentecost i really believe god’s going

to start spearheading

outpourings of the holy spirit and

harvest almost simultaneously

because you can’t have a great harvest

without rain you have to have the rate

azusa street revival

had to happen first and then the

millions of souls that have been saved

since then i believe we could be on the

brink of another type of azusa

outpouring and one more great outpouring

think of azusa as acts 2

and maybe what’s coming is acts 4 a

greater outpouring

which will lead to a huge worldwide


harvest of souls i really believe that

the greatest harvest we’ve ever ever


is just about to happen the enemy knew

it and that’s why he allowed a lot of

things to happen in 2020

to try to slow things down but it’s like

the dam is about to break the water’s

pushing against the dam

the cracks are showing and they can’t

hold this thing back too much longer

they can’t lock people up too much


and i believe the greatest harvest of

souls is just gonna explode on the scene

not just in america

israel and worldwide

david i wan i want to give you a new


i want you to be uh david herzog

pt personal trainer

now there are people are watching us

right now

that want to get to where god has

brought you

and they are more in the discipline

when it comes to prayer or worship

or reading the bible than


what give give us your best give us your

best advice

how can we get into hunger so once

you’ve tasted

of the glory it’s like a drug addict who

i’ve never taken drugs but

drug addicts that take they start with a

low like marijuana then they go to

cocaine and heroin

they can’t go back down to marijuana

because it doesn’t do anything for them

or some a coffee drinker then drinks a

double espresso

they can’t go back to coffee it or you

know red bull it’s so

what happened is because i was in the

glory meeting with ruth hefflin and


i had i’d suggest go where the glory is


and when you’re in that atmosphere then

you’re gonna say oh my gosh i gotta take

this home i have to have this all the


that’s how i got it go where god’s

already moving

get something from there that come back

home and then say oh god i’m not leaving


until i have that level of you a lot of

people go to an awesome meeting and they

come back home and everything’s backed

down to low level remember the times you

were in the highest level of god’s


start to meditate on that and you’ll

start to hunger for it so the hunger can

come that way

remember the things that god did

remember the places you’ve been where

god moved

mightily some of you are watching and

you’ve been in great moves of god in the

past and you got discouraged

you got depressed and you got you just

kind of you love the lord still but

you’re not living in that and god’s

telling you remember what i did before

and i want to do even greater and then

wait on him

stay lock yourself in the room don’t be

in a hurry don’t go through a

religious thing where you have to read

this read that

you know pray but then wait on him

because once he comes it’s so much

easier to pray but what

david to find weight on him

what does that mean so a lot of times

you’ll come in your worship

you’ll pray some things you’re praying

tongues and there’s a point where you

don’t know what else to pray you’ve

prayed all you can pray

you worship all you can worship then

just wait in his presence just wait on


in his presence clear your mind which is

hard to do if you have an iphone

you clear your mind you wait on him and

suddenly he’ll start to show up you

start to feel the atmosphere change

sometimes just show you a vision it’s a

it’s a lifestyle of

waiting on it’s kind of like shabbat you

know it’s hard to stop one day if you’re

really busy but you force yourself to

just stop one day a week and just spend

time with him

but do that daily in a small amount of

time like in the mornings

you pray you worship and then you wait

on him and just

just wait on his presence and in the

waiting i noticed

something happens your mind is still

thinking of him you’re not daydreaming

you’re not watching tv you’re waiting on

the lord you prayed you worship

they that wait on the lord shall renew

their strength not just physical

but the spiritual strength the inner

strength and like

like with me when i do events or when

you i know i’m sure you’re the same you

don’t take huge

faith steps anymore unless you know god

told you that’s a big thing

and usually god tells me when i’m in the

secret place that’s when god

shows me things like the stadium we did

a stadium last

2020 in phoenix 50 000 seat stadium

cost a huge amount of money we had all

kanye west and all the apostles and


and to pull something off like everyone

asked me how did you do this the pastors

were asking me

how did you do this i said i didn’t i

waited on the lord and he told me

would you please do this there’s no way

i would have even attempted something

like that unless i knew that i knew that

i knew

that god told me and he didn’t just tell

me it was from the presence from

sometimes you have to fast your way into

it there’s seasons where you just need

to fast and pray

to break through because you’re in a rut

there’s other times where you’ll just

worship him for

hours and hours and then he comes other

times you worship a little bit

and you wait other times you’re praying

tongues i found a new thing if when i


tongues praising and worshiping him and

then going into tongues

and then the presence come and then

decreeing things as he’s showing him to


the synergy of the three causes an

explosion because you can do just

tongues others just sing and praise and

they and they stop

others just wait but when you do all

three and then you decree things at the

end i notice

there’s an acceleration of the glory

well speaking of acceleration of the


there is so much presence of heaven on


on this interview right now that here’s

what i believe david

if you will release

the glory on you freely you’ve received

freely give release the presence

of heaven on those that are watching

right now

lord i just pray and release the

presence of god’s glory over people that

they’ll feel it go right through their

screens their iphones their tvs wherever

they’re watching from

i pray father god that no matter when

they’re watching it whether they’re

watching it now or later

that the glory of god will explode upon

them the sense heaven the love the


the satisfaction bring them the greater

glory the

end time glory that’s for now poured on

them now father

and even those that are there’s some

watching and you’re you’re a call and


to lead movements of the holy spirit

shake off the depression the

the the delay in jesus name let the

glory come on you now

a fresh new impartation because now is

the time for harvest the harvest is ripe

now the fields are wide into harvest but

the laborers are few

lord i pray for the laborers that are

watching that will get

fired up again for jesus even i see

again a lot of ministers that were at

one time

greatly used in passion for jesus but

they let things

get them down lord i pray break those

things off of them whether

discouragement or sin

distractions and let the glory infuse

them right now

so strongly that they shake off the past

and they go

back into the harvest for lord in jesus

name let even miracles and healings and

signs and wonders follow

those who are watching not only let them

be healed watching but let them

carry the glory with miracles and signs

that they will start to do the greater


even resurrections of the dead to start

happening the cripples to start walking

again the blind to see

the deaf to hear creative miracles signs

and wonders to start happening father

we just release that over the people now

in impartation to move in the


power of god now in jesus name phew man

i can feel it so thick right now

i see stadiums being filled i see things

uh ballparks across america

i see a lot of things are about to start

happening we’ve heard a little bit here

and there but it’s going to just

it’s going to be like the jesus movement

but on steroids where you’re going to

hear it popping here popping there

popping here

you know it it’s starting now they’re

little places that are starting david

but i see in some lives and in some


it’s going to be what the bible refers

to as a suddenly

suddenly it’s going to be a life changer

and for those of you that are


hopeless in despair

some of you with financial difficulties

some of you with marital difficulties

some of you with

children difficulties

in this glory it’s the game changer

in the presence of god nothing

no one no situation

can put you under and i pray with these

two feasts coming up

of pesach passover

and shavuot pentecost and resurrection

sunday go for the gold

go for the gold go for the gold