This is “The End Times In Our Time”. Esther is a type of the end times church. She’s going through life staying away from controversy and just trying to stay off the radar. She looks great and she’s playing her role. The modern-day church looks good—beautiful buildings but the culture remains unaffected. God did not call us to have a church to have a “beauty contest.” We are called to far more. We were made for more. We are under attack but yet we remain silent in our churches and in our daily lives. Buts, like Esther, we were made for such a time as this. It’s not just about you anymore. We have been through difficult times but we can’t allow those times to make us stronger—not weaker. Jesus says that the end times will have difficult times rapidly. The end times are upon us. You cannot be a part of the beauty contest of doing church. These are extremely unusual times and we are so insulated from the trouble and pain of millions of people all over the world today. We have to start paying attention. We have to pray and worship like never before. Jesus is coming again and we have to reach the unsaved right now. Take note of the moment we are in. Embrace the challenge to wake up and get in the game. This is not the time to slumber.

>> Hello and welcome

to Kingdom Connection.

Thank you so much

for joining me today.

I believe you need a fresh

word from God.

A word that is relevant

to what you’re facing

in your life, and that’s why

I believe you’ve tuned in

to this program.

Let His word speak to you today.

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>> If you have your Bibles,

I wanna just highlight several

scriptures for the sake of time.

This is the story of Esther,

chapter one starts out in

a beauty contest.

The king is a bachelor,

and he wants a wife and there’s

127 provinces and they send

the most beautiful girl

in their area to win

the bachelor.

That’s not a new television

series, it’s in the Bible.

And the one that wins

the beauty contest

is a girl named Esther.

But then troubles comes,

and Haman, a killer, and evil,

evil wicked man devises a plan

to destroy all the Jews.

We pick up the story in

verse four, “When Mordecai

learned all that had happened,

he tore his clothes,

put on sackcloth and ashes,

when out into the midst

of the city.”

Listen, “He cried out with

a loud and bitter cry.

He went from the front

of the king’s gate, no one might

enter the king’s gate

clothed in sackcloth.

And in every province where

the king’s and decree arrived,

there were – there was fasting,

weeping, and wailing and many

lay in sackcloth and ashes.”

Notice verse four,

something I’d not seen

before and,

“Esther’s maids and eunuchs

came and told her, and the queen

was deeply distressed.

Then she sent garments

to clothe Mordecai.”

“She sent garments to clothe

Mordecai and take his sackcloth

away from him, but he

would not accept them.”

Quickly move to verse 11

and there it says, she said,

“There’s a law that says I can’t

go in and fight for our lives,

I can’t go in and fight

for the Jewish people because

I’ll be put to death unless

the king extends his scepter.”

And then, that powerful verse,

verse 13.

“Mordecai told them to answer

Esther: “Do not think in your

heart that you will escape

in the king’s palace any more

than any of the other Jews.

For if you remain completely

silent at this time,

relief and deliverance will

arise from the Jews from another

place, but you and your father’s

house will perish.

Yet who knows whether you have

come to the kingdom for such

a time as this?”

It’s amazing that this story

starts out with

a beauty contest.

I think Esther is a type

of the church, I believe she’s

the type of the Last Day Church.

I believe she’s a type

of the church and the culture

of the church in the time

when Christ, the king,

will come again.

And notice what she’s

consumed with.

She’s involved in a beauty

contest, she’s all dressed up,

she’s playing the role of queen,

she’s taken beauty baths

if you read it.

She’s relaxed, she doesn’t

want to get involved,

she doesn’t want to get into

controversy, she doesn’t want

to use her voice.

She’s silent.

There’s treacherous,

dangerous things happening

in the nation and she is in

a beauty contest.

Sounds like the church,

the modern-day church has

beautiful buildings

and beautiful music,

beautiful people.

There’s the steeple,

and there’s the doors,

open up the doors and there’s

all the hot people,

the good-looking people,

the well dressed, fit people.

They come to church,

and they leave,

it’s a beauty contest.

Culture is unaffected, week –

the whole week is unaffected.

There’s a beauty contest.

But there comes a time in

a nation and there comes a time

in the kingdom when God says,

“The beauty contest is over.”

I believe we’re living

in that day where no longer

can the church just be

a beauty contest.

Of beautiful buildings,

and beautiful music

but nothing changes.

What amazed me is Mordecai gets

a burden and tears his clothes

and he challenges Esther

to come out of the

beauty contest

and get into the fight.

The fight for the nation,

the fight for the sons

and the daughters, the children

and the grandchildren.

The generations to come

that would perish.

“You cannot remain silent.”

He began to cry out.

And I believe that there

are thousands of pastors

in America who need – I’m one

of you, I don’t put down

and criticize pastors,

but I’m giving a call today.

I feel like I’m an old man

for a reason, I feel like I’m 59

and about to turn 60 this year

and I have the right.

I’ve been pastoring the same

church for 34 years,

I have a right to speak

like a father now.

And if ever pastors needed

direction, it is now.

If we don’t get involved,

we’re gonna lose our children

and our children’s children.

We’re gonna lose freedom

of speech, we gonna lose

freedom of religion,

we gonna lose freedom

of worship, we going to lose it.

It’s not something you can

just go through like

a beauty contest and say,

“That’s not my problem,

we don’t mix our faith with

nothing – it’s just,

we’re just here.”

What did Mordecai say to Esther?

He said, “You have come

to the kingdom for

such a time as this.

Not to be a beauty contestant.”

And you know that when she

heard that he had torn

his clothes and put on sackcloth

and ashes, the next part

of the verse amazed me.

The scripture said,

“And she sent to him garments.”

“She sent to him garments.”

New garments, she said,

“Just put on some glad rags.

Just cover it up.

Just let the church kind of do

their thing and sing the songs

and preach the little message

and everybody have burnt

some candles and do whatever

you wanna do and

then just go home.

Put on new garments, put on

some glad rags, just put a smile

on your face, just get up

and preach the messages of seven

ways to enjoy your vacation.”

We need more than that.

The end times are happening

in our times.

If you can’t see it,

if you can’t see the threat of

the freedom, if you can’t see

what is going on in the world

and it’s like the church

is totally disconnected.

Family’s falling apart,

marriages falling apart,

culture changing, redefining

of genders and all kinds

of things happening.

And people like Elon Musk,

who’s not even claims to be

a Christian, he’s fighting

for freedom of speech while

the church is quiet and doesn’t

want to offend and doesn’t

want anybody – may we might

lose people.

You came to the wrong church.

We are not that silent church,

we have come to the kingdom.

God has given us this to affect

this nation and this world.

We’re not ashamed of the gospel

of Jesus Christ.


It’s real and I’m not –

I’m not preaching today

to get you whipped up.

I’m preaching today

to get you woke up.

Real wokeness needs

to hit the church.

I love it when Billy Graham

used to get up, when he was

alive and he would say one

thing over and over if you watch

any of his old clips

of sermons he would say,

“And the Bible says!”

And the Bi – it doesn’t matter

what my opinion is

of gay marriage or transgender.

I don’t have an opinion,

my opinion is what

the Bible says.

The Bible says.

The Bible says, “I’m not gonna

be mean, I’m not gonna be ugly,

I’m not gonna harass.”

But you have a right

to live like you live,

post anything you want to post

but you don’t have a right

to cancel me and say I can’t

say, “The Bible says.”

It’s called freedom of speech

and it ought to unite

every American to say,

“We will fight for this.”

Live any way you want to live,

live in and let live

but don’t say, “You can’t have

a voice, but I can.”

And I won’t say,

“I can and you can’t.”

That’s called freedom.

But what touched me was Esther

arose and I saw something

else I’d not seen because

the scripture said she said,

“But you don’t understand

Mordecai, I can’t go in

to the king because they

passed a law.”

You ever read that?

She says, “There’s a law

that says I can’t go in

to the king.”

And I love Mordecai’s response.

He says, “You need to test

that law if it’s out of line

with what’s God’s telling you.”

And it’s time to test some laws.

When grown men want to get

in your teenagers –

girls locker room and bathroom,

it’s time to test that law.

When – I don’t understand,

I don’t understand.

Those, I’m not against the jab,

I’m not against the needle,

I’m not against the shot,

I’ve had it twice.

People in my family,

my daughter, my – some of my

people have had the shot.

It’s not an issue for me,

I don’t care.

What I don’t understand

is apparently Covid can be

spread and all over the place

except at the border.

If we would just go to

the border apparently you don’t

need a jab, you don’t need

a mask, you can come in great

numbers by the millions

illegally into the nation.

You can bring drugs,

you can bring criminals,

you can bring gang members,

nobody will get Covid.

Something is crazy going

on and while we sit back and in

one month an entire –

I’m not against my precious

Hispanic people,

I love the people and some

of them are precious and some

of them should come legally

to this nation.

But what I don’t understand

is how is this happening.

How can a whole city,

the city a size of Atlanta comes

in illegally – we don’t know

who’s coming in.

They know of 50 on the terrorist

list that are in this nation

and if they blow up

your kids’ high school,

then maybe we will wake up.

Then maybe we will realize,

and the church is just in

a beauty contest and we’re

just quiet.

And we don’t know how to pray,

and we don’t need prayer

meetings and we don’t need

preachers to get up and –

we just want you to be


I am non-controversial.

There’s one way, there’s one

truth, there’s one life,

his name is Jesus,

and all must repent.

But even the Bible said,

“Put watchmen on the walls

and make sure you don’t let

just anything come

into your nation.”

Well, I’m a watchman

and you’re a watchman and it’s

time to get on the walls

and realize what’s happening

to our educational system.

What’s happening in our law

system, what’s happening

when you go on

If there’s anywhere you ought

to feel safe


and you see something that

people with great intelligence

and know the human body.

One of the first forms,

if you want information,

check your gender, male,

female, neutral.

And I’m not against the shot,

but the same voices that scream,

“My body, my choice.”

When it comes to abortion,

say, “No.

But if you don’t – you don’t

get my body, my choice and if

you don’t take the shot.”

If you’re a nurse and a doctor,

a hero who save lives

during the pandemic,

you are fired.

And you say,

“That’s not happening.”

We had two nurses,

a man and a – and his wife,

both registered nurses

in our campus in OC.

Both of them fired

from Sinai hospital

in Los Angeles, fired because

they worked all the way through

the pandemic, received

the highest accreditations

at one of the most reputable

hospitals in the nation

but fired because they would not

take the shot in their body.

All I’m saying is this,

that is a precursor

of the mark of the beast.

If you won’t take –

“It was a trial run, it was just

will they go along with it.”

And if you don’t, we don’t

care about your family

nurse, we don’t care about

whether you put food on the

table, we don’t care if you

don’t get out and end up in

a tent outside homeless.

We want you to lose your

salary, we want you to not

be able to buy and eat

and take care of your family

even though you’ve been a hero

and you’ve been working on sick

people while we were sitting

home watching Netflix.

Come on folks,

I’m preaching the truth.

Something is wrong and we’re

getting more and more muzzled,

this is not China yet.

This is not Russia yet

and we refuse to sit silent,

we have come to the kingdom

for such a time as this.

And it’s time for the church

to speak up.

Speak up.


I just want to say today

that the censorship

that is starting small,

but it always takes more ground

and more ground and more ground.

While its people just sit back

and let it happen.

What they really hate is not

the church as a historical

building in their city,

they hate the preaching

of the word of God.

And when you understand

what he said to them,

this is what he said, he said,

“I need you now to unite,

we no longer have the luxury

of disunity, we no longer can

be left wing, right wing,

democrat, republican, Black,

White, Asian, Indian,

we can’t do that.

We must come under one thing

and understand our very

existence is on the line.

If we’re going to preserve

this nation, if we’re going

to preserve the constitution,

if we’re going to preserve

the freedom of speech,

the freedom of worship,

the freedom of whatever it is.

The justice that we desire,

even though it’s not

a perfect system,

it is the most close thing

to perfection of any government

on the planet

and in human history.

The nation that you live

in is a great nation,

the nation that you live

in still says, “You can dream,

and you can do.”

And I realize there are

disadvantages, I’m not blind

to that, understand that but

somewhere we have allowed

teachers, unions and leaders

of those unions to erase

the good history of America.

And they said, “If you don’t

get in this fight and we don’t

create the war machine

of freedom, we’ll lose it all.”

And the same applies

to the pastors that will not

stand against

the lies of censorship.

I love what Mordecai told

Esther, he said, “There’s

a decree to kill all the Jews.”

And she said, “Well, the law

says I’ll die if I go in

without permission.”

And Mordecai just kind of looks

at her and says, “You gonna die,

’cause you’re a Jew.

Now if you go in, you got

a chance that he might hear you.

But if you don’t go in,

you gonna die.”

I wanna say it’s coming to

your family.

It’s coming to your home,

it’s coming to our state,

we are watching things before

us and we just sit quiet,

and nobody says anything,

and we come to church and we

hear another thing and blah,

blah, blah.

And I – I don’t know, I just

feel like if I’ve got

any influence, I’m so old

I don’t care anymore.

I don’t care, I don’t care.

And Covid’s so wrecked

the church that I used to preach

to empty seats, every week

for almost two years.

In this place, we just recorded,

and nobody came,

you didn’t need to come.

And I’ve I guess I’ve been

there and now it’s full again

and this is awesome

but I don’t preach for crowds,

I preach because I really

that I’mma stand before

the Lord one of these days

and I cannot look my children

and my grandchildren

in the eye and say,

“I left you a nation without

freedom of worship,

freedom of speech,

freedom of prayer,

freedom to speak up

and say, ‘The Bible says.'”


The Bible says.

Turn to somebody and say,

“The Bible says.”

“Thou shalt

not commit adultery.”

“Thou shalt not steal.”

“Thou shalt not lie.”

“Thou shalt not have

no other God’s before thee.”

The Bible says!


“Thou shalt honor thy father

and they mother.”

“Thou shalt remember

the Sabbath

and keep it holy!”

Playing games, right?

Just like Jesus said,

“They’ll be going, giving in

marriage, taken in marriage,

having entertainment, going

down to the mountains,

going to the beach when suddenly

in an hour that you think not

the son of man cometh.”

He’s coming just like he said,

it – we’re on the verge,

the Russian bear is on the move

just like Ezekiel 38

and 39 said, it would happen

just like China has become

a prominent force.

He said, “The kings of the east

will unite with the kings

of the north.”

If – directly from Jerusalem,

if you look on a map,

totally north,

is Russia.


What it – Iran is mentioned

in the Ezekiel 38 when Russia

starts moving, China will come

alongside them.

They have not been silent since

the Soviet Union

has been dismantled.

They’ve been pulling together

their extreme Muslim nations

like Syria.

Did you know that Russia

has an airport with their

fighter jets in Syria?

Do you understand that Syria

is bordered right up to Israel

and that is the battle

of Gog and Magog?

And is it gon’ happen –

is this the one?

No, I don’t believe this

is the one, but I believe that

the Anti-Christ, spirit stirring

President Putin of Russia

to get the armies ready,

to keep moving, to start

the march because they’re really

not fighting and

hating the Ukraine.

They don’t know that

there’s a demon

that hates Israel.

I gotta quit, y’all.

I – but you gotta understand,

the end times are happening

in our times and the church

is in a beauty contest.

>> As you listened

to this program today,

I really believe that the

Holy Spirit knows how to

direct a sermon and a message

right to the area of your life,

and this is so important,

at the right time.

Maybe you’re watching me

right now,

there’s no doubt about it,

someone’s watching me right now

and you desperately need

a change in your life,

and what I just preached

has touched your heart,

and you’re on the brink

of a miracle called salvation.

Forgiveness, mercy, and grace.

Open up your heart,

pray this prayer with me.

Say, “Jesus.”

Just say those words.

“Jesus, I receive you

as my Lord and Savior.

Wash me and cleanse me,

forgive me, and restore

and renew me.

Thank you for mercy,

thank you for grace,

thank you for the love of God

that will never let us go.

I receive that love,

that forgiveness

in Jesus’ mighty name.”

Amen and amen.

Thank you so much for watching.

You know, when you watch

this program, it only comes

to you —

we’ve been doing this

for a long time,

for decades, and it’s because

people like you hear

the messages week after week,

and say, “I want to be

a part of that ministry.”

We are 100% funded by viewers

who watch this program.

That’s why we have committed

a one million dollar gift

to the Ukraine.

Through your help,

we have been able to already

send over $600,000 to

80 churches in the Ukraine.

that have been turned

into refugee camps.

This is the real deal,

and it’s beautiful ministry,

and we’re so honored

and proud to stand

hand-in-hand with our Ukrainian

friends there,

Christian brothers and sisters

and show the love of God

to that nation that is going

through a living hell.

Help me today.

If God speaks to your heart.

I’m not going to tell you

what to give,

I’m gonna ask you to ask God

what you should give.

And I believe it’ll be

more than enough.

We’re gonna reach,

we’re close to it,

that million dollar gift


What a miracle.

Only God could do that.

Most importantly,

those refugee centers

that we’re supporting

preach the Gospel of

Jesus Christ and souls

are being saved every day

as they’re handing out food

and supplies,

they’re handing out Bibles,

and telling them about

a Jesus who loves them.

Help us today,

I know God’ll bless you for it.

Thank you so much,

and we’ll see you next time

on Kingdom Connection.

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