Each day is a gift from the Lord and He has a fail-safe way you can make every day count! In this inspiring message, Joseph Prince shows you, from the Scriptures, just how God considers and numbers our days. Discover how you can live each day with and for the Lord. Even if you feel that you’ve wasted days or years, be encouraged to know that God can still abundantly bless your days ahead, and lead you to live each day with divine purpose, excitement and fulfillment for the rest of your life!

how many more days are you gonna waste I

was going to say every single one of


the Bible says teaches the number of

days amen

Moses said Moses says teach us to number

our days that we may gain a heart of


now when Moses said this Israel was

wandering for forty years in the

wilderness and at that time they were

experiencing God’s rough people you and

I are not under God’s rock we are under

God’s and clouded favor now if you go

back before this verse in verse 11 and

10 you find verse 9 you say all our days

are passed away in your rough so

interpret this correctly the next verse

say the days of our lives are seventy

years if by reason of strength they are

80 years and that’s what in Singapore

and around the world they tell you all

right the average life span is 70 to 80

years listen it is not for you child of

God is for people under the rock of God

we are not under God’s wrath we under

God’s grace ours is not some 90 hours is

not 70 or 80 years old

ours is sons marry one the next some of

Moses where he says with a long healthy

life long life will i satisfy him in

other words the criteria is your

satisfaction the end verse of some

snotty one says with long life will i

satisfy some people are satisfied in 90

some are satisfied 100 huh alright next

verse because of us then let’s go mad

verse 12 so teach us to number our days

that we may gain a heart of wisdom

that’s why I’m having you calculate your

days and I believe wisdom is coming stop

playing around

stop wasting time

alright now is there a way for us to

follow God’s wisdom to redeem the time

Joel 2:25 says I will restore to you the

years the locust has eaten all right I’m

gonna show you right now in the

remaining part in the closing part right

now would you like to hear all right the

first thing is Moses himself said

teachers the number of days now he will

not tell us

teachers the number of days without

telling us how the next few verses

starting with verse 12 teach us to

number our days that we may gain a heart

of wisdom do at verse 14 o satisfy us

early with your mercy that we may

rejoice and be glad all our days repeat

the last three all our days satisfy us

early with your mercy that we may

rejoice and be glad all our days how

many one all day long and all your days

you are rejoicing and you are glad ever

had a day where you feel so happy you

are glad like walking on air God is

saying I want that not just be a day I

wanted to be all your days and this is

Holy Scripture they cannot be broken

this is God’s Word God tells us if you

do this one thing you’re gonna walk in

rejoicing in a glad heart all the days

of your life

all our days and what’s the secret

what’s a secret o satisfy us early with

your mercy see the word early down there

is the word book here which means in

Hebrew morning you go to Israel one of

things that teach you is to say Boker

Tov top is good ball care is morning

good morning

Bach here thought every morning

breakfast time we meet our guide you say

berkutov morning good Bach here is

morning now satisfy us early you must be

satisfied in the morning with what some

people’s morning is at night you know

technically speaking past what is

morning early morning very early morning

some people night hours like me summer

morning lux you know but whatever it is

God is saying prioritize me prioritize

me first thing you do satisfy the psalm

is a saint or most Moses saying to God

satisfy us early in the morning with

your mercy the word mercy is the word

have faith which is actually Grace in

Israel today the Jewish people who are

Christians those who believe in Yeshua

the Bible is their New Testament is in

Hebrew and everywhere you find grace it

says has said this word here

sit there in our English days mercy some

places loving-kindness but has set its

grace in other words what God is saying

if every morning you spend time with my

son Jesus and satisfy yourself don’t

just be taking scraps satisfy yourself

with His grace all day long you can

experience your experience rejoicing and

a heart of gladness and sometimes it

will overflow into days