God wants you to receive from Him every time you go to His Word! Let Joseph Prince show you, through the beautiful Old Testament story of Ruth and Boaz, how much our Lord Jesus wants to meet with you, show you His grace and feed you Himself as you study His Word. Discover how, like Ruth, you can go from just gleaning blessings to having personal, intimate and life-transforming encounters with the Blesser Himself. And like Ruth, you can’t help but experience His kindness, walk in His favor and see Him turn all your troubles around for you!

and the result is that how many of you

experienced this when you when you leave

the scriptures your scripture reading

there is a piece you go out with joy and

you are led forth with peace having

experienced that all right there’s the

result of spending time in the word

now I know many of you are concerned

about pastor Prince when I read the

Bible I don’t get much out of it that’s

why I’m teaching this their different

levels of learning the Word of God and

you’ll find this in the story of Ruth

Ruth became at level zero all right a

young believer her only job is to glean

what others is a harvesting the Reapers

they’re the harvesters of Boaz in this

field are like the teachers of God’s

Word the evangelists the pastors that

teachers they’re the harvesters they are

harvesting the field they are harvesting

God’s Word they are winning souls gather

them into the gunner’s because the other

souls one is for the Lord for Boaz amen

amen and and she’s not even at that at

that place yet so you are at the place

if you’re wondering pastor printer

I don’t understand how some of you get

revelations from scriptures and all that

then you add a level of gleaning all

right rejoice this message is for you

and if you think that Pastor Prince I’m

beyond greening I’m beyond cleaning okay

all right this mess is a specialist for

you amen

to humble you amen yeah some people know

so much all right they cannot walk

properly in the in the spirit because

their head is wobbly all right the head

is wobbly but I had to walk straight in

the spirit all right so here we go all

right God says labor not for the food

which perishes but for the food which

endures and to everlasting life eternal

food amen

man cannot live by bread alone but by

every word that proceedeth out of the

mouth of God hallelujah praise the Lord

so she began roof – let’s start off

there was a relative of Naomi’s husband

now there’s a relative of Naomi’s

husband he’s a relative a man of great

wealth well a man of great wealth and

he’s single he’s good-looking single the

most available men in Bethlehem or the

family of Alima like his name was Boaz

taken down notes put down in him is

strength that’s what the name means

bless in him is strength so roof roof

right down friend all right we are

friends to Israel today you know that

okay we are we are friend to a

mother-in-law Israel so Ruth the

Moabitess say to Naomi please let me go

to the seal and glean hates of grain not

glean she didn’t say I’m going that to

be a harvester she humble herself she

know her place or I should know her

place she said that you know whatever

I’m going to church let me know that is

the feel of God all right

wherever Jesus has his presence and in

his hand that’s the feel of God okay as

well as places where he has assigned you

in the world for missions that’s the

feel of God you’ll find him there now

listen why am i sharing all this view

because all the Bible is about Jesus

today I’m gonna share with you how when

you open the scriptures when you read

the word whether it’s your Bible in your

hand or to the daily devotional okay you

will see how it all plays out

you will meet not a formula you will

meet not a technique but you’ll meet the

person I’m gonna show you how she

actually started out gleaning but men

Boaz all because she wanted to glean if

you have a heart I’m gonna go to church

all right I’m gonna get whatever I can I

don’t understand everything pastor

Prince day’s life you know and but

sometimes I get something if you do that

all right guess what you’re on your way

to meet Jesus amen

and he’ll meet you at the point of your

need are you ready so if you are one of

those si Chenault pacify we don’t

understand much or not Bible and all

that then you are where is she knows

nothing about the traditions of Israel

she’s armed or biters all right so here

we have a right this man Boaz introduced

so roof the more by to say to know me

let me go

notice that what she says in whose sight

she’s going to glean and try to find

food in this field in our case we are

tissue on the Bible it’s a personal

application no more dispensational here

all right how many let the Bible is

multi-layered is that you can study the

story of roof and find other things out

of it aren’t you glad so here we talk

about personal application all right

going to the field this is rich fields

where you meet bow ass right and she

goes to the field notice she’s she

exfoli expect

not to meet a formula or a technique she

fully expect to meet a person how do I

know because the last part says Glyn

hates of grain verse 2 after him in

whose sight I may find favor she doesn’t

know who the person is but she’s going

to the field to meet this person to find

favor with she confessed favor so when

you come to the Bible always know this

you can meet Jesus

you’ll meet Jesus in the book he’s

saying law I come in the volume of the

book Jesus telling you I come in the

volume of the book whenever you come to

this book don’t expect on me a technique

I’m here to find out you know prophecies

about the end time I’m here to find out

no what can I do

and some people some people teach Bible

study like what to do no come to the

Bible to meet Jesus he’s the bread of

life amen

Jesus himself taught us how he would

teach the Bible when he was resurrected

he began to expand things in the law of

Moses the Psalms and the prophets

concerning himself so come to the

scriptures expecting to meet him okay

find Jesus in the scriptures that’s what

Ruth did