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Jerusalem one of the oldest cities in

the world considered holy by three major

religions this city where Jesus walked

Tod was crucified buried and rose again

was the origin that started a movement

2,000 years ago and that spark a revival

continues today through the celebration

Center a new building project that will

be in the heart of Jerusalem a safe and

secure place to worship for new

messianic multicultural communities

imagine the name of Jesus returning to

the nation of Israel and really that’s

ultimately what this is about that the

people of God will come into a fuller

revelation of who their Messiah is we

come into that place where they worship

and we’re calling this the celebration

center for a reason because this is a

place of worship in that city the

prophecies are being fulfilled through

ministries like this and and I want to

be a part of that revival I believe that

there is a blessing that comes on people

when they begin to partner and bless the

nation of Israel let’s spark revival and

see an outpouring of the Holy Spirit as

we support the celebration Center


hello and welcome to Kingdom connection

I’m coming to you today from the

beautiful city of Jerusalem specifically

I’m in the garden of gethsemane

the place where we read that so much

occurred here and our life was changed

because of a prayer meeting that took

place here where Jesus wrestled with the

will of the Father just like all of us

do you know it’s so hard sometimes to

find the will of God we we sometimes

want God to drop the whole plan of his

perfect will on our life and rarely does

he do that but he does say in Psalms 37

the steps of a righteous man are ordered

of the Lord God rarely will give you the

whole plan but he will give you step by

step his plan and I believe as you

listen to this telecast today God’s

gonna give you the next step I believe

that it’s time for you to move into your

future and into the plan that God has

for you and there’s the preceding word

of God you know when Abraham raised the

knife to sacrifice his son Isaac on that

hill that you can see behind me when he

raised that knife he was obeying the

word of the Lord God told him to do that

and he was going to stab his son and he

heard the preceding word a new word a

fresh word God said stay your hand and

he stopped what if he hadn’t heard the

preceding word of God Jesus said man

shall not live by bread alone but by

every word listen to it that proceeds

out of the mouth of God in other words

you don’t need to proceed until you get

the word from God on what direction to

go and I’m believing today that while

I’m teaching you from the Garden of

Gethsemane that the Lord will give you

the next step that preceding word of God

he has a plan for this season of your

life and I want to just read it

sometimes we just need to hear it from

the scripture but in this place where I

stand today this is what happened coming

out he went to the Mount of Olives as he

was a custom and the disciples also

followed him so when he says he was a

custom it means this was his

prayer place this is where he came on a

regular basis Jesus would find one of

these olive trees one of these old trees

and there’s a lot of olive trees and

different trees all around me and he

would find often you read before day he

would slip away often you read he would

pull away from the crowd so that teaches

us something number one that we need a

place of Prayer and number two we need a

time of Prayer you will not pray if you

don’t have a place of Prayer and a time

of Prayer the Lord really taught me this

many many years ago when I first started

pastoring free chapel and Charisse my

wife and I were having children we had

three at the time and I was so busy I

was so busy building the church the

church was growing and we were in a

building program that I was just going

to the Bible to get a sermon and I

really didn’t have I was praying but not

like I not consistently and the Lord

spoke to my heart and said I want you to

find a place of Prayer and a time of

Prayer and this was over 20 years ago

and I began to go to a place in

Gainesville where I live and every day

of my life after I take my kids to

school I would go to my place of prayer

at my time of prayer and I would walk I

like to walk in the woods there in

Georgia we’ve got all kinds of woods and

I’ve got trails and that’s my place of

prayer I even have trees that at

different challenges and different

crises that we’re going on in our family

or in the church I took stones or I took

a knife with me and I cut into the tree

and I made a mark and would say Lord I’m

gonna come by and every day I won’t buy

this tree and I marked this tree I want

you to remember I’m praying for my child

or I’m praying for this church or I’m

believing you for that building program

I’m believing you for that building and

to this day I was there Saturday before

I came here I can walk through those

trails and I can show you the marks of

prayer that I would put on those trees

just as a little memorial to say God you

know the Bible said if Cornelius his

prayers came up before God as a memorial

did you know you can stack prayers up


like the memorials in Washington the

Jefferson Memorial the Lincoln Memorial

can you imagine your memorial a prayer

coming up before the throne of God and

as was his custom did Jesus came to this

place the Garden of Gethsemane you can

see the eastern wall the beautiful

center there of the city and the Dome of

the rock behind me where the temple once

stood and he would he loved this area he

loved this place and he would come pray

here and if you ever come and we’re

coming next year and I hope you will

we’ll have a prayer meeting right here

in the garden of gethsemane but if you

ever come you you will be touched by

this place this is very very special and

I’m gonna pray for you and your family

from the Garden of Gethsemane just a

moment on this telecast and when he came

to the place listen to that the place do

you have a place find a place of Prayer

get a place of prayer have a time of

Prayer it’s that important and the

scripture said he said pray that you

enter not into temptation jesus said

this to his disciples and when he had

withdrawn himself about a throne a

stone’s throw away he knelt down and he

prayed saying father if it is your will

take this cup away from me nevertheless

not my will but yours be done

listen then an angel appeared to him

from heaven and strengthened him and

being in agony he prayed more earnestly

until his sweat became like drops of

blood falling down onto the ground and I

guess it’s emotional to me because I’m

here where it happened you know we read

these stories in America and around the

world and you know we have but when you

come and you stand here he came to a

place and an angel came and ministered

to him and his sweat became in such

agony his sweat became like drops of

blood sometimes you have to sweat it out

sometimes the Christian walk is not easy

sometimes it’s tearful sometimes it’s

you sweat it out

and Jesus the Son of God his his sweat

became like drops of blood and it fell

into the ground this ground these rocks

could have heard him pray and could have

been touched by the book that was

actually the first shedding of the blood

of Jesus Christ for the world we think

of it being on the cross but it was not

on the cross where he shed his first

drops of blood his first drops of blood

were shed the night before he was

crucified in this garden the blood of

atonement did not start on Calvary it

started in the Garden of Gethsemane

where his sweat and by the way sweat was

part of the curse you remember what he

told Adam he said by the sweat of your

brow because you’ve eaten of the

forbidden fruit by the sweat of your

brow you will you will have to work and

produce for the rest of your life and

the earth will give up thorns listen to

this so Jesus when his sweat became like

drops of blood was breaking the curse

going all the way back to the Garden of

Eden in the GAR it all started in a

garden the Garden of Eden and it was

defeated in a garden the Garden of

Gethsemane when his sweat which

represents again sweat was part of the

curse God told Adam Adam because of this

the sweat of the brow everything will

come you’re gonna have trials and

tribulations and you’ll labor by the

sweat of your brow but Jesus said you

won’t have to work for salvation anymore

I’m gonna take the sins of the world and

what you’ve tried to work and make

happen by offering sacrifices for

hundreds and thousands of years offering

sacrifices I’ll do it through my blood

I’ll shed my blood and it’s not dududu

it’s done done done it is finished and

the blood of Jesus Christ makes us

righteous takes the shame the guilt away

and it cleanses us from all


it takes the curse of sin from our life

in his listen to that his

his sweat became as drops of blood in

agony and being in agony he prayed more

earnestly and then he rose up from

prayer and came to his disciples and

found them sleeping for sorrow and he

said to them why do you sleep could you

not tarry with me one hour and he was

teaching his disciples about prayer you

know the other thing that stands out in

that text to me is something about

angels the Bible said that as he prayed

in this garden an angel came and

strengthened him and ministered unto him

and the greatest tragedy of

prayerlessness is the unemployment of

angels when we don’t pray angels are not

employed Paul prayed in a storm and an

angel came and delivered him Daniel play

prayed in a lion’s den and an angel came

Peter prayed in a prison and an angel

came and led him out the greatest

tragedy of prayerlessness is the

unemployment of angels wonder how many

of our angels are standing in the

unemployment line in heaven because we

don’t pray jesus said you have not

because you ask not ask and you shall

receive seek and you shall find knock

and it shall be opened unto you

and when Jesus prayed in the garden he

prayed not my will but thine be done as

a matter of fact he prayed if it be

possible let this cup pass from me it’s

one of those moments where we see the

humanity of Jesus where he is vulnerable

where he’s wrestling with do I really

matter do I really have to do this do I

really have to suffer on the cross

am I really gonna go through with this

and he said Lord take this cup from me

there is a this cup experience and if

you’re drink from that cup you’ll wear

the crown but you can’t have the crown

without the cup many times we want a

painless Christianity and some of you

are drinking from the cup right now

Jesus himself had

drink from the cup and the measure of

your trial is the measure of God’s trust

in your life the greater the trial the

greater the trust jesus said not my will

but thine be done I’m telling you that

when you get to that place there I

remember when the Lord called me to

preach and I was majored in music was on

a full scholarship I play saxophone and

I love music and I was in my second year

of college and I felt an uneasiness I

felt like God had more and I’m talking

to some of you right now that God is

gonna give you the next step he’s gonna

give you his will for your life Jesus

prayed in this garden for the will of

God and I’m gonna pray in a moment for

you that God will give you the next step

to his plan and his will for your life

but I remember you know just having an

uneasiness like something is missing and

I began to earnestly pray and fasted for

three days and the Spirit of God began

to deal with me in such a strong way and

I felt the call to preach but it was a

it was I had to sweat it out

you know Jesus sweat became like blood

you have to sweat out the will of God

it’s not an easy thing you just wake up

and you’re in the will of God you have

to sweat it out you have to stay

steadfast you have to trust God you have

to obey when it seems like nobody’s

noticing you have to do what God says do

when nothing’s happening it’s wonderful

when huge doors are opening and big

things are happening but that’s not that

see we all we care about is the

destination but God wants to it’s the


it’s who we’re becoming and as I begin

to sweat it out and when God called me

to preach you know there’s nothing like

being in his will and I look today and

Here I am in Jerusalem preaching to you

I never would have dreamed that that

would take me where all the places that

God has allowed me to go but when you

pray not my will and I remember I had to

get to that place where I said Lord I’m

willing I’m willing to do whatever you

want me to do

that’s when something

that’s when heaven opens up as long as

you’re fighting as long as you’re saying

I’ll do it but or you know if it works

out like I really want every

relationship you have to lay on the

altar and say not my will but thine be


when I when I was going to you know

marry my wife Charisse I had to I had to

reach that point that I said not my will

if you tell me I’ll walk away or if you

tell me Lord I really want to marry her

but but but I only want your will I’m

telling you we need to pray that prayer

more we do too many things without

prayer pray about that house that you’re

thinking about buying pray about that

person that you’re getting involved with

pray pray about the the business that

you’re in

pray about it talk to the Lord about it

and say Lord not my will but thine be

done when you do you invoke the power of

heaven and you know when you get to that

place that you say not my will but thine

be done that’s when the ain’t the the

answer will come that’s when something

inside of you truly is willing to do the

will of God and the will of God for you

is the greatest and safest place to live

I’d rather be in the will of God in Iraq

surrounded by Isis than at Disneyland

out of the will of God because the

safest place in the world for you if

God’s will for you is to be in a place

he’ll give you the grace the protection

the provision all that you need and I

feel like saying to somebody when you

get in the will of God the provision

will come when you get in the will of

God the power of God the action of God

will come and I’m gonna pray for you

today I want to pray that God will

invoke his will over your life and you

know this place where Jesus pray I just

believe that power can flow from where I

am to where you are many of you are at a

many of you are out of transition and I

sense it you’re you’re in a transition

season and you’re wondering Lord what’s

the next step the steps of a good man a

righteous man not by your own rights

it’s the blood of Jesus are ordered of

the Lord he’s already got your life

planned out he’s already got the person

for you that you’re gonna marry he’s

already got if you’re married he’s

already got plans five years ten years

the Bible said he establishes that the

the beginning from the end in other

words God finishes it and then he goes

all the way back in starts and listen to

this I hear the Lord telling me to tell

you this

he’ll never he’ll never waste a step

even the bad steps and choices that

we’ve made God won’t waste it he’ll take

that step and he’ll mold you and he’ll

make you tender and it may have broken

you it may have been a terrible step

that you made that was out of the will

of God but God never wastes his step

even the mistakes that we make he can

take and he can somehow make us tender

and make us compassionate and make us he

can actually turn the bad steps into

into worship in our life that makes us

you know when we think about how God

delivered us from that bad step it turns

us to praise and turns us to worship and

glorify God like never before God will

never waste a step in your life even

your mistakes

he says come back to me I’ll cleanse you

I’ll forgive you I’ll heal you and I’ll

use you and I want to pray for you right

now if you don’t know Jesus Christ as

your Lord and Savior this is your moment

it’s his will for you to confess him and

to receive him as your savior pray this

prayer right where you are right now

just say Lord Jesus I receive you today

as my Savior thank you for the blood

that you’ve shed even in the Garden of

Gethsemane all the way to Calvary it

cleanses me and it forgives me now say

this and lord I want your wheel I pray

for your wheel today in my life

thy will be done in Jesus name Amen and

amen we would love to hear from you you

are forgiven and I just feel led because

I don’t get

to Jerusalem every day and I just feel

led to pray for our partners and friends

and all of our viewers when we come and

we’re coming next year by the way

bringing a large group over here and I

my family and I we all just get on the

buses and hang out with the people and

eat and just have the most wonderful

time getting to know our friends and and

we’ll come to this garden of gethsemane

it’s one of them favorite things that I

do because we’ll pray the Lord’s Prayer

here together I usually try to rent it

out for about an hour and we have a

prayer meeting and communion in the

garden of gethsemane with with our

people and I want to pray for you and I

want to pray the Lord’s Prayer and I

want to take the next few moments and

just pray for the sick pray for the

suffering pray for those of you who feel

alone and abandoned maybe you’re going

through a divorce it feels like your

life is broken maybe maybe you started

out and something has happened and it

shattered your dreams I believe God has

your next step just hold on to his

promise father in the name of Jesus I

just right now pray for those who are

sick I pray for those who are suffering

I pray for those who need direction I

pray for those who are in financial

difficulty you are the God who supplies

all of our needs you’re the god of

miracles you’re the god of signs and

wonders and healings and we declare your

great name the name of Jesus is greater

than cancer it’s greater than heart

disease it’s greater than leukemia it’s

greater than AIDS and Lord manifests

your power right now I know that

standing in Jerusalem right now you can

send forth healing power into every home

into every family and I ask you for

miracles today on behalf of your people

those that need help in their family

those that need help in their marriage

those that need help Lord I hold up

their children that are enslaved and

addicted to drugs and alcoholism we get

so many letters so many emails from

people who are broken and hurting and

god I just pray

those thousands of people that have

asked us to pray that you would release

miracles and angels send your angels

Lord just like you sent an angel to

Jesus release the angels to fight on

behalf of God’s people those who are in

a battle turned about oh I pray I plead

the blood of Jesus over you and your

family and your future and your finances

and your health in Jesus name Amen and

amen well our time is almost gone thank

you so much for your amazing support for

those of you who are helping us build

the celebration center right here in

Jerusalem it’s a place that will house

nine different congregations speaking

and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ

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in Hebrew – this beautiful people here

the Jewish people and also Ethiopian

congregation Russian congregation owned

in all nations of the world represented

in the celebration Center we’re

partnering with our friends at King of

Kings Church which is an amazing

ministry doing great things and I want

to thank you for helping us we’re

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it done will you help us today if you

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come up as a memorial I believe for you

and your family before the throne of God

what he said in Genesis 13 that when you

bless Israel he said I’ll bless those

that bless you I’ll curse those that

curse you I believe a blessing is coming

your way when you help make the gospel

come to the city of Jerusalem thank you

and god bless you now more than ever

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