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listen to this title the high cost of

low living you need to hear this it’s

going to strengthen you in your faith I

want to talk to you for a few moments

this morning on the high cost to low

living the high cost to low living it

was the King’s birthday and he had

called in all of his commanders of his

military forces and all of his friends

and he was throwing a huge celebration a

party a grand occasion there was lots of

drinking lots of eating lots of

celebration gift exchanging and the

Bible said that just before this

occasion that Herod and his wife had

gone to the banks of the Jordan River to

hear this wild man John preach and when

he preached with such force in such

anointing in such authority that it

moved people but then he looked at Herod

and his wife and he said it’s not right

and it’s not lawful for you to be

married to your brother’s wife you’re

living in adultery and it’s not right

and when John in boldness did that it

humiliated the king but the Bible really

draws the attention to his wife that he

was living in adultery with

she became infuriated and she hated John

the Baptist now there’s a difference

Herod was not a bad man even though he

had him immediately arrested and threw

him in his prison he showed him special

favour the Bible indicates that he took

care of him

he would even go down and sit and visit

and listen to him as he preached to the

other prisoners it’s pretty amazing for

a powerful King to go down into his

dungeon and listen to someone

incarcerated and he tells me that Herod

was not a bad man but he was a weak man

and Herod’s downfall was not that he was

evil and and he hated John he was a weak

man and if you become a weak person and

you don’t deal with the weakness it’s a

matter of time before you start doing

bad things and so the day comes when

he’s celebrating his birthday Herod is

and the crowd is happy and and then

comes the time after the food is gone

and the drink is flowing it’s time for

the entertainment and the Bible said

that it would be a dance number by the

stepdaughter of Herod and the Bible does

not say what kind of dance it was it

could have been the hokey-pokey

but that’s not what it’s all about I

don’t think I don’t I think there’s more

to it come on that’s a good joke you

know it is I think there was a little

more to this dance

let’s read in between the spaces after

being all liquored up the crowd is going

absolutely crazy and Herod himself has

so let himself go

so overtaken with lust and with pleasure

drunkenness that wasn’t a bad man he was

a weak man that now because he’s in the

wrong atmosphere with the wrong people

is about to do a bad thing and the Bible

said that the dance pleased Herod Herod

was not his real name it was his given

name Herod means in Greek he wrote he

was given hero’s status and so what she

did fed the hero part of him the part

that likes that that power and that ego

there’s a hero part of every boy boys

want to be heroes that’s why we climb

trees that’s why boys stuff stuff up

their nose when they’re little that is

something about it they they you know

you say to a little boy now don’t ever

don’t you ever eat that deodorizer in

the toilet boy that you see that blue

deodorizer cuz that’ll kill you and

you’ll come back in and that boy have

blue stuff all over it’s just something

about us and so so when it says he was a

hero Herod is the hero and the Bible

said she pleased him the word pleased in

the Greek means the lifting of an anchor

and getting carried away Wow any

restraint that he had she’s so pleased

him that he lifted the anchor and and

and got carried away the Bible said that


you’re in sin for season Moses chose God

rather than the pleasures of sin for a

season and in this moment of of Heroes

status he gets all carried away and he’s

so into the moment that he makes a big a

big statement and he says you can have

anything up to half that I own ask of me

what you want what will the girl ask for

everybody you could hear a pin drop in

that room what was she asked for wish

you want her own Palace where she won’t

tuck mountains of gold what was she

won’t what she won’t diamonds and rubies

this could change her life this could

alter her the rest of her life this

could this could change everything she

can have anything she wants and instead

of answering the question notice when

it’s time to pay the high cost of low

living you don’t decide the cost nor did

the girl but she goes over into another

room she says I’ll be right back and she

goes over into another room and her

mother who hated John the Baptist was

sitting in the shadows of that room and

she says mother what should I ask for

it’s the opportunity of a lifetime what

should i do mother and she said as for

John the Baptist’s head on a platter

here the bitterness here the evil are

you sure that’s exactly what you need to

ask for I don’t ever want to hear that

voice of repentance again he kept

screaming to me repent repent repent I

don’t ever want to feel conviction again

I don’t ever want to hear that voice

again I want you to cut that head also

you stop that voice in our life the

Bible said that she came in and she said

I won’t for the payment of the dance the

head of John the Baptist on a platter

and the scripture said catch it Herod

was exceedingly sorry

the story speaks to every one of us in

everyday life let me give it to you

Herod the heroes speaks of our flesh and

our carnal desires Herod’s stepdaughter

the dancer speaks of the pleasures of

the world the lust of the flesh the lust

of the eyes the pride of life the

enticing whaled that Satan spreads the

dancing daughter is Satan’s whaled she

dances and and she’s on every billboard

and she’s on every computer screen and

she’s constantly trying to enter into

our life to feed the hero to feed the

ego to feed the carnal desires but

there’s also another character that is

seen and Satan does not want you to rule

and and reign as the king over your home

and over your flesh and and and over

your family he wants to destroy you and

Herodias speaks of Satan’s Satan himself

though though the wife of Herod Herodias

speaks of Satan himself notice that the

decision was made in the shadows of

another room what the cost would be for

the dance she was really the brains

behind the whole setup just as Satan

sits in the dark he never reveals

himself and he allows us to feed our ego

and feed the hero and feed the carnal

desires and says you can dance with it

and you can play with it and it won’t

hurt you but notice in the shadows

she’s lurking and she’s the decider of

the cost of the dance not you you don’t

decide how much you will pay for that

dance she does you don’t get to choose

the price you pay for the dance I’ll pay

this I’ll pay that you don’t get to

decide the cost of the dance will be

decided in another room by someone else

that is a type of Satan you may look at

the price tag of your dance whatever

your dance is with the flesh

and you may decide that it’s a price

you’re willing to pay you put a price

tag on it and it’s how much it’s gonna

cost you and that’s what you’ve decided

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she decided that mother I can see that

daughter who’s just a reflection of her

mother only much much many years younger

and and and the mother’s older and she

says to her get me the head of that john

the baptists on a platter I want the

head of John John that voice that kept

preaching repent repent repent repent

repent go another way change your way

stop going and doing what you’re doing

and she was saying I don’t want to hear

that voice of conviction anymore I want

to be in this relationship I know it’s

not of God I’m married to this man and

we’re in incest and an in sexual

relationship and I don’t want a voice

convicting me making me feel guilty I

love this situation I love this flesh I

love the sin that I’m in and I want the

voice of conviction to die the voice is

telling me to convert to change to

repent to go a different way I don’t

want to hear it anymore

I don’t want it the cost of the dance is

it cuts the head off of repentance when

John’s head rolls you’ll never hear

repent again John you’ll never cry in

her ear change change change I’m saying

to you today that if there’s things in

your life that are compromised and you

know that it’s open sin and you’re

hearing a voice to saying change change

change repent repent you are so blessed

and you don’t know it the day that is

dangerous is when you no longer hear

that voice it means you have had to pay

the price for the dancer which is to cut

off that voice his voice will be

silenced once the head rose the price of

the dance the voice of repentance in

your heart will cease and things that

used to convince convict you and things

that used to

bother you and things you wouldn’t go

around look at get around be near

suddenly you’ve cut off the voice that

says it will change stop stop

repent repent and you no longer hear

that voice now imagine with me when

John’s head rode Herod and Herodias his

wife were immediately reconciled all

that tension was gone out of the

marriage we’re gonna get along good now

and you know when you stop coming to

church and when you stop hearing the

word you get along good with the devil

you get along good with your sin it’s

when you come to church and Franklin

Jensen has a message from God write up

in your business that you start feeling

the tension

it’s called conviction the cry to change

is now gone the cry to repent is now

gone so they’re getting along good now

they’re holding hands in the courtyard

halevi dovey they’re reconciled there’s

no conviction there’s no sense of guilt

there’s no sense of wrongdoing cause

nobody’s preaching against it the

preacher’s head is gone the voice of

silence I’m good that’s how people sit

in the church if you think you’re gonna

change me you’re crazy I hear you I feel

you today if you think you gonna make me

stop doing what my flesh and my ego

loves you can’t stop me I’m gonna dance

with the dancer

if that’s the case and you don’t feel

convicted by it anymore can I just get

blunt if you don’t feel convicted about

getting drunk or you don’t feel

convicted about sleeping with your

girlfriend or you don’t you don’t even

feel convicted about going out with that

boy and doing things that you know and

you don’t even feel convict to cheating

on your wife you don’t even feel

convicted looking at that computer you

don’t even feel convicted anymore

what you have done is you’ve already

paid the dancer there’s no conviction

there’s no sense of condemnation and

when you do wrong and feel no guilt

you’ve lost the voice of repentance my

god if you feel anything in this room

while I’m preaching to you wherever

you’re watching this program and you’re

doing things that are that you know

we’re not right and while I’m preaching

the Holy Spirit is bringing up your

dancer you ought to thank God that voice

is still in your ear it’s proof of your

salvation it’s proof of the Holy Spirit

residing in your heart somebody praise

God for conviction

the church has lost this we don’t even

talk about sin we don’t even talk about

wrong we don’t even talk about morality

in the house of God and if we won’t talk

about it the world never will preachers

and if the church loses the voice of

repentance we’ve lost it all the final

payment for the dancer is one of the

saddest scriptures in the Bible that I’m

coming to a close with it’s the final

payment to the dancer that every person

has to pay if you if you if you hear

here’s here’s what I want to say if at

some point he would have stopped the

dance in the middle of the dance he

wouldn’t have had to pay for the dancer

what I’m saying to you is stop the dance

stop it stop it now stop it while God’s

grace has you covered stop it while

there’s forgiveness stop it while you’re

hearing the voice saying change change

change stop stop stop

repent repent repent stop it now because

if you stop before the dance is finished

you don’t have to pay for the dance

that’s what the cross was about the

cross covers us but if you don’t get out

of it you’re gonna have to pay the high

cost of low living stop the affair stop

the lunches with the secretary stop it’s

gonna cost you your children you want

somebody else to walk your daughter down

the aisle because she can’t stand you

because she cheated on her mother yeah I

need to put my head on a platter I’m

getting people mad and angry at me but

you know what

it’s the truth it’s gonna cost you stop

stop the day stop it stop the drinking

stop the hypocrisy stop the shady stuff

stop the line the stealing the cheatin

in the business stop the dance because

you can’t do wrong and be alright you

gonna pay for the dance but if you stop

now if you do any legal stuff stop now

God’s grace make over you but if you

don’t see revelation said there’s a

there’s a space of grace not I’m telling

you I feel the Holy Spirit right now

Revelation talks about a space of grace

means God will God will give you a time

you got this much you got a beginning

and an end to to repent of that thing

and get out of that living with somebody

you’re not married stop the dance stop

it God’s giving you grace

now get out because if you keep staying

you gonna have to pay the higher cost of

low living and you don’t decide the cost

the devil does might cost you your

children might cost you your freedom it

might cost you your reputation it might

cost you your marriage it might cost you

your respect you don’t decide the cost

the devil does and we see the final

payment of the dance in Luke 23 verse 8

now when Herod saw Jesus he was

exceedingly glad do you know how long

it’s been for it had been a long time he

had wanted for a long time to see then

he questioned him with many words but he

answered him nothing listen to this now

the only man in the Bible that Jesus did

not speak to that he encountered was

Herod why because if you stop and cut

off the voice of repentance in your life

Jesus has nothing else to say to you and

one day he will say depart from me you

worker of iniquity

I never knew you it’s a serious thing to

cut off conviction sear your heart as

the Bible said with a with a hot iron to

where you’re cold and calloused and you

go out and do things and it doesn’t

bother you anymore because you’ve cut

off the head the silent you silence the

voice of repentance and he said nothing

to him if you don’t have the voice of

repentance in your life conviction in

your life preaching to you continually

and you responding there will come a

point where you will cut that voice off

and you’ll no longer hear Jesus folks is

so easy in the days and times in which

we live to be lulled to sleep and to

feed the flesh but God has sent me today

with this message for you to say there’s

a high cost to low living but you don’t

have to pay that price if you’ll stop

the dance now you’re not listening to me

by accident you’re not hearing this

particular message by half and chance

this is the mercy and the space of grace

do not harden your heart

do not play games with God this is the

day of repentance and there’s a voice

saying repent change go a different

direction stop it and if you heed that

voice and repent of your sins Jesus will

wash you Jesus will cleanse you

Jesus will fill you with the Holy Spirit

and Jesus will empower you to live a

victorious life if you believe that

thank him for his grace thank him for

his grace I believe today’s messages

really speak into your heart you’ve been

looking for a change in your life pray

with me right now say these words Lord

Jesus I surrender to you forgive me

cleanse me take me help me

give me your peace I confess I need a

Savior and I know his name is Jesus

thank you lord I believe this is a

sacred moment and a powerful moment in

your life I don’t minimize this time I

believe there’s power in the name of

Jesus that whosoever shall call upon the

name of the Lord shall be saved I don’t

care how low you’ve gone I don’t care

how bad you’ve messed up you don’t have

to pay the price for those sins that

high cost of low living Jesus nailed it

to the cross now turn your life over to

him and let him take you where he and he

alone can lead you to a place of peace

and forgiveness thank you for watching

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