The Israelites sought light. The Greeks wanted knowledge. The Romans lived for fame and glory. It’s no different today—people are still seeking these things, but are not truly satisfied. The truth is, the liberating and life-enhancing light, wisdom and glory we desire can be found only in the person of Jesus! In this enlightening message by Joseph Prince, see how true fulfillment is experienced when you seek Jesus and put Him in the center of your decision-making and life. As you learn how to see yourself in Christ—the light of the world—you’ll see His glory and goodness manifest in your life!


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excerpt from Joseph Prince calm we got

to find out fulfillment people in

something more eternal because don’t

disrespect your spirit your spirit was

not created for temporal things your

spirit was created by God because it has

a nature of God spirit is eternal so you

must be fulfilled with spirit things

true spirit things not Satan’s spirit

things I mean are you listening but we

find all three in the face of Jesus

Christ hallelujah we have the light of

the knowledge of the glory of God in the

face of Jesus Christ every time we see

Jesus like true light comes in true

knowledge the greatest education your

children can have is the know God

because when all is said and done when

they are faced with a wall in front of

them they don’t know which way to turn

there’s one name they can call it they

know how to pray and daddies and mommies

if you teach your children to call on

him you have given them something that

will help them throughout the entire

life so many children have so much

stress they don’t which way to turn look

we are living in a world where there’s

so much knowledge internet at a push of

a button knowledge there was a problem

wasn’t it that caused atom default the

knowledge of good and evil is funny in

the internet posture you can find good

no yeah knowledge of good and evil both

but that does warm your heart doesn’t

unveil cries to you well you can find

Jesus stuff down there you got a many

meander your way and now against

Internet I’m just telling you be very

careful the time stealer you want to

study this passage you end up studying

something else very interesting for your


not for your heart you’re still hungry

people we have a lot of money

glory glory the richest man I’m the

richest man in sally’s Asia I’m the


at the end is empty naked you came from

your mother’s womb naked you shall go

hmm take the blessings but don’t

identify yourself with the blessings Do

You Know Who I am You Know Who I am I

know I am CEO

oh come on think of it you see oh oh Co

Co Co right I didn’t mean I didn’t plan

all these jokes you know these jokes

comes out we’re so proud we die alone

I cannot bring all those things with you

your acrylate and all that means nothing

so nothing wrong with having those

things I’m just saying are you sure you

wanna pursue this as your life your life

goal use first 40 years of your health

strength to get all the money and fame

and glory and knowledge you want only to

find the last 40 years using all the

knowledge and the wisdom you have gained

and all the health you have lost to get

back the health that you’ve lost and to

get back time of your children let’s

start now amen

here’s the shortest way when you look at

Jesus face you have the light of the

knowledge second karenins for the light

of the knowledge of the glory of God in

the face of Jesus Christ that the world

is looking for another good amen

you know what universe real when they

were in the wilderness right they have a

temple and a tabernacle we call it

tabernacle now look at this Tabernacle

picture of the tabernacle right now the

people that work there are a lot of

people outside it’s very busy right the

light outside is very busy the light

outside and what kind of light is

outside what kind of like this outside

what kind of light it is not a magic

question or a trick question okay simple

what is

honey why is it sunny son there was what

light was it sunlight good all right

okay that’s what about the sunlight

outside light of the world this is what

the world is all the light they have

cannot come from God because all the

light they learn from books and

educational books or whatever books or

rains all from sunlight natural light

natural light can I advise you go beyond

the Sun to the one who made the Sun okay

so when you step into the so-called

tabernacle or temple back then the

tabernacle is not a temple yet they step

in not only the priests can come in here

in other words today only believers can

be in this place what do you have on the

left the lamps then can you see the

light there and on the right the table

of showbread and it also of incense okay

now what light is this is all tablet all

over what light what provides a light

here the lamp stand very good the

menorah and what is the menorah the Holy

Spirit in the church the Holy Spirit in

the church because the lamp stand is

also the Holy Spirit but Jesus stood in

revelation in the midst of Seven

lampstands which are the seven churches

in other words when the Holy Spirit is

in the church there is light you listen

to me yeah whatever I’m so glad I came

to church today like every Sunday you

listen you have light when light comes

in that much darkness is lesser in your

life you know how much darkness there is

in your life you want to know to the

degree you are still fearful to the

degree you are still easily discouraged

and depressed to that degree they’re

still darkness you are believing

something wrong so don’t worry don’t

condemn yourself keep on coming I mean

now when was then by the way this is the

light of the church and the dimensions

gives you two thousand cubits which is

two thousand years from time of Christ

but when you go into the curtain into

the Holy of Holies that’s where God

dwells and in the Holy of Holies guess

what there is this Ark of the Covenant

down here there’s no lampstand down here

there’s no Sun so you know why is it so


is the light of the Shekinah glory is a

year of greater glory God is literally

telling us step into this dimension step

into this place where my presence and

the mercy seat gives you glory the light

of the glory you will see everything

based on glory this excerpt is brought

to you by Joseph Prince calm to get the

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like I said before God is taking all of

us and got deep us in the ocean of grace

and everything we have arrived all right

he wants us to be dumped in drown in the

ocean of grace amen


grace is attracted to the weaknesses of

men that very area of infirmity that

very area of weakness is where his grace

is made complete if you will by Dolson

it rejoice in it so once you realize

that my goodness the more weakness as I

have the more poly fiber wot super

abounding grace


and it will just acknowledge that

embrace them believe that think about it

talk about it focus on it

guess what praise God that area will

swallow down because that graces that

defense against that problem against

that situation


gah stop concern about your circumstance

your background your sins because the

Christ took care of it and cross now if

you receive the grace you’re gonna have

a bright future as bright as God’s grace

is super abounding grace

another good amen