This is “What to Do When Bad Becomes Unbearable.” God promises there’s always more grace than sin, there’s always a lighter burden, there’s always a way of escape. The Devil is his own greatest enemy, because he’s always overplaying his hand. He pushes until bad becomes unbearable. What he doesn’t realize is he’s pushing you into God’s grace

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my name is Lydia and when I graduated I

packed all my things in my little car

that I had just got and took off

I tried partying you know I tried to be

around the cool people or try to fit in

that way and that just led me to

drinking and doing drugs it went off the

edge from there I started trying

methamphetamines and that’s all it

really took when I first met him um you

know he seemed really fun and outgoing

and you know he was all I’m had tattoos

all over him and but I I looked past all

of that and I got very manipulated it

made me feel that I couldn’t change the

situation I was in I just had to be what

he told me to be in spare time he just

brain and busted into these houses and

hopped in the car and said let’s go I

got charged with two felonies of

burglary so I went to court again and

then they said you have 30 days we had

to find rehab in children otherwise was

consequences and said finally I founded


out of 100 places once I got here they

were happening all having an altar call

and they were a continuos days and you

know I didn’t know if I was saved or not

but something just led me to go up there

that day I gave my life to the warden

that day I’ve thought different and

acted different just a different person

you’re giving the kingdom connection has

given life to these families and created

a second chance for those whom society

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to have your Bibles I’d like for you to

open them with me to the book of Exodus

chapter 5 I want to talk to you about

what to do

when life goes from bad to unbearable

they were already in a bad situation the

children of Israel were slaves in Egypt

were being treated horribly pharaoh is a

type of aren’t our enemy the devil Egypt

the type of the world to change the

slavery a type of sin and its grip on

our life they were already in a mess I

mean they were having taskmasters beat

them with whips working them from

morning tonight with an unbelievable

work quota that they had to reach her

they would be mercifully beat and right

in the middle of that Pharaoh again a

type of the devil and the way that he

thinks just keeps putting more on him he

says no longer will the bricks be

delivered and you’re going to work

yourself silly and eat bread and drink

water that’s all you’re going to get to

eat but now you’re going to go gather

the straw I’m putting more on you and

you’re still going to meet your quotas

every day that you were meeting but I’m

giving you even harder you got to get

gathered the strong make the bricks and

then lay the bricks and build whatever I

tell you if you don’t meet the quota

you’re going to pay an awful awful price

Pharaoh worked them severely

and then he put more on them and that’s

how the enemy does that’s how thin does

it’s not just that he’s going to hold

you and if he would keep you in a

certain place before it really gets


you probably would stay there but the

enemy has a way of keep piling on more

and pushing more and hurting more and

breaking more and when bad becomes

unbearable deliverance takes place the

flow of the devil listen is he never

leaves bad enough alone

if you just leave you alone when you get

down but then it comes with another

thing and another thing and

doesn’t realize that all he’s doing is

forcing you into the everlasting arms of

God because at some point if bad keeps

getting unbearable it’s going to turn

your heart back to God they all go help

me preach whether you want to another

but I was thinking about how you know

the enemy just he just piles on he just

keeps pushing bad becomes unbearable

I thought about America America needs

revival you know it started with the

Beatles the Beatles when they came out

they made a statement they said we’re

more popular than Jesus Christ in

America are you supposed to say bad when

I do this and then they took prayer out

of schools and then they legalized

abortion and then they legalized

same-sex marriages and then we started

have games and drugs but what the enemy

doesn’t realize is at some point America

starts rising up and start saying enough

is enough we’re going to turn back to

God we need God again in this nation in

our family you push this too far devil

bad has just got unbearable I can’t take

it anymore

that’s when you turn to God you know if

you just drinking one beer

ain’t so bad just one beer but the one

beer becomes a six-pack and then the

six-pack you used to have becomes a keg

and suddenly you’re an alcoholic and

you’ve gone from bad to unbearable

it starts out a recreational drug a

little peel just to take the chill off

I’m gonna smoke a little weed to get my

creative juices flowing I it’s nothing

wrong with it cause now the government

is saying it’s alright but the next

thing you know you’re snorting the next

thing you know you’re shooting the next

thing you know you don’t even know where

you are you’re in a crack house your

life is gone you’ve given up your

education everything’s wrecked and bad

moves too unbearable your marriage is in

trouble and it goes from bad to

unbearable and people all hell’s

breaking loose Saturday night the Popo

has to come to your house and lock

somebody up stop the husband from

beating on the wife and the kids are all

crazy too and finally you get up early

Sunday morning and turn the TV on and

there’s Franklin Jensen on the TV and

some you look at each other all y’all

jacked up all of you going from bad

unbearable and somebody says it’s so bad

we need to go to church today look out

when you go from bad to unbearable

that’s when God will do a miracle come

on and give him a shout if you believe

it you gotta say enough is enough

I’m gonna preach now y’all acting like

y’all all saved all your life the truth

is you wouldn’t even be in church this

morning if we told your whole story

you went from bad to unbearable and then

you got saved

and then it got so bad that you said I

used to make fun of those holy rollers

but I need the Holy Ghost I need to

speak in comes I need everything just to

keep myself straight it’s so bad tell

somebody it’s so bad I might need to get

the Holy Ghost

today sums 119 in verse one 26 it is

time for you to work Oh Lord for they

have made void your law god it’s really

bad and I know that’s time for you to

work God responds when things get really

bad because we turn to Him then the

darker it gets the worse it gets that’s

the best time for God to work the gates

of Hell shall not prevail against the

church that notice that’s where the

church works the best right at the gates

of Hell so if the gates of Hell have

come to your house guess what that’s

where God does his greatest work Isaiah


I believe it’s verse 19 when the enemy

comes in like a flood a flood is

overwhelming you ever had the enemy just

come in out of nowhere and it overwhelms

it’s overwhelming it’s everywhere it’s

out of control you try to patch it up

and it’s just a flood taking over your

thinking and hopelessness thinking in

depression thinking in tow my god what

is going on what is happening but when

the enemy comes in like a flood the

Spirit of the Lord will raise up a

standard again

still when it moves from bad to

absolutely reaching the point where it

becomes unbearable good things will

start happening Paul said wherever sin

abounds grace does much more abound Paul

said after he listed a catalogue of sins

that people were bound by he said

nevertheless God the opposite of

nevertheless is always the more I want

to introduce you this morning to the God

that is always the more always more

grace than sin always more light than

darkness always more victory than defeat

and when bad becomes unbearable good

things happen if the only reason if we

just separated this crowd and the only

reason that some people are here is

because their life got so bad it moved

from bad to unbearable and here you are

Joseph had a dream and God said you’re

going to sit on the throne in Egypt and

then everything went backwards he goes

to his brothers and his brothers rip his

coat off a favour he takes a step

backwards they throw him in a pit and he

takes another step backwards seems like

some of you are just not going forward

you’re going backwards

they sell him into slavery he takes

another step backwards ends up in Egypt

in Potiphar’s house and Potiphar’s wife

makes a hit on him and lies on him and

he’s accused of rape and thrown into

prison he takes another step backwards

he serves 13 years in a prison for crime

he didn’t commit his own brothers put

him there and he takes another step

backwards and finally he reaches a point

after going back back back the butler

and the Baker forgotten takes another

step backwards he gets so tired of going

backwards he says I think I’ll sit down

too when he sits down there’s a throne

of thunder

what I’m saying to you is this God is

going to take you where he told you he

was going to take you and it doesn’t

matter if you’re moving forward in it or

if you’re reversing into it it really

doesn’t matter god still gonna get you

there and some of you are going

backwards but you need to understand God

just tell somebody besides your gods

backing you right into your miracle we

thought it would all be forward progress

but sometimes if God puts things in

reverse but he says your destiny is

still there the devil is a liar this

morning I’m saying to you today but the

devil just pushes further and further

and further it gets crazier and crazier

and crazier and so bad until bad becomes

unbearable and when unbearable gets so

heavy I can’t take it anymore

you turn facebook off you turn social

media off you turn the TV off I mean

this is unbearable

I can’t I mean forget Twitter this is

unbearable and you get your face in this

book and then you go walk and you pray

and you cry and you worship and you

start reading the Bible some more and

you take the Bible and put it in the car

on your lunch break and instead of

eating you fast and open the book again

and and suddenly God shows up

some of you need to understand your

little spiritual vacation is over this

is a job for God and you’re gonna have

to turn to him are you going to lose

your family you’re going to lose your

marriage you’re gonna lose your joy

you’re gonna lose everything you got to

help God

no more games

I believe the devil’s gonna leave this

service this morning

kicking his ownself in his own behind

saying if I’d have just left them alone

they wouldn’t have got up and went to

freetompa thought I just left him alone

they wouldn’t have ended up in the altar

but things got so unbearable that last

doctor’s report that bankruptcy that

verge of divorce that issue became went

from bad if I’d have just left a bit bad

it was just enough to make them

miserable but there’s a point where bad

becomes unbearable and then we turn to

God and then we repent and when we fall

on our faces and then God comes with a

miracle the prodigal son here we go

you’re gonna help me preach you know

what your part is turn to your tender

your neighbor and say say bad all right

here’s the prodigal son he left the

father’s house I can’t hear you he spent

all of his father’s inheritance on

riotous living he wasted his substance

the scripture said in other words he

spent all the money on getting wasted

wasted wasting your talent wasting your


wasting your potential wasting the

anointing and call of God being

experiencial inheritance that you were

supposed to take and run with you’re


it’s bad bad bad

then the Bible said he ran out of money

and when you run out of money then you

run out of friends and they all deserted

him somebody stayed in somebody’s

apartment then they kicked him out and

then he stayed with a girlfriend and she

kicked him out because he didn’t have no

money and they got tired of driving him

everywhere and at some point he ends up

in a pigpen Jews don’t belong in pig

pens they don’t eat pork they don’t eat

hogs they don’t touch that it’s unclean

to this day and something happened when

he got in the Pigpen something clicked

and he said that was bad that was bad

that was bad but when he got in the

Pigpen he said a Jew in a pig pen this

is unbearable I will arise and go back

to my father’s house where at least the

servants have more than enough I’m going

home but it didn’t happen until bad

became unbearable some of you don’t

understand what’s been going on in your

family and in your life and in your

marriage or in some situation but when

bad becomes unbearable folks cry out

folks call on God people begin to repent

and God begins to work miracles I love

this last point he promised I will not

put more on you than you are able to

bear but with every temptation I’ll make

a way of escape that you may be able to

bear it

and some of you have watched

circumstances in your life move from bad

to unbearable and all hell has broken

loose it feels like and here you sit or

you’re listening to me by television or

you’re watching me online you’re at one

of our campuses and I’m not preaching

this message by accident God is saying

to you turn to me come back to me don’t

you I was not your first choice but I’m

your last chance and if your bad has

become unbearable it’s time for good

things something good to happen and

that’s when you turn to God you believe

that I don’t know what drove you to get

up and come to church this morning and I

don’t know what’s been going on in your

life or family or home but I believe

with all of my heart this is a message

that is right on time from multiplied

thousands of people and it’s gotten so

bad that it’s become almost unbearable

and you are right on the verge of a

miracle and a breakthrough

and this is your day if you’ve had all

you can take if you’re tired of just

seeing it and the enemy keeps piling

more and pushing and pushing and pushing

and it’s getting crazier and crazier and

crazier it’s time to turn back to God

like the prodigal say I am coming out of


I will arise devil you should have left

me alone I probably would have stayed

that but this last thing was the straw

that broke the camel’s back this is it

I’m going back to God for this every

head bowed every eye closed if you’re

under the sound of my voice and you

would say pastor Jensen you’re preaching

to me today I need God’s help my bad has

become unbearable and you just preach

that’s when good things can happen

because that’s when we Stern to God

repent and give him everything I need

that kind of miracle to happen in my

life today pray for me

if that’s you boldly raise your hand

high on to see it all over this room

wonderful wonderful hands up all over

this room at every campus raise it high

God sees it God sees it every one of you

that have raised your hand I want you at

every campus to slip out of your seat

don’t negotiate out of this in your mind

don’t say well what would people think

who cares when when it gets unbearable

you don’t care what people think and if

you’re not there yet just stay where you


because it’ll get worse in that a good

and it’s a good picture up sermon if

it’s bad it’s going to get worse and

it’s even going to get unbearable until

you turn to God but you could cut it off

at the pass and take the short cut this



and here they come and here they come

and here they come everybody clap your

hands because chains are breaking I hear

James breaking I hear prison doors

opening I hear I hear the enemy kicking

himself in his own behind saying I

should have left them alone I should

have left them alone they wouldn’t know

went to church this morning should’ve

left them alone and I want you to look

at me I want you to look at this


I sense that the enemy is doing more

right now to destroy families and homes

than ever before and if I have any

discernment in me the reason I’m

preaching like I’m preaching is because

God is ready it is time Oh Lord for you

to move


and this morning I want you to say these

words that every campus everybody say

these words Lord Jesus I receive you and

your grace I am forgiven by the blood of

the Lamb and today I receive the grace

of God I fallen I failed

I’ve messed up but I’m getting back up

and I’m running home to the Father I

receive you Lord as my savior and now

here’s my issue it’s gone from bad to

unbearable but I turned my heart to seek

your face now lift your hands high and

thank him right now that he is on the

throne that he is in control and he is

fighting for you let’s worship Him let’s

just worship Him

all over this house at every campus lift

your hands have your screaming live lift

your hands high you’ve got things that

you’re tired of covering up you’re tired

of pretending it’s been bad but it’s now

gotten so severe that it’s unbearable

and I’m tired of playing games with it

I’m bringing it to Jesus this is your

service lay it at his feet he can fix it

he can help you right now let’s just

begin to sing let’s just begin to

worship let’s just begin to enter into

his strength

cause what that is

the human


without all this








with that













we hope you’ve enjoyed this teaching by

Jensen Franklin and thank you for your

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